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May 2007

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School year comes to an end


Many students new and old enjoyed their year. “My experience at CHS June 12 marks the end of was good as a newcomthe year for Community er because it was a very High School students. friendly environment BY: TIFFANY LE ALECTRIC DUKE


and I made a lot of new friends,” said junior, Ivory Booker. She also said that she would recommend this school to friends and

family members because CHS “cares about their students.” A new freshman to the school, Iesha Govani, said con’t on p. 3

MATA works with CHS students F E A T U R E





Students expressing themselves through media


MCM (MATA Community Media) works with schools around the city, including Community High School, to produce television shows and personal film projects. The Education Department at MATA was established in 1997 through a grant from the Helen Bader Foundation. It is now one of the Midwest largest community media centers. Marla Sanvick and Jonathan Rovetto, education department instructors at MATA, assisted CHS students with producing,

In addition to making PSAs and other commercials, MATA has also helped some CHS students reach their college goals. Johnson was able to acquire assistance from Steve Wetzel, former MATA education department director, and Sanvick in order to evaluate her college portfolios to help her gain acceptance into MIAD (Milwaukee Bobby Noblin edits his award winning PSA. Lance Cain and Institute of Art and DeTrinisa Johnson also contributed. sign). editing, and filming tele- ciety,” said Trinisa John- “Steve got me into vision shows that dealt son, senior. MIAD. If it weren’t for with the community. John Bates, junior at the connections I made “We’ve done PSAs about CHS and another MATA there, I wouldn’t be cleaning up the neigh- intern, added, “The qual- where I am. Marla helped borhood. We’ve done TV ity of the material that I look over things, also.” shows about teens and have produced has been MATA education dehow they feel about so- tremendous.” partment also works

Inaugural Prom held at ZooFaria a huge success Prom King and Queen: Martinas Tate and Channel McClellan. BY: JUSTIN CHRISTOPHER


Senior Prom King and Queen were announced at the 2007 Prom held at the ZooFaria Conference Center at the Milwaukee County Zoo, Friday, May 25. The candidates who ran for Prom King were Martinas Tate, Bryan Edwards, Maurice Delk, and Tyrone Henderson. Candidates who ran for Prom Queen were Rosie Pitts, Jazmine Johnson, and Channel McClellan. Martinas Tate got the most votes and won CHS Prom Court of 2007: From left to right: Bobby Noblin, King Martinas Tate, Queen Channel Prom King. Channel McClellan, Hua Cha and Marquise Smith.


PROM 2007

Special Feature


May 2007

Community High School

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Editorial Policy: The purpose of The Bloc is to be a useful, thought-provoking and factual source of information for the students, staff, and community. It is also to be an open forum for students, teachers, and the community alike. It is to be entertaining yet enlightening for its readers. The Bloc upholds a high code of ethics in journalism, relying on responsible and respectful judgement of controversial topics.The Bloc is a monthly paper. To contact The Bloc: Call Jason at Community High School at (414) 934-4057, or email us at


May 2007


End of year


Con’t from p. 1

Con’t from p. 1

with other schools, such as South Division High School, Golda Meir School for the Gifted and Talented, and Tenor High School. Sanvick describes MATA as a place where students can use “tools” to speak to the community. “The technology is here for them to do whatever they feel is important… to say what they need to say to the larger audience,” said Sanvick. According to Brenda Windom, CHS Community Service Coordinator, the requirements of a student obtaining a position at MATA are the following: one must have attended two community service placements, be able to maintain good grades, and be mature enough to handle a flexible internship. Sanvick said that this opportunity benefits Community High School and that more students should get involved “This access to media isn’t out of their reach. I believe that it is possible to make the media they are bombarded with daily more diverse with their ideas.”

that she really wanted to stay and end the school year focused. “I wouldn’t change anything about this year, but I wished I had worked a little harder academicwise,” said Govani. “I would recommend this school to any student who would want to get their act straight and would want to graduate early or on time,” she added. Most students are excited to see what awaits them next year. Vuiton Stenson, a sophomore, said, “I can’t wait to return next year because I really like this school.” Stenson, like Booker, said that CHS didn’t have


Con’t from p. 1

McClellan won Prom Queen. Jr. Prom Prince and Jr. Prom Princess went to Marquise Smith and Hua Cha, respectively. Bobby Noblin won Sr. Prom Prince and, lastly, De’Ondrea Sharp won Sr. Prom Princess. CHS teacher, Marqurite McCurdy, announced the winners and they all were presented with a crown and sash.

