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APRIL 2011 | The Big Project Qatar 2022 Tenders 03 | Welcome letter

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Welcome Letter


n what can only be described as a

that Qatar was already one of the fastest

construction projects would be launched

modern day gold rush, the whole

growing countries in the world, with the

in Q1 2011, with an estimated total value

industry has its eyes on Qatar.

second highest GDP — predicted to grow

of between US$60-80 billion.

Until 2010, the country was a silent

a further 19% this year, according to

Not only focused on the 12 stadia

force in the Middle East; one of the

Saudi Arabia’s Samba Financial Group —

projects, these developments include

GCC’s lower profile countries powered

and population growth of 128% in Doha

plans to double the number of hotel

by the liquefied natural gas industry,

alone since 2004.

rooms across the country, complete the

oil production and the manufacture of petrochemicals, steel and cement. Then on last year, on December 2, everything changed. Within days of the announcement that

George Ayache, general manager of

Friendship Bridge linking the country to

Project Qatar organisers IFP, says this

Bahrain and expand Doha International

strength is not surprising due to “strong

Airport — which, upon completion, will

fundamentals and visionary leadership”.

feature the longest commercial runway

It is such leadership that has allowed

in the world. Running in tandem with the World

the State of Qatar would host the 2022

the authorities to ‘hit the ground

World Cup, it was reported that planes full

running’ with their World Cup plans.

Cup projects are a number of non-

of ‘suits’ were travelling to Doha, chasing

When the successful bid was first

sporting developments, in line with the

projects before they were even finalised.

announced, Qatar’s General Secretariat

Qatar National Vision 2030.

Yet what many people don’t realise is

Publisher Dominic De Sousa Chief operations officer Nadeem Hood Associate publisher Liam Williams TEL: +971 (0)4 440 9158 Director business development Alex Bendiouis TEL: +971 (0)4 440 9154 GSM: +971 (0)50 458 9204

for Development Planning stated 200 new

This month, construction on the

Senior sales manager Scott Woodall TEL: +971 (0)4 440 9144 GSM: +971 (0)50 557 3677

Editor Melanie Mingas TEL: +971 (0)4 440 9117 GSM: +971 (0)56 758 7834

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Webmasters Troy Maagma Elizabeth Reyes Jerus King Bation Erik Briones

Designer Marlou Delaben

first phase of the US$1.65 billion Doha

and refurbished stadia, are gaining

Festival City complex will begin. Additional

momentum; tenders are being issued

projects include Education City, a 2500

and the so called ‘suits’ are once again

acre hub of seven world class universities

travelling to the country in a bid to

and the Doha Festival City retail and

strengthen their newly formed working

leisure complex, where construction


begins this month. Three flagship lifestyle projects are

Not only does The Big Project Qatar

Tenders 2022 detail the construction

also underway. These are The Peal Qatar,

ground work which is underway, it also

a man-made island designed to provide a

provides information on the necessary

“unique and cultural living experience”;

ground work required in terms of business

Lusail, Qatar’s 37km2, waterside “future

networking, as well as advice and tips for

city”; and the Heart of Doha — a

those looking to enter the GCC’s next big

multi-billion dollar restoration that will

market for the first time.

transform the city of Doha. The developments in Doha, Al Wakrah and Ar Rayyan, key sites for the new

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Whatever your endeavours in Qatar, from everyone at The Big Project, good luck.

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CASHING IN ON QATAR As Qatar prepares for the 2022 FIFA World Cup, construction opportunities are rife for the region’s contractors, suppliers and others in the Middle East building industry

Qatar’s new convention centre complex, located in Doha.


oad, rail and sea infrastructure projects in Qatar are to be fast-tracked to ensure the efficient movement of fans at the 2022 World Cup, according to the Oxford Business Group Linking up for World Cup Qatar report, published in January. Integral to the plan is a US $13 billion new international airport to be delivered by 2013, though $20billion is also slated for road and highway projects and $5.5billion for a new deepwater port. Furthermore, there will be up to $40 billion invested into rail construction, with a 340km, 98-station metro line planned for Doha and its outskirts, and a


Construction on the Al Darwish Bridge.

high-speed connection linking Qatar with other Gulf states. Transport developments While the multi-billion dollar commitment to building an integrated transport network was a major selling point of successful Qatar’s World Cup bid, the infrastructure schemes were developed as part of the failed attempt to host the 2016 Olympic Games, according to the report. They include a causeway to connect Qatar with Bahrain, budgeted at $4 billion or more. However, work on the 40km connection has been stalled over plans to add freight and passenger

rail lines, in addition to a further a dispute over costs. Oxford Business Group cites credit ratings agency Standard and Poor’s (S&P), which claims Qatar is well-placed to fund the vast infrastructure programme through oil and gas revenues. “We believe the World Cup will have a substantial impact on Qatar’s already promising economic growth over the next few years as the country readies itself to host this major sporting event,” said Luc Marchand, S&P credit analyst. While the transport infrastructure programme will undoubtedly spur economic growth in the leadup to the World Cup, Doha will




The value of the new international airport to be delivered by 2013

Qatar is also investing heavily in road and highway projects

The cost of a new deepwater port in Qatar

$13bn $20bn $5.5bn

A rendering of the completed New Doha Port Project.

“There will be up to $40 billion invested into rail construction, with a 340km, 98-station metro line planned for Doha and its outskirts, and a high-speed connection linking Qatar with other Gulf states” also need to make the most of its investment after the tournament’s final whistle. Learning from others South Africa struggled to find uses for some of the World Cup facilities it built for 2010, with the stadiums and transport links connecting them to urban centres now underused. Qatari officials have stressed that the infrastructure built for 2022, along with further invest-

View of Doha skyline.

ments in targeted sectors such as tourism and logistics, will continue to pay dividends after the end of the football spectacle. One problem the country may face is sourcing skilled labour,

reported Oxford Business Group. Some of Qatar’s neighbours have also announced large-scale transport infrastructure programmes, including multi-billion dollar light and mainline rail projects in Saudi Arabia, Oman, Kuwait and the UAE. Over the coming decade, the regional demand will also rise for building materials and equipment, as well as the technology needed by modern airports and ports, possibly leading to rising costs. Shortages and delays could put pressure on what may become tight deadlines. There is also a risk, at least with the proposed international rail links that neighbouring nations may not complete their components, affecting World Cup fans considering making use of the train for travel to the UAE. While Qatar’s transport scheme has enjoyed a head start with its transport master plan drafted almost five years ago and 12 years remaining until the World Cup, intense international scrutiny of its Cup build-up means it can leave nothing to chance, according to the group’s report. QATAR 2022 | THE BIG PROJECT 5


You’re smart

You’re in the highly competitive construction industry. You are tendering while still overseeing existing construction projects, not getting information from all your sites on time. Accounts are battling to give you up to date reports. It’s seat of the pants stuff, and all the time... you are signing cheques.

BuildSmart is NOT a rejigged commercial accounting package — its SOLE PURPOSE is construction enterprise accounting. BuildSmart shares information with Candy Estimating and Planning, producing a living budget that becomes a powerful project replanning, forecasting and management tool throughout the life-cycle of the project. BuildSmart can be deployed quickly and with a minimum of customisation. BuildSmart uses MicroSoft.Net/SQL technology.


Timely and informed management interventions lead to improved margins and a competitive advantage. CCS presents BuildSmart, a customised construction accounting enterprise solution. Now you can: • get REAL­—TIME financial control when you want it, where you want it. • compare your REAL COSTS against your BUDGETED COSTS. • make informed decisions when a situation arises and intervene immediately. • have FULL INTEGRATION of Costing, Procurement, Payroll, Project Management, Project Accounting and Enterprise Accounting.


