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Theatre gets historic site status, saved from demolition

Perth Avenue Public School victorious in grant contest



Staff, students and parents at Perth Avenue Junior Public School (14 Ruskin Ave.) are celebrating after winning a $50,000 grant to fix up their schoolyard. The school discovered they had won on March 21 after weeks of furious voting which finished only five days prior to the announcement of winners. The grant is from Maple Leaf Sports and Entertainment’s Team Up Foundation, which announced the contest at the beginning of the year for charities either building or refurbishing sports and recreation facilities for youth. Janice Robinson, principal at Perth, said she was closely watching the voting results before polls closed at the end of March Break. “When it came to the closing, I have to tell you there was some happy dancing in my living room,” she said. The application process involved two rounds of voting between January 30 to February 20 where the public voted for the top twenty, and then March 7 to

Perth Avenue students run in celebration after realizing they won one of four MLSE grants. Photo courtesy Arwyn Carpenter

March 16 when the winners were decided. Perth finished in third place, securing one of the four grants with 4,534 votes. Joanne Alfonsi, the mother of a student attending Perth, and a member of the school’s schoolyard enhancement committee, said this grant is necessary in helping the community. “There are a lot of low income families (in the neighbourhood) and they don’t participate in extracurricular activities… so it’s a great opportunity for those children to have access through school,” she said. The grant will not cover the entire cost of the proposed facelift,

Alfonsi said. Ana Bailão, Ward 18 councillor, has pledged $100,000 to the school, and the rest of the cost will be fundraised. The total estimated cost for the entire renovation of the schoolyard is estimated at $250,000. This will include an outdoor learning garden with weather stations, outdoor seating for children, an athletic equipment area, a synthetic turf soccer field, and a playground. These are all items that may normally be located in a more community-oriented location. “We don’t really have a community centre in our neighbourhood,” Alfonsi said. “We’re bordered by train tracks on either side.” The unique set up of the school


makes it difficult to create an easily accessible, safe location for something like this, Alfonsi said. This redevelopment will help fix that. Robinson said she was impressed and touched by the hard work put in by parents and other members of the community. Perth and neighbouring school St. Luigi Catholic School – which also uses the schoolyard – worked as a team to get votes in. Robinson said it’s a good indication of what will happen later on. “Look how successful we’ve been working together,” she said. “It only means that in the future we can really collaborate a lot more to make things happen.”

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The 75-year old Paradise Cinema, which sits at Westmoreland Ave. and Bloor St. (1006 Bloor St. W.) has been granted heritage site status and will not be demolished. Built around 1937, the cinema has seen its fair share of changes – going from a well attended first-run cinema to a porno theatre and an arthouse cinema. However, the venue has stood vacant since 2006 and in January of this year, a prospective buyer submitted an application for its demolition. Luckily though, the site stood on the city’s inventory of heritage properties and following the application for demolition, city council approved its heritage status on March 5. According to the councillor’s executive assistant, Braden Root Mc-Caig confirmed that the site is still unsold and...

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INSIDE BROCK PUBLIC SCHOOL TURNING 125 YEARS OLD Celebrations currently being planned

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STERLING ROAD DEVELOPMENT UPDATE Plans stay somewhat the same for huge development

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NEW MMA CLUB REPLACES BOXING MECCA Trainer has a long list of professional students

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02 The Bloordale Press APRIL 2012


These walls have been standing for 125 years. PHOTO By Shaleni McBain


Brock Public School is in its 125th year, and the school is in the midst of planning celebrations for the historic event. “We have a planning committee of teachers, parents, and former students,” said Victor Tran, the acting Principal at Brock Public School. “That’s one of the reasons I am so proud; all of the community involvement. “ The committee started with a

“wish list” of things they wanted to do for the celebrations. The committee has developed a motto for the event that shadows their theme of past, present and future - “To celebrate the present, honour our past and reach out to those who will be the future of our school.” The celebrations will take place November 23 and 24. On the 23rd, a fundraising dinner put on by alumni will take place as well as a performance by the Famous People Players.

“I approached Famous People Players and they agreed to do a very specific show called ‘Hi-Yo Silver,”’ said Leo Darmitz, Brock alumni and planning committee member. Friday’s events will also include opening an old time capsule and creating a new one for students to open in 25 years. Also on this day, students will perform their new school song which is currently under production. On the Saturday, there is a day filled with activities planned at

the school from 11 a.m. to 5 p.m. From games to performances, to profiles of graduates and a BBQ lunch, there will be events for people of all ages of the community to enjoy. Darmitz has been working for close to eight years on this event. From digging up old class photographs, to tracking down former students dating back to the 40’s, Leo has been riffling through old school information and memorabilia to create a memory room for the celebrations.

Tran, Darmitz, alumni and committee members hope that many will attend and invite individuals from the community to join in on the celebrations in November. “I, as well as many others are very passionate about this event,” Darmitz said. Anyone looking for more information on the celebrations, or anyone interested in purchasing tickets for the dinner can contact Leo Darmitz at brock125alumni@


In an effort to get people out and exploring their neighbourhoods, three Jane’s Walks will be taking place in and around Bloordale on May 5. Originally started in 2007 in Toronto in honour of urban activist and writer Jane Jacobs, the event has expanded to 511 different walks in 75 cities across 15 countries. The walks are aimed at bringing communities together by promoting belonging and encouraging civic leadership. The first walk will take place at 11:00 a.m. Called ‘Daffodils in Davenport’, Andrea Dawber of

environmental and social justice group GreenHere will guide a free tour that shows some of the 50,000 daffodils that mark the arrival of spring in Davenport. The tour will also visit some public space projects and highlight a number of issues and opportunities that arise for communities wishing to reinvest in green space. Interested parties are to meet at the southeastern corner of Christie Pits Park (750 Bloor St. W.). The walk will wind through a number of parks from Christie St. west to Lansdowne Ave. and finish at MacGregor Park (330 Lansdowne Ave.). An evening walk will take place

at 5 p.m. at Wadsworth Park (120 Connolly St.). Parties are to meet in the southeastern corner and will travel to Campbell Park (255 Campbell Ave). The last walk, called ‘Bloordale: A story of Transit, Entrepreneurship and Neighbourhood Change’ will take place at 1:30 p.m. Host Adam Popper will guide the group to fascinating entrepreneurs; discuss the history of the streets, businesses and green spaces. The group is to meet outside the Emerson Ave. exit of Lansdowne Station. All walks are scheduled to last approximately 90 minutes. For more information, visit http://

see some changes this year BY JUSTIN MILLERSON

The BIG on Bloor Organizing Committee – which includes members of Bloordale’s Business Improvement Area (BIA) Committee and community volunteers – met at Duffy’s Tavern on March 7 to discuss how the annual festival can improve this year. “The festival is a great way to express our goals,” said Bloordale BIA Committee member, Dyan Marie. Live entertainment has been labeled as a top priority for the festival and unlike last year, the

committee is going to encourage businesses to hire performers to play at their own establishments instead of using a few stages. The goal is to have the entertainment more spread out by using the entire permitted section of Bloor St. W. However, concerns were raised by few that by having performers playing just a few dozen metres apart, the atmosphere is going to be “chaotic.” Head of the BIA committee, Spiro Koumoudouros said he will see to it, that everyone cooperates. Suggested performance venues thus far are, Duffy’s Tavern...

