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The Tiberius Doctrine Chapter 11

The Tiberius Doctrine by Al Rem

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The Tiberius Doctrine Chapter 11 Monday 5:30 am, Beverly Hills, California “Tell your friend again, that we really appreciate the use of her car and that we will get it back to her the same way we received it…black and beautiful.” I gave my cousin a handshake and a big hug and we both breathed a big sigh. “Man, I’m real sorry about what happened to your place.” “Like I said before, it’s cool. We got out safe and you and Maya are free to live another day.” Willie says with a smile. “But you know what? I don’t give a fuck about the studio. Insurance can replace that shit. It’s my dog that’s got me fucked up. I swear to God, if I ever find out which one of those coward motha-fuckas shot my dog…I will hunt his ass to the ends of the earth. That was some bullshit. You can never replace my dog.” To my surprise, Willie G began to sob and I had to support him under his arm for fear he would collapse to the ground. “Yeah I know man.” I said, patting him on the back trying to console him. “That was a damn good dog. As a matter of fact, it was the dog that gave us the warning we needed to make our escape. “ “It’s bullshit man. It’s fucking bullshit. They didn’t have to shoot him.” He’s said wiping tears from his eyes. “Well, maybe he’s not dead.” I say trying to be optimistic. Willie G looks up at me incredulously. “No really, maybe that was just a tranquilizer gun. Everybody knows you have dogs. They probably anticipated you would have your dog there and they came prepared.” I said while trying to look optimistic. “I don’t know man. That’s sounds too good to be true. But I will send my girl around there to check on things. I’m gonna have to lay low for a while. It’s way too fucking hot ‘round these parts.” After a short pause he says. “You know what? This is some real hair raising shit you’ve got yourself into. Black, I never thought you had it in you man. Stolen cars, FBI, Asian whores...” “Hey wait a minute.” I said cutting him off. “Maya’s the one that stole that car.” Maya smacks me on the arm. “Yes, and I must say that you happen to be the luckiest man on the planet. I am indeed, a woman with many skills. Including, the inherent ability to keep your ass out of trouble.” “Oh, so you are proud of adding grand theft to your resume.” The Tiberius Doctrine by Al Rem

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“No, I was talking about saving you from that skanky whore at the party.” She said this with a straight face, apparently very serious about it. But of course, I found this to be hilarious, so I busted out laughing, and then Willie G started to laugh and I think Willie G’s friend standing in the doorway was laughing too and I don’t think she even knew what the hell we were talking about. So finally Maya was forced to join in, reluctantly at first and then full on. It may have been the first laugh we had had in a long while. And by the way, just because a person has a business card with a claim to offer expert services does not make them a whore. Everyone should get paid for their services. You find your niche in the world and you work hard and you can become successful. Everybody can’t be good at sucking dicks. But, I kept this thought to myself. We continued to laugh until tears literally poured from our eyes and after a good while, Willie G broke it up. “Alright guys, y’all better get out of her.” He says while wiping away tears from laughter and looking over our shoulders for someone or something that was apparently just out of sight. “This feds shit is fucking unbelievable and it’s got me jumpy as shit and all I want to do is get my ass in the house.” We shake hands, again and he practically pushes us into the car. “Ok, Ok, we’re leaving. G, man we owe you big time for this.” I say as I open the passenger side door for Maya. “Ah, it was nothing…but you’re right…you do owe me. I just hope you stay free long enough to pay me back. And as for you, pretty lady, would you please take care of my cousin. He is not cut out for this shit.” “Willie, you know I got his back.” Maya says with a big smile and then steps over to him and gives him a big hug. Maya hops in the car and I shut the big door behind her. I jog around the front of the car and hop in the driver side and fasten myself in. I look at Maya and give her a nod and then I turn the ignition of 340HP Mercedes Benz 500 SL. We both smiled as it roared to life and I gave the gas pedal a few pumps. I looked around for a minute trying to find the button that controlled the convertible top. Finally I found the switch on the console between the seats and I moved it to the retract position. Maya and I watched in awe as the magical hard top retracted and the trunk opened to receive it and then the trunk closed with a click. I revved the engine a couple of more times, excited by the monstrous roar. This car has definitely been the recipient of a couple of Willie G’s upgrades. I waved to my cousin and his “friend”, now standing by his side in the driveway. I also noticed that his friend had received a few upgrades herself...nice. And with that, we pulled out onto North Beverly Drive and headed south towards Sunset Blvd.

The Tiberius Doctrine by Al Rem

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*** I navigated the light traffic of Beverly Hills for a few blocks and then coaxed the barely tamed beast onto Sunset Blvd. After only a few minutes, I soon noticed that I wasn’t the only one driving a drop top Benz, nor was I the only one with a hot chick in the passenger side. But the funny thing was, it was fucking 6 o’clock in the morning. Who in the hell were these people. I couldn’t tell if they were on their way home after a long night of erotic sex with the neighbors or on their way out to the country club. Whatever the case, as I’ve said on numerous occasions, I could get used to this Hollywood shit. A chill went down my spine as I hit the curve at Sunset and Marmont. This was a very strange block. Maybe it was the combination of the big, ominous billboards casting elongated shadows on the road, which looked like black tentacles reaching out to snatch passengers from their vehicles when they bothered to slow down to make the turn. Or maybe it was the infamous Chateau Marmont Hotel looming in the background, looking like a structure pulled right out of a Stephen King novel. I looked over at Maya in the passenger side and noticed that she was had already closed eyes totally oblivious to the horror movie unfolding in the passing lane. I couldn’t blame her. We definitely hadn’t got much rest, thanks to the rude awakening by the feds this morning. I assume they were feds, I really have no idea. Now that I think about it, I don’t think the feds would have shot an innocent dog, but maybe somebody got scared or was a little trigger happy, or maybe they just didn’t give a fuck. But that was neither here nor there. We were free and I was driving a Benz and I supposed life could be worse. I continued to muse, as I observed the joggers and the dog walkers and the bums, while enjoying the almost fresh morning air and the adrenaline rush of this very impressive vehicle. *** I couldn’t really tell if Maya was sleeping, she looked like an angel over there, despite her hot blooded, insatiable ways. I was almost surprised at how peaceful she looked considering that in the last 24 hours she had been caught fucking on a hotel balcony, deserted her rental car, trespassed in an uber exclusive Malibu Beach neighborhood, took a perilous ride on a rubber dinghy, skirting dangerously close to countless, treacherous and unforgiving rock formations. Not to mention the fact that she crashed a house party of one of Hollywood’s most notorious money moguls, confronted an Asian temptress, all but bitch slapping her and sending her home to her momma. She also stole a $100,000 Range Rover, took cover under a dark and scary underpass, survived a high speed getaway on the streets of Long Beach, hid out at a high tech, converted storage unit and narrowly escaped out the back way of said storage unit on the back of a motorcycle being driven by a rapper on probation for weed possession and the unlawful discharge of a firearm and I’m pretty sure I left a few things out.