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Estimating, Planning, Valuations Cash flow, Forecasting, Earned Value, Drawings, Materials

Candy Estimating and Project Control software is used by hundreds of satisfied contractors in over 50 countries around the world. We build our international strengths while we build YOUR strength. We listened to your requests, as industry requirements changed. We built new software modules as you built dams, roads, bridges and towers. As you formed public/private partnerships, we integrated software that opens communication and cooperation with your colleagues... allowing all divisions and departments of your company to work seamlessly towards the same goal... giving you real control over your costs, streamlining your processes, improving your efficiency, enhancing your productivity and filling your order-books. ESTIMATING: Pricing libraries, Take-off, Indirect costs, Free-format worksheets. Sub-contractor enquiry, comparison and award, Alternative Tendering, Mark-up, Production, manhour and wastage allowances and analysis, Reporting, Integrate the Estimate with the Program, Immediate forecast cash flow, Tender Finalisation

VALUATIONS: Job Modelling, Sub-contract control and payment, Monthly valuations, Analytical variations pricing, Allowable vs Cost reconciliation, Engineering information, Cost to complete by cost rate resources and cost worksheets, External Cost import for cost vs allowable reconciliation and cost at completion FORECASTING: Integrate the Bill of Quantities with the Program, Forecast the bill and resources, Summarise into Project Codes ( With, What & Where), Forecast summary cost codes ( When), Base forecast, Monthly allowable, Collect costs, Forecast allowable and costs PLANNING: Critical path planning, Resourcing, Organising, Progress, Information schedules, Integrate schedule with the Estimate, Time/location CASH FLOW: Payments, Receipts, Nett Present Value, Currencies and exchange rates, Integration with the Bill and Program



Painting the town Jotun Paints’ marketing manager Ashish Vasudev explains the research behind the Jotashield Extreme range, recently launched in Qatar What is Jotashield Extreme and how does it differ from other products on the market? This product is an exterior paint product, which we recently launched in Qatar in response to a growing demand for heatreflective, eco-friendly paints. It is also available in the UAE and Kuwait. Jotashield Extreme uses a revolutionary pigment–binder technology that allows consumers to select darker shades of colours, while still achieving thermal indoor comfort and a longer lasting finish, with superior exterior protection, at a competitive price. Prospective clients will also soon be able to use their webcams to test application of the products through our website. What is unique about Jotashield Extreme? Jotashield Extreme offers twice 8 | THE BIG PROJECT | QATAR 2022

“Tests have shown that structures treated with Jotashield Extreme is between 2-7˚C cooler than those applied with normal paint”

let and near infra-red heat, thus significantly reducing indoor and surface temperatures and consequently driving down energy consumption. It also lessens the urban heat island (UHI) effect; where metropolitan areas are significantly warmer than their surrounding rural areas. This effect is becoming increasingly common in Qatar and other GCC countries due to the exponential growth of urban areas in the region. The paint features anti-carbonation properties that protect it against chalking, flaking and peeling. The multicolour-tintable Jotashield Extreme has low dirt pickup, exceeds GS-11 standards for paint, and comes with a 10 year performance guarantee.

the heat reflective capabilities of ordinary exterior paint. It provides protection against ultravio-

How are products developed? Jotun Paints spends more than US $25 million on the research

ABOVE: Marketing manager Ashish Vasudev


“Jotashield Extreme is the only paint in the Middle East that can achieve significant temperature reductions upon application” and development of unique products and we invested a substantial amount to come up with the innovative properties of Jotashield Extreme. The product has been subjected to stronger external tests from third party independent testing authorities, and tests have shown that structures treated with Jotashield Extreme are between 2 -7˚C cooler than those applied with normal paint. Jotun is at the forefront of the industry in terms of developing products specifically suited to local conditions. Three decades of experience in the Middle East region, has helped us produce

a variety of conventional and specialized coatings — each incorporating the latest technological developments while offering performance with economy. Why is there a demand for such a product in the region and, more significantly, Qatar? Studies have shown that temperatures of urban air domes can be as much as 4˚C warmer than temperatures in the surrounding countryside. This poses higher air-conditioning costs, additional air pollution — due to increased energy production — and therefore accelerates the resulting

effects of global warming. Our new eco-friendly, energyefficient product addresses these issues by virtue of being the only paint in the Middle East that can achieve significant temperature reductions upon application. Jotun has always been known for meeting market needs via innovative and high-quality products. Our company has also gained a reputation for raising benchmarks in environmentallyfriendly production techniques and products within the paint manufacturing industry. Jotashield Extreme exemplifies our corporate commitment to improving the environment and we hope that this and other products will inspire others to adopt a more eco-friendly approach to their businesses. What are the main opportunities for Jotun in Qatar and how is the company positioned to overcome any challenges in the Qatari market? We are geared up to be an integral part of the growth story in Qatar. Most of the large and prestigious projects specify Jotun products as we offer the best in quality, which is accredited with independent test certificates. We are geared up to handle the upcoming demands, and we have production in six factories in the region. There are not many suppliers who can boast of that. QATAR 2022 | THE BIG PROJECT 9




Turning up the heat Building on a reputation for quality and safety, Thomas Bell-Wright talks about his company’s next big project How long has the company been established in the Middle East? Thomas Bell-Wright International Consultants (TBWIC) have been established since 1995 and have been involved in more than 300 projects in the region. Our company is based in Dubai, UAE but our involvement and range of services have covered all countries in the region. Since 1993 TBWIC has been associated with over 100 of the most prestigious and largest landmarks around the Arabian Gulf and surrounding countries. What unique innovations can you bring to Qatar? We bring to the market our extensive knowledge in façade consultancy, façade testing and fire testing. We work closely with architects and developers to assist them in their design concept, drawings and specification. Our services also include design review and inspection at site. Our testing division covers mock-up testing for curtain walls at laboratory and at site. We conduct testing to interna-

construction element can be tested. In addition we design project specific tests for curtain wall elements.

ABOVE: Thomas Bell-Wright.

“We anticipate that World Cup projects will have unique shading elements and enclosure that should be properly designed and tested for loading, weather ability and resistance to fire” tional standards and are fully accredited to ISO17025. How are your products and services developed? Our fire testing division performs tests for resistance to fire - any vertical non-load bearing

How do your products benefit clients and how can they be used in the World Cup projects? We are accredited to ISO17025 by UKAS & ENAS. We anticipate that World Cup projects will have unique shading elements and enclosures that should be properly designed and tested for loading, weather durability and resistance to fire — this is where our services will be indispensible. We hope we will be able to contribute to assuring high quality and durability for all future projects in Qatar.

Projects in Qatar: New Doha International Airport International Convention Center Silhouette Tower Arwa Tower Qatar Science and Technology Park Business Park



Real investment real solutions Regional manager David Dudley, explains Jones Lang LaSalle’s integrated real estate and investment management services How long has Jones Lang LaSalle operated in the Middle East? We have been operating here for 10 years with offices in the UAE, Saudi Arabia and Egypt and plans to open offices in Morocco and Qatar. Jones Lang LaSalle has dealt with reputed developers and investors in Qatar, providing an integrated range of professional real estate services including strategic consulting, valuations, corporate finance advisory, and capital transactions. What are your flagship services? We are the only real estate company offering comprehensive integrated real estate and investment management expertise on a local, regional and global level to our clients, which include owners, occupiers and investors. What solutions can you provide for the Qatari market? Jones Lang LaSalle is recognised for real estate and hospitality expertise with a seasoned leadership team that has held senior positions with some of the largest real estate developers, hospitality companies and corporate groups. 12 | THE BIG PROJECT | QATAR 2022

Blending our team’s unique and complementary skills, we have consolidated our regional and global experience into a comprehensive and effective knowledge base, founded on regional understanding and relationships, international senior management, experience of operating across five continents and a multidisciplinary and complementary skill set, deeply anchored in corporate finance and investment, marketing, development, project management, legal, and business restructuring experience. How will your company ethic benefit Qatar’s development? Jones Lang LaSalle has strong company ethics and is committed to sustainability, corporate social responsibility and a code of ethics observed by everyone in the firm. For the fourth consecutive year, we have been named by the Ethisphere Institute as one of the world’s most ethical companies. What are the main strengths in the Qatari market? Jones Lang LaSalle has identified Qatar as a ‘global powerhouse’

ABOVE: Regional manager David Dudley.

in terms of its importance as a source of global real estate capital. In 2010, Qatar was one of the most prominent sources of capital for major global markets, with investors active the US, London and Singapore. With higher oil and gas prices swelling the pool of capital available to Qatari investors, they are likely to remain a key source of global real estate capital in 2011 and beyond.

