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FFA Week comes to THS in full swing.

FBLA Week leaves successful mark.

Torrington High School

Thursday, February 23, 2012

Exclusive Bullying: continuing Mr. Schulte‘s interview

Volume 17, Issue 11

THS mascot Gunner in need of a makeover? Torrington High School Booster Club thinks its time for a new and improved mascot Kolter E. Columnist


Words With Friends invades THS devices


Wrestling and Basketball triumph


A new sheriff in town for THS? Torrington High Schools booster club is raising money for a new Gunner mascot suit. The one the school currently has is not in its prime and is rarely worn. Hopefully a new and improved Gunner can bring up THS‘s school spirit, by representing us at all of our home games. Freshman Trey F. agreed with this saying, ―If we had Gunner and everyone come to every event, whether it be basketball, wrestling, or whatever, then we would have better school spirit.‖ Trey also said, ―I like our mascot because he is unique and no one else has him.‖ Junior Dillon F. agreed. ― It would help if we had him at our sporting events.‖ Dillon also stated that when he thinks of Gunner he thinks of school spirit. Junior Gabe T. had a different outlook on what comes to mind when he thinks of Gunner. ―[I think] of coon hunting, and a really cool hat.‖ All jok-

ing aside however he said that he THS or any THS home games. really liked the idea of a new Gunner suit because of the support it would bring to our teams. Gabe said, ―It would bring so much more spirit to our school if he would show up at all of our games.‖ Junior José M. was thinking outside the box when asked about Gunner. ―We should be able to wear coon skin hats to school, in support of our mascot Gunner,‖ he said. One Booster Club member estimated that the least expensive mascot costume available was $1,500, so fundraising is crucial. The fund raiser is in the form of a raffle. People may buy tickets for the raffle for a chance to win a $100 gift certificate to Heartland Embroidery, where they have the largest selection of Wyoming Cowboy apparel. There will be two winners drawn on the last day of school, May 25th. Tickets are available: 1 for $1, and 6 for $5. These can be purchased Gunner Wade Betschart, you‘re fired. A new from Kim Gerrard in the front office at Gunner could mean a transformation of school spirit for THS. Courtesy of THS Library

Teenage driving: not all “peaches and cream” Nick P. Opinion Editor

Should cussing be allowed in schools?






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The sixteenth birthday is a milestone teens look forward to. Everyone knows that after that sixteenth birthday, we are able to drive on our own and receive our first official driver‘s license. Unfortunately, this isn‘t all peaches and cream. Teenagers driving is often a frightening image in the minds of adults; teenagers are often thought of as less capable, more reckless, and often unaware of their surroundings. Because of these real disadvantages, accidents among adolescents occur at higher rates than adults. What happens when something is going wrong and the people themselves are unable to control themselves? The government gets involved. Laws have been passed that crack down on reckless teenage driving in an attempt to control the adolescent drivers on the streets. When behavior like this occurs in the cars of adolescents, the chance of an accident is increased. Those odds increase if multiple factors are present, which is common. Since these laws being passed, lives are being saved. Teenagers party; teenagers are

often distracted; and teenagers are still oblivious to any danger they may be putting not only themselves, but others as well. There are many factors found in adolescents that can contribute to poor or impaired motor operating skills. So until something is done at a greater level, we probably won‘t expect teens to calm down. Recently, a bill in the Wyoming State Legislature was proposed to revoke the driver‘s licenses from any one who does not graduate from high school, as well as prohibiting the issuing of new licenses to high school drop-outs. A common perception about drop-out is that they are not as wellbehaved or educated, translating to an expected drop in motor skills. This bill was shelved, but it is not gone. According to the Ford company site, before 1996, no states were rated ―good‖ when it came to laws affecting adolescent driving. Today, a total of thirty -one states, including Washington, D.C., were rated ―good.‖ Forty-nine states have laws not

pertaining directly towards adolescent driving. Compared to states rated ―poor‖ when it came to adolescent driving, the states rated in the ―good‖ category had a lower fatality rate by thirty percent. While thirty percent may not seem like a significant difference, it really is.

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Thursday, February 23, 2012

Torrington High School

January‘s BOTM marches her way to the top Sydney H. Columnist

―Nicole has an awesome work ethic and a positive attitude,‖ THS French teacher Diane Nighswonger said about January‘s Blazer of the Month, Nicole D. ―She stays focused on the lesson and is always polite and respectful. She exemplifies a good student!‖ Born and raised by Beth and Rick in Torrington, Wyoming, Nicole has an older brother, Josh, who is 29. ―He has always been there for me, even if we argue a lot,‖ Nicole said. From the tennis courts to the band room, Nicole has marched her way through high school. Her favorite memory is getting to march in the state marching competition her freshman year and getting a good score. She also enjoyed having good laughs with Aleighica K. and playing tennis her freshman, sophomore, and junior years. ―I felt that the team was very supportive,‖ Nicole said about tennis. ―Nicole is an awesome person,‖ Aleighica K. said. ―I can trust her with things and know you can count on her. She is always confident and willing to go out of her way for

people and teacher. If I ever need something from her, she‘ll help me anyways possible. She‘s a great role model for the younger kind in our school.‖ Her sophomore year one of her favorite teachers,. Max Mills, moved to Shoshoni, Wyoming, which is her biggest memory of that year. During her junior year her highlight was that she was inducted into NHS. Nicole has been in band since sixth grade and seems to enjoy it a lot. ―She is a very hard worker who is willing to do whatever it

takes to get the job done right,‖ Band Director Richard Zigwied commented. ―While she‘s sitting first chair this year, she has always recognized that you don‘t have to be the ‗star‘ to make very valuable contributions to the group. I am proud to have been a part of her high school experience. She‘s a fantastic person and a great leader!‖ Her most embarrassing moment? ―My most embarrassing moment was my first day of senior year. I walked up to John Z. to kick him, and ended up slipping and falling on my butt instead,‖ Nicole laughed. ―She is amazing,‖ declared friend Presly R. In the future, Nicole just wants to be a successful person because she has always wanted to support herself and not rely on other people. She plans to attend EWC and major in accounting. In her spare time she enjoys reading her favorite books, The House of Night Series, and watching

The Lion King, NCIS, Switched at Birth, and The Lying Game.

After graduating she will miss all of the good teachers, but she will not miss the school food or all of the drama. Some of her favorite teachers

at THS are Russel S. and Alina S. ―Stienmetz is always willing to help me,‖ Nicole said. ―Mrs. Surber is always willing to listen and offer advice.‖ ―Nicole is ambitious,‖ Stienmetz said. ―She works hard and takes school very seriously. My favorite memory with her is when my wife called her in panic, needing a babysitter for the next day. She didn't‘ know my wife or my son, James, at all, and she didn‘t hesitate at all to come and watch him that day, so she is dependable and reliable. She‘s a very good babysitter.‖ ―My favorite memory with her was one time in French class,‖ Nighswonger said. ―The students were required to create a book about themselves, using all French. Nicole challenged herself, like she normally did in class, and created a scrapbook instead of just a simple four-page brochure. It was beautiful!!‖ Nicole‘s advice to underclassmen is simple: ―Try your hardest in school. It may seem like you aren't going anywhere with your education but after high school, there are so many opportunities.‖