The Tiberius Doctrine by Al Rem

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Suddenly, as if she felt me looking at her, she opened her eyes and turned to look at me. “What?” She said. “What, What?” I said. “Why are you looking at me?” “You look so peaceful over there; I was just enjoying your moment.” “Oh really. Well don’t let my placid exterior fool you. I am a hot mess over here.” “A hot mess…I don’t think so.” “Yes, a hot mess. My stomach acid is churning, my chest is hurting, my head is pounding and my hair leaves very little to be desired.” “Whoa, I guess you are a hot mess.” I said playfully. “Tiberius, don’t make light of this. This is no time for jokes. We need a plan. I don’t feel safe at all. I’m really about to crack under the pressure. So could you please tell me how the hell you plan on getting us out of this mess?” “First of all, I’m not making light of anything and secondly, that’s a very good question. And my answer is…I’m working on it. I think if we make it through today we will be able to turn this thing around.” I say with feigned confidence. “I believe you said that yesterday.” She says with exasperation. What was it exactly. ‘All we need to do is make it to the safe house and I think we’ll be ok’. Well guess what? We’re not OK and as your boy Ving Rhames would say. ‘We are pretty fucking far from ok’. So much for the fucking safe house, we were safe for what…about 2 hours. Is that the best you can do Tiberius...Really?” I reeled back. Holy shit, Mount Vesuvius has finally erupted. I thought to myself. “Maya, I don’t know what to say. I don’t know what happened. We took every precaution.” I hesitate for a moment and tried to recall all the things that had happened in just a short time frame. I just didn’t get it. I continued. “There is definitely something that I’m not seeing. These guys can’t be that good. Every time we make a move, it’s like they already know about it. It seems we are reading from the same text book.” I shook my head in exasperation. “Well, we’re reading the same text book alright, but apparently they’ve got the fucking answer key.” She suddenly stops and slaps her hand over her mouth, as if she were wondering if she had been the victim of a demonic possession and it was the devil

The Tiberius Doctrine by Al Rem

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spewing all that vulgar profanity. “See Tiberius, you’ve got me cursing as bad as you now. I am way out of control. This is so not like me. I’m sorry.” I nod my head in acceptance. We both sit quiet for a while, doing our best to let the air clear, with the ring of her final words still hanging in the air ‘They’ve got the fucking answer key’. It was true, but the question is, what was I going to do about it. Maya broke the silence abruptly, as if hearing my thoughts. “Maybe we should just cut our losses and turn ourselves in.” I shook my head emphatically. “No, No way…never. We can beat these guys. If they were smart enough to catch us, they would have already done it. The longer we stay free the better our chances are to get out of this mess. The longer we stay free the smarter we get, and the smarter we get, the more fucked they get. We can do this, you hear me.” She nodded. “Ok, now you say it.” “We can do this” She repeated timidly. “What?” “We can do this!” She barks out. “Good.” Just then a loud car horn blares from behind us. Apparently we had been sitting at an intersection for I don’t know how long and people were just going around us. I push the accelerator down hard and we launched back into traffic. I look at Maya with a renewed sense of hope and say “Starting right now, we are going to get our shit together and turn this shit around.” “OK.” She says and rubs my shoulder in reassurance. *** We made our way east on Interstate 10 and then north on Interstate 15 in route to Las Vegas. California was amazing in that it could quickly transform itself from congested metropolitan sprawl to barren, sun scorched desert in a matter of minutes, and from million dollar mega mansion to tumble weeds in seconds. Fortunately, despite our run of bad luck at the safe house, I still managed to get some valuable work done last night. I sent out a set of detailed instructions to the team last night and got word back this morning that things were moving according to plan. I arranged transportation by private charter for the team and used the BioDat corporate account to pay for it. That probably won’t go over too well over there, but considering the alternative…The good thing is that the company account traces back to corporate travel division at BioDat and there is no way to trace it directly back to me at least not in the short time frame we were working in. We still have the whole $20,000 left from the bank withdrawal and we were driving some very nice wheels. The Tiberius Doctrine by Al Rem

Chapter 11: Page 6

The charter flight was supposed to meet us in Vegas (although I was having my doubts about the wisdom in that) this evening and then we need to secure some private accommodations and try to sort this thing out. I had successfully shared the interim plan with Maya, but ran into a small bump when I told her about the team that was coming to help us. I explained to her that it as a bunch of misfits and miscreants, but it was my people and I trusted them and that was all that mattered. I asked her if she was having second thoughts and she said without hesitation. “In for a penny, in for a pound. I nodded and smiled clearly having mixed emotions about exposing her to this level of madness, while at the same time wondering why the hell she hadn’t jumped ship by now. “By the way, who’s all coming?” She asked. “Uh, well I sent the main instructions to John and Alexandria.” “Alexandria, isn’t she a bit dramatic for this level of activity?” “Yes, she can be, but once again, I have to trust someone. These are my people. They have always been there for me and I for them, besides, Alex tends to check the drama when Anthony is around. He seems to have a calming influence on her.” “Anthony! Why didn’t you say so. I think we will be ok…I like Anthony.” “What do you mean, you “like” Anthony. I say this with air quotes, momentarily taking my hands off the steering wheel to complete the maneuver. “Yeah, I do like him, so what. We could use him, he’s got street smarts. It’s just what we need. Besides, I think he’s cool and maybe a little misunderstood.” “Oh I get it…You “understand” him. You can relate to his ghetto mentality; or maybe you empathize with his humble upbringing or the fact that he grew up with a crack head momma and no father, in the projects of Chicago, without the basic necessities of life. But there’s just one problem, it’s all bullshit. Anthony would have you thinking we grew up starving; he would lead you to believe that our mom was out there turning tricks to make ends meet. But it’s complete bullshit. He had everything he could possibly want as a child, including his father, who just happened to be a sports broadcaster and former professional athlete. Anthony chose to fuck up his life up and I have no sympathy for that shit.” “Do I detect a hint of jealousy.” She said with a smile. “No.” I respond quickly and rather unconvincingly. “But you do appear to be on his nuts.”

