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theBLOORDALE press Community News from Ward 18 NOVEMBER 2012 VOLUME 2 ISSUE 10


DUWEST BIA HOSTS SECOND ART CRAWL Artists and community come together to celebrate local art BYMELISSA MILLERSON

About 150 residents, jammed in St. Helen’s Catholic School, listened and asked questions in the most recent Townhall meeting about neighbourhood development. Photo courtesy Ana Bailao


On October 27, in a meeting hosted by Councillor Ana Bailão, roughly 150 residents piled into St. Helen’s Catholic School (1196 College st.) to take part in discussions about Ward 18’s many developments. According to a handout, provided by Bailão, there are currently 19 different projects underway in the Ward.

To help offer any additional information, development representatives were called to make an appearance. An open house was held prior to the meeting’s start to give residents a chance to have a closer look at each project and meet some of the architects. “What this shows is these developers really care about the neighbourhood,” said Bailão following the meeting. After a few opening presentations by city officials, residents were encouraged to voice their

opinion about some of Ward 18’s developments. Much concern came from a handful of employees from Nestle Food Group, a chocolate factory that has rested on Sterling Rd. for over a century. Development company, Castlepoint Realty Partners, have plans for a significantly large build that has been slated to sit just metres away from the factory. Workers are worried that this development could eventually push Nestle out of the neighbourhood which

could lead to potential job losses. “I’m very concerned with employment in the area,” answered Bailão. “We are looking at how to bring more jobs into the area.” Bailão said, by allowing a new development, more employment opportunity will follow. “We want to build a city that can co-exist,” she said. Traffic concerns also surfaced among the community. One resident said he believed that further...

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Art and community came together on Saturday, October 13 for the Dundas West BIA’s Second Annual DuWest Art Crawl. The event attracted 50 people from in and out of the community to come and experience the arts through a presentation of work by several artists along Dundas Street West, between Rusholme Road and St. Clarens Avenue. Starting at the Full of Beans Coffee House & Roastery at 1348 Dundas St. W., two groups of participants were able to speak with local abstract artist Byron Hodgins about his oil paintings of Toronto on display there. This was Hodgins’ first time participating in an art crawl and was impressed by the response. “I was encouraged to paint something people would recognize. There was an immediate positive response [with people],” he said...

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INSIDE ELECTRIC TRAIN UPDATE: NEWS IN BRIEF Questions to be answered about new air rail link

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Every donation of reusable clothing or household items, will help support the Ontario Federation for Cerebral Palsy ORDER ONLINE!

CANADIAN ACTRESS OPENS BUSINESS ON COLLEGE ST Robin Brule turns her passion into a business

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NIGHT OF DREAD HITS BLOORDALE STREETS The thirteenth annual event proved successful

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RECENT TRAIN RALLY LEADS TO FURTHER TALKS AT QUEENS PARK After hearing heavy criticism of Premier Dalton McGuinty’s plan bring in diesel trains into West Toronto, a paradigm shift could ensue among government officials BY KEVIN PUTNAM

Junction Triangle Rail Committee

Later this month, residents are set to meet with government officials to state their case against diesel trains. Photo courtesy Creative Commons

ART CRAWL from page 1 From the coffee house, the tour headed west stopping at six locations, as well as taking in the large scale outdoor murals by local artist Jose Ortega, on and around buildings along the strip. This included a large design hanging on a fence that was in collaboration between Ortega and the children and youth from the immediate area, as well as the new DuWest flags designed by Ortega that hang from the lamp posts up and down the street. Unlike last year’s art crawl, which was exclusively galleries on Dundas West, this year the tours included design studio Someone (1691 Dundas St. W.), which specializes in graphic art and creative services, and Art Metropole (1491 Dundas St. W.), where a large amount of art is available for purchase in book form and other non traditional mediums. Dundas West BIA Coordinator Helder Ramos led the event, and was happy to see people from far outside the area make the trek to Dundas. “The art crawl brings people to the area who would not often come, allowing them to see the

