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welcome back... Hey reader, as you may have noticed this month’s issue of The Blend newspaper is looking rather different. As editor of The Blend I decided to take one chance to go for something new this year. On the back of a meeting I had with students who had previously wrote or contributed to The Blend, their pungent remarks had me in a frenzy. Their cries for change were the exact direction I was hoping for. However with this issue I did my best not to make drastic changes but what you see is just the start. The front cover shows a very obscure view of the new Students’ Union bar at the Luton Campus. Already popular amongst students, it has staff queuing up for their daily dose of our Wicked coffee. I couldn’t be more bias in saying we do the best coffee, my regular vanilla latte and chocolate muffin starts most of my days off. My colleagues at the Union, the other sabbaticals, who are good friends of mine are also looking forward to a very promising 2011. With several campaigns in place, I will start by introducing my campaign, which is titled ‘It’s all about’. With this campaign I wish to do my very best in communicating, to you students about your Students’ Union from it’s various services and activities. In the month of February both Lyndsay and Dishon kick off their campaigns ‘Go Green Week’ and Diversity and Community Week’ respectively. Looking to the future I must say it is exciting but also very daunting as in just a few months my time here at the Union will come to and end, but before I leave, be sure to see more, hear more and want more of me. Ok not sure about the last one. But I do have an effect on people, ask the guys in the office, they miss me when I’m not around.

Students’ Union Bar, Luton, Campus Centre

My advice to any student reading this paper today is:

“Don’t wait till tomorrow to do it, because someone is doing it today” What I mean by this is, as students we tend to get that laziness stuck into our bloods streams and we think that’s what everyone else is doing. Well believe me when I say there is always one-person one step ahead of you. Whether it’s handing in assignments or applying for a job. Like that good old Nike slogan – “Just do it” especially before someone else does. Thank you for reading and I hope you enjoy the rest of the paper.

Writers & Contributors Editor Yinka Adeniyan Student Newspaper Officers, Sarah Badcock Rhiannon Baxendell Writers Victoria Bolaji, Dami Oloni, Lousie Tadiar, Jon Stanley, Ajay Gowda,Jevwe Ugbowanko

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NEWS erlands There is a bit more to the Neth ot By Liz Lightfo Studying Abroad

SAFE SEX ON THE BEACH. Free UBSU Event On Valentine’s Day, on the Luton Campus UBSU will be running a free, fun event. We will be giving away alcohol free cocktails and chocolates, and playing party games to celebrate Valentine’s Day. A similar event at the Bedford Campus before Christmas was a huge success and lots of fun, with almost 100 students participating. So why not join us on Valentine’s Day from 11am till 2pm at the Mezzanine in the new campus centre and be part of the fun.


Top prizes for final year stude 11

National Student Survey 20

By Anna Kingham

Fill out the National Student Survey 2011 for your chance to win one of three iPads or one of ten graduation packages including tickets, gowns and photographs. The survey only takes a few minutes to complete from Monday, 10 January. Everyone who is eligible and completes the survey will be entered into the free prize draw and gets the chance to win a top prize. Look out for the NSS teams in Luton and Bedford from 10 January. Complete the survey on campus and you can also get a free tea or coffee and biscuit and a T shirt while stocks last. The teams will be at Costa Coffee and the LRC in Park Square and the Students’ Union in the new Campus Centre, Luton and at the Coffee Hub and Learning HUB (LRC) in Bedford. The results of the survey are published on for future students to see and are also made available to those institutions taking part.


n living in This March, every perso art in the Luton will have to take p dents census including all stu

What is the census?

The census is a count of the population in the UK. It takes place every 10 years and asks everyone the same questions on the same day to give a complete picture of the nation. This information is used to estimate the likely number of people and households in each area for the next 10 years. The next census will take place on 27 March 2011.

transport, housing, health and schools.

Why is it important?

The amount of money that councils have to spend on services for the next 10 years will be based on the number and type of people living in the local area. If everyone does not complete a census form the results won’t show complete information about local communities and a council might not get all the funding it needs.

Imagine being debt free on graduation day and heading off for a Master’s degree costing just £1,400. Think of studying in a small university town with historic buildings, a river and cobbled streets where the main source of transport is the bicycle. Too good to be true? Well it is if you stay in the UK. But cross the Channel and such bargains are waiting at Maastricht University and elsewhere, and you don’t even have to speak a foreign language. Universities in The Netherlands and several other European countries are offering bachelor and Master’s degrees conducted in English. It is an interesting development for UK students who as EU citizens are treated as home students under European law. Undergraduate and Master’s fees for EU students in the Netherlands are €1,672 or £1,407 a year. PhD students are considered members of the research staff and paid a salary. Yearly undergraduate fees in Germany are £870 and French universities charge just £157. British students are known for their reluctance to study abroad. But it is likely to become a more attractive option in future with tuition fees in England set to rise to £9,000 and no sign of any increase in the number of university places on offer.

Why do we have a census?

The census tells us how many people live in the UK and what types of services they need now and are likely to need in the future. It helps the Government and your local council to allocate funds, decide future policy and plan important services such as

The census asks everyone the same questions at the same time to produce a unique set of facts and figures about the UK. It tells us about: Population - to help central government decide how much funding it needs to give to each local and health authority. The authorities then use census data to plan the services within their local areas. Health and disability - to help plan services and put policies in place to ensure people with disabilities are treated equally. Housing -  to allow central government and local authorities to assess the quality of housing and plan to meet future needs. Employment - to show how many people work in different occupations and indus-

Students such as Callum Biggens may think twice about a Master’s degree in this country and its associated costs. Callum, who graduated from York University, was considering an MSc at a London institution until he discovered the fees were a staggering £15,000. “One night one of my housemates at York and I decided to look into Europe. We decided to have a race to Europe and I somehow came across Maastricht University,” he said. Generally students are said to work harder and play less in the Netherlands than they do in the UK, despite the thriving social scene in Maastricht with its huge selection of bars, cafes and restaurants. The lower cost of living also helps– most monthly rents are between £250 and £330 – and there are plenty of cheap food shops. Study abroad has another big advantage – it is popular with employers. Luc Daveney, the European policy manager for Facebook, chose Maastricht over UK universities for his undergraduate degree in European Studies. When hiring, he looks positively on studying abroad: “Taking the bold decision to uproot and study in another country will get job applicants noticed,” he said.

Completing the census is straightforward and you can answer most questions by simply ticking, or clicking, in a box. There are two ways you can do this: Complete your questionnaire online from 4 March at, using the internet access code on the front of the paper questionnaire or Complete the paper questionnaire by hand and return it in the freepost envelope provided. If you’re in halls, someone will come and collect it from you or you may have to drop it off somewhere safe Students living in halls of residence tries to help plan jobs and training policies. If you live in halls, you will not be able to Ethnic groups -  to help central govern- return your census questionnaire by post. ment allocate resources and monitor polYour accommodation manager will either icies to ensure that all groups are treated arrange for someone to collect it from you, equally. or ask you to drop it off at a secure location. Transport - to help understand the pressures on our transport systems and improve Students living in private or university planning for roads and public transport. houses and flats

How did the census Who carries out the What does the census start? census? The first census in 1801 took place beIn England and Wales the census is tell us? cause the Government was worried that the planned and carried out by the Office for National Statistics (ONS). ONS produces a wide range of regular, high quality, professional statistics. Elsewhere in the UK, responsibility lies with the Northern Ireland Statistics and Research Agency and the General Register Office for Scotland.


You’ll get a standard household questionnaire in the post. Everyone living or staying at this address will need to be included on it. You’ll also need to nominate someone to complete details about the accommodation country’s supply of food may not be enough itself and sign the declaration on the front of to feed the growing population. It asked five the questionnaire. Source from www.2011. questions and the results showed 10 million people living in two million households. By comparison the last census, held in 2001, asked 40 questions. The results showed there were almost 60 million people and approximately 24 million households. Source from uk What to do and when?  The census questionnaire will be delivered to you at your term time address – whether you live in halls or a private house or flat. You just need to complete and return the questionnaire before you leave for the holidays.



Students, this is your chance to meet the University’s Chief Executive and Vice Chancellor, Professor Les Ebdon CBE, at one of several, special meetings he is holding for students over the coming weeks. He is making time to explain the importance of the National Student Survey and why your feedback is so important to him. It’s also your opportunity to ask him any questions you may have about your University experience. This meeting is for all students, so why not pop along and find out more about exciting developments at the University. He’ll be at the following venues and is looking forward to meeting you then.

Monday 31 January

Room 6 Putteridge Bury 18.00-19.30

Tuesday 8 February

G101 Campus Centre Park Square 18.00-19.30

Monday 14 February PO.32 Polhill 17.00-18.30

Thursday 17 February

OH009 Oxford House Aylesbury 16.00-17.30

For those of you who are not aware, the National Student Survey is carried out at all UK universities and asks final year undergraduate students about their time at their university. To encourage you to take part, the University is offering you the chance to win one of three fantastic iPads or one of ten graduation packs (tickets, gowning and photography) so don’t delay. Log onto and give your feedback. I look forward to seeing you at the VC Meetings!

S L E D O M ! D E T N WA

Would you like to model at our Charity Fashion Show Event and became a part of a mix culture and have something exciting to put on your CV then all you have to do is just contact us from the contact details below. We need both male and female students to be catwalk models in a Charity Fashion Show. You don’t need to have had any experience but the ability to strut your stuff and have fun. Fashion Show Statistics required:

Looking for male and female Any size Any shape Any height Please contact us before 25th February 2011 if you are interested to be a model. Themes for the Fashion show event are:

Barbie Seasons Traditional Funky

Please note that all models will need to provide their own customs.

if your intersted in voluntering to be a model please contact Birgul or Amira

DATE OF THE EVENT: 17TH MARCH 2011 TIME: START AT 7PM LOCATION: LUTON CAMPUS For more information please contact: Amira: 07535121946 // Birgul: 07932743147 //






he University of Bedfordshire is proud to be rich in uddhists believe that originally there wasn’t even Budcultural and religious diversity. To celebrate this, each dhism, there was just the truth - the teachings of the month The Blend will be looking at a different reliBuddha. Since then, Buddhism has divided into a numgion to give you more info and maybe dispel some common ber of different systems. The different systems accept many of myths. This month we take a brief look at Buddhism. the same fundamental teachings as correct and there is little friction between any of these groups - much less than is found Buddhist Teachings among different groups of many other religions. The best way There are a number of basic teachings and concepts in Bud- to regard the different types of Buddhism is as alternative paths dhism. Karma - Actions have consequences; so our lives are con- to enlightenment. Another way is to realise that while each type ditioned by our past actions. Rebirth - Consciousness contin- is found in many countries, each is strongest in particular parts ues after death, and finds expression in a future life. Liberation of the world: from Karma - By following the Buddha’s path one escapes the cycle of craving and suffering. The Four Noble Truths - These Theravada Buddhism are the essentials of Buddhism. Enlightenment - The highest Theravada Buddhism is strongest in Sri Lanka, Cambodia, goal of life is to reach Enlightenment; a state of being that goes Thailand, Laos and Burma (Myanmar). It is sometimes called beyond suffering. Dharma - The teachings and hence the way Southern Buddhism and is one of the largest subdivisions of to nirvana. Buddhism.

The Core of Buddhist Teaching

Mahayana Buddhism

Mahayana Buddhism is not a single group but a collection of At the heart of the Buddha’s teaching lie The Four Noble Buddhist traditions. Truths and The Eightfold Path which lead the Buddhist towards Korean Zen Buddhism the path of Enlightenment. Korean Zen (Son) Buddhism focuses on the enlightenment of a sudden awakening.

Facing the Truth


The New Kadampa Tradition

Some Buddhists and non-Buddhists regard the New Kadampa Tradition as a cult, but the organisation has continued to grow.


