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Sixth Annual


To Be or Not To Be:

18th Annual Shakespeare Competition Held at Cabrini Before a panel of judges and the Cabrini

finals. The winners of the city finals then go

community, twenty-eight students took the

on to compete in the national championship

stage in Founder’s Hall for the 18th Annual

which is held in the late spring.

Shakespeare Competition. Nationally recog-

Announced in October, the contest was

The Class of 2009 hit the pavement for their fourth and final Walk-A-Thon.

On October 24th, Mother Cabrini High School held its Sixth Annual Walk-A-Thon.

nized and sponsored by the English Speaking

open to students of all grades levels. Once

This event was created in the hopes

Union of the United States, the competition

participants chose their monologues, they

of encouraging our students to be

begins with a high school championship

were expected to attend practice sessions

physically active and healthy. The event

round, during which one student is selected

and group meetings in order to qualify for

to represent his or her high school in the city

the audition round,


supports our after-school Energy Up High Voltage Program funded by a federal grant we have received for


2008-2011. Nearly 350 students and

Carries on Legacy of Mother Cabrini

25 faculty members joined in our

During the last week of January, nine students in the Mission Volunteer Program departed for Syracuse,

(Beginning from left) Rosalie Grullon ’11, Caroline Almonte ’11, chaperone Kristina Doyle, residents of L’Arche, Stephanie De la Cruz ’11, Natalie Reynoso ’11, senior leaders Angeline Rivera ’09 and Ivana Valenzuela ’09.

celebration of “good health and great education” by spending the day walking

New York, to continue Saint Frances Xavier Cabrini’s

through Fort Tryon Park. Mentor classes

mission to educate and touch hearts of those less

created a colorful banner, showing

fortunate. For the fourth consecutive year, Campus

their school spirit. All who participated

Minister, Mr. Matthew Bizzarro, and Guidance

received a specially made t-shirt with

Counselor, Ms. Kristina Doyle, have supervised

expressions of thanks to all the local

our young missioners while they spearheaded

businesses who support Cabrini

community service projects

throughout the



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Head of School

Shakespeare Competition . . . . . .1 Legacy of Mother Cabrini . . . . . .1 Walk-A-Thon . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .1 NEWS

Feast Day Celebration . . . . . . . . .8 Annual College Fair . . . . . . . . . . .8 Practice of Hospitality . . . . . . . . .9 Cabrini Saints . . . . . . . . . . . . . .10 Rowing Team Receives Inspiration . . . . . . . . . .11 ‘Twas the Season . . . . . . . . . . .12 Education of the Heart’s Health . . . . . . . . . . . . . .12 Cabrini Leaders Honored . . . . . .13 Christmas at Cabrini . . . . . . . . .14 Summer Enrichment Program . .15 Washington D.C. Reunion . . . . .18 D E PA R T M E N T S

Letter from Head of School . . . . .2 Letter from Chairman of the Board . . . . . . . .4 Save the Date . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .5 Letter from Director of Advancement . . . . . . .5 Gift Acknowledgement . . . . . . .16 Alumnae News . . . . . . . . . . . . .18 Kudos . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .19 Alumnae Survey . . . . . . . . . . . .20

The Cabrinian Winter 2009 Mother Cabrini High School 701 Fort Washington Avenue New York, NY 10040 ph: (212) 923-3540 fax: (212) 781-2051 email: Rose McTague Head of School Kerry Schmid Dean of Academics Susan Fraleigh Dean of Students George Donaghy Director of Finance Kenneth Famulare Director of Advancement

Dear Alumnae and Friends of Mother Cabrini High School, In the last issue of The Cabrinian, I was quoted as follows: “I am honored and excited that the Missionary Sisters of the Sacred Heart of Jesus and the Mother Cabrini High School community have placed their faith in me to lead this institution, widely recognized for the emphasis it places on nurturing young women from diverse backgrounds to become faith-filled leaders of tomorrow.” As you read about the many accomplishments and contributions of our students, you will discover, as I have, the many ways our faculty, staff, parents and alumnae mentors encourage our students to develop their faith as they become moral leaders who use their scholarship and service to “pay forward” the gifts they have received. To help our students understand their responsibility to “pay forward”, our faculty and staff believe and practice the values espoused by our foundress, Saint Frances Xavier Cabrini, who states to her religious sisters, “Your very presence, your virtue and your teaching will create a wholesome atmosphere in the classrooms where you will teach, a salutary environment. You will radiate a beneficial influence, education in the true sense of the word. The good you will do will be immense” (To the Ends of the Earth—The Missionary Travels of Frances X. Cabrini, 288). I can assure you that our faculty and staff today, thanks to your generosity and because of their sense of commitment, share the same desire to develop our students’ minds, characters, hearts and souls as the teachers you so fondly recall—namely, Mother Ursula, Mother George, Sister Frances Brogan, the young science teacher who fostered a love for science (Sister Patricia Spillane ’57, the newly-elected Superior General for the Missionary Sisters), Ms. Shorr and the following faculty and staff members who have served here ten or more years— Sister Maryellen Blumlein, S.C., Ms. Chen, Ms. Clancy, Ms. Donlon, Ms. Espinosa, Ms. Fraleigh, Mr. Gabriele, Ms. Hernandez, Ms. Hernando Madrid, Ms. Kunzler, Ms. Klymowska, Ms. Mendez, Mr. Murphy, Mr. Peragine, Ms. Linda Rozowicz ’61


(who retired in June 2008), Ms. Toro, and Ms. Wurzinger. As Mr. Kenneth

Cheryl Hallenback Director of Recruitment and Public Relations

Famulare, the new Director of Advancement, and I speak with you in person and meet you, you, too, speak of the same salutary environment these teachers


Ellen Clancy Victoria Felix Michelle Sherman DESIGN

The Blank Page Inc., New York, NY

and staff members created to teach you how to “pay forward” by their fostering

of “education of the heart”, scholarship, service and leadership within each of you. I am pleased to add that through the efforts of our counselors, Ms. Del Vicario and Ms. Doyle, our registrar, Sister Alyn Larson, C.N.D., and our seniors, the Class of 2009 has earned $200,800 in college scholarships thus far. You share, in common with our students of today, the many fine traditions and opportunities that you enjoyed or experienced at Mother Cabrini High School. Perhaps, you re-live your days of accomplishment when you served as a Student Body Association or club officer, participated in the Shakespeare Competition, entered your project in the Science Fair, served in your parish community as a way to give service, practiced for and marched with

“As you read about the many accomplishments and contributions of our students, you will discover,

the Drum Corps in parades, scored points as a team

the many ways our faculty, staff, parents and alumnae

player, won a college scholarship and, most important,

mentors encourage our students to develop their

asked the intercession of Mother Cabrini as you prayed in the chapel.

faith as they become moral leaders who use their scholarship and service to “pay forward” the gifts

I urge you to “pay back” what you have received by assisting our current students, many of whom would

they have received.”

not be able to attend our school, have an opportunity to gain college acceptance and to complete college without your financial support. Help us to maintain the tradition of our 100% college acceptance rate as we prepare for our Middle States re-accreditation process next year. Please take to heart what Ms. Marcelle Caccioppoli ’52, Interim Board Chair, and I ask of you in order for us to keep our high school as a place that cultivates the spiritual and educational growth of young women. I thank you as you consider your decision to make Mother Cabrini High School your first charity of choice. God bless!