work of several galleries all at once,” said Ramos. This also means bringing people to the area to see and experience the many different businesses and services available in the area. As Dundas West further distinguishes itself as an art destination in Toronto, a third annual art crawl is definitely planned for next year. With hot spots like Jessica Bradley (1450 Dundas St. W.) and p/m Gallery (1518 Dundas St. W.), and newcomers like MKG 127 (1445 Dundas St. W.) and Rose Will Studio (1630 Dundas St. W.), art is present and relevant in the community. Ramos definitely sees the connection between art and the residents. “Some galleries have moved here from other areas of the city, and they come here because they want to be close to their clientele,” he said. Hodgins agrees. “Dundas West ties into other current art scenes on Queen and Ossington. I am glad things are coming north.” For more information on future art events on Dundas Street West, please visit http://

The Rally for Clean Trains Now brought throngs of the converted and curious to Sorauren Park on Sunday, October 14 in support of electric trains. Elected officials from all levels of government called on the McGuinty government to electrify the diesel Air Rail Link now under construction from Pearson International Airport to Union Station. This Pan Am Games legacy project has come under heavy criticism for the increase in toxic fumes and noise that residents of West Toronto are expected to endure despite the availability of an affordable, made-in-Canada solution: electric trains. Transportation Minister Bob Chiarelli has agreed to meet with residents of the Junction Triangle. Members of the Junction Triangle Rail Com-

Participants on the Art Crawl stopped to admire local artist, Jose Ortega’s mural located at Dundas St. W. and Sheridan Ave. Photo by Melissa Millerson

mittee will be meeting with the Minister and senior officials from Metrolinx at Queen’s Park on November 14 to discuss the electrification of the Georgetown South Rail Corridor. The meeting comes after renewed efforts by the residents’ group to raise awareness of government plans to build five metre tall noise walls along large sections of the 23 kilometre route through West Toronto. A three-judge panel of the Ontario Divisional Court will convene on November 19 to hear a legal challenge brought against Metrolinx by the Clean Train Coalition. The judges will be asked to reverse the Metrolinx decision to use diesel engines on the new Air Rail Link. The Coalition will be arguing that the transportation agency acted unlawfully in the rush to build the airport link at the request of the government in contravention of their legislated mandate.

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New In Business

NEW MULTI-PURPOSE ART GALLERY HOSTS LAUNCH PARTY ON DUNDAS ST Rose Will Studio hosted roughly 300 guests over the course of the launch party leaving what proved to be a lasting impression among the community’s art enthusiasts BY MELISSA MILLERSON

This past month an exciting new business has opened at 1630 Dundas St. W.. On Friday, October 19, Rose Will Studio was opened to the public with an art studio launch party that attracted approximately 300 people throughout the course of the night. Featured artists included studio curator Tennille Rose Will along with Donay Coughlin, Shannon Coyle, Adam Dalgarno, Vashty Hawkins, Jake Summers, and Jonathan Brett, who also manages the studio’s marketing and public relations. Guests were invited to view art on display, which included a selection of paintings, photographs and constructional art pieces. The catered event also included belly dancing demonstrations, as well as “meet and greets” with the artists. “I’d say the event was a success. It is interesting to see the interest [from the community]”, Tennille said, with Jonathan adding “There were definitely some walk-ups of people we didn’t know there.” A good portion of works were sold that evening, with a portion of proceeds equally going to and diabetes awareness organization,

Over the course of the launch, guests filed in and out of the space to see art shown both indoors and out. Photo by Melissa Millerson

Rose Will Studio, which began as a fleeting thought, has turned into a great “art accessible” destination in the Dundas West community. “It started with I was looking for a place to live. I kind of joked it would be cool to live in an art gallery,” Tennille explains of the early stages of her vision. “Artists are very community

based, and I wanted to create a space to bring complementing pieces together.” The featured art is available for sale in equal payments, making owning art an easy investment for everyone. Another great feature of the gallery/studio is the opportunity to express your own art on your own terms. Forego the in-house art studio or tedious prep. Rose