Community High School

much affect on him but he still liked the school because of the friendly people. Stenson’s most memorable moment this year was when he met his girlfriend, Shavon Dixson. Anshekeitea Cook, a senior, said that her most memorable moment here was the December graduation. Even though Cook was also a newcomer she said, “Everyone made me feel like I have been here since this school first started. “I planned to leave this school year with a great reputation for myself and graduating.” Teachers also have grown from this school year. Marqurite McCurdy, sci-

DJ Joseph Campbell entertained the event with the “hypest” songs of ‘07. “I was the first and last person on the dance floor,” said junior Achia Johnson. McCurdy, who has organized prom events at her previous school, said, “This was the best prom I’ve been to in 9 years.” McCurdy also said that the participation of the parents who were there was great.

Community High School

Now Enrolling Grades 10-12 UWM ACLU Marquette Golda Meir

Community High School is a small, innovative MPS charter school that works together with a mulitude of community partners to offer a program that is diverse, rigorous and individualized. Students who attend CHS work together to prepare for life beyond high school in the 21st century.


Law Journalism UWM Theater Debate Live Animal Lab Social Justice Nari Homes Foundation Psychology Spanish / Hebrew Economics Science Fire and Police Acad. Literature Visual / Construction Art Math Video / Film Production Grey’s Childcare Photography Health Care

Mt. Sinai Hospital

Boys and Girls Club

NAACP House of Peace Lee Elementary Junior Achievers Big Step / WKCT ManPower Shepherd Express Community Journal Milwaukee Acheivers MSOE Radio Station

Community Care for the Elderly

Vuiton Stenson walks Shavon Dixson to English class.

ence teacher and counselor, said, “This year affected my life because I feel better and I spent

this year searching for balance. Everyday was memorable, every shared smile and laugh.”



Fileyshia Bowen, 17 Post-secondary: UW - Parkside

Anshekeitia Cook Post-secondary:

Deserae Brown, 17 Post-secondary: None Which staff has had the greatest amount of influence on you? I would have to say Marqurite McCurdy because she was the one who pushed me the hardest. What is your advice for the class of 2008? Believe in yourself, always have faith, never give up. Always make the right decisions and don’t ever be a follower, always be a leader.

Which staff has had the greatest influence on you? Marqurite. What is your advice for the class of 2008? Work hard and you can achieve anything because everyone struggles at times. Where do you see yourself in the next ten years? I see myself working hard, doing something with myself, and making money. What are you looking forward to in college? Well, I am going to school for business, so however that turns out I just want to be successful.

Tyrone Henderson, 18 Post-secondary: Talledega College What is your most memorable experience at CHS? The day Marqurite found out that her class said she look like a sausage. What is your advice for the class of 2008? You can do it. Don’t listen to the negative comments people make. Where do you see yourself in the next ten years? I see my self in the South with a wife, two kids and working in the city. What student is the most memorable to you? Rosie Pitts, because she helped me through out the year a lot.

Jazmine Johnson, 17 Post-secondary: MATC

Trinisa Johnson Post-secondary: MIAD

Which staff member has the memorable experience at CHS? Marqurite because she is helpful. Where do you see yourself in 10 years? Out of town somewhere starting my business. What are you looking forward to in college? The homework.

Which staff member has the memorable experience at CHS? Roxane, because she is the reason why I am at CHS. What are you looking forward to in college? Graduating from graduate school. What is the most memorable experience at CHS? When I won the Lexmond award for excellence. What advice do you have for next year’s class? Do all your work and start working on your essays now.