By Jayakumar Chinnasamy UBSU, Union & Community Developpment

Dear Friends, I hope you are enjoying your studies at Bedfordshire. As you all know 2010 has been very challenging on the educational front at the national level which directly affects the student community at large. The year has seen the major changes like educational cuts, tuition fee rises, scrapping of Education Maintenance Allowance, restrictions on student visas, announcement of future plan of removing post Study Work Visas for international students, etc., etc., which hits the student community to the core. Targeting and cornering the student community has really made a stressing situation for the young aspirants who go for education and who are willing to go in the future.

Nichiren Buddhism

The Buddha taught that the human tendency is to avoid the Nichiren Buddhism differs from other schools of Buddhism difficult truths of life and this in turn leads to suffering. By ena- in focusing on this world, and in its view that it is the only corbling the mind to be at peace through meditation a human be- rect tradition. ing can confront reality and overcome hatred and craving. Pure Land Buddhism Pure Land Buddhism offers a way to enlightenment for peoThe Four Noble Truths ple who can’t handle the subtleties of meditation, endure long Whilst seated beneath the Bodhi tree the Buddha experi- rituals. They tend to just live especially good lives. enced the four noble truths: Dukkha - All existence is unsatis- Tibetan Buddhism factory and filled with suffering; Trsna - The root of suffering can Tibetan Buddhism is a religion in exile, forced from its homebe defined as a craving or clinging to the wrong things; search- land when Tibet was conquered by the Chinese. ing to find stability in a shifting world is the wrong way; Nirvana Zen Buddhism - It is possible to find an end to suffering; and The Noble EightThe essence of Zen Buddhism is achieving enlightenment by fold Path - This is the way to finding the solution to suffering seeing one’s original mind (or original nature) directly; without and bring it to an end. the intervention of the intellect.

tribution that the students are making to the community. The students contribute a lot for the local communities and the businesses where they go to study. In most University towns the students are the main customers and human capital to the businesses and they are the ones who help to run the businesses. The international students who come to UK Universities bring a lot of cultural diversity, experience and also contribute to the UK economy. The plans for removal of Post Study Work Visas will have a huge impact on the international students; it may even reduce the number of students preferring UK for higher education. The Post Study Work Visas give the international students a chance to gain the international work experience and also having opportunity to share the experience and memories back home in their countries.

The year was challenging and the year The situation has not only put students ahead is going to be very challenging for under pressure but also the parents who the students and now the students should have a lower income and are thinking of sending their children into higher edu- be able to stand up for their education. Best Wishes for the year ahead! cation. Also, on the other side the people and businesses should think the con-

06 COMMUNITY TREEHOUSE: MUSIC, BOOKS, BIKES AND MORE I BY MARWA QAR Treehouse (faith and community centre Luton campus) became an official “Bookcrossing Zone” last year. This has been a huge achievement for all of us at the Treehouse. In case you’re not aware, Bookcrossing is reading and sharing books for free with other people. We currently have a large selection of books available; a few of them are on display. You can also request us to get books that you would like to read and we will try to get them for you. We are in talks with the Unity cafe to make them a Bookcrossing zone as well. So keep an eye out for that! Music is an integral part of the Treehouse; we have many guitars, drums and a piano. We have an open mic session (we call it the Coffeehouse) first Friday of every month 7.30pm. Everyone is welcome to perform or watch the performances, whatever your preference. Treehouse also runs a bike rental scheme. We rent bikes to students for the whole year for only £30 (£12 refunded when they return the bike) in partnership with SUSTRANS. On 8 Feb, we will collaborate with UBSU and Travel Light during the Go Green Week (7-14 February) to introduce you to our bike rental scheme. Other upcoming events include Holocaust Memorial Day (27th Jan), Indoor BBQ to welcome new students (7th Feb), our movie and discussion ‘Where is my friend?’ with Director Anwar Haque for Diversity Week (21st-25th Feb) and Pancake Day (8th Mar). For news join our Facebook group (search Treehouse Luton) or sign up at beds.


BY JEVWE UGBOWANKO Every Thursday at 5:30pm SeedBeds – the chaplaincy on the Bedford campus, hosts a film night for students to come and relax, socialise and enjoy a good film. The films range from a variety of genres from heartbreaking dramas such as the Kite Runner to fast paced action films like Jumper. Whatever the movie, it’s the company that’s important. All students are welcome to come and enjoy the films that are showing along with the refreshments available free of charge. Please see the SeedBeds Notice board for further details about the films. Hope to see you there!












If this is how you are feeling, be assured that you are not alone. It is common knowledge that students are strapped for cash most of their student life. This is mainly down to having unrealistic expectations of independent living and being unprepared for financial independence. So here comes some practical advice… First of all be realistic. It is not possible to live off the student loan. You will need another source of regular income from either your parents or a part time job to get you through your uni days. Why not get a part time job even if your parents are supporting you? You can’t put a price on experience. You are probably thinking now ‘but I am a psychology student what is working in fast food going to do for me?’ You may not realise this now but for most things in life you have to work your way up which means starting at the bottom. Therefore, the sooner you start the sooner you will get there. A bad job often leads to an ok job which then leads to good job and eventually to your dream job. A part time job will give you a bit of financial independence while also easing your cashflow. Another great way of maximizing your income is to check that you are getting all that you are entitled to and what other help is available such as scholarships and bursaries. The best place to start looking is the University website. Go to and then click on ‘fees and funding’ tab. This will take you to the University website on student money matters. You can find national as well as unique University of Bedfordshire funding options under the ‘funding’ tab.





Lastly, don’t forget about the power of student discount. A large number of places that do student discount don’t advertise it so always ask. If you don’t ask you don’t get. If you are a bit of a shopoholic and a bargain hunter you may want to invest in NUS extra card. It costs £11 for the academic year and you can order it online on or come to the Student Union’ GM16 in Campus Centre and Bedford aswell. NUS extra card can also be used for online shopping and discounts on websites such as Amazon. If you would like to find out a bit more about basic finance and how to make the most of your student income sign up for the Basic Finance Training session on 2nd March 2011 at 1pm. The training session will focus on the basics of financial independence everyone should know such as practical advice on how to maximize your income and decrease your expenses and how to work out your budget and stick to it. The training is very practical with the main focus on students. The workshop is run by the Salvation Army Debt Advice Centre and will be 1hr 30min long. The training session is FREE and refreshments will be provided. Limited places are available so book early. To Sign up email:, call 01582 743275 or come and speak to me in the Students’ Union Advice Centre G111 in the Campus Centre.

BY LOUISE TADIER HOW TO MANAGE YOUR TIME AT UNI UBSU, CASEWORKER Managing your time and having structure to your workload are keys to success at uni. If you plan ahead and learn to prioritise you will free-up precious time to socialise, look after your well-being and sleep!! Here are some tips which may help you: List everything you have to do

earlier than the actual deadline to allow for last minute hitches like printers not working or the car breaking down. It’s crucial that ALL work is handed in on time…1 minute late is still late! Late submissions count as non-submissions and you will fail the assessment and there are no exceptions unless you have extenuating circumstances and have an extension approved through CAAS (01582 489189)

Try to get into the habit of doing the things you least enjoy first..this will motivate you to get them done so you can get to the things you do enjoy Put this into an action plan of NOW/ SOON/ LATER with Make sure you check your emails and BREO regularly so a deadline for each task you can keep up-to-date with anything relevant to your studies Now transfer these tasks to your UBSU diary and wallplanner (maybe use different colour hi-lighters for NOW/ Finally…if you are really stuck on something please ask SOON/ LATER). Carry the diary with you so you can add any for help from your tutor, course rep or from UBSU Advice tutorials or meetings as you go through the day and add Centre. You can find a lot of really useful tips and more them to your planner each evening detailed info on keeping organised at www.learnhigher. Set yourself a deadline for handing in work which is far Break down big tasks into smaller ones


YOU SAID ,WE DID!!! By Dishon Arivanandham UBSU, VP Democracy & Diversity Our Students’ Union is committed to be the voice of students and raise their issues at various levels in the University. The students’ union & University Liaison Meeting is one such meeting where we raise students issues. The meeting happen once in a month, where the management members from various departments sit together and listen to various issues raised by students. The students’ issues that were raised in the AGM and Student Council were passed on to the management and discussed in the Liaison meeting, which happened during 2nd Dec 2010. Following the discussion an action list was drawn up to look in at those issues. Below are some of the important issues raised to the Management team following the democratic meetings:

LRC Opening times at weekends:

It was raised that the library opening timings should be extended at least during the examination periods. Until last month, the LRC shuts during the evening unlike other working days where it is open till late night. Initiatives were taken

by the Management and now the LRC timings have been extended.

Lecture theatre issue:

Our students raised in the AGM that once the lecture has begun the students should be cautioned to be silent and should be directed to an alternative entrance. It was actioned to a Sabbatical Officer to identify the lecture theatre that is facing such issues and liaise with Graham Blake to check where improvement is needed.

Bus facilities to Putteridge Bury:

Students expressed that they have to wait for a long time for their buses than the scheduled time to travel between Park Square and Putteridge Bury. As some times the bus has to come back and pick the students completing one trip since the bus was full. It was suggested that if action is to be taken students must be advised to make a formal complaint and it was also advised that the International Office conducts a meeting with the bus facility to have a feedback session. The SU (Sabbaticals) are following up with the progress of the action plan and are willing to gather more inputs and issues from the students and raise them in such meetings. Want your voice also to be heard?? Come down to Student Council during Feb 1st (Room: A003 and March 8th (Room: C204) at Luton. In Bedford, on 3rd Feb (Room: P2.17) and 10th Mar (Room: K0.04) between 4 and 6 pm






By Dishon Arivanandham UBSU, VP Democracy & Diversity


ey guys!!! Hope you had fun during your Christmas and New Year holidays. Trust you are back to the university with loads of new resolutions to follow J I wish u all the luck... This New Year our UBSU is packed with loads of events and programs that would enhance the richness of your student life experience. A French philosopher, Michel de Montaigne quoted, “There never were in the world two opinions alike, no more than two hairs or two grains; the most universal quality is diversity.” As students we study in such a diverse environment we might be surprised to see such a lot of differences among students and staff. It might be race, gender, age, sexual orientation, religion and disability or even behaviour, attitude and perception. I think we need to embrace and celebrate our difference so we appreciate the differences among us rather than looking at the negative side of it. In conclusion, we are all different and let’s celebrate it. So, here we come, Diversity and Community week 2010 & 2011

Major events

Taste the world (21st Feb): Come and taste our delicious food from various parts of the world. Place: Next to the SU Bar, Mezzanine, Luton | The Hub, Bedford - Time: 4pm onwards Kick Out Racism – Football Match, Luton & Bedford (23rd Feb): A football match where you could see some of your favourite footballers from Bedford and Luton campuses in action. For time & place please email / World On one stage (25th Feb): Come and watch the different cultures and talent on stage: fashion show, cultural dances, songs, after party at UBSU bar and much more.. Come and see the world!!!! - Place: Carnival Arts Centre (close to the Campus Centre, Luton) Time: 7pm onwards Look out for posters and flyers for more information... | Please collect your tickets from the SU Bar or contact Jon Stanley. Check our website email:




Hi guys! am the Creative Arts, Technologies and Sciences Faculty Rep. I am here to voice YOUR opinions good or bad about: Your Course and related issues i.e. seminars, lecturers, timetables etc Your general University experience Areas of improvement for next year’s students PLUS anything else you feel is important!



he last meeting was Wednesday 1st December and I would like to apologise that I have not informed you all sooner of my current position as CATS Rep.  However, I would advise that if it is a pressing matter that you try and find a solution asap as the next Faculty Board Meeting will not be until Wednesday 2nd March 2011 If you have any issues regarding any topic you feel may be relevant please do not hesitate to inform or ask me. My email is - I will be looking forward to hearing from you! Let’s all work hard!



