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United States Of America Unsurprising to most, the US has the highest number of bitcoin users in the world. Besides being backed by Silicon Valley, the federal government has held a positive stance towards the cryptocurrency. Additionally, they also have the highest number of bitcoin ATMs and blockchain based start-ups.

Japan The introduction of bitcoin might have been delayed to Asian continent, but the enthusiasm remains high. Bitcoin is a huge deal in Japan. Similar to the US government, the Japanese government also shares a positive stance regarding the cryptocurrency. In 2014, Japanese authorites believed that bitcoin does not need to be self-regulated.

Canada Canada has become home to countless bitcoin start-ups and ATMs, and shares the same mindset as their southern neighbour. In Canada, bitcoin has been classified as a commodity by the country’s revenue agency (CRA). This means that they are viewed as barter transactions. Furthermore, a bitcoin exchange in Canada would be subjected to anti-money laundering laws and all transactions are registered with Financial Transactions and Reports Analysis Centre (FINTRAC)

Finland The home of Nokia is among a few of the Scandinavian countries to have allowed bitcoin payments. The Finnish Central Board of Taxes (CBT) has classified bitcoin as a financial service, exempting it from VAT. Interestingly, the most expensive bitcoin sale involving a Tesla Model S worth â‚Ź140,000 occurred in Helsinki in January 2016.

Estonia The small Baltic nation has displayed the habit of jumping on the technological bandwagon from time to time. With a government that has a proclivity for adopting tech-friendly measures, it’s safe to say that cryptocurrency users have found a safe home in Estonia. The European nation was the first to introduce a blockchain-based e-voting system that allows people to become shareholders of Nasdaq’s Tallinn Stock Exchange.

About Us Established in 2016, BITFORT is a Singapore Based Company dedicated to serve as a Trustworthy and Convenient Platform for Buying, Selling, Storing and Transferring Bitcoins. BITFORT aspires to be an Accountable Partner for Crypto Enthusiasts to navigate and explore the potentials of this new booming economy of Bitcoin and Digital Assets. BITFORT's wallet provides a unique combination of wallet services to hold Bitcoins and Exchange facility to Sell & BUY BTC with Local Currencies. Reckoning operative forces in APAC & MENA countries through channel partners, BITFORT expertizes in application based Blockchain technologies such as Bitcoin, Cryptoasset Wallet Exchanges, Trading Platform and Crytpo Mining Ventures.





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BITFORT is a Singapore Based Company dedicated to serve as a Trustworthy and Convenient Platform for Buying, Selling, Storing and Transferri...