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THE INTERGALATIC TRAVEL AUTHORITY TAKES FLIGHT IN BLOORDALE The Intergalactic Travel Authority opens up in hopes of creating awareness for Story Planet, a Toronto based youth programming centre BY JUSTIN MILLERSON


Store manager, Kaleigh Wisman and Story Planet alien chieftess, Liz Haines stand outside “the portal”. Photo by Justin Millerson

When you walk into the Intergalactic Travel Authority (1165 Bloor St. W.) you are actually taking a trip into the future, and while you’re there be sure to grab a cup of coffee. Bloordale’s one and only travel authority carries a setting set beyond the year 2025 where “black hole coffee” is served and “official space travel merchandise” is sold. The purpose of this future set café is to raise funds as well as awareness for Story Planet, a Toronto based youth literacy intuitive settled in the back portion of the shop. “We wanted to provide a social enterprise component to the services we provide as well as create a gateway to the community so people are aware of us,” said Ka-



With record temperatures abounding this summer, staying hydrated is key! So, how much water do you need? Water is the primary component of our body fluids: aiding digestion, lubricating joints, protecting organs, maintaining temperature, circulating nutrients and oxygen, and eliminating waste and toxins. The body loses 6 – 12 cups of fluid per day, which must be replaced by water, herbal teas, or unsalted soups or broths to prevent dehydration. Avoid sweetened juices, sodas or beverages high in sugar, artificial sweeteners, sodium, caf-

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800 Bloor St. W

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leigh Wisman, manager of the new storefront café. Story Planet – helping youth since 2009 – is a non-profit organization that provides a number of free workshops for youth between the ages of 6-18. The workshops focus on helping with inspired communication through creative writing and a range of other art projects. These workshops take place just feet away from the travel authority’s coffee bar just past what Wisman calls a portal door that leads into Story Planet. The idea of marrying a youth literacy centre and a social enterprise location was inspired by an American organization called 826 Valencia. 826 Valencia is placed in San Francisco, California and carries a similar goal in helping children and young adult develop writing skills. Just like Story

Planet a shop is connected where the tutoring takes place. This shop is called the Pirate Supply Store which sells an assortment of pirate supplies. “We really wanted to take that model, we are not an 826 centre ourselves, but they mentored us through the whole process in opening this space and have been really helpful and involved,” said Wisman. Wisman who works alongside Liz Haines, Alien Chieftess of Story Planet, said it was important to maintain a space-like theme in the shop portion of the space. “[The idea] was to create a departure lounge, but going to different parts in the galaxy, so there is a departure board at the entrance so you can check your flight, get your coffee and your reading material, everything you need for your long journey,” she said.

a food processor (or blender on low setting) pulse the remaining cucumber, 1/2 cup yoghurt, mint, and remaining lime juice and cilantro to purée. Season generously with freshly-ground black pepper and sea salt, then set to blend until smooth while drizzling olive oil through the top of the food processor. Serve chilled. Top with salsa and a dollop of yoghurt. Nutrition (per 1 cup gazpacho + 2 tbsp salsa): 96 Calories, 4.5 g fat,

18 g carbohydrate, 1.5 g fibre, 7.1 g sugar, 3.5 g protein Jennifer Baer, is your local Naturopathic Doctor, trained chef and Registered Holistic Nutritionist. She enthusiastically promotes wellness and prevention through a nutritious diet, positive attitude and active lifestyle. For more recipes and information about her training, programs and services, please visit: http://www.drjenniferbaer.com

Dr. Jennifer Baer, licensed nutritionist and naturopath.

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The Bloordale Press Vol.2 Issue 7  

The fourteenth installment of the Bloordale Press newspaper

The Bloordale Press Vol.2 Issue 7  

The fourteenth installment of the Bloordale Press newspaper