The word plagiarism comes from a Latin verb, which means, “To Kidnap.” If you steal someone’s work, imitate closely their thoughts, expressions, and ideas and claim that of one’s work without giving credit (referencing) this will be marked as Plagiarised work. You should be very clear that your work is done diligently with your sincere effort and proper referencing with the author’s name, publishing body and the year in which it’s been published. A Few Guidelines to avoid Plagiarism: The first and foremost thing is to be original about your thoughts and to write the report accordingly. The sources of research and the study are meant to be inspired and not be copied as it is.Valid sources are to be referenced to the information used in the report. Do not share your work with one another! Don’t come up with fake quotes, try not to paraphrase and be original as much as possible. The report, which is not properly referenced, or submitting a copied piece of work may lead to a fail grade or being permanently excluded in extreme cases from the University. The University gives an opportunity for every student to know about plagiarism through a workshop, where you can get a clear idea about plagiarism. This will help you to prepare a better report without much hassle. The workshop will be held at Park Square Campus on the following dates: 8th Feb 2011 12pm - 1pm G301 9th March 2011 1pm – 2pm G301 22nd March 2011 1pm – 2pm G301 Don’t Miss it....!


UBSU ELECTIONS 2011 choose who leads your su.


What is the Main Elections?

In many Unions accross the country, students are gearing up for the biggest event in an SU calender! Do you have the confidence to step up and represent all the other students at the university?

Who can vote?

Every registered student at the Univeristy of Bedfordshire is eligible to vote. There are more than 20,000 students that are eligible to vote, all of whom can have a decisive say in these elections. Main responsibilities as a Sabbatical Officer for all positions: There are 4 main Officer positions, which are paid £16,000, they are known as sabbaticals. Working 9-5 they act as an UBSU Trustee as well as a member of the Executive Committee with the responsibilities of representation, campaigning work, implementation of policy and monitoring UBSU operations. They must also ensure they engage with students, attend all democratic meetings and spend considerable time talking to students. And most importantly encourage student participation in all UBSU activities.

President [Luton]

Run for the President and provide leadership and vision for UBSU, driving and developing strategy, vision, policy, campaigns and innovation.

Vice President Democracy & Diversity [Luton]

Run for the Vice President Democracy & Diversity and take a firm lead on all democracy, diversity and equality issues within UBSU and in relations with the University and wider community.

Vice President Union & Community Development [Bedford]

Run for Vice President Union & Community Development and take a lead on UBSU relationships with the wider community. Drive continual development and innovation within UBSU, such improving representation, support and opportunities for students at the University out-site and partner colleges

Vice President Education [Bedford] Run for Vice President Education and take a lead on UBSUs’ input to all educational, academic and learning issues within the University , and wider educational context. Champion the course rep system and ensure the students’ voices are heard.

The Students’ Union seeks to be a democratic, member led organisation, and thus we have an election process which gives every student the chance to vote for the officers who will represent the student body for a year. All elected students are there to represent you, the student, and your needs and views. The elected positions take the form of 4 Sabbatical Officers, 10 Student Officers each for both Luton and Bedford and NUS Delegate positions. The Sabbatical Officers work full time for the Union and get paid to deal with specific aspects of the Students’ Union, ie Education. They are also here to guide the Union and help the Student Officers. The Student Officers are students who have an interest in a specific area of the Union and may want to build up their CV for example. They work part time alongside their studies and are not paid. The key thing is that you do not have to work on your own. Most officers work as a team, meaning that you can plan your time and the tasks

that you take on. You only need to take on what you feel you can do, it’s essential that you remember that you are here to do a degree and this should be your first priority. If you want to have an input in national Student Union politics then you could run for one of the 4 position we have for NUS National Conference held in April. So, as you can see, elections and being elected officers can be a useful and unique part of university life. So how do you get involved? If you think you’re the type of person who can move UBSU forward then start to think about running for a position. The elections kick off very soon. Have a look at the important dates and keep your eye out for forthcoming information on the UBSU website, the first stage will be to pick up an information pack from UBSU anytime from the 7th Feb or download it from the website till 23rd Feb. Any questions email: or check out


Thinking of running for a Sabbatical Position?

Becoming a Sabbatical Officer means that you will take a year out from your normal study routine called ‘intercalating’ or run for it for the year after you graduate, which will give you time to immerse yourself in a different environment, a the chance to see things from a different perspective and gain valuable skills to apply to either your return to study or venturing out in to the real world. The elections themselves are an opportunity for you to show and convince your peers that you are the best candidate to represent them. The most successful campaigns have been those that stand out from others and have a novelty factor. Think big, showy, noticeable!!


What is a Student Officer Students officers work part time. They

volunteer six hours a week and work with various remits. They are just as important if not more as Sabbatical officers. Student officers are part of the team and are still experiencing the stu- dent life and often present the student view to the Union.

why vote? Simply; if you are a student at Bedfordshire University the the decisions made by the elected officers from this election will affect you. You have the opportunity to either stand or vote for the things that you want changed or improved at your University; not just the Union.

how to decide? Have a read through the candidates manifes-

tos where you can see exactly what the nominated students wish to achieve, remeber the right person can make an impact on your student experience. Read in the SU Bar Luton or Bedford SU or online.


Help run campaigns that currently affect the student body

Disability Officer:

Represent students with a seen and/or unseen disability

TE Entertainments Officer:

Organise a diverse range of events for students

International Students’ Officer:

Represent the growing number of international students and encourage engagement with UBSU

Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transsexual (LGBT) Officer:

Look after and promote the interest of lesbian, gay bisexual and transsexual students

Mature Students’ Officer:

Ensure mature students are represented within UBSU and the University Please note that candidates must be 25 at the start of the elections

Newspaper Editor:

Edit UBSU’s Newspaper and ensure diverse student participation in its production

Raise and Give (RAG) Officer:

Promote Raise and Give activities amongst the student body

Sports Officer:

Support the development of sport at the University

Women’s Officer :

Ensure women are represented within UBSU and the University


ELECTIONS JARGON Ballot paper: This is the piece of paper you use to make your vote. It shows a list of candidates and voters have to write a number of preference. i.e 1, 2, 3 Candidate: A person who wants to be elected or has been nominated to be elected is called a candidate. Election campaign: Around election time, candidates and their supporters organise events, put up posters, hand out flyers, and set up activities to convince people that they are the best person to vote for. Electorate: This is what we call everyone who is able to vote in an election. Sabbatical: A Sabbatical is a fulltime Officer who is elected by students to lead their SU. They act as their voice and represent the students on issues that affect their education, welfare, societies, culture, sport and overall student experience. What are the benefits of being a Sabbatical Officer? There is no limit to the amount of experience that can be gained from being a Sabbatical Officer, or the activities that you may be involved with during the year. A Sabbatical Officer leads, develops, creates ideas, and works as part of team to see these ideas through. Being a Sabbatical is what you make of it, and you will find your year is packed with new situations, experiences, challenges, hard work and fun. Sabbaticals Elections: The Sabbatical Elections are where you elect the most important student held positions in the Union. The Sabbatical team take a year out of their studies to run the Union at its highest levels. Essentially the people who are elected will be the ones making the big changes and making the big decisions that affect all members of the Union in the next acadmenic year and beyond. Manifesto: This is something that candidates, at the time of an election, which tells us what they would do if the got elected. A manifesto usually contains pledges (plans of action) on important issues and is often a big part of the election campaign. RoN: Re-Open Nominations. Every election UBSU has will always have the option Re- Open Nominations (RON). If you feel none of the candidates in that field are good enough for the post you can vote for RON and then it will give new candidates an opportunity to put themselves forward for a post.

UBSU ELECTIONS 2011 make sure your vote counts.


ANSWER ME THIS? ‘‘ What would be your ideal valentine’s gift? ’’ Romantic dinner by the seaside in a hot country, C.L, 20, Applied Psychology

Trip abroad if not, chocolate, Mihaela, 20, Media Practices

Good shopping trip for new woolie hats, Becky, 20, Media Practices

Trip to Paris for 2 nights in a 5 star hotel with a bottle of champagne and hot bubble bath, M.K, 23, Media Practices and Public Relations

I’m not bothered if I get a gift or not as long as I enjoy the day, R. Elton, 21, Sports Therapy

Electric guitar, Gareth, 20, Computer Networking

I don’t mind – valentine’s day can be everyday of the year, Roberto, Media Production

Bottle of perfume and chocolates, Kamran, Law

Not everyone celebrates or takes part in the whole valentines drama. However if given the oppurtunity we wanted to know what would you like to receive as gift for valentines as there is more to valentines than the box of chocolates and bouquet of flowers. By Sarah Badcock & Yinka Adeniyan

Find me a purple rose – not a fake one! Josephine, Law

Candle lit dinner with different boxes in each room leading to a bigger present. Or a proposal, Rachel, Law At home there’ll be roses and a card on my bed with tickets to somewhere where we can go together for a weekend away. We can watch the sunset on the beach,Yvette, 18, Law Any good gift will do, it doesn’t matter if its £4 or £5 just as long as it at least shows some thought has been put into it. Rehaan, MA Mass Communications

Romantic dinner by the seaside in a hot country, C.L, 20, Applied Psychology

Stress free day – no arguments, Leigham, 23, Journalism

A girlfriend, Connor, Radio Presenter

Trip abroad, - Shopping spree, - Katy Perry, - Poster of a hot woman, McDonald’s, - Money, Silsoe Group, 1st year students

I don’t like surprises because you don’t know how to dress, how can I dress appropriately if I don’t know where I’m going. It has to be spontaneous and very unusual and not just the norm i.e. a bunch of flowers, a meal or chocolate.You have to have listened to me throughout the year to know what I want, Davinia, 29, Mihaela, 20, Media Practices Next issue: Easter Edition, New Answer Me This: “Would you study abroad?” If you have an opinion on this and wish to share it with the student body? Send a max of 100 words to:



By Victoria Bolaji Blend Writer, Student


HA & S D N E R T P -U E K A M 0 1 TOP


oo Hoo!!!!! Smile everybody the time of Winter is offically OVER!!!! Well okay.....only according to fashion designers and the like who have started showcasing their Spring/Summer Collections but what the hell - it’s 2011. Contrary to weather reports which are still broadcasting snow, it’s time to shake a tail feather and stretch from head to toe because SPRING IS BASICALLY HERE!!! It’s almost time to take off that Winter jacket and shove it in the back of your wardrobe until next year, it’s almost time to swap those comfy sluggy uggs for chic shoeboots and its definately time to pull that scraped back I’m-at-home bun from your hair and shake out those tousled waves. I’ve bought and scoured the pages of a variety of magazines, most notably Glamour, Elle, Grazia, Essenscence, Vogue and Marie Claire just so I could know what the honest trends will be. This list doesn’t even include my online research! So without further-a- do let me introduce my compilation of the top 10 Spring and Summer make-up trends and hairstyles. Here it goes:


From my research I’ve noticed that it’s not just the berry lip it’s more a bright lip with a choice of reds, pinks and even oranges. But can I just point out that the berry lip is my favourite. With the ever increasing phenomena into mystery and the never-ending vampire craze it’s no wonder that this berry lip is a favourite. I think this look will suit everyone. Just choose a shade that matches your skin tone and unleash your inner vampire with this sexy shade. Louis Vuitton showed us exactly how it’s done as he unveiled his collection - who are we to argue?


It’s new. For 2011. It’s not safe and tidy anymore. Rock this key spring summer look by daring to add plenty of volume to the top.


Ladies the time has arrived to spruce up that look. Banish dry thirsty winter hair and enter the spring season with a new and improved. Shimmer this will enhance your natural hair colour and will help your hair shine with a glorious new “do”. After all, who wants to be classed as one hair colour? Rather than plain dark brown you can now be dark brown....with golden highlights.



Who says you can’t do an up-do when you’re just wearing jeans and a tee? I certainly don’t. So the next time you have a pair of jeans or a tee on and feel like adding a few pins here and there or clipping that back and adding a braid - GO FOR IT! Just remember to keep it slightly ruffled and not so put together.

Everyone always says that you’re either a mascara person or an eyeliner person. I happen to think I’m both so I pretty much adore this look. I do not think I have ever seen this look NOT WORK for anyone, no matter their eye colour or eye shape. Whether it’s for a saucy date, clubbing or a I’m-just-feeling-bloomingfantabulous today - this look is a hot one for Spring and Summer 2011. Vamp it up slightly by applying lashings (beware not gloopy or clumpy) of black mascara and try dabbing a sexy shimmery colour into the tear duct of the eye and VOILA - oh so sexy dazzling eyes!