Rose McTague Head of School

The Cabrinian




Board Chair Dear Fellow Alumnae and Friends, Once again, after a number of years, I return to communicate

These are not easy times for most Cabrini

with you, not as founding Chair of the Board of Trustees,

families, both past and present, and I assure

but as Interim Chair, having been asked by the Board of

you that with your help we will do everything

Trustees to “step in” upon the sudden resignation of our

to be fiscally prudent. I promise you we will

former Chair last June. My goal, as always in the past twelve

be conscientious and good stewards of

years, is to act wisely and well as we all try to ensure the

your contributions.

continuance of our alma mater. I may add that the building is almost eighty years old, This has been a transition year in that we have a new

having been built in 1930. Therefore, the infrastructure

leadership team consisting of three new members including

requires constant attention, repair and upgrades both

a new Head of School. Working together, they have become

in the physical plant as well as with the need to update

a cohesive group as they diligently strive to achieve

technology and to handle other capital improvement issues.

the accomplishment of our educational goals.

Yet, if you were to return to the campus, I think you would be pleased at the improvements and the enhancement

We are all stakeholders in this endeavor and we cannot do

of our facilities.

it without your support. I do not need to remind you of the challenging times we face during this difficult economic period.

On behalf of the Missionary Sisters of the Sacred Heart of

Mother Cabrini High School is not immune to the effects of

Jesus and the Board of Trustees, I thank those of you who have

the weakened economy. As a result, our enrollment has fallen

generously supported us in the past so much, and to those of

off and the upperclasswomen and incoming freshwomen

you who have “lost touch,” I ask you to consider a commitment

are seeking more financial aid than ever before.

to your alma mater. It is our intention to raise a significant amount of money for our most important endeavor—to

Facing these critical demands, we need to generate additional

educate young women who are our future and to offer them,

income from our alumnae and other benefactors. At my

too, an “education of the heart” as we were given.

request, the Board of Trustees is becoming more directly involved in assisting the Advancement Office to raise funds.

I look forward to seeing you at our reunion for all classes

I have personally made numerous telephone calls to many

on April 25, 2009. We have scheduled it one month later than

of our alumnae and have been encouraged by the responses.

in previous years to take advantage of better spring weather.

However, we have to do so much more to make sure our

Please join us and each other.

alma mater, which celebrates its 110th anniversary the next school year, continues for many more years.


Our school was a source of excellent education for all of us, one that we can be proud of and one that we should, I hope, be willing to assist other young women to obtain.

Marcelle Caccioppoli Class of ’52, Faculty ’59–’62


The Cabrinian



Alumnae Reunion Featuring a light brunch, Mass, buffet lunch and a performance by the award-winning Drum Corps and Color Guard Saturday, April 25th, 2009

Message From DIRECTOR OF ADVANCEMENT Cabrini style. Cabrini girl. Cabrini spirit. Our school has become an adjective unlike any other. Since September, I have had the

Registration begins at 10:00 a.m. Open to all Cabrini graduates. Anniversary classes will be honored.

privilege of speaking with Cabrini alumnae from all over the world. Every conversation fills my heart with the passion, joy, and

Mother Cabrini High School Drum Corps Review Featuring a performance by the award-winning Drum Corps and Color Guard

gratitude each graduate so strongly feels. As we continue to meet the challenges

Saturday, May 16, 2009, 5:00 p.m.

of our important mission here in Washington Heights, I ask that you take the time to provide

Admission by ticket only. Open to alumnae, prospective students, and the public.

us with some information that will enhance the network of Cabrini alumnae. This information

The 77th Commencement Featuring the graduating Class of 2009, the Cabrini Singers, and the award-winning Drum Corps and Color Guard Friday, June 5, 2009, 2:30 p.m. Open to Alumnae and by invitation only.

can be submitted via our website at, or, you can fill out the back page of this Cabrinian and send it to our office. Throughout our lives, the relationships we forge have been vital in our progress. Your support will help us to add another

Mother Cabrini High School’s 110th Anniversary Celebration November 13, 2009, 7:00 p.m. (tentative)

to the growing list of Cabrini phrases: Cabrini strong. Thank you,

Invitation only.

Be the first to know! Get the most up to date Cabrini information and advance notice of upcoming alumnae events via e-mail. Send us an e-mail message that includes the statement “please add my e-mail to your electronic mailing list.”

Kenneth Famulare Director of Advancement

And stay in the know!

The Cabrinian




News To Be or Not To Be:

18th Annual Shakespeare Competition Held at Cabrini

Ms. Ellen Clancy, Chair of the English Department and advisor of the competition, first introduced the Shakespeare Competition as a project for her Speech class in 1991. Due to its popularity, the contest became an official school-wide competition. According to Ms. Clancy, the number of students volunteering to compete has increased over the past few years and while the competition is one of the school’s many special events, it serves a purpose in the classroom as well. She states, “In Speech class, I’ve incorporated it as part of the curriculum. The program becomes a valuable educational tool

All 28 competitors gathered with the announcers of the competition, Ms. Clancy, and Mrs. McTague after receiving their performance awards and pins.

because the students gain experience in literary analysis and enunciation. The students quickly become experts


which was held

Macbeth. The panel of judges, comprised

at spotting and correcting.”

in December. Overall, 44 students entered

of members of the English Department and

the competition and made it to the audition

Librarian Mr. Daniel Gabriele, judged the

Shakespeare competition. “I believe that

round. Following the review of each audition,

performers based on criteria that included

if you enjoy something, there is no reason

twenty-eight finalists were selected for a

dramatic presentation, understanding

why you should not continue to do it, even

spot to compete in school championships

of text, vocal projection, and appropriate

if you do not win. I enter each year because

in January.

movement or gestures. After the competi-

I enjoy the performing arts and love

tion, Head of School, Mrs. Rose McTague,

Shakespeare. Last year, I had to recite my

the young actresses recited the monologues

and Academic Dean, Mrs. Kerry Schmid,

monologue sitting down due to an injury,”

of different female characters from some of

presented each performer with a pin and

she recalled. “Although I knew it would

William Shakespeare’s classic plays. Among

certificate. The top twelve finalists of the

hinder my chances of winning, I wasn’t

the characters presented were Cleopatra

competition were announced and Cristina

going to back out. It is the kind of competi-

from Antony and Cleopatra, Helena from

Arbucias ’10, who performed Rosalind from

tion that strengthens your character and

A Midsummer Night’s Dream, Phoebe from

As You Like It, was selected to represent

you have fun while you’re doing it.”