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The Bloordale Press APRIL 2012 03



Castlepoint Realty presented their updated building plans to the community at the Church of the Firstborn (72 Perth Ave.) for their development at 158 Sterling Road on March 22. The development, which is to see roughly 800 residential units in the form of a tower, townhomes, and (600,000 - 800,000) square feet of commercial use saw very little in terms of new changes. Starting with the townhomes on Perth Avenue, the number of units has been reduced to 26, as they will now be wider at 16 feet. However, they will remain three stories high. Plans for the automotive tower formerly home to Tower Automotives which opened in 1919 and which was, at the time, the tallest building in Canada - showed a glass three story addition. The ground, second and third floor of this building are to be used for commercial uses, while the remaining ten floors will consist of residential spaces. Citing restored buildings such as the Tip Top Tailors Loft (637

Lake Shore Blvd. W.) and the Queens Quay Terminal Building (207 Queen’s Quay W.) Castlepoint stressed that they wanted to maintain the look and history of the tower and make the new addition as discreet as possible – “like a crown on the jewel.” Currently, the site is being excavated for oil, TCA and gasoline contaminants. The process has already been underway and should continue for the next couple of months. There was concern over dust from a nearby daycare, who said the dust was abundant during these digs. Castlepoint apologized and assured it was because the fire hydrants were closed during that dig. They said that they tried to wet the dirt as much as possible before, but now the hydrants are running again and should cause no problems. As for the route of most concern (traffic), which was brought up in this and a prior meeting in the fall, Castlepoint responded with efforts including 1,244 parking spaces and a proposed idea to alleviate pedestrian and bicycle traffic with a new route on Sterling Road that will flow onto Dora Ave. and

also connect to the West Toronto Rail-path. The team said they understand that it will be a difficult process to get clearance over the tracks, but they intend to fight for it as much as necessary. Concern over whether 1,244 parking spaces in total were enough was responded to with the possibility of a Green-P parking lot if need be. The proposal is being presented to city council in June and Castlepoint President Alfredo Romano said he hopes that it will go through and they can get to work on automotive tower as soon as possible. “For every winter we don’t get to work on the tower; that costs us money. It’s getting more and more degraded by just standing there,” he said. Romano added that the building is now entirely stripped down from the inside and that can lead to problems like mould that will cost more to clean up. In our previous article about the development, Councillor Ana Bailão said that she wanted the issue of affordability addressed. In response, Romano said that these new units would be “some of the most affordable in the city.”

Aerial view of the development site.

The plans for the tower from the side and front.

Three Speed and The Holy Oak Café and possibly new clothing shop, Ephin Apparel. Ephin Apparel representative, Rick Coyle offered to invite one or more Canadian hip-hop artists to the festival as well as trying to organize a “Red Bull type” skateboarding event to feature outside his shop at 1178 Bloor St. W. To help moderate all entertainment plans, a music committee has been put in place. Although many stages will be eliminated this year, one main stage will remain. The location agreed upon by committee members is outside of Bloor Collegiate Institute’s front doors. There, an award ceremony that highlights community contribution will take place. Other uses of the stage have not yet been decided on. Local artist, Richard Mongiat’s long awaited Bloordale flag will also be unveiled at the festival. The two-day festival will take place on July 21 and 22 and will feature the same 600-metre section of Bloor St., between Dufferin St. and Lansdowne Ave. For more information, look for the BIG on Bloor festival on Facebook. FESTIVAL, from page 3

Paradise has been without an owner since 2006. Photo by Justin Millerson

there are no current interested parties. He also confirmed hearing that the prospective buyer only put in a demolition application to speed up the heritage proposal. The exact future of the site is uncertain, especially with the rash number of theatre closures in the past few years. However, with some restoration efforts, cinemas like the Revue (400 Roncesvalles Ave.) still show films. CINEMA, from page 3

04 The Bloordale Press APRIL 2012



The Sara Duke Factory Store reopened March 10 following an expansion over a couple of weeks and the fresh look is paying off. “In the first week I think I sold as many pieces as I usually do in a month,” said Sara Duke, the store’s owner and designer. Duke had shared the space at 1244 Bloor St. W. with a design company called AKA Creative Group since 2010, until the company grew and decided to move to a larger office. “It was pretty apparent by Christmas of this year that I really needed a bigger store,” Duke said. The store grew from just 80 square feet to about 750 square feet. The old store had one small change room and could hold just a few customers before it was full, she said. Now, the back room is dedicated to larger fitting rooms with full-

length mirrors. Duke said she did the renovation herself with help from friends and family. Her husband took down the wall that separated the original store from the office in the back. Other than the lamps she bought at Value Village, she got most of the furniture for free. The store closed on Feb. 22 for the renovation. Duke’s handmade clothing is

Sara Duke now has more than 650 extra square feet of space. Photos by Kate McCullough

reasonably priced. “I hate expensive clothes, but I hate cheap clothes even more,” she said. Duke said affordable quality clothing is important to her, and the mark up on her designs is often very small. Her clothing is also sold at Coal Miner’s Daughter in the Annex and in two stores in Ottawa.

After graduating from Ryerson University’s fashion program in 2007, Duke briefly worked a nineto-five job in product development. Deciding it wasn’t for her, she started a custom clothing business, but tailoring wedding dresses became too repetitive, so Duke start-


Long-time Bloordale watering hole, Duffy’s Tavern could be expanding its seats outside. An application has been put forth to the City of Toronto to add an outdoor patio that could include up to 80 seats said Duffy’s Tavern Manager, Gary Adams.

“There is no true street patio in this area,” said Adams. “We want to have that feel of a walk by patio.” Duffy’s Tavern has been a mainstay at 1238 Bloor St. W. since it started serving drinks in 1949. Adams said the bar is in the midst of a transition that is eventually going to “clean up” the bar from its criminally riddled past. This patio, he said would be just the start. The only thing standing in the

way, said Adams is a 30-day posting that will explore if anyone in the surrounding area objects to the idea of a patio at the west side of the building. “There’s a lot of residential [homes] in the area so we want to make sure they are alright with it,” said Adams. The projected space for the patio is now just a patch of grass sizing at about 600 square feet.