The pony-tail, a staple for the hairstyles of most women everywhere and anywhere. But get ready to put down your combs and drop your brushes because the once precise and every stray-hair-trapped ponytail has been overtaken. Pump it up for early Spring by teasing and scrunching your hair before you put it up. Hands cost less than brushes and combs so for every saver student out there I suspect smiles all round.


The world of beauty trends is confusing. First we’re told to burst out in colour then we’re told to keep it natural. Well because I like to think that every girl regardless of individual style likes to shake it up a bit I’m adding this to the list. For those uni days when you wake up an hour before your lecture let loose and mix those colours up. But for the days when you feel naturally beautiful let your bare pretty side show and opt for a fresh face only using the bare minimums: foundation, concealer, slight mascara and subtle just glowy blush. Looking like you are not wearing any make up even when you are is SERIOSULY AN ART FORM!


I really do not think I need to explain this one. We all already know. Wearable throughout any and all seasons, the classic and timeless smokey eye remains a winner.


All the bright-neon make up lovers out there CLAP YOUR HANDS because neon colours are a huge thing for Spring Summer 2011. Gone are the days of using neutral colours because it is time to STAND OUT! Amp it up - the brighter the better. Take a hint from the rainbow (and Jason Wu’s Spring 2011 collection) by adding fun colours to your palette. Mix and match. The good thing about this is if you aren’t bold and don’t want to be too bright, just pick a colour and blend/soften it for a safer approach.


Last but not least. Make your hair say ‘BOOM!’ Whether big, bouncy and bold or loose, tousled and refined let your hair speak for you. From a variety of styles and methods to create them, be prepared to embrace the vitality of Spring.





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Sudoku 9x9 - Puzzle 3 of 4 - Easy



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Sudoku Sudoku 9x9 9x9 - Puzzle - Puzzle 43 ofof 44 - Medium - Hard


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yo ur boyfriend a Valentines day card can you? I dunno. I don’t think I would u n less I was wearing red lipstick and wasn’t going to see him ever again. But I digress. Back to this age of nonromance. It seems from what I’ve observed around me that this Valentine’s Day debate has 3 sides, and I say this with a lot of happiness. The third side gives me hope. Hope that one day true love and Valentine’s Day may be awoken to by a grateful and hungry crowd. Hope that people will find their one true love and fully unconditionally love them not




3 16


1 3 Y By Victoria Bolaji DA ’S INE NT LE VA IN VE LIE BE N’T DO O WH LE OP “THE PE Blend Writer, Student AM!!! BECAUSE THEY SEE IT AS A COMMERCIAL SC in love. And all that encompasses this emotion, so shoot me. When I was younger Valentine’s Day used to be about making Valentine’s Day cards and giving them to the people that I love including family, friends and any boy that I fancied at the time. As I’ve matured this process has still continued but I’ve sort of left out the family and now concentrated on swapping roses and chocolates with friends. As for guys it just seems to get harder. I mean you can’t just give a guy that you like but isn’t officially



Free puzzles for your publication:More puzzles like Kakuro, Futoshiki, Akari and more:




2 7


WHY THE HATRED FOR THE CELEBRATION OF LOVE? hat’s it - I’ve had enough! I have reached my breaking point. Why does everyone despise the celebration of love? What’s with the cynicism? It used to be all happiness and rose petals but now it seems that year after year we’ve descended into the age of suspiciousness and a severe decline in romance. What the hell is going on? Fine, so the divorce rate may have drastically gone up and people nowadays are cheating more than ever but that doesn’t mean that every one has to give up on love!!! Because that’s exactly what I think has happened - people have given up on love. What about the happy couples who have been together for over 40 years? What about the swans that mate and have one partner for life? What about them? It is my firm opinion that to give up on or mock Valentines day is to give up on and mock love. They are one in the same and let me just say that I am not having it! I write this article to fight for my side - THE ENDLESS LOVERS!!! The believers, the hopeful, the never-ending. The people who shout from rooftops about the ones they love. The people who hold hands in the street. The romantics who after a hard day cannot wait to see that person, that one that makes it better. Hurrah for love. When having discussions with my friends about love I forever seem to be the minority. And by minority I really mean party of one. ME. Alone. They find it so hard to believe that what happens in movies really does come true!! According to some of my bunch, romantic comedies are predictable stories for the unintelligent that follow a strict formula of: guy and girl fall in love, something bad happens which pulls them apart, ending - they ALWAYS get back together. Well hit me over the head and call me a Nigerian but what exactly is wrong with this storyline? Saving the predictable aspect of any romantic film for another argument, what’s the problem? A number of questions flew to my mind: Don’t people love each other unconditionally anymore? Aren’t relationships supposed to be challenging at times? Isn’t it true that although people go through tough times, they sometimes come back together and live happily ever after? One particularly key question sprang to my mind, the ever soppy: Isn’t love worth fighting for? Singers sing about and Rappers (to some degree) rap about it. Really, I might never understand. I Victoria Bolaji am a believer










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for money, nor any other reason but them being the ONE. So with joy I hang onto this hope believing that love and romance and Valentine’s Day aren’t dead - just confused. In this triangular debate I like to believe that we first of all have what I like to call the LOVERS. The believers in romance, True Love, Destiny, that journey which is a means to an end, Forever, Eternity and a Soulmate - The One. Those who hopelessly dream and fantasize about The One, firmly clinging to the belief that one day their love will be found. This is MY GROUP! Singers sing about, Rappers (well to some degree) rap about it and us lot cannot get enough of it - LOVE! On the other end of the spectrum you have what I like to call the CYNICS. Like some of my friends and a LOT of my fellow writers from ‘The Blend’ paper meeting, these guys are the non-Titanic loving club. In my opinion they would call themselves realists but as a LOVER I disagree. What is more real than love? I even bet they would argue that they are more rational and sensible etc. but who cares love is a leap of faith. Isn’t the wonder of love to make you feel as if you are dreaming? The amazing feeling to want someone and love someone so much that it could almost be fantasy? One can always hope that people would agree. With excitement I present my third classification: THE PEOPLE WHO DON’T BELIEVE IN VALENTINES DAY BECASUE THEY SEE IT AS A COMMERCIAL SCAM. All because the price of a red rose rises to 4x its normal price. So what? To this I simply say that the price of love cannot be determined. Ha! And I’m not talking puppy love - I’m defending the real thing. Even loving and appreciating yourself - why not? I’m just forever hopeful that these guys will slip into the LOVER category. So there you have it. Rant over. As this Valentine’s Day comes around I am going to smile. A smile for me and a smile for the lovers. My name is Victoria Bolaji. I am 19. I am waiting for my love whilst being fantabulous and Single. My person is coming. I am a LOVER.





By Dami Oloni Blend Writer, Student

ARE YOU TOO COOL TO USE ONLINE DATING SITES? Society has changed, technology has changed even we have changed; nobody wants to own pets instead make them and walk them on their Nintendo DS. Instead of talking to that person on the tube sitting next to you, you’re plugged away into you iPod listening to Waka Flockas new single. How are we supposed to find love if heads are buried away in BlackBerrys and iPhones contantly? Exactly how are we supposed to communicate? Make new friends? Get to know other people if these advances are getting in the way? Is it still possible to meet new singles and find dates even if you are the average looking Joe?

“SO LIKE, I MET THIS PRETTY GIRL ONLINE...” Once upon a time when we asked our parents how they met it was usually through a mutual friends gathering, or even by a bus stop. With rapid new changes with social media today we have an advantage to get to know people through different ways via Facebook, MySpace, Twitter, etc. I asked people about their opinions on dating sites and this is what some said.


ing ed join s and t la p sense contem tually I came to my t desperate.’ c a e ’v ‘I tha hen .com t an’t be match o myself, I c ndon ht t h Lo thoug ah, 19, Nort

est Londo


rather meet sperate guys, I’d and Match. de r fo e ar es sit Dating cebook face. Sites like Fa and have someone face to es os rp different pu ry ve ’t en ar uk co ns. different intentio


James, 18, Luto

n Student.


I think dati n who are sh g sites are for those y and can’t genera get girls, laugh cau lly. I’d do it for a se’ it ’s funn y Matthew ,1 8, Luton S




alentine’s Day is just around the corner. It is important to remember to play safe this Valentines. Have fun, but BE CAREFUL. Sexually transmitted diseases are increasing; cases of Chlamydia, Gonorrhoea, Genital Herpes, Genital Warts and Syphilis have all increased in recent years. Those most at risk are 16-25 year olds, so you as students are in the group most at risk of contracting a sexually transmitted disease. Research has shown that poor sexual health decisions are often linked to excessive alcohol consumption. Alcohol lowers your inhibitions, making you much more likely to take risks and engage in risky behaviour. Too much alcohol will affect your judgments and if you have unprotected sex, this judgment could affect the rest of your life, in the way of unwanted pregnancy and sexually transmitted infections. Make sure you always have condoms with you; you can get them free from the UBSU Welfare and Ad-


I would ne ve portion, bu r join a dating site it is not my t i think its desp for w natural, i fe erate, prefer meetin hen you are g e ‘superficia l that dating sites are someone l.’ Ugo, 19, N quite orth W






vice centres at the Bedford and Luton campuses. We can also offer you confidential sexual health advice if you feel you need it. 1 in 5 16-25 year olds admitted to having sex after drinking which they later regretted, and 1 in 10 found themselves unable to remember whether they had had sex after a night of heavy drinking 16% of students say they have been taken advantage of sexually due to too much alcohol and 8% admitted to sexually taking advantage of someone else due to being drunk. When you are drinking you are twice as likely to engage in unprotected sex, and if you have sex when you are drunk it is three times more likely to be unprotected. You are also much more likely to regret your decision to have sex. Be careful that you don’t make choices you regret for much longer than the morning after. The only way to protect yourself from sexually transmitted diseases and unwanted pregnancies is to ALWAYS wear a condom, whether you are sober, drinking or drunk. Otherwise a headache in the morning could be the least of your worries.



SEARCHING FOR HAPPINESS IS AS EASY AS 1 2 3 GOOGLE.COM Why do people look down on online dating services such as or, when what’s being advertised is finding love? Surely that can’t be wrong has society now deemed finding happiness as being desperate? I say take advantage of it, as cliché as it sounds you only live once. Do what makes you happy even if you have to find who makes you happy.



