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‘The Big I Am’ is a new alternative magazine for young people aged 13-21 in Manchester. It is a quarterly magazine and will be in print as well as having a new media element, with an online magazine, a presence on twitter, a dedicated facebook page and an accompanying Vimeo channel. Our ethos is ‘Think outside the mainstream magazine’ The mainstream media circulates ideas, comments and opinions that often put young men and women in boxes with pressure to act or behave a certain way. ‘The Big I Am’ will be a platform to showcase diversity in life, showing alternatives to the stereotypical worlds of the mainstream media. ‘The Big I Am’ has been set up by Voluntary Youth Manchester (VYM) and the ideas and content has come from a diverse range of young people across the city through workshops and creative consultations. ‘The Big I Am’ team is made up of 5 young reporters and editors aged 16-25 years old who work alongside VYM’s participation worker to edit and shape the magazine. This is the first ever issue of ‘The Big I Am’ so if you have any comments or ideas for different sections or if you are interested in writing an article please get in touch on the facebook page where there is also ongoing competitions and prizes to be won:

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Think outside the mainstream @TheBigIAm_Mcr

Content & Contributions: LGBT Youth North West, GMCDP (Greater Manchester Coalition for Disabled People), Enthusiasm Trust, Ladybarn Youth Centre, 42nd Street, Gingerbread, The Men’s Room, GMYN (Greater Manchester Youth Network), Piper Hill School, Levenshulme High School, Whalley Range High School, YPSF (Young People’s Support Foundation) , Newton Heath Youth Group, Youth Reborn, Trinity House, Wythenshawe College, Unity Arts With Thanks: Thom Isom & Jenna Saide

the big i am team

Half Animal/Half Human Images made during Creative Concultations by: Elouise W, Lekishea BB, Michaela, Lisa-Marie, Ellis, Chelsey Marie B, Jayden C, Victoria C, Nico, Ellise, Bonnie, Chloe Leanne BB, Jack R

Idealists @ Large Micaela Solis Editors William Frederick

VideoJam’s ‘Records’ Exhibition Title: Frog Chorus

Artist: Becki Miller aka Moze Photo: Mary Stark 2


Film Editor

Will Tomkies

Jobs & College Editor

Cat Urmston

Games Editor

Jerelle Coatman

Lead Designer

Jo Lane

Additional Design Cat Urmston 3

Sport Northern parkour

Sport Northern NorthernParkour Parkour

interview - lizzie hAyton

Tell us a bit about yourself I’m Lizzie Hayton, 18 years old and a free runner with Northern Parkour in Manchester How did you get into parkour, did you do something similar before? I got into parkour after seeing some videos on youtube and wanting to find out more. One of the guys at my 6th form was involved so I just went along with him and had a go for myself. I’d done a few other sports like rock-climbing before but nothing quite like this. What do you love most about it? When I’m training I forget about every other part of my life, it all kind of melts away. I guess the thing I love most is the escapism: I don’t think about anything other than what I’m doing in that moment and just enjoy it.

Photo: Dan Qty

What would be your superpower if you could have one? Probably healing like Wolverine or Deadpool- I often injure myself so it would come in handy

‘I guess the thing I love most is the escapism: I don’t think about anything other than what I’m doing in that moment and just enjoy it’ Lizzie Hayton Have you got any funny habits? I love urbex (urban exploration) and now everytime I see an old abandoned building I have to write it down and go back later to have a look around

What move or project are you working on at the moment? At the moment I’m trying to work on flowsmoother, faster sequences of movements. Do you have a day job too? I recently quit my job and am making the most of the free time! What’s your favourite place you have been or like being? I love travelling and recently got the chance to go China which was awesome. Hoping to go back to train with the guys in Hong Kong at some point.

Northern Parkour Photo: Dan Qty

Do you prefer Cats or dogs? Cats. Their movements fascinate me. If you had a dart board who’s picture would you place at the centre? The fox from the Foxy Bingo adverts.