It‟s Lin-evitable: He‟s going to be a star Mark M. Sports Editor

The Super-Lin-tendo, Jeremy Lin, has given the NBA‘s New York Knicks a new life the past two weeks, leading them to seven straight wins, including a game where he had 38 points, and 7 assists against the Lakers. Lin plays for the most scrutinized team in the NBA, the New York Knicks. The Knicks are a star-studded team, including players like Amar‘e Stoudemire, Carmelo Anthony, and Tyson Chandler, who have disappointed there fans this season,. The Knicks were 8-15 before Lin got significant playing time. In high school, Lin led his team to the state title and was named

the California High School Player of the Year, but he did not get a single Division 1 scholarship offer. He also received a perfect score on the math section of the SAT his freshman year at his Palo Alto, California, high school while at the same time earning a 4.2 GPA. Jeremy Lin went to a small school by the name of Harvard. He is the first player in the NBA who graduated from Harvard in 57 years. While at Harvard, he was in the running for player of the year, averaging 16.4 points per game, but once again was not looked at. He went undrafted and played in the summer league. He stood out, averaging almost 10 points per game. The Golden State Warriors

gave him an offer, and he accepted it. He did not get much playing time and only scored 2 points per game. He then went over to the Knicks, who were suffering from some injuries, and that is where Lin-sanity begins. Carmelo Anthony and Amar‘e Stoudemire were out, forcing the Knicks to go deep in the bench, giving Lin the most playing time he has ever had. Lin showed up and played great, actually earning a starting spot for the next game. Most people thought Linsanity would wear off, but it didn‘t. Lin tore it up, leading the Knicks to a seven game win streak, averaging over 20 points and 9 assists per game. He also had a game winning three-pointer, and also had his first double-double of

What do you like about high school?

Justin P.— “Mr. Kelly”

Taylor R.— “Less classes ”

Kristina R.— ―Learning a lot more

his career. THS Knicks fan, Nick P. had something to say about Lin: ―I knew about him before the NBA but I forgot all about him. I read an article that talked about him tearing it up in the Ivy League, but then fell off the map. He found the right system going to the Knicks; Mike D‘Antoni‘s system fits his playing style,‖ Nick added. ―I just hope he and Melo can play together because, even though I‘m a Knicks fan, Melo is a ball hog. Jeremy Lin is a pick and roll player, whereas Melo is a one-onone player, and I just hope they can play together.‖ Carmelo and Amar‘e are back now, and in Melo‘s first game, they lost. It is obvious Melo and Lin have some work to do, to continue Lin-ning.

Getting to know The Freshman...

William R.— “I love it”

Demetrius R.— “The lunches”

then in middle school.”

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Torrington High School

Thursday, February 23, 2012

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January BOTM is a ―man of many talents‖ Ross B. joins Senior Blazer ranks while still making all students laugh Dimitri N. Editor-in-Chief

He‘s a man of many talents: he plays piano like a genius, he sings with perfection, and can impersonate a dizzying array of notable persons. But this time, Ross B. can impersonate him himself as January Blazer of the Month. A Wyoming native born in Riverton, Ross is the son of Rick and Cindy and a younger brother to his older siblings: ―I have an older brother, Rhett, and an older sister, Betsy.‖ Ross said, ―They‘re cool,‖ While attending Torrington High School, Ross has made memories left and right and is arguably the most entertaining person in the student population. Nonetheless, Ross possesses coveted qualities and the famous Blazer spirit that have captured the attention of the professional staff at the school. Long time friend Dylan S. said, ―He has an outgoing personality and isn't afraid of doing anything outside of his comfort zone. He gets involved in school activities and always ‗tells it like it is‘ regardless of anything.‖ Kayla B. agreed, ―Ross is probably the funniest and most laid back person I know. He always lightens the mood and is just fun to be around. Students—and people, in general— should want to be fun, just like him,‖ ―Ross is a great person, especially when it comes to humor. He really knows how to make you laugh,‖ echoed friend Grace F. Another student agreed with the other comments: ―I‘ve known Ross since he moved here and he is easily the funniest person in the school. He can make a boring class funny with just a few jokes or comments or whatever. His humor is one of a kind and I don't think I would be the only that would tell him to not change a thing.‖ Despite his admirable qualities in the school, Ross‘ favorite

memories of high school are ―the golf trips,‖ His friends said otherwise. ―All of our nights at McDonald‘s.‖ answered Kayla immediately, ―Seriously, those are the highlights of my weeks.‖ G race said something different, ―Hanging out and watching YouTube videos,‖ was Ready, set, action! He sings, he‘s funny ,and he plays her favorite mem- golf. From Show Choir with friends to soloing at graduation (2010) to becoming a master at golf, Ross ory. H o w e v e r , is someone who can do it all. File photos Dylan couldn‘t pick a favorite, ―Anytime I am with school is another, and Ross Ross will more than likely become a said he‘d miss only his friends hilarious situation that will be re- and nothing else. membered forever. Ross‘s sole favorite However, the ‗fat thread‘ teacher left the THS staff definitely sticks out (no pun in- ranks two years ago. tended) as we were dying of laugh―Mr. Mills is my favorite ter. That and FRANCH OHN-YAWN teacher because he could actually SOP.‖ teach and was really chill.‖ Ross exEmbarrassing moments? plained. Ross implied that he had many, but But with Ross soon to follow ―none that are appropriate,‖ in Mills‘ footsteps and leave the Currently, Ross is undecided school, his friends all have different on his future, not certain of what he futures planned out for him: wants to become. ―I see Ross in the future as One thing is for sure, Ross is being very successful and a lot of attending college and playing golf. people following behind him,‖ Grace Ross‘s accomplishments in said. ―Oh, and he‘s really good with high school can be seen in an account ‗African Face‘!‖ of his four years at Torrington High Dylan had a different outSchool: look, ―Honestly, I see Ross being a ―Freshman year, we all had widely famous and an immensely to stay for lunch,‖ Ross said, ―I don‘t hilarious comedian or actor. I don't remember much…‖ he admitted. think I‘m the only one either.‖ ―My sophomore year, I made Kayla ended with similar All-Conference golf. And my junior projections, ―Ross is going to be at year it was boring; not a lot was go- the Grammy‘s. ing on,‖ Ross continued. Seriously, this kid is incrediBut unlike many seniors, bly talented. Ross is one of the coolRoss said, ―I don't like my senior est people ever, long story short. I year. love Rossykins.‖ she added. My classes are boring and Outside school, Ross likes I‘m just ready to graduate and go to the famously popular Harry Potter college.‖ franchise, all seven books College is one thing and high and all eight movies. His

favorite T.V. show is The Walking Dead. For his last words of his last school year, Ross has simple but cryptic advice for underclassmen, ―Shake babies and kiss hands. And mayonnaise is not an instrument.‖


Open ALL Holidays Pop•Snacks•Candy•Dairy Fresh Baked Pasteries•Donuts Cookies•Breads Hot and Cold Sandwiches and much, much more!