Service portfolio: • Agency leasing • Capital markets • Construction management • Consulting • Corporate finance • Energy and sustainability services • Facilities management outsourcing • Hotel advisory • Investment management • Management Consulting • Project and development management/construction • Property management • Real estate investment banking/merchant banking • Space acquisition and disposition (tenant representation) • Valuations • Value recovery and receivership service

Can you see it?

Get the big picture. In the complex game of commercial property it takes a combination of perspective, expertise and good judgement to anticipate the next play. At Jones Lang LaSalle, our team consistently monitors local markets and tracks global trends to help you convert opportunity into success. Visit to see how we do it.


Foot in the door Head of Zawya’s construction community, Areej Sharif, explains why networks are vital and lists Qatar’s key contacts


hese people know what’s happening now and in the future, and they are all active in terms of the future development of the country. Aside from the World Cup the main focus at the moment is on energy and if you look at the larger scale, these are the most important people and associations for anything that will be tendered. In terms of networking, both generally and in particular markets you have to know your environment. You could have the best intelligence and busi-

ness but you still need to understand the pace and culture of doing business in a new market; you have to understand there are nuances and management expectations and both in general and in particular markets you have to know your environment. Qatar has a very cooperative business environment. You don’t need to associate with partners like in other markets in the region stipulate. These contacts will not only help with one project, but open doors to many more.

PEOPLE Mazen Abu Nabaa Qatar Engineering and Construction Company   Tel: +974 4458-7200

Mohammed Sultan Aljaber  Al Jaber Group - Qatar   Tel: +974 4437-2551

Stephen Barter  Qatari Diar Real Estate Company Tel: +974 4497-4444

Mohammad Abdulrahman Fakhro Tanween Tel: +974 4499-0299

Dr. Mohammed Asad Al Emadi Barwa Real Estate Company   Tel: +974 4499-8888

Omar Mikati Qatari Arabian Construction Company Tel: +974 4442-7316

Hisham Mustafa Mohammed Al Sehetry Ezdan Real Estate Company Tel: +974 4409-4000

HH Sheikh Ali Bin Hamad Bin Khalid Al Hamed Al Thani Hamad Bin Khalid Contracting Company   Tel: +974 4443-3644



Khalil P Sholy  (President and MD) United Development Company   Tel: +974 4409-8400

Dr Mohammed Bin Saleh Al Sada Qatar Petroleum Tel: +974 4449-1449 / 974 4440-2000

Issa Mohammed Al Mohannadi  DOHALAND Tel: +974 4459-0459

Mohammed Khalifa Turki Al Sobai  Qatar Fuel Company Tel: +974 4430-8888

Salem Bin Butti Al Noaimi  Qatar National Cement Company Tel: +974 4469-3800

HE Abdullah Bin Hamad Al Attiyah Industries Qatar Tel: +974 4430-8312 / 974 4430-8681

HH Sheikh Khalifa Bin Jabor Bin Mohammed Al Thani  Al Jabor Group Holdings Tel: +974 4444-5502

HH Sheikh Khaled Bin Khalifa Bin Jassim Al Thani Qatar Gas Operating Company Tel: +974 44473-6000

Tarek Mahmoud Al Sayed  Aamal Company Tel: +974 4435-0666

Issa Hilal Al Kuwari  Qatar General Electricity and Water Corporation   Tel: +974 4484-5555 / 974 4484-5484

Jan Arve Haugan Qatar Aluminum Company Tel: +974 4403-1111

Fahed Hamad Al Mohannadi  Qatar Electricity and Water Company   Tel: +974 4485-8585

HH Sheikh Nasser Bin Hamad Al Thani  Qatar Steel Company Tel: +974 4477-8778 / 974 4477-8478

ENG. Ahmad Al-Abdullah Qatar Green Building Council Tel: +974 4499 0876

ORGANISATIONS Qatar Investment Authority (QIA) Qpel Tower Corniche Street P.O. Box 23224 Doha Tel: +974 4499-5900 Fax: +974 4443-7016 Email: Central Tenders Committee P.O.Box: 1908 Rawabi Street /Al Muntazah, Doha Tel: +974 44378111/44378132 Fax: +974 44439360/44430250 Email: Ashgal: Qatar Public Works Authority Ashgal Tower (1&2), Dafna P.O. Box 22188   Tel: +974 44950000   Fax: +974 44950999  

General Secretariat for Development Planning P.O. Box No. 1855 Doha, Qatar Tel: + 974 44958 888 Email: Qatar Gas PO Box 22666 Doha State of Qatar Tel: +974 4473 6000 Fax: +974 4473 6666 Email: Qatar Business Association P. O. Box: 24475, Doha, Qatar Tel: +974 443 53 120 Fax: +974 443 53 834 Email:



New market flow Producing fountains that sing and dance, designers Ghesa are listed in the Guinness Book of Records. CEO Carlos Gomes Pissarra talks about the company’s next chapter in Qatar How strong is demand in current and Middle East markets? We have been working in the Middle East through agents and representatives for more than 10 years, opening a branch in Dubai in 2007 to provide the best and quickest support to clients. With more than 40 years of experience in the design and installation of water features and more than 3,000 fountains installed all

over the world, we have been fully involved in the transformation of the Middle East. Our value engineering concept gives clients scope to reduce costs by up to 40% without changing the design or technical characteristics. 16 | THE BIG PROJECT | QATAR 2022

Ghesa CEO Carlos Gomes Pissarra.

In projects like the City of Dreams in Macau, or Princess Norah University in Riyadh, where we installed 180 fountains, our clients have reduced their costs by an average 35%, without jeopardising design or quality.

What unique offerings can you bring to this market? Innovative solutions, unique designs and the latest technologies are a must on all the projects we undertake. We offer ornamental fountains specifically designed as an exclusive decorative element for their surroundings; cybernetic fountains provided with light and sound to create audiovisual shows; walk-in Fountains that allows the public to enter the installation; floating fountains using elements of the sea or a lake; and water and art elements, designed by renowned artists or Ghesa’s own creative team. The potential of the market here is due to the quantity dimension and unique character. How do you differ from your competitors? With an engineering background, Ghesa is the only company in the water features market offering real turnkey solutions. This also gives our customers greater security and profitability in the management of projects.


Cancelling the Water Features from your projects is not the only way to slash the global costs! Value Engineering by

Save money building your water features ON-TIME, ON-BUDGET and ON-VALUE Since 2008, Water Features projects like Princess Nora University for Women in Riyadh or City of Dreams in Macau have been able to reduce their global costs up to 40% without jeopardising the overall quality and design requirements. This was possible only because they decided to contact GHESA before cancelling their water features. If you want a reduction of your water features costs, call us or email us for a free costs review.


