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Volume 15 Number 6

James Hubert Blake High School

Silver Spring, MD

May 17, 2013

It’s Academic to defend DC area championship tomorrow Improbable comeback propels squad of brainiacs to brink of history

Sophomore Elana Harris, senior captain John Beers, and junior Mary Aronne beat Richard Montgomery and Woodgrove, April 27. --Photo by Eugene Aronne

x by Ann Cirincione & Maryam Outlaw Facing a deficit heading into the final round, the It’s Academic team came from behind to beat Woodgrove and Richard Montgomery High Schools in the Washington-DC Semifinals, April 27. The team surprised the audience by pulling ahead towards the end of the match, finishing with 620 points. Says former coach Kevin Keegan, “[The It’s Academic team] came roaring back from 65 points down as the final round began… Their going 13-0 in the grab bag was one of the great runs in Blake history.” Mr. Keegan continues to advise the team during practices and competitions by reading questions and boosting morale. “The current Blake players epitomize the hard work and study necessary to have a winning team,” says Mr. Keegan. “It has

been awesome to watch their hard work pay off this season.” Junior spectator Riley Cruickshank had complete faith in the team and enjoyed watching the action live. Says Cruikshank, “It was an important match against tough teams, so I wanted to show support for the Blake team to increase their confidence.” She adds, “It was the biggest and most suspenseful come-from-behind win that I ever saw.” Sophomore team member Elana Harris expressed concern just as much as the audience did during the competition. “Whenever you play you never want to have a losing mentality. For two seconds I began to worry, but when I looked at my teammates I realized that losing was not an option,” says Harris. “Being down 65 points can be worrisome, but you can’t give up.” Senior captain John Beers maintained a great attitude going into one of his last matches. “We know what it takes to be

champions and have the confidence that comes with defending our title,” says Beers. “Going into the match I always try to create a confidence in myself and my teammates to make sure they know that we can win this match.” Over the course of her time on the team, junior Mary Aronne has learned a lot about herself. Says Aronne, “It’s Academic has been central to my high school career. When I was a freshman, I never thought I would be good enough for the team. I wasn’t aware of what I was capable of before It’s Academic.” Beers’ time on the team is ending soon and his teammates express a certain bitter-sweet feeling. “It’s always a sad time to see great players leave. One of the greatest guys you’ll ever talk to won’t be here next year,” says Harris. “With John gone there will be shoes to fill, but I know that Mary will have an easy transition.”

Class of 2013 more than ready to cross stage at DAR Constitution Hall by John Beers x & Emily Eaglin With prom and senior banquet in their rear view mirrors, the class of 2013 looks forward to graduation as their final hoorah as members of Blake High School. This year graduation will take place on May 30 at DAR Constitution Hall in Washington, DC. “I’m so excited for graduation… it will be the cherry on top of a great four years at Blake,” says Maddy Bruffy, the senior

council graduation coordinator. While the event is meant to be the culmination of graduates’ hard work and a celebration of achievements, it will also feature individual performances. Senior Janine Taira will speak on behalf of the class of 2013, and principal Christopher Berry will also speak to the graduates one last time. Sure to steal the show is this year’s commencement aspeaker, NBC-4 news anchor Jim Vance. After a long career on the graduation circuit, Vance retired,


but he made an exception for this year’s senior class. “For the time I was at Blake, I was impressed with the quality of the [interactions I had],” said Vance. “I was impressed with that, [and] I respect [the students] for that.” The graduating class and faculty alike are excited to have a figure of such high reputation as Vance to be their graduation speaker. “I’m anxious to hear Jim Vance speak,” adds Bruffy. “We have no idea what he’s planning to speak about, but I’m sure he will

come up with something great.” “Jim Vance is a perfect speaker for this class because he’s exactly the kind of person they can look up to,” says senior class sponsor Juliana Downey. As class sponsor, Mrs. Downey commends not only the senior class as a whole, but especially the class council that made a lot of the big events of senior year possible. “I have no idea what makes these seniors so special, but they are a wonderful group of kids,” says Mrs.

International night

Betancourt Prize

Senior banquet

showcases various

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cultures, p. A2

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Downey. “My class council sets the tone for the whole class. They are an inspirational group of student leaders.” All in all, come May 30, the senior class will look to go out in style, forever cementing their names in the annals of BHS. Says senior class president Lydia Curdts, “What will matter about graduation is that we get to be surrounded by our friends one last time, and know that we all made it through this crazy journey together.”

Festival of the Arts, XPressions fashion show take spotlight last month, p. B4-5


The Blake Beat

May 17, 2013

Bengals unite, show ethnic origins at International Night Eclectic group of cultures celebrated in annual showcase of art, cuisine, dance, fashion, music

by Logan Dreher x & Shak Magona

Senior Manpreet Kaur participates in International Night festivities. --Photo by Dennis Chan

International Night celebrated Blake’s cultural diversity April 26th, allowing students to honor and practice their various cultural customs. The night kicked off with tables of cultural foods, ranging from Ethiopian injera flatbread to South Korean dumplings. Students could mingle while they sampled food from any culture. “I appreciate how many of the students worked hard to put the food together,” freshman Elvis Rodriguez says. After eating, the crowd moved into the auditorium the show. The show featured many performers including dancers, models, and singers representing their respective nationalities. Performers from Fuego Latino and Blake’s Step

Team also showed off their talents. Although originally from Norway, Senior Sandra Steen performed as one of the dancers in Fuego Latino and was excited to represent Latin America. “I absolutely loved it,” says Steen, who will be returning to her home country after this year. “I had fun doing it, so that’s what counts,” she adds. White Oak Middle School made a guest appearance with its step team, and former Blake math teacher Hsinyu Ho also made an appearance as rapper Five Dimes during the night, starting a Harlem Shake dance, in which all the performers joined. Individual students also displayed their culture. Junior Ryan Chang accompanied junior Stephen Han in a popular Korean love song. “I did my best,” Junior Moctar

Saidynalw says. He performed with the step team, as well as modeling. This was his first year participating. Models wore cultural outfits ranging from Asian dresses to vibrant African tube tops and skirts, and everyone shined in their native attire. Sophomore Jullie Thiu represented Vietnam by modeling a classic Vietnamese dress. “It’s good to show where you came from and how it all started,” says Thiu about the night. Security team member Gary Jean Charles has been the sponsor for International Night since the club began almost 12 years ago. He says he was pleased with the turnout this year even though participation has been down in recent years. “I’m trying to get it in top shape again,” says Mr. Jean Charles.

New policy plans to measure teacher performance using test scores

Blake staff worry new system will not accurately reflect competence by Andrea Ortiz x & Janine Taira

By the start of the next school year, Montgomery County Public Schools will implement a new teacher evaluation system partially based on students’ performance on standardized tests. The current evaluation system measures teachers through six standards, including classroom management and commitment to students and learning. Blake teachers are not necessarily thrilled with the change. Says US History teacher Pamela Rowe, “MCPS’ current system is highly effective. There are a number of clearly defined objectives that we are assessed on based upon numerous formal and information observations from resource

teachers and administrators.” “I feel the current system gives a more accurate snapshot of the teacher as a whole,” adds English teacher Amy Branson. “It also gives the teacher real feedback as to his or her strengths and weaknesses to encourage

test scores.” In regard to using test scores as a measurement of a teacher’s work in the classroom, principal Christopher Berry believes that tests do not always do justice to the teacher. “A test can’t measure the teacher’s quality of a les-

Success in teaching isn’t always measured in the score on a test. growth.” The new system of evaluation measures the student as a representation of the teacher’s work in the classroom. Says Ms. Branson, “The proposed system seems to focus more on the black and white of student

Pamela Rowe

son,” says Mr. Berry. “A test can’t measure the investment or the amount of engagement a student has.” Mrs. Rowe worries that this new system will create competition among teachers

to obtain the “best” students, making them forget the real reason they began teaching. “No one wants to teach the students who are not going to demonstrate progress,” she says. “A lot of people teach because they love what they do and success in teaching isn’t always measured in the score on a test.” “What would be a better alternative to this system of using test scores to evaluate teachers? Obviously the system we have isn’t broken, so I’m not sure why we should try to ‘fix’ it,” adds Ms. Branson. However, Mr. Berry is confident that the teachers will have nothing to worry about with this new system. “I tell teachers all the time ‘keep doing what you’re doing and you’ll be fine.” He adds, “I think the vast majority of our teachers work very hard here.”

