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Types of High Quality Window Blinds for your Home

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Introduction Roman Blinds Roller Blinds Venetian Blinds Vertical Blinds

Introduction • Blinds are one of the best replacements for your window coverings. • It is mainly designed to filter light in and out of the room. • There are four different types of blinds available for window such as roman blind, roller blinds, vertical blinds and venetian blinds.

Roman Blinds • Installing roman blinds can provide elegant look to your home. • This type of blinds is available in various fabric materials and you have a wide selection to choose from. • Linen and silk is the most commonly used fabric material for roman blinds.

Roller Blinds

• Roller Blinds are made up of solid piece of fabric material. • It fits very closely to your window and do not have a lot of excess fabric. • This type of blinds are very easy to operate, you can roll up or down using preloaded spring or chain.

Venetian Blinds • Venetian Blind is one of the most popular window blind types and it is made from horizontal slats attached one above the other. • This type of quality blinds is best to install in wash rooms and bathrooms. • It is available in wide range of materials such as plastic, wood, metal etc.

Vertical Blinds • Vertical Blinds is also called as Track Blinds. It is made from vertical hanging slats attached together. • The slats in vertical blinds are available in different materials and styles that range from cellular screen, fabric, aluminum, stiffened plastic, solar, faux wood etc.

Types of High Quality Window Blinds for your Home