LY FOR EVERYONE? 1 DAY OUT OF 365, IS IT REAL By Ariel & Yashi Blend Writers, Student So ladies and gents, it’s that time of the year again where the couples have to validate their relationship and the singles buy out all of the Haagendazs, Yawn. As if we didn’t spend enough on Christmas presents, now barely 6 weeks later your partner says “so what are you getting me for valentine’s day?”  YOU what, lets pause, I’d be thinking that Christmas present was two for one, you should’ve chosen one holiday to get a present for. Cheek! First of all ‘Day Holidays’ are created by the government, intending to give their workers the obli-

deserves to feel special once in a while, but so does a man, and Valentine’s Day does not promote an equal partnership. Now I don’t know about Yashi but the first time I was a part of this conspiracy was last Valentine’s Day. I wore a nice dress, red underwear and we went out, my ex made me get into it. We met, making me think “where are my presents” until the end of the night when I was thinking you got me all dressed up for what, when I get surprised with all the roses and chocolate basket of nice pink sticky things. Then, 2 weeks later I gave all the things back to him. It is a day, for certain guys, to think they have to do something to believe they can get some action. Not the case anymore. Why not take advantage and be with your single friends and say how much you hate the opposite sex, or just act like it is an average day and don’t go outside or you will vomit with all the hearts and candy and flowers. Yuck! Cupid and I will have fights if he touches me, I will not get gassed over someone just for that one day. Why should I pretend that I care or even like them, just so I wouldn’t be alone on Valentine’s Day. I want the Flowers not on occasions but just to brighten my day, flowers can die and the feelings I have for you isn’t going to carry on, if this is the only way you want to express your feelings. Like everything in this world, it has become a part of fashion, and as the sheep we are we follow it. I am, and always will be, an ‘Anti-Valentiner.’, I want no part of it, I don’t need to validate my love for someone one day of the year and be lazy the rest, like it makes up for all the arguments and problems you have had throughout,  I mean it’s not like we have Single’s day, Friendship day, or my personal favourite Haagen-dazs and don’t judge day, so why Valentine’s Day? “I have never agreed with Valentine’s day, it’s not that I have never been in love or been with someone on that day but you should show that you care about me every day not just February 14th.“ We posed a question on Facebook , asking what people’s thought of Valentine’s Day were. Before it even started there was a Facebook fight, but someone made a point to my statement. “Actions speak louder than words. But secretly... would you rather have absolutely nothing than an extremely nice surprise?” Now don’t get us wrong we are not being bitter because we personally don’t have a valentine, but even if we did, we would still find it a useless day. It just makes the depressed more depressed and the materialistic more competitive. We don’t want to crush everyone is bubble because we’ve choose to be single, remember it is a normal day and you should care for your partner like it is any other day. Don’t pretend to be someone that you’re not because 2 weeks later your true colours will show and the pink sticky stuff will fade and pass its sell by date and you might too. Valentine’s Day was cute when we were 10 and making homemade cards for our secret crush, but just like most myths we followed when we were young, like Santa clause and the tooth fairy, we grow out of it and start to see it for what it is. However let’s not be so cynical, for those who adore the idea of valentines, we honestly hope you have a lovey dovey, squishy and unnecessarilly amounts of PDA, sickeningly romantic time, as long as you don’t bring it my our enjoy!!!!! Mwah, kisses x1000

gation to take a day off. In relation, religious holidays i.e. Christmas, are times when we are able to kick back from university and work, Valentine’s Day is simply a Pagan Holiday, from the ancient Roman times about fertility rites which was regressed to the production of pink and red sticky stuff. Besides ladies, have you actually ever tried to shop for a Valentine’s Day present for a man? Scratch that, a present for a man in general? It is acIt’s Just another day, only covered in pink sticky tually a mission. I’m being a realist, but Valentines’ is stuff and candy. Yuck!................. And for all the sinnot really a day for the men, other than that special gletons… Haagen-dazs. alone time behind the bedroom doors. The “holiday” is all about ‘Her’, that part I don’t mind, a girl



RE BROUGHT EAM COME TRUE, OR A NIGHTMA DR A BE N CA UP D LEA ITS D AN VALENTINE’S DAY THE LEAVE ME BE. ES OF GIRL - THE LOVED UP AND TYP O TW ’S ERE TH Y. LIT REA O INT WHAT THE DAY AND ITS LEAD UP BELOW ARE TWO GIRLS’ ACCOUNTS OF ByLucinda Rodrigues and Sophia Mead (DREAMY OR DISASTROUS) BRING. Blend Writers, Student Valentine’s Day, it hits you like a ton of roses. I have been planning this day since, forever. It has to be perfect because it only happens once a year. Cheesy, red and all lovey dovey. Thank God that tiny, cute baby cupid had an bow, arrow and good aim. Seeing red roses in the park does not stand out anymore to me than dandelions, until of course when Valentines Day comes around. We see all those people pretending like Valentines Day mean nothing to them, until of course that boy comes around and well everyone jumps on the band wagon, like me. No matter where you turn you can’t hide from Valentine’s Day and well I’m certainly not trying to.You would think it’d be easy to find the perfect gift but with so many options I don’t know where to start. Valentines day means nothing when you haven’t anyone to share it with. I’m sure when that person comes around, you will be at that shop, buying a bunch of £30 red roses, writing cheesy quotes you heard in movies, like, “can I keep you?” Why spend February-to-February sniggering over valentine’s cards when you could be writing one. Counting down the days to valentines is horrible; the days cannot go any slower. What am I going to wear, cute or sophisticated? What should I buy him, should I go personalise or just keep it simple? How should I do my hair? How will I accept “the gift”, this is a big one, should I looked surprised, or maybe very thankful, or is that just too keen? Most importantly what if he forgets? It’s make or break. Should I go on that date with the irresistibly cute guy or stay in with girls eating too much chocolate and giggling to Love Actually? You pass the shops and it is truly the only day everything goes completely red. There are balloons, chocolates and the cutest couples holding hands. Gifts are being bought every few seconds yet I really can’t seem to find the perfect one. No matter how cute that card is, it just is not cute enough. These are the times I wish cupid was real and here, not in hiding due to being on many single girls hit lists. Once I’ve settled on a card I will never truly be satisfied with, I travel to boots to pick out the perfect lipstick, I opt for cherry.

Valentine’s Day, it hits you like a ton of bricks. Why is it that this time of the year comes around so quickly? Cupid (or at least his commercial self) is everywhere I look. His ridiculously priced tokens have expanded to not only the card shops, which you can avoid as a singleton at this time of the year. He’s following me to the clothes shops, the food shops and when I’m rooting around HMV for a rock album that will serve as a great pick me up, I have to dig beneath the compilation CDs with songs that only include lyrics about love and eternity? I may have to take out a restraining order on the sugary sweet, chubby, barely clothed creature. And what’s with the roses? With all the hassle of watering them I personally think girls prefer Roses of the chocolate variety. It’s funny to watch, these girls getting so taken in by the nauseating scents and colours - to stand there and say how they love to hear other couples plans and gift ideas for the day. It’s also funny to watch them the year they become single. They will look back on the quote “Can I keep you” that they included on the ridiculously priced, ridiculously sized cards they’ve given and will undoubtedly think “Can I return you”? Counting down the days to Valentines is like counting down the days whilst on death row. They race by. I begin to panic. How will I spend valentines? Shall I hide away? Shall I make a point of being single and proud? And how far do I take that point? Do I wear a single and proud t-shirt? Is that too far? Like single girls, like taken girls, I over think it. Should I give in and go on a date with the stand by guy we all have? Or should I stay strong and spend a night in with sufficient amounts of chocolate and giggling to Love Actually? As the day gets nearer my feelings become extremist. Like the effects of alcohol, when you’re happy and tipsy, everything is that bit better. So when you’re single, irritated and listening to the drone of the loved up couple, I want to commit a murder, and cupid is first on the hit list. I scour the shelves of Boots, searching for the perfect facemask, I opt for kiwi. My plan for V-Day (or D-day as its known) are relaxed. Pamper kit? Check. DVDs? Check. Wine? Check. I have the right ingredients for the perfect night in so I’m not too fussed about the order I do things. There goes the door - it must be my knight in shining armour…the pizza guy. It’s the day after the night before and I have that feeling of relief. Once again the lead up was bigger than the event itself. The minute the morning rolls in everything goes back to normal. I must say though, it was nice to have some me time. To my surprise Valentines Day hit me like a ton of roses.

Everything must go to plan because there is no room for mistakes. The gift is nearly perfect. My look is as good as it’s going to get right now. The perfect date is on his way. Cameras charged, bag ready, there goes the doorbell. This day must be perfect. It’s the day after the night before and I have that feeling of relief. Once again the lead up was bigger than the event itself. The minute the morning rolls in everything goes back to normal. I must say though it was nice to have a date. To my surprise, Valentines Day hit me like a ton of bricks. Just in case you’re wondering, these accounts are extremes of

our previous valentines. Bet you will never guess who is leading which role now. Happy Valentines.




18 MEDIA ylist St. Valentine’s Alternative Pla att Hobbs

Music Review

By M

Announce to the world that Christmas is too commercialised and you’re immediately given the sort of reaction that Frankie Fraser adopted most of his life, manic grins and all. Similarly, if around this time of year you mention that Valentine’s Day has become diluted to the point where it’s now meagre to its original intentions, you’re brushed off as ‘one of those’, someone who is either a) bitter or b) extremely bitter. Of course it’s not hard to feel such resentment when sales of Take That’s Greatest Hits go through the roof whilst the real pioneers for love remain sitting stranded on HMV shelves across the country;The Queen Is Dead, Help!,The Suburbs et al. You may wonder where this article is going; is it going to meander around the subject before announcing the greatest love song ever? (‘I Know It’s Over’ by The Smiths for the record.) No instead we need to look at something more modern; though the days of Hank Williams and Roy Orbison are gone, modern music is replicating John Lennon and The Beatles message of ‘All You Need Is Love’ in stellar fashion. The following three songs aren’t the best love songs of all time, merely a fragment of what’s around at the moment:


Blur left us with ‘Tender’ amongst other love songs, and today we still have Damon Albarn at the helm of love lyrics, best seen in ‘To Binge’ from last year’s Plastic Beach. The acid-squelch pop made it accessible to the mainstream, but in ‘To Binge’ Albarn’s cohesion with Little Dragon’s Yukimi Nagano related to something along the lines of Au Revoir Simone’s performance with Friendly Fires in ‘Paris’. Albarn dismantles the old adage of plenty more fish in the sea as he wistfully confides to Nagano and the listener,“just don’t know if I can roll into the sea again.”


Milo Cordell and Robbie Furze’s debut album encompassed every aspect of love in a sheen of shoegaze; highlight ‘Velvet’ was harrowing, intimate and ground into a conglomeration of unease and hope. Killer line, “these arms of mine/ don’t mind who they hold” was a nod to Otis Redding, whilst Furze killed off any thoughts of redemption whilst retaining strong vocals.


Odd Blood had its malaise tightly wound in a labyrinth of Bowie-esque rock and Ecstasy fuelled beats that even MGMT would blush at but ‘I Remember’ was a rare moment of frankness. Chris Keating’s vocals were exposed and hinted at inevitable break up, best reflected in main hook, “you’re stuck in my mind all the time.”

ng? What’s this about SwisLyhi ndsay Murphy


By t UBSU Presiden

wishing is a brand new up and coming event straight from London. But what is it i hear you say? Well ladies we all love to shop for clothes shoes, bags etc and even you men enjoy a good old shopping trip from time to time. But what we don’t realise is how bad it is for our bank balance, but more importantly how terrible it is for the planet!! Swishing is shopping without affecting the planet and it’s absolutely free. Basically each person brings at least one item (but no more than 5 items) of nice, clean and presentable clothing. So not an old jumper or t-shirt you have had in your wardrobe for the last 5 years. At the event you swap your items of clothing for tags, the aim is to browse through other items of clothing brought in by other people and when you see

something you like you can use a tag to claim it. So in simple terms you are recycling some items of clothing you have which are still in pretty good condition and swapping them for others. This event has really taken off in London and swishing parties are being held all over the city. Luton Borough Council are holding their own swishing event on the 26th March 2011 in the Galaxy centre from 11am. The idea is you bring your clothes down at 11 am and exchange them for your tags, and then you return to the event at 12:30pm when all the clothes have been displayed on racks and the swishing will then commence. Here at UBSU we are working together with Luton Borough Council to set up our very own swishing event at the Students’ Union. It is going to take place on Tuesday 29th March 2011 in the Mezzanine bar, campus centre Luton. So why not come along and try something new? It’s a great chance to save money and the planet and have a great time.