More than 3000 fountains worldwide since 1975

Tel: +971 4 4328299 Fax: +971 4 4328298 P.O. Box: 126007, Dubai (UAE) QATAR 2022 | THE BIG PROJECT 17





Budget: US $286 million

Al Wakrah Stadium Project Project number: ZPR264-Q Budget: US $286 million Description: Construction the 45,120-seat stadium Phase: Planning Owner: Qatar Football Association Sector: Real Estate, Leisure and Entertainment Consultant: Albert Speer & Partner Location: Al Wakrah, Qatar Contract type: Construction One of the nine new stadiums, the modularshaped Al Wakrah Stadium will be located in the south of Qatar, within an aquatic centre. The area will feature a spa, retail outlets, sports facilities, a shopping mall, a car-park with the capacity for 6000 cars and 350 buses, two video screens (90m² each), a 4200m² media centre, a 550m² conference room and a stadium for more than 1000 media representatives.


After the FIFA tournament, the capacity will be reduced to 25,500 seats and the modular upper tier, consisting of 19,620 seats, will be disassembled and moved to developing countries for reuse. The cooling systems and electrical requirements will be provided by renewable energy, using state of the art systems and sustainable, green, technology. A new committee called the Local Organising Committee (LOC) will be established this month to manage and develop World Cup projects. Client: Qatar Football Association (QFA) QOC Tower, seventh floor Doha PO box: 5333 Tel: +974 (0)4 4494 4411 Fax: +974 (0)4 44zzzz94 4414 Email: Web: Design consultant: Albert Speer & Partner GmbH (Germany)


You have been using WAGO spring WAGO-I/O-SYSTEM

type terminal blocks for decades... ...but most of you were not even aware of that, since WAGO products are maintanance-free and reliable over the whole lifetime of your equipment. WAGO is the world market leader and inventor of spring type terminal blocks. CAGE CLAMP速 and CAGE CLAMP速S are registered trademarks of WAGO.


Since 1951, WAGO is providing innovative interconnect and automation solutions. You will find our products in the fields of transportation, mechanical engineering, power plants, and in the chemical and process industries. Wherever electrical power is used, you will find WAGO. WAGO is now close to you - contact us!

WAGO Middle East Q4-282 Sharjah Airport Free Zone (SAIF) P.O. Box 120665 Sharjah, UAE Tel: +971 6 557 9920 Fax: +971 6 557 9921

Budget: US $251 billion

Al Shamal Stadium Project Project number: ZPR232-Q Budget: unknown Description: Construction of Al Shamal Stadium, with capacity of 45,120 seats, including a 25,500-seat lower tier and 19,620 seats on the upper tier Phase: Planning Owner: Qatar Football Association Location: North Qatar One of the nine stadiums being built for the Qatar FIFA 2022 World Cup, the stadium will be located in Madinat Ash-Shamal in Qatar. The design is inspired by the shape of the local dhow fishing boats, and as with the Port Stadium spectators will be able to travel to the venue by water taxi. Other transport provisions will


include access via the Doha Expressway, newly constructed metro and rail. The stadium will also be within close proximity to the Bahrain-Qatar Friendship Bridge, providing easy access by road. Hailed by the Qatar Football Association as a “ground-breaking stadium� the design will also feature turret structures in each of the four corners, which mimic the original Al Shamal Fort. The lower tier of the stadium will be a permanent structure, with other tiers disassembled after 2022. Client: Qatar Football Association (QFA) QOC Tower, seventh floor Doha PO Box 5333 Tel: +974 (0)4 4494 4411 Fax: +974 (0)4 4494 4414 Email: Web: Design consultant: Albert Speer & Partner GmBH (Germany)



Budget: $251 million

Umm Salal Stadium Project Project number: ZPR265-Q Budget: $251 million Description: Construction of the 45,120-seat stadium Phase: Planning Owner: Qatar Football Association Consultant: Albert Speer & Partner Location: Umm Salal, Qatar Another of the nine new World Cup Stadiums, the Umm Salal Stadium Project will incorporate modern elements while retaining the design of old Arabic castles, to complement the surrounding historic district. Following the tournament, its capacity will be reduced to 25,000 seats with the remaining seats used by the Umm Salal Sports Club. The completed stadium will connect to a number of transport systems, including 150 public busses and shuttles and 1000 taxis and

water taxis. Additionally, on-site parking will be available for 6000 cars. Renderings of the project were presented during the bidding process, as the project was alrady earmarked as part of the regeneration of Umm Salal FC’s home ground. Client: Qatar Football Association (QFA) QOC Tower, seventh floor Doha PO Box 5333 Tel: +974 (0)4 4494 4411 Fax: +974 (0)4 4494 4414 Email: Web: Design consultant: Albert Speer & Partner GmbH (Germany)

‘25 years of experience’ 22 | THE BIG PROJECT | QATAR 2022

For more details please contact: Tel: +9716 5343222 | Fax: +9716 5340404 Email: |


Budget: $202 million

Doha Port Stadium Project Project number: ZPR251-Q Budget: $202 million Description: Construction of the 44,950-seat stadium Phase: Planning Owner: Qatar Football Association Consultant: Albert Speer & Partner Location: Off the coast of Doha, Qatar One of the nine World Cup Stadiums, the Doha Port Stadium Project will be constructed on an artificial peninsula, offering panoramic views of the surrounding Gulf. Spectators will be able to arrive via water taxi or ferry, which will dock at one of nine stations, extending from the main stadium in a hub and spokes formation, inspired by the sea urchin.

Featuring another modular design, the stadium will have 44,950 seat capactiy After the tournament, the modular elements will be disassembled and moved to developing countries, leaving a smaller stadium for Qatar’s own football clubs and sports associations. Client: Qatar Football Association (QFA) QOC Tower, seventh floor Doha PO Box 5333 Tel: +974 (0)4 4494 4411 Fax: +974 (0)4 4494 4414 Email: Web: Design consultant: Albert Speer & Partner GmbH (Germany)

‘25 years of experience’

For more details please contact: Tel: +9716 5343222 | Fax: +9716 5340404 Email: |



Turnkey style Managing director of Bond Interiors, Saad Ali Moaswes, says the company’s penchant for quality and credibility will bring its own brand of style to hospitality projects in Qatar Please details the projects Bond Interiors has supplied to date As a 25 year old company, our professional experience in bringing quality craftsmanship to numerous projects is a fact that can be summarised by the prestigious names on our client list. The ability to obtain client satisfaction by adhering to their intricate requirements and tight target deadlines has always been our strongest point and we have many repeat clients. The hospitality market is where we have emerged as a major interior fit-out contractor (see box). Of our many hospitality projects, The Desert Island Resort & Spa by Anantara, located at the Sir Baniyas Island has a very heavy standing in our portfolio for being voted as one of the top 100 greatest hotels in the world. Airports in Dubai as well as abroad namely Geneva, Istanbul, Bahrain and Cologne, have seen Bond’s active contribution over the years. VIP lounges at the Executive Jet Terminal, Business & First class lounges for British Airways, Lufthansa Star Alliance, KLM, Emirates and Gulf Air are a few of our esteemed projects. 24 | THE BIG PROJECT | QATAR 2022

Managing director Saad Ali Moaswes.

“Our In-house manufacturing facilities along with our project teams work hand in hand, resulting in swiftness and consistency” Which segments of the Qatari market present the greatest opportunities for Bond Interiors? Our ambition is to tap the hospitality and leisure sector that is expanding rapidly. Our clear competitive advantage in this sector is the undisputed fact that our superior quality has stood the test of time, a statement that is apparent from our many projects. Bond has also carved a niche in the market as the leading contractor for themed outlets and projects such as Cucina & J.W. Steakhouse at J.W. Marriott, Fibber McGee, Fauchon and El Rustico at the Rydges Plaza Hotel are just few. What unique ethics and products can Bond Interiors bring to the Qatari market? For us, Bond is a signature of quality and reliability. A signature that encompasses the quality of the whole process from the moment a project is awarded right up to its handover. Our unique work ethic brings out the very best and in

short we build great people who in turn build remarkable projects. Our people are trained to bring a high level of experience and complementary skills to our clients by providing the confidence to undertake projects under complex challenges. Our in-house manufacturing facilities and project teams work hand in hand, resulting in swiftness and consistency wherein every project is approached objectively, with a service that reflects the qualities, values and aspirations of our clients.

