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Teacher Led Network Spring Intersessions 2010 US History through Primary Documents Course will examine primary documents in order to understand the events and people that make up US History. Stacy Pordon 0.25 Credits (8:30-2PM) Juneau

Creative Lighting and Portrait Photography Students will learn to use studio lighting, digital cameras and Adobe Photoshop Elements to create portraits. Carrie Joubert No Credit (8:30-11:30PM) Juneau

Conversational Spanish This is an introduction to meeting and greeting others in Spanish and being able to hold basic conversations. Students will also learn basic ethnic cooking skills. Pamela Davis 0.25 Credits (8:30-2PM) PLI

Contemporary History Course focused on the last 100 years of history and its relevance to current events. Matt Carrell No Credit (8:30-11:30PM) Juneau

Graphic Design w/ C2 Graphics Students work along side professional graphic artists using the most current and powerful design software on the planet. Jason O’Brien 0.25 Credits (8:30-2PM) Juneau Automotive Repair Hands on study of auto engines and accompanying systems. Shane Gutbrod No Credit (8:30-11:30AM) SUPAR Creative Writing Exploration of descriptive writing techniques through student-centered project based learning. Mark Magnuson 0.25 Credits (8:30-2PM) Juneau Piano 101 Introduction to music through the piano. Lin An No Credit (8:30-11:30AM) Juneau Micro-Economy Intro to Micro-Economics as explored through personal finance. Zachary H. Dienberg No Credit (8:30-11:30AM) SUPAR

History of Milwaukee Course will use The Making of Milwaukee documentary as a backdrop for this look at the history of our city. Megan Kobs 0.25 Credit (8:30-2:00PM) Alliance Driver’s Ed To register for this special session, please contact Milwaukee Recreation – Judy Parola No Credit (1:00-3:30PM) Alliance Sculpture This course develops a student’s ability to work safely in a Sculpture Studio that is equipped with contemporary machinery. Teacher: Joel McElrone Times: 8:30AM – 2:00PM Location: Juneau Campus Prerequisite: None Credit: 0.25

Spring Intersession  

Sing up for 20010 Spring intersession

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