Which exper Marqu es. What at CHS The fir John a What class? Do yo off.

Name: Cheryl Patterson, 18 Post-secondary plans: MATC

Rosie Pitts, 16 Post-secondary: Talladega College

Santana Salters, 17 Post-secondary: none

Deo Post-seco

Which staff has had the greatest amount of influence on you? I would have to say Marqurite McCurdy because she was the one who helped me get to where I am now. I couldn’t do it without her. How is your academic performance now compared to the past? My academic performance this year wasn’t that good it could have been better. Marqurite helped me catch up with some of my work. I have a baby so it’s hard for me and I have to constantly be there for her, which caused me to miss out on a lot of schoolwork.

What is your most memorable experience at CHS? Learning math in Marqurite class because I hated it. Me and my best friend used to race each other to see who would get done first and bet money and things. The positive outcome was that if I was going to win I had to learn how to do the math. Which staff member had the most influence? Marqurite Mccurdy is the teacher that has had the greatest influence on me. Although I’ve only known her for three years now, I feel like it’s been so much longer and that she has help me to grow as a women and as well in my academics. She has not only been a teacher, a mentor and a counselor but she has always been real with me.

Which staff member has the memorable experience at CHS? I would have to Marqurite because she inspired me to stay in school and do what I needed to do. How is your academic performance now compared to the past? My academic performance is much better this year. I would say that it was average. I started out not to good but as the year went on it improved. What is your most memorable experience at CHS? It was when the school first opened and there was a potluck. This potluck gave us a chance to know everyone better.

What’s your a Stay in schoo stay busy. D Where do yo years? Working in m What are you Getting to kn What student The ninth gra ing their role



class of 2007!

Maurice Delk Post-secondary: St. Xavier Univer.

Bryan Edwards, 18 Post-secondary:

graduate from college

What is your most memorable experience at CHS? When I found out that I was graduating. What staff member has had the greatest amount on influence on you? Dream, because she was cool. What is you advice for the class of 2008? Don’t make Marqurite mad.

Sabrina Thomas, 17 t-secondary: Aveda Institute

Cassandra Knight Post-secondary: Talledega College

h staff member has the memorable rience at CHS? urite because I had her for all my class-

Which staff member has the memorable experience at CHS? Jason, because he is not hard to work with. Where do you see yourself in ten years. With two kids, a loving husband, a big house and a nice car. What is the most memorable experience at CHS? When we went to a field trip at the courthouse. What advice do you have for next year’s class? Come to school on time.

is the most memorable experience S? rst day of scholl when I saw my friend at the bus stop. advice do you have for next year’s ? our best. Come to school. Don’t slack

Channel McClellan Post-secondary: UW- Parkside

Bobby Noblin, 17 Post-secondary: Cardinal Stritch

Martinas Tate, 17 Post-secondary: Navy

Sharletta Thurmon, 19 Post-secondary: Mt. Mary College

advice for the class of 2008? ol, come on time, stay focused, Don’t let no one bring you down. ou see yourself in the next ten

What was your most memorable experience at CHS? Spitting nice lyrics at lunchtime at the table with Lance, John, and Hooty. Where do you see yourself in the next ten years? I see myself with a steady job with two or three kids living in Chicago. What are you looking forward to in college? Learning all I can in the Navy. I am going to play sports, too. Which staff has had the greatest influence on you? Marqurite.

Where do you see yourself in the next ten years? I see myself working at Children’s Hospital. My childhood dreams would be accomplished. I will have a bachelor’s degree and a master’s. What is your advice for next year’s class? Don’t take advantage of work. Manage your time wisely. Which staff has had the greatest influence on you? Dream because she is patient and will always work with you. Marqurite because she is real and lets you know things in advance.

What was your most memorable experience at CHS? My first day. I felt really welcomed. Which student is the most memorable? Trinisa Johnson, because she was there for me since day one - despite our differences. Where do you see yourself in ten years? Probably in a muesum in Europe because that was my childhood dream.