What program on the telly makes you most annoyed and why? Made in Chelsea. They can’t act and have no common sense. 4

sports events


What person do you most admire dead or alive and why? An American free runner called Ronnie Shalvis, he was the first free runner I saw. Since then he’s gone through really serious back injuries but is back training now and inspired me to keep training when I’ve found it tough or injuries made it difficult What is the most important lesson life has taught you so far? Not to give up just because something is hard. It might take months of effort to achieve your aim but that’s no reason not to try Can you make up a sentence about yourself or something you have done that has all these words included in it. The, Big, I, Am The first big jump I did is the one I am most proud of, and the one that scared me the most What was the last cool video you watched on youtube? (nothing rude please!) Storm freerun team down in London put up a video of a few of them training in Hong Kong recently which made me very jealous

10th May at 7pm £5/3 The Circus House will be performing their show Transformations at Z Arts in Hulme.The show will be performed by members young and old giving you the chance to watch their amazing skills 18 April & 19th April UCI BMX Super X World Cup, the fastest, bravest riders in the world will take the gate in the race for World supremacy and a prime placing at the World Championships. Accelerating down the 8m high Supercross ramp around the professional indoor course this is BMX racing at its most exhilarating and dangerous best. The national Cycling centre, Stuart Street:

Interested in a new sport?

If you were to # your day or your week what would it be? @Lizzie_Hayton #just do it The Circus House is based in Longsight and offers a wide range of circus training including, trapeze, tightrope, unicycle, juggling, acrobatics and much more. We are committed to developing all of our members skills to the highest level possible. You can join from the age of 7 and with many opportunities to perform in events such as Manchester Day and other festivals over the summer exciting times are ahead for The Circus House. For more information on the timetable of classes please visit www. 5

The Circus House


interview: jana kennedy

Dick n Debs

Would you rather fight one horse sized duck or a flock of duck sized horses? One horse sized duck. Easier to deal with one thing than loads. Can you ride it?

What project/job are you working on at the moment? At the moment I am making a comedy show about mothers and daughters, the catch is.. I am making it with my mum! I am also working on a wicked project with young people from other countries making a short comedy film.

Would you rather see the future or change the past? See the future, though that could be

Who is your biggest influence? Both my parents have been a huge influence for me, my mum is not from the UK but has managed to carve a life for herself running successful businesses. My dad is an artist and has always been really supportive and confident about making a living being creative. He always said ‘Don’t have a back up plan’ and I agree, just give whatever you love a really good go! (it helps to know what this is!)

What would your rap/ DJ / MC name be? Leopard Print Chickpea!

Do you have any regrets in life? No, and I don’t think a person ever should!

Can you make a sentence about you with the words: The, Big, I, Am? The world is big, I am small in it

Microsoft sold over 2million consoles in 18 days, just enough to fill 6 olympic swimming pools. It would take 64,000 Playsation 2 memory cards to match up to the Playstation 4 hard drive. In Minecraft if you call your animal Dinnerbone or Grum it will turn upside down.

In Call of Duty Black Ops 2 in the level meltdown inside the nuclear power plant, there is a reference to The Simpsons on a work desk, you will find a pink box of doughnuts.

Pong Game

When Nintendo first started development on Zelda Ocorina of Time they didnt know how large of a game they would be able to make due to the memory restriction on the Nintendo 64 The first retro game ever made was back in 1947 it was made by Thomas T. Goldsmith Jr. and Estle Ray Mann on a cathode ray tube. The game was called Pong and was a missile simulator inspired by radar displays from World War II.

science events Daily 11am, 12noon, 1pm, 2pm & 3pm 4D Theatre with moving seats, water spray, air blast and more! Charges apply. Every Saturday is Saturday Science FREE Each Saturday scientists and engineers working at the cutting-edge of research bring all sorts of topics to life with fascinating demonstrations, fun hands-on activities and informal chat. Museum of Science & Industry, Liverpool Road, Castlefield

Dick n Debs Photos: AbsolutQueer Photography

What was the last cool video you watched on youtube? (nothing rude please!) There are 2: a man hugging a lion and a drag queen commenting on other peoples videos – genius! If you were to # your day or your week what would it be? This week it would be #anemotionalrollercoaster @TallandEarnest




Title: Minecraft Author: Unknown Source: Licence: Public domain CC0

What is the most important lesson life has taught you so far? Get over things. No point holding onto stuff that makes you miserable or sad. It all balances out and forgiving / letting go really helps you stay focused on what it is you want to be doing.

dangerous, things happen for reasons. ‘I might like to go back and tell my 15 year old self it will all be ok and you have a really terrific life!’