The hope for a patio at Duffy’s Tavern is nothing new. Adams said that the previous owners have also tried for a friendly drinking terrace, but were held back by the management’s blind eye to immoral activity. “The old owners were letting every reprobate in the neighborhood hang around here,” said Adams. With the patio, future plans include a new kitchen which would

ed her clothing line and it took off immediately. Duke said it is a “neighbourhood store” and owes much of her success to local customers. “I’m so lucky that this great, amazing space that I inhabit is in a great, amazing neighbourhood,” she said. retrofit Duffy’s as a full-menu restaurant, and expansion within the current space. Adams said the Tavern could double in size by acquiring more space within the building’s basement. “We want to make Duffy’s a legitimate [music] venue down here,” said Adams. “We want bigger bands.” Doubling in size would allow Duffy’s to hold 400 people for an event as opposed to 200, the approximate capacity today.

The Bloordale Press MARCH 201

The Bloordale Press DECEMBER 2011 05

Letters from your The Representatives The Councillor’s Corner Bloordale Press MARCH 2012 05 The Bloordale Press APRIL 2012 05 The Bloordale Press DECEMBER 2011 05

BY ANA BAILÃO BY ANA BAILÃO Letters from your Representatives Letters from your The Councillor’s Corner WARDDear 18 Neighbours, COUNCILLOR 416-392-7012

have the interests of Davenport of government, and also strongly currently estimated at over $750 million. This better manage our housing assets in a co political representatives residents at its heart while never believe that we must seek to do