What is your most memorable experience at CHS? My community service and my first video. What is your advice for the class of 2008? Don’t slack on work, but have fun because the year goes by fast. Where do you see yourself in the next ten years? Running my own business and possibly rich. What are you looking forward to in college? Graduating and getting my degree in business.

ondrea Sharp, 17 ondary: Aveda Institute

my own shop doing hair. u looking forward to in college? now a lot of new people. t is the most memorable to you? aders that looked up to me, bemodel.

Alicia Halvensleben, 17 Post-secondary: Beliot College

Candice Williamson Post-secondary:


May 2007


Community High School

Passing the torch

My most memorable Grades, attitude, work ethic, and focus are just some of the things that moments at the juniors think they need to work on for next year. B : J B CHS nificant. J H Y




All good things must come to an end and, as they do, I start to reflect on my three years at Community High School. All the teachers, staff and students have made my time at CHS what it is and I have enjoyed it very much. During my first year as a freshman, I can remember it like it was yesterday. I was sitting in biology class, which was being taught by Marqurite. She had to go to the office, and everybody knows, “While the teachers away the children will play.” While she was gone, one of the students started break dancing and she walked back in. Everyone knew except the student, and when he realized she was watching, it was too late. He got suspended for break dancing. Weird right? Another moment I can look back on was when our school had our first all school picnic. All the teachers and students got together. There were games, music and food. It was a time where everyone got to know each other more. There was a dancing contest and Jason did the electric slide for everyone. It was so funny! My last favorite most memorable moment was our school’s first prom at the ZooFari. All the teachers showed up and even some students’ parents came. I think I can speak for everyone when I say I had a good time. We danced, ate and we did the Cha-Cha slide.



“Do all your work, don’t slack off,” said Bobby Noblin, senior at Community High School. Noblin finishes his high school career June 6th at the War memorial. As all the seniors at CHS prepare to move on to a new era in life, juniors are thinking about what they need to do for next year. “I’ve watched the seniors very closely to see what I should and shouldn’t do my senior year,” said junior, Marquise Smith. Based on his observations, he has concluded that waiting until the end of the year to start getting serious is not a “good idea.” Many of the seniors

Seniors Rosie Pitts, Tyrone Henderson, De’Ondrea Sharp and Cheryl Patterson at an awards show.

agreed that the hardest part of the year was the end. “That’s where the journey begins,” said senior, Jazmine Johnson. A large amount of the upper classmen who attend the school feel that next year will be a tougher task for teachers and

students. Next year, Community High School plans on graduating more students then ever before, as there are an estimated 34 possible graduates for the year 2007-08. CHS is graduating 20 seniors this year. The 14 student increase is sig-

“I’m excited to see the students that we started with graduate,” said math teacher and senior advisor, Marqurite McCurdy. Cassandra Knight, a senior, believes that you should let nothing stop you from achieving your goal. “Attendance and coming to school on time almost prevented me from graduating,” said Knight. Senior Trinisa Johnson mentions that family and friends hindered her the most her senior year. “It’s just hard because you can feel the separation as the year goes on,” said Johnson. Johnson would like to leave the juniors with a word of advice, which is to “keep going” and “never give up.”

Brenda Strong-Windom is the service-learning coordinator and community liaison for CHS. The students, from near to far: Josh Cunningham, Brandon Bigelow, Bobby Noblin and John Bates. For access to THE BLOC online, course descriptions, announcements, enrollment information, staff bios and our wiki site


May 2007


Community High School

Newspaper class gets its own headline BY: ALI GOVANI

Papers flying everywhere, loud tapping keyboard noises, yelling from the teacher about deadlines every 5 minutes. This is the kind of atmosphere the Journalism staff goes through almost everyday. This year Jason O’Brien, lead teacher and newspaper Adviser has 17 new journalists and 3 experienced journalists returning from last year. The ‘non-experienced’ journalists had to start off learning the basics of Journalism, like: how to write a lead, how to put together the structure of an article. O’Brien started Journalism 3 years ago when CHS first opened. Even though they did not publish any papers that first year, the tracks were set

and the following year, The Bloc was born. “Journalism is the keystone to a free society. Learning to publish factual, credible information in a compelling manner can be the difference between justice and injustice, compassion and indifference, life and death,” O’Brien said. While O’Brien was thrilled to start his class, the journalists initially weren’t so happy. “I thought to myself ‘What the heck have I gotten myself into,’” said Jessica Howard, a sophomore at CHS. “I don’t like writing in general so why would I be thrilled to take journalism?” said junior Kevarris Borum. Though there were some “haters” in the journalism staff, two journalists were as thrilled as