Article: Jerelle Coatman

Author: mbiebusch Source: License: CC

Tell us a bit about yourself I’m Jana, I have lived in Manchester on and off for the last 12 years, and I am a comedian, performer and youth worker!

Games Modern Vs


Film - interview


Article: Will Tomkies

When local layabout Jeffery “The Dude” Lebowski returns home from the store, he finds two goons waiting to beat him until he pays off a loan his wife has taken out. Realising they have the wrong Lebowski, the goons leave, but not before defiling the Dude’s rug. During a round of bowling, the Dude’s close friend Walter suggests he goes to see the other Lebowski to try and get his rug replaced, thus begins the Dudes epic quest, where nothing goes quite as planned.

the creation of the yearly Lebowski Fest and even birthing the new religion of Dudeism. You can even become a practicing Dudeist Priest and, “show the world that you’ve got what it takes to take it easy”. Despite what some critics say, I believe a lot of effort is put in to make each character unique and it shows, as not only are the leads interesting, but each and every supporting character brings their own flavour to the movie, whether they be a mysterious cowboy, eccentric artist, German nihilist or a cab driver who loves ‘The Eagles’.

“Combines, comedy, unique storytelling and a host of memorable characters.” Will Tomkies

Author: AvengerXD1 Soutrce: Licensed by: CC 3.0

For anyone looking to get into cult cinema, this film is a great place to start. A classic from the Coen Brothers, ‘The Big Lebowski’ combines, comedy, unique storytelling and a host of memorable characters to create a filmic experience that some would call lifechanging. Jeff Bridges’ portrayal of ‘The Dude’ as a lovable loser, put together with the unpredictable and irritable Walter, portrayed by John Goodman, and you have a double lead like fire and water. The differences between these characters approach to problems and attitudes towards life lands The Dude in all kinds of hot water, bringing some brilliant laughs and a whole heap of quotes any fledgling film critic out there can enjoy.

Title: The Big Lebowski Film Still

In particular, John Turturro’s character, a crazy bowler named ‘the Jesus’ brings new meaning to the term ‘one-scene wonder’. Safe to say, this is one of the Coens’ lighter hearted comedies and though the plot may at first come across as bizarre, and the frequent cussing may be a little hard to stomach for some younger viewers, this is a great film to start a filmic education and I would definitely recommend it.

Dont miss..... Screenfields: Manchester’s premiere outdoor cinema experience this summer. Join the facebook page to find out what films they are showing:

The film is so quotable and the character of the Dude so memorable that the film has generated a massive cult following, leading to 8



Interview: Will Tomkies

‘And she cried’ explores the lives of two teenage girls, Sara and Laura. Sara is a Goth whose humble upbringing and passion for photography is overshadowed by the recent loss of her mother and the uneasy relationship with her father. Laura is a popular teenager whose edgy relationship with her parents has led her to develop disturbing and dark thoughts. This is the first feature film from independent company Leaky Shed films. I met with Writer and Director John Farrington to ask a few questions about the film and the film making process. What inspired you to make this film? I had previously met Sophie Lancaster’s mother Sylvia at an event we jointly held last year. Inspired by her work my company offered a free filmmaking workshop to young people connected to the Sophie Lancaster Foundation Facebook page. I was able to put together a full film crew and write a short story inspired by Sylvia’s work. Had film making always been something you’d been interested in? I’ve always appreciated filmmaking but didn’t get ‘turned on’ to the art until I was 35.

