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LEARNING OUT COME The new media course has truly been an eye opening course for me. I have learnt a tremendous amount from the sessions that have taken place. I have also been challenged both physically and mentally. One of the biggest challenges I faced was learning how to use Photoshop, I was totally ignorant to how it functioned and how I was to relate to it. This made me not

achieve the results I wanted in some of the personal lessons I conducted my self, however after much perseverance I developed skills that will be built upon until the required results are seen. Photoshop is amazing I learnt the power that you can do to a single photo. The knowledge I now posses has opened my mind to opportunities for freelance and business endeavors.

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MY ANALYTICAL REPORT THIS TERM F caused some delay in bringing my This is now a new sheet for me, Photoshop, Dreamweaver, Tumult work to the standard I wanted. now I can look back and learn Hype are programs that came to light for me this semester. Although these are programs that would of passed my hearing before, now they came to me in context. My understanding has increased on this subject because to be involved within multimedia these are areas that I MUST become familiar with. New media is a course that allows me to be very independent so when given tasks to do I will benefit from the growing knowledge and experience gained as I progress on.

I enjoyed the workshop classes, because you had an expert there too guide and correct you as you walked through tutorials. I was most intrigued by the

from my problems, mistakes and the things that challenged me, learn from the past, know what went wrong and correct it in future tasks.

presentations given in classes, it opened me to a wealth of

My action for further projects is to bridge my learning gaps, this

information that will be applied

was an area of great concern to

in my personal work, at university and home.

me, this will be challenging and hard to do, but I believe it is in

The task that I found most enjoyable and where I believe more of my abilities were, was the class presentations. Because of my background within public

speaking and presenting to large My personal work will increase as conferences, this was an area of

every way possible to achieve. Applying all the methods of gaining that extra bit of knowledge by reading, reaching, videos, and communication with others on the topic at hand. From the experience that I have

I learn by experience the task

comfort to me, but at the same

gained from the tasks given this

that are set. I hope that even while I study I can start to

time the task also offered its challenges because you need to

semester, I can appreciate the methods above. The little bits that

promote my services to people who wish to use media in their

find a topic that your class mates can relate to and understand.

I have learned has propelled me forward on a stepping stone, this

own business or personal lives.

In other assessments,the most

My work this semester has been spread over three modules New

difficult work I found was the building and tweaking side of

Media in Practice, Academic

things, most of the set tasks required pre-knowledge and

and Contemporary skills for Film and Media and Film and Visual Culture. Each was challenging in their own right Media in Practice I believe was very stressful and challenging because of the complexness of the subject , it took some time to break through the wall and learn the tools that was given, at times I found it overwhelming because,

understanding. Such as building my first website, in the past building a website was pretty easy for me because the actual interface was already laid

now needs to be built upon daily. Because I have a small media ministry I can get Jobs from my friends that give me opportunities to gain the skills in the areas of study.

“Intelligence plus character-that is the goal of true education.� ― Martin Luther King Jr.

out, you just needed to drag and



The project that I had was to

I was kept back in my

build one from the ground up, this was very new to me, and

progressions, not knowing how to utilize the programs effectively

intimidating at times I would came to very hard areas namely putting in my logo .

Reflective Journal  

This is a personal Journal about my goals and challenges, while study at Trinity St David. The Course - New Media Production