As You Like It, and Lady Macbeth from

Mother Cabrini High School in the New

On the morning of the competition,

For Patricia Sebastian ’10, it was her third

York City finals.

Sixth Annual

Walk-A-Thon year. This year’s sponsors were: 107 West Restaurant, Balfour NA, Blue Evolution Restaurant Corp., Correa & Sanchez Dentistry, PLLC, Fivo’s Pizza—804, Hudson Heights Owners Coalition, JP Morgan Chase—Ft. Washington Branch, Pleasant Cleaners, Riverside Animal Clinic, Simone Song Properties, LLC, and Vicky’s Diner. Between sponsors and student fundraising, the event collected nearly $35,000 which will be used to support our technological needs. 6

The Cabrinian


Sr. Maryellen Blumlein’s mentor class takes a moment to show off their banner and Walk-A-Thon spirit.


News M I S S I O N VO L U N T E E R P R O G R A M Carries On Legacy of Mother Cabrini 1




at L’Arche,

At the Franciscan

of their norm,

a community for adults with developmental

Northside Ministries,

to people who

disabilities. This year, in addition to working

1,700 sandwiches

are genuinely no

at L’Arche, the group was fortunate to have

and family relief

different, and to

the opportunity to volunteer at the Franciscan

packages were

an appreciation

Northside Ministries, which provides

prepared for

of simplicity.

underprivileged residents of the north

distribution to

Working the food

side city of Syracuse with a food pantry

the homeless and

and free medical and law clinics.

hungry of Syracuse. The mission volunteers

our students to continue to participate in

While working with the L’Arche commu-

pantry motivates

worked the distribution window, handing

community service when they return home—

nity, the seven Cabrini sophomores and

out the bagged lunches and relief packages

and that keeps the mission in motion.”

two senior leaders worked one-on-one with

they prepared to each individual in need.

the L’Arche residents and got to know each

“St. Frances Xavier Cabrini’s mission

While reflecting on her experience, Rosalie Grullon ’11 shared that volunteering

of them on a personal and spiritual level.

to educate the heart and soul is the very

in Syracuse taught her three valuable lessons.

The missioners spent their time assisting

foundation of the service trips our students

She recalled, “I learned to be grateful for the

with the residents’ daily physical therapy

experience. In one week, the volunteers

luxuries I have because there are people in

sessions, teaching art classes, renovating,

worked two separate projects with one

the world who do not have any; to share love,

cleaning and rearranging a L’Arche home,

goal in mind—to serve others,” reflected

because it is the best gift you have offer;

and creating candles from scratch (which

Mr. Bizzarro. “As a community centered

and to not complain about what I do not

the community sells in an effort to keep

in Catholic faith and Gospel values, L’Arche

have because what I desire will not give

the doors of L’Arche open).

introduces Cabrini’s volunteers to life outside

me fulfillment.”

1 (Beginning from left) Brother Joe Frietag OFM CONV, Syracuse volunteers, and Ms. Kristina Doyle gather before serving to the needs of the homeless.

2 (Beginning from the left) Rosalie Grullon ’11, Natalie Madrigal ’10, Caroline Almonte ’11, and Natalie Reynoso ’11 prepare homemade sandwiches to distribute to the homeless of Syracuse.

3 The arts and crafts session gave the volunteers and the residents the opportunity to share their talents with one another.

The Cabrinian




News Mother Cabrini Feast Day Celebration On the morning of Thursday, November

In her closing remarks, Sr. Sharon Casey,

13th, 2008, the Mother Cabrini High

MSC ’68 spoke about the challenging

School community joined the worldwide

period our country and city are facing

Cabrinian community to celebrate the life,

and how everyone encounters uneasy

mission, and philosophy of St. Frances

situations. Referencing the Mass’ first

Xavier Cabrini. At the St. Frances Cabrini

reading, a letter from St. Paul to the

Shrine, the school’s Campus Ministry,

Philippians, she reminded the students

along with the Liturgy class and the

not to get anxious but to bring their needs

Cabrini Singers, led the school’s feast

to Jesus through prayer, just as Mother

day celebration. Monsignor Robert Ritchie,

Cabrini did.

Rector of St. Patrick’s Cathedral, presided

For nine days leading up to the feast day,

over his third feast day Mass and Sr. Sharon

students led a novena during morning

Casey, MSC ’68 was also in attendance to

prayer, which was aimed at increasing the

offer feast day greetings.

awareness of God’s presence in our lives.

The congregants celebrated the high

As part of the feast day festivities, the stu-

school’s remarkable foundress with a

dents received magnets of Mother Cabrini

Liturgy class performance that brought

to take home and were treated to ice cream

young “Francesca” to life. The message

while the administration, faculty and staff

aptly portrayed a talented group of students,

gathered for a reception in the library.

highlighting Mother Cabrini’s commitment to following God’s will and not succumbing to other ways of life. Through divine guidance she was ready to serve in the name of Lord and go where He wanted to send her.

Top left: Patricia Sebastian ’10 (center) plays a convincing young Mother Cabrini as the Liturgy class performs for the feast day celebration. Bottom left: As a community, Mother Cabrini High School celebrates their “Mother” in the St. Frances Cabrini Shrine.