‘The most challenging aspect was finding the right locations and permissions to shoot some of the scenes’ John

What were you doing before you made this film? I founded an organisation called Human First, encouraging young people to express their views of what peace means through film, art and poetry. We train young people to be Truce Ambassadors. Previous to this film I had only worked either on my own or with a small crew of 1 or 2, on documentary or educational films.


What was the most challenging thing you found about making this film? I was the Writer & Director, two roles I had never undertaken before. I expected the most challenging aspect to be directing the actors. However the most challenging aspect was finding the right locations and permissions to shoot some of the scenes.

Favourite film? Baraka. Watching this changed my viewpoint on life forever, and it still encourages me to follow the path that I have chosen What’s your next project? A feature film called ‘Two Souls’ shot in Lancashire and the Czech Republic


Any advice for someone making their first film? Yes – grab a camera and go and make it!

Kate Tempest

Review, Sat 22 February 2014 Brand New Ancients @ Contact

Article: Michael Bennett Illustration: Hebe Phillips Kate is known for doing things differently and I don’t know how she does it but she analyses the audience and adapts to them. She knows when they need energy. She knows when they need to feel tense. She just knows. Kate takes hold of her audience’s attention with subtle yet complex language acrobatics.

The first time I heard of Kate Tempest was during her Shake The Dust performance at the Southbank in 2012. She introduced herself by running to the top of the theatre then all the way down to the stage whilst performing her poem. The baby-faced 28 year old weaves language like an experienced page poet but has the confrontational energy that only hip-hop can influence. And it is this rare combination of beautiful words and captivating stage presence that makes her the success she is.

April 22nd & 23rd 7.30pm 16+ £10/£7 Z-arts presents Glasshouse, Cardboard Citizens’ new Forum Theatre play written by award-winning poet, lyricist and writer Kate Tempest. Glasshouse is a Forum Theatre piece about family and how hard it can be to keep loving.

Nothing about the performance felt repetitive throughout; the flow, volume, formality. Nothing. Her delivery also changed. At times, her vocal chords transformed into those of a preacher and she bounced around the stage and injected all the energy and passion she so obviously has for her art. If I was to be hyper-critical, the intensity was too high during the ‘relaxed’ parts. But that’s Kate, it’s what the audience expects of her.

Kate Tempest: Brand New Ancients Photo: Battersea Arts Centre on tour

At some spoken word poetry and theatre events, you can smell pretentiousness before the performances have even started. But not with Kate, she is willing to be herself there is an obvious genuineness about her. Before playing to a sell-out crowd in Contact’s main space in Manchester, she came onto the stage and acknowledged the audience. She made it blatant that she thinks theatre should be conversation, and for that to happen the audience must know she is aware of their presence. In her one-woman play she challenges popular culture. in particular, how celebrities (such as Simon Cowell) have been given the status of Gods that us peasants can only aspire to be. 10

‘She weaves language like an experienced page poet but has the confrontational energy that only hip-hop can influence.’ Michael Bennett

She tells the story of two council estate families, linked by two half-brothers, whose lives intertwine without them knowing and how we must appreciate the seemingly insignificant events in life. The

If I was to be honest with you, I am not a massive fan of theatre. I get fidgety because my bum goes numb after an hour, then my attention is lost and I can become a real pain if you’re sat next to me. However, Kate’s performance had me enticed. There wasn’t a word missed because I knew each word meant something to the story. The length of the play was perfect for people like me and therefore perfect for true theatre goers too. Her insatiable desire to perform and develop shows and the world will be seeing much more of her in the future.

Blog: 11

Kate Tempest: My Glass House @ Z-arts

Young Identity

Photo: Joel C Fildes

April 11th & June 6th 7pm £6/3 over 13s Young Identity: One Mic Stand at Contact, Oxford Road. Young Identity are Manchester’s finest young spoken word performers. Join them for a boisterous night of poetry, music and visual art. WANT TO PERFORM? There are two open Slams — one for performers aged 13-17 and one for those 18+ Email youngidentitymcr@ youngidentity Regular Sessions on Tuesdays, 7pm 9pm, FREE Ages 13 to 25

DJ Tango caught up with Clean Bandit BIG BEATS, BIGGER BASSLINES

Clean Bandit are headlining Manchester Academy 2 on the 7th May and DJ Tango caught up with them to discuss their new single ‘Rather Be’.