Bengals support Ben’s Run to benefit Children’s National Medical Center

by Ann Cirincione x & Emily George

Over 1,100 people came together April 20 at Ben’s Run to raise over $60,000 for Children’s National Medical Center by running, walking, or volunteering with their friends and family to support the fight against cancer. Ben’s Run was started in 2011 in honor of Ben Goldfogle, who died after a six-year battle with leukemia, one month before his 12th birthday. By this time, Ben would have been a sophomore at Blake. Says Ben’s mother Clare Goldfogle, founder of the organization (should you put this tag at the end of the quote? It’s long), “Ben was the kind of kid that always worried about the next kid. We want to take that caring attitude and help other kids just like Ben.” The proceeds go specifically to the oncology and bone marrow units in the Center of Cancer and Blood Disorders at Children’s, helping to fund cancer research. Says Mrs. Goldfogle, “These kids are facing the toughest challenge of their life—fighting cancer—and we have to do what we can to help them get well.” Mrs. Goldfogle was also a guest speaker at the Pennies for Patients assembly. The run included a 5K and a one mile race, and results were broken up by age group. Junior Michael Citrenbaum ran the 5K and placed second in the high school age group, just seconds after his brother, Bryan Citrenbaum. Michael came not only to support the track team, but also to support the organization. “I think it’s a great cause,” says Michael. He also participated in Alex’s Run last year. Sophomore Kate Murphy also ran the

5K for her second time at Ben’s Run. “Kids who go through this deserve to have a lot of support,” says Murphy, “and by doing this run I can show support for them.” Many of those who ran or walked the one mile brought their dog along and donated an extra five dollars to the cause, including senior Irene Jones. “The place was packed,” says Jones. “Everyone there was so excited, and it was great to see so many young kids participating.” Attending Ben’s Run for the third year in a row, freshman Ally Young also walked the one mile with her new puppy. In addition to walking, Young participated in the Poms performance before the run. Says Young, “It was definitely a new have my whole team there.” Young also admired the cooperative spirit of the crowd, adding, “Everyone in the community comes together all’s really fun.” Junior Nicole Lertora volunteered at the event, helping it to run smoothly and efficiently. Says Lertora, “[I volunteered] because I think it’s a really important cause and it’s really nice to see the community work together and support something really positive.” Her first time participating in Ben’s Run, Lertora was surprised at how many people came out to support the cause. “The dogs were absolutely adorable,” she adds. With a silent auction, a bloodmobile, and generous donations among many other contributions, the third annual Ben’s Run was able to raise the three-year running total to $140, 000. “There are a ton of great organizations out there fighting cancer,” says Mrs. Goldfogle. “Getting involved and engaged really helps in the grieving process. Standing still and doing nothing is just not productive.”

The Blake Beat


May 17, 2013

Bengals represent state of Maryland at national civics competition

We the People... team reflects on intellectual, gratifying year-long journey

by John Beers x & Janine Taira

For the second year in a row, students from Blake represented the state of Maryland at the National We the People... Simulated Congressional Hearing competition in DC from April 26 to April 30. The competition tests students’ knowledge of the US Constitution and how well they can apply that knowledge to both past and present-day issues. Says senior and Unit 4 captain Aryn Frazier, “It was a real honor to represent the state of Maryland— just to know that we worked hard for the entire year and we were able to succeed.” This was the second time that the students from social stud-

ies teacher Donna Phillip’s Global Issues and the Law class were able to represent Maryland at the national competition. However, the students knew that they would have to carve their own path to success if they wanted to repeat the accomplishments of last year’s group. “It’s like that Drake song—started from the bottom and we made it to the top,” says senior and Unit 2 captain Ryan Reynolds. “We really started from nothing and we worked together and really made it happen.” The competition included

two days of presenting where each unit, which consists of three to five people, presented one of their three prepared speeches for various panels of judges and answered follow-up questions. The team is split into six units, ranging from issues such federalism and anti-federalism, to slavery and even modern issues such as the rights of undocumented immigrants. Competition was the goal they had been preparing for all year and Team Maryland felt they were up to the challenge. “The

level of follow-up questions we got was not quite unexpected, because we had prepared for a difficult level,” says senior and Unit 3 captain Jenna Beers, “but we definitely had to up our game to meet the judges’ expectations.” When the students were not busy flashing their constitutional knowledge, they got to explore and interact with DC in ways that they had not previously. “I came across some really cool things [that] I hadn’t seen before and it really struck me as profound,” adds Reynolds.

It was a real honor to represent the state of Maryland ... and we were able to succeed. Aryn Frazier

“The experience for me was actually quite enjoyable,” says senior and Unit 1 captain Sandra Waithaka. “I did make friends with [people from] other states... [and] I hadn’t been to some monuments.” Looking back at it all the students know they would have never gotten through it all without the support of Dr. Phillips and all their teammates. “Working with Dr. Phillips is like nothing else,” says Beers. “She is extremely inspiring and motivational.” “Regardless of how our team placed, every single person grew through this class and through this experience,” says senior and Unit 6 captain Lydia Curdts. “Each one of us became stronger as a person and as a team.”

Blake’s Gay-Straight Alliance, Allies for Equality, show their support for LGBT youth facing advesity and bullying on the Day of Silence --Photo by Sami Wright

Day of Silence resonates among students, sends powerful message

School-wide protest stands up against bullying, urges acceptance for all x by Jacqueline Hyman Students and staff participated in the Day of Silence (DoS) April 19 to show their support for people in the Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender (LGBT) community. This event gives the school community the opportunity to speak up for those who do not feel that they can speak up for themselves. “I feel that the Day of Silence represents a small step that everyone can take in the fight for equality,” says junior Amanda King, who also participated last year. Leading up to DoS was the annual No Name-Calling week. Allies for Equality sponsor Mary Wagner explains this is to stand up for people who are bullied for other reasons as well. However, Ms. Wagner recognizes that Blake is very progressive in this area. “There still are problems [here]… but I think that we’re way farther along in solving them

than a lot of other places,” Ms. Wagner says. “Blake has, in general, a very openminded community.” Ms. Wagner encouraged students to participate in some way, even if that meant simply wearing red to show

speak volumes because people not [communicating] for an entire day…shows people that there are so many people that truly can’t speak out,” says senior Matt Krieger, who has participated for all four years of high school. He has also helped

I choose to participate because I don’t feel like anybody should have to hide who they are and I want to stand up for them and for their rights. Rebecca Hill

support. “I think that it’s important for students to understand, even a little bit, what someone else is going through,” says Ms.Wagner. Many students feel passionately about supporting this cause. “Silence can

to put up posters and raise awareness for DoS each year. Adds junior Rebecca Hill, “I choose to participate because I don’t feel like anybody should have to hide who they are and I want to stand up for them and

for their rights.” English teacher Christopher Schenk participated this year, as he has in the past. He sets up lessons beforehand, and passes out a letter explaining his involvement to his students. “[Participating] is difficult, but I think if it weren’t difficult then it wouldn’t necessarily be worth doing,” Mr. Schenk says. “Because it’s challenging, it shows that it takes investment to do it, and I’m willing to show that.” Students such as King appreciate such support from staff members. She stays silent not just during the school day, but from 6am to 6pm. Adds King, “It…really helps that so many teachers [understand] and support the cause and student’s choice to remain silent.” Mrs. Wagner is happy with the outcome of this year’s DoS. “This year’s Day of Silence was very successful…I know that we raised awareness again this year,” she says. “We are lucky that Blake is a school that values people’s differences.”


Newsbeats May 17, 2013

Senior track runner Marc Assoua and swimmer Cory Camp recently made the Washington Post All-Met honorable mention list for the 2012-2013 winter season. The achievement caps a successful senior season for both young athletes. n



Senior Aryn Frazier has accepted a prestigious Jefferson Scholarship to the University of Virginia. The award entails full tuition, room, board, fees, books, stipend, travel abroad and a third-year internship. Earlier Frazier was accepted to Harvard, Yale, Princeton, Dartmouth, Williams, Amherst, Swarthmore, Wellesley, Smith, and Michigan.