Mother Cabrini High School Students Look to the Future During Annual College Fair For the fourth consecutive

Campuses. Also in attendance

year, the Guidance Department

were representatives from the

hosted a college fair on

Princeton Review, who assisted

September 28th, 2008. Held

the students with questions

in Founder’s Hall and open to

about scholarships and financial

the juniors and senior classes,

aid, the SAT Reasoning Test and

the fair hosted 24 colleges and

Advanced Placement Courses. On behalf of the juniors

universities including Seton Hall University, Saint Thomas

and seniors who attended the

Aquinas College, Penn State

fair, Student Body President

University, Fairfield University,

Gifty Agyapong ’09 said, “The

Sacred Heart University, Siena

Admission Counselors were

College, Mount Saint Mary

extremely helpful and they

College, Lehman College

heightened our sense of where

Every one was asking questions

(CUNY), College of Mount Saint

we would like to see ourselves

and enjoying the benefit of

Vincent, Mercy College, and

as young women of the future.

having a college fair on her

Long Island University—

I did not see one student just

own campus!”

Brooklyn and Long Island

grab information and walk out.


The Cabrinian


Seniors happily display the materials they received from the various colleges and universities at Mother Cabrini’s college fair.


News T H E P R A C T I C E O F H O S P I TA L I T Y: Mother Cabrini Celebrates a New Beginning at Welcome Liturgy




etting the tone for the 2008–2009


sioned was Head of School, Mrs. Rose

Growing in numbers and spirit, the students

school year, Mother Cabrini High

McTague. Special guest Sr. Diane Olmstead,

who choose to participate, mentor a “little”

School held its annual Welcome

MSC declared, “Today, we ask God’s blessing

sister for the remainder of the year. The first

Liturgy on Friday, September 26th, in the

on Mrs. McTague and may she be armed

day is spent surprising their new friends

St. Frances Cabrini Shrine. The Cabrini

with the spirit of justice, patience, and

with balloons, little gifts, and decorations

community gathered to bestow a genuine

understanding so that the work among

of their lockers. Tara Yiu ’12 commented,

welcome upon the Class of 2012, as well

us will carry forward the mission begun

“It truly feels like I have a second family.

as onto all new faculty and administration.

by St. Frances Xavier Cabrini.”

The entire day was dedicated to making

The theme of this year’s liturgy,

Ms. Michelle Sherman, first-year Cabrini

me and my classmates feel welcome and

dramatized in Gospel by the Liturgy class,

Mission Corps volunteer and Associate

I am looking forward to my first year

was centered on listening to the voice

Campus Minister noted that, noted that,

and carrying out the Cabrini spirit.”

of the Good Shepherd. Campus Minister,

“Hospitality is one of the most cherished

Ms. Jayne Pickett, challenged each student

values of the Missionary Sisters of the

staff members: Dean of Academics,

to search and listen for Jesus’ shepherding

Sacred Heart of Jesus. I have felt the

Mrs. Kerry Schmid, Director of Advancement,

voice in daily life, and to take on the

welcoming spirit from everyone and

Mr. Kenneth Famulare, Spanish teacher,

shepherd role by caring for one another.

it has convinced me that the practice

Mr. Michael Lopez, Mathematics teacher,

of this value is genuinely alive and

Mr. John Moller, Science teacher, Ms. Luz

well in their hearts.”

Prado-Morales, Physical Education teacher,

The ceremony included the tradition of distributing yellow roses to the freshman class, and the commissioning of new faculty and administration. First to be commis-

Following the liturgy, sophomores, juniors, and seniors introduced the

Also officially welcomed were new

Mr. Rafael Parades, and Cabrini Mission Corps volunteer, Ms. Michelle Sherman.

freshman class to the Big Sister Program. 1 (Beginning from left to right) First-year Cabrinians Frieda Adu-Brempong, Tara Yiu, Alexa Valerio, and Lacqueen Touissant receive yellow roses as a gesture of hospitality.

2 Sr. Diane Olmstead, MSC (right) delivers the official commissioning of Head of School Mrs. Rose McTague (left).

3 Campus Minister Ms. Jayne Pickett (center) addresses the student body after the Liturgy class performance.

The Cabrinian





• B A S K E T B A L L • Cabrini Saints March into CHSAA Playoffs On February 11th, loud cheers took over the gymnasium as the Cabrini Saints, Cabrini’s varsity basketball team, completed their season with a home game against Notre Dame. The excitement, however, began on February 6th, as the team clinched a spot in the Catholic High School Athletic Association (CHSAA) playoffs with a 48-22 victory over Dominican Academy. Reaching the playoffs for the first time in several years, the Saints ended their impressive season with a record of 8-4 having lost only one at home. The Saints played a 12 game season and were victorious over Cathedral High School, St. Vincent Ferrer High School, Dominican Academy, Notre Dame Academy, and St. Jean Baptiste High School. Throughout the season, completed passes, strong rebounding, and ball control helped lead Cabrini to the playoffs. Leading scorers for the Saints were Pearl Henriquez ’10, Kadijah Flowers ’11, and Sadi Bridgeman ’10. According to Cabrini Saint and honors student, Pearl Henriquez ’10, (inset) Coach Mr. Murphy (center) and the Saints huddle for a quick time out to plan a swift strategy.

(above) With ball in hand, Pearl Henriquez ’10 runs back into Cabrini territory to keep the team in the lead over Dominican.

“Co-captains Kadaisha Lynah ’09 and Angelica Tejada ’09 are always positive and keep the team in high spirits. Our coach, Mr. Murphy, has motivated us to play hard, enjoy the sport, and to take each win and loss as a lesson to help us improve for the next game.”

• VOLLEYBALL • This season, tryouts were quite possibly the most competitive in recent years. Nearly 60 students attended the two-day tryouts, with 14 being chosen for the varsity team. After a toughly-fought season, and rivalries reborn against St. Michael’s Academy and St. George’s Academy, the team ended with a 4-7 record. Due to a scheduling conflict, we bid farewell to the senior class a bit early this year. Five of the six starters will be graduating this year and moving on to higher education, most with scholarships.


The Cabrinian


(Beginning from left to right) Melissa Vargas ’09, Jeslyn Santos ’09, Yvonne Mora ’09, Sadye Alvarez ’09, and Judy De la Cruz ’09 received flowers during Spirit Day ceremony from Volleyball Coach Ms. Victoria Felix ’01.


News The members of the MCHS rowing team proudly stand with Ms. Cummins (center).

• ROWING • Receives Inspiration from Olympic Gold Medalist In November 2008, the Mother Cabrini

Precious Cummings ’12 and first-year

High School rowing team received the

team member said, “Rowing is building my

opportunity to attend a presentation and

confidence, self esteem, and athletic skills

luncheon with U.S. Olympic rowing gold

for other sports, and has even introduced

medalist Anna Cummins. The discussion,

me to new opportunities and friendships.

which took place at Cathedral High

I’m a part of a team that works together and

School in New York City, was

we have a great time competing.”