Grace from the band took the time to talk to Unity Radio just before ‘Rather Be’ reached Number 1 in the UK singles chart. Clean Bandit are a four-piece, originating from Cambridge currently making a name for themselves by mixing different musical styles including classical, electronic and deep house beats. The band began with two members, Grace Chetto herself and Neil Amin-Smith, who performed in a string quartet. This then quickly evolved with then boyfriend Jack Patterson who “started writing electronic bass lines and beats to the snippets of classical music”. This original fusion of classical and electronic is the key to Clean Bandit’s success. This is along with their decision to feature upcoming artists with unique voices from equally varied musical backgrounds like Jess Glynne, Eliza Shaddad and Lizzo who dabble in pop, folk and rap respectively. Chetto goes on to confirm their forthcoming album ‘New Eyes’ is almost done “we’re mixing it this week.” “There is some stuff similar to ‘Rather Be’ but it’s got so many different styles, it’s kind of a hotchpotch” Grace says regarding the sound of the album. Clean Bandit are setting themselves up for a new and unique hit record, with a summer of fun to follow, hopefully following Unity Radio to Ibiza Rocks. Elli Brazzill



Broken Man He peels spaghetti hair from the pillow Leaving a trail of grease on its slick path His strike-pad palms rub against sandpaper cheeks Then eyes, who have never seen much of a laugh. Wooden eyelid frames creak slowly and shut Circled purple by rough and unloved nights Yellow skin kissed by best of bubbly friends And coughs who have never sounded quite right. Curtains attempt to pull themselves apart But their fibres have fused together now The crack between them can slip through the light But how depression pulls it to the ground.

Charlotte M curly wurly girly

Rolling over his big concrete body A purge of breath, the dust will flee in flight Tiny specks, grey with their melancholy Like the shadows of his wedding-strewn rice.


Win tickets to see Clean Bandit at Manchester Academy 2 on Wednesday May 7th

She’s a curly wurly girly Fire reflected in her eyes Roses collected in her hair She dares to play with matches and Attaches vintage elephants on string Around her neck Her rings sing tales from Nonny She worries for a while But with a knowing smile Takes my hand and lights a flame It’s raining on our favourite game We walk away The house burns down Laughter sounds form clouds to ground Collapsed under apple trees on four leaved clover She’s my freckled all over Coconut Fiona

Michael Bennett

Send us a rhyme titled ‘The Big I Am’ It can be as long as you like but a minimum of 4 lines Deadline for entries is 25th April Email entries to:

You need to hear this..... Catfish and the Bottlemen – Kathleen

Catfish and the Bottlemen may have discovered the exact formula to make great indie rock songs. That might sound unbelievably exaggerated but the Welsh four-piece have got it spot on. All their previous releases are outstanding, songs like Pacifier, Homesick, Rango, and Kathleen is no exception to this. Lead singer Van McCann’s vocals accompanied by fuzzy guitars and energetic drums won’t leave you disappointed. Elli Brazzill 12


Butterfly tried flying to the other end of the garden. He told everyone that his wings were strong enough. “What a silly butterfly? Don’t say you can do something when you need more practice.” “Never be who you are not. Don’t try to impress people. Be true to yourself” said the Butterfly’s mum. The Butterfly nodded his little head and flapped his not so strong wings. “I will one day fly to the other end of the garden. My time is not today” Said the little Butterfly. If you can’t do something the first time try, try again, and one day I will be the Butterfly who can fly to the other side of the garden. I don’t need to prove myself to anyone.