Bond’s high profile projects include: The award winning Desert Island Resort & Spa by Anantara at the Sir Baniyas Island, Abu Dhabi The Crown Plaza Hotel, Abu Dhabi Ritz Carlton, Dubai Fauchon and El Rustico at the Rydges Plaza Hotel Business lounges for British Airways, Lufthansa, Gulf Air and KLM Dubai Bank


Powering innovation Schneider Electric’s Gulf president John Griffiths, explains how innovative solutions have been transforming Qatar for more than 20 years

Which are your key product areas and markets? Schneider Electric has offered integrated solutions across multiple market segments in the Middle East for 40 years; including leadership positions in energy and infrastructure, industrial processes, building automation and data centres, as well as residential applications. We have a very strong presence and together with our channel partners provide complete solutions for all their energy needs. Schneider Electric started operations in Qatar 21 years ago, delivering products for Qatar

“We have a very strong presence and together with our channel partners provide complete solutions for all their energy needs” 26 | THE BIG PROJECT | QATAR 2022

Petroleum. In the year 2000, we established a physical office and today have a very strong presence with dedicated sales, service and technical teams based locally. What unique solutions does Schneider provide for the Qatari market? We have products that add energy efficiency to any project. We also offer building management systems which enable the customer to regulate air-conditioning, lighting and other features that collectively contribute to managing efficiency. Moreover, we can specify energy efficient audit for any project and submit a report to the customer with our recommendations. Leveraging our industry-specific knowledge on the conversion of solar energy into power, we also offer solutions for renewable energy, especially in solar plants. We can reduce energy by 30%, with our four-step approach: measuring energy use to identify

“Our stakeholders in Qatar do and will share the benefits of our high professional, social and environmental standards in compliance with all applicable laws of the country” potential savings and dysfunctions; installation of lowconsumption equipment and systems; the use of automation management, consulting, training and tracking resources while maintaining high performance and monitoring. How can your company ethic benefit Qatar’s development? Our principles of responsibility were adopted in 2002 and updated in 2009. They outline our commitment to each stakeholder group; employees, business partners, shareholders, the community and the planet.


As a result, our stakeholders in Qatar do and will share the benefits of our high professional, social and environmental standards in compliance with all applicable laws of the country. Our products improve the protection of people and goods and optimise the consumption of energy and natural resources. We are involved in the design, production, distribution and recycling processes, all of which respect the environment and in addition we integrate environmental protection into all our strategic decisions. This will also be reflected positively in Qatar’s development.

How are products and services developed? Through new technologies integration we are preparing the simplest, greenest, most efficient and available solutions, and preparing for new challenges such as the smart grid and the electric vehicle. We firmly believe a good solution is the one clients will use, hence attention is paid to design, ergonomics and usage, to offer solutions adapted to everyday applications. We dedicate 5% of total sales revenue to research and design and we have 7500 dedicated research and design engineers working in 25 countries, in addition to 157 distinguished

technical experts in 11 countries. In 2009, Schneider Electric registered 330 patents. How has the market responded to your product innovations? We are committed to resolving the global energy dilemma. Fourth quarter organic sales for 2010, recorded a 12.1% growth led by a strong industry sector, a rebound in the power sector and dynamic new economies. Q4 2010 sales reached €5.563 million, constituting 50% of Q4 sales. We focus on making energy safe, reliable and efficient and we have an active commitment to help all clients “make the most” of their energy.

IN PROFILE John Griffiths

John Griffiths joined Schneider Electric in 2001 as country director in Thailand, Laos and Myanmar, achieving profitable business growth. He was recognized through numerous Schneider Electric Business Awards, at a regional and corporate level for locally manufactured product quality and reliability in the field. John’s international leadership experience gained in the UK, South Africa, Middle East and Asia Pacific Region, includes general management, international sales, marketing, business development, manufacturing, multi-brand product management, pricing and commercial policy.



30%* off your building’s energy bill is just the beginning Imagine what we could do for the rest of your enterprise Managing complex building environments while meeting your energy efficiency targets is no small task. Our EcoStruxure™ energy management architecture achieves this elegantly through intelligent integration of building systems on a single IP platform.

Active Energy Management™ architecture from Power Plant to Plug™ Data centres

The savings go far beyond buildings Today, only EcoStruxure energy management architecture by Schneider Electric™ delivers up to 30% energy savings, uniting energy-intensive systems like HVAC, access control, video security management, and lighting control across your entire enterprise. Saving up to 30% of a building’s energy is a great beginning, and thanks to EcoStruxure energy management architecture, the savings don’t have to end there.

Learn about saving energy from the experts! Download this white paper, a ¤170 value for FREE, and register to win a Kindle™ e-book reader!

From the rack to the row to the room to the building, energy use and availability of these interconnected environments are closely monitored and adjusted in real time.

Industrial plants Open standard protocols allow for system-wide management of automated processes with minimized downtime, increased throughput, and maximized energy efficiency.

Buildings Intelligent integration of security, power, lighting, electrical distribution, fire safety, HVAC, IT, and telecommunications across the enterprise allows for reduced training, operating, maintenance, and energy costs.

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30% ™

©2011 Schneider Electric Industries SAS, All Rights Reserved. Schneider Electric, EcoStruxure, Active Energy Management, and Power Plant to Plug are owned by Schneider Electric, or its affiliated companies in the United States and other countries. All other trademarks are property of their respective owners. • 998-2758_GMA


Budget: $251 million


Al-Khor Stadium Project Project number: ZPR233-Q Budget: US$ 251 million Description: Construction of the new stadium with a capacity of 45,330 seats, including 25,500 permanent lower-tier seats and 19,830 modular upper-tier seats Owner: Qatar Football Association Consultant: Albert Speer & Partner Location: Al Khor, Qatar Among the nine Qatar 2022 FIFA World Cup stadiums to be built, this project will have an asymmetrical seashell motif with a flexible roof. The completed facility will have two video screens, on-site parking a 4200 square meter

media centre within the main stand and a 550 square meter conference room. As with other projects, electrical and cooling requirements will be met by renewable systems. Client: Qatar Football Association (QFA) QOC Tower, seventh floor Doha PO box: 5333 Tel: +974 (0)4 4494 4411 Fax: +974 (0)4 4494 4414 Email: Web: Design consultant: Albert Speer & Partner



Qatar University Stadium Project Project number: ZPR246-Q Budget: US$300 million Description: Construction of the 43,500 stadium Phase: Planning Owner: Qatar Football Association Consultant: Albert Speer & Partner Location: Doha, Qatar Among the nine stadiums being built for the Qatar 2022 Fifa World Cup, the Qatar University Stadium Project will feature a gold facade with free-form open-surface; a design concept which incorporates the future and past of Arab traditional patterns.