The Tiberius Doctrine by Al Rem

Chapter 11: Page 7

“What?” She said taken slightly aback. “Tiberius, I won’t even dignify that with a response.” “Your lack of response was all the response I need. I have to say I wouldn’t trust you guys far as I could throw you, let alone a fishing trip. “Fishing trip? What the hell does that mean?” She snapped back. “Yeah, a fishing trip; that’s right, thug life Anthony loves to go fishing. He loves to invite innocent young girls to our bucolic fishing cabin up in Wisconsin and take advantage of them.” She looked at me incredulously. “That’s right, but trust me this ain’t no fishing cabin like you would think. It’s pimped out, thug style. Anthony has transformed it into his own private sanctuary. He calls it “The Shack”. So believe me when I say, when you get to “The Shack”, it won’t be about catching bass, it will be about smacking ass.” “Smacking Ass!” She says laughing. “You’re unbelievable…and you have a hell of a lot of nerve. Mr. and Mrs. Expert Services.” “Oh yeah, I knew that was coming, the deflection. But it’s cool; I’ve got your number.” I say nodding to myself. “Wait a minute, are you serious, are you actually getting jealous?” I said nothing. I just stared forward out into the featureless desert terrain. She poked me in the shoulder, but I wouldn’t look at her. “You are getting jealous. Holy shit, this is unbelievable.” I look at her with contempt. “Yes, I said unbelievable.” “Why is that so unbelievable? Do you think I want you fucking my brother?” “No, I don’t think you would want me to fuck your brother, but that’s probably the only person in the world you would care about me fucking. As a matter of fact, you could probably catch me in bed with the Pope and one of his alter boys and give less of a fuck, but just the mere mention of your brother in a complimentary manor, and it invokes anger and dare I say…contempt.” “That’s bullshit.” I exclaimed, although the image of the Pope and Maya was frightening and a bit funny. Was I getting jealous for real? Maybe I was and why not. I mean after all, Anthony’s already got a flock of ghetto bitches. I don’t need him bringing his thug charm up to the Gold Coast, trying to get a fix on my materialistic, ultra shallow, ultra-thin, no thought, no count, low calorie ho’s. I got enough problems. I thought to myself but didn’t say. Suddenly my throwaway phone rings. I look at her, as if to say, to be continued. Then I grab the phone and checked the caller ID. Of course only 3 people had the number, so it was just a matter of which one. It was John. I look at Maya and say. “It’s John, hopefully he has some good news.” The Tiberius Doctrine by Al Rem

Chapter 11: Page 8

*** “Blackstone.” I bark out. “Tiberius, this is John.” “John, thank God, Is everything ok? Where are you?” I yelled into the phone, hoping he could hear me over the car noise. “I’m in route to the rendezvous point” He yells back. “OK good. But John I need you to call me when you get to the plane, I’m having second thoughts about the flight plan. Me and Maya are en route but we may have to change things up a bit, because I think we may be being a little too obvious. “Maya…you’re with Maya right now?” John asks. “Yes, she is sitting right next to me.” Maya waves. “She says hello.” “Tell her I said hello. Why is it so loud, it sounds like you are on the launch pad of the space shuttle? “Oh, I’m sorry. I’m in a convertible. We are on the highway.” “Well, I have some very important things to tell you, maybe you should let the top up for a few minutes.” “That’s a good idea, I’m tired of yelling anyway. Hold on for a minute.” I moved my hand to pushed the button and Maya grabbed my finger.” “No! She said alarmingly. “You will rip the top right off. You cant do that while we are travelling at this speed.” She was right, and what was I thinking anyway. As it turns out, Mercedes had already thought of that and had installed a safety mechanism that won’t allow you to manipulate the top unless the car is in park. So I quickly pulled over to the shoulder and put the top back up. We were back on the road in less than a minute, traveling in luxury with almost sound booth noise isolation. I picked the phone back up. “John, are you there?” “Yes I am here. That is much better, thank you. Now you said we have a new flight plan. Why, what happened?” He said nervously. “We screwed up. The Safe House was almost compromised.”

The Tiberius Doctrine by Al Rem

Chapter 11: Page 9

“Almost what does that mean?” “Almost, meaning they busted into the adjacent studio and then we slipped out the back before they discovered the hidden room.” “Are you serious I thought that you had taken every precaution?” “I did too, but we must have missed something.” “Missed what?” “I don’t fucking know. These Feds may be using a new technology to track us. I can’t seem to stay ahead of the game.” “You know what.” “What?” I respond quickly. “There seems to be an awful lot of unfortunate coincidences. You are never this careless, and the feds or whoever these people are, couldn’t be this smart.” He paused for a minute. An eerie silence developed over the line. “John, are you still there?” I said. “Yes I am still here. I was waiting for you to put it together for yourself.” “Put what together? We don’t have time for games.” I snapped. “Oh, this isn’t a game. Like you always told me, there are never any coincidences.” “OK…so what.” I said becoming more annoyed.” “Are you familiar with Ockham’s Razor.” “Of course I’m familiar with it, I told you about it.” I said forcefully beginning to lose my cool. What he was referring to is a principle set forth by William of Ockham in the 14th century, known as Ockhams Razor. His principle states, in the presence of two competing theories the simplest explanation is most likely to be the right one. “Ok, then why am I explaining it to you. You should be on top of this shit.” “Ok John, you win. I told you I wasn’t following you. Just tell me what’s on your mind. ” “Well, let me spell it out for you, Tiberius, because apparently all that pussy you’ve been getting out there in California is fogging up your fucking brain.” He The Tiberius Doctrine by Al Rem