backlog,theinneed combination withmore the with corporation’s neglecting for a global the resources atsionate hand byand more financially sustainable debt of over $2 for billion, is a addressing significant threatconcerns Only transportation vision the City efficiency likewith an understanding of the br BY ANA BAILÃO have the interests of Ward Davenport of government, and also work stronglycollab- youth challenged, active and in- work hard to raise funds and do18 $750 and the CityThis must BY ANA BAILÃO currently estimated at over million. better manage ourservice housingdelivery assets inofa compasWith cooling weather, rosy of Toronto. overcrowding and vehicle bunchto the continued affordable housing maintain and residents at its heart while believe thattoweproduce must seeka to do n e i gnever harriving -withoratively successful for sustainable many to come. nationslandscape collected atcan my we communicheeks, home from Inhousing order toin pay forvolved improved ing. yearsway. WARDDear 18 Neighbours, COUNCILLOR backlog, combination the corporation’s and more financially neglecting theinneed for and a global more with the resources atsionate hand by Dear Neighbours, Toronto firm Toronto’s stake in providing bbillion, otheu dark, r -is athe public In transit order Only to encourThe infrastructure will requested ty barbeque on June 23rd will go affo work in signspark. ofefficiency the infrastructure, and additional meet For example, I have 416-392-7012 debt of over $2 for significant threat with an understanding of the broader transportation vision the City addressing concerns like For this reason, proposal wassupervision brought for-and housing invaluable socia o o dupon s .delivery age collaboration andhousing community beacan paired with towardby thiskeeping worthy this cause. seasonhservice are us. Yet, spending reduction targets, the maintain that City staffreafinvestigate solutions With cooling weather, rosy of Toronto. overcrowding and vehicle bunchto the continued ofdespite affordable landscape we and After transit, I strongly believe the ward that would sell nearly 700 stand-alone viable and effective. As both a Councillo G e n involvement in our local green education programs to provide an Like the Perth Avenue Schoolthese grievances, has proposed changes to the bunching of buses along the and arriving home from Inhousing order toinpay forweather improved ing. Ward 18 TTC firm Dearcheeks, Neighbours, Toronto Toronto’sroute stake in providing affordable work in the dark, the signs of the transit biggest infrastructure, and meet For colour. example, Iishave requested is issue aliveerations with activity and across theofCity.In Ward 18, thenew 29recreational Dufferin route and theChair TTC isproject, facing Torontonians units housing scattered across the City. This of the Affordable Housing spaces, I have been busy speakexciting opporyard it is the input andComm For this reason, a proposal wasCity brought for- housing by keeping this invaluable social asset season are upon us. Yet, despite spending reduction targets, the that staff investigate solutions Whether it is the beautifully 506 Carleton, 29 Dufferin, 505 now closely examining this matter. of city ing with residents, working with tunity for nearby residents and engagement of local residents that affordable housing. The need for safe, would result in over $250 million to be injected continue to meet with tenant group Afterthese transit, I strongly believe the TTC ward that wrapped would nearly 700 stand-alone viable and effective. As both a Councillor and car is will weather grievances, Ward 18 has proposed routesell changes to of buses along packages community in the thebunching arms ofgroups Dundas, 26the Dupont are visitors. among theJoinThe Queen Streetofficial a further builders and coordime for units. the enriches and enlivens our com- to h well-kept affordable housing is a critidirectly into repairs to existing TCHC ownership assistance organizations alive with activity and colour. is across theofCity.In Ward 18, the 29 Dufferin route and the TTC is biggestisissue facing Torontonians units housing scattered across the City. This Chair of the Affordable Housing Committee, I residents walking out of with Queen routes experiencing reduction inon June high-ridership route that munity suffers spaces. As part my efforts have denating City staff to build our opening 9th. Whether it is beautifully Carleton, 29inDufferin, 505 now examining this matter. calresult aspect ofshops, a$250 caring andclosely While I recognize that TCHC faces a stronger affordable housing. Thetheneed for safe, 506would tocohesive be injected will meetreducwith the tenant groups andEspecially Streetover themillion beautiful lighting service. Incontinue each casetothese from bunching. with vision for Toronto’s affordable infrastructure and growbacklog, our I am also of thrilled with theamany ingtofuture. inform and engage residents, I wrapped packages in the arms of Dundas,society, 26 Dupont areveloped among the park The Queen Street car is a further and provides dignity to the growing the sale these buildings well-kept affordable housing is a criti- directly intoalong repairs to existing TCHC units. ownership assistance organizations to have Dundas Street, or the shoutsroute tions mean riders will have to wait the increased population that is residents walking out of Queen routes experiencing reduction in park high-ridership that suffers u r b a n activities. instances of achievement and viencourage you to attend my Comand of Torontonians skates on ice at our longer (in most cases than 50 predicted with upcoming developcal aspect a caring and cohesive While I low-income recognize that the TCHC faces a will stronger vision for Toronto’s affordable housmany thatEspecially not help ourless City address the over 80,000 It is also critical that the Province and F Streetof shops, the beautiful lighting service. In each casesounds these reducfrom bunching. with h o m e s , Among the newest park activity sion realized through community munity Parks Summit on May many outdoor rinks - these the holidays seconds) between vehicles. I on am the ment opportunities Queen society,along andDundas provides dignity to the tions growing backlog, the sale buildings ingthat future. Street, or the shouts mean riders will readily have to wait the increased population is contribute to of our social and households currently waiting list foralonggovernment share in this commitment an schools, Ward 1880,000 will be the involvement in our Teach5th, are here. pleased, however, that we will Street, it isarea. necessary that we take2012. This event will bring and sounds of Torontonians skates on ice at our cases less thanaddress 50 in predicted with upcoming developmany low-income that longer will(in notmost help our City the over Itbrand is alsonew critical that theac-Province and Federal economic health. affordable housing; nor does it address the ognize theirresidents, responsibility to the many daycares space coming to Queen Street. ers, students and parents from together communityThe holidays arethe also a busy time tually see service increases to the a proactive approach now in order manyreadily outdoor rinks - the holidays betweencurrently vehicles. I on am ment opportunities along Queen contribute to our social and seconds) households waiting list for government share in this commitment and recToronto’s biggest af- of family housing units - thethelarge of organizations Canadians who su are here. pleased, however, we will ac-landlord Street, it the isfor necessary that we take to that move around our 501 Queen, 168ofSymington andAvenue 40 to guarantee to and othNearly end ashortage year-long dePerth Public St. sands based andneed Cityhousing of economic health. affordable housing; nor does itneighbouraddress the ognize their responsibility to the many School, thou-infrastructure The holidays are also a busy time tually see service increases to the a public proactive approachJunction now in order fordable housing is also Canada’s, proportion of theLuigi stand-alone units. AdditionbyToronto investingstaff in this issueafternoon through long hood. While good transit routes. support the future. er core sign consultation process, Lisgar Catholic School and the for an Toronto’s biggest for af- 501shortage family housing units - the sands of Canadians who need housing support to move aroundlandlord our neighbourQueen, 168ofis Symington 40 to guarantee thelarge infrastructure to vital forand aCommunity well Park planned City, These service cutsprosperous raise seriousneighbourhoods, Regardless of the season, with the Toronto Housally, for truly we sustainable funding affordable housing commuhas benefited heavily from Dovercourt Boys and Girls Club ofI will connection andofconsultation. fordable housing is also Canada’s, proportion of the stand-alone units. Additionby investing in this issue through long-term, hood. While good public transit Junction routes. the increased ridership support the future. during theandconcerns about how maintain transit willa mix continue to advocate for Toronto’s affordnity prothe artistic cultural flavour are striving to animate their Come to Dovercourt Park situation being Corporation providing accommust value and of incomes and current housing is vital for aCommunity well planned HousCity, These cutsprosperous raise seriousneighbourhoods, Regardless of the season, I will with the Toronto ally, service for truly sustainable funding of affordable winter months - when many driv- we effectively serve Ward 18 residents. able,housing. accessible and sustainable g r a m s of the West Queen West area and schoolyard and neighbourhood tween 1-3PM for the open house the increased ridership during the concerns about how transit will continue to advocate for affordmodation for 154,000 tenants. Since types in ourand communities. critical ing Corporation providing accom- must value ers andand maintain a find mix of incomes and Toronto’s current housing situation is neighbourhood too cyclists refuge from It ishousing critical that affordable ac- transit for our andto wait for solutions; we must beg winter months - when many driv- effectively serve Ward 18 residents. able, be accessible sustainable aour rand ou n dTCHC will a destination for bothtolocal by fundraising to build awish running or RSVP to them, amalgamation, the has strug-and Recently, I the was pleased towe receive support of the work to create and we must begin modation for 154,000 tenants. Since housing types in communities. critical wait for solutions; must begin the the salt snow is an important cessible transit be focus of any would like to all residents ers and cyclists find refuge from It is critical that affordable and actransit for our neighbourhood and p u b l i c and City-wide interests. track. The effort recently secured for roundtable discussions time to reflect on our current trantransit changes in our Ward and we of Ward 18 a safe and happy holigled significantly under the responsithe Executive Committee to delay the proposed We must move forward withwhich a vision that amalgamation, the TCHC has strugRecently, I was pleased to receive support of work to create them, and we must begin today. the salt and snow - is an important cessible transit be the focus of any would like to wish all the residents parks in Also “geared” towards the many $50,000 toward their project will take place between 3:30-5PM. sit priorities. must look at a variety of methods day. time to reflect on our current trantransit changes in our Ward and we of Ward 18 a safe and happy holigled significantly under the responsithe Executive Committee to delay the proposed We must move forward with a vision that treats COUNCILLO ANA BAILÃO bility of caring for the aging housing sell-off until after a Special Working Group is people respectfully and provides for the the hopes that would beSpecial the I Working talents ofGroup Ward 18 people residents are through a Province-wide I will continue to work hard to As a of candidate, campaigned on is this goal without Best tovoting you and your priorities. must lookthese atuntil a variety day. bility ofsitcaring for the aging housing sell-off after amethods respectfully provides for the future 416-392-7012 stock that was downloaded from the of accomplishing created and able to and report back onwishes innovative needs of our City. This will continue to the principles of fast, efficient andto you compromising transit routes. loved ones and I look forward toour public parks exciting, As a candidate, I campaigned on of accomplishing this goal without Best wishes and your comspaces where we come together. the world-class renovations contest. As Councillor, I am also keep stock that was downloaded from the created and able to report on innovative ways needsofofimproving our City. This continue to beTCHC my Province. Since then,back theto organizathewill shape of many our priority as these important discussions, a the principles of fast, efficient and compromising transit routes.publoved ones and I lookI forward tothe affordable public transportation. support notion that we seeing of you over the holiBut creating a successful ing the Wallace-Emerson BMX pleased to be able to support this our neighbourhoods active, and DearProvince. Neighbours, Since public then, transportation. the organiza- I ways of the improving the shape of our TCHC priority as these important discussions, and the affordable support notion that we seeing many of you over the holition has been unable to keep up with housing. This Working Group will reach out work of the Special Working Committee Withthan thosesimprinciples in mind, any professional-grade must demand our fairimportant share of days. licwith park requires more park. This community take project our community strong. Together Our tion parks and public spaces has been unable to keep up housing. Working Group will reach out of thefrom Special Working With those principles in mind, any must demandThis our fairdecisions share of days. transit that I support will is transit funding levels the trees. growing repair backlog, which towork the non-profit, private andCommittee, public sectors to place. ply grass and Residents, BMX installation will have ramps, other with $100,000 to bring us closer we can keep Ward 18 green, fun