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The futures of our farms are in good hands. Page 4

Thursday February 23, 2012

Torrington High School

FFA chapters begin preparation for state convention Nick V. Reporter

The National FFA Organization (FFA) is the largest student organization in the world, as well as the largest agriculture club in the United States. With an impressive half a million members (40,379), FFA is only slightly smaller than both FBLA and FCCLA combined, creating a massive network of students and members all over the nation. Although it has only half the number of chapters (7,489) that FBLA has, FFA is active in all fifty states, Puerto Rico, and the Virgin Islands and even has an international partner: Future Farmers of Japan. The organization‘s mission statement: ―to make a positive difference in the lives of students by developing their potential for premier leadership, personal growth and career success through agricultural education.‖ FFA members compete in various events called Career Development Events and Leadership De-

velopment Events at their state conventions. ―I hope that as an individual I can improve in livestock judging and horse judging. Hopefully this year I can see the good cattle and maybe make it in extemporaneous speaking,‖ Tyler P. said about the upcoming state convention. Kayle H. sees FFA as an opportunity to grow. ―To me, FFA is a learning experience that will help me in the future.‖ She expects to learn a great deal since it‘s her first year. Because of the sheer size of the National FFA Organization, there are a total of three possible levels in the National FFA Organization: national, state, and chapter levels. Blake O. said, ―Over the last four years, I have learned an infinite amount that will help me in the future. During my FFA career, I have been able to attend two national conventions, and I am nationally recognized in my judging areas. Simply put, FFA is the best student group in the nation.‖

The organization is also one of the oldest, founded in 1928 in Kansas City with thirty-three members and eighteen states. The headquarters are now in Indianapolis. Its massive network and rich history have added to the lives of many prominent figures including former President Jimmy Carter and music star, Trace Adkins, Willie Nelson, and Taylor Swift. In 1965, the National FFA Organization allowed AfricanAmerican students to join FFA. Once a premier organization for boys only, FFA also allowed the female student population to join in 1969; since then, the involvement of women in FFA has been celebrated. Women currently make up forty-three percent of the National FFA Organization. The organization‘s motto encapsulates it all: ―Learning to do, doing to learn, earning to live, living to serve.‖ This week is FFA Week which started on February 18 and goes through the 22nd. Chapter

members participated in a Chili Cook-off and went to the middle school to tell the eighth graders about FFA and Agriculture Education class on Monday, and they went to Chugwater for District Speech on Wednesday. They have a record book review and a movie night on Thursday, and a CDE Marathon on Friday. Two of the freshmen members who attended the Chili Cook-off thought that the cook-off was a really good event to have. Jordan S. and Trey F. both thought that ―it was a good chance to try different chili recipes.‖ The cookoff was also a good way to meet new members and get ready for the state convention THS/LFL FFA Sponsor Jason Groene has great expectations for the upcoming convention and the events that the members are to participate in. ―I am expecting a lot from our members this year, and we are going to take the fight to ‗em.‖ The convention this year is April 2-5.

Law may force teachers to watch their language Zach L.

their way, the school districts will be able to fire any repeat offenders. The Last month Republican repplan is requiring a five-strike system resentatives in the Arizona State for the teachers in the state. On the Legislature introduced a plan to third documented offense, the keep cussing out of the school classteacher would be suspended for a room. Only the usual targets— week without pay, and the fifth the students—aren‘t in the cross-hairs. teacher will fired out-right. The Republicans are targeting teachThe rules of the bill follow ers‘ dirty mouths. If legislators have those established by the FCC (Federal Communications Commission). Those words we hear bleeped on public broadcasting would now be illegal to use in the classroom. So those curse Keep it clean! Coaches Mike McNamee (l) and Jeff Halley never words that are swear, so a profanity ban would not affect them. a little less ofPhoto by Kayla B. Columnist

fensive like ―hell‖ are allowed but if it when teachers cuss in the class you, as a teacher, drop the f-bomb in room. She feels that when they cuss class, then your students can report it makes them appear ―more human‖ that. The jurisdiction also doesn‘t and that makes them more relatable. just end at the classroom; it extends Both teachers (and coaches) Jeff. to all throughout the campus. So if a Halley and A.J. Gross believe, like teacher is heard using unsavory lan- the majority of students, that this guage in the parking lot or during needs to be a district decision and practice, then there‘s another strike not implemented via a bill in the legon their record. Teachers and stu- islature. dents in this d i s t r i c t mostly feel that this is not the state‘s issue Sawyer Warren & Buchanan to govern. It Edward A. Buchanan & is a choice Nathaniel S. Hibben that needs to Attorneys at Law be made on a district to 2210 East A Street P.O. Box 850 district rulTorrington, WY 82240 ing. Junior Brooke M. doesn‘t mind

Who is your role model, and why?

Sarah L.—

Benjamin L.—

Terry K.—

My mom, she‟s a good person

Batman—he‟s a super hero without powers.

I don‟t have one.

Getting to know The Sophomores...

Kylie K.— Toby, he‟s cuter than Boo!

Eron L.— My mom because she gives me advice.

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If we lose love and selfrespect for each other, this is how we finally die. Maya Angelou

Torrington High School

Thursday, February 23, 2012

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THS: the good, the bad and the disrespectful Korinne J. and Hayley A.

Layout editor/contributor

You know the days when you don‘t care about taking tests or don‘t come to school just because? You receive only part of the punishment the teachers and principals get the blame. Where does the problem actually start? Our community, the students families or just pure laziness? Those folks who know me well understand that I am a pretty opinionated person. When I see something that I believe could be improved, I usually say something about that. Many of us look at our school—our teachers, our students, and our administrators—to see what doesn‘t seem to be going well and what we might do to improve our work here. We are all entitled to our own opinions, and we believe that we have a good staff and decent students, but some changes might be beneficial. We surveyed most of the THS students all of the staff members asking a variety of questions. One of our main motivations behind our surveys were our principals: it seemed as if we have had several principals go through our school in a short amount of time. We have had three principals in six years. It seems as if principals should stay at school for a long period of time to accomplish more, but as studies have shown, principals change jobs often. According to Education News, principals change jobs, on average, every three and a half years. So, perhaps we aren‘t unusually tough on administrators. Assistant Principal Jim English said, ―Being a high school principal is a hard job, but I don‘t think principals are leaving our school because it‘s too hard, I think they‘re leaving for personal reasons.‖ Also our research indicates that we may be losing too many teachers, but that isn‘t really that rare. Other schools around the United States have a teacher turnover identical to ours. So, all schools around the United States experience problems,

but we want to change our school and make it a bold statement to others that our school has the ability to be better. We know we can‘t fix everything but it‘s a start.


After reviewing the student surveys, it appears that one of the biggest things that needs to be changed at our school is respect! Students and teachers both report that disrespect is an issue (from students to students and students to teachers). We understand that no school will ever be perfect, but having respect for ourselves and others is where it starts! Maybe if there were more respect for each other, more students would get involved in school activities, and when more people get involved, it‘s proven that grades are better. English said, ―Roughly 3045% of students are involved in an activity, which motivates each other to achieve more in school.‖ We know that most students do not consider ISS or OSS much of a punishment. Many students actually like having it because they don‘t have to be in school. Perhaps we could institute some consequence for misbehavior that students actual hate. When students are disrespectful in classrooms, it causes a big interruption to the rest of the class and causes everything to slow down. We need a way to enforce discipline and hold students accountable. Many student surveys said that they want harder work— intriguing material that challenges them and doesn‘t just keep them busy while waiting on those who may not work and learn as fast. Students also noted that their peers don‘t put enough effort and hard work into their schooling. We all see students every day who sit back and relax during class when they could be using this valuable class time to learn something that might be useful to them in later education. Yes some things don‘t directly apply to every student later on in

life, but the teaching and the learning and the thinking does. School is free for now, but not for long. We need to value education like we would value money in a bank account and take in as much education as we possibly can. You will only better your life and achieve more with how much you put into your work. Spending lots of extra time on students who don‘t care: is this really what No Child Left Behind requires? Education for every student is important but trying to educate those who don‘t want it is hard on the teacher and those students who care to learn. TEACHERS‘ SURVEYS SAID Teachers echoed some student frustrations. They would like to see more effort invested by their students, and our community. Teachers expressed that they would like to hold students and parents accountable and to raise expectations for all classrooms. A bill has been brought to the Wyoming legislator purposing that parental responsibilities would increase penalties against parents, guardians, and custodians relating to school attendance. This bill did not advance out of committee, but it may well reappear in the future. We believe that students as well as parents should be held accountable for their education. THS teachers, as well as students, see a problem with attendance. Teachers would like parents to be held accountable to get their students to school every day. Kids have to be at school to learn. Raise expectations? Teachers want our students to achieve more in the classroom. They want to push us harder in preparation for college, the military, tech schools, or the world of work. Is it really acceptable to turn something in two weeks after the deadline and still receive full credit? In the real world, deadlines have to met and we are accountable for our actions. OUR OPINONS We feel that our school has not prepared us to go to college as much as it could have. Taking college classes and having a higher demand on deadlines and more homework has been a struggle to transition. We don‘t really know if it is

What do you about high school? Who is your rolelike model, and why?