Final auditions run today and tomorrow for the Blake Theatre Company’s summer production of the musical Footloose. Performances are July 18, 19, 20, and 21. Tickets are available on the Company’s web site at n



The Academic Awards ceremony will be held Wednesday at 7pm in the auditorium. Award winners should arrive at 6:45pm. Among the more than 200 awards distributed

The Blake Beat

will be the Alicia Betancourt Prize for Excellence in the Arts. This year’s finalists are Angela Bair, Emily Eaglin and Irene Jones. n



Junior Sophia Klein has established the Greenhouse Club in an attempt to save the greenhouse which was previously used as storage. The club meets every Monday in the greenhouse to clean up the space as well as to plant and water seeds all while being a part of an accepting and earth-friendly environment. n



Alex’s Run raises scholarship money, honors late teenager

by Alyssia Graves x & Courtney Hutchinson

Approximately 1,000 people will be descending on the Olney Boys and Girls Club June 23 to participate in Alex’s Run, a 5K event to raise money for scholarships and to commemorate the life of Alex Popeck, son of technology teacher Bart Popeck, who died in January 2011. Alex Popeck, a former student and captain of the track and cross country teams at Sherwood High School, passed away his junior year from injuries he sustained in a car accident. Mr. Popeck says, “When you think you can’t do something, Alex was the type of person to help you act past that.” Mr. Popeck says Alex would not shy away from challenges and he wanted this to be the same for everyone around him. IF YOU HAVEN’T ALREADY SEEN IT, GO LOOK AT RYAN CHANG’S PROMPOSAL ON YOUTUBE. His channel is RYAN TAKC, just so ya know. Harhar. -----------------------------I wish I had done everything on Earth with you. -----------------------------someone complimented my tan today, I’ve done something right with my life -----------------------------“Blake=Home. #2013. WHOOP!” - Danny Gonzalez -----------------------------Aren’t unclassifieds supposed to be anonymous? -----------------------------Why is your face so big -----------------------------Why is everyone so obsessed with Prom, it’s 4 hours of clapping.. you can do that at home -----------------------------Prom was the worst experience of my life -----------------------------Everyone at Blake High School thinks the same, acts the same, dresses the same... like be original -----------------------------You can’t go to Cafe Rio and not get pulled pork. -----------------------------Sit down. stand up. pass out. -----------------------------Blake is so boot, worst school ever -----------------------------But I don’t think I want to know the Doctor’s name. -----------------------------RIP Kyle. RIP Smash. Tears everywhere. -----------------------------You seem unhappy. I like that. -----------------------------my butt so big like the sun -----------------------------I like to have fun but I don’t play games -----------------------------why is your butt so big, its like an elephant -----------------------------I’m sorry that everyone is so jealous of me, but I can’t help that I’m popular

“What Alex did was see and act,” says Mr. Popeck. “He noticed opportunities to make a difference in the world, and he acted on them. The Alex Popeck “Never Back Down” Foundation raises funds to help students in Montgomery County. Students submit essays, and a panel chooses the five students who will be winning college scholarships. Participating in the run and donating money is one way people give back to the community as Alex did. This year, Blake students will participate in the run. Members of the Cross Country and Swim and Dive teams—and many more—will be coming together to help raise money in honor of Alex. “The fact that people continue to come out to these events . . . makes me happy that his life continues to mean something,” adds Mr. Popeck.

Alex’s Run is a chance for the community to get together to run, walk, and have fun. Mr. Popeck says he is amazed at how many people cared about his son. He says, “It blows me away, how many people were touched by his life.” Alex’s name is still living throughout the community through the college

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scholarship and this run. Mr. Popeck says that even though Alex is not with us physically, he is still here in some way. Says Mr. Popeck, “It makes me feel good that my son’s name means something.” Anyone interested in participating, volunteering, or donating can get more information at: CONGRATULATIONS TO DANNY GONZALEZ SENIOR PROM KING 2013! I AM SO PROUD OF YOU! YOU ARE SO AMAZING AND YOU TOTALLY DEFINITELY ABSOLUTELY DESERVED IT!!! -----------------------------Nedim + Nicole = <3 -----------------------------EVERYONE PICK UP YOUR YEARBOOK TODAY! -----------------------------Is it beach week yet? -----------------------------Happy 18th Birthday Laura! -----------------------------I hope you are ready for your schoolwide party... -----------------------------Laura Savary is life -----------------------------“Film major is the best major” -----------------------------There’s a ninja hiding above me. ^^ You can’t see him because he’s really good at his job. -----------------------------BREADBOWL PASTA IS LIFE. -----------------------------So glad we’re leaving soon, screw Blake High School -----------------------------LAST PASTE-UP GUYS <3 -----------------------------Thanks Michael, Janine, and John for an amazing year on the newspaper staff! You guys rock and are da best editors evaaaa. -from the juniors <3 -----------------------------David Steele, if our love is tragedy, why are you my remedy??? And if it’s insanity, why are you my clarity??? -----------------------------Ann and Jacqueline and Maryam and Emma and Emily. The five best friends that anyone could have :) -----------------------------Sakoo? what kind of name is that? Is that even African? ------------------------------

The Blake Beat


May 17, 2013

Blake High School Congratulates 3rd Quarter Honor Roll GRADE 9 Lydia Abebe Manuela Acquaye Teajah Adams TAYLLOR AFRAM Victoria Alexis GISSELL ALFARO Malika Ali Fizza Aslam Michelle Barahona Zachary Battou Eliana Berger Yunes Bibiloni-Perez JONATHAN BLACKFORD MICHELLE BLOYD Tessa Botkin Courtney Broadnax NATHAN BROCKMEYER Aaron Brown Olivia Buresh JULIA BYRNE Benjamin Cabrera ALEXIA CALHOUN Thomas Callahan III Riani Carr Julian Carter Jaclyn Choi Matthew Chung Jailene Claros Jennifer Cleofe Ana Clyde Mary Cole Luis Cordovez Thomas Cruz Cameron Daisey Juliana Day Camryn DeLuca LOGAN DECHTER Andrei Deleeuw Asorai Dhaba Jennette Dongmo Kengne Jeremy Dowling Katherine Drake Mark Edquiban David Eluma Ashley Ennels CHRISTINE EVANS Kenean Fisseha Christiane Fotso Laura Franklin Andres Gomez Nicole Granados Marissa Guarini MONICA HALLMARK Carmen Hamlett Linnea Hammer Raquel Hernandez MELISSA HEWITT Abigail Hines Helena Ho Joey Ho Karima Holland SAMANTHA HOLLEY Rebecca Howell Marcus Hundley Elizabeth Iduma Christina Irish Jeri Isabella Chandra Jaggernauth Sania Jefferson MICHAEL JENNER Thalia Jimenez Claire Johnson Lauren Johnson Marcus Johnson Ireland Jones Nia Jones Julienne Jordan DELMAR KAISER Eunice Kazako Matthew Kenney Alison Kerner Thomas Kirby III Nicole Kister SARA KOHORST HANNAH KORYCINSKI Ashley Kum Christopher Latona Anna Lee Christos Lemberos Devon Lewin SORINA LIM Hanlin Lin Janet Lloyd Makayla London Jared Lowry Mel Lugo Susan Luong Paige Mackel Zia Mahmood ALINA MAJID Renee Malcolm Sydney Mann-Howard Caroline Manzo Tailor Mapp Gillian McCaney Gwyndolyn McCaney Jade McElveen Lukas McFate Carlos Malendez Latisha Mills Kevin Mohabir Robert Molloy Cindy Ndebumadu Victoria Nelson JAMES NEWPORT Tommy Nguyen George Nicholson Ericka Njeumi Liam Nugent Brittany O’Gilvie Catherine Oberfield Ngozichukwuka Obi Malyrum Ok Martinna-Noelle Parham Aja Patrick Allison Perikles Sam Phimphachanh John Pierson III Carly Plevy Joseph Prebble Cora Present Bryanna Reid Joi Rice Edgar Rivera Enriques Rosario ALEXANDRA RUNDLETT Charlotte Seay Shivangi Sikri Jacob Silverman Nia Singleton SIMONE SKERRITT Summer Skerritt KATHLEEN STAGGERS Jasmine Stanton Jesse Stout John Stout ASHLEY STUART SAMANTHA STUART