Title: Butterfly, butterfly, butterfly, butterfly Author: Puliarf Source: Licence: CC

Diane E 13

technology SHARE TECH - MOZILLA FEST If you want to learn about technology the best way is your own way. Everyone learns a bit differently so try things out to see what works for you? Online learning is great, you can find everything on youtube. But sometimes it is confusing and can be a bit lonely. So, where can you go to find out about new tech stuff from other humans? I went to an event called Mozilla Festival. Mozilla are famous for their web browser Firefox but they do many more interesting things. What I found at the festival was a massive room full of enthusiastic people from all over the world inviting you to try stuff out and demonstrating interesting new tech. Some of the highlights for me were:

Article: Mick Chesterman Illustration: Hebe Phillips

Unfortunately it only happens in London once a year! but when I was there I met someone from MadLab, in Manchester. Mozilla chose Madlab to be the home for the start of their Digital Makers event. You can build robots, break apart and fix websites, create animations, learn to code. It’s all possible. At Madlab, there are special activities for under 18s as well. It is the kind of place where you can turn up for just about any of the events on their website and be welcome.

@mickfuzz - FLOSS Manuals -

Author: John Cummings Source: Licence: CC 3.0

madlab events On the last Thursday of every month: FREE MadLab civic space programme. They will be launching a weather balloon and a rocket in the next few months. End of April TV-B-Gone Inventor Mitch Altman will be returning to MadLab to run a soldering and electronics workshop Dates TBC.

Mozilla Festival 2013


reviews for you

Illustration: Laurence Walker-Tonks

There are some great photos showing the things people did “what we made” page here http://

1. Popcorn Maker a really easy online way to mix videos and images and song in a multimedia mashup ( think video editing in your browser 2. 3d printing made easy with Ultimaker 3. A lot of people trying to save the world using technology (especially young media workers)

books & comics


Title: Comic Books Author: Technochick Source: Licence: CC

Paper Towns follows the life of Quentin Jacobsen as he admires the great Margo Roth Spiegelman from afar. When the two are brought together, it is the night before Margo disappears. Quentin begins to reminiscence their past childhood memories and over time his affection for Margo grows. He sets out on a journey to find Margo when she disappears and we find ourselves as an audience growing closer to Margo and having a better insight to her life whilst he does. The ending of Paper Towns is not a fairy-tale ending but it is one we can come to terms with and accept. Hamda S

Oblivion is the last book of ‘The Power of five’ which takes you on journey with Matt, Pedro, Scott, Jamie and Scarlett, who are separated in different worlds trying to get back together to defeat ‘The King of The Old Ones’ in their last battle. The story is simple: each one must overcome obstacles, travelling through a world of appalling devastation in which almost every contemporary anxiety has come to pass. I loved each character especially Pedro. He was the naïve and leading character in the last book. He understood each one of his friends and helped them in some way. Retaj J

comics by you..

Comic: ‘Geoffrey Bobwinkle and his awkward social situations’ Illustrator: Molly O’Brien 15

Title: Books Author: Shutterhacks Source: uOHuV Licence: CC

jobs & college

Article: Cat Urmston Photos: Cat Urmston

the princes trust The Princes Trust Team Programme, a course designed to give you the tools to succeed in life and work. In 12 weeks, this course aims to build young people up to be more skilled, confident and employable members of society. Participants Team Programme aims to help young people from 16 – 25, especially young offenders, long-term unemployed, underachievers and those leaving care. This hands-on course relies on real challenges and experiences to push young people out of their comfort zones and find the confidence and direction they need to achieve feats they never thought possible. It offers a variety of modules to round out your skills and your CV, with nationally recognized qualifications, new activities and fun challenges. “This place can open your eyes to things you didn’t know you could possibly do” C. Stephenson Community Projects and Residential are the perfect opportunities to gain valuable hands on experience in a real working environment and take home practical skills that will boost your employability. Residential, the most adventurous part of the course, gives the team a chance to form friendships and take part in rock climbing, rafting and hiking.

The Princes Trust

The Princes Trust


75% of young people entering the coarse have gone on to higher education, work and training, or have a better idea of what they want to do with their lives.