Sarah Lewis—

Patrick My mom.C.– She‟s Ialove the weight teacher good person because he is crazy.

Matthew R.– Weight Benjamin Loya— Matt Terry Kelley— R.– Sports for show. Batman: he‟s a super classI don‟t have one. hero without powers.

our school‘s fault or the government‘s or the society‘s, but being able to turn stuff in four weeks after the deadline is not okay, which comes back to the respect. Teachers give a deadline: respect that. Demand more from yourself and be more responsible. In the real world, you miss a dead line and it sucks for you.

We also think it‘s a problem how much we get away with. We have capable students who could be very smart if they are pushed the right way. Students have suggested that they would like teachers to change their ways of teaching more often so students can be more engaged. Students, as well as teachers, have complained that meetings interfere with their class times. They would like to spend more time in the classroom teaching than sitting in meetings learning how to teach. Jason Groene said, ―It‘s a little bit like the FFA motto: ‗Learning to do, doing to learn, earning to live, living to serve.‘‖ While interviewing Mr. English, we discussed goals that our school has set for students including time management, making transitions easier, taking initiative, and to indicate when you as students aren‘t satisfied with your education. Studies have shown that students involved in extracurricular activities want to go to school and succeed. English said, ―Students influence students to do well more than you think.‖ We want our school to be one of the best in the state. Now that you‘ve read what everyone has to say, what can YOU do to help us get

Gettingtotoknow know the Getting Frosh... The Sophomores...

Kylie Korell Bridgette R.–—HomeToby, he‟s cuter than room Boo!

Makayla W.–It is Eron Lampman— My mom because she really fun gives me advice.

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Thursday, February 23, 2012

Torrington High School

Raising a healthier generation Tom Vilsack

children's meals. The Agriculture Department has As the United States moves toalso been pushing schools to reinforce ward rebuilding its economy and ensurhealthy lifestyles. We've worked with ing the long-term strength of our middle schools across the country, recognizing class, we're mindful of the wise words of more than 2,100 with honors for meeting President Harry Truman: "In the long tough standards to expand nutrition and view, no nation is healthier than its chilphysical activity opportunities. dren." By that measure, we have some And soon we will bring healthy work to do, and we're tackling it head on. choices beyond the lunch line to all foods Over the last three decades, obesold in schools _ including vending masity rates have tripled. chines and the a la carte line _ so we Today one in three children is at make the healthy choice the easy choice risk for preventable diseases such as diafor students. betes and heart disease due to being The Agriculture Department is overweight. working with parents, teachers and othIf left unaddressed, health exers to encourage kids to lead perts tell us that our current genhealthy, active lifestyles. eration of children may actually “Over the Through our Know have a shorter lifespan than their Your Farmer, Know Your parents. last three Food initiative and other To confront this, the U.S. similar work, we are Department of Agriculture has working to make it easier decades, taken significant strides to help for families to access make sure America's children are healthy food in rural and obesity rats eating better and leading healthurban communities that ier lives. may lack a convenient have In December 2010, a coasupermarket. We are lition of parents, teachers, advoteaching kids about cates, school lunch professionals, tripled.� healthy foods through doctors and even retired military school and community Tom Vilsack leaders worked with Congress to gardens. help pass the Healthy, HungerFirst lady Michelle Free Kids Act. Obama has been an imThe act is a huge win for portant partner in this effort. Through millions of schoolchildren. It allows us to her Let's Move! program, famous athcombat child hunger and obesity and letes are stepping up by renovating playimprove the health and nutrition of the grounds and school gymnasination's children with ums; community activists are the most comprehenbringing farmers' markets to sive changes to school underserved areas; and foodfood in decades. industry leaders have agreed to Just three participate in our work to raise weeks ago, the dea healthier generation of kids. partment finalized At the end of the day, the improvements to the strength of our communifood served to 32 milties, our economy and our nalion American chiltional security depends on the dren every day in the health of our children. school lunch program. The new stanOur administration is committed dards _ based on the most up-to-date to leading the way so that, together with science _ will make the same kinds of leaders and partners from across the practical changes that many parents are nation, we can help feed every American already encouraging at home. child the nutritious food they deserve to Students will be offered daily excel, thrive and succeed in their lives. servings of fruits, vegetables and whole (c) 2012, McClatchy-Tribune News Service grains along with portion sizes and calo- Distributed by MCT Information Services rie counts designed to maintain a healthy weight. We'll reduce the amount of saturated fat, trans-fats and salt in U.S. Secretary of Agriculture

J. T. K.

Lee Newman



Being a Man

Faking Injuries


Tiger Woods

Camo Pants



Working out

If you could change our school mascot, what would you change it to? I love Gunner! Lisa Eddington AD/Guidance Secretary

Sponge Bob, of course! Tamara McAnelly Math instructor

Zebra Taylor F. Junior

Gecko Meghan J. Senior

Wolverines because they are viscous and never give up Lori B. P.E. Teacher

Gophers Brett G. Freshman

Leave it how it is Kisha G. Freshman

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Should‟ve been a cowboy!

Torrington High School

Thursday, February 23, 2012

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Don‘t get kicked off a plane playing this addicting game Avery M. Columnist

Words With Friends is tiling the streets of America… literally. ―I‘m not addicted, but I think it‘s really fun,‖ freshman Jordi D. said. ―It makes you think because you have to have a strategy to it.‖ What exactly is Words With Friends? This app is a game developed by Zynga.It is a multi-player word game, much like the popular board game Scrabble. Players can connect with friends to start games or start a game with a random opponent. They

can connect to up to twenty different people to play at a time and can even chat with them while playing. This game is available on Droids, Nook Tablets, Kindle Fires, iPhones, iPod Touches, iPads, and Facebook. Educational Aide Clint Landon has joined the Words craze. ―I play, and I think it‘s a good way to exercise your mind instead of just playing Angry Birds or looking at Facebook. But you shouldn‘t play during school!‖ ―Heck yes, I play!‖ math teacher Russel Steinmetz said. ―It‘s a competition and I don't lose. I‘m un-

defeated. I play against my brother and sister-in-law. ―Kendra [my wife] won‘t play with me because she knows I‘ll get the dictionary out. It‘s a great game for nine, ten, eleven o‘clock at night.‖ ―I love Words With Friends!‖ P.E. teacher Lori Byrd said. ―I play with a lot of people. I check it every night and play for a couple hours.‖ Of course, this game wave has yet to reach everybody.




―I don't know what it is,‖ freshman Stacia G. said. ―It sounds like it would be okay, just not something I‘d play every day.‖ Even some big Hollywood names have taken part in this game including John Mayer, Alec Baldwin, and Terrell Owens. In fact, Baldwin was famously kicked off of a plane while playing this addicting game.