Laura Suarez Dylan Taira Julia Tallon MAGGIE TAN Daniel Tanguilig Jack Tempchin Radhika Thakar Isatou Touray Kendall Toxie Sonny Tu SYONA TULADHAR Anagabriela Vargas STEPHEN VIA Tamar Vides Steven Vo Tyler Welsh JOSHUA WERFEL Veronica White Meagan Williams Dana Wilson Kaylee Wong Stanley Wong Andrew Woo MONIKA WRIGHT Fatima Yansane Leonah Yehadu Alexandra Young Jacob Zebrowski GRADE 10 Vincent Abell Barnabas Afley Sarah Ajih Oritsetsolaye Akuya Troy Alexander Peter Appiah Jr. Helina Arage Kimberlyn Arevalo Momina Aslam Ezana Assefa Tiffany Azenon Monique Bediako Zachary Berry Taylor Boone Bailey Boyd Ayanna Brown KATHRYN BROWN John Bunke Kate Campbell Psalm David Camua Elana Carr Alexis Carter Brenda Castillo Chun Chan Camryn Cheatham Arnold Chonai Nicholas Chow Miracle Clarke Alison Comer AARON COOKE Erika Cornejo Christina D’Costa Curtis Dey Angelo DiPasquale Brian Dicken Vinson Do Kieran Dollemore LOGAN DREHER Samantha Duong Maya Eaglin Kathleen Edquiban Olivia English Ewane Esong Bronwyn Evans EMILY EVANS Paul Farrell Naomi Fesseha Juan Fisher NAILAH FISHER Luis Flores Bryan Galdos Gabriella Garcia-Ruiz Brooke Gil Malcolm Gilbert Daniel Goldberg ARIEL GOMEZ Sergio Gomez Tenay Graham ALYSSIA GRAVES Elizabeth Gross Andrea Guirola Jesus Gutierrez-Moreno Benjamin Haley Kimaya Hall Elana Harris Zoe Hatzes Markel Hawkins Sophie Hayman Frank Hedgepeth Jolin Huleis Courtney Hutchinson Mohamed Ibrahim Ashley Jackson BRANDON JOHNSON Grace Johnson Zachary Johnson Chanson Jones Cheldone Jones Danielle Jones Kaela Jones Colleen Kalkofen LEVKO KARMAZYN Feven Kassu Paul Kennedy GEMMA KIM Samuel King Boris Kogla Batama Nikos Koufos FILIP LAESTADIUS Nicholas Le Keenan Lo Amanda Long Samantha Lowenthal SAMANTHA LUCKERT Michelle Markward Myles Marshall Chloe Martin-Poteet Wyatt McInturff Ashley McLaughlin Janelle McLaughlin JORDAN MCLEAN Jonathan Meherete Summer Meile Na’ila Mendonca Kendall Meyer Stephen Michur Tillie Mirsky Allysa Mulrain Melissa Mulrain Agnes Murmu Kate Murphy Citiana Negatu ORNELLE NGOUOMPEMY CHIMI Tyler Nine MADELEINE NOONAN-SHUEH Christopher Nugent MAX O’GRADY Ayotola Odebiyi Atijavansa Ok

Adedamola Orimolade Joseph Oxley Cameron Payton CAMILA PENALOZA Keyri Perez-Roque Tommi Phillips THOMAS PLIHAL Leon Polyzos Avery Potts Alexis Prathar TAANYA PUTHRAN Jenna Ramirez Lexxus Ransom Bryson Reyes Marygrace Reyes Thalia Reyes Shianne Richardson TAYLOR RIDDICK Luis Rubio Martha Sam Kyla Schweber Adrian Sebion Gerardo Serrano Stacy Shin Moctar Sidi-Ahmed Emerson Sirk IAN SMITH Samantha Steel SYDNEY STEEL Justin Stewart Ashley Tabi Orock William Taggart Maika Taguchi Alejandro Tarazona Amarti Tasissa Fnu Tchienga JULLIE THIEU Tyrone Thornton Renee Treacy Dalena Trinh Sally Tucker Muoy Ung Josue Villaraldo Jacqueline Villatoro Marquise Wade Keri Walker Kyle Washington Darien Waters Deborah Waters Jasmin Waye JORDAN WEBER Chloe Wehling Arianna White Rachel Williams Ebony Wolfe SYDNEY WOLK Kenny Wong JOAN WOOD Reyna Zelaya Luis Zuluaga-Orozco GRADE 11 MOHAMMED ABBAS Ruth Addisu Alexis Afamefune Meaza Akalu Claudia Alarco ABIGIA ARAGE MARY ARONNE Nicholas Aylward KYEONG BAE HUNTER BALOG Nicole Barriga Sean Bartley RAYMOND BECHARA Gregory Bell JULIA BELL Adam Beuttler Reina Bonilla Sarah Bridegum Torie Broer Devona Brown Silvia Buglio Kevin Bui Jewel Campbell Sherry-Mae Canoy Jasmine Carter MICHELLE CARTER Claudia Castro Justin Chan Ryan Chang Stanford Chang Brandy Chau Shoshanna Chito ANN CIRINCIONE Michael Citrenbaum Matthew Clanton Casey Clark Jay Cleofe Kaylah Cooper Shannon Corry Alison Coyne Alexis Crispin David Crossman RILEY CRUICKSHANK Yancy Del Cid Yodit Denu Kaylie Deshler Natalie Domaas Metuge Esong Jahmilla Fisher Sydney Fitch Jason Fleischer Xavier Fox Emma Friedman Maia Gadsden Kimia Gaines Emily George Daniel Gerson Jason Glantz Rebecca Glatt Leah Goldberg Andy Gonzalez Jalen Green Sandra Guevara Hesu Ha Alexandra Hadyka LILLIAN HALLMARK Bethany Hamson Stephan Han Eric Hawkes Jr. Asha Henley Rebecca Hill Kirsten Hines CATHLEEN HO Thao Hoang Alexis Hughes George Hyde Jr. Jacqueline Hyman Hyla Jacobson Janelle Jean Dylan Kaiser Madeline Kalen Dong Kang Bethel Kidane Tsion Kidane Amanda King Abey Kiros Jocelyn Ko

Megan Kong John Kos Alexandra Krakaur Clauton Kum ZACHARY KUSHNER Meyer Lahat Asia Law Gracia Le Jamie Lee Zachary Lee Theodora Lemberos Nicole Lertora Christina Lim DUNCHADHN LYONS Mahdi Malik Kevonn Martin THEODORA MARTIN Angelique McCray Kristina McKenna David Miller Sarah Miller YOSELIN MILLOY Angela Mix MARY MOLLOY Marlyse Mua Diego Munoz Kay Musika Jamie Nathlar Brigit Ngaleu Tavon Ngangum Kevin Nguyen Van-Nhan Nguyen DAPHNE O’GRADY Derek Ogbonna Chukwunonso Okonkwo Emmanuel Oppong Maryam Outlaw Nicholas Park Estefania Perez Christian Pineiro Wendy Pintado Jeremy Radov Diarra Radway Julian Raul Julianne Reyes Maiah Richards Micah Richards Cristela Rivera Marquis Robinson Estefani Romero Vargas Ezra Roschu Tiara Royal Aaron Rubinstein Matthew Russell Miles Sabin Kara Savercool Ada Seye Connor Shaw Ashley Sheibaniagdam Larson Shilling Margaret Simpson Joel Sorto SOPHIA STANLEY Thomas Stanton Kenneth Stone Safra Tadesse Nina Tan CAROLINE TATNALL Melinda Tchokogoue Dianne Techwei Emily Temple Jay Jay Thakar Aboubakar Toure Kelsy Turner Elaine Udell Karley Valdes Nivicar Valentin STEPHANIE VAN ALBERT Tan Vo Robert Walker Carlton Wicker Jr. Tanner Williams Kevin Wright Samantha Wright Felicia Yau Michelle Yeung Robert Zinnes GRADE 12 Folajoke Adegbembo PHRASAENGD ADHATMSOONTRA Kwame Asante Nana Asare Brittany Atkins KRISTINA AUGUST Celeste Awokoya-Gregory Morgan Bailey Angela Bair India Banks JENNA BEERS JOHN BEERS Madeleine Benjoar Jean-Luis Betancourt KATHERINE BLACKFORD Osmar Bohorquez Pach Steven Botto Graylyn Broadnax Kevin Broadus Jr. Michelle Brooks Lilet Broomes Michael Brown Madison Bruffy Moses Buchanan THAIS CALDERON Megan Cameron Cory Camp Samantha Carpenter Kevin Cartagena Elsy Castillo Gregory Chaimson Ryan James Chang Maurya Chaurasia Kevin Cheung Michael Chheang Ryan Choe Hoyoung Choi Peter Chu Reyna Claytor Nicholas Colburn Lindsey Comer Miya Cook William Cooper Nicholas Corsillo Kelly Crabtree Shantae Crawford Lydia Curdts Daniel D’Amico Priya Dadlani Brandon Davis Nicholas Davis Timothy Davis Brandon Deane Jeenaba Deme Alison Dionne McKenzie Dreher Emily Eaglin Darien Ellis Michael Errigo Alexus Ford