Ms. Cummins’ final stop on a

Yoadelys Carreras ’09 and two-

visit to New York. Ms. Cummins

year member of the rowing team,

spoke of her involvement in

is looking to pursue rowing com-

the sport and shared footage

petitively in college. Yoadelys said,

of the 2008 Beijing Olympic

“Rowing has been an integral part

women’s eight [race], which

of the past two years of my life at

earned the U.S. rowing team

MCHS, and meeting Ms. Cummins

its first gold medal since 1984. Prior to the presentation, six of the eight members of the team were given the opportu-

Yoadelys Carreras ’09 poses with Ms. Cummins’ silver medal.

further increased my ambition to row, learn more about the history of sport, and to continue to be the best that I can be. As I move

nity to speak candidly with Ms. Cummins

forward and meet with coaches of colleges

about their mutual love of rowing. They

and discuss my opportunities, I will

discussed what they experience during their

always remember Ms. Cummins, an

successful races, what motivates each

Olympian role model for young rowers

member to continue to be a part of the team,

and women who have big dreams.”

and how the sport plays an important role in their academic and social life.

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News ’Twas the Season Fundraising Project Makes a Difference Around the World to Pay It Forward The Mother Cabrini High School Mission Leaders, a co-curricular service program dedicated to organizing fundraisers and performing charitable community service, inspired the Mother Cabrini community to raise money for a great international cause. Heifer International is a foundation dedicated to ending hunger by helping people in underdeveloped countries obtain a sustainable source of food and income through livestock. What makes Heifer unique is its formation of families that receive the livestock. Once a family receives the livestock that has been donated and that animal produces offspring, the family will then pass the offspring along to other members in their villages and the process will repeat, allowing a single donation to aid an entire community. Under the supervision of Associate Campus Minister and Cabrini Missioner, Ms. Michelle Sherman, the Mission Leaders structured the details of the fundraising project prior to Thanksgiving and began fundraising for the project during the first week of December.

The Mission Leaders set an initial goal of collecting $120 so that one sheep could be purchased and donated to a family in an underdeveloped country. The wool from the sheep will help clothe the family and bring income from the sale of wool products. After one week of collections, a grand total of $331.58 was raised! Since the Mission Leaders surpassed their original goal, they were able to purchase the sheep, a flock of chickens, a llama, and a batch of honeybees that will also be donated to families through Heifer International. Mission Leader Natalie Reynoso ’11 pointed out that there are so many different charitable organizations for which to fundraise to that you can get lost in making a choice, especially around the holidays. She commented, “You can fundraise for any charity, but when you find ‘the one’, it’s felt in your heart and that’s when their mission becomes your mission. In just one donation, the Cabrini community is providing better living situations for many families for years to come.”

For further information on Heifer International please visit their website,

From left to right: To keep the spirit of the project alive, misson leaders Pearl Henriquez ’10, Darlene Lora ’10, Courtney Aucone ’10, Rosalie Grullon ’11, Stephanie De la Cruz ’11, and Natalie Reynoso ’11 created a bulletin board to display on the first floor of MCHS.

Nicole Tavard ’09 points to the mission leader’s initial goal and the total amount they raised.

An Education of the Heart’s Health On Thursday, February 5th, selected science

Hospital, and Mount Sinai Hospital,

scholars joined Mr. Kenneth Famulare,

as well as advocates from the American

Director of Advancement, and Ms. Cheryl

Heart Association.

Hallenback, Director of Public Relations

The students benefitted from the

and Recruitment, at the New York City

exposure to such relevant and compelling

Council Chambers for a hearing on heart

information. In addition, they were able

disease among women. The hearing, a joint

to participate in the public policy process

effort of the Council’s Health Committee

and learn how our elected officials are

and Women’s Issues Committee, provided

able to gather information in order

the public with an opportunity to hear

to formulate legislation.

testimony from leading women physicians

President of the MCHS National Honor

From left to right: Gail Bruce ’10, Jossett Astwood ’09, Thessalia Kapetanos ’09, Lisa Coss ’11, and Kristina Melendez ’11 were ready and willing to receive an education on the heart’s health in the Council Chambers of City Hall.

and health advocates on the startling reality

Society, Thessalia Kapetanos ’09 reflected

of heart disease and its growing impact on

on her experience saying, “While I am able

the lives of women. Our students were able

to utilize the information I retrieved in my

our students in and out of the classroom,”

to witness presentations from women car-

Anatomy and Physiology class, I was really

said Mr. Famulare. “This forum was a great

diologists representing the New York City

touched by how much of a caring interest

example to our students. They were able to

Department of Health and Mental Hygiene,

the Cabrini community has towards our

learn about an important cause, and they

New York City’s Health and Hospitals

health and well being. It truly was an

were able to see successful women leading

Corporation, NewYork Presbyterian

education of the heart’s health.”

vital organizations with important missions.”


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“Cabrini prides itself on educating


News Student Leaders Installation Ceremony: Student Body Association and National Honor Society Honored Standing top row from left to right: SBA Vice President Yarilet Perez ’10, NHS Treasurer Prissly Mena ’09, NHS Secretary Judy De La Cruz ’09. Bottom Row from left to right: SBA Secretary Sully Ramirez ’09, SBA Treasurer Jhomalys Moran ’10, SBA President Gifty Agyapong ’09, NHS President Thessalia Kapetanos ’09, NHS Vice President Kiovangie Herrera ’09, Head of School Mrs. Rose McTague.

n the morning of October 30th,


achievement but to encourage and develop

the Cabrini community and parents

certain qualities characteristic to a democratic

gathered in the St. Frances Cabrini

society, and those four qualities are: leadership,

Shrine for the Student Leaders Installation

character, service, and scholarship.” Following

Ceremony. This annual tradition brings the

Mr. Murphy’s introduction, the executive

members of two organizations, the Student

officers, two-year members and first-year

Body Association (SBA) and the National

members were introduced and the executive

Honor Society (NHS) together so they can

officers of National Honor Society delivered

be formally inducted and recognized for

brief speeches highlighting the quality of their

their call to leadership and service.

acquired positions. After, the officers distrib-

“Choice” was the theme of this year’s

uted pins to the two-year members and

ceremony. Ms. Ellen Clancy, moderator of the

awarded the NHS patch to new inductees.