Chapter 11: Page 10

hesitated for a moment to let that jab sink in. “Let me ask you a question, how is it possible that every time you make a move, the feds know exactly where you are within minutes or hours? Pretty amazing right, infrared spy satellite, Laser heat sensors tuned in to your specific body signature, or maybe a new kind of nano tracking device, secretly implanted subcutaneously in your dick so that every time you go to pull the motherfucker out…Bam they got you, actually that last one sounds almost plausible, maybe Kelly planted it there. However, isn’t it more likely that someone in your camp is a spy, and is giving up your location every time you make a move? I mean what are the chances that the Feds have some new super genius technology that they are using to track you.” A long pause ensues. “Are you understanding what I am saying Tiberius?.” I thought for a minute. “Of course I had considered that, but no one has been aware of my every move to give me away, so that doesn’t add up.” “Tiberius, wake the Fuck Up. The person sitting right next to you has been aware of your every move. Wake the fuck up man. She’s not who you think she is. Think about it, she’s too perfect. She’s the ultimate spy. Come on Tiberius, how well do you really know her?” This hit me like a pan of Puerto Rican Bread Pudding. Maya, I never thought for one moment. It had never crossed my mind. It didn’t make any sense. I slowly turn my head around to look at Maya in the passenger seat. I studied her for a long time. So beautiful, so innocent, it just can’t be true. I’ve known her for too many years. “Impossible! That is absolutely impossible.” I respond vehemently. Tiberius, start thinking with your head and not with your dick. You are in some serious shit and you better take charge of this shit before it takes charge of you.” John replied emphatically. I take another surreptitious glance at Maya. She was staring out the window. Could she be the wolf in sheep’s clothing? I guess anything was possible. “Tiberius are you their?” “Yeah I’m here. Your point is well taken. I will explore my options more thoroughly before I get to the rendezvous point, but in the mean time you proceed as scheduled; and for added security, I am going to call the pilots and change the flight plan after the plane has taken off. “ “Sounds good Tiberius, but make sure you take care of that shit out there ok. “OK I will and you stay safe.” I told him.

The Tiberius Doctrine by Al Rem

Chapter 11: Page 11

“Holy Shit! I forgot the real reason I called.” John suddenly blurted out. “I found something in the information that Craig compiled.” Craig was my Cray Super-Computer back in Chicago and I had provided John the instructions on how to download a backup file for the disk that the FBI Agent had stolen from me. “Yeah, what did you find? Is Kelly some sort of CIA operative?” “Fuck Kelly, this is some really serious shit.” “Ok so what is it?” I say anxiously. “Well, I think I know why you are getting so much heat from the feds and possibly the Russians too, but this information is so sensitive I don’t even want to say it over the phone. Someone might be listening…somehow. You know you are getting me as paranoid as you.” John says sounding almost afraid. “Dude you have got me way to curious now to hold back this nugget.” “Nugget, dude this is a nuclear bomb. Put it this way, you may have uncovered some information that some very big officials don’t want anyone else to see.” “Very big officials…how big?” I ask. “The biggest.” “Whoa, OK, maybe you’re right about the phone. It’s probably best we do this face to face, but what you could do is upload the information into our dummy email account and I will log in and take a look. I probably won’t see you for eight hours or so, so it will give me time to take a look at it and contemplate the shit storm that I have apparently stumbled into.” “Ok, that is an excellent idea.” John says with enthusiasm. “I will upload it in the next 30 minutes. You be safe out there and remember what I said, the simplest explanation is probably the truth.” “I will find out, OK, and you get to that plane on time and I will see you soon.” And with this, I clicked off and began to review in my head every possible scenario and every factor that could possibly explain the inexplicable ability of the Feds to be able to track me with such precision and timeliness and the even more disturbing, the possibility that Maya was not who she said she was. *** “Tiberius are you there?” Maya says as she snaps her fingers. I blinked but did not speak. I had been blindly traveling down Interstate 15, contemplating what John had

The Tiberius Doctrine by Al Rem

Chapter 11: Page 12

said for over an hour now. It was just me and the road and my thoughts and potentially a deceitful, two faced, treacherous bitch. “Tiberius, come on man stop ignoring me. I’ve been trying to get your attention for over five minutes now. I have to use the rest room.” I looked at her with a blank expression. “OK, I will find a place to pull over.” I said in a robotic monotone. Look at her, with all her sophistication and primordial sexuality and her intoxicating smell and most unsettling, her disarming and gentle countenance. How can a mere mortal resist? Was it true? Was I really blinded by the pussy? Was my dick truly the brains of this operation? I needed to take charge, right here, right now. If this bitch is the one that has been betraying me, it was time to find the fuck out. I saw a sign for Meridian Rd and Yermo Rd up ahead and at the last second jerked the wheel to the right to exit the highway. There was nothing but desert as far as the eye could see, so it should be perfect for a short interrogation, especially if I have to dig a hole. Maya jerked around and looked at me with alarm. “Tiberius what are you doing?” “I thought you said you had to use the rest room. There may not be a rest stop for hours. You’re just gonna have to do it the old fashion way.” She nodded and said. “It’s fine; I’ve done it before, I have some tissue in my purse. Make sure you find a place away from the road.” Funny that’s exactly what I was thinking. I thought, but did not say. At the intersection of Meridian and Yermo, I took a right onto Meridian street. Meridian St. which wasn’t much of a street, it was more like a dirt path. I see another path veering off to the right and I take it and follow it up and around a rock bluff. When I stopped the car, we were well off the main road and I knew that we would be able to get a little privacy out here. “Is this sufficient my dear?” I said with a crooked smile. She looked around. We were completed surrounded by rocks and dirt. “I guess this is as good as it gets. It’s the desert for God’s sake who’s gonna be out here looking.” She hopped out of the car after she extracted the package of tissues from her purse, and started walking towards a bush. I stepped out the car too and started walking right behind her. I was only two paces back, matching her pace step for step. She stops suddenly and turns around. “Uh, Tiberius I think I can handle this. I’m just going right over here. Why don’t you stand over there?” “I know, I am just gonna stay close and keep an eye out for snakes.”