Matthew Forsythe Aryn Frazier Michael Frimpong Kamil Gabbani Thalia Gamez Edwin Garcia William Garry III Tanner Giles-Tucker Corey Glocker Derek Glocker Tyler Goins Gina Gomes Chante Goodger Jamil Gordon ERIC GOTTLIEB Jose Granados Candace Grant Paul Gregg Anna Haley Brittany Hargrave Charles Harper Funmilayo Harris Funmilola Harris Jassmine Harris Antony Harris Jr. MARVIN HART IV Vivian Henderson Breon Herbert Brittany Herbert Azalia Hernandez Rachel Hewitt Tiyana Hodges Carter Howard Olivia Hubbard Imani Hudgins Jodeh Huleis Wesley Hunn Jane Hwang Samantha Ignacio Francesca Inman Samuel Jaffe Irene Jones Melania Karmazyn Tharana Karzai Manpreet Kaur Mamadou Keita Barzillai Kim Yoseph Kinfu RUTE KIROS Michael Kister Kaitlin Klumpp Ava Koufos Franchesca Kuhney Cecilia Kwakye ANDREW LATONA Ashlin Lee WESTIN LEE Sara Lettieri Jourdan Lewanda Blaine Lowry Cindy Luu Musa Malik Robert Mangles Eli Marsh Krystal Martindale Karen Mayorga Mayia McKenzie Rosie Meile Marissa Metzger Cianna Miller Jaspreet Mudhar MICHELLE NGUYEN Ibrahim Nhabay Brenna Noone Andrea Ortiz Remi Oyekan CHELSEA PAZ Jennifer Perez Calvin Perry Mark Pfanstiehl Kevin Pharaon Meghan Proctor PRADIP RAMAMURTI Timothy Ramey Karelin Ramirez Ryan Reynolds Christine Ricciardi Christopher Richard Lara Richli Andrew Riedel Aldo Rivera Isabel Rodriquez-Zorrilla Anika Rumph Josephine Sanchez Estefan Santos Augustus Sargbeh Laura Savary Rebecca Schwartz Tydyrn Scott Katia Segura Susan Shelton-Der Min Shim Sandra Simmons Samantha Sinanan LAURA SMETHURST Rebecca Smith Anna Steinfeld NICOLE STERLING Sarah Sterling Jasmin Stevenson Julia Stewart KELLY STOCK JANINE TAIRA Lucas Tax Andrea Taylor EMILY TCHAI Karen Tejada Emily Tempchin Alexis Thomas Lena Traore Idara Umo Sopheak Ung Kimberly Valdes Jeffrey Vargas Calvin Vasquez Denise Venero NATASHA VIRJEE Wanjiru Waithaka Helena Waks Jasman Walker Russell Wanke CAROLINE WANNEN Deneen Watson Matthew Weiss Kiana White Chris-Ann Whitehead Natalie Wiggins Bryan Wilkerson Kendra Wilson De’Asia Winslow Cassandra Wolsh Karissa Wong RACHEL WOO Bianca Woodard Hannah Wynne Rebecca Yim


May 17, 2013

The Bla

Seniors celebrate their success in completing high school Class of 2013 shows off school spirit through record breaking attendance x by Janine Taira For the first time, senior banquet tickets completely sold out and threehundred seniors gathered at Ten Oaks Ballroom on April 26 for a night of delicious food, good music, great friends and unforgettable memories. The class council sold 300 tickets to the banquet. Says class council vice president Olivia Brown, “We have so much spirit and we all want to take part in everything. That can be seen by our class breaking the record for people wanting to attend banquet.” “We don’t have much time left together and we should have some fun to remember each other,” adds senior Nick Colburn. Students enjoyed a traditional American dinner, with salad, seasoned chicken, bread rolls, corn, pasta and various types of cake. Then, the tables were moved from the center of the room and students swarmed the dance floor. Attendees received a water tumbler and pair of sunglasses to remember the night.

“We want them to leave feeling nostalgic about their years here at Blake. We want them to take that time to hang out with friends or make new ones before everyone goes down their own future paths,” says senior class sponsor Juliana Downey. If nostalgia was the goal, the banquet was a hit. “At the banquet I felt happy to see everyone in our class coming together as one. I didn’t want it to end. I wish it was longer,” adds senior Megan Gagern. After dinner, the lights dimmed and the senior montage and video were projected on the screen. The slideshow and video was compiled by seniors Danielle Snowden and Becca Schwartz. Says senior banquet attendee Anna Haley, “My favorite moment during banquet was the slideshow, because it was very well put together and recapped most of our senior year and previous years as Blake students.” “The senior banquet is important because it gives you a chance to dress fancy, eat a nice dinner and hang out/dance with your friends,” adds senior Rosa Reyes. “It’s a great chance to make lasting memories with your

friends before that special day (graduation arrives and some of your friends will hav to leave.” Seniors Lydia Curdts, Lillian Watk Maddy Bruffy, Emily Eaglin, Zema Mese Benjoar, Gagern and Brown all had integra in planning the banquet. “Senior banquet was such a success everyone just came wanting to have fun,” council vice president Maddy Benjoar. “It tant because it makes me realize how much up and grown up together.” Ultimately, the biggest factor in th cess was the energy of the senior class. seniors—they made it what it was. It was the decorations.”

ake Beat

May 17, 2013


n) ve

kins, eretu, al roles

s because says class is so imporh we’ve grown

he banquets sucSays Brown, “The s them, not the food or

Photos by Sami Wright and John Kos


May 17, 2013

The Blake Beat

These members of the James Hubert Blake High School Community Congratulate the Class of 2013 and donated money to help make this issue a reality The Family of Tara Adhatamsoontra The Balog Family The Barillas Family The Barrera Family The Barriga Family Alice Matthews Beers The Beers-Ostroff Family The Family of Greg Bell The Ford Toliver Family The Beuttler Family Parents of Katie Blackford The Bond Family The Boone Family The Bradshaw Family The Broer Family The Bruffy Family Kyle Campbell The Caulfield Family Raul & Zeny Chang Mr. & Mrs. Chang Family of Ryan Chang The Family Deanna Chirigos The Choe Family Family of Peter Chu The Cirincione Family Parents of Reyna Claytor The Curdts Family The Family of Cameron Daisey Laura Dechter The Family of Julia Dennis The Deshler Family The Family of Natalie Domass Sydni & Logan Dreher The Eaglin Family The Family of Clara Ebate The Errigo Family The Evans Family The Ford Family The Family of Hunter Freeman

The Family of Emma Friedman The George Family The Girolami Family The Glocker Family The Goldberg Family The Family of Ariel Gomez The Gordon Family The Family of Emily Greitzer The Family of Allie Hadyka The Haley Family The Family of Brittany Hargrave The Hedgepeth Family The Hewitt Family Kirsten, Abby, Todd & Emily Hines Jane Hwang David Hylton, Class of 2012 The family of Franny Inman The Jacobson Family The Jaffe Family Beat Alumni Danny, Becky, & Michael Joiner The Kaiser Family The Kerner Family The Kister Family The Family of Zach Kushner The Lalley Family The Langere Family Conae & Eric Lee The Family of Teddi & Chris Lemberos The family of Nicole Lertora The Family of Sara Lettieri The Lewanda Family The Lim Family The Family of Keenan Lo The Lyons Family The Family of Karen Mayorga Kevin McCaney The Miller Family