Student Body Association, emphasized that,

All members recited the oath, led by NHS

“The young women we honor today have

President, Thessalia Kapetanos ’09.

made a brave choice. They decided to step

Following the blessing of the members of

up and offer themselves as leaders for their

the NHS, Head of School Mrs. Rose McTague

fellow students.” Following her remarks,

congratulated the young leaders, and encour-

Ms. Clancy recognized the executive officers

aged them to continue to develop their “minds,

and each officer took her oath, promising to

characters, hearts and souls” and to remember

lead by example. The executive officers then

to utilize good judgment. Referring to the

called the class officers and representatives

school’s foundress, St. Frances Xavier Cabrini,

forward to receive their medals. Together, the

Mrs. McTague said, “Mother Cabrini was small

SBA recited the pledge to office, led by the

in stature but large in leadership. She had

SBA President, Gifty Agyapong ’09. Cabrini’s

persistence in her heart and like St. Frances

new leaders closed their induction with the

Xavier, you need to lead and guide by using

most traditional part of the ceremony—

your heart as well as your head to make the

answering the call to service and leadership

right decision.”

with the hymn “Here I Am Lord.”

After the ceremony, SBA Vice-President,

(Top) President of the NHS, Thessalia Kapetanos ’09 (left) gives the NHS pin to second-year member Stephanie Avila ’09 (right). (Bottom) Yarilet Perez ’10 proudly poses for a picture with her parents after the ceremony.

very respectable leadership positions. I am dedicated to becoming a woman of

Starting the second half of the installation,

third-in-command of the Drum Corps and

character and I am doing so with the support

moderator of National Honor Society, Mr. Patrick

Color Guard, and first-year member of the

of the Mother Cabrini community and, my

Murphy, addressed the audience and reminded

NHS, Yarilet Perez ’10 shared her feelings

family, and by believing that anyone can be

everyone that, “The National Honor Society

about being a leader. She said, “I am only

leader if, as Mrs. McTague said, one utilizes

was not just established to honor academic

a junior but in my time I have achieved three

good judgment.”

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News Cabrini Singers and Liturgy Class Present Annual Gift to the Community

C H R I S T M A S AT C A B R I N I :

Enjoying her solo moment, Anel Valdez ’09 (center) finishes the Christmas carol “White Christmas” with the Cabrini Singers.

Over 200 guests gathered in the St. Frances

The class also creatively performed their own

Cabrini Shrine on Saturday, December 14th,

version of “Instructions for a Merry Christmas,”

2008, for Mother Cabrini High School’s annual

reminding everyone to, “Spread love and cheer,

Christmas Prayer Concert. This seasonal gift to

be considerate of others, and most importantly,

the community was organized by Director of the

go to church!”

Cabrini Singers, Mr. Andrew Bauer, Liturgist, Ms.

After the performance, students of the

Mary Kunzler, and Campus Minister, Ms. Jayne Pickett.

Ambassador Club invited concert-goers to purchase

Special guests in attendance were previous Head

an assortment of Cabrini souvenirs in order to help fundraise

of School, Mr. Brian Donahue and recently retired Physical

for the Fine Arts Department. Kristina Melendez ’11, Cabrini

Education teacher, Ms. Linda Rozowicz ’61.

Scholar and member of the Ambassador Club, observed that the

The audience was presented with a spiritual and festive style concert as the choir, along with professional soloists,

community really showed their support through contributions. She commented, “It made me feel good to see such

John Sacco, Tenor, and Trish Adelisic, Soprano, and “Wind Controller”, Rob Cartalano, performed an array of holiday music which included the Italian Christmas carol “Gesù Bambino”

a large turnout and how eager those who came to see our talents were to contribute and to keep our programs running so we can continue to provide the community with great music and perform-

and “Feliz Navidad.” The Liturgy class also

ances. Mother Cabrini would be proud to see

performed a Gospel adaptation of the Nativity

that we love to give back for what we have

story according to the Gospel of Matthew, with

been given.”

the addition of the Wives of the Three Wise Men.


The Cabrini Singers’ “Soon and Very Soon” CD album is available for purchase!

(Top center, Beginning from left) Sydney Quintana ’11, Patricia Sebastian ’10, and Jhomalys Moran ’10 perform the Gospel according to Matthew.

Send an e-mail to for more details.

(Bottom center) Campus Minister Ms. Jayne Pickett (top row left), and Liturgist Ms. Mary Kunzler (top row right) stand with the 2008-2009 Liturgy class after the concert performance.

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Summer Enrichment Program at Mother Cabrini For the last several years, incoming ninth

most importantly, students have an oppor-

graders have been able to participate in a

tunity to get to know their classmates.

Head of School, Mrs. Rose McTague, individually welcomed each participant

special three-week program to prepare for

“Since the incoming class comes from

the opportunities and challenges they will

as many as 30 or 40 different private, public,

know their potential. Mrs. McTague noted,

meet as they enter Mother Cabrini High

and charter schools, the Enrichment

“These incoming students show good

School. The Summer Enrichment Program

Program provided the class of 2012 with

promise since they exhibited perseverance

has grown in enrollment each year. Starting

a smooth acclimation process,” observed

and a desire to learn even during these

with fewer than 30 elementary school

Ms. Bella Madrid. “The program has a

three weeks.”

graduates and now regularly involving 60

strong record of success in motivating

students, the program currently includes a

students to become leaders at Cabrini and

special awards ceremony in the St. Frances

significant percentage of the freshman class.

they were able to see Mother Cabrini High

Cabrini Shrine. Each student received a

Each session begins with morning prayer

to the program and spent time getting to

The final day of the program included a

School as a positive, encouraging, stress-free

Certificate of Completion and many were

and mentor meetings in Founder’s Hall.

environment that would give them a jump

recognized for honors in Math, English,

Students move to double period classes

start to high school with confidence and

Effort and Perfect Attendance. Presented

in English and Mathematics, taught by

a common experience.”

with the General Excellence Award for their

department chairs Ms. Ellen Clancy and

Ms. Ellen Clancy attested that this year,

diligence and effort through the program

Ms. Bella Madrid. In addition to receiving

those members of Student Body Association,

were Cuba Tejada ’12 and Jessica Rodriguez

instruction in both subjects, as well as study

one of Mother Cabrini High School’s

’12. According to Jessica Rodriguez ’12,

skills and time management, the students

prominent leadership organizations, were

“There was a lot of hugging and smiling,

are introduced to different aspects of high

assistants during the summer program. She

and everyone left the program with lots

school each day. Ms. Clancy provides

also added that the class of 2009 valedicto-

of new friends.” She added, “I took the

historical background about our library

rian and salutatorian both completed the

program seriously and made a conscious

and chapel. An overview of all clubs and

program when they entered Cabrini, and

effort to stay focused. When I received the

activities is given, dress and behavior

class of 2008 salutatorian, and now freshman

General Excellence Award, I knew I had

policies are explained, goal setting for

at Cornell University, Genesis Grullon ’08,

met the expectations of the program and

college and careers begins, weekly tests

earned the General Excellence award dur-

I left the Shrine confident that I was going

and homework are assigned, and perhaps,

ing her participation in the program.

to begin freshman year on the right foot.”

Reunited as one big group: 2008 Summer Enrichment Program participants.

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Acknowledgements 16

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We at Mother Cabrini High School would like to offer our sincerest thanks to all of our alumnae, families, and friends who have so generously donated to our students and programs. Your support allows us to continue the mission of St. Frances Xavier Cabrini and to provide our students with an enriched education in the Cabrinian tradition. The following list reflects contributions received between June 1, 2008 and January 31, 2009. Gifts received after this time will be reflected in the next Cabrinian.

St. Frances Xavier Cabrini Circle Donations of $15,000 or more

Mother Ursula Circle Donations of $1,000 to $4,999

Mother George Circle Donations of $500 to $999





Joann Montobbio Benson ’69

Cabrini Mission Foundation

Karen Walsh Byrnes ’74

Antoinette De Vita ’66

Lourdes Fontecilla Campon ’68

Sandra Erazo ’85

Missionary Sisters’ Circle Donations of $5,000 to $14,999

Claire Anne Gray ’65

Kathleen Reardon Everett ’64

Paula Ialongo Greco-McTigue ’61

Denise McHugh Flynn ’62


Jeanette Michael, Esq. ’68

Karen Basto Leydon ’64

Clare Henry Miglino ’65

Eileen Gaffney Major ’64

Dr. Diana Bonta ’68

Margaret Mark Murray ’69

Celeste Martinez ’83

Marcelle Caccioppoli ’52

Daphne Fodor Philipson ’65

Marsha Metrinko ’59

Dr. Antoinetta Capriglione ’67

Alba Marino Thompson ’60

Barbara Walsh ’59




Francis & Rita Carducci

Jack & Rosalie Abruzzo

Brian & Martina Donahue

Rudolph & Judith Giuliani

Michael Caponiti

Thomas Mauriello

Charles & Elissa Grodin

Michael & Linda Casey

Kresevich & Marc A Zambetti Foundation

Charles Contracting Co. Miguel & Karla Fittipaldi

Benefactor’s Club Donations of $300 to $499

Estate of Frank & Catherine Nicolazzi

Stephen Macri, Esq.


Bernard & Patricia Mc Elhone

Sandra Gelpi Cardone ’60

Dr. Marcia Robbins-Wilf

Jean Shanahan Darts ’64

Dr. Michael and Rose McTague

Maria Abruzzini Delorenzo ’50

Scholastic Specialty Corp.

Joyce Polyniak ’62

Sisters of St. Dominic of Blauvelt, NY

Margaret Pfoh Rizzo ’67


Nora Collins Sweeney ’72 Geraldine McCarthy Whittington ’65 FA M I L I E S A N D F R I E N D S

Pam Cecil William Pickett

Friends of Mother Cabrini High School Donations of $1 to $99




Kathleen Hennelly O’Neill ’54

Adriana Rosano Albano, ’38

107 West Restaurant

Natasha Blakeney ’94

Edda Perfetto ’51

Gloria Patelli Arone ’63

Patricia Alspaugh

Catherine Coughlin Brady ’59

Patricia Piney ’95

Sr. Antonina Avitabile, MSC ’66

Balfour NA, Inc.

Carmen Perello Braia ’85

Kathleen McGloin Purcell ’72

Felisha Blakeney ’85

Leo Bizzarro

Nancee Capote ’69

Rita McGee Retzlaff ’58

Mussette Trulock Brooks ’38

Joylon Blanchard

Wendy Castillo ’00

Ruth Kavanagh Ryan ’54

Arasay Hernandez Caldas ’70

Blue Evolution Bar & Restaurant

Agnes Blake Dick ’54

Joan Mazzara Rubino ’59

Clotilde Ibarra Dillon ’77

Maria Schellati Scalera ’56

Frances Doran Dolan ’54

Joan Murphy Sciame ’68

Helen Byrne Dooley ’59

Nydia Serrano-Soler ’68

Nora Cliggett Douthit ’59

Hope Shaulis ’42

Evelyn Porco Gabriele ’57

Patricia Brady Smith ’54

Doris De Leo Gallego ’57

Arlene Spadafino ’58

Ann Gorman Garvey ’60

Sheila Barry Tacon ’52

Nelda Gil ’83

Josephine Connell Tighe ’55

Joan Winzelberg Gray ’58

Carmen Domenech Whitehouse ’61

Ellen Hagman ’68

Diana Ramasco Woods ’56

Dr. Aida Canino ’65 Matilda Champagne ’43 Patricia Walsh Chiappetta ’70 Mary Curran ’61 Winifred Magee Donovan ’57 Lillian Sciria Frisko ’55 Barbara Evans Fuller ’59 Anna Collins Guild ’50 Muriel Hummel ’53 Ann Kiernan ’73

Gift Acknowledgements

Century Club Donations of $100 to $299

Suzanne Carr Ellen Clancy Kevin & Amy Cooney Correa & Sanchez Dentistry, PLLC Patricia Dolce Rev. Msgr. James Dorney Fivo’s Pizza–804 Rosemary Goris-Karnes

Joyce Rywalt Kotzker ’66

Hudson Heights Owners Coalition

Lorraine Deneboude Lehman ’71

Francis Kairson, Jr.

Keyla Hernandez-Ulloa ’88

Cabrini Boggiano Lepis ’57

Mary Kunzler

Teresa Torres Kirwan ’49

Joan Malanga ’49

Philip Kunzler

Angela Aguero Lina ’72

Joselyn Martinez ’95

Kimberly Lenderink

Louise Augart Magers ’60

Anna Therese McGowan ’71

Manuel Machado

Eleanor De Rose Masciandaro ’46

Barbara Blaschke Murphy ’64

Florida Magsino

Rosemarie Fricke McCormick ’58

Katherine Ragow Norman ’75

James Martini

Briana McDew ’06

Maureen O’Donnell O’Connor ’55

Lawrence McKearney

Isabel McGinty ’73

Marie San Filippo Panariello ’57

Joan Chanelli Miller ’66

Linda Rozowicz ’61

Missionary Sisters of the Sacred Heart

Eileen Sammon ’55

John & Marilyn Moller

Sheila Durkin Mulvey ’56

Patricia Schafer Scola ’57

Pleasant Cleaners, Inc.