The Tiberius Doctrine by Al Rem

Chapter 11: Page 13

“Snakes! Tiberius, are you serious? Why did you have to say that?” “Don’t worry; I will be right here, watching. Besides, you don’t have anything that I haven’t seen or licked or sucked before.” She just looked at me and shook her head in disgust. We took a few more steps and when she felt comfortable with the spot, she dropped her shorts, squatted and took a piss. She must have really had to go, she was creating a miniature white water rapid, only it had a tint of yellow. “Jesus Maya, we’re gonna have to send out a flash flood advisory to the unsuspecting townspeople downstream.” “Very funny, I told you I had to go. Besides I’m sure a plant or two could use the nourishment.” When she was done, she wiped, pulled up her pants, turned around and I was right there. “Tiberius, why are you all up on me?” She took a step to the side, carefully avoiding the piss. I also stepped to the side, right in front of her and cut her off. She looked at me with a bewildered expression. “I’m sorry baby; I didn’t realize you wanted a golden shower. I’m all tapped out at the moment. Maybe you can catch me later.” She said with amusement, but I wasn’t laughing. She tried to step around me again but I cut her off. “Tiberius what are you doing? You are scaring me.” I just stared at her for a long moment, as the sun beat down on us indiscriminately. I scanned her face, which was beginning to sweat and I looked deep into her eyes. Was she who I thought she was. Has this woman been fucking me this whole time…literally and figuratively? “Maya, I ‘m sorry, but I have to do this.” I grabbed her forcefully, turned her around and pushed her up against a rock. I kicked her feet apart, like you see on those TV cop shows, and told her to put her hands above her head. She started screaming. I told her to shut the Fuck up. She continued to scream, so I spun her back around and slapped her and I repeated the phrase slowly. “Shut the Fuck Up.” I patted her down forcefully, to be certain she wouldn’t think that this was some kind of perverted sex game. I checked her pockets, her shoes and her bra and concluded she was superficially clean. I let her go and pushed her away. “Strip.” I said forcefully. “Fuck You.” She replies. “How dare you.” “If you don’t strip, I will have to take your clothes off for you, and you are not going to like it.”

The Tiberius Doctrine by Al Rem

Chapter 11: Page 14

“Fuck you. “ She replied again with a menacing look on her face. Then she took a step back and appeared to be getting into a fighters stance. Was she bracing herself for a battle all, 110 lbs or her. This was almost laughable. I suddenly had a flashback of Anish back at work, who took a similar stance. What was it with people these days, too much TV, too much cocaine, too much testosterone, too much something for sure? Can you believe the balls on this one? “Maya, seriously I need to finish searching you, I can’t afford to take any more chances” “Well if all you wanted from me was a search, you could have just said that.” “That’s true, but I didn’t want to give you a chance to conceal anything. Like I said, I am sorry, but I have to check you out. Come on Maya, quit fucking around. It’s hot as fuck, we don’t have time for games. Besides if you don’t strip, I will assume you have something to hide and I will just leave your ass right here in the middle of the desert. What’s it gonna be?” And with that, this diminutive Puerto Rican woman balled up her fist, took two steps forward and unleashed a barrage of kicks and punches that would have impressed any world class ultimate street fighter. The first punch was a deliberately slow and was used to set me up for a vicious round house kick to my ribs and then a combination of punches, right-left-right in a blur. I stumbled back from shock and disbelief more than from any pain. I shook the cob webs out of my head. She started smiling and started bouncing on her toes like she was the featherweight champion of the world. I checked my lip to see if it was bleeding. “What the Fuck. That was very impressive. Where did you learn to fight like that?” I said as I raised my guard and got up on my toes and did my best Cassius Clay impression. I’m soooo pretty. “Wouldn’t you like to know, you bastard. I can’t believe you slapped me.” I stepped in a little closer with my dance. “Don’t come any closer, you dick, cause I got plenty more of where that came from.” “Such language, do you kiss your mother with that mouth.” I don’t know what it is about Puerto Ricans and their mothers, but that was all I needed to say to bring out the rage in her. She lost all discipline, all semblance of technique and in that instant, she charged me. I immediately side stepped her, stuck my foot out and pushed her to the dry ground. A cloud of smoke erupted into the air as she took the hard spill. “Now come on Maya, I don’t want to have to fuck you up. I’m trying to play nice.”

The Tiberius Doctrine by Al Rem

Chapter 11: Page 15

“You call this nice asshole. You made me scrape my knee.” She said this as she slowly got back to her feet. Indeed, she was scraped up. Blood was oozing from a small gash on her knee as well as her elbow. Her nostrils were flared like a raging bull and her hair was wild, she looked absolutely crazy. It was reminiscent of Jack Nicholson in the Shining as he peered through the hole in the door where his wife was hiding. I fully expected any moment for her to pull out an axe and say ‘Heeeeere’s Johnny’. But instead, she charged again. Only this time, I charged right back at her and caught her completely off guard. We collided in midair and fell to the ground in a big heap…with me on top of her of course. I ripped her top off and she smacked me in the face. I tried to control her hands but she was going absolutely crazy. She landed several blows to my head and chest and I was beginning to get a little angry. She continued to thrash and throw punches and I continued to try to avoid them. After a time, either by luck or because she began to tire, I managed to get one arm secured under my knee and held the other arm with my left hand. With this advantage, I managed to pulled off her bra and checked it for contraband and hidden compartments. She riled and squirmed beneath my weight and was turning purple with anger and finally, with no other course of action remaining…She spit on me. It was like slow motion. I saw her purse up her lips and gather the saliva in her mouth. I knew it was coming but I didn’t want to let go of her hands for fear of other retributions. I was in quite the conundrum. Then she unleashed it in all its glory, right in my face. Well just like Puerto Ricans have no tolerance for anyone speaking ill of their mothers, I was having no parts of anyone spitting in my face. And without my knowledge or consent or forethought, my hand balled up into a fist and reflexively, punched her in the face. It was not a powerful punch, by any means, but it did land square on the bridge of her nose. A small trickle of blood began to ooze from her right nostril and she went limp. She was knocked the fuck out. I stood up abruptly and wiped the spit off my face with my sleeve. I stood over her for a moment, not totally believing what had just happened. I felt kind of bad about it, on one hand, but on the other hand, she fucking spit in my face. What are you gonna do. What can you do? The laws of nature just kicked in. Of course, if she is not the bad guy, I’m going to be in a world of shit when she wakes up. In the meantime, I decide it was best to finish the search so I could be sure. After about 5 minutes of checking her person. I hadn’t found a damn thing. I quickly ran down to the car to check her purse. It only took a minute to find it. It had been there the whole time, right under my nose and I fell for it. I had definitely underestimated my opponents. I ran back to Maya, hoping to catch her before she woke up. I began dressing her as fast as I could, but a limp body is very hard to work with. Just as I was buttoning her blue jean shorts, she began waking up. When she saw what I was doing, she went The Tiberius Doctrine by Al Rem