Belinda Nockleby The O’Grady Family The Ortiz Family Family of Olivia Park Leah Patterson, Class of 2012 The Perry Family The Pitt Family The Plihal Family The Pullen Family The Purse Family The Roschu Family The Santos Family Paul & Sherri Savercool The Family of Minjee Shim The Family of Brett & Jake Silverman The Sirk Family The Family of Janine Taira The Tchai Family The Family of Emily & Jack Tempchin Sopheak Ung The Ung Family The Vance Family The family of Heather Veli The Virjee Family The Waks Family The Wannen Family The Watkins Family The Weber Family Family of Natalie Wiggins Jenna (’12), Kristen (’09), & Allie (’06) Williams Winley Twins, Class of 2012 The Wolk Family The Wolsh Family The Family of Rachel Woo The Wright Family The Wyatt Family The Family of Joel Yesupriya

The Blake Beat

May 17, 2013

Librarian Susie Treat knocks senior off her feet


x by Emily Eaglin With a name as sweet as Susie Treat, our media specialist cannot be beat. She is kind, helpful, and knows books galore! When you leave in the morning, she is always at the door. As someone who deserves possibly the most thank you’s, it’s a wonder that Mrs. Treat doesn’t often make the news. Her book clubs are the hub for a good time amongst our brightest, and her connection with the group is indeed the tightest. Featuring catered sweets and stimulating conversation, there is nothing this club deserves more than acclamation. The library is her palace, with cozy dark sofas, learners, and readers enthralled in a wonderland like Alice. But to where does this queen of literature and knowledge quest? Into all of our classrooms to prepare us for projects and tests. And her media assistants just happen to be her soldiers and knights. On her mighty scrolls she lists them, as honorable defenders of the Dewey Decimal System. From Wicked Lovely to Divergent to the games of Hunger, for the extent of her knowledge there is no number. It means so much to me that Mrs. Treat genuinely cares, and when it comes to librarians you just can’t compare. Now the book club has multiplied from one to two, and how tragic it is that I must bid adieu. Being one of the last original members, I can look back to that first September. And remembering how welcoming and friendly Mrs. Treat was when I first came, when I think of having to leave Blake it is truly a shame.

Media Specialist Susie Treat is a reliable resource for knowledge and smiles --Photo by Sami Wright So when you waltz into the media center, ask her for a book recommendation. There is likely to be no contemplation, she’ll find the book that fits, it’s just

what she really gets. You can check out books (even up to two), it’s true, but just don’t forget to give a great big THANK YOU!

A loving ode to the loveliest Ms. Loveland Cheers for applauded English teacher

x by John Beers

Four years ago when I first walked into her classroom I was overwhelmed by her energy; the shear excitement that came out of her mouth at a million miles per hour. Four years later, all that can be said is thank you Ms. Loveland for making my experience at Blake truly something special. I have had the unique, and extremely fulfilling, experience of having been involved in one of Ms. Loveland’s classes each of my four years in high school. As a ninth grader in her Honors US History class she breathed life into a love for history that had been lying dormant within me. As a tenth grader she helped guide me towards the

decision to join the It’s Academic team, one that would come to define a large part of my high school experience (I also participated in her non-AP psychology class, good times). The last two years I have spent hours working with her as an EduCorp and student aid, trying to emulate the same passion she brings to the classroom every day when I was doing my own work with students. I think every student wishes that they could hold on to the experiences they had in their favorite teacher’s class for the rest of high school; I was the lucky kid who got to do just that. What sets Ms. Loveland apart from every other teacher I have ever had is the way she truly cares for each and every one of her stu-

dents and how hard she works to get everyone excited about history that has been around for decades or centuries. In her classroom, school truly became a home away from home, and Teddy Roosevelt, FDR and the Cold War became so much more than pictures in a textbook or names on a notes sheet. While I am sad to see my years as a high school student end, the thing I will miss the most is the time I have spent in E268 the last 4 years. Ms. Loveland you have made me the student I am today but more importantly you have helped me become the person I am as I venture out in the world beyond Blake’s walls. I can never repay you for all the lessons you have taught me, so, again, I simply say thank you.

Senior shout out to the spectacular Rudy Tyrell Assistant principal keeps students “on track” x by Dorian Purse In high school there is always that one person that impacts your life in more way than one; that person for me was assistant principal Rudy Tyrell. Mr. Tyrell will always go the extra mile to motivate students. He truly cares about the students and it shows every time you have a conversation with him. His door is always open to talk or have a great laugh. He’ll drop whatever he’s doing and insist that he’s not busy, even though he probably is, to sit and have a conversation. I was introduced to Mr. Tyrell in ninth grade when he informed us on school formalities. He cracked numerous jokes that calmed the freshman nerves. From that day on I have had the highest respect for Mr. Tyrell not because of his ability to make us laugh but because he let us know that he had high expectations for us. Mr. Tyrell’s chill personality makes it extremely easy to discuss things with that you would not normally be able to talk to a teacher, yet alone an administrator, about. Mr. Tyrell has high expectations of success for

all students, and helps you reach your goals. He has kept us on track all four years to ensure that we will receive our diploma on May 30th. For the current and future grade levels, I want to let you know that you are in good hands. I am not one to constantly be present in an administrator’s office for a problem. But every once in a while I would go into Mr. Tyrell and not only would he remember my name, which a lot of administrators seem to forget, but he would ask me about things that even I forgot about. He treats his students as if they are his own children, the students see him as a close friend, and the parents adore him. You’ve taught us priceless life lessons t h a t w e will carry into our future endeavors. Thank you for always motivating us to take challenges that we never thought of accepting. You have molded us into the mature young women and men who stand before your eyes today. And lastly, thank you for not giving up on us because it showed us that someone truly cares about our future. The class of 2013 thanks you for all you’ve done.

Mr. Tyrell will always go the extra mile to motivate students.

Barlev proves so nice, we had to ode her twice x by Zema Meseretu & Nicole Sterling Over the past four years one of the teachers who has truly made a footprint in our lives is English teacher Deena Barlev. From our first year at Blake to our last, Mrs. Barlev has helped us gain critical skills. It is a privilege to have a teacher who not only is good at her job, but also takes a special interest in each of her students. Mrs. Barlev is such a true and genuine soul. She has been like a mother, so loving and caring. Whenever there is any type of issue or favor we need, we are not hesitant to go to her. She is selfless and dedicates her time to help anyone. Her compassionate nature, obsession with organization and love of clean space are just some of the things we love about her. ZEMA: In 9th grade Mrs. Barlev encouraged me to challenge myself and switch from on level to honors English. Although I was unsure of myself and did not want to take the risk, Mrs. Barlev guided me with the utmost compassion and drive to look down as far as I could to where it bent in the undergrowth, making me the confident AP student I am today. Since then I have been fortunate enough to become closer with her and learn something new every day, whether it be about myself or the life I am about to venture to post high school. I am so lucky to have such an inspirational woman like her in my life. NICOLE: My freshmen year was a big culture shock for me; I had a lot of trouble balancing my social life and studies. Mrs. Barlev helped me find an interest in English, which, at that time, was a subject I dreaded. She made the class interesting with her unusual, grasping and thought-provoking teaching style. Even more than just her talent of teaching, Mrs. Barlev took a special interest in me and supported me from the day I first walked into her classroom to my current status as a graduating senior. “Two roads diverged in a yellow wood”, and although we have been through many obstacles, Mrs. Barlev has helped us overcome them, making us stronger, independent young women. Although we are “just one traveler,” she has taught us to be fearless and to take “the road less traveled by.”

