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Mark K. Wood – Owner/Publisher

The Big Island Reporter Business Plan Cost Effective Viral Internet Marketing

Table of Contents Executive Summary........................................................................................ Business Description and Vision.................................................................... Definition of the Market................................................................................. Description of the Products and Services...................................................... Organization and Management..................................................................... Marketing and Sales Strategy........................................................................ Financial Management................................................................................... Appendices.......................................................................................................

Executive Summary The Big Island Reporter is Hawaii's News and Entertainment Web Portal. We aggregate News, Video, Entertainment, Tourist Activities & Historical content and deliver it to our readers and viewers in an ever-changing eclectic variety at For our advertisers, we offer the most cost effective ad rates in The Hawaiian Market that allows our advertisers to run their ads Every Day at an affordable one-time payment that creates a two-year relationship with our clients. Mark Wood, owner and publisher worked in advertising sales at The Los Angeles Times, Los Angeles Herald Examiner, Los Angeles Daily News, The Hollywood Reporter (our name sake) Daily Variety & Billboard Magazine. He has 30 years experience in ad sales at top market leading publications from the nation's # 2 newspaper market.

Business Description and Vision The Big Island Reporter in its first year of operation has positioned itself as the leading and fastest growing news, information & entertainment portal regarding The Big Island & Hawaiian Islands. We offer advertisers Hawaii's most cost effective ad medium in the Hawaii market. The data we have assembled show The Big Island Reporter to be an efficient investment opportunity with operational costs under $1500 per month leaving a wide margin for profit from advertising sales to statewide, nation wide and world wide prospects with interests in and concerning Hawaii. Our growth potential is unlimited because of the viral nature of the Internet & Hawaii's continuing reputation as the nations most exotic vacation retreat. With our low overhead operational costs we are able to out bid any Hawaii media outlet regarding advertising and marketing services. With this advantage we attract advertising at a steady growth rate while keeping operational costs to a minimum. This is in a nutshell our operational and business plan: Cost Effective Viral Internet Marketing. The Big Island Reporter was born from our earlier publication The Green Valley Reporter, the 1st online newspaper in northern Los Angeles County and monthly in print, which ran for a decade before our move to Hawaii.

Definition of the Market

As an online newspaper and web portal, The Big Island Reporter stands apart as Hawaii's first true "Web Portal" a collection of 5 related websites under The Big Island Reporter brand that funnel readers and viewers from our Network, Wiki, Google and Tech Hui sites to our advertiser's ad pages in The Big Island Reporter's main dot com website. The very nature of web based advertising offers our ad client's verifiable response to their ad buys with us and backed and verified by Google Analytics the leading web tracking protocol as their ad pages in The Big Island Reporter link to their already established websites for conversion. For advertisers: ad page updates are carried by The Big Island Reporter's Friend Feed to Major Social Networking sites such as Twitter, FaceBook, Plaxo & LinkedIn to our contacts, friends & their contacts as well. Viral Internet Marketing Phase 1.

Our Paid Advertisers For example, this partial list of paid current advertisers attest to the acceptance of The Big Island Reporter Network Marketing Plan: Ron & Kathy Rigg Real Estate Safari Helicopters Kona MacNet Big Island Jewelers LuLu's Night Club The MUM Clinic: Learn more on "The Safest Medicine" Dolphin Swim Hawaii & Manta Ray Queen's Market Big Island Eco Adventures Big Island Harley Rentals SCV Pools Spas & Masonry Sea Coast Adventures 路 Dragon Fly Ranch Bed & Breakfast Enjoy Deep Sea Fishing on The Sea Wife Regency at Hualalai Retirement Center The Witt Counseling Service Transmission Technology Torres Roofing Affordable Hawaii Living Your Personal Injury Attorney

The current Hawaii Newspaper industry is in flux because of the recent sale of the

Largest Newspaper in the Hawaii Market, which creates the once in a decade’s opportunity for our growth as the larger publications attempt to re-position themselves in the market.

The needs of the Hawaii advertising market are met by The Big Island Reporter by the fact that we are the lowest priced cost effective ad buy in the market and the only publication in The Hawaii Media Market able to offer a matching year free for the paid 1 year ad buy. This is unprecedented in the publishing industry and allows us to "lock in" a client for a two-year term where other publications offer at maximum a 1-year ad with NO matching free run for the paid ad run.

At any given moment The Big Island Reporter is attracting visitors from through out the U.S. and worldwide. Our target Market is everything related to Hawaii, from fashions to services to tourist activities which allows us to offer our services to any Hawaii based business as well as mainland businesses related to travel and vacationing in Hawaii. For example, any and every ad in the Hawaii phone books, magazines or newspapers & TV/Radio media is our potential client for ad sales.

As mentioned earlier, in our 1st year of publication we are already Hawaii's leading and only Web Portal ( a collection of satelite sites funneling readings and viewers to advertiser pages in our main .com location. Our readership gains in the last Alexa Quarterly Reporter reflect our readership increase of 700% over the past quarter vs 70% and 3% increases in readership from our primary competition on the big island, Stephens Media, owners of the other 3 primary publications in our market.