‘This hands-on course relies on real challenges and experiences to push young people out of their comfort zones and find confidence and direction’ Cat Urmston Programmes are run throughout the UK. If you are interested in taking part in Programmes in your area please go to uk/team, or email allfiredup@manchesterfire.

workshops & training

April 9th 11 - 4pm Free Entrepreneurship Workshop for 16-25 year olds @ Amani centre contact:Janine@ April 28th (6 sessions) 10-3pm Level 1 award in Volunteering. Venue TBC 15 places only, Book a place NMuxz9 28th April Free Enterprise Courses for 16-25 year olds @ Gift May 27th & 28th 11am – 4pm FREE @ Cornerhouse Creative Careers Course: Theatre, May 29th & 30th Creative Careers Course: Film. A series of practical workshops led by industry experts for 14-18 yr olds The


Interview: richard the mooncarver Tell us a bit about yourself?

Would you I’m a Manchester-based illustrator, hailing from rather have the North of Wales. With an unhealthy obsession robot legs or with alternative comics, contemporary illustration, robot arms? films and telling stories.

I’d probably get one of each, best of both worlds.

What project or job are you working on at the moment?

Would you rather be stranded on a deserted island alone, or with someone you don’t like?

Currently I am working with friends on a video game, it’s still early days but it would be great if we do make it.

When did you get into Illustration, who is your favourite Illustrator? I would have to say first watching Hayao Miyazaki films, I’m an illustrator because of his output. There are a lot of other people I really admire, although Miyazaki was the trigger for my decision. He has had a massive influence across the spectrum of popular culture, from films to video games, I came into contact with d+things obviously influenced by Miyazaki way before I actually saw his films.

Technology Love it or Hate it?

Someone you don’t like, maybe we could work out our differences. If not we could split the island between us 50:50.

What is the most important lesson life has taught you so far? Be yourself and don’t take things too seriously.

Can you make up a sentence about yourself or something you have done that has all these words included in it. The, Big, I, Am I have drawn a big bunch of trolls, which I am looking forward to seeing in the first issue of the big I am.

I’ll have to go with love. Most of what I do is produced digitally, so without it my whole approach to making work would be completely different. Although I definitely don’t feel the need for the newest gadget.

What was the last cool video you watched on youtube?

Guiltiest Pleasure?


Toy Robot in Space!

If you were to # your day or your week what would it be?

Excessively playing Mario Kart, probably.

What is the best job you have ever done? What is the worst? I think working as a creative has easily been my favourite role, or volunteering at an art therapy group and I think my worst is probably kitchen portering. 17

Illustration above & previous pages: Richard The Mooncarver @Moon_Carver

idealists @ large

idealists @ large


Curriculum for life

Article: Micaela Solis

In May 2013, the blogging platform Tumblr was sold to Yahoo for $1.1 billion. More than 500 million people use Twitter and Facebook, and 16 billion photos have been shared via Instagram. But it is not just the number of people using social media that has been increasing. The number of ways in which it is being used is getting higher, too. Some are beginning to recognise that the instant, global communication technology affords us can be used as more than just a means to post pictures of last night’s meal or random ‘selfies’ of your friends. The fact is that the prominence of social media means that there has never been a more suitable medium for raising awareness of social issues - and online projects and campaigns have never been so popular. Here are some of the best: Founded by Laura Bates, the Everyday Sexism Project is a collaboration of women’s stories of ‘routine experiences of prejudice and harassment’. It includes examples of street-harassment, workplace sexism, even of rape. All are shocking in their own right, but as a collective, they are even more so. The project aims to dismiss the popular belief that sexism is a dying issue: on the contrary, it has become so casual and widespread that it often can go unnoticed or dismissed. Contribute by tweeting @EverydaySexism or visiting



In a world where 81% of 10 year-olds are afraid of being fat, this sort of body-positive movement can have a real impact. Contribute by posting a picture of yourself on Instagram or Tumblr with the hashtag #effyourbeautystandards. For a similar project, see #honormycurves.

‘The prominence of social media means that there has never been a more suitable medium for raising awareness of social issues’ Micaela Solis Facebook’s new gender settings Though not strictly a campaign, this is a clