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In My Room is a square book with each turn of the page opening to a double page spread of artwork and text, so imagine a fold down the middle of the following pages . . .

EV (a young reader) says; “Amazing poetry, images and narrative are morphed together giving the story a soul. Hard truths are shouted, pictures exist in pictures if you can find them. �

This page is a tribute to all the young souls who have inspired In my room . . . The Black Dog Project . . . and the inky black peacemakers throughout the book—otherwise known as . . . The Army of Ink. ( 21 )

A personal favourite—we had loads of fun trying different people’s lips, both male and female, smothering them in dark red lipstick and getting passionate with pieces of paper to find the right lips for the job! Look closer and you’ll see a story written in the lips too.

This is the first page in the book which flows on to . . . .

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