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MY EXPERIENCE THIS SEMESTER The start of my second semester was a new challenge for me, as the skills required in the first had now to be applied to the new tasks set. We now had to make a 5-7 minute film which used the skills learnt such as sound, camera focus, colour and lighting. The film had was also accompanied by a Movie poster which graphically depicted what our film was about. Creating things is always difficult especially from scratch this was a very hard but rewarding project. We were given the task to create a Magazine cover over a two page spread and an iPad electronic version using professional industry programs that make the magazines today. I have found that over the last year, I have gained considerable appreciation for my Film Degree especially the project in making a film. I can really see a close relationship to both the theory and the practical side. Planning is the most important area that I experienced while making my film. Each area that I planned in my head had to be thought out before filming. Nevertheless, many times even though I had an idea I would change it based on the practicality of recording such as weather or time. For my future film projects, I will consider giving at least 2-3 weeks purely dedicated to planning. This would include sourcing for actors, scripting, doing sight recces and storyboarding. Even though the film was only 5 minutes plus, It took a very long time to get each shot exactly as I wanted it. What was difficult was all my actors that I wanted to use were not available at the time I needed them, this taught me that having a back up plan is essential in making films, I had previously asked others and they were eager to help, so it worked out well. It was very interesting to be able to put all my knowledge from last semester and this one into practice. Doing the storyboards and completing my research on the site and actors, really taught me that order in the filming industry really works and brings your work to a crisp finish. I learnt something that stood out more this time round, using two cameras was a real eye opener, when watching the different takes back I was able to make a better choice in using the best takes. This was a good experience for me to get to put my skills and knowledge to the test I can now take all this and make a much bigger project and add more dynamic things to it, such as; wilder shots, more cameras and bigger cast. Making this film gave me a real sense of professionalism it made me see that when you put into practice what you learn you can come out smiling modestly. My idea for my film was something I was really excited about, because I know it would be educational for me and others, as the filming began there was a part of me that was really personally involved, I was able to relate to those who had experienced similar things in their life. Ewan McGregor in the film “ The Impossible� I’m sure connected personally with those who had suffered in the real events of that disaster. This has given me more confidence to know that I can go out and really put my skills to the test without fearing weathering I know enough or not. Working by my self was a little difficult, because I had to think for those who were offering there help so I had to direct as well as act. I was the only one with the visual understanding on how each shot had to be framed, it took longer than I wanted because each shot had to be checked and redone if needs be. Overall getting it perfect was the main thing for me.

Thomas Blake's Reflective Journal  

A brife discription of my journey at the New Media Production Degree this year.

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