serve asthe thegrowing “green many transitheart” decisions that I support will is transit funding from other levelsand public sectors to place. repairfor backlog, which to the non-profit, private community based organizations rails and a half-pipe to keep our

to our goal. We will continue to

MPP’s Corner diesel. “Buy Ontario” Without policy and buying MPP’s Corner I held aThe townhall discussion of this I held aThe townhall discussion of this afford to give up on government. an efEven as rediesel trains from Japan, bill in Davenport and knocked on bill in Davenport and knocked on fort to renew and repair our democratic process,rather cently as no twochance than jobs right Y JONAH SCHEIN committed to the environment and ted to the environment doors in several neighbourhoods to doors inand several neighbourhoods to we stand tocreating meet thegood challenges that here social justice. As residents we all justice. As residents we all weeks ago a in Ontario? discuss it. Overwhelmingly you had face us. We need government to work for us, to discuss it. Overwhelmingly you had ute a lot to our community reetings Davenport! This is my contribute a lot to our community chelp o n cusl usteward s i v e our ➢Critical Mass: Given the serious concerns. Well so does both environment, to educate our high concerns. Well so does both know that government talso article submission for the Bloor- but we also know thatserious government US study price for a ticket on this train the We Ontario the Federal young people, to create good jobs and to care and its part need and the We Ontario edoPress. I’m too. really grateful to the has to Privacy do its part too. need and the Federal Privacy linked the lack ofpeople stations willcomcommutment to help people Commissioners. But government what does Vic for the sicklow and vulnerable in our tors for offering me when this space to help people when Commissioners. But what does Vic exposure to ers choose to take the train rather e vulnerable, to Toews, steward our our Public Safety Minister munity. connect with you readers each they are vulnerable, to Toews, steward our our Public Safety Minister ment, and to make life more diesel to lung than a cab downtown? Will say a couple weeks ago? If you don’t We are constantly told that government iswe be nth. environment, and to make life more ble. We need government to say a couple weeks ago? If you don’t cancer addrunning nearly emptyand diesel nn public many transit ways the Bloordale Press affordable. We need government to stand with the government on this “inefficient” and ineffective, yet recent pro-trains and childcare, stand with the government on this ing to the through our communities? es more senior than tell news our with investchild in public billthe then youin stand por- transit and childcare, posed cuts to programs and services make our support citizens. And ngovernment u m e r o uless s effective ➢Traffic: that the track is bill thenAnd you stand with child porghbourhood – it’s part theYa, good and said to support w we can’t continue onofthe nographers! he really that. senior citizens. and Given less efficient. ws our In neighbourhood. we know we can’t continue on the expert opinalready in place and has up. no imld in path. toughWhich economic nographers! Ya, he really said that. leads us to the topic of We need to reverse this from the ground we need our governments to of a same old path. In tough economic loordale Press is an example ions against pacts on the flow of car Which leads us to the topic of government’s crime bill C-10. BilFor us that has to start right here in Davenport.traffic, ving dollars awayengagewingbillions spirit ofofcommunity times, we need our governments to the usethisofyear,why don’t we in an ofelectric lionsinvesting for super jails and to Earlier I opened my invest community orations and start nt our riding. stop nothing giving billions of government’s dollars away crime bill C-10. Bildiesel --intrain system that won’t make ommunities. is the mesthe roots crime— and start fice to better serve our riding. My fantastic and our lionsinvesting for super jails and nothing to feel so lucky This toaddress represent this rid- oftomost corporations cluding To- iscommunities sick,you thatinwill atwhere the NDP andpeople I have are been mental illness, drug inaddiction and dedicated staff working to serve ourbe inmany making our communities. This is the mesaddress the roots of most crime— g to the legislature this fall. ronto’s own tegrated with the TTC so that it is poverty. Butneighit will divert precious new office on St. Clair Ave. W. I’ve worked hard ge contributions to our sage that the NDP andmental I have been illness, drug addiction and eply honoured to have earned Medical Offiaffordable, and has stations urhoods. that’s the away bringing the legislature this fall. financial resources fromtowhat to create a team that is passionate and skilled and that pport and I’llWhether work everyday poverty. But it will divert precious cer ofan Health. TTC riders a rapid north/ od folks at Bloordale Press, young I’m deeplyand honoured to have earned DO need—comprehensive build office thatgive is accessible and welcoming. e our riding andwebring your financial resources away from what Despite the south transit option? addition ople at City View Alternative your support and I’ll work everyday o Queens Park. affordable childcare, more recreation In addition to providing information,Inadvowe DO need—comprehensive and hool, organizers at Dufferin Grove to serve our riding and bring your warnings of to ensuring that riders are actually forward to hearing from you centres and programs for our youth, cacy, and assistance to constituents who need k, activists with The Clean rking together to make this a Trains voices to Queens Park. affordable childcare, more recreation health exserved at the train stations better public transit and much, much help accessing programs, our office will also be that MP ANDREW iding and in.CASH alition, orprovince my oldto live colleagues at I look forward to hearing fromand you programs for perts and the concerns of the hunare our currently planned (at Union, centres our youth, wide spread JONAH public use. Indeed, more a meeting place for community to discuss 416-654-8048 in theaffordable process ofhousing. ecurrently Stop Community Food& Centre; and working togetherBY to make this SCHEIN a dreds of thousands of residents Bloor, Lawrence, and better public BY ANDREW CASH theand purported ticket pricetransit is ru-and much, much The Conservatives have run outriding of plans, provincial issues that matter to Davenport,Pearson) for DAVENPORT’S MPP up my at 1674 St. Clair ople inoffice Davenport are passionate better province to live in. that live and work along the rail why not add an additional six stand am available at 416-535moured to be between $20 and more affordable housing. DAVENPORT’S MP BY JONAH SCHEIN and the ones they have don’t work for educationals, coffeehouses, and to provide ser416-535-3158 MPP SCHEIN out making ourJONAH community a betI am currently in the process of or At corridor; the McGuinty Liberals, tions to provide service to Woodper ride. NotSt.that you’d have have run out of plans, Toronto. It is one of many reasons whyoffice Ottawa vices like tax clinics for low income community The Conservatives DAVENPORT’S MPP place416-654-8048 to416-535-3158 live. setting up $40 my at 1674 Clair Park I can be reached at 416with support from the Harper bine, Rexdale, Weston Village, an time getting it but anyway know that the proud, NDP reflects ameasy available at 416-535I was as one the of theWest, NDPand Official nment members. Itthe won’t be on easy, I’m determined to change and ones they have don’t work for 416-535-3158 14 or Conservatives, are pushing aheadfeel Trethewy, the Junction, Parkdale, uesnot of Davenport. We all know 3158 or At since the train is only stopping Opposition’s housing critics, to introduce nt We often like government is working politics in Davenport. Dalton GovernWellThe it has beenMcGuinty a wild ride in Ottawa Toronto. It is one of many reasons why with this plan. This is especially and Fort York, and tie it into the at it means to work hard to pay the Queen’s Park I can be reached at 416twice between Pearson and adays. National Housing Strategy ament usbeand notbut for I’m us. determined If we’re goingto tochange turn After working onUnion! three election in against ment is moving ahead with a plan recently. I was proud, as one of the NDPcampaigns Official these TheweConservative government It won’t easy, s each month, and are deeply 325-0014 or outrageous since an alternative new and improved rapid transit IndeedDavenport when you incombine this housing one ofintent the biggest ht, but this around, we need you be part of a new poliless thancritics, two years, and listening politics toAffordable build aHarper high priced, exclusive, Opposition’s housing to introduce of Stephen hasisbeen not in Davenport. plan using electric trains is plauon St. Clair and Eglinton? expansion for I’ve heard repeatedly tics in Davenport. My office wants to hear from issuestrain facingservice peoplefrom in Toronto Ca- with de Ca- diesel to thousands of plans residents, Unionandproject a Nationalline, Housing Strategy recently. only on ramming laws through Parliament After working on Some three election campaigns in affordable and sustainable. people would the Georgetown Metrolinx nadians right across the country. Over the in To- Station you. We want to be in conversation with have you. you that people have lost faith in sible, politicians and the to Pearson Airport. Affordable housing is one of the biggest without sufficient debate or oversight, but Davenport in less than two years, and listening Let’s take a closer look at why: believe that this is a done deal; has suggested thatprocess. as many as 400 several months we’llservice be pressuring since next We want to work with you to make this province political I understand why. We like the idea of train ➢Fiscal Prudence: Given the clithat thisrepeatedly dirty diesel issues facing people in Toronto and Caof using outrageous rhetoric to divide Cato thousands ofallresidents, I’ve stop heard trains could be running back and the government to adopt this plan. And toxic work better for of us.we can’t The political process often seems unclear and to the airport – it’s been a longmate of fiscal constraint felt at all train; that we have no other option nadians thesense, country. Overtimes the it thatWe’re nadians silence For folks in Topeople politicians the forth day right through the boyand do they need one. Recently I asked the each e long onhave yourlost sidefaith and inwe’re here to and help. doesn’t seemacross to make and many time coming. Butdebate. we don’t like the three levels of government does but heart of our neighbourhoods. Unnext several months we’ll be pressuring ronto this is particularly disturbing since political process. I understand why. Human Resources Minister Diane Findlay ds will Please drop by our office at 1674 St. Clair Ave. is unclear and doesn’t make sense. Too many fact that it will be spewing more it make to invest inand dirty dieto move withYou aand train fortunately, the hear people who have thepeople government to adopt this plan.sense And so much what Harper is doing toxic The political process oftenof forward seems unclear aboutof the lack ofour affordable rental ToronW. see a great exhibit local artists. promises that never come true. They diesel fumes into already pol-is accomsel trains now only to pay to retrothat will serve out of town busito live through the incredibly modations in while Toronto. said it wasn’t a boy egislacan contact community by email at it hear but not listening. They doesn’t do politicians they needtalking one. disRecently I asked the here.luted Forcity. example the vote to axe the long seem our to make sense, office and many times And thisShe train line fit them (as vaguely promised) at ness folks while we pick up the ruptive building process live in the problem since interest rates were so low encies, by phone at 416-535feel like they are paying more to get by and getbe built entirely all with gunwill registry and destroy thepublic records will Human Resources Minister Diane Findlay is unclear and doesn’t make sense. Too many some undefined later date? And cost—to our health, the environvery communities that of will pay the in people simply buying houses. What?! mation 3158. hear To stay connected online, email askThey to ting less and support return. money that’s your taxcities dollars, about the service lack affordable rental accomweaken gun--were control in big likeitToronpeople promises that never comeand true. why is McGuinty breaking the ment and our common treasury. environmental price for the use of Ya, she really said that too. s bad! join our mailing list. It’s easy to become discouraged, but we cannot isn’t being designed for legisla- modations in Toronto. She said it wasn’t a to. certainly Their proposed Lawful Access hear politicians talking but not listening. They tion will permit law enforcement agencies to access your private online information without a warrant from a judge. That’s bad!