Will Studios offers studio time for all artists, as well as canvases, paint, brushes and other materials. Art classes are also available for people of all ages who are looking for a little help and direction with their visions. In addition to visual art, Rose Will Studio offers a number of other classes and events, including regular yoga and belly danc-

ing classes. The space is also available to rent for a day or evening, so that you can host your own private events, from business launches to birthday parties. For more information on classes and events, you can contact Tennille Rose Will at 416-8978057 or tennillerose@hotmail. com, or contact Jonathan Brett at

Work In the Film Industry

*IT’S EASY!* Please email us a few recent photos of yourself (they don’t need to be professional) along with your contact information. We will proceed with the registration process from there if we choose to work together, please email us at:

Featured artists, (from left to right) Jake Summers, Jonathan Brett, Tennille Rose Will and Shannon Coyle were available for a meet and greet at the studio’s launch party. Photo by Melissa Millerson

We are currently selectively expanding our roster!

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New In Business


One might recognize the owner of Starling vintage clothing, Robin Brulé, from her acting work on Degrassi: The Next Generation, or the Gemini-nominated series Billable Hours. How Robin creates Starling’s je ne sais quoi caché is harder to pinpoint. Her clothes oscillate between raunchy rocker 70s and sensual velvety flapper. And, the shop’s provençale sitting area establishes a relaxed mood to browse Starling’s collection of boots, shoes, leather skirts, silk blouses, wool sweaters and double-breasted coats.

“Every vintage shop has its own flavour, which depends on who’s sourcing and picking.” Robin Brule Sterling Owner

Starling owner, Robin Brule stands beside a few articles of clothing for sale in her shop. Photo courtesy Starling

Robin decided to open Starling this year, close to her home, and turn a life-long passion into a business. “I’ve been shopping vintage since saving my pennies babysitting and I was always enthralled with clothes and movies, like Breakfast at Tiffany’s. It’s not just on-set that clothes are a conduit to another character. They are a chance to be creative all the time,” she said. In the competitive Toronto vintage market, Starling has its own

style – white-washed antique end tables display chunky costume jewelry and designer feltwool hats. A paravent divides the change room from the shop, and stand-alone lamps with Japanese paper draped on overhead lights adds ambience and sets a softer tone. “Every vintage shop has its own flavour, which depends on who’s sourcing and picking,” says Robin. “Eventually people know what flavour is in which shop and shops develop a following.” Robin selects items that resonate the current fashion. “I take things I like that are old and contemporary at the same time, and mix them with what’s happening now,” she says. And because Starling is a little further north (on College St.) than the Queen West competition, Robin’s prices make the visit to Starling all the more worthwhile. Starling is open everyday except Wednesdays from noon to 6 p.m., and is located on the north side of College St. a few shops west of Dufferin. Starling’s Vintage Likes: · Toronto label “Mr Leonard” from the late 60s and early 70s and “All that Jazz” from the 80s. “These are the true, classic and accessible brands for the working ladies,” says Robin. · “Le Valet” footwear from Montreal. “They made especially high quality boots for those merciless Canadian winters!”

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Letters from your political representatives



As our area continues to experience transformation through new development proposals, residents have responded with engagement and interest. It has been wonderful to hear so many thoughts and ideas about these

proposals, as we work together to manage these changes in the best interests of our community. My approach when considering these developments has always been to listen closely to all parties and search for common ground. This is no different with the site located at 158 Sterling Road. This location is the large vacant lot at the South of Sterling Road, including the historically-designated Tower Automotive building, and does not involve the land under the nearby Nestle Canada factory. As you may know, Castlepoint Developments is the site owner, and has submitted an application to City Planning for an Official Plan Amendment and re-zoning. If successful, this application would convert the site from an Employment Area designation (which allows no residential units) to a designation which would allow for residential and commercial uses. In addition to the rezoning, the application includes space for a public park, connections to the West Toronto Railpath, approximately 62,898m2 of employment space, 683 residential units, and renovation of the Tower Automotive building for commercial and resi-

dential use. Additionally, 10% of these spaces will be designated as affordable arts space. Currently, the City is undergoing a Municipal Comprehensive Review as part of the Official Plan’s 5-year Review. During this process, properties currently designated as Employment Areas can apply to be considered for residential and mixed-use designations. 158 Sterling is one of 93 properties throughout Toronto being considered. A final report on this application was presented at the November 8th Planning and Growth Management Committee Meeting. Dspite some of the messages residents may have received, this issue has never been about jobs versus condos, or development versus business. This is about having all parties involved come together to work towards a common vision; it is about recognizing that we live in a multi-faceted city, with many diverse interests and priorities that must work together to succeed; and understanding that only by bringing both Nestle and the developer to the table can the community achieve the jobs, park space, new facilities and area revitalization made possible through this site’s development.

MP ANDREW CASH 416-654-8048 Many of you have written to me over the past few weeks about the proposed Canada-China Foreign Investment Promotion and Protection Agreement (FIPA). The NDP has identified a number of issues with this agreement. For example, FIPA does not provide Canadian investors the same rights in China as Chinese investors will have in Canada, there is a secret tribunal process that allows one party to sue the Canadian government without public knowledge, and Canada is bound to this agreement for 31 years. Most importantly though, the Conservatives plan to ratify this agreement without any scrutiny from Parliament. This is just another example of Stephen Harper’s lack of transparency and accountability. When the Conservatives were first elected in 2006 in the wake of the Liberal sponsorship scandal, we were promised great improvements in government accountability and transparency. Since then, we’ve seen the exact opposite. I don’t have nearly enough space in this column to list all the Conservative failures surrounding accountability and transparency, but here are some highlights from the past year: two massive omnibus budget bills that have undone environmental protection and raised the retirement age without study in the House of Commons, campaign finance violations and $16 glasses of orange juice on the part of senior ministers, the worst tainted meat crisis in Canadian history, intentionally lowballing the cost of fighter jets by $10 billion, and who can forget the millions spent on gazebos, fake lakes and sidewalks in Muskoka in the name of the G20 Summit? So far Stephen Harper has refused to fire a single minister for any of these epic failures. He refuses to give the unfair FIPA trade deal with China the scrutiny it deserves. He continues to sneak costly service cuts and gut environmental protections in omnibus budgets. What is he so afraid of? Perhaps he’s scared that people will start to realize that his commitment to transparency and accountability was the biggest scam of them all. For more information about FIPA, the omnibus budget or any other issue, contact my office at 416-654-8048 or

MPP JONAH SCHEIN 416-535-3158 On October 15th, Premier Dalton McGuinty announced that he is resigning as Premier. I’m sure many of you will join me in thanking Mr. McGuinty for his years of public service. Disappointingly, his announcement to resign followed a declaration that he would be shutting down the Ontario Legislature until there is a new leader of the Ontario Liberals. During this time, the Legislature will be closed, and all legislation and debate that were set to go forward have been canceled. This has effectively canceled hearings on the Gas Plants as well as all bills before the legislature. This is not in the best interest of Ontarians. Unfortunately, one of the Private Member’s Bills that has been removed from the Order Paper is my Clean Trains Bill, Bill 83. When I was elected a year ago, I was sent to