Chapter 11: Page 16

absolutely crazy again. Kicking and screaming and trying to scratch me. Oh shit, she was pulling out all the stops now. I grabbed her, and put her in a bear hug. “Maya, Maya, please calm down. I’m sorry, I am so, so sorry, but I need you to understand, I had to search you. There were too many coincidences for this to be a coincidence. I went through every scenario and it all pointed back to you. What else could I do? And then John called and said I was thinking with my dick and it all went downhill from there.” “Well are you satisfied, Mother Fucker. I am not a fucking spy or secret agent or whatever the fuck. How dare you!” She screams, as she starts to cry. I hand her a tissue for her nose “No you’re not a spy and here’s why.” I pull out Agent Boss’s business card.” You see this. This is how they’ve been tracking us. It has an RFID chip in it. I left this card on the table in the hotel room, but apparently you picked it up and put it in your purse.” “Yeah, I did pick it up. I thought we might need it in the future. It seemed important, so I just grabbed it.” “It was important alright. They have been tailing us ever since we left the hotel, although it has been a passive surveillance.” “Passive Surveillance, what do you mean by that.” “RFID stands for Radio Frequency Identification Device and it can only be tracked by a RFID reader that the RFID chip comes in range of. It works just like those new tap and go credit cards. You know the ones you don’t have to swipe. The good thing for us is that they don’t have much range and if there is no reader within the 100 ft or so, they lose track. They can only estimate where you are based your location since the last reading. That’s why there is a delay time before they send the cavalry. They have to guess where we might be, then verify it and then move in. That why it’s passive surveillance because it’s not in real time. They have to do a serious data trace to get the information, i.e illegally access grocery store, gas station and department store credit card machines. Currently since RFID readers aren’t as wide spread as they will be, say in ten years, it’s not the best way to track someone, but it was genius to imbed it into the business card. “RFID I never even heard of it.” She said as she brushed dirt out of her hair. “Yep, RFID it’s the wave of the future. Pretty soon they will probably be implanting newborns with chips under their skin under the guise of safety and prevention. It would be like a lojack for babies instead of cars. But in reality, it will be yet another step towards the government’s suppression of our freedom.” The Tiberius Doctrine by Al Rem

Chapter 11: Page 17

“Tiberius, I used to think you were just a little bit paranoid, but now I’m starting to become a believer.” Maya says with a concerned look on her face. Seeing a small opening, I quickly interject. “So you forgive me?” “Now I didn’t say that.” She said as she wiped some more blood off her nose. “Son of a Bitch, Tiberius, I can’t believe you hit me. This is unprecedented bad behavior.” She smiled as she said this and I stepped closer to test the water. She didn’t swing at me so I stepped a little closer. Finally, I wrapped my arm around her neck and pulled her in tight for a hug. We both took in long and deep breaths and then Maya started sobbing. I held her close, repeating the phrase I’m sorry over and over. After a few minutes her crying subsided and I pulled away a little and looked into her eyes. I could still feel the adrenaline and emotion coursing through both of our bodies as I pulled her face close to mine and kissed her on the lips deeply. For a measurable moment, it was obvious that she wasn’t returning my kiss. Undeterred, I redoubled my efforts and kissed her lips harder. Finally, she gave in and joined the party. It was an incredibly passionate kiss and she pressed her body closer to mine. I could feel all kinds of emotions awakening and then suddenly…she pulled away. “Wait a minute Tiberius, I hope you don’t think you can punch me in the face, strip search me, rifle through my purse and all my belongings and think you can get a piece of ass in the middle of the desert?” “Actually, that was exactly what I was thinking. I’ve been wanting to get you in the sack ever since you almost knocked me out with that roundhouse kick. That was a really something. I don’t think I’ve ever seen a woman defend herself like that before. I mean in the movies maybe, but not in real life.” “Really?” She said smiling. “Really” I said as I grabbed her forcibly and turned her around to face the rock cliff. I kicked her feet apart and placed her back in the police search position. “Now, I’m gonna have to resume my search to make sure I didn’t miss anything.” And so it was, I performed a careful check of all the hidden places for illicit activity; up and down her calves and the outside and inside of her thighs, up and around the curvature of her ass and in between her legs. I took my time there; it’s all about attention to detail. Sticking with procedure, I then checked both sides of her torso and under her arm pits. If she was hiding something, I was going to find it. I then checked her breasts and carefully stuck one hand inside her bra to see if her nipples were aroused…they were. Let’s call that her first violation. That’s when she forcibly thrust her ass up against my dick, in an obvious attempt to break my balls …Ouch. I’m gonna call that violation number two. She was a naughty, naughty girl. She will have to be punished thoroughly. That’s when I The Tiberius Doctrine by Al Rem

Chapter 11: Page 18

took my other hand and searched her mouth. Maybe she had a razor blade or something under her tongue. I stuck my middle finger deep in her mouth and she bit me…Ouch, now this was a clear violation, but just as I tried to free my hand, she began sucking on my finger vigorously. Oh my God, she was good. She let out a moan as she deep throated my finger all the way to her tonsils. My pants began to bulge and I realized I had one more place to check. I took my left hand out off her bra and put it down the front of her pants. Just as I suspected and hoped, the box was hot and wet. I wasted no time with this development and I plunged my middle finger deep inside of her. That was all the evidence I needed. She was guilty of sex in the first degree. Her punishment was hard and swift. I fucked her standing up, in the hot sun, up against a black rock, while the vultures circled overhead in a cloudless sky. *** “What’s wrong?” I said as I looked over at Maya, who appeared to be very uncomfortable. “I think I got a sunburn on my back.” She replied grimacing. I just looked at her and smiled, wondering if it were possible to get a sunburn on your dick. “What are you smiling at? You did this to me. This shit really hurts. We are gonna have to stop for some aloe vera lotion or something. Tiberius I don’t know how I got sucked into a relationship with you. You are a very bad man, but I can’t seem to help myself and that’s probably not a good thing.” She paused for a moment and contemplated her next words. She started to say something several times, but the words never came out. Finally she spoke. “Anyway, enough about how unbelievably reckless and irresistible you are, let’s talk about the plan. How come you brought the business card with us, you could have just left it back at the rocks.” “That’s true, but here is what I was thinking. Like I explained before, the RFID signal is only picked up by RFID readers. Therefore, they probably haven’t got a reading on us since we passed through Barstow, because look around, desert, desert everywhere. Well if I were them, I would be betting that our next move would be Las Vegas.” “OK that makes since” She said attentively. “Ok, so I figured we could trip them up by going back to Barstow and find a truck driver at a rest stop headed towards Vegas as well. All we have to do is slide the business card into or onto his truck and let him drive away. Four hours later they get another hit on the RFID from a shop on the strip and they think we are in Vegas but in fact we will be chilling in Palm Springs.” “Palm Spring, OK now you’re talking, I love Palm Springs.”