Budget: US$300 million

After the event, the stadium will be used by student athletes with a reduced capacity of 23,500 seats. Despite the relatively huge capctiy, the stadium will actually be one of the smaller projects tendered in the run up to the 2022 games. Client: Qatar Football Association (QFA) QOC Tower, seventh floor Doha PO Box: 5333 Tel: +974 (0)4 4494 4411 Fax: +974 (0)4 4494 4414 Email: Web: Design consultant: Albert Speer & Partner GmBH (Germany)

Budget: US $662 million

Lusail Iconic Stadium Project Project number: ZPR223-Q Budget: US $662 million Description: Construction of the 86,250-capacity stadium Owner: Qatar Football Association Consultants: Mace Group, Hyder Consulting, Foster and Partners Davis Langdon Location: Lusail Development, Qatar The flagship development, The Lusail Iconic Stadium will be used for the opening and closing World Cup ceremonies. The structure will be surrounded by water and spectators will cross a moat to enter the building, connecting to the car parks by six bridges.


The Stadium will be cooled using solar power and will have a “near circular zero carbon footprint�, according to the designer. Client: Qatar Football Association (QFA) QOC Tower, seventh floor Doha POBox 5333 Tel: +974 (0)4 4494 4411 Fax: +974 (0)4 4494 4414 Email: Web: Main architect: Foster & Partners, UK Project manager: Mace International Ltd, Dubai Infrastructure consultant: Hyder Consulting Middle East Ltd, Qatar Cost consultant: Davis Langdon, Qatar



Sports City Stadium Project Project number: ZPR224-Q Budget: US $251 million Description: Construction of the 46,890-seat stadium Owner: Qatar Football Association Consultant: Populus (design) Location: Al Khor, Qatar The Sports City Stadium, also known as the Sports City FIFA World Cup stadium, will be located along the Persian Gulf in Doha. The design, by Populus, is said to be inspired by traditional Arab tents. Features of the stadium will include a retractable roof and a retractable arena and pitch, that will allow the stadium to be restructured for other uses after the 2022 tournament.


Budget: US$251 million

The completed structure will include a solar powered cooling system for the spectators and the players and aims to have a zero-carbon infrastructure. The project is currently in the planning stages and, like the other projects development, will be spearheaded by the LOC committee (local organising committee), due to be established by the Qatari authorities this month. Client: Qatar Football Association (QFA) QOC Tower, seventh floor Doha PO Box 5333 Tel: +974 (0)4 4494 4411 Fax: +974 (0)4 4494 4414 Email: Web: Main architect: Populous, UK




Al Gharafa Stadium Expansion Project Project number: ZPR248-Q Budget: US$135 million Description: Expansion of the stadium to provide an additional 23,565 seats Phase: Planning Owner: Qatar Football Association Consultant: Albert Speer & Partner Location: Al Rayyan, Qatar Also located 20km North West of Doha, the Al Gharafa Stadium is one of the three existing stadiums being expanded for the World Cup. The stadium will have a facade made up of colours of all the countries which qualified for Qatar 2022. The design concept is intended to symbolise the football, friendship and mutual respect and


Budget: US$135 million

tolerance of the FIFA World Cup and Qatar, according to the designer. After the tournament, the stadium will be downsized to its current capacity of 21,175 seats. The project will include a parking for 6,000 cars and 350 buses, 2 video screens(90 sq.m. each), 4,000 sq.m. media center, a 500 sq.m. conference room and a stadium seating for over 900 media representatives. Client: Qatar Football Association (QFA) QOC Tower, seventh floor,Doha PO Box 5333 Tel: +974 (0)4 4494 4411 Fax: +974 (0)4 4494 4414 Email: Web: Design consultant: Albert Speer & Partner GmBH (Germany)

Are your contracts protecting you?

Hepher Group of Companies specialise in: • • • •

• • • • •

Administration of contracts Preparation, negotiation and settlement of claims Project planning Project administration

Contracts engineering Technical auditing Project management Cost engineering Provision of specialist staff

Contact us on the telephone/facsimile numbers or e-mail address below for an immediate appointment to discuss individual requirements Qatar contact numbers: Tel: +974 4 488 6162/3/4 Fax: +974 4 488 6160


Budget: US $135 million

Al Rayyan Stadium Expansion Project Project number: ZPR247-Q Budget: US$ 135 million Description: The expansion of Al Rayyan Stadium to capacitate an additional 23,740 seats Phase: Planning Owner: Qatar Football Association Consultant: Albert Speer & Partner Location: Al Rayyan, Qatar The existing Al Rayyan Stadium is located 20km North West of Doha and is among the three existing stadiums that will be expanded for the Qatar 2022 FIFA World Cup. The stadium will have a media membrane facade around the entire exterior, which will procude as a giant screen to project match up-

dates and tournament news to those outside the stadium complex. It will feature two video screens, double tier seating, parking for 6000 cars a 350 capacity bus terminal and 7000 square metre media centre. After the FIFA World Cup, the stadium will be downsized again to its current capacity, which comprises 21,000 seats. Disassembled elements will be shipped to developing countries. Client: Tel: Fax: Email: Web:

Qatar Football Association (QFA) QOC Tower, seventh floor, Doha PO Box 5333 +974 (0)4 4494 4411 +974 (0)4 4494 4414

Design consultant: Albert Speer & Partner GmBH (Germany)



Qatar business tips Industry insiders share their tips for business in Qatar Since the declaration of independence in 1971, Qatar’s development has accelerated at such a pace it is now one of the fastest growing countries in the world. Already boasting the second highest GDP, it will increase 19% in 2011, say Saudi Arabia’s Samba Financial Group. The country has one of the lowest tax regimes in the world and a second-place ranking in the World Bank Group’s Ease of Doing Business Report 2010. Since October 2000, new sectors have been open to 100% foreign ownership; corporate taxes are set at a flat-rate of 10% and credit is widely available. “Previously, to set up an LLC in Qatar you required a 51% local shareholder,” says Laura Warren, legal director for the Middle East projects and construction, Clyde and Co. “However, there has been a recent change in the foreign investment law which makes is easier to set up wholly owned companies,” she continues. While the business infrastructure is in place, those who have already pursued extensive operations in the country advise care38 | THE BIG PROJECT | QATAR 2022

ful planning and comprehensive understanding of construction law to facilitate the transition into this booming market. “The engineering profession is regulated by the engineering law, imposing stringent criteria on licensing and engineering activities,” Warren adds, further advising contractual terms can vary from the rest of the region. “Many of the more traditional contract forms are used in Qatar and contractual relationships such as partnering, BOOT and Public Private Partnership arrangements common in markets like Europe, are less common here due to the lack of familiarity with them, though this is changing and strategies to maximise expertise and modernise contract methods are being implemented,” she says. Additionally, and most importantly at this time, Qatar enjoys political stability and is widely regarded as the least corrupt country in the Middle East; factors which contribute to market liquidity. In terms of conducting business, establishing a strong and reliable supplier network is of

“You must invest time, resources and capital to be successful” paramount importance. “It takes time to set up business and to establish supply chains,” says Tony Saadie, executive general manager of Al Habtoor Leighton Group. “Businesses that are not already well established and are interested in short-term business opportunities will be disappointed as you must invest time, resources and capital to be successful,” he adds. In terms of branching out beyond stadia design, Grant Salter, executive director for Grant Thornton Middle East Advisory Services, says: “Aside from the World Cup, other opportunities will lie in retail branded merchandise, transport, leisure and business tourism.”