For these reasons, I introduced a motion at the recent Planning & Growth Committee to bring in a mediator to assist in bringing both Nestle and the developer to the discussion table and to report back in the new year. This mediation process would continue the conversation including the concerns of Nestle workers and the community’s desire for development in the area. Unfortunately, this motion was not successful at Committee, and the application for the zoning amendment was denied. I will wait for the developer to decide what further action or proposals will be taken at this site and will continue to ensure the community is engaged and involved in this process. I strongly believe that our community will come through this process stronger and more enriched than ever. This continues to be an excellent opportunity to reiterate our common support for the jobs, growth and amenities that will better serve our neighbourhood in the future without compromising the existing jobs that support our community today. Thank you again to everyone who has contacted me about this issue. I will continue to keep you informed and involved as this process continues in the new year. Queen’s Park with a clear message: to represent the voices of my constituents on issues that matter to you. The government’s plan for the Air Rail Link is one of these issues. The ARL is an opportunity to build an accessible, integrated transit option for Ontarians. It is an opportunity to relieve the gridlock that cripples this city and our economy, and a chance to prioritize people’s lives, their health, and their families. Electrification is supported by communities and community leaders all along the train line. It has been recommended by the Medical Officer of Health for Toronto and the majority of City Council. Bill 83 was endorsed by the Canadian Association of Physicians for the Environment, TTC Riders, the Asthma Society of Canada and the Canadian Cancer Society. Bill 83 was up for second reading on October 18. Instead, this bill, and all other important legislation, has been derailed by the Premier’s decision to shut down Queen’s Park. Ontarians expect their representatives to work hard on their behalf. But the Premier’s decision to close up shop while his party picks a new leader only increases the cynicism of voters. Even if the Legislature is closed down, my office and I continue to work hard for our community and speak up on issues that matter to you. We’ll continue to raise this issue until the government gets on track and commits to electrification. The Air Rail Link is an important issue that won’t go away, just because one party has a different set of priorities. When the Legislature is recalled I will reintroduce this bill. In the meantime, I hope you will join our campaign to recall the Legislature and get MPPs back to work. You can join the Facebook Page Get MPPs Back to Work or sign the petition at http://

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NIGHT OF DREAD CELEBRATED FOR THIRTEENTH TIME IN BLOORDALE Giant puppets, fire dancers and musicians were summoned to march in Bloordale BY KHRISTOPHER REARDON

This time of year, when ghouls and nasties are gearing up for Halloween, they take to the streets a few nights before trick or treating to march through the darkened streets of Toronto on the Night of Dread. Night of Dread celebrated it’s very ominous thirteenth birthday on October 27 this year. A parade of costume-clad men, women and children gathered in a pre-Halloween celebration that put on a frightful display of costumes, puppets and music. It is a production of the Clay & Paper Theatre, a local company that brings community-driven theatrical works and interactive performances to their home in Dufferin Grove Park and surrounding areas. “It began as an invitation to the community to help us, Clay & Paper Theatre, build those images of their private and collective fears, which we then parade around the community and then eventually go back into the park and then do various ceremonious things,” said David Anderson, Founder and Artistic Director for Clay & Paper Theatre.

“I’m really quite surprised how this has grown over the years. We’ve kept very firm to the idea that this festival begins as an invitation...” David Anderson Founder/Artistic Director of Clay & Paper Night of Dread is Anderson’s brainchild. The parade, which has grown significantly over the years, was an answer to a problem Anderson saw encroaching on the hallowed holiday, which has always been a big part of his life. “Halloween had always been an important time for me as a kid and I like the

season of the year but it seemed to me that Halloween had become sort of disconnected from its roots. And it’s turned into another festival of consumption,” he said. “The great thing about it is people go from door to door and meet each other.” Participants at Night of Dread march with fire dancers, towering puppets and musicians around the community before meeting back at Dufferin Grove Park, where they are invited to mock and burn their fears and dance and dine with the dead. The giant puppets that tower over other paraders within the procession are representative of communal fears within the community. The festival is driven by public interaction and volunteers willing to donate their time and talents to help make this a community-centric celebration. “I’m really quite surprised how this has grown over the years. We’ve kept very firm to the idea that this festival begins as an invitation to the community and for anyone else who wants to join with us to help us build those images,” said Anderson. “I just wanted to build on that feeling, on that sense of community connectedness.” Anderson wants people to create new and interesting connections with each other in the public space. The idea of community event planning as a way to bridge those connections is a central part of Night of Dread, and it’s catching on. “For the first time some friends who have been to the Night of Dread a few times in the past who have moved out to Hamilton called me up about a month before the Night of Dread and asked if they could use the name Night of Dread to produce a similar thing in Hamilton and I said of course go right ahead and they did,” he said. “That’s the part I like the best, the idea of it kind of cloning itself in some way, people thinking this is a great idea and wanting it to happen in their own community.”