UoB Welcomes artin Jay Choice FM’soM ck By Sarah Badc itor, Luton Newspaper Ed

Choice FM is a hip-hop and r’n’b radio station that started in 1990. Their loyal listeners have been tuned in over the decades and continue to broadcast from London’s Leicester Square. Martin Jay is an experienced DJ and radio presenter and has been at Choice FM since the very beginning. He is most commonly known as one half of the “the cheeky duo” on the morning breakfast show (though he claims he is the less cheeky one). Three of our media performance students invited Martin down to participate in a 10-minute interview with him as part of their assessment. The Blend was behind the scenes. As voice levels were being checked and cameras adjusted, Martin is cool and laid-back like a true pro. The presenters sat in a cleverly colour coordinated row inia Dillon, av wearing green, D s, m ia Will * - Anthony pson red and yellow tm *From L/R ho T l ie Miech Martin Jay, shirts and Martin breaks the silence and cracks a joke, ‘If there was a blue it’d be JLS!’ As the rehearsal began Martin told us how there are elements of glamour but there is also a downside to it i.e. getting up early hours of the morning to be on air from 6-10am. He points out that ‘the good thing with radio is no-one can see you, so you can grab your clothes get in the car and go down the road.’ When the full 10-minute interview started I couldn’t help but sit in awe thinking ‘wow, this is the guy I’ve listened to for years on the radio! I can’t wait to interview him after this.’ During the students’ interview with Martin he explained that between Mon-Fri he is a “radio presenter” and for his show The Caribbean Affair he is a “DJ”; as he plays the music that he likes. Martin also shed light on how he was able to afford to buy records? (As they were then referred to) his reply, ‘I saved pocket money and I had three part times jobs – you will find the means to provide for what you want to be.’ When asked what gives him inspiration to talk about topics on air he went on to say ‘you use everything from life to put into radio i.e. train 7’o’clock in the evening – you take a note email it to yourself ’ Choice FM gives great opportunities for the presenters to go abroad to broadcast their shows. The Caribbean Affair has been broadcasted in the Caribbean for Carnival for 20 years running from countries such as Barbados, Trinidad, Jamaica and the Bahamas. Martin gives details on how cold it was despite broadcasting from a beach! This was due to the time they had to be on the beach to air the show so that it would be live in the UK. ‘You have to make listeners think you’re in the hot exotic country – when really you’re freezing! You have to take the rough with the smooth’ Martin briefly touches on the partnership between Choice FM and raising the awareness of The African-Caribbean Leukaemia Trust. This emerged through the story of patient Daniel De Gayle who was diagnosed with Leukaemia.This highlighted that very few ethnic minorities donate blood for such a cause or are not aware they could help save a life. If you would like to know more information or give someone a fighting chance, register at www.aclt.



CHOICE FM: MARTIN JAY WHAT DO YOU THINK MAKES A GOOD DUO-TEAM WORK? Compromises like a marriage, obviously you’re not literally with the same person but I see the cranky side of Lucy. I’m very quiet and I like to have my own thoughts. I don’t like to spend too much of a conversation talking about one topic. You’ve both got to have passion. Lucy is very passionate and she’s not afraid of doing something different and on the line. For instance during the X Factor when Wagner got voted off Lucy said ‘I think he should be in it’ and wanted to talk about it on air but I didn’t because I wasn’t bothered by it – but Lucy really was!


The most memorable moments aren’t on air. Like one Sunday morning when Lucy was hosting her show she thought that she had a few spare minutes and played Tony Matterhorn’s Dutty Wine. Little did she know she had the wrong version and it definitely wasn’t appropriate for a Sunday morning show! But The first interview is over and it’s time for The Blend to ask Lucy was listening to a song on preface (to get the next song some questions. We head back to the dressing room and get ready to be played) with her headphones on. I was in the buildto asking! Martin’s co-host for the morning show and the othing on the 3rd floor and I was listening to the show so I was er half of the “Cheeky duo” on Choice FM is Lucy Ambache – rushing down but it was too late. She didn’t even have a clue Monday to Friday broadcasting live 6-10am. so I told her to be expecting a call from the boss! That was an example of Lucy and a situation which got out of control. WHAT INSPIRED YOU TO GET As a breakfast show we’re meant to be ready to go in after the last presenter and one morning Lucy wakes up at 7:45 – INTO BROADCASTING? keeping in mind our show is 6-10am. She didn’t arrive to the studio until 8:40. So it became a phrase that if you were runMusic – music’s the answer. Back then I didn’t have a vision, ning late or woke up late “Oh, I’ve dunna Lucy!” it wasn’t “I want to be a presenter” I just wanted to share the music I love with others. And through passion I was able to teach myself a few tricks.

EVENTS IS PRESENTING A CAREER YOU SHOULD PURSUE – WOULD YOU RECOMMEND IT? Not if you think of it as a career as opposed to a passion firstly because there’s always going to be someone who is hungrier than you.

MARTIN EXPLAINS HOW HE GOT HIS SHOW AND THE BIRTH OF CHOICE FM: The Daily Mirror sponsored Carnival and in 1990 Choice FM started as the new black radio station. Patrick Berry the Managing Director at the time called me and asked me how it becomes a carnival station? I told him I’d be there by 6:30pm and by then I had scheduled and brought in every record they needed to make it work. We had a 5 minute interview and I gave Patrick all the papers with my ideas with the times and schedules. He looked at me and asked me how much I wanted and I told him I didn’t want money, I wanted a show – ‘that’s all I want.’

WOULD YOU HAVE TAKEN THE MONEY AND LEFT? People who have succeeded now, it’s not at a click. You’ve got to have that hunger.There’s no harm in doing various jobs temporarily because you will have an idea of what you want to do. After this interview, we all took something away to think about. What are we passionate about? What is it we want to do? What are we willing to do to get there? Martin shows us that whatever you do you must have passion; otherwise there is no real reason for you to do what you’re doing. If the world was filled purely by those who were driven by money then there would’nt be artists, dancers, social workers, doctors and nurses. Not to say that all other careers are not in it to truly help others. But haven’t you noticed that those who work hard and really love what they do and it helps benefit others, don’t get paid as well as those who don’t care and are just after that paycheque. Know what you want and work hard to get it!


should ce) why they entire audien he round. (t xt n ne e ow ugh to th BSU has sh ro U e th yl g st in r ere to go ac n true Xf e mu- be inners who w ne saw two w tion to the liv O ica d di gu un d de Ro an its s that ad. Jan15 vote ton is not de Michael with g Lu in er in az ng e si am en sc an Bc si part in U Jonny with d an th saw 5 acts take e Jo ts uary 20 and the taris n Mic Night tes. SU’s new Ope see them com orting 20 vo pp t month will ex to fill the su N to e ar st Th ue a in r nt fo to co search g May Ball the next lot up and comin rn pete with n to the Mez Co w d act slot in the or do df ad Be , he ay So M . h al 0t on fin (2 . e re th Cent later this year the Campus zanine Bar in ore amazm di r au fo e Exchange) m th th February at 8p tists gave ar ’s th 17 on m This stes from of musical ta g acts. ence a variety Anastasia in er ng si B Rn , ry Ro beatboxing writer Matt d singer/song to a 16 year ol the judges to persuade Porter trying





Film Reviews Film Club) (As Voted by the Bedford

By Rihannon Baxendell Newspaper Editor, Bedf ord

RATING SYSTEM: 5 = BLOOMIN BRILLIANT! 4 = A JOLLY GOOD FILM. 3 = AVERAGE. 2 = NOT VERY GOOD AT ALL. 1 = SO TERRIBLE IT MADE ME ANGRY To start off a year of great films in 2011, the group leader of the University of Bedfordshire Film Club (Holly Simms) has put together a review of the best and worst

films of 2010, as voted for by the members of the Film Club. The rating system has been taken from an average of the member’s attitudes towards each film.

First, we start off with the best and worst of 2010:

Top 5 best films of



Directed by Christopher Nolan. Easily the best film of the year: the representation of all that is good film making. This year’s Avatar. Rating: 5/5


An extremely clever and well made indie film by Matthew Vaughn. Any fans of Vaughn will know what to expect: extremely slick action scenes, violence, gangsters and a ten year old Chloe Mortez as the bad ass Hitgirl. Rating: 5/5

Scott Pilgrim vs. the World

Directed by Edgar Wright. Scott Pilgrim revels in its graphic novel roots and is unashamed of its geekiness! Definitely for a niche market but hilarious and extremely fun. Rating: 5/5

f 2010 Top 5 worst films o The Last Song

A cheesy, boring and seemingly endless attempt at showcasing Miley Cyrus as a serious actress. Rating: 1/5

Grown Ups

Adam Sandler has unfortunately lost his touch if this and his last film ‘Funny People’ are anything to go by. The jokes are predictable and lazy and the many normally funny comedy actors are unable to shine through the terrible dialogue. Rating: 1/5

The Tourist

Literally laughable, comparable with ‘Duplicity’ with Clive Owen and Julia Roberts. It features frequent and ridiculous plot twists which only serve to annoy and induce so much eye rolling that you’ll fun. Rating: 2/5

Cop Out

Just. Awful. It’s obvious, but I’m going to say it anyway– Bruce Willis literally has copped out. A once great actor appearing in an unfunny comedy in which Tracey Morgan makes clichéd and boring jokes. Rating 2/5

The Book Of Eli

An unashamed promotion of Christianity over all other religions. Rating: 3/5


One of Miyazaki’s many masterpieces was given the Disney treatment in 2010. The moral of the film relevant and as always with Studio Ghilbi, cinematically beautiful. Rating: 4/5

Bad Lieutenant: Port of call, New Orleans

Directed by the famously strange Werner Herzog. Again for a niche audience: anyone who enjoyed ‘Raising Arizona’ will take pleasure in Nick Cage back on form after the last few years of film terribleness in abundance! Rating: 4/5


Hot Tub: Time Machine

Awith a name like this, expectations were low. But it turned out to be a tongue in cheek, genuinely funny film which just illustrates bad advertising and makes me glad I go to see everything at the cinema, no matter how bad it sounds. Rating: N/A

So there we have it, a list of the best and worst of 2010, and also films to look out for in 2011. To have your say, email for it to be included in the next Blend edition.


11 means a new The beginning of 20 forward to, but year of film to look on the lookout for? what should you be eady these films are alr Although some of e se go of a reason to out, it’s just more ur views. them and give us yo

TO 2011 LOOKING FORWARD Kings Speech

7th January. Already tipped for the Oscars, the story of the unsure monarch King George VI, whose speech therapist convinces him of his worthiness to rule. Full of British acting royalty: Colin Firth, Helena Bonham Carter, Derek Jacobi and also Karen from Outnumbered.

Black Swan

21st January. A dark, intelligent looking psychological drama starring the immensely talented Natalie Portman. Focuses on the rivalry between a veteran (Portman) and inexperienced ballet dancer: Mila Kunis (Meg from Family Guy).


18th March. The third and final installment of Simon Pegg and Nick Frost’s ‘Cornetto trilogy’. Set in America and starring various recognisable faces from Saturday Night Live, a comedy about an alien named Paul (voiced by Seth Rogan) who needs the duo’s help in getting home.

Pirates of the Caribbean: on Stranger Tides

20th May. Captain Jack is back (once again) and this time he’s in search of the fountain of youth. Full of as many pirating figures they can cram in, it seems as though it may back on form after the last few years of film terribleness in abundance!

Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part 2.

15th July. The final installment of the Harry Potter franchise, it. Looks. AMAZING.