The Tiberius Doctrine by Al Rem

Chapter 11: Page 19

“Maya, there is no time for shopping and we are not going to the spa. We are just going to meet the jet there, but in lieu of these new developments, I think it is best that we all get back on the plane and head back to Chicago. I think the best strategy is to hide in plain sight, while at the same time get back on the offensive. How does that sound?” “Actually, it sounds great. I think putting the business card on a truck is genius, and a little bit funny. I wish I could be a fly on the wall while they are interrogating that poor bastard.” “Yeah, me too, but of course that is the last place we want to be. We wanna be chilling at 28,000 ft. dinking a bottle of Moet et Chandon, contemplating how we plan on renewing our membership in the mile high club.” She laughs, partially spitting out some water she was drinking. “The mile high club...Tiberius, really, didn’t I just give you the best desert sex you’ve ever had. Is sex all you think about?” “No, I think about other stuff too.” “Oh Yeah…like what.” I shrugged. “I don’t know. I think about a lot of things. I am a very thoughtful person.” “I agree, you are a very thought filled person, but you are by no means a thoughtful person.” “Touche!” I respond. “You seem to be in a better mood. Did I tell you I was sorry for hitting you?” “Only about a hundred times…forget about it. We have bigger fish to fry.” “OK, but I really am sorry and sorry about smacking that ass in the desert too…but I couldn’t help it. “What-ever, enough already, so how far away is Palm Beach.” “It’s about 3 hours, but it appears to be nothing but dirt roads and hills.” “OK, sounds like fun.” Maya says with some enthusiasm. “Alright, sounds like a plan, but first, let’s go find an unsuspecting trucker to drop this death card on.”

The Tiberius Doctrine by Al Rem

Chapter 11: Page 20

With the card drop mission complete in Barstow, we were now proceeding south on highway 247 toward Palm Beach. However this was no interstate. It was basically two lanes of dirt, winding around mountainous terrain, with sand and rocks on either side and a 100 degree sun over our heads. Although, it was dirty and visibility was limited, we were actually making good. Suddenly it occurred to me that I was forgetting something critical. We forgot to call the pilot to correct the flight plans. If they were on schedule, and they probably were, they were half way to Vegas by now. Curiously, I found that calling the plane was easier than one might assume. All I did was call the private terminal in Chicago and had them route the call to the pilot under the guise of an emergency. Once I had confirmed with the pilot the new flight plan, I had him patch me into the cabin phone, where I spoke with John, briefly to find out if everything was going smoothly. “John, how’s it going? Are we all set?” “Tiberius, what a surprise. I tried to contact you about an hour ago but it went straight to voice mail.” “Yeah, we were probably in a non-service area out here in the desert. Did you get word on your new destination?” “No. What’s up? Have we been compromised again?” “No, No nothing like that. But I do have good news and bad news?” “Shit…uh, give me the good news first.” John says hesitantly. “Ok, Maya is not the mole.” “Are you sure. How do you know?” John said incredulously. “I am definitely sure. Which leads me to the bad news, I found the source of the tracking device. It was a business card that an FBI agent had nonchalantly handed me while I was out here in LA. It contained a RFID chip and they have been running passive surveillance on us ever since. The thing with the RFID, is that they can’t tell where I am until the signal is read by an RFID reader. And then they have to access the reader and that could take a little time. But once they have access to the reader they can pull up cameras and other systems in the area and on the grid to get a look at us and what direction and what we are driving etc.” “Well, that was pretty ingenious of them. I would have never thought to look for that.”

The Tiberius Doctrine by Al Rem

Chapter 11: Page 21

“Well I knew it was something, so when I saw the card in Maya’s purse I took a closer look at it and voila. There it was right up under the government seal.” “Ok that is good news. I did not want Maya to be the mole, but for the life of me, I couldn’t think of any other possibility.” John admits. “I didn’t want it to be true either and trust me I went through some shit trying to figure it out.” I take a glance over at Maya and gave her a wink. She just shook her head and turned to look out of the passenger window. I return my attention back to John who was saying something about email. “John, did you hear me? Did you get a chance to review the file in the email account?” “Holy shit John, I have been so caught up I have not had a chance to do it. I will pull over next chance I get and take a look.” “Tiberius, I got a chance to study this file a little more closely. This is some serious shit. We are in some serious shit.” “John, don’t be so dramatic. It can’t be that serious.” “It is and we are. I am not one for hyperbole, but we couldn’t be in worse shit.” “Well fuck it, just tell me, the curiosity is overwhelming me.” “No, you have to look at this shit yourself. When we rendezvous, we can pull out a bottle of whiskey and then we can discuss. As a matter of fact, I wish we didn’t have to land, because I get a strange feeling that someone will be there to greet us.” “I don’t think so John, We sent those assholes on a wild goose chase to Vegas, I believe we’ve definitely created a small window of opportunity. Oh, I didn’t tell you. We put the business card in the cab of an unsuspecting trucker that was headed to Vegas. Eventually they will figure it out, but there are so many directions we could have gone and they won’t have time to catch up. So we should have created some space for ourselves…at least enough time to get on the plane.” “Ok, I’ll buy that.” John acknowledges. “So are we completely operational?” I ask changing the subject. “Oh yes and then some.” “And then some, what do you mean?”