problem since interest rates were so low people were simply buying houses. What?! Ya, she really said that too.

feel like they are paying more to get by and getting less service and support in return. It’s easy to become discouraged, but we cannot

and safe.

Metrolinx working fullafford to give upwas on government. Without speed ahead on the Mayor’s plan fort to renew and repair our democratic pr bury no thechance LRT ontoEglinton wetostand meet thebechallenge fore a popular revolt forcedtothe face us. We need government work for City and Province to change dihelp us steward our environment, to educa rections. And in the most recent young people, to create good jobs and t provincial election, the Liberals forbroke the sick and vulnerable down under politicalpeople pres- in our munity. sure and cancelled unwanted gas We arethat constantly told that governm plants were already under “inefficient” and yetMisrecent an construction in ineffective, Oakville and sissauga millions dol- mak posed cutswasting to programs andofservices lars to save their own seats. government less effective and less efficient it’s not too late change WeSoneed to reverse thistofrom the groun course here as well! We can For us that has to start right herestop in Daven this dirty diesel And we Earlier this year,train. I opened mycan commun build an electric train with stafice to better serve our riding. My fantast tions that serve our city without dedicated staff is working to serve you losing a single lane of traffic. It’s new office St. Clairdebate Ave. W. time for on a focused on I’ve this worked toissue, create aand teamletthat is passionate and skille McGuinty know build thatsmart, is accessible and welcom thatan weoffice support accessible, In addition to providing environmentally friendly information, public transit. cacy, and assistance to constituents who talking to our neighbours helpWe’re accessing programs, our office will a in Davenport, and all community along the to d a meeting place for our rail path issues to let them know about provincial that matter to Davenpo McGuinty’s plans and that we educationals, coffeehouses, and to provid have far better options. We’re getvices like tax clinics for low income comm ting petitions signed and bringing members. this debate to Toronto and into the We feelat like government hallsoften of power Queen’s Park and is wo against us andofnot for us. IfWe we’re the House Commons. aregoing t this around, we to need you our be part working hard protect com-of a new and we encourage to to hea ticsmunity, in Davenport. My office you wants get involved. We’re hosting a party you. We want to be in conversation wit April at with the West Toronto Weonwant to 28 work you to make this pr Railpath and we invite you to work better for all of us. come bring yourside neighbours andhere to We’re on your and we’re demonstrate your commitment Please drop by our office at 1674 St. Clai to healthy transit development in W.our and see a great exhibit of local artist city. can contact our community office by em, by phone at 41 3158. To stay connected online, email and join our mailing list.