A10 Name Aiman Abdelmouti Marce-Erica Adegbembo Tara Adhatamsoontra Nora Adjah-Provencal Gedeon Agbeyome Darion Aguilar Melissa Aguilar Yadira Aguilar Joy Akuchie Shawn-Michael Alexander-James Emmanuel Allotey Ruben Alvarado Alazar Amenu Gideon Ampofo Ji Woong An Kwame Asante Nana Asare Shayne Asher Gaston Assoua Ewane Brittany Atkins Kristina August Celeste Awokoya-Gregory Kelvin Ayala Wendy-Marie Aylward Nader Ayoub Morgan Bailey Edward Bamfo India Banks Enica Barnes Erik Barrios Jenna Beers John Beers Henoke Bekele Madeleine Benjoar Javier Bermejo Jean-Luis Betancourt Michael Bireda Katherine Blackford Osmar Bohorquez Pach Orel Bonilla Edward Bonsu Roman Borris Romello Borris Robert Borris Steven Botto Badriia Bourelly Paul Bourelly Cole Bradshaw Nicholas Breen Aaliyah Brice Amara Britt Graylyn Broadnax Kevin Broadus, Jr. Michelle Brooks Lilet Broomes DeShante Brown Edgar Brown Michael Brown Olivia Brown Madison Bruffy Dorothy Bryant Akena Buchanan Moses Buchanan Toure’ Burgess Colleen Burkhardt Adolphus Butts, Jr. Thais Calderon Megan Cameron Cory Camp Jose Canales Samantha Carpenter Demetrius Carroll Kenise Carroll Kevin Cartagena Devora Castillo Elsy Castillo Samantha Cazeau Gregory Chaimson Ryan James Chang Maurya Chaurasia Kevin Cheung Michael Chheang Alexander Chicas Deanna Chirigos Ryan Choe Paul Choi Peter Chu Richard Clark Reyna Claytor James Cobbs Nicholas Colburn Madia Coleman Lindsey Comer Andrew Conchas Osman Conteh Miya Cook William Cooper Nicholas Corsillo Cory Covington Kelly Crabtree Shantae Crawford German Cruz Javier Cruz Kilmar Cruz

The Blake Beat

May 17, 2013

Future Plans

University of Maryland, College Park Slippery Rock University of Pennsylvania George Washington University Salisbury University Montgomery College, Rockville Montgomery College, Rockville Montgomery College, Rockville Apprenticeship/Culinary Arts Montgomery College, Rockville Montgomery College, Rockville Montgomery College, Rockville Undecided Montgomery College, Rockville Liberty University University of Maryland, Baltimore County University of Virginia Montgomery College, Rockville Morehouse College Howard Community College Montgomery College, Rockville Undecided Spelman College Montgomery College, Rockville State University of New York, Geneseo Howard Community College Montgomery College, Rockville Montgomery College, Rockville Undecided Montgomery College, Rockville Coastal Carolina University Barnard College Northwestern University Undecided Bowling Green State University Undecided Polytechnic Institute of NYU Montgomery College, Rockville Smith College Montgomery College, Rockville Montgomery College, Rockville Morgan State University Undecided Undecided Montgomery College, Rockville Niagara University Undecided Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University West Virginia University Montgomery College, Rockville Undecided College of Charleston University of Maryland, College Park Frostburg State University Spelman College Montgomery College, Rockville Delaware State University Undecided Morgan State University West Virginia University University of Maryland, College Park Mount Saint Mary’s University Montgomery College, Rockville Montgomery College, Rockville Howard University Towson University Central Penn College Amherst College Indiana University of Pennsylvania/Business Management University of Delaware Military/Marines Towson University Undecided Delaware State University Montgomery College, Rockville Montgomery College, Rockville Montgomery College, Rockville Virginia State University Bucknell University Montgomery College, Rockville University of Kentucky University of Maryland, College Park University of Maryland, Baltimore County Employment/Firefighting Montgomery College, Rockville University of Maryland, Baltimore County University of Maryland, Baltimore County University of Maryland, Baltimore County Montgomery College, Rockville Valencia College Montgomery College, Rockville East Carolina University St. John’s University, Queens Campus University of Maryland, College Park University of Maryland, College Park Montgomery College, Rockville Undecided Bowie State University Montgomery College, Rockville Susquehanna University Undecided Undecided Montgomery College, Rockville Undecided Montgomery College, Rockville

Name Lydia Curdts Daniel D’Amico Priya Dadlani Jason Dalle Brandon Davis Eugene Davis Nicholas Davis Aliya Dean Brandon Deane Jeenaba Deme Julia Dennis Sam Desrosiers Alison Dionne Julia Doh Raymond Doh Mckenzie Dreher Kimani Dunlap Emily Eaglin Tabitha Edmond Eric Edusei Darien Ellis Antwain Ennels Michael Errigo Jessica Espinal Mauriel Espinoza Jessica Flores Alexus Ford Matthew Forsythe DeVon Foster Aryn Frazier Whitney Freeman Michael Frimpong Kamil Gabbani Conner Gaffney Megan Gagern Anna Galeano Thalia Gamez Edwin Garcia William Garey Eric Gaskin Qur’An Gauthier Aaron Gayadeen Kimberly Gebhardtsbauer Vaughn Gee Tanner Giles-Tucker Rachel Gist Christina Glasgow Corey Glocker Derek Glocker Tyler Goins Gina Gomes Daniel Gonzalez Chante Goodger Jamil Gordon Eric Gottlieb Jose Granado Anjelica Grant Candace Grant Paul Gregg Emily Greitzer Yeabsira Hadero Anna Haley Payton Harbour Brandon Hargett Charles Harper Funmilayo Harris Funmillola Harris Jasmine Harris Antony Harris Jr. Eli Hayman Kellen Healy Vivian Henderson Azalia Hernandez Mauricio Herrera Deja Heslop Rachel Hewitt Tiyana Hodges Ciera Horton Carter Howard Olivia Hubbard Jodeh Huleis Wesley Hunn Jane Hwang Samantha Ignacio Sang Hyuk Im Francesca Inman Karen Jacob Samuel Jaffe Vextor Jallah Yvette Jean Baptiste Curtis Johnson Konner Johnson Zachary Johnson Akindelesundiata Jones Irene Jones Marquiete Jones Romello Jordan Seung Hwan Jung Melinia Karmazyn

Tharana Karzai Nadia Kash Manpreet Kaur Kumani Kee Mamdou Keita

Future Plans

Tulane University Johnson & Wales University Boston University Montgomery College, Rockville Undecided Undecided University of Maryland, College Park James Madison University University of Maryland, College Park Stevenson University/Nursing Spelman College Montgomery College, Rockville James Madison University University of Maryland, Baltimore County Lackawanna College Florida State University Montgomery College, Rockville University of Maryland, Baltimore County Montgomery College, Rockville Montgomery College, Rockville University of Maryland, College Park Undecided University of Maryland, College Park Montgomery College, Rockville Montgomery College, Rockville Montgomery College, Rockville High Point University University of Maryland, College Park Montgomery College, Takoma Park University of Virginia Montgomery College, Rockville Undecided Montgomery College, Rockville University of Maryland, College Park East Carolina University Montgomery College, Rockville Montgomery College Montgomery College, Rockville University of Maryland, Eastern Shore Montgomery College, Rockville Montgomery College Military/Air Force Howard Community College Montgomery College, Rockville American University Montgomery College, Takoma Park Montgomery College, Rockville McDaniel College Towson University Montgomery College, Rockville The Catholic University of America Montgomery College, Rockville St. John’s University, Queens Campus University of Maryland, College Park University of Maryland, Baltimore County Undecided Hampton University North Carolina A&T State University University of Maryland, College Park Otterbein University Montgomery College, Rockville University of Maryland, Baltimore County Virginia Commonwealth University Undecided West Virginia Wesleyan College Marymount University Marymount University Undecided Montgomery College, Rockville Shippensburg University of Pennsylvania Sherpherd University Montgomery College, Rockville University of Maryland, College Park Montgomery College, Rockville Montgomery College, Rockville University of Maryland, College Park Coppin State University/Graphic Design Montgomery College, Rockville Columbia College of Chicago Salisbury University Montgomery College, Rockville Morehouse College/Jazz Studies University of Maryland, Baltimore County University of Maryland, Baltimore County Montgomery College, Rockville Shepherd University University of Maryland, Baltimore County Purchase College State University of New York Valley Forge Military College Mercer County Community College Montgomery College, Rockville Louisiana State University/Public Health Montgomery College, Rockville University of Maryland, Eastern Shore University of Maryland, College Park Montgomery College, Rockville Undecided Howard Community College Salisbury University

University of Maryland, College Park Howard Community College Montgomery College, Rockville Coppin State University Montgomery College, Rockville