The Hobbit

31st December. Peter Jackson’s back at the helm and Bilbo has been cast! Martin Freeman is to play the eponymous hero in this prequel to the Lord of the Rings trilogy and with Ian Mckellen returning as Gandalf, it’s set to be equally as impressive.

s By Holly Simm ford d Be Film Club,



By Gunj an Kalra Manral It’s easy to feel the oneness with objects. We say, my car, my mobile, my book, my jewelry, my house, etc. When you can develop the skill of extending that sense of belongingness to the people around you, the roads and the trees, mountains, rivers and the seas, there is no limit to the amount of ownership and thus responsibility you can take and to the level you can evolve. It is said that if you cannot drop your ego, then expand it to include the whole of Creation. When we can say all people are mine, it’s my planet, my world; then Heaven is very close

Responsibility is a natural function of Belongingness and real Power is its outcome. Spiderman’s uncle said, “With great power comes great responsibility’, but for normal humans it

Would you be interested in learning sign language? by Paula Mayes Nationally, 8.7m people suffer from hearing problems, 688,000 of them have severe to profound deafness. Deaf people often do not receive the same access and opportunities as hearing people and often feel Would you be interested in setting up, or being part of a sign language group at the Polhill Campus? If people are interested UBSU can look into whether such a group could be set up. If you would be interested in such a group email:

is the other way round, “ With great Responsibility comes great Power ”. When you take Responsibility, the Power is granted to you. Wanting power without taking responsibility is called corruption. To invoke the skill of being relaxed and “at home” in all circumstances, do Yoga, Pranayama and Meditation All problems in the world are truly a matter of wrong identification. Instead of my caste, my religion or my country, we need to start with I am first a Spark of the Divine, a Part of the Universal Spirit, then a human being, and all the other roles and labels I associate with that. When we can do this, we start to recognise others too are the same. Whispers of Infinity, exactly the same as Ourselves… This will result in a celebration and a wondrous harmony in this amazing diversity we call Creation. As a materialist, spiritualist, atheist or a communist, you have been struck by this exclamation an ample number of times in life – Three words of Wonder, Belongingness and Divinity that can snap you into the present moment. Let’s look at this expression of awe, one word at a time. The O happens when one is wonder struck with the consequence that the mind goes blank and the heart goes full; it


By Karen Pumpuni

The disability society is a fun, new social group that welcomes students with disabilities and anybody with an interest in disabilities. The society is a great opportunity to meet people that have an understanding of what it’s like to live your life whilst having a disability... So come along to our weekly group meetings and exciting events and let’s get it started! If you would like to join this society please would you contact Karen Pumpuni on: Number: 07958462019 BB pin: 2260ff9d email address:

ANIMAYBE SOCEITY? BY MICHAEL EVERETT Konichiwa/Konbanwa!!!! (depending on when you read this) Hey, everyone and anyone who is interested in Japanese Anime and Manga. Feel free to join us at the Anime and Manga Society where you’ll have a nice time meeting friendly people with a similar interest in this art form. We usually chill out and have fun, while doing things anime and manga related of course, meaning we’ll have special events and trips for all interested. Even if you HAVE NEVER HEARD OF ANIME AND MANGA come along and see what it’s about, you may find that you like-or even love- the beauty that is anime and manga.


MARKETING SOCIETY RISES FROM ITS ASHES A few of us knows what Marketing Communications Society used to be a few years ago; they were the pride of Business School having involved creative members, great events and a name for the department. Sadly, most of them graduated and last year only a handful of people were left to organize things around. They did not so well on events and communication, but they had spectacular results in competitions, for which we congratulate them. Now, with a new board, having Taudvidas Tamulevicius to inspire the passionate ones, The Marketing society has started fresh. New members, new ideas, same great support from staff and Student`s Union, the society had already had two meetings were two of our pillar staff members had lectured in a more non formal way – Neville Hunt and Elizabeth Parkin. They have been in open discussions with the society members about their routes into their professional fields, day-to-day experiences, challenges they faced, advices for novices and so on. They did agree to meet again with the members in order to support them with their graduate applications, tailoring their CVs and preparing for specific interviews. On a day to day basis, the Society organizes meetings where members can bring their own material on specific subjects related to the Marketing industry. They had a fruitful collaboration with Law society and interacted well with other groups. The past few months led them to offering their marketing skills in order to help other societies that could use it for

wells up with warm fuzzy feelings. These Aha! and Oho! moments make life worth living. In life, usually questions are associated with sadness: why me? What have I done to deserve this? Why is my boss/husband/ wife/professor such a jerk? etc. A wonder springs from a state of heightened consciousness. A question may make you unnecessarily or wrongly intellectualize, philosophize and possibly drive you in a downward spiral and into inaction. A wonder when sustained pushes you into self-enquiry and action, or may be beyond that, into actionless action or meditation.

some events, campaigns or even to market their own society. They will develop further events and campaigns together with the PR Club and the Student Representative for Chartered Institute of Public Relation – which asked for their support. On a different level, The Marketing Society virus seems to be contagious as a few students from CATS department who were invited to the tales that took place, have expressed their support and wish to collaborate with them. We might be looking at the birth of a new Society in the CATS department so keep your eyes opened – Until then, all students who feel a passion for marketing, those who like commercials more than TV programs themselves, the ones that could sell fridges to people living at the North Pole and all creative enthusiastic ones, are invited to join the meetings of The Marketing Society. If you wish to work with the amazing ones above to market your society or event, or you want to join their society, feel free to drop Tom an e-mail at tautvydastam@

It is better to light a candle than to curse the darkness

The world renowned Human Rights group, Amnesty International, has finally arrived at the University of Bedforshire. We would like to now encourage everyone, in the light of present day issues to take advantage in this worldwide phenomenon called Human Rights Awareness by signing up. We implore that Human Rights is a colossal international issue, and your awareness and participation may go a long way, including your CVs and future career. What is Amnesty International really about? Worldwide Human Rights Movement Ordinary people from around the world Standing up for humanity and human rights

Our purpose: To protect individuals wherever justice, fairness, freedom and truth are denied Why join? Amnesty Student Action Network- a large recognised network of students in universities and colleges across the UK; Which means, very good for CV!!! Greater awareness to what is at stake – International Affairs Feel detached? – Remember World War 2! Participation Definitely not too time consuming and very worthwhile Helping to raise awareness of Human Rights in various ways Helping to organise events Participation in events; trips, parties, demonstrations and lots more Who knows, maybe free stuff…?


RaG off to a great start E GIV & ISE RA


By Matt McCaffery RaG Officer, Luton


his last term Bedfordshire RaG has been working hard to give our students at the University of Bedfordshire every chance to do something amazing. We have held comedy nights with our ever popular Comedy Lounge filling the new Student Union bar at the Luton Campus. Movember, with the help of the Luton Men’s Rugby team, and we have been out on the student nights at Liquid and Legends hosting Pink Party, Movember and Smurf Party where our volunteers were out armed only with a sponge and some face paint and successfully turned Liquid blue! All this has help us raise £661.58 for various charities and made this term one of the greatest terms for RaG in Luton. A big thank you goes out to everyone who has worked so hard this last term, for everyone who got involved in our events and of course everyone at The Mezzanine Bar, Liquid and Legends for all their help. Term 2 at a glance We kick off term 2 with our next Comedy Lounge night (January 27th) where we shall bring the house down with some of the best comedy acts on the UK circuit. Tickets are only £3 and are available from The Mezzanine Bar in the Campus

Centre. We launch Jailbreak 2011 on February 7th, when our dedicated site will be open for teams to sign up and this time the starting point is from the Bedford Pollhill Campus. Jailbreak 2011 is on the 2nd April and how to get involved will be announced in a few weeks. RaG Week 2 - our second RaG Week kicks off at the end of February will see our society at the night clubs, the return of our popular sweet stall and another dose of comedy with the Comedy Lounge. Details of events in both Luton and Bedford are to be announced shortly. Brand new Site For the latest information on all our events the latest news and hints and tips to run your own event please check out our brand new site at could join the society to help get involved with the many events we run. It is great fun and awesome to have on your CV. Choose your Charity For the first time ever we are asking what charities we should raise for in 2011/12 academic year in this year’s UBSU’s Elections you will be asked to choose which one. To put forward a suggestion please email Ciaran O’Brien (Student Activities Manager) ciaran. Jailbreak 2011 coming 2nd April Bedfordshire Jailbreak One of the most difficult things to do in the world is being yourself, being at university is a time where students have the freedom to express who they are without consequences of being looked down upon. Many students struggle to come to terms with sexuality over the three (or more) years at university, and are often scared to tell other people about it. Coming out is one of the single most terrifying things they will have to do, doing so meaning they truly come to terms with who they are and want to let other people know it. That’s not to say that it’s the end of the journey, however it’s always the first and best step made. Admitting it to yourself and others makes the journey so much easier to manage, knowing that there will be friends, family and others, who are willing to support you. Being ‘in the closet’ only serves to isolate themselves, trying to ignore the issue rather than deal with it. For some it may just be the new environment and wish to explore, for others it’s confusion and a part of them that’s gone unexplored, or maybe they have personally come to terms with it but are scared of what others will think or say. To everyone who is having trouble with this, you must know, you are not alone. For more information about coming out, peoples own experiences and upcoming LGBT events in the university, visit

Ben Cottee (LGBT Officer)


2011 – Bedfordshire RaG Societies now famous hitchhiking challenge - is due to start sign up from the 7th February 7th February will see the launch of its brand new website: Once signed up to this site you can join a team or start a new one and raise money either by the old fashioned sponsorship forms or through the links available for your facebook and twitter accounts. It could not be simpler. The sign up period is open till Wednesday 30th March with the Jailbreak starting at 9am on Saturday 2nd April at Bedford’s Polhill

The start of the 2010/11 academic year for societies started on a high with a record breaking number of students signing up for the many societies on the Luton Campus. Not only this, but we also had a variety of newly formed societies. These include:


February 18th – The LGBT society is going out for a night on the town, in London! Predrinks and meeting at the Mezzanine from 7 PM. We will be getting transport around 10 PM to head down to G-A-Y/Heaven in London, one of the UK’s biggest Gay nightclubs. All are welcome and is an absolutely brilliant night out. For ticket price and more information, email the LGBT society; lgbt_ubsu@hotmail. com or Ben Cottee (LGBT officer); For more info on the venue, go to; http://

The Bedford campus has already seen some lively and active events from the societies that are up and running, such as the Christian Union, Film Club and Theatre society. We have also experienced some new





societies signing up such as: Furthermore, we are looking to expand on the societies we can offer and those we are currently recruiting for are: RAG (Raise and Give) Society LGBT Society Academic societies (Law and Business) For a Full list of societies based at both Luton and Bedford campus please visit

Campus and will only cost £15 per person. While on the event you will be able to text the site with your stories along your travels and a Google map will track you around the world for all your friends and family to see. What is Jailbreak? Jailbreak is a hitchhike event you will have 36 hours to travel as far from the Bedford Polhill Campus without spending any money! At the end of the event you could be sitting in a deck chair on the other side of the world: a string of adventures under your belt and a worthy cause benefitting the whole time. All without paying a penny. Or you could stay home and sort old bank statements - your choice! Jailbreak is unlike any other experience you’ll encounter whilst at university. It’s an opportunity to do something truly different and memorable. Hone your powers of persuasion, sharpen your sweet talk, prepare to improvise and expect the unexpected.You could be finding yourselves beneath tropical palms, amongst ancient Pyramids or in a hazy Amsterdam coffee shop. With persuasion and persistence the possibilities are endless... No money and 36 hours: how far will you go? Need more information? Bedfordshire Rag Society has the rules and hints and tips to help you get as far as possible in its wiki pages of its brand new site at

It’s not too late to sign up to a society. All you need to do is pick the society(s) you’re interested in and email either: Cherrelle Emanuel (Luton Societies) or Robert Searle (Bedford Societies). The societies that we have registered are available to all students across the five campuses to join. See addresses below. Alternatively if you don’t see a society that takes your fancy, then why not start your own? Simply visit the website and download a society registration form, alternatively visit your local Student Activity Department. Once the form is filled in you can return them to the following:

Luton Societies

Cherrelle Emanuel Student Activities Assistant (Luton) – cherrelle.emanuel@ or pop in the Student Activities Office based in the Campus Centre, Luton G111.

Bedford Societies

Robert Searle Student Activities Assistant (Bedford) – robert.searle@beds. or pop in the Student Activities Office based in the Students’ Union P0.85



It has been a promising start to this season for the ‘Bedford Bulls’ Dodgeball Club, with a good intake of new players after trials, the squad has grown in both size and strength. The club has continued its success in tournaments and carried on from where it left off last season. However, this time it is the girls who have taken the limelight by becoming the UK National University Champions. The highly contested tournament was one of the biggest tournaments in UKDBA history with 32 men’s teams and 12 women’s teams entering the event held at Warwick University. Bedford entered four teams - 1sts and 2nds for both men and women. In a very strong men’s competition, the men’s 1sts came 4th and were unlucky not to finish higher as they were only narrowly beaten by Warwick 1sts; the reigning national champions. The Men’s 2nds finished 9th which was just as impressive, finishing above many other university 1st teams, and showing the real strength and depth the squad has this season. The women’s 2nd team were the surprise of the tournament, as they clinched a 3rd place medal which was truly deserved after a number of great performances, finishing top of a group which contained the reigning champions Southampton and eventual finalists Warwick. However, as if the day couldn’t get any better it was the Women’s 1sts who stole the show, taking 1st place in the women’s championship after dominating the event from start to finish. They won very convincingly as they stepped up through the gears before beating Warwick 4-1 in the best of 7 final. It was a great tournament for the club, which is quickly becoming one of the strongest clubs in the country as it looks to push forward into 2011.


