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Diana Chuong shows her passion for dogs in the intricate detail she pays attention to during grooms. Photo by Amber Daugherty

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People dye their hair. We paint our nails. Some people design their hair to show off their favourite sports team or band, so why shouldn’t dogs be allowed the same options? That’s what Diana Chuong of Dee’Tails Dog Grooming thought. A dog owner herself, Chuong has long thought about doing fun and creative things with her own pets. Her new salon located at 1264 Bloor St. W., opened June 7 of this year, is allowing people the option to see and try out some new ideas on their own animals. “I want to try and find different and unique styles,” Chuong says. “But a lot of people like their dogs looking like dogs, so not many people are very into the nail painting. They love looking at the pictures but they don’t personally want to do it to their dogs. A mohawk, that’s probably the most extreme that I’ve gone with haircuts here.” After a career in real estate and a brief stint in event marketing, Chuong’s lifelong love of dogs made her realize dog grooming was the career for her. “I’ve always thought about dog grooming since high school and I never actually pursued it until last year,” she said. Chuong attended B-Pro Dog Grooming Academy, one of the few schools recognized by the government, before opening her own salon. One thing she has to say about hanging out with dogs all day? It’s not easy. “A lot of people have this misconception that you go to dog grooming school

or you’re a dog groomer and all you do is play with dogs all day,” she said. “It was actually a lot more intense than I thought it would be.” But still, it has been worth it. She goes to work every day with her chihuahua and her miniature schnauzer and hopes for a lot of walk-ins - she’s still getting her name out in the community. Besides cutting dogs’ nails and washing them, Chuong also cleans out their ears, brushes them down, and of course, cuts and styles their fur. “I definitely love testing myself with different styles and different techniques,” she said, adding that there’s little she wouldn’t be interested in trying. However becoming someone who people trust enough with their pets is something that takes time, and Chuong realizes that. Already since opening about three months ago, she has customers who return often with their pets for a monthly or bi-monthly groom. And to get people through her doors, she’s offering ten per cent off her regular price to any new customer for their first time groom. Prices are fairly reasonable to begin with - toy breeds begin at $47, small to medium from $56-67, medium to large from $62-74 and large breeds go from $76-100. Adding something like a design on your dog’s leg costs as little as $10 depending on the size. And that’s not to mention her rewards program for customers – a stamp card will get you 15 per cent off on your fifth visit and 25 per cent off on your tenth. Chuong is passionate about animals and ensuring that people are happy with her services. She’s a dog lover who is also using this opportunity to educate people about how dogs should be properly groomed so their coats stay nice and continue to protect them. Though she has a long road ahead building up her clientele, Chuong is ready for the challenge. “It’s a lot of work, but it is rewarding in the end,” she said with a content smile.

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The Bloordale Press Vol.2 Issue 8  

The fifthteenth installment of the Bloordale Press newspaper

The Bloordale Press Vol.2 Issue 8  

The fifthteenth installment of the Bloordale Press newspaper