1630 Dundas Street West


The crowd casts their fears into the flame. Photo by Khristopher Reardon

We are changing the face of New Horizons

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CALL 416-536-6111 TODAY

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New In Business

NEW BUSINESS DEDICATED TO HELP BUILD NEW BUSINESS IDEAS Proclaimed as “idea architects”, Tim Foran and Michael Alexandor settle in Bloordale and look to help anyone who wants to build their courageous idea into a business BY KATE MCCULLOUGH

“Idea architect” isn’t a job title most people are familiar with – probably because new business owners Tim Foran and Michael Alexandor coined it themselves. Foran and Alexandor are coowners of Temporarily Unpopular Ideas (TUI), a business whose mandate is to help people with brave ideas – big or small – succeed. “We work with businesses, we work with artists, we work with anyone with a courageous idea that we believe should see the light of day, or deserves a better profile than it currently has,” said Foran. “We want to help good people with good ideas win.” October 25 marked TUI’s grand opening, though Foran and Alexandor have been painting, renovating, cleaning and decorating their office at 1302 Bloor St. W. since June. TUI’s owners said they’re not business consultants nor are they advertisers. They work with everyone in a business – from head honcho to bottom rung – to ensure the company is unified in its values and goals. Foran and Alexandor made it clear that they work with people who are committed to turning their idea into a career, not just a hobby. “We live in a karaoke culture where everyone thinks that a halfbaked, half-rooted idea is worth getting famous for,” Foran said. “We’re not in that business.” Though they don’t necessarily turn down ideas, they do sometimes send people back to the drawing board. “We would suggest ways to get the idea and themselves ready to actually engage at a later date,” he said. “It’s not that people are without the

Michael Alexandor (left) and Tim Foran stand beside their new storefront. Photo by Kate McCullough

true goal, or even a bit of talent, but it takes a lot to cut it out there.” Though TUI only officially opened two weeks ago, business is booming. “Generally, we’re working too much,” Alexandor said. As of now, the owners are the only full-time employees, but they do have a network of people who they can call on for contract work. Foran and Alexandor said they chose to have an office at street lev-

el to be part of the up-and-coming community of Bloordale. “This is a neighbourhood that is exciting. It’s poised for great change and there’s the energy of acceptance of new ideas,” Alexandor said. ”And it’s not a homogeneous neighbourhood. For us those kinds of qualities were really important.” The downside to a storefront office is the relentless foot traffic, which Alexandor said is generally

The ‘Pumpking’ Gallery...

not from their target market. “We get all kinds that just walk in here and think this is a retail operation. It’s not a retail operation,” he said. TUI’s owners are well-connected and operate almost solely by word of mouth. With a couple of decades of combined experience behind them, first in marketing and later as consultants, they said their service isn’t cheap. “We’re seasoned at this and we

pride ourselves on always putting everything into it because we care, so we believe that that deserves to be rewarded,” Alexandor said. TUI sees each project through from beginning to end, but ultimately the client has to be committed to success. “We can work with new ideas or we can reinvent existing ideas, but ultimately we’re not the shoulders, the feet, the heads for everything on this idea,” he said.