Six sport journalists from the Luton campus were lucky enough to meet Luton Town Football Club chairman Nick Owen at Kenilworth Road ahead of the FA Cup second round replay against League One high flyers Charlton Athletic. Despite being a busy man he still had time to pose for photos before kick off. His love, passion and knowledge about Luton Town was second to none as he chatted to the students before kick off.

Left to right, Mark Young, Nick Chiddle, Matt Straton, Nick Owen, Matt Elliot, Grant Tissot, Matt Kirk

On the pitch, it was a spirited performance from the Hatters but it wasn’t enough to set up a dream tie with Tottenham Hotspur in the next round. Although at times it was difficult to tell that the teams were two divisions apart, Charlton prevailed 3-1 in a hard fought encounter. The loss will allow Luton to focus on their impressive league form as they push for promotion into League 2. The best of luck to the Hatters this season.



PERFORMANCE PARTICIPATION REPUTATION ATTRACTIVENESS tone By Leigham S CULTURE These are the five areas which our new Director of Sport, Professor John Brewer, aims to enhance our sporting achievements. But how can he help? Leigham Stone catches up with him to find out…

Anti-Doping Board member and the Chairman of the British Handball Association. He has also run the London Marathon. It’s fair to say, not a bad sporting CV. With all his experience behind him it is clear to see why he was seen as the right man for the job. But how is he going to implement what he’s learnt to benefit the University? Just before the Christmas break he explained his five areas of priority as he saw it and why they are so important, he said: “Before I was given the job I was asked to write a strategy about developing sport for our University to the Vice Chancellor. I wrote it this time last year and it was called ‘sporting futures’. I had to identify five strategic priorities for the future of this University’s sport. Firstly, I want us to improve our performance. We need to look at how we can support the sports teams and the Student’s Union with the aim to get the teams performing better in all the BUCS competitions. Therefore my number one priority is to help improve the performance of all sports at our University.” “Secondly, I want to increase participation. I want to see more students getting more involved with sport and physical activity. At the moment we are right in the middle, and maybe even getting to the end of, a major piece of work so we can apply to Sport England for grant money to fund a major sporting participation programme across all our campuses. I’m extremely excited by that and we will know if we’ve been successful sometime in the New Year. We are talking about a large some of money which would allow us to run a number of programmes for a variety of sports for both Bedford and Luton. The programme will last between 6-8 weeks and the aim is to get students involved in sports that maybe they’ve never thought of playing before.” He added: “Our next step will be improving our reputation. We need to work very closely with the Vice Chancellor’s Management Group, the senior management team here, to make sure potential students are aware that this is the product we have to offer. Our reputation is something that we have to promote, not just through performing well but through good PR as well.

For the first time in our University’s history we have a Director of Sport. Though you may not be gasping for air due to the shock of that last statement, maybe you should be. The reality is a Director of Sport, for any University, shows ambition. That is why his appointment is so significant. Now we have someone who has the ability to make changes. Now we have someone who is vastly experienced and respected in the professional world of sport and wants to share his knowledge to propel our sports forward. But now, and perhaps most importantly, sports students have a voice that will be heard.

“Then we have to think, how are we going to attract students? I’m not going to try to turn our university into a Loughborough, absolutely not. However, I want to make sure that when people read our prospectus or look online they will see the University of Bedfordshire as a more attractive place to go because they should feel like they know what they are getting – a good course and a good sporting experience. I want them to think - that’s where it’s at.” In terms of culture he said: “We want to develop a certain closeness about our University to make sure the students show a behaviour that we expect to see. We certainly don’t want to see sports students fighting or causing trouble because that isn’t the image that we want to portray. We want to have a reputation that shows students of all nationalities are welcome to participate and they can enjoy playing sport for the University. I will make sure that is on the prospectus for next year.”

For those of you who don’t know John, here is a little history of the sports fanatic: He used to be a student at Loughborough University where he played Rugby, back in 1990 he was the first ever sports scientist to go with the England football team to a World Cup, two years later he went to the World Cup with the England cricket team as a fitness coach, currently he is a UK

He may have only been in the job a mere three months, but he has already seen a number of our sports teams play and he is very impressed with the standard. Yet he believes there is no reason why we can’t continue to improve and even have teams competing in the BUCS Premier League (the highest league for Universities in England).


friends and family with sponsor forms, there will also is ‘pink night’ at the SU 23rd Feb, ‘Pink Cake Bakes’ and ‘Pay with a Pound.’ These will be held around Uni and everyone in encouraged to give money. Cancer Research UK’s campaign ‘Join the fight for women’s survival’ is designed to act as a rallying call, encouraging everyone to help beat breast cancer, a disease which affects more than 45,000 women every year in the UK. As well as raising funds for research, Cancer Research UK’s campaign aims to make all women aware of their risk of breast cancer, which affects one-in-nine women in the UK at some stage in their lives. Chrissy Foster, event organiser said: “At some time in our lives

The UoB Netball team are going to be hosting a 24 hour netball match on Saturday 5th of March to Sunday 6th of March for Cancer Research UK. The participants will be dressing all in pink and playing at the Vauxhall Recreation Centre for the duration of the event for breast cancer awareness, ‘Join the fight for women’s survival’. As well as paying £5 each to participate and going around er By Chrissy FosstNetball UoB Woman n Team Captai


He said: “I haven’t been in the job long but I have seen a few games. I’ve watched some football, rugby and netball. Right now I’m looking through the sports scholarship applications and I’ve been really impressed with the quality of some of the students. What I’m very keen to ensure is our best sporting students represent our university.” John wants to see all the sports teams improve their performances and, as he puts it, it’s his main priority, but he has two obstacles to overcome if he is to achieve that. One – financing, and two - timetables. The simple truth is the budgets needs to expand and Wednesday afternoons need to be free if we are going to improve our sports teams’ success. Shedding some light on proceedings, John said: “I am currently in discussion at the moment at the highest level of the University to negotiate how we can add more funding to the key teams.” So what is his message to the sports students who are frustrated at not being able to play due to their timetable clashing with games and training? “Firstly, it is not going to change over night. People who know me know that I hate when things cannot be done, I won’t accept that. I have a solution based approach on things and I will always work hard to get things that I feel are needed done. I am very aware with the issue of timetabling for our sports teams. I’ve already had some tentative discussions with lecturers about what can be done. I think we need to have more flexibility and look into letting key players compete. “Timetables are not set to cater for sport. They are set to fit in all the lectures and seminars for the students chosen course. It’s like a numbers game, there are a certain number of sessions and there are a certain amount of students’. In order to make it all work you have to put some classes on a Wednesday afternoon. Now, I’m aiming at finding the solutions to release key players and see whether they can be substituted into other sessions at a different time.” He continued: “We are committed to raising performance and reputation here at the University. Not only that, but our aim is to have a number of teams playing in the BUCS Premier League. There are over 140 universities, many of whom compete in the Premier League, we are no different to them, if they can do it, and if Loughborough, Manchester, Leeds Met and others can all release students on a Wednesday afternoon then we can find a solution as well.” Ambition is a great thing, but what about the students who want to play sport for social reasons or just to take up a hobby? “That is a good question. Yes I am an ambitious person, but I’m also a realistic person and we have to start somewhere. We have to prioritise when we think of how we are going to sort the timetable problem out. We have to make this model work by aiming to cater for our better players so we can achieve a team playing in the BUCS Premier League, once we’ve shown that this can be achieved then we can start to filter through that pyramid.” It is clear that it will take time for all the issues to be resolved. Of course it is frustrating for the captains of teams who can’t play key players due to lectures and seminars, but what about the players who have paid £70 for an AU card? That isn’t fair. The SU realises this and so does John, so perhaps now with a Director of Sport helping our sporting teams and individuals we can continue to improve and compete with the best in the not so distant future. End.

we will all know someone who has been affected by breast cancer, and by hosting this 24hour event we hope to raise a large amount of money and have a good time too.” Cancer Research UK is the largest single funder of breast cancer research in the UK, spending nearly £45 million on groundbreaking work into the disease last year. This research covers all aspect of the disease, from understanding its molecular causes and investigating new ways to prevent and diagnose it, to developing better treatments and improving quality of life for people affected by it. To find out more information about the 24hour event or any of the fundraising activities organised please contact

28 SPORT en By Ciaran O’Bri ities Manager Student Activ


At this time of year it is inevitable that you will see and hear tons of adverts trying to get you into gyms and exercise after the Christmas period. However if you are bored of these year after year, like I am then why not try some activities at your leisure? UBSU offers a range of activities that you might actually want to do and enjoy instead of plodding on that tedious treadmill. For those of you who simply want to get involved to have fun, meet new people (and maybe shift the odd pound!) there are several groups/clubs on offer.


There are self-defence/martial art classes, including Ju Jitsu and Mixed Martial Arts for all abilities and experience. On a different note, there are gymnastics and trampolining available, again to all skill levels, with the trampolinists also competing in university tournaments. For the more team-sport orientated of you, there is an intra-mural football league, consisting of 14 teams, who are always looking for payers. Matches take place on Wednesday afternoons with a great social scene afterwards. Dodgeball continues to grow at Bedfordshire with a large squad training weekly and entering tournaments regularly.


Tennis, squash and badminton are available in a non-competitive environment for those who want to start or get back into the sports. Another new sport piloting in Luton is volleyball. Open to both men and women, the team are on the lookout for new members to grow on the fantastic work in setting up the sport; a great way to have fun and get active again for the new term. Korfball continues in Luton and is always welcoming of new members. A combination of Netball and Basketball, Korfball is a mixed sex sport which is fast and fun for everyone involved. Cheerleading has also taken off in LU1, with the team being open to both male and female participants. The team are looking to progress by adding to their numbers.


A perfect way to get back into shape is by taking advantage of our swimming club in Bedford and Luton. The team train regularly whether you are a serious competitor or want to go for fitness/social purposes. With the turn of the New Year and the shortest day behind us, both Luton and Bedford’s cricket teams will begin training hard in order to hit the ground running come the start of the season. You will find it a very inclusive club with 2 teams at each campus so come along and meet the guys. As always we our competitive teams are continuously recruiting new players to represent the university in the BUCS leagues, so if you think you have what it takes then get in touch and we can arrange for a trial for you. This is just a snippet of what we have to offer. If you are interested in any of these activities or if there is something else you are interested in please drop in and see us at the Students’ Union or contact us at Bedford: or Luton:



ith the recent departure of Roy Hodgson at Liverpool and surprising transfer of Darren Bent to Aston Villa, there is a question mark over the loyalty in football. Four Premier League managers have already lost their jobs this season, with another 30 within the Football League facing the sack. These astonishing statistics prove that managers across the country face huge pressure in trying to sustain their jobs. Many clubs suffer from the constant chopping and changing of managers, causing owners to suffer financially by having to pay out the remains of a contract. Club owners appear to be less patient and managers are clearly not given enough time. Former managers, such as Dave Bassett, have called for a new rule to be introduced that gives managers a minimum amount of time before they can be sacked. It is evident this issue has to be addressed as it is becoming a big problem within English football. The lack of loyalty in football is not only amongst managers and owners; it is also present with the players. Money seems to be a big factor and players are offered lucrative contracts as they promise to commit to a club. However, this is not always the case. Agents are often accused of influencing their players to react in a manner that will see them land a new contract. Over the course of the season we have witnessed players such as Wayne Rooney and Carlos Tevez hand in transfer requests. Although they both remain at their respective clubs, their level of commitment has to be questioned. It is now up to the FA (Football Association) to address the issue and decide what the best action to take is. New rules may be emplaced that see managers given more of an opportunity in their jobs and players encouraged to see out their contracts

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