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Miyako Bellizi Transplanted to New York from her hometown of San Francisco, Miyako Bellizi is a lady of many talents. From photographer, to fashion stylist and jewelry designer, Miyako brings a touch of the Bay in everything she touches, along with an ever apparent respect for her Japanese background, and her current stomping grounds, New York City. This can be seen clearly in the objects she has displayed below. (in order from left to right) - Homies! What can I say about the homies? They remind me of growing up. You always see them at the right time, at the vending machine, you’re like Oh hell yeah! I gotta get one!

- I got the fan when I was a teenager because I used to be a Japanese dancer, in Japanese traditional dance. It was, some good times.

- The cigar, we got from a friend. He went to Cuba, and brought us back a cigar.

- The bookend (woman’s head) was a gift from my friend, Alexis Gross, Alexis gave it to me when she was moving out, and I love them so much, they’re really sick.

- The camera was my fuckin’ craziest Christmas present I ever got, from Eddie. The photos have been so beautiful so far.

- This record that is playing is Curtis Mayfield, Superfly from the Superfly movie, it’s one of my favorite records, it reminds me of New York so much.

- The skull bong I got in Union Square. I had cash in my hand, I saw it and I did the double take, like What is that? I had to get it.

- That’s a picture of my mother in the back behind the record, of her at the Guggenheim in the 70s. My mom went to VCU, and so did my dad.

- The scarf is my boyfriend Eddie’s. It’s a beautiful scarf, of the city that I’m from. We’ll put it on the table to display shit. He collects hella San Francisco memorabilia. It’s crazy, he has so much shit!

- And there’s a photo, one of my favorite photos in the back that I printed, in my only photo class that I’ve ever taken, that I failed! Because I wanted to do my own photos, not the course work.

- My dad gave me the yellow toy car. He said that he bought me a car, and I got all excited, in high school, and then he shows up and gives me this car. But, it’s still tight. That’s my dream car, it’s gonna be a Cadillac El Dorado.

- Those sunglasses I got in California, but they broke when I went to Mexico, and they’re super rare, like Italian 60’s sunglasses. I could probably get ‘em fixed, I have a sunglass dude.

- This matchbook I found in my grandmother’s drawer, because I always go through all of her stuff when I go back home. It’s from her and my grandfather’s wedding in the 1950’s. -. Pins! Well, I collect pins, and I love pins, and I wear them on a lot of my shit, for my clothes and stuff.

- The skull dice necklace: I make those for myself and for my friends. I wear this all the time. Probably one of my favorites. - The shelf itself, we got for twenty bucks, at this store in Carroll Gardens, it was sick, we walked by it and we were like “fuck, we have to have this, perfect for our record player.

- I picked up the skeleton man in Tulum, Mexico, where I went for the first time this past January.


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