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Name Hannah Kenney Hamza Khan-Tareen Barz Kim Samuel King Justin Kirby Rute Kiros Michael Kister Kaitlin Klumpp Mitchell Patrick Kocher Ava Koufos Matthew Krieger Franchesca Kuhney Cecilia Kwakye Terrance Lagrue Andrew Latona Sakoo LaBrew Ashlin Lee Dae Kyu Lee Westin Lee Emilio Lemos Francisco Lendor Karem Ramos Sara Lettieri Jourdan Lewanda Kristen Lewis Zachary Lively Shadel Longshore Blain Lowry James Luskey Cindy Luu Ricardo Malcolm Kerlin Maldonado Musa Malik Robert Mangels Reaghan Manning Allison Marcus Eli Marsh Amir Martel Karen Mayorga Marina McCaney Maurice McKenzie Mayia McKenzie Lawrence McKinney Rosie Meile Marc-Stephen Meredith David Merino Zema Meseretu Marissa Metzger Jay Mgaza Cianna Miller Richard Miller Latoya Mills Yvette Mingia Jennifer Miranda Emanuel Moore Andy Morales Jaspreet Mudhar Bailey Murrell Brandi Murrell Kevin Nanji Anthony Navarro Michelle Nguyen Ibrahim Nhabay Brenna Noone William Notara Emmanuel Nwosu Jason Obando-Fuentes Kerl Oben Chukwunonso Obimaha Folarin Orimolade Andrea Ortiz Darius Oxley Remi Oyekan Rosa Pacheco Olivia Park Miyanna Parker Chelsea Paz Jennifer Perez Calvin Perry Heidi Petersen Mark Pfanstiehl Kevin Pharaon Wallace Phillips III Naomi Piard Fenguese Pierre Mariuxi Pintado Sergio Polar Santia Porzel Meghan Proctor Everse Pullen Dorian Purse Vijay Raju Pradip Ramamurti Timothy Ramey Chila Ramirez Marioney Ramirez Jr. Karelin Ramirez Stanton Ramsey Rosa Reyes Kadijon Reynolds Ryan Reynolds Christine Ricciardi Christopher Richard Patrick Richard Lara Richli

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May 17, 2013

Towson University University of Maryland, College Park University of Maryland, College Park Montgomery College, Rockville Military/Air Force University of Maryland, College Park University of Pittsburgh Salisbury University Montgomery College, Rockville Mount Saint Mary’s University Montgomery College, Rockville University of Connecticut Grinnell College Undecided Purchase College State University of New York Montgomery College, Rockville Idaho State University University of Maryland, College Park Montgomery College, Rockville Montgomery College, Rockville Montgomery College, Rockville Undecided University of Iowa Oberlin College Delware State University University of Maryland, Baltimore County Montgomery College, Rockville Stevenson University Montgomery College, Rockville Towson University Coppin State University Montgomery College, Rockville Undecided Montgomery College, Rockville Montgomery College, Rockville Undecided Temple University Undecided Montgomery College, Rockville Savannah College of Art and Design Undecided Hampton University Lynchburg College Montgomery College, Rockville Military/Marines Montgomery College, Rockville University of Maryland, College Park Otterbein University Undecided George Mason University Towson University University of Maryland, Eastern Shore Towson University Undecided Undecided Montgomery College, Rockville Montgomery College, Rockville Chowan University University of Maryland, Eastern Shore Montgomery College, Rockville Undecided University of Maryland, College Park Undecided Salisbury University Montgomery College, Rockville Montgomery College, Rockville Montgomery College, Rockville Undecided Montgomery College Dartmouth College University of Maryland, College Park University of Maryland, Baltimore County Clark Atlanta University Montgomery College, Takoma Park University of Maryland, Baltimore County Cosmetology/Hair Montgomery College, Rockville Undecided University of Maryland, Baltimore County School of Art and Design at Montgomery College Montgomery College, Rockville West Virginia Wesleyan College School of Visual Arts Stevenson University St. Mary’s College of Maryland University of Maryland, College Park Montgomery College, Rockville Salisbury University Undecided Morgan State University Morehouse College University of Maryland, Baltimore County University of Maryland, College Park Montgomery College, Rockville Montgomery College, Rockville Montgomery College, Rockville Montgomery College, Rockville Montgomery College Military/Air Force Montgomery College, Rockville/English Montgomery College, Rockville University of Maryland, College Park/Engineering Brandeis University The Catholic University of America Towson University


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Andrew Riedel Pennsylvania State University, University Park Aldo Rivera Montgomery College, Rockville Eric Rivera Culinary Institute Ledin Rivera Montgomery College, Rockville Scarlett Rodriguez Montgomery College, Rockville Isabel Rodriguez-Zorrilla Brigham Young University of Idaho Monroe Rogers Wesley College Anika Rumph Coppin State University Ndeye Sall Montgomery College, Rockville Josephine Sanchez Pace University of New York City Estefan Santos Montgomery College, Rockville Augustus Sargbeh St. Cloud State University of MN Laura Savary Pennsylvania State University, University Park Rebecca Schwartz Virginia Commonwealth University Tydryn Scot Undecided Yancy Scott Hampton University Katia Segura Notre Dame of Maryland University Susan Shelton-Der Howard Community College Min Jee Shim University of Maryland, Baltimore County Stefan Sigwalt Montgomery College, Rockville Alexa Simmons Montgomery College, Rockville Sandra Simmons Stevenson University Samantha Sinanan Employment/Real Estate Laura Smethurst James Madison University Rebecca Smith James Madison University Sheera Smith Bowie State University Danielle Snowden Temple University Joo Song Undecided Genesis Sorto Montgomery College, Rockville Carly Stavely Montgomery College, Rockville Anna Steinfeld St. Mary’s College of Maryland Brandon Stephenson Montgomery College, Rockville Nicole Sterling Towson University Sarah Sterling Frostburg State University Jack Stern Towson University Jasmin Stevenson Montgomery College, Rockville Julia Stewart University of Maryland, Baltimore County Kelly Stock Lebanon Valley College/Elementary Education Jordan Stringfield Undecided Tierra Sweat Bowie State University Janine Taira University of Maryland, College Park McKenzie Tarner Montgomery College, Rockville Lucas Tax University of Maryland, College Park Andrea Taylor Liberty University Isaiah Taylor Undecided Emily Tchai University of Maryland, College Park Karen Tejada Undecided Emily Tempchin University of Maryland, College Park Alexis Thomas Montgomery College, Rockville Valdes Tita Stanford University Lena Traore Montgomery College, Rockville Philip Ulysse Undecided Idara Umo Towson University Michelle Ung Undecided Sopheak Ung Montgomery College, Rockville Edilawit Urges Undecided Kimberly Valdes Howard Community College Michael Valle Rodriguez Undecided Sara Valle Rodriguez Undecided Jeffrey Vargas Montgomery College, Rockville Calvin Vasquez Montgomery College Keving Vasquez Montgomery College, Rockville Estefania Velez University of Maryland, College Park Denise Venero Montgomery College, Rockville Tara Vides Pennsylvania State University, University Park/Engineering Michael Villatoro Bowie State University Natasha Virjee University of Maryland, College Park Sandra Waithaka University of Maryland, Baltimore County Helena Waks Montgomery College Jasman Walker Howard Community College Russell Wanke United States Military Academy Caroline Wannen University of Maryland, College Park John Ward Jr. Frostburg State University Danielle Washington Allegany College of Maryland/Social Worker Lillian Watkins Towson University Deneen Watson Stevenson University Matthew Weiss Montgomery College, Takoma Park Kiana White Morgan State University Chris-Ann Whitehead Montgomery College, Rockville Natalie Wiggins Pennsylvania College of Art & Design Kionna Wiley University of Maryland, Baltimore County Bryan Wilkerson Montgomery College, Rockville Isha Wilkerson Montgomery College Austin Wilson Hampton University Dallas Wilson Alderson-Broaddus College Jamar Wilson The Art Institute of Washington Kendra Wilson University of Louisville De’Asia Winslow University of Maryland, Eastern Shore Cassandra Wolsh Temple University Karissa Wong Towson University Rachel Woo University of Maryland, Baltimore County Bianca Woodard Lincoln University Hannah Wynne University of Maryland, College Park Sanuel Yannes Montgomery College, Rockville Yerayel Yehuda Montgomery College, Rockville Joel Yesupriya University of Maryland, Baltimore County Rebecca Yim Undecided Francisco Zamora-Valle Montgomery County, Rockville Karim Zarhloul University of Maryland, Baltimore County


May 17, 2013

The Blake Beat

May 17, 2013 News-Senior FIXED  

News and Senior (after Janine fixed things)

May 17, 2013 News-Senior FIXED  

News and Senior (after Janine fixed things)