Blazers cheer at Pokes/Falcons game Mackenzy P. Reporter

Chomp Chomp? Kaitlynn Stoeger bites her nails

ONLY upon request.

Staff photo

Bad habits infect almost everyone Allison M. Columnist

Habits– subconscious behaviors through repetition. The site, www.about-personal-growth, listed several bad habits including: nail biting, procrastination, overeating or food addiction, among others. ―I eat too much before weigh ins because I think I have a lot of room when really I don't,‖ said junior Andrew J. ―I consider my habit bad because I shouldn‘t do it. I try to quit during wrestling but it‘s not very easy.‖ That‘s the catch; research says it takes at least about 21 days to form or break a new habit. It takes dedication to actually want to quit and follow through with stopping a bad habit. Skyla H. admitted to two bad habits, grinding her teeth and chewing her nails. ―I have tried to quit by putting hot sauce on my fingers so I don‘t chew my nails. It worked sometimes but I can‘t keep hot sauce on them all the time so it hasn‘t worked all the time. I started chewing my nails when I was little because I was nervous and I‘ve always done it since then.‖ Freshman Cricket C. also bites her nails and thinks that it‘s hard to stop, partly because she‘s done it for such a long time. ―I pop my gum all the time, sometimes I don‘t even realize that I‘m doing it,‖ said one sophomore. While old habits are hard to break, new habits are just as hard to form because we are not used to that certain behavior. formed

Lenhardt when reflecting on the overall UW trip. Senior manager Caitlyn C. had a fun time hanging out with the team, and being able to see another team play. Isaac B. enjoyed seeing athletes playing that well. Some plays were taken from this game that the THS coaching staff plan to use, and motivation was given to many of the players.

The loss of the Wyoming vs. Air Force game wasn‘t just seen by the many Wyoming, Air Force, and college basketball lovers ,but also by twenty three students and teachers of Torrington High School. Varsity coach A.J. Gross, JV coach Mark Lenhardt, and assistant coach Clint Landon sponsored twenty THS students as the traveled to see the Cowboys in action. Air Force beat the Wyoming Cowboys 58 to 53. The top scorer for Air Force was Michael Lyons with 24 points, while Wyoming‘s top scorer was Adam Waddell with 15 points. The game wasn‘t only a time for great team bonding but also an experience to learn from. ―We learned that talent doesn‘t decide the result of a game. I think as a program we saw a performance similar to our own last week against Wheatland,‖ Gross said. He added that, in this game, Wyoming‘s defense wasn‘t the best as they seemed to forget to come out of the locker room. THS senior and future Pokes player Jason M. was offered the chance to attend the game with his team. He enjoyed being able to watch his future teammates Many of the players and coaches who attended are excited to be able to attend a Wyoming game next year and see Jason play at the next level. February 24th Friday Sophomore Caden C. said, ―It will be nice to see Jason play February 25th Saturday with Wyoming next year, even though he is compable of playing with them this year.‖ Since the trip to March 1st Thursday Laramie was on a Maroon Wednesday (February 15), a school bus could March 2nd Friday not be provided so the Silver players were divided into different vehicles supplied by players and coaches, ―I didn‘t March 7th Wednesday think I‘d make it with Maroon six sophomore boys, but we made it only with a March 8th Thursday few death threats. I Silver found out Cole B. does not like the Chiplote Grill, and to me that is completely crazy,,‖ said

State Wrestling@ Casper No School State Wrestling@ Casper Jv/V Boys/Girls Bball@ home vs Rawlins 3A East Regionals@ Newcastle 3A East Regionals@ Newcastle Horse Evaluation FFA@ Wheatland Wyo. State Basketball Tournament@ Casper No School

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Thursday, February 23, 2012

Torrington High School

LEAPS and bounds are taken on February 29th Avery M. Columnist

Leap year isn‘t the only thing that comes once every four years. February 29th is dedicated as Sadie Hawkins‘ Day. This day was invented back on November 13, 1937, by comic strip artist ―Al Capp.‖ This strip

showed ―homely‖ women, including one named Sadie Hawkins, chasing after unmarried men. The whole idea was to have the woman ask the men. This day started being celebrated in November but has since been changed to Leap Day [February 29]. Since then, it is common for girls to use this day to propose to

men. This tradition started in fifthcentury Ireland between St. Bridget and St. Patrick. St. Bridget complained that women had to wait too long for the man to propose to them, so St. Patrick allowed women to propose on this day. According to, ―It was also reasoned that since the leap year day existed to fix a problem in

the calendar, it could also be used to fix an old and unjust custom that only let men propose marriage.‖ Many of THS‘s teachers said they used to attend Sadie Hawkins Day Dances, where the girls asked the guys, when they were in high school, but can never remember THS ever having one. .

Pinterest: because wrestling isn‟t the only way to pin these days Mackenzy P. Columnist

Social networks have evolved from MySpace accounts to Facebook, and Twitter. Now it looks like there is a new website phenomenon: Pinterest! This is an online ―pin board‖ that can be used to share and organize things that members of Pinterest enjoy. This virtual pin board was created in March 2010. It is managed by the Cold Brew Labs located in Palo Alto, California , and it is very popular among women. Their mission statement is to ―connect everyone in the world through the ‗things‘ they find interesting.‖ In August 16, 2011, Pinterest was named on of the top 50 websites by Time magazine. This August award wasn‘t the only exciting development for Pintrest, as during that

month, an Iphone app was developed. ―It is a way to express your individuality!,‖ junior Taylor F. said about Pinterest.

Themed boards become populated using the ―Pin it‖ button, or by uploading them from users‘ home computer. Specific pins can be

grouped into different boards. The media that can be pinned are photos, videos, discussions, or gifts. To register for Pinterest, an invitation must be sent from a Pinterest member. Invitations can also be requested directly from the Pinterest website. Registration has to be linked through either a Facebook or Twitter account to the Pinterest account. When it comes to following other people‘s Pinterest accounts, a ―Tastemakers‘‖ page was developed to suggest other people‘s Pinterest accounts to follow. To view the followers‘ pins on the homepage, users go to ―Pin Feed,‖ that shows the boards and pinners of their fellow users.

Pinterest is a site that allows people to make their dream houses, fake weddings, and pin things they wish they could do , have, or make. ―There were cute recipes, clothes, and life ideas that I really liked!,‖ said one THS Pinterest user. Another fan said that she is addicted to it, and once she starts looking, she just can‘t stop, so she spends way to much time on it! A third Pinterest user said that Pinterest has really good quotes and food, and it‘s a place to get really good ideas for everything. Very few Torrington High School students currently use Pintrest, so it might grow in popularity within our community. Pinterest is a way to stay in touch with other Pinterest users and be able to see what crazy, cute, and fun things people are able to come to come up with.

Bones Jones hops on the bus and goes for the win! Dear Bones, I am competing in the state tournament this weekend, and I expect to do very well. BUT, you never know. How can I best cope with defeat if it comes my way? Thanks. A boney wrestler

cially at state, when you are about to blow up. In that case, calmly walk into one of the many locker rooms and do what you need to do. There are plenty of places for you to calm down. DO NOT EMBARRASS YOUR TEAM!! You don‘t want to finish off the season by making a fool out of yourself. Dear fabulously ripped wrestler, Always remember to thank your For starters, DON‘T LOSE! Don‘t give coaches and the school for the opporup, don't quit, don't stop fighting. You tunity to step out on the mat. It‘s a have worked much too hard and too great privilege that many people long to simply quit if you are in a never get in their lives. sticky situation. The easiest way to Best of luck cope with your loss is to know that Bones Jones you have done everything in your power in order not to lose. However, there is no way to make yourself feel Dear Bones Jones, better if you loose because you gave Great! Another extra-long bus trip. up. What do you recommend that I (and I know that there are times, espemy teammates) do in order to help the

trip pass by more quickly? You‘re the best— Blazer Traveler Blazer Traveler, First of all, I am the best, but you can make your bus rides be just as great as me. Bus rides are often times one of the best parts of doing activities. The best thing to do on bus rides is to get closer as a team. If talking is too boring for you, bring some cards and become the school bus champion at poker. Another idea is to bring along a DVD player or computer and watch a movie with your teammates. No matter what you do, don‘t forget the reason why you are on the bus. That is your priority and you need to make sure that you treat it as such.

