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“You have done a FANTASTIC job with the beginning of the Bloom Series. Gorgeous, touching, inspiring and informative. This is a very important piece.” ~ Foster Gamble,

THRIVE Movie Creator

1 st episode

We are excited to present you with a unique & innovative opportunity which will help promote your brand or product to a wide and relevant new audience.


The Bloom is a documentary video series which is the first of its kind to illustrate to a wide audience the immersive realities of Transformational Festival Culture in which over a half-million people participate annually worldwide. The Bloom explores a true story of genuine hope and inspiration for our times - a new blossoming of human consciousness emerging through creativity, love and joy & an emerging culture pointing the way to a bright and promising future.

march 21st

Customize Your Bloom

Your sponsorship with the Bloom is customizable to the needs of your business. Our highly skilled marketing team will work to understand your goals and focus on creating results you can see. Together we design an interactive campaign showcasing your brand and providing you direct access to our viewers through video, online and to live audiences around the world. We are focused on creating memorable experiences for our viewers and sponsors alike. The Bloom provides a vital platform to create strong brand exposure leading to an increase in sales, while also giving you the ability to share how your product is making a difference in the world and transforming people’s lives, an impact that can reverberate for years. Your sponsorship will help you to connect with a very important and relevant conscious culture market that is emerging and growing. Our marketing strategies will help your brand make a long and lasting impression. Benefits can include: artistic & professionally-polished video content about your brand, produced by The Bloom and distributed as part of The Bloom Series; direct access to our fans; logo placement; customized web exposure; product showcase; a Sponsor Spotlight Article on our website; and awesome collectibles. TO CUSTOMIZE YOUR SPONSORSHIP, CONTACT


• Episodes are estimated to receive 200,000 views in the first year and grow exponentially in the years to follow • Dedicated audience: over 6,000 unique opt-ins subcribers to our email list & growing steadily • Accelerated Growth: 500 new email subscribers per month - 800 new facebook likes monthly. • Thriving affiliate program reaching hundreds of thousands of viewers beyond festival culture • Major community engagement: 30-60 screening events per episode at festivals and local events throughout the US, Canada & internationally



• Our core audience are age and culturally diverse, educated, prosperous and innovative. They are socially progressive early adopters of products and services that signal trends to mainstream awareness. • Ages 18 to 35 make up 70% of the audience, roughly equally Male and Female • Value-Driven consumers draws primarily from the Lifestyles of Health and Sustainability (LOHAS) movement, one of the fastest growing and most lucrative markets in North America and Worldwide. • LOHAS Buying Power is - Close to $300 billion market segment in the U.S. - 13-19% of U.S. market (roughly 36 million consumers) * Based

on 2012-13 annual trend research by Natural Marketing Institute

• These consumers are on the leading edge of living more balanced & fulfilling daily lives, their collective buying power and inclinations are geared towards: - Health-conscious, organic and natural product brands - Eco-conscious, physically active, outdoor enthusiasts - Wellness and holistic medicine, alternative healing consumers and providers - Personal growth, coaching, yoga, fitness, spirituality - Cultural creatives, music fans, professionals, artists, entertainers, event organizers and festival goers - Online consumers, technology adopters - Conscious fashion trends, style innovators and eco-design

“With a compelling structure, sexy cinematography, amazing art, and moving music, The Bloom proves to be a feast for the senses and a buoy for the soul. If it doesn’t convince you that festivals represent humanity’s evolutionary avant-garde and possible salvation, it will almost certainly succeed in making you homesick, even if you’ve never been ‘home’ before.” ~Reality Sandwich, May 29, 2013

The Bloom Series is focused on documenting and co-creating transformational experiences. That dedication gets translated into everything we do, including our marketing campaigns and PR messaging. Our PR and Marketing team offers sponsors innovative and memorable ways to reach our highly engaged and well-defined audience. We utilize a variety of mediums to get your message in front of our fans, including potent visually stunning video content, community and festival screenings, bi-monthly newsletters, and social media. Fostering an interactive online space is our primary avenue to engage our fans with creative contests, conversational posts, member’s exclusive content and Sponsor Spotlight articles in addition to innovative and fun ideas we can come up with together.

Our comprehensive marketing campaign reaches hundreds of thousands of conscious consumers globally and creates a lasting positive impression in our local and international communities.

ONLINE SOCIAL ENGAGEMENT The Bloom.TV Media Channel is designed to function not only as the primary place to view video content, but also as a broadcast channel to a much wider audience -- whether attending festivals or not - featuring Episodes, Culture and Sponsor Spotlight videos, music and an online store. This is part of a greater digital presence that extends across such social media sites as Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Instagram and more. The new Bloom Series website design will expand to encompass even more media and interactive features ensuring that the site receives a consistently increasing stream of traffic for years to come. We are also developing key participation initiatives, such as participatory contests, which will allow sponsors to take advantage of some dynamic online engagement opportunities with the Bloom audience.