06 The Bloordale Press APRIL 2012


Sully’s Boxing Gym’s old stomping grounds have been transformed into an mixed martial arts gym. Photo By Gurpreet Ghag

ments in and out of the octagon more than make up for it. Born in Brazil, Amado has been fighting since the age of 13 and has gone on to an impressive professional career, and an even more impressive one as a trainer. Amado’s students include former UFC light heavyweight champ Mauricio ‘Shogun’ Rua and current middleweight champion Anderson ‘The Spider’ Silva, who boasts a current record of 14 consecutive wins. Bartella said that there are plans to make the most out of those kinds of connections for the stu-

dents here. “We will have UFC fighters come and train here with the students,” he said. “They will do that for [Amado].” Also, in the not so distant future, Bartella hopes to have satellite classes with fighters from around the world, where fighters will be able to teach via their computer from a remote gym. The school will officially open on April 2 and is offering a free trial class to anyone interested. There is also a discount for the first fifty people who sign up. For more detailed information and to get rates or class times, visit

- Check for rust (a bike rider’s enemy) on the chain and cables. - Check for cracks in the tires as they may cost you multiple flats during the season Rust, Bercarich added, can be treated by scrubbing your chain with soap and water. Cracks in the tire, depending on the severity, may need to be replaced.

For all major problems, Bercarich recommends visiting Bike Pirates where you can learn how to fix the problem yourself. For more information on the Bike Pirates, visit http://www.bikepirates. com. For more information about the Davenport West Bike Project, visit

MMA CLUB MOVES INTO LEGENDARY BOXING SPOT The spot that once saw Muhammad Ali train, now may attract the likes of Mauricio ‘Shogun’ Rua and Anderson ‘The Spider’ Silva


It’s almost a passing of the torch in some ways. For decades the gym at the top of Monza Auto Service (21 Wade Ave.) was a shrine of Toronto’s boxing history, but now with the popularity of the sport decreasing, the gym has been transformed to facilitate the sport stealing its attention – mixed martial arts. Back in its heyday, the gym was run by popular boxing promoter Earl Sullivan and named Sully’s. It was a regular hotspot for talent and

was the home gym to Canadian boxing legend George Chuvalo for a period in his career. In 1966, in preparation for the fight that made Chuvalo legendary, Muhammad Ali even skipped some rope and flashed some leather there. And while Sully’s did end up moving its ring to 1024 Dupont St., the space remained a boxingclub. It wasn’t until this past January that new owner Joe Bartella and the other owner and head instructor Mauricio Amado decided to sign a lease and turn it into the Evolução Thai MMA School.

“We put up new punching bags because they are supposed to be at a different level for this training. We put down new mats from wall to wall, took down the ring and added an octagon, put up all these wall mats which was hard because the walls aren’t all level,” Bartella said. Yes, it was a beautiful renovation, Bartella said, but the real draw of the school is its head instructor – Mauricio Amado. While Amado is not that fluent with English, his colleague Henry Lima was quick to say that his extensive experience and accomplish-


In an effort to get people out and about, The Davenport West Bike Project launched their second campaign with a community bike forum on March 20. Running out of and in conjunction with the Davenport Neighbourhood and Community Health Centre (1900 Davenport Rd.), the forum aimed to connect to the community with health issues. “We thought biking would be a non-clinical and friendly way to talk to people about health,” said Gabrielle Langlois, the project’s coordinator.

Langlois said the project is particularly beneficial to the area it serves from Bloor St. W north to Rogers Rd. and east to west from Ossington Ave. to the C.P./C.N. railway tracks because of the area’s “higher than average amount of chronic disease cases.” In a 2007 study by The Institute for Clinical Evaluative Sciences, it found that the three neighbourhoods that make up the project’s area are ranked 108th, 122nd and 136th out of 140 neighbourhoods in Toronto for incidence of diabetes. Langlois and her volunteers plan to ride last year’s successes and continue to inform the community

about bicycle maintenance and repair, injury prevention, exercise and healthy eating. This particular event started at 3:30 p.m. with a bike repair clinic and went on to 8:30 p.m. with keynote speakers, a dinner, and future planning for the expansion of the project. Spring Bike Check-up As part of the bike clinic, Geoff Becarich from Bike Pirates (1292 Bloor St. W.) helped riders get their bikes up to riding standards and offered the following checklist before you hit the pavement:

ORDER ONLINE! 11:30 AM to Midnight


1059 Bloor St. W.

Shop Bloordale

Tune up your bike for Tune 50% off up your bike

50% off


1222 1222 Bloor Bloor St. St. W. W. 416.531.1028 416.531.1028

$25.00 $25.00 Now only...

Broadway Cycle

Showcasing local farmers everyday.

416-532-7997 LOW PRICES AND HIGH QUAlITY SERVICE We Craft Quality Lenses In Store Lab EYE EXAMINATION ARRANGED (next door) Over 3000 Frames to Choose from Large Quantity of contact lenses in stock Satifaction Guaranteed

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Caribbean Queen of Patties JERK PORK & RICE



1294 Bloor St W (416) 538-1732

Your business name here... If your business is on Bloor St. between Dufferin St. and Lansdowne Ave. and you would like to advertise on this page, please call


This page is a joint effort between the Bloordale Press and the Bloordale BIA to showcase local businesses.

The Bloordale Press APRIL 2012 09



The Junction Triangle’s Telephone Booth Gallery’s (3148 Dundas St. W.) most recent show brings together nine local artists. Sharlene Rankin, the gallery’s director, said the exhibition, accordingly called Local Call: Neighbours Group Exhibition, was quite different than anything the gallery has done before. “It’s a very diverse show with more conceptual works involving poetry and installation to beautiful sculptures, photography, watercolours, woodcuts and paintings, even some sound works and sound sculptures,” Rankin said. The Local Call display ran from March seventh through the 31st, she said. Participating artist Katherine Knight said there was no better spot for the gallery to be located. “To see the Telephone Booth trying to make a go of it in our

neighbourhood makes me want to support them and be part of that excitement of being in a neighbourhood that is radically changing,” Knight said. Knight said she showed off her Victorian era needlepoint motto photographs, which were collected over a 30-year period from a neighbour at her summer home in Nova Scotia. Knight said her neighbour owns approximately 160 of the Victorian needlepoints. Knight said she chose six of the mottos to be displayed at The Local Call. “This would be a different kind of project for me; usually my photographic work is black and white landscape. I thought it was a good opportunity having a neighbourhood show that was somewhat a work in progress as a project that is not quite finished yet,” Knight said. Ana Bailão, Councillor of Ward 18, said The Junction is only beginning to grow and in the future we can expect to see

more galleries and artists showcasing their work in the area. “A lot of people still don’t think of the Junction as being somewhere they would go. That is actually one of the major changes that we are finding because it is getting so expensive for a lot of these emerging artists and galleries to be on Queen or King as an example, they are looking for places that have a lot of character like the Junction,” Bailão said. Bailão said the gallery did the right thing by getting into the area before it became too saturated. “I think it’s a good step that they are tapping into the local talent. They will obviously be working with the artists and the arts community around the city but there is going to be a strong local component to it and I think that’s very important,” she said. For more information visit or call 647-270-7903.