Description of the Products and Services The Big Island Reporter, a web portal aggregates news, video and tourist information to present our readers and viewers with a wide perspective on all major news items we publish. We currently feature more video, entertainment, news and tourist information than any other web portal serving the Hawaiian islands and give our advertisers the most cost effective rate to appear in our pages everyday for 1 and two year terms. Because we are independent and non corporate owned we are able to deliver news and information without restrictions of corporate bottom line mandates as with other larger entities. We feature more network news feeds than any Hawaiian media outlet and continue to add more content our readers and viewers can find exclusively in our online pages.

Organization and Management The Big Island Reporter is a sole proprietorship business owned and operated by Mark K. Wood. As an internet only news publication we produce no waste or excess publications which can add to the trash removal obligations of the state of Hawaii.

Marketing and Sales Strategy

As stated earlier, The Big Island Reporter marketplace is everything regarding the Hawaiian Islands. Any company that is located in or caters to interests regarding the state of Hawaii is a prospective client of The Big Island Reporter. The Big Island Reporter is an online only publication that can print special monthly editions to drive more advertising to the company. We have no operational overhead other than basic related expenses such as phone, Internet Electricity and location expense. With Internet based distribution we are open to the world market wise but concentrate on our local market and expand accordingly. Our matching 1 year free with 1 year paid ad program is a first in publishing and unable to be matched by our competitors leaving The Big Island Reporter a wide open market of prospects i.e. the lowest priced ad in any of the local phone books or yellow pages is higher than our Kamaaina rate of $150 for one year.

Print Newspaper/Magazine Advertising VS. Online Newspapers Yes, you can clip your article, photocopy it, and add it to your media kit. But how many of your prospective clients are likely to cut out your article in the event that they, someday, might want to get in touch with you? Online newspapers are archived, and a simple search on a related topic will turn up your article – anywhere, anytime – when the time comes for your prospective client to find you. A prospective client can cut your article out of a printed newspaper, photocopy it, and mail it to a friend, thus turning your friend into another prospective client. But how much easier is it for one person to send another person a link to your article? Publicity is publicity, and few people would turn down publicity however they can get it. However, publicity that appears in print venues is here one moment and gone the next, whereas online publicity can endure and even perpetuate itself. An article in an online newspaper might include a hyperlink to your Web site or your blog. That can bring prospective clients directly to you. It might also motivate other Web site and blog owners to include references to the article (as well as the hyperlinks) which can create buzz about you on the Net and improve your visibility in search engines.

Our strategy is to undercut the competition " an offer our advertisers cannot refuse". If funded by the SBA small business loan program we will be able to increase our sales trajectory even more as we will be able to afford radio TV and cable marketing campaigns which will spread our easy to remember web address into bookmark status, the key to successful viral Internet marketing. By aggregating content our competition cannot, we offer the fresh timely, content rich news and information that increases our appearance in major social networks as evidenced by our popularity on major social networking sites such as Facebook, LinkedIn, Plaxo and Friend Feed which add the "exponential " factor to viral internet marketing, the basis of our operation.

Financial Management The Big Island Reporter is already in operation and is positioned to expand with or without SBA or any funding if need be as we have been in operation for the past year and while operation is more difficult and less efficient without funding, our 150% effort has managed to carry the slack and our content rich web portal attracts and retains as much visitor activity as major more established Hawaii web ventures. Our projected earnings for 2010 are expected to come in at $16k gross without funding and 32-45k gross with funding for radio/TV marketing. Cash flow is consistent with our projection of 15 - 25K without funding as our primary ad sales are coming from companies that paid 3 to 4x the amount of our 1 year ad rate in the local yellow pages and we have only approached barely 1% of that untapped market. Any ad web or print, tv or radio is a prospect ad client for The Big Island Reporter if Hawaii is involved in the equation.

In short, we have a vast untapped market and have only scratched the surface in our 1st year of operation, yet have triple digit readership gains vs. our more entrenched competition. This also raises the possibility that the more we grow, the more likely we will entertain buy out offers from our competitors and result in our SBA funding being paid in full well ahead of the payment schedule or 5 - 7 years. Without funding, much of our cash flow would be directed towards overall maintenance and operational cost which would lessen our profit trajectory compared to being funded. If able to expand beyond home office to high traffic locations where we can accept walk in transom advertising, our profit trajectory is again increased to the point our funding can be paid off faster or expanded.

Acceptance by our Readers & Viewers: In today’s marketing environment, you need more than just readers, you want dedicated readers, today in Internet Social Marketing, they are referred to as FANS. The Big Island Reporter has FANS in a range of social levels, influence and buying power. FaceBook has set a new standard in measuring a company’s acceptance in the market coining a new term, “Business Fan Base”…

They are the “backbone “ of the Term Viral Internet Marketing, they “Favorite your pages and Twitter and Face Book them out to a variety of Social Networks on the Internet which increases traffic to your publication as your links are sent from your Fans to Their Contacts & Their Friends!

Appendices This section should include as attachments: • • • • • • •

Company brochures Resumes of key employees List of business equipment Copies of press articles and advertisements (if available) Pictures of your business location and products (optional) Information supporting the growth of your industry and/or products (optional) Key business agreements, such as lease, contracts, etc. (optional)

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