Budget: US $1.5 billion

Tower Construction Project: Doha Convention Centre and Tower Development Project number: MPP2452-Q Budget: US $1.5 billion Description: Construction of a 400m tower at the Doha Convention Centre and Tower Development Phase: Construction Owner: Qatari Diar Real Estate Investment Company Consultant: Hyder Consulting, Murphy Jahn, ARUP Location: West Bay, Doha, Qatar The project is planned to cover a built-up area of 180,000m², in the West Bay area of the Qatari capital. The tower will house a hotel, apartments and shops. At least three groups have been pre-qualified for the main construction contract, according to

the latest update from Middle East Tenders. The pre-qualified companies are: Australia’s Multiplex, South Korea’s Samsung Corporation and Japan’s Taisei Corporation. The Client is expected to issue tender documents in mid-2011, with the project divided into three phases. Phase one consists of enabling and piling works; phase two is the construction of the convention centre and phase three, construciton of the mixed use tower. The mixed use tower development will comprise a 105 floor hotel, serviced apartments and retail facility. This element will also house a convention centre. Client: Qatari Diar Real Estate Investment Company Doha PO Box 23175 Tel: +974 (0)4 4497 4444 Fax: +974 (0)4 4483 2307 Web:



Doha Mall Development Project Project number: ZPR215-Q Budget: $1.6 billion Description: Development of the mall, comprising a full retail centre, entertainment park and two hotels Owner: Bawabat Al Shamal Location: Doha, Qatar This project involves development of the largest complex in Doha on the Northern Highway, linking the airport with the Qatar-Bahrain Causeway. The scheme will cover an area of 433,000m² and is being implemented in a joint venture with Qatar Islamic Bank, Aqar Real Estate Investments Company and a private company. Construction work is expected to commence soon, with phase one set for completion in the first quarter of 2012.


Budget: US$1.6 billion

The project is expected to be fully completed by 2015, allowing time to build a solid reputation for quality and diverse leisure experiences. Some of the brands already associated with the development include IKEA, Toys R Us, Marks and Spencer and Intersport. In a joint statement released after initial contracts were signed in September 2010, Qatar Islamic Bank’s then CEO Salah Jaidah, hailed the project as a “new phase of the country’s economic evolution”, adding that it reinforces Qatar’s “innovation, excellence, and dynamic sustainable development”. Client: Al-Futtaim Group Real Estate, Dubai Dubai Festival City PO Box 159 Tel: +971 (0)4 2213 6213 Fax: +971 (0)4 2232 5550 Email: Web:




Northgate Shopping Mall Project Project number: MPP2440-Q Budget: $412 million Description: Construction of the mall, comprising shopping units, a supermarket, cinema and food and beverage outlets Located in the Doha, the project will cover an area of 417,500m². The client has invited prequalified contractors to submit bids for the main construction package. Work will involve construction of the shopping mall and office buildings. US-based Callison has designed the scheme. The local office Lebanon’s Associated Consulting Engineers (ACE) is acting as the consultant. Client: Al Afaq Real Estate Equinox WLL PO Box 490 Doha Main consultant: Associated Consulting Engineers (ACE), Qatar Design consultant: Callison Architects Inc, USA Period: 30 months

Salwa – Mesaieed Road Project Project number: SPR2600-Q Description: Design and construction of the Salwa to Mesaieed Road 55 spanning 25km This Qatar road will connect Salwa Road in Al Wakrah to Mesaieed Industrial Area in Al Wakrah. The scope of work includes: • A two-lane dual carriageway • Three multi-level interchanges • Landscaping works Design of the interchange is underway and expected to be completed in the fourth quarter of 2011. Invitation to bid for the main construction contract is expected to be issued in 2012. Client: Qatar Public Works Authority (ASHGHAL) Ashghal Tower Doha PO Box 22188 Tel: +974 (0)4 4495 0000 Fax: +974 (0)4 4495 0999 Email: Web: Period: 2015



TV Interchange Construction Project Project number: ZPR238-Q Description: Construction of a 1km-long TV Interchange comprising three lanes on each side in addition to service roads and landscaping works This scheme is part of Madinat Khalifa South roads infrastructure development. The TV Interchange will start at Al Markhiya crossing and end at Khalifa crossing. The scope of work includes: • Service roads in each direction • Light signals • Landscaping works Design of the infrastructure is currently underway. This is expected to be completed in the fourth quarter of 2011. Invitation to bid for the main construction contract is expected to be issued in 2012. Client: Qatar Public Works Authority (ASHGHAL) Ashghal Tower Doha PO Box 22188 Tel: +974 (0)4 4495 0000 Fax: +974 (0)4 4495 0999 Email: Web: Period: 2015


East Industrial Road Upgrade Project – Doha Expressway Development (Package Six) Project number: PWA/MRPSC/14/10-11-Q Description: Upgrading of East Industrial Road, involving construction of a 3.5km-long road This Qatar project comprises Phase Six of the Doha Expressway development. The scope of work mainly covers the existing East Industrial Road alignment. The section of road includes 850m south of industrial roundabout, with extension of Al Muntazah Street and Street 33 extending 3.5 metres. It also includes overpass bridges and Roads 10 and 23, construction of new asphalt pavement, construction of drainage systems and foul sewage lines, street lights, traffic signs and signals, road markings and construction of two signalised grade separated interchanges along the east. Tender documents can be obtained from the Contracts Affairs Section of the PWA. The bid bond is QR 15 million. Client: Qatar Public Works Authority (ASHGHAL) Ashghal Tower Doha PO Box 22188 Tel: +974 (0)4 4495 0000 Fax: +974 (0)4 4495 0999 Email: Web: Tender cost: $1925 Closing date: April 11, 2011 Period: 2014






Tomorrow’s technology Charles Blaschke, MEP BIM manager for iTech, talks about new technology re-modelling old practices Please explain your company history in the region. The Founding Partners of iTech have been working in the region since 2007 and officially opened iTech in early 2011. iTech is a UAE-based company, with offices in Abu Dhabi and a recently opened an office in Jeddah, KSA. We envision Qatar as a strategic market that can greatly benefit from our services and have expansion plans to open an office in Doha later this year. What are your flagship products and why are they popular? iTech provides a wide array of technology consulting and implementation solutions for all aspects of the AEC industry, from the first idea to the final day of building and everything in between. One unique service that iTech offers is database driven Building Information Modeling (BIM). We have a development team that can create customized database and software solutions specific to client needs and to help internally optimize the processes for a successful project delivery.

“iTech’s vision is to revolutionise the built environment through optimised technology and efficient project delivery”

Charles Blascke, MEP BIM manager.

How are you products and services developed? iTech uses the latest technology available in the market and is constantly updating and optimising processes to benefit the company and services we provide. Our development team creates products and solutions for internal efficiency as well as custom solutions based on client demands and needs specific to the company, project or task.

What unique and innovative solutions can iTech provide for the Qatari market? With large scale project experience in the region, we successfully and efficiently deliver projects for all trades in the AEC industry, including, but not limited to architects, engineers, interiors, structural, contractors, sub-contractors and FM professionals. Anybody looking to optimise delivery processes or benefit from the technology processes iTech utilises. How can you company ethic benefit Qatar’s development? iTech’s vision is to revolutionise the built environment through optimised technology and efficient project delivery processes. This fits perfectly with a developing country like Qatar that has the resources and ambition to create a world class infrastructure and built environment. QATAR 2022 | THE BIG PROJECT 51


Dukhan Coastal Facilities Access Road Project Project number: GT11101500-Q Description: Engineering, procurement, installation and construction of new single-lane carriageway road

Road Construction Project – 193 Project number: GT11101700-Q Description: Engineering, procurement and construction of a dual-carriageway road This project involves the construction a dualcarriageway road from Ras Laffan to Sea Line Road in Qatar. Tender documents can be obtained from the Contracts Department in the Engineering Division of Qatar Petroleum, in Al Handasa Complex, Room A-M03. The bid bond is QR five million.