The Tiberius Doctrine by Al Rem

Chapter 11: Page 22

“We have Anthony, Alexandra, Maximilian, myself and the incomparable Rhonda.” “Rhonda…what the fuck? How in the fuck is Rhonda in on this? John, if you fuck this up, we could all be going down.” “Tiberius, calm down. I know it’s fucked up, but I haven’t been able to get rid of her ever since you left. She has been helping me with a few things in the investigation and when I told her I had to take a trip to save your ass in Cali., she would not take no for an answer. She said she was “all in”. Besides, maybe its best we bring her, she is the only other person that has seen the information that I sent to you.” Holy fuck John, this bitch is a serious liability. I supposed you fucked her too? Why else would you be letting this bitch tag along.” Tiberius, I’m gonna let that shit slide, cause I know you’re under a lot of stress, but the fact of the matter is, I’m trying to help your ungrateful ass and she happens to be right in the middle of this shit whether you like it or not.” A long pause. I look to my right and notice Maya staring down my throat. “Is everything ok?” She says with concern stamped across her face. “Everything is good. I just have to clear some logistics up with John before they land out here.” She gives a quick nod and a smirk, as if she wasn’t really buying it. I return to my conversation with John. “John, sorry about that, I know you are doing you best, and I appreciated it tremendously. I’m just worried that we may be involving too many people, and I don’t want anyone else to get hurt.” “Well, with regards to your question….No, I didn’t fuck her, and the fact that you did fuck her, is the real reason we can’t get rid of this bitch.” “Damn, John Ok. You’re right. You don’t have to get personal. I was just sayin’. ” “You’re always, ‘just sayin’. Sometimes you go way too far man.” “Ok, Ok. I’m sorry. Don’t hold it against me. Your right, I am stress the fuck out. I’m sure I will be thinking more clearly by the time I see you guys. By the way, where did we get the extra cash to get Rhonda on the plane? I hope you guys didn’t ante up that kinda cash.” “Oh hell no, but you probably won’t believe where the money came from. When we walked up to the counter for check in, the guy told us it would be an additional $3700.00 for Rhonda to get on. I turned to give her the bad news and at the same time

The Tiberius Doctrine by Al Rem

Chapter 11: Page 23

was smiling to myself, because I had finally found a way to get rid of her. But instead of going away, she digs in her purse and pulls out her own platinum American Express Card and says ‘It’s cool, no worries.’ She tells me to grab her card when the guy was done with it and politely goes and makes herself a cup of coffee. “Well I’ll be damned” I said stunned. “You sure know how to pick ‘em Tiberius.” John said laughing. “I guess I do.” I replied beginning to chuckle myself. “OK so what’s next?” John said hurriedly. “What’s next is that I want to tell you guys GOOD JOB. You guys have really been quite remarkable. I can’t wait to see you all. In the mean time I am going to find a place to stop and review the information that you uploaded and see if it is as bad as you say it is.” “Trust me, the shit is about to hit the fan.” “OK, we’ll see. Have a safe flight and we will see you soon.” “Sounds good buddy, talk to you later. Bye.” We clicked off. I immediately turn to Maya and say. “We have got to find a place to pull over and look at the information that John uploaded.” “Why, can’t it wait till we get to Palm Springs? It is hot as shit out here, and my back is seriously irritated.” Maya responds back sounding a bit frustrated. “I know and I’m and sorry about your back, but this can’t be helped. Wait a minute, I have a good idea. Why don’t you drive while I check the information on the phone?” Maya looks around at the barren desert landscape and ahead at the treacherous terrain and dusty highway, that merely resembled a well-worn jogging path at this point. “Uh, no thanks, I don’t want to get us lost and we end up being food for those vultures that seem to be following us.” “OK. That’s a good point.” I say with a hint of relief. “Let me just find a spot that is safe and I will pull over for only a few minutes.” She nodded in agreement. As I looked around and ahead and behind, I realized that we were most definitely in the desert. The road we were on, CA 247 was nothing but a dirt road. It looked like a scene straight out of the one of those black and white nuclear testing videos they took back in the fifties. We were truly in the shit. I go for a few miles more before I finally see The Tiberius Doctrine by Al Rem

Chapter 11: Page 24

a place to pull over. It wasn’t a rest stop, the sign merely said parking and a symbol for water underneath. We pulled over and parked and I started to get out of the car, but as I opened the door a wave of heat smacked me in the face. I quickly shut the door. “Holy shit it’s hot. I guess I will be reviewing this document from the comfort of the Benz.” “What did you think you were going to do, take a leisurely stroll in a hundred degrees.” “Actually, that is exactly what I was going to do, but maybe the car is best.” She nodded in agreement. “What is so important that you have us out here cooking in the middle of the desert anyhow?” “Right, I don’t think I had a chance to tell you, we found a way to get back the information from flash drive that agent Boss stole from us. John recovered the backup file from Craig and has uploaded it to a dummy email account that we use for special purposes and strict privacy.” “OK, that’s a good thing right?” “Well yes and no. He says he thinks he’s found the reason for the shit storm and he wants me to look at it immediately.” “Really?” She says inquisitively. “Really. So as soon as I can access this email we will see. I just hope this damn throwaway, wanna be blackberry doesn’t disappoint me. “Tiberius, most people don’t spend $180.00 on a phone and call it a “Throwaway”.” “You know what I mean. It’s not exactly a throwaway, but I can still dump it at a moment’s notice and it has no identifying characteristics. OK here comes the file. You know what, it is amazing that we get such good cell reception out here, but I am not complaining.” I open the dummy email account, and click on the draft folder. See the great thing about the draft folder is that the email itself has not been transmitted into cyberspace and therefore cannot be intercepted by malicious entities. John had done a good job categorizing all the stuff. Photos, docs, video and of course the one folder which I couldn’t miss, cleverly named “We’re Fucked”. I immediately click on it and find several photos in the folder. I click on the first one.

The Tiberius Doctrine by Al Rem

Chapter 11: Page 25

The image was high resolution so it took a long time to open up. Finally it began to appear. It was a photo of three men sitting at a table at an outdoor café. The photo was taken from a distance but the likeness of one of the gentleman was unmistakable. It was our Russian friend; only in the photo he looked to be about 10 years younger. I look at Maya and then back at the photo. I just shake my head and say. “I don’t get it. Why is this photo so important? All I can see in this photo is our Russian friend having, what looks to be a heated discussion with another Russian guy and a black guy.” Maya puts her hand out. “Let me see.” She says impatiently. I hand her the phone. Still wondering why John had labeled this photo in such a way. Maya studies the photo for a minute and then her eyes and mouth began to gape.” “What, Do you see something?” I say dumbfounded. “Tiberius, did you really look at the photo?” “You saw me look at the photo. I know the Russian guy is bad news, but I don’t think having lunch is illegal…at least not yet.” “Well I’m a little surprised that you didn’t recognize the President of the United States.” “What! I exclaimed as I snatched the phone back. And sure enough, there he was, smoking a cigarette, with his legs crossed, looking young, passionate, and fierce and seemed to be making an emphatic point. I slowly turned back to Maya and all I could say was. “John was right, we might be fucked.”

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The Tiberius Doctrine by Al Rem

Chapter 11: Page 26

The Tiberius Doctrine Chapter 11  
The Tiberius Doctrine Chapter 11  

The Adventure Continues as Tiberius and Maya set out on a trip through the desert.