What is your favorite quote?

Kolter E.- ―Women,

Chad K.– ―Always

chocolate, and coffee work hard.” are all better if they‟re rich.”

Getting to know the Juniors...

RJ L.– ―Never take life

Cameron K.– ―If you

too seriously because no one gets out alive.”

buy yellow underwear, is the limit, then why is people will never know.” space over the limit?”

Andrew J.– ―If the sky

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Time for pretournament jitters? Torrington High School

Thursday, February 23, 2012

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Blazer boys prepare for 2012 post-season play Sydney H. columnist

Watch out! Here come the Blazers rollin‘ right before the post season. After a tough loss to Wheatland at home, the boys bounced right back the following weekend, winning two conference games to clinch the number-one seed heading into regionals. Saturday, February 11, the Blazers hosted the Wheatland Bulldogs. After a tough shooting night, the Blazers fell 50-52, putting their conference record to 9 and 1.. Senior Jason M. led the Blazers with 25 points and 7 rebounds. Seniors Nick B. and Mark M. each added 8 points and 3 assists a piece. ―We didn‘t come out ready to play,‖ Jason said. ―They shot a lot better than they did earlier. We didn‘t play very good defense and didn‘t play Torrington‘s style of basketball.‖ ―We had a rough go as a team against Wheatland,‖ Clint Landon said. ―I felt that, in the long run, it‘s good for us to go back into the gym and see the things we need to work on to get better so we can achieve our dream!‖ After a full week of practice, the Glenrock Herders were next on the list. After a good first half the Blazers blew away the Herders with

a score of 53-38. Once again Jason led the Blazers with 18 points and 8 rebounds. Junior Blake W. chipped in 13 points and 3 rebounds while Mark had 8 points. ―This game got us back on track after losing to Wheatland,‖ senior Frank S. commented. ―We had some stifling defense at times but we still need to push the ball better!‖ The following day the Blazers traveled to Buffalo to take on the Bison. The Blazers won in a dog fight, 56-47. Jason had an outstanding game with 33 points and 16 rebounds. Mark added 8 points. ―We came out a little slow,‖ Blake said. ―We started to get warmed up. Jason‘s shots started to fall and we pulled away.‖ ―I was pleased that we were able to win both And the ball is. . . .where? Blazers and Newcastle Dogies all have eyes for a high one earlier this season. Staff photo our games this past weekend,‖ head coach AJ Gross said. forward to improving upon a few Scottsbluff on February 21 was un―The boys did a great job of things before we enter the post- available at press time. adjusting to the physical nature of season next week.‖ the game in Buffalo, and securing a Coverage of the THS loss to conference championship. We look

Blazer girls‟ basketball players face Regionals Kylie K. columnist

Lady Blazers continue to work and play as they took down three conference teams: one of them happened to be their rivals. The Wheatland Lady Bulldogs fell to Torrington on February 11 after an ―intense‖ game. The Blazers came up with the win, 54-53. Senior Mikayla B. led with 22 points while Shai S. posted 11, and Allison M. and Matty J. each earned 7 points. Mikayla had 4 assists and 2 steals and Allison contributed with 2 assists and 3

steals. Many players agreed that Wheatland was their biggest win. ―I‘m really glad we won against Wheatland, but it could have gone better. They were the toughest team, and it‘s always a good match up when we play them,‖ Marsh said. Avery M. agreed. ―Wheatland was our best win, but we didn‘t play outstandingly well. We played a lot better [when we played] at Wheatland.‖ Schaefer added, ―All our games went well because we won, but Wheatland was the bigger win. The best part of the whole game was when Brower saved the ball and threw it in to me. I didn‘t know what to do, so I looked around for a second, then shot it and made it.‖ M i k a y l a agreed with Shai. ―The highlight of the Wheatland game was when I saved the ball from going out of bounds. It felt like it took twenty seconds, but really it took something like 2.2 secons.― Matty also thought Wheatland was the best, but for different reasons.

―Wheatland was a big win because it was senior night, and Wheatland was number-one until we beat them.‖ Coach Jeff Halley confirmed all the players‘ remarks . ―Wheatland was the biggest win, but we played the best at Glenrock. Even though it seemed as though Wheatland was the big win, the Lady Blazers also won two more games last weekend. On Friday, Torrington beat the Glenrock Lady Herders 74 to 39. Judging by the score, most can tell the Lady Blazers were on their game. ―I thought Glenrock was our best game,‖ said senior Jenny R.. ―I got out of my funk, stopped fouling, and started scoring. Our team kicked a** and I thought we worked together. I also shot my ‗3!‘‖ Allison agreed. ―Our press worked really well against Glenrock.‖ Kaylie H. also played well in Glenrock. ―Glenrock was a high-scoring game, and I did well on defense.‖ Along with Glenrock and Wheatland, the Blazers added Buffalo to their wins. They won 5133. Even with three wins under their belts, the Lady Blazers still strive to improve. Coach Halley had some great goals for the team. ―We need to continue to win this week so we can get to the number-one seed and win Regionals and State.‖ Avery had very similar goals: ―Beat Rawlins this weekend. so we can be the number one or two seat at Regionals.‖ All Aliison had to say was ―Win State, baby!!‖

And that‘s the way we‘re gonna‘ do it. Seniors Mikayla B. (l) and Matty J.

(far right) lead the underclassmen players toward post-season play. Staff photo

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Thursday, February 23, 2012

Blazing Sun




Blazers make a statement at Regionals with five finalists

Chase Patrick

113 lbs


Zach: ― I need to take more Q: What went well during Reshoots especially during the begingionals?

Justin Polkowski 126 lbs


Anthony Conner



Ryan Lewandowski



Isidro Cortez

138 lbs


Jacob Hatley

145 lbs


Benjamin Loya

152 lbs


Andrew Jarvis

160 lbs


Evan Ponce

170 lbs


Zach Lurz

195 lbs


Juan Gomez

220 lbs


Isaac Carr

280 lbs




The Torrington Trail Blazers Wrestling team took home a third place finish from the Regional Wrestling tournament in Rawlins. The Blazers had five second place finishers at Regionals and eight total placers. The team will be going to the State Tournament with eleven wrestlers who qualified.

Senior Ryan L. : ― We got a lot of players in the championships. We all went hard the first day.‖ Senior Zack L.: ― We finally had a full team show up.‖ Junior Evan P.: ― I was taking shoots and went with my game plan.‖ Junior Andrew J.: ―Most of our team placed, and I got second place.‖ Head Coach Doyle Meyer: ―We had a absolutely had the best semi-final rounds. We had seven semi-finalists and five made it through.‖

ning of the match.‖ Evan: ― Just shooting early and not waiting for the perfect shoot.‖ Andrew: ― I need to be ready when the match starts .‖ Meyer: ― We need to improve from getting off the bottom.‖

Q: What surprised you in the Regionals?