Jack-o’-lanterns from around the neighbourhood

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$6.00 TAKE OUT VEGAN BOX 1262 Bloor St. W. Toronto ON M6H 1N5 Open Mon - Sat: 11 am - 10 pm CLOSED SUNDAY & HOLIDAYS

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Caribbean Queen of Patties JERK PORK & RICE



1294 Bloor St W (416) 538-1732

Your business name here... If your business is on Bloor St. between Dufferin St. and Lansdowne Ave. and you would like to advertise on this page, please call


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News/Health & Wellness

development in Ward 18 is going to contribute to an already... problem. Specifically, he pointed to Dundas and College Streets. Bailão responded voicing her support for a downtown relief subway line that she said would, in turn, mitigate much of the traffic in the area. “I hope the city takes this seriously,” she said. For some time, Bailão has lobbied for curb-separated bike lanes to be implemented among streets not just in Ward 18, but

across Toronto. The subject of bike lanes was brought up by one resident who said, “in 11 years, there have been no improvements to cycling routes.” The Councillor assured she is working on it. “We need more separated bike lanes and we need to work on connecting them,” said Bailao. “We need to create a network where cyclists can feel safe.” After the meeting was adjourned, as residents were filing out the door, Bailão said she couldn’t have been happier with the turnout.

Works great served over spaghetti squash, a baked potato or brown rice! Nutrition Facts (per serving chili alone): 390 kcal, 12 g fat, 37 g carbohydrate, 12 g fibre, 4 g sugar, 33 g protein Jennifer Baer, is your local Naturopathic Doctor, trained chef

and Registered Holistic Nutritionist. She enthusiastically promotes wellness and prevention through a nutritious diet, positive attitude and active lifestyle. For more recipes and information about her training, programs and services, please visit:

TOWNHALL from page 1

Seen above, the Nestle factory was a hot topic among meeting participants. Photo courtesy Creative Commons


I don’t know a single soul who likes to come home after a long day of work and start cooking. So set some time aside this weekend to make a big pot of this crowdpleasing chili – and freeze extra servings. I love a bowl of chili on a cold day. It’s super filling and gives you that great warm and satisfied feeling in your tummy. I make a few versions, including vegetarian and white bean/turkey – but I stock up on grass-fed beef in the fall to make this proteinpacked recipe. Adding beans and tofu / tempeh stretches the recipe (improving the cost-per-serving), and significantly upping fibre content while lowering fat – all without compromising flavour. Recipe easily doubles. Grass-fed Beef, Bean & Tofu / Tempeh Chili (serves 12)

2 lbs grass-fed lean ground beef 454 g firm organic tofu OR 250 g organic tempeh, pulsed in food processor or chopped 2 tbsp olive oil 1 large yellow onion, finely diced 3-4 cloves garlic, pressed 4 tbsp chili powder 28 oz can diced plum tomatoes 2 cups low sodium chicken broth 2 bell peppers, diced 1-2 chili peppers, seeds removed, finely diced 1-2 jalapeno peppers, seeds removed, finely diced 1.5 cups cooked red kidney beans 1.5 cups cooked white kidney or cannellini beans 1 tbsp dried oregano 2 tbsp nutritional yeast 1 tsp salt Place a large pot over medium

heat, add oil and start to brown beef, stirring regularly. After 7-10 minutes add onions, garlic, chili peppers, jalapeno peppers, bell peppers, chili powder, nutritional yeast, oregano and salt. Continue to sauté until meat is cooked through (about 10 more minutes). Add tomatoes, tofu / tempeh, broth and beans and simmer over low-medium heat for 30-60 minutes. Adjust seasoning as needed. At this point, I like to portion off several containers. After letting them cool for a bit on the counter top, chill them in the fridge and then freeze them. As I reheat any servings to be eaten that day, I add in baby spinach or baby kale, which wilts very quickly into the chili for an easy and tasty way to get a serving of dark leafy greens. Serve with optional toppings: guacamole / diced avocado, organic yoghurt, grated cheese, salsa, and / or baked tortilla chips.

Dr. Jennifer Baer, licensed nutritionist and naturopath.