Lois Rappaport Murawski ’52

Susan Stropnicky ’72

Timothy & Mary Beth Schlichting

Gloria Suglia Murphy ’45

Kathleen Colbert Sutton ’57

Cynthia Shorr

Judith Fray Murray ’61

Doreen Ramirez Templeton ’76

Simone Song Properties

Maeve McManus Nigro ’58

Ada Lil Torres-Wright ’84

Faviola Soto

Eleanor Moyes Nilan ’38

Betty Thompson Turner ’64

Erlina Stern

Vicky’s Diner

Gerald Stroffolino

Timothy Yaecker

Veterinary Associates of Ft. Tryon

William Yellen

Martha Rodriguez Hernandez ’71

Mary Callanan Moore ’48


Robert Ajaye Mary Lou Callahan Jennifer Colelho William Doyle Paul V Dwyer, II Arthur Jacobs Patricia Kavanaugh Nina Klymowska Margaret Lobaito Raymond & Virginia Mansolino Maureen McCarthy Joseph Michaels, IV Oscar Rios Mary Soto Michael Trocchia

Bishop Gerald Walsh

Corporate Matching Gifts Thank you to all of the corporations that doubled, and in some cases, tripled many of our donors’ gifts. J.P. Morgan Chase MMC Matching Gifts W.W. Norton & Company

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Beltway and Beyond Cabrinians First Alumnae Reunion Held in Washington D.C. On Sunday, January 25th, Mother Cabrini High School held its first alumnae reunion in the Washington, D.C. area. Our gracious host, Georgetown Visitation Preparatory School, opened up their beautiful Georgetown campus to Cabrini alumnae from the classes of ’60, ’64, ’68, ’70, ’85, and ’86. Ms. Felicia D. Blakeney, class of ’85, reveled in the commonality among Cabrinians and the success they shared, noting that “Mother Cabrini High School has definitely sculpted me into the confident, vibrant leader that I am today. I am honored to be a part of such a distinguished legacy.” “Cabrini graduates continue to make their mark across the country and across the world,” commented Head of School Mrs. Rose McTague on the diversity of careers and lives among

(Beginning from Left) Bruce Everett, Veronique Pluvoise ‘86 and daughter, D’Oniece Shaw Dillard ‘70, Jeanette Michael ‘68, Lee Thompson, Alba Thompson ‘60, Kathy Reardon Everett ‘64, Head of School Mrs. Rose McTague.

our D.C. alumnae. “We are delighted to meet with our alumnae in their new communities and learn how Cabrini has helped them get to where they are today.”

Any graduates looking to host a regional alumnae reunion are encouraged to contact the advancement office at (212) 923-9114, or via e-mail to

In Memoriam The community of Mother Cabrini High School shares the sorrow of the loss of the following: CLASS OF 1939

Irene Cerussi Catania

Moved? Married? Millionaire? Share your story with us!


Send your news and photos to:

Marlene Donet

We’re Online! Keep up to date with the latest news about Cabrini… Check out our official Cabrini Alumnae Page on Facebook (, where you will find postings of upcoming events, pictures, classmates, and more. Simply join the group: Mother Cabrini High School Alumnae



Mary Ellen McDonnell O’Connor



Marvin Orzak Husband of Joan Karcher

Office of Advancement Mother Cabrini High School 701 Ft. Washington Avenue New York, NY 10040

June 1st submission deadline for publication in the “Class Notes”

You can also log on to our website for more details including out new alumnae survey and online donation page through PayPal, making it even easier to support your alma mater.

Read the Winter 2009 Cabrinian online! Visit our website to download an electronic copy.

section of the next Cabrinian.


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“Loyal, true we will be till eternity Hail to thee, Cabrini High.” WINTER 2009

Congratulations to the following for their outstanding achievements:

Jossett Astwood ’09 who was one of only

Quanah Coburn ’11 and Kianna Ray ’11

120 New York City high

who were accepted into the

school students selected

Youth Action NYC Community

as a Posse Scholar. Posse

Leadership Course which

Scholars are chosen based

promotes social advocacy

on extraordinary academic

among youth.

and leadership potential and are awarded four year

Lawrence University

Gifty Agyapong ’09, Sherika Caliste ’09, Elainne Gonzalez ’11, Prissly Mena ’09

in Appleton Wisconsin.

who continue to participate in

full tuition scholarships. Jossett plans to attend

the READ program. The Reading

Cristina Arbucias ’10

Excellence and Discovery

who placed first in

Foundation employ teens to

the annual Shakespeare

teach reading skills to elementary

Competition and repre-

school children throughout

sented Mother Cabrini

New York City.

High School in the New York City finals.

Sully Ramirez ’09 Awarded the Fairfield University Community Partnership Award.

Ivana Valenzuela ’09 Awarded the Saint Joseph’s University Presidential Scholarship.

Asiea Nieves ’09, Khalia Brown ’09, Sadye Alvarez ’09, Yovanna Marte ’09, Kiovangie Herrera ’09, Ivana Valenzuela ’09 who attended a leadership retreat in Garrison, NY. The three day retreat

Steffani Avila ’09 Awarded the University

focused on building leadership skills and Christian leadership in the modern world.

of Bridgeport Presidential Scholarship.

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Mother Cabrini High School Alumnae Survey Thank you for taking the time to help us grow the strong network of Mother Cabrini High School alumnae. Your information is of the utmost value to us, and will never be shared with a third party.

Alumnae Infomation FIRST NAME

Alumnae’s Family Information LAST NAME









Spouse’s College(s): ZIP CODE


Children’s College(s): COMPANY NAME



Are you, your spouse, or your children willing to serve as a mentor(s) for a student seeking admission to one of the colleges you mentioned? o Yes o No

Year Graduated from MCHS: College(s) Attended:

Are you able to host an alumnae gathering at your home or another location? o Yes o No Are you able to participate in a career day at Mother Cabrini High School? o Yes o No

Clubs/Activities Involved in at MCHS:

Please list any organizations, for-profit and non-profit, with which you and/or your family are affiliated, whose missions may be similar to Mother Cabrini High School:

Please return this completed form using the enclosed envelope

! 701 Fort Washington Avenue New York, New York • 10040

ph 212.923.9114

Non-Profit Org. U.S. Postage

PA I D Manchester, NH Permit No. 206

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