Ryan:―I was surprised we got five people in the championships. Zach: ―I had the best throw in my life.‖ Evan: ―Frustrating my opponent in the final match.‖ Andrew: ―I got second Q: What did not go so well? place.‖ Ryan: ― We could have Meyer: ― How well the jundone better in the championships ; iors did in the finals— four made some people let us down. it to the finals.‖ Zach: ― On the second day, we only won four matches. We will Q: What do you look forward do better next time, though.‖ to during State? Evan: ― The finals match— Ryan: ―Another opportuI lost fifteen to six to the state nity at wrestling again.‖ champion.‖ Zach: ―I look forward to Andrew: ―People missed wrestling at my best ability weight and missed the bus.‖ whether I win or lose.‖ Coach Meyer:― I think our Evan: ― Making the finals final matches were a struggle for and getting revenge.‖ us, but we will get the next time.‖ Andrew: ―Doing well and Q: What do you need to im- placing.‖ Meyer: ― Looking forward prove on? to the parade of champions where Ryan: ― I need to work on all the teams line up in front of the finishing my match.‖ fans.‖

Blazing Sun

Thursday, February 23, 2012

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Thursday, February 23, 2012

Torrington High School

Superintendent on Bullying 2.0 As a district wide problem, The Blazing Sun interviewed Superintendent of Schools Ray Schulte Dimitri N. for his thoughts on bullying, cyberbullying, and soEditor-in-Chief lutions to these problems. Bullying may be a word that is less trendy, After a detailed questionnaire completed by nowadays, but the practice is still highly regarded parents, students, and district staff, the results as being a problem in high school‘s all over the where overwhelmingly in disagreement with the country. statement that bullying was not a problem in the Including our own Torrington High School. district. Continued from the February 9th Issue

After a detailed questionnaire completed by parents, students, and district staff, the results where overwhelmingly in disagreement with the statement that bullying was not a problem in the district. So what does work? What‘s the solution? ―We have training programs, such as Olweus, but it‘s hard to measure the extent of the success, if there was any.‖ Schulte said, adding to a growing problem in high school administrations today: do anti-bullying programs really work? In the past decade, schools have hosted a multitude of different anti-bullying programs and workshops, such as Challenge Day, Rachel‘s Challenge, and Olweus. The former two target the student population, encouraging them to break down the walls of separation and to be kind to others. While the effects were seen within the programs themselves, long term, the programs were ineffective and the school drama returned to normal. But Schulte suggests that these programs are only one part of the bullying eradication process: ―As a result of the last survey, I‘ve been talking to the building principals and having them talk to the counselors to make sure that something is being done to address bullying. Another thing is to know the seriousness of what we are dealing with. ―If one student is pushed in the hallway and comes to the counselors and says that he‘s being bullied, it‘s hard to know if it really is bullying. Yes, you were shoved, but is it really bullying? I see bullying as an ongoing issue. ― Schulte clarified. However, there is a blurred line between what is considered ―bullying‖ and what is simply horseplay. The superintendent echoed these concerns. ―We have students in the middle school that get run over once in a while and say that they‘re being bullied. And then the counselors get calls from the parents saying that their child is being bullied. But if this was going on every day then it probably is a bullying incident but if it‘s a one time event, that might be the case.‖ Schulte said. The superintendent noted that finding solutions were difficult. As each

bullying case is unique, a standard, universal solution is inferior to personal counselor contact, which is one of the weapons in Schulte‘s arsenal. Once again, it‘s just the first step. ―We need to have someone look at the data and we need to visit more with parents and students to see to what extent bullying is a problem. I know the principals want to institute thed Olweus program again, so we‘ll have to think about finding the money to bring that back.‖ Schulte explained. Funding for Olweus, the self promoted ―World‘s Foremost Bullying Prevention Program,‖ can range from school to school, depending on the size. For a school the size of THS, the purchase cost of the program materials can range from $1,500-3,200. However, Schulte notes that face to face bullying is different from cyberbullying. Cyberbullying, bullying on the internet over social media, is quickly becoming a dangerous game. An expert student opinion pointed out that the majority of cyberbullying is between teenage girls. Facebook statistics agree. In a three month study, Facebook, in partnership with several domestic violence groups, analyzed the trends of statuses that teenagers were posting. A majority of 53% of them were drama related, almost all of them posted by girls. Schulte says this is one major hurdle for the neutralization of bullying. The district is essentially powerless to stop anything that becomes available on the internet. His comment of ―Goshen County does not have much say on Facebook,‖ resonates with several other schools in the country with many of the same problems concerning bullying. On the website of teen advocacy giant Cyberbullying Research Center, a simple quote from a 13 year old girl in California sends a clear message about the dangers of the media. ―I was talking to a friends and she kept calling me fat and ugly and I couldn't stand it anymore so I blocked her but she came up under different screen names and calling me the same thing so I signed off for two days.‖ Other stories are much more well known. For example, Colum-

bine. Several students and teachers and other people involved still believe that the entire incident was orchestrated by bullying or neglect on the part of an entire student body. To make sure that doesn't happen at Torrington High School and the other outlying schools, Schulte is determined to understand what is really going on, socially in the district. He is encouraging the building principals and counselors to talk to students and parents, and possibly even grant the principals‘ whishes for another Olweus program. Bullying, however, is a problem that will never truly be eradicated. In a world of incalculable stereotypes, prejudices, and categorization, the social structure of bullying is something that will stay constant regardless of the environment or circumstances. Nonetheless, Goshen County School District #1 is determined to ensure the safety of its students and to promote impeccable behavior. Bullying may be a problem all over, and will continue to be, but in Torrington, the extensive survey has already shed light on the issue. A complete list of the results of the district‘s surveys are available upon request. Those responses relevant to the development of this exclusive feature can be found in the previous issue of this newspaper (February 9th).

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All FBLA members can drive safely—no coffee, no cookies, no books!

Torrington High School

Thursday, February 23, 2012

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Let‟s Read Across America with a coffee and a cookie!

Beloved Blazin‟Bakery beckons hungry readers Frank S. Columnist

Next week will be a good time to be hungry! Torrington High School students and staff are putting up their annual Blazin‘ Bakery Café outside the library. Coffee, tea, hot chocolate, and cookies will be served for students to purchase. Alina Surber‘s Foods classes will be making most of the goods for people to buy and they will cost about fifty cents. It will be open from Tuesday, February 28 through Friday, or as long as supplies last. But hurry and get to school because it will only be open before school and during homeroom.

The Bakery operates every year in honor of Dr. Seuss‘s birthday and is part of the Read Across America celebration in our school district.. Media specialist Mary Perkins said, ― We tried to take on the ‗internet café look.‘ Students really liked to come and buy cookies and other goods last year, so we thought we would put this all back on again this year. We hope we have another great turn out this year.‖ Senior Mark M. stated, ―I think my lemon squares are going to be the best on the market, hands down. Senior Jason M. said, ―Mark,

Devonte and I are making some great lemon bars and everyone should all try them. Also, it is a great way to make some extra money for the school.‖ Senior Devonte M.T. added, ― It was real fun making all the goods with Mark and Jason. I probably won‘t buy any of the goods we made. My cupcakes are

the very best.‖ So if you have an extra fifty cents in your pocket next week and you have an empty stomach, stop on by the Blazin‘ Bakery and fill your stomach with some goodies.