The road-construction project is located near Dukhan or Umm Bab Highway in Qatar. Tender documents can be obtained from the Contracts Department of Qatar Petroleum. Tender documents will be released only to authorised company representatives with the necessary documentation. The non-refundable tender fee is payable to Doha Bank Ltd, QP branch, Ras Abu Aboud, Doha, Qatar or Qatar National Bank, QP branch, 2nd floor, Al Sadd Plaza, Doha, Qatar. The bid bond is QR 600,000. Client: Qatar Petroleum Doha PO Box 3212 Tel: +974 (0)4 4440 2000 Fax: +974 (0)4 4483 1125 Email: Web: Tender cost: $140 Closing date: April 3

Client: Qatar Petroleum Doha PO Box 3212 Tel: +974 (0)4 4440 2000 Fax: +974 (0)4 4483 1125 Email: Web: Tender cost: $140 Closing date: April 3



Road Improvement Works Project – Phase Two Abu Hamour Southern Outfall Tunnel Project Project number: MPP2448-Q Description: Construction of a new surface water outfall tunnel to serve the southern and western suburbs in Abu Hamour. Located in Doha city centre, the area draining to this outfall extends to 170km². The scope of work includes: A 3.7m tunnel, segment-lined tunnel, seven km long 18 shafts for access, maintenance and sewer connection Three four-metre sewer connection shafts Five five-metre maintenance shafts An option to extend the 3.7m tunnel by a further 2.5km, including five additional shafts Connection to Musaimeer street tunnel Connection to the SW5 pumping station 2.4m tunnel, 580m long. Design of the tunnel has been completed. A single four-year contract is to be called for the above works, based on detailed Bills of Quantities. A select list of tenderers will be chosen through a Pre-qualification process. Client: Qatar Public Works Authority (ASHGHAL) Ashghal Tower Doha PO Box 22188 Tel: +974 (0)4 4495 0000 Fax: +974 (0)4 4495 0999 Email: Web: Period: 2015 Design consultant: Nippon Koei, Japan

Project number: PWA/GTC/071/10-11-Q Description: Carrying out road improvements Only Qatari companies are eligible to participate in this tender for the project extending across Al Khor and Al Dhakira Zones 74 and 75, in Qatar. Tender documents can be obtained from the Contracts Affairs Section of the Department of Infrastructure Affairs, General Tenders Committee in the Public Works Authority (PWA), Doha, Qatar. The tender must be accompanied by a tender bond in the form of Tender Bond or a Certified Cheque issued by a bank acceptable to the PWA and should be valid for 120 days. The tender should be submitted in two separate sealed envelopes (technical and financial offer) and both envelopes must be enclosed in a third sealed envelope, which shall bear the tender number, subject and closing date. Furthermore, it should be submitted in original form, alongside one copy. The bid bond is QR 700,000. The successful tenderer will be required to provide a Performance Bond equivalent to 10% of the contract price endorsed by an approved local bank in Qatar. Client: Tel: Fax: Email: Web:

Qatar Public Works Authority (ASHGHAL) Ashghal Tower, Doha PO Box 22188 +974 (0)4 4495 0000 +974 (0)4 4495 0999



RIGHT: CCS worked on Dubai’s Burj Al Arab. BELOW: Ian Hauptfleisch.

Cost control

CCS (Gulf) LLC general manager Ian Hauptfleisch explains how construction software could be the key to delivering Qatar 2022 FIFA World Cup projects on budget Please outline the main unique selling points of the Construction Computer Software (CCS) products. Construction Computer Software’s unique selling point is that our products, Candy Estimating and Project Control and BuildSmart Cost accounting ERP, are designed from the bottom up, for contractors by contractors. We’ve been around for more than 30 years, not many software companies can say the same, and our software products are continually evolving in line with technological trends and requirements from our worldwide user base.


Together Candy and BuildSmart combine to provide the contractor with complete control over project lifecycle budgets, cost and time by providing modules essential and designed only for contracting company processes, such as estimation, planning, forecasting, procurement, cost control, accounting, payroll, and plant, yard and stores management. Being dedicated and focused on the construction industry, good practice is intrinsic in our products and customisation minimal, facilitating a streamlined implementation with significant reduction in time and

further minimising interruption to usual work processes.         How can the software be applied to projects? Construction projects are the lifeblood of contracting companies. Candy can be used for the project’s quantity take off, direct and indirect estimation, sub-contract adjudication and management, planning, forecasting, cash-flow modelling and ultimately on-site monitoring, cost control and applications for payment. BuildSmart on the other hand, being an enterprise-wide ERP system is used for project


procurement against the estimated quantities and values, construction and operational cost and management accounting, procurement and payroll. Project reporting is a culmination of Candy and BuildSmart providing essential, accurate and timely project CVR and earned value reports Can it be applied to any kind of project? The software is applicable to any kind of construction project undertaken by a contractor or consortium of contractors. Projects we’ve been involved in include general contracting, infrastructure, industrial, MEP and mining, among many others. How can CCS help save money? The software helps firms to save money by implementing and maintaining proper, accurate and timely cost-control data, procedures and reporting. Cost control is the result of an accurate estimate and further re-estimates, providing budgetary allowances compared to accurate and timely costs incurred against labour, plant, materials and

subcontractors throughout the lifecycle of the project    We can’t do the budget for the contractor but we do provide all the facilities to do an accurate project budget by using the analytical, resource based estimation module of Candy. A construction project’s budget is not simply financial – engineering budget is just as important and includes budgets or allowances for quantity, production, waste, cash flow and time. A budget is also ineffective without something (costs) to compare it to. If you can’t measure it, you can’t control it.

can deliver on or under budget and show the world that it can be done, despite being the wealthiest country in the world. Does this solution require a large initial investment? The investment is negligible in comparison to other capex expenditures construction companies make. Software is either earning or costing a company money and the true cost of IT is not inherent in the direct cost of the software, but rather the indirect cost of information, which is not obtained. Information is the heart of control and control is the basis of profitability in any business.

Why is it particularly important for projects in Qatar to be well budgeted? How often have we heard people say: “whatever the budget is, double it” to prepare for the reality. We’ve rarely, if ever, heard of a city or country that hosted a major sporting event claiming that they came in on, or better yet, under budget. It will be a refreshing change if Qatar




Qatar’s key trade events in 2011 Certified International Project Manager Training Course, Infrastructure, Doha Exhibitions Centre: May 1—5 Project Qatar 2011, Doha Doha: May 2-5 Qatar International Exhibition for IT and Communications Doha: May 24 — 26 2011 Underground Infrastructure and Deep Foundations Doha: May 30 — Jun 2 Doha Trade Fair Doha: June 4 — 13 2011 2nd Annual Marine and Coastal Engineering Middle East Doha: June 19 — 22 2011 Qatar Urban Transport Conference 2011 Doha: June 19 — 22 Qatar International Environment Protection Exhibition (EcoQ) Doha: September 17 — 19


2nd Annual District Cooling Qatar Summit Doha: September 18 — 21 Qatar Construction Summit Doha: September 25 — 28 2011 INFDEX2011 — The Doha Furniture and Decoration Exhibition Doha: October 5 — 8 7th Qatar Exhibition and Forum for Investment and Finance Doha: October 16 — 19 Doha Exhibition Transport and Rail Doha: October 17 — 19 Power Gen Middle East Doha: October 24 — 26 TowerTech Doha: November 22 — 25 20th World Petroleum Congress Doha: December 4 — 8

Strengthen, Enhance and Protect


Grace Construction Products Grace is a worldwide leader in the construction industry, manufacturing and marketing a comprehensive range of products under the following product lines: • Concrete Admixtures • Additives for Cement Processing • Products for Light and Heavy Precast • Products for Architectural Concrete • Speciality Mortar Systems • Waterproofing Systems and Membranes • Fire Protection Products Grace has over 140 plants and offices around the world, making it a truly global business. It offers local solutions to customers, utilising technical expertise and market knowledge for the development of value-added products to meet the challenging demands of the construction industry. Emirates Chemicals L.L.C. T 971.4.2329901

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The Big Project - Qatar 2022  
The Big Project - Qatar 2022  

The Big Project Middle East - Tenders: Qatar 2022