O’Brien to take his class. “I was glad I took this class, because I wanted the top position, Editor –in-Chief,” said Lance Cain, a junior. Junior John Bates was the happiest writer in the class to take Journalism. “I thought ‘excellent, wonderful, great!’” One thing they can all agree on is how they feel about the person teaching the class. “No, no, no! This man teaches us with the newspaper Adviser’s Survival Guide,” said Bates, in a laughing matter. “He’s a Spanish teacher. He’s better at teaching Spanish than Journalism,” Borum harshly stated. “He doesn’t have the qualifications to teach this class because he uses ‘the book,’” said Howard. Despite the student’s feelings towards him,

O’Brien stands firm. “This journalism class was fairly productive. My expectations are so high, however, I’m not sure if I’ll ever see my ‘favorite’ class, or my ‘hardest working’ class. Do all the Journalisms staff’s papers go to waste? Not to these readers: Joshua Cunningham, a junior, stated that he ‘loves’ the way the staff

tries to put teen situations into the paper. Junior Ashley Walton said she loved the way the staff asked her questions and got her point of view on teen pregnancy. “Seeing your work published in a professional manner is a positive motivator to write well. Hopefully, it makes students work for reasons other than a grade,” said O’Brien.

Marqurite talks about the seniors This month’s feature section of THE BLOC highlights the 20 honorable seniors graduating this year. For many, this goal would have been much more difficult without the help of senior counselor, Marqurite McCurdy. THE BLOC’s newest staff member, Rosezina Campbell, sat down with Marqurite and asked her about this year’s graduating class. THE BLOC: Ms. Marqurite, what interests you most about the seniors?

Marqurite: I do full expenses, college applications, financial aid, college fees. I make calls, etc. I also talk to them (pep talks). I am real with them at all times, whether it’s good or bad. Just an all around great person. I’m very happy to see them graduate after everything we have been though together. It’s a great achievement they have accomplished.

Marqurite: Their stories, their families, their interest in people and their all-around good spirits.

THE BLOC: Do you have a favorite senior or most improved? Marqurite: I do have favorites. [It] does change from time to time. I look at them as my kids and I’ll do anything for any of them. Marqurite McCurdy is the Brett Farve of MPS - she teaches straight through without a break and

handles all guidance duties, including programming, college applications, credit detail, and financial aid. She is an advocate and mentor for all CHS students. Of the 16 seniors interviewed by THE BLOC, 14 of them said Marqurite was the most influential staff member. Next year, she is excited to have one prep hour for the first time in three years.

THE BLOC: Describe a good or well standing senior? up because of things that they were going though. But, they have GREAT Marqurite: Someone out looks on life. with a 3.0 or higher. Some seniors of this class needed to play a lot of catch THE BLOC: How many

seniors are graduating now? Marqurite: Of this class of 2007, there are 20 seniors graduating this

THE BLOC: What is the most special about this year’s senior?

Marqurite: Mostly the struggles. Things that they were going through. They have survived, year. worked hard, supporting all things that help and THE BLOC: How are you make them better. They helping the seniors of are very mature and be2007 graduate and move lieve in never quitting. I on to college? am very proud of them!


May 2007


Community High School

HotSpot Eugene Kane

Columnist - Milwaukee Journal-Sentinel

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Mitchel Molbeck Youth Sports Expert

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Joel McNally

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Municipal Court Judge

This month’s HotSpot features Milwaukee’s civic leaders and the Looking for an Argument? class.

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