The Drive to Stay Alive: laws for the dangers of teen driving Continued from Page 1 Laws are different, and it will be up to the state legislators to come up with their own. In Wyoming, teens are issued a Learner‘s Permit before we are able to apply for our license. A minimum of fifty hours of driving practice under the supervision of an adult is required as well to obtain a driver‘s license. The restrictions and requirements do not stop there. Wyoming adolescents may only have one other passenger

in the car at a time. This restriction typically lasts for a year, and that license is considered only a partial license. Just like curfew, those using a partial license are not allowed to be driving after dark, though there are certain restrictions and exceptions. Wyoming has also passed a law making it illegal to use a handheld device to text while driving. This law was specifically directed at adolescents, and it was signed into

law on July 1, 2011. The law was passed in an effort to control distracted driving. In this era of texting, teens likely will not wait or pull over to answer the text. If anyone in the state of Wyoming is seen texting while operating an automobile, they now risk a seventy five dollar fine. All fatalities due to driving accidents can‘t be prevented. No matter what the circumstances, there will always be accidents on our roads, and the rate will probably al-

ways be the highest for adolescents. The government can pass dozens of laws, but there will still be accidents. That doesn‘t mean that the legislator should need to stop. We must pass all the laws that can reduce fatalities. Teenagers likely won‘t stop driving like maniacs on the roads unless they are put at risk for penalties of the law. Any fatality that can be prevented, needs to be. Who knows: what if the next one involved is the one closest to you?

THS FBLA ‗Turns Their Swag On‘; FBLA Week Dimitri N. Editor-in-Chief

It appears Torrington High School‘s Future Business Leaders of America chapter has done it again. For one week in the second week of February—going from February 6-10—THS FBLA Week 2012 was a huge success. Christened with a theme of ―Turning Your Swag On,‖ THS FBLA committee members designed the week to host specialty activities, learning experiences, and confidence boosters. ―We chose the theme for FBLA Week before the school year at an officer training workshop. Because Caitlyn C. and Dimitri N. had attended a session called Turn Your Swag On at the National FBLA Conference in Orlando over the summer, we decided to continue using that name.‖ explained chapter ReporterHistorian-Parliamentarian Kayla B. ―Additionally, Turn Your Swag On tied into our annual theme of ‗Ignite Your Dreams‘.‖ ―Ignite Your Dreams,‖ the outstandingly successful program THS FBLA has promoted this year was co-written by motivational student speaker Laymon A. Hicks. At the National Leadership Conference in Orlando, Caitlyn and Dimitri met Hicks at his workshop, Turn Your Swag On. ―It tied in together very well,‖ continued Kayla, ―Laymon H. pretty much provided us with our entire Program of Work, and it obviously has worked well for our chapter.‖

Kayla‘s comments have statistical support. For the 2011-2012 school year, Torrington FBLA has experienced the largest membership increase in the entire school, almost edging out all the other clubs and their recruitment percentages, at 342%. FBLA Week, however, was one time frame, where the chapter showcased all of their potential. Monday was dubbed ―Moving Mountains Day.‖ Members were given a note from the chapter thanking them for their participation in FBLA and that together, they could all ―Move Mound-tains‖ as a Mound was attached as well. ―We wanted to thank everyone for their support into making this year the best one THS FBLA has ever had. And just because Membership Appreciation Day is always something done during FBLA Week.‖ Kayla continued. Tuesday became ―Turning Heads.‖ FBLA members dressed up in their business professional best for their version of Dress for Success Day. In a school of mostly Aeropostale and American Eagle, the members‘ Calvin Klein and Dockers attire certainly shed some professional ambiance for the group. Wednesday was named ―Winning the Crowd Day.‖ A massive poster decorated the Commons with a message: write down what you are confident in, most proud of, or an accomplishment you have. Members jotted down everything from their future, to their fashion sense, to their talents. ―Winning the Crowd

was all about showing people what you are made of. In a sense, it was about bragging about what you were good at, but to make sure it was positive and that it would get you somewhere.‖ Kayla explained. The last day, Thursday, turned into ―Throwing Away The Baggage Day.‖ ―At our Monday meeting, we asked all members to write down two goals of theirs. One of the goals had them list the people that supported them in achieving that goal. That could be anyone from parents, to teachers, to friends that really believed they could achieve that.‖ Kayla said, ―The other goal, however, had them list people that wouldn‘t support them, or didn‘t believe in them.‖ The goals were posted all over the school with green goals being the supportive ones and red goals being the negative ones. Members were challenged to find all thirty -seven goals that were hidden around the school and were forced to rip up the negative ones, hence the name ―Throwing Away the Baggage.‖ ―We wanted to show the chapter that people that don‘t believe in you, don't deserve you. Anyone

can do anything and if there are people who doubt you in any way, you shouldn‘t deal with their negativity.‖ Kayla explained. What‘s next for the chapter? ―Today [Thursday] we have our annual lock-on. We‘re going to be staying up all night working on our projects and sight tests for the State Leadership Conference in Cheyenne in March. It‘s gonna be one awesome night! I‘m so pumped!‖ Kayla ended.

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Every year, we try to feature a bit of information about each of our seniors: here‘s the class of 2012‘s edition! THE QUESTIONS: 1. What‘s your favorite memory? 2. Most embarrassing moment 3. If you could change one thing about THS, what would it be? 4. What high school accomplishments are you proudest of? 5. What will you miss about high school? 6. What are your plans after high school? 7. Advice to under class men?

Thursday, February 23, 2012

Torrington High School

Michael G. Shawn F. 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7.

Auto and Ag Construction Watching underclassmen Lunch, Graduation requirements. Leaving Campus. Nothing. Job Corps. Trash can each other.

1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7.

Soccer None Some of the staff Soccer Soccer friends I don't know yet. Just stay in school


Never floss with a stranger * Blazing Sun

Tanya H. 1. Johrdan Stone 2. Getting water poured on me by Johrdan while wearing white. 3. New rules. 4. Prom with Johrdan, without falling on my face. 5. Memories with friends. 6. Go to Cali and become trauma nurse. 7. Don‘t be dumb and respect the upperclassmen.

Megan J. 1. 2. 3. 4.

I‘m sure it will happen this year. I don't get embarrassed. I laugh along. The no food, no drinks rule. Making it this far and the fact I graduate soon. 5. Everything, friends, mostly how easy it is compared the real world. 6. Go to college for criminal justice (C.S.I) or interior designer. 7. Enjoy it while it lasts. It goes quickly; these really are the days of your lives.

The Blazing Sun is the official newspaper of Torrington High School (THS). It is published bimonthly, fifteen times a year, expressly for the uses of THS students. The Blazing Sun is a student forum written and composed entirely by student staff members. It is photocopied by Goshen County School District #1. Signed editorials represent the opinion of the author and not necessarily that of The Blazing Sun, THS administrators, faculty, or students. Unsigned editorials represent the opinion of the staff. We welcome letters from students to the editor; however, they must be signed to be printed. Letters to the editor should be addressed to The Blazing Sun, THS, 2400 West C Street, Torrington, WY 82240. Letters will be copy edited upon request. We reserve the right to refuse to print, to edit for legal concerns or for space considerations.

Sarah E. 1. Jason and Mark, Freshman year...Ellis‘s class...I will get you guys back one day!! :) 2. Sarah doesn't get embarrassed! 3. Cell phones, iPods, food, drinks...ridiculous. 4. Having 222 absences junior year and still getting on silver honor roll! 5. Friends that I‘ve had for years and just being young in general. 6. Going to college to become Lab Technician/ Microbiologist. 7. You aren‘t the [Stuff]! So stop acting like it. Thanks!

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The Blazing Sun - Feb. 23rd  

Bully problem continued, Words with Friends, Mascot make overs, BOTM and more!

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