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Outline  About Us  Purpose of Installing Plantation Shutters  Types of Plantation Shutters  Benefits of Plantation Shutters  Contact Us

About Us ď‚— Blind Shack offers innovative plantation shutter designs

in Florida. ď‚— We are a family owned and operated business that strives

to provides quality plantation shutters at lowest prices for customers. ď‚— Therefore company professional will give recommended

suggestion in installing right plantation shutter design for the customers which gives an elegant look for their homes.

Purpose of installing Plantation Shutters ď‚— Plantation Shutters involves low maintenance and it can

be used as window covering instead of curtains. ď‚— The main reason for installing plantation shutters it

provides privacy for homes, and allows little amount of sunlight, thus enables building owners to save money on energy bills. ď‚— Interior designers recommend plantation shutters as the

best choice for window coverings as it brings an innovative look for homes and offices.

Types of Plantation Shutters ď‚— Plantation Shutters comes in two different types. They

are solid and slatted shutter designs. ď‚— The Slatted shutter designs comes in the form of blinds

which can be easily opened and closed. Solid Shutter design comes in the form of wood blinds which provides privacy and security for homes. ď‚— Both these plantation shutter design need only less

maintenance and it cost a lower price compare to other window shutters.

Benefits of Plantation shutters  When plantation shutters are closed they provide

privacy and security.  Therefore when it is opened it allows a little amount

of direct sunlight to enter the rooms of home which helps to improve the sleep and saves energy bills.  Plantation shutters can be fitted to any type of

windows and doors that includes arched, angled and round types.

Contact Us ď‚— For More details about plantation shutter in Florida visit

us at Address: 885SW Munjack Cir, Port St Lucie, FL 34986 Phone: 772-344-7744 E-mail Id:

Blind Shack – Offers Innovative Plantation Shutters Designs in Florida  

Blind Shack is one of the leading Companies having qualified professional for installing plantation shutters as your window covering. We are...

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