10 The Bloordale Press NOVEMBER 2012

Art Gallery Guide

Daniel Faria Gallery

OCTOBER 26 - NOVEMBER 24, 201 2 In this latest series of paintings, artist Kristine Moran takes on the role of a clairvoyant by envisioning the space where life and death intersect. Submerged within vigorous gestural abstractions are scenes in which figures slip in and out of material existence. Broadly

inspired by the history of painting, from the mystical underpinnings of William Blake and Paul Gaugin, and the heady abstract expressionism of Willem de Kooning, Moran collapses genres to create a hybridity that fuses the lyric with the architectural.



188 St Helens Avenue

12 3 4 1273 Dundas Street West

OCTOBER 27 – NOVEMBER 17, 2012



1267 Bloor Street West

November 08 - December 08, 2012


Returning - Le Fantome de la Memoire


The paintings portray apparitions, chimeras, real figments from the imaginal realms; waking dreams, spectre’s, phantasms, nebulous recollections, ghost portraits dancing between dimensions and meanings . In a world of hyper real im-

agery, they are the world view of people with facial blindness. They are portraits of eidolons- spirit images of living persons. The titles simply set a mood too begin the search for the subject. The works are titled with a subtitle that gives you an insight into what motivated the meditative rolling search.

November 02 - December 01, 2012 As the Dusts Settle Kerri Reid This solo exhibition of works by Canadian artist Kerri Reid provides the first opportunity to consider several related series of works all revolving around the artist’s fascination with dust, debris, shadows and a inclination towards restitution, salvaging and repair. Materials in the exhibition vary from hand-painted ceramic sculptures, documentary drawings, and frame-by-frame erasures of video images, all intricate material processes that consider found natural and synthetic objects as markers of larger metaphysical questions. Kerri Reid’s short-term residency in Toronto is made possible by the support of Partisan Studios Studios, Toronto.


Read the full essay by Sarah Robayo Sheridan in the exhibition brochure. Kerri Reid is a visual artist originally from Vancouver, BC. She has exhibited her work both nationally and internationally, and has participated in residencies in Vermont, Iceland, Banff, Dawson City, and Saskatchewan. She is currently living in the small rural community of Bruno, Saskatchewan, (population 600), where she works as a distance-education instructor through the University of Guelph while also co-directing (with Tyler Brett) The Bruno Arts Bank, a small music venue/artist residency/coffee shop/art gallery/mini-museum/music and bookshop. Reid also plays bass for The Department, with recent performances in Reykjavik, at the San Francisco Museum of Modern Art, at the Bruno Cherry Festival, and at the Bruno Friendship Centre for Seniors Appreciation Day.

loop Gallery is pleased to announce exhibitions by loop members Gary Clement entitled Oblivion, etc., and Candida Girling with composer Aaron Davis, Simply Breathing. Using ink, gouache, and collage, Oblivion, etc. chronicles Clement’s abiding interest in the natural world, science, mortality, farm animals, mythology, the unnatural world, sexuality, automobiles, track and field, contemporary poetry and mid 20th century interior decorating, among other things. He continues to draw inspira-

tion from Saul Steinberg, John Berryman, Mad Magazine and Eleventh to Thirteenth Dynasty hieroglyphics. Simply Breathing follows on the heels of “Marcovaldo’s Bench”, an interactive multi-media installation by visual artist Candida Girling and composer Aaron Davis for Nuit Blanche 2011. Their benches are portals and peepholes from the urban grind to a verdant oasis that may or may not still exist, but endures in the mind of the beholder, as we live and breathe.


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The Bloordale Press NOVEMBER 2012 11

Community Contributions



Celebrate the Holiday Season in Style


December 1st


December 2nd

• Complimentary professional dog portrait by Bunch We Lunch With 10am – 3pm*. Advance reservations requested. • Pamper your dog at our Self Serve Dog Wash 1176 King St. W location only. • Dog nail trimming $10.00 10am – 3pm* • Toronto Cat Rescue and Toronto Animal Services Adopt-a-thon 10am – 5pm* *All events are Saturday December 1 at 1176 King St. W and Sunday December 2 at 1245 Dupont St. unless noted.

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