The Telephone Booth Gallery’s director Sharlene Rankin has brought the community together in her latest showing. Photo by Melinda Warren


In this technological music age of synthesizers and sequencers, Redxdown, the one-man band from Bloordale is finding its identity by mixing genres. In the beginning, Redxdown was beat and rhythm focused, but Donal Ward-McCarthy, the man behind the sound grew his music into what he called a hybrid style of techno by marrying meaningful lyrics and industrial beats. The first spark of Redxdown started in 2004, after Ward-McCarthy, who is originally from Ireland got his residency here in Canada, and after he settled in the Bloordale area. Ward-McCarthy had been working on his own music when he met Elliot Bryant in a Long & McQuade, the go-to-guy for dance music, he said. He and Bryant started jamming together and after a few months Redxdown was born. They released an EP in 2005 and “really experimented a lot, with a lot of different styles,” Ward-McCarthy said. However, Elliot and Ward-McCarthy were moving in two different musical directions, Elliot wanting to stick with the techno style and Ward-McCarthy wanting to “move at a faster pace,” while producing more lyrical songs, so they mutually separated roughly four years ago. It was decided that Ward-McCarthy would stay under the already built up Redxdown name, but the whole concept of who it was began to change. Making the change from techno to more

Maria Judas, Honours B.A. Sales Representative

DIRECT: 416-854-2495

1238 Queen St. E., Toronto, ON M4L 1C3

Photo by Kaite Boivin

lyric-focused songs went smoothly for WardMcCarthy who is fascinated by the dance beats but says he finds inspiration from some of his favourite bands with strong lyrics, like U2. Now, Ward-McCarthy’s main goal for Redxdown is for the music to be heard and affect someone, “that’s why I feel music is here for us, to help us see things differently sometimes,” he said. “It is up to us on how we view the world and in many cases music does help us look at the world in a different way.” Redxdown’s upcoming album, having gone through the recording process, is now being shown to record labels but so far, there has been no release date set. Redxdown performs live only two to three times a year, but all the shows have been local. On March 22 and March 24 Redxdown played for the Canadian Music Fest at the Comfort Zone and The Ossington, a performance is also scheduled for the Big on Bloor Fest happening July 21 and 22 this year.

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- Maria *Not intended to solicit clients already under contract*

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Art Gallery Guide

Daniel Faria Gallery

26 January - 7 April, 2012 The Daniel Faria Gallery is pleased to present “ Welcome to the Twenty-First Century”, an exhibition of new work by Douglas Coupland. The work analyses sensations created by information technology that are

nearly universal in the western mind. At the same time it discusses our yearnings that are eternal to all of humanity, couched in the form of imprecations and pieties addressed to people living at this century’s beginning.


1267 Bloor Street West



188 St Helens Avenue

12 3 4

robert Kananaj Gallery


March 8 - april 21, 2012 Solo Exhibition Opened Thursday, March 10



Reception opened: Saturday, March 31 2012


Reffo’s artistic research attempts at rendering movie-like disquieting atmospheres carefully prepared through sketches, imitation of original stage-set photographs and vintage film frames. The event portrayed is a still-image, conveying a sense of anguish for dream-like situations

MArch 21, 2012 - arpil 22 2012

Loop Gallery is pleased to announce exhibitions by loop members John Abrams entitled Entertaining Modernism, and Sung Ja Kim entitled Transforming.

Entertaining Modernism comprises a selection of new paintings and sculptures that emanate from John Abrams’ ongoing interest in concepts of the modern found in film, sculpture and painting. Experimenting with narrative disjuncture by juxtaposing abstract forms that have over time taken on recognizable modernist symbolism, with the immediacy of paintContact ing he achieves great (647)962-1308 visual effects.

where the roles of the persecutor and the victim are not clearly defined. The visionary aspect of his realistic images is further emphasized by an original and disturbing use of lighting. Technical excellence and manual dexterity lead to crystal clear forms obtained by minimal layering of paint in a fashion that is evocative of the great tradition of Italian painting.


1518 Dundas Street West

March 31 – May 5, 2012 Opening: Saturday, March 31 Artist: Amanda Reeves Amanda Reeves, an artist of great subtlety and control, has an abiding interest in the act of looking and seeing. Reeves places great emphasis on movement in her newest body of work. Shape elements spring from imagined foci, colliding and veering, defining the structure of the painting as they compete for territory on the picture plane. An illusion of space is created by Reeves’ innova-

tive selection of colour and tone. Informed by colour theory, Reeves uses simple shapes and restrained colours in her paintings to connect the viewer with the invisible act of perception. The resulting chromatic nuances give the paintings an intangible optical quality similar to “after images”, challenging the viewer to take pleasure in the physical act of seeing. The precise rendering of each shape belies her free-hand technique; each painting offers a pristine surface unmarked by brush or hand.


I LOVE 25 years and still loving it! *Check out the website to see our recent projects*

1273 Dundas Street West


The Bloordale Press APRIL 2012 11

Community Comics





1/4 Chicken Meal


Guacamole with Torilla Chips


Home Burger Meal (Angus Meat)

All dishes are homemade Explore the cultural and cuisine of Portugal

NOW OPEN 1245 Dundas Street West

Register Now. Live Here Soon. SHIFT YOUR VISION. AT DUNDAS & OSSINGTON. A new loft space on Dundas Street West. An architectural interpretation in glass and metal that goes beyond the norm. From every direction, a visual tease. As pioneering as its location. A home in this culturally rich neighbourhood that’s as design savvy as you are. Community. Design. Originality. It all adds up.

Paul Johnston Unique Urban Homes


59 Project Management Inc.

52 Pick-up Inc.







*See Sales Representative for full details. Prices and specifications subject to change without notice. E. & O. E. Illustrations are artist’s concept. Brokers welcome & protected.

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