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The Black Album (TBA)

University of California, Berkeley |Application | 2012-2013

About Us The Black Album (TBA) is a student-run organization that was founded in 2009. TBA provides annual coverage of Black events, issues, moments, and traditions within Berkeley’s African American community. The Black Album consists of a collection of photos of the year’s activities, with the purpose of producing an affordable, high quality, and inclusive yearbook for the Black community at Cal. The Black Album is published at the end of every academic year leaving Black students on campus with a book that represents their collegiate experience. It also provides the means by which over 20 black organizations on campus will be recognized for their contributions to the community and serves as a historic record for our most memorable programs, events, and traditions.


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Requirements • • • • • •

2.0 GPA Resume Fall 2012 Schedule Bi-weekly Meetings (more if necessary) Fall Retreat and Spring Retreat Ideas


Application Details

There are no paper applications. Applications must be submitted electronically by 5:00 p.m. on Wednesday, August 15, 2012.

To sumbit application, fill out the application form on page 5, save, and send. You will receive a conformation email when your application is received. In addition to the application submit a resume and Fall 2012 schedule via email to apply@ Please put (Full Name|Position Applying For) as the subject line.



Leadership Team Editor in Chief The Editor in Chief is responsible for working with the entire staff and for creating a plan to produce a quality yearbook on deadline. The Editor in Chief will be personally responsible for making sure everyone on staff is getting their tasks done. The Editor in Chief is also responsible for providing direction when needed, reading all copy and captions before they are placed on spreads, editing all spreads before they are sent to the printer, reading and correcting all proofs and getting them returned to the printer on deadline. Managing Editor The Managing Editor, who works directly under the Editor in Chief, handles the tasks assigned by the Editor in Chief. The Managing Editor will help with the theme pages, read all copy and proofs, help with corrections, manage deadlines, work directly with section editors and writers, and help set up design concepts for each section. The Managing Editor also communicates regularly with the photo editor to make sure that photography requests are being handled. Journalism Team Section Editors Section Editors are responsible for the development of every aspect of their section. The sections are classes (freshman, sophomore, junior, senior), student life, organizations/clubs, traditions and events, etc (any other sections staff comes up for that year). All Section Editors are responsible for coming up with ideas of what their section is going to include. Section Editors will serve as liaisons for their sections, communicating with their assigned classes/ groups by managing listservs and trying to get as many people in their class/group featured in the book. All Editors are also responsible for checking the work of their groups reassuring quality and deadlines are adhered to. Section Editors will work as part of the leadership team to do whatever is required to get the yearbook done on time and with the quality required.

Staff Writers Staff Writers are responsible for individual spreads (for both the monthly digest and yearbook). They are responsible for interviewing, reporting, writing, rewriting, requesting photos to illustrate their spreads, writing captions, writing headlines and having spreads approved on deadline by Section Editors. Design Team Layout Designers Layout Designers are responsible for the design and layout of the book and marketing materials for TBA events. Layout Designers work closely with photographers, writers, and editors to develop a well-organized, professional, and innovative yearbook. Designers must be proficient in Adobe Creative Suite, especially Adobe InDesign. Designers must also be able to develop creative visions from abstract ideas. Portfolio/work samples are required. Photo Editor The Photo Editor makes sure that all assignments are shot and on deadline and organizes and archives photos. The Photo Editor is responsible for teaching photographers and advising them about how to shoot various assignments. The photo editor must keep an assignment calendar and constantly reminds team about upcoming shoots. Being imaginative, this individual helps develop create ideas for shoots that would make good visuals of the year. Photo Editor chooses best photos for publication. Photography experience is a plus. Photographers Photographers will shoot and upload all photos for the book. Must own a digital camera. They will need to have an understanding of how to use digital cameras. In addition, they should recognize what makes a good picture and practice good photo composition. They will have to record names of people in photos and the date and the place they shot the photo as well as additional information not obvious in the photo. They will also be responsible for stock photography for the yearbook. 3



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Design Web (Management) & Photography skills


Journalism Marketing/Public Relations & Business Skills

Marketing Team Publicity Chair Publicity Chair will serve as the webmaster for, manage TBA’s social media accounts including but not limited to the facebook, twitter, and tumblr accounts. Must have thorough knowledge of social media outlets and knowledge of Wordpress is preferred. Leads publicity tactics for activities on campus. Responsible for coordinating polls for suggestions, complaints, and other feedback. This includes development of ideas for marketing materials. Design skills are not required but preferred. Knowledge of Adobe Creative Suite is a plus. Finance Team Treasurer The Treasure is responsible for the financial services of TBA including receiving and depositing all funds of TBA, maintaining a written report of money collected and

disbursed, and applying for funding. The Treasure is also responsible, along with the Editor in Chief for handling all of the external affairs, dealing with the treasury. They will be responsible for preparing annual budget and retrieving the necessary forms in applying for funding. Advertisement Manager The Advertising Manager contacts local businesses and corporate sponsors to contribute financial support to the yearbook so that the price of the book is affordable. Sales experience is a plus. Sales Managers Sales Managers manages and strategizes ways to sell yearbooks. They will be responsible for selling yearbooks, collecting funds, distributing sales receipts to purchasers and record all income and turn in funds to the Treasurer promptly.


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Staff Writer Fresh(wo)man Layout Designer Photo Editor Photographer Publicity Chair Treasurer Advertisement Manager Sales Manager


What obligations do you have this upcoming year? (student organizations, jobs, internships)

What can you contribute to the yearbook team?

Why do you want to join the yearbook staff?

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TBA Application 2012  

TBA Application 2012