Orchid $15K

Sage $10K-5k

Sponsor Spotlight Featurette

3-4 minutes, viewed by ALL live audiences, 1-2min version embedded with one online episode, hosted at TheBloom.TV, multiple shares on Newsletter and FB

3-4 minutes (only 2 available), attached to 1 episode, viewed by approx. 45 live audiences, hosted at TheBloom.TV, 1 share to Newsletter and FB

30-60 seconds (only 2 available), attached to 1 episode, viewed by approx. 45 live audiences, hosted at TheBloom.TV, 1 share on FB

Video of your own content (up to 2 minutes upon approval), attached to 1 episode, viewed by approx. 45 live audiences, 1 share to newsletter

Website Presence

Logo on TheBloom.TV, banner Ad and Sliding Carousel throughout duration of project, Sponsor Spotlight Article, Logo on Watch and Soundtrack Pages, Top Placement Logo & Description on Sponsor Page

Logo on TheBloom.TV, Sliding Carousel (6 months), Sponsor Spotlight Article, Name Listing on Soundtrack Page, Logo and Description on Sponsor Page

Logo on TheBloom.TV, Sliding Carousel (4 months), Sponsor Spotlight Article, Name Listing on Soundtrack Page, Logo and Description on Sponsor Page

Logo on TheBloom.TV, Sliding Carousel (2 months), Sponsor Spotlight Article, Name Listing on Soundtrack Page, Logo and Description on Sponsor Page

Social Media

FB: Direct Endorsement, Suggestion to "Like", 1 Share of Featurette, Contests, Special Offerings, 4 Tweets, 3 Instgram pics

FB: Direct Endorsement, Suggestion to "Like", 1 Share of Featurette, 3 Tweets, 2 Instgram pics

FB: 2 Announcements of Sponsorship & 1 Share of Featurette, 2 Tweets, 2 Instagram pics

FB: 1 Announcement of Sponsorship, 1 Tweet, 1 Instagram pic

The Bloom Newsletter

2 Shares of Featurette, Sponsor Spotlight Article Share, Logo on ALL Newsletters

1 Share of Featurette, Sponsor Spotlight Article Share

Sponsor Spotlight Article Share

Sponsor Spotlight Article Share

Digital Promo

Logo on Screening Posters and Flyers, Top Placement

Logo on Screening Posters and Flyers

Print Promo

Logo on Our Ads in other Media Sources, The Bloom Festival Banner, Coffee Table Book

Coffee Table Book, Logo 2nd top placement

Coffee Table Book, Logo 3rd top placement

Coffee Table Book, name listing

Sponsorship contributions are tax-deductible in the US, minus the value of goods and services

“There is something special happening within the cinematic realms of our festival culture. “The Bloom”, a web series that documents the rise of the transformational festival, has taken a pioneering role in this movement through impeccable journalistic video play. “ ~Sol Purpose (5-14-2013)

Sponsor Spotlight Series Your own personalized featurette!

Film is what we do best. By working together to develop the story and message of your video, we will capture the vitality and personality of your brand and mission. This will enable you to speak and connect your message directly to festival culture participants and beyond, featuring yourself as one of the prime sponsors of this cutting edge, socially progressive market. Production of your featurette includes bringing a filmer and director to your location to film you in action at work and interview your representatives. The Bloom Sponsor Spotlight takes your brand beyond mainstream advertising, highlighting your company and products with unique style and by aligning you with the ethics of this emerging culture. Your message is deeply valuable and relevant to conscious consumers who are seeking quality products from companies that are engaged in socially and ecologically sustainable practices. Our highly skilled creative team will craft fun, meaningful, and emotionally moving video content that connects directly with our audience’s values. The featurette we produce for you will be promoted and distributed as part of The Bloom Sponsor Spotlight Series on TheBloom.TV, as an embeddable link on YouTube, via The Bloom Portal Newsletter, through our vast social media networks and to live audiences at the Community Screenings, likely 30-60 events for each Episode around the world. This significant placement is in addition to use of the video for your own promotions.

“There have been many documentaries on festivals over the past few years. This series is the one we all have been waiting for.“ ~ David Starfire, musical artist


WE ARE TRUSTED • Our Current Partners include: Elevate Films, Grounded TV, Keyframe Entertainment, Muti Music • The Bloom’s Director/Host Jeet-Kei Leung has great credibility in this culture from giving a breakthrough TEDx talk on the subject which went viral in 2011 • Current Sponsors include Dr. Bronner’s Magic Soaps, Coconut Bliss, Flow Toys, North Atlantic Books, PK Sound. • Festival Collaborations Sonic Bloom, CO Beloved, OR Lucidity, CA Envision, Costa Rica Boom, Portugal Earth Frequency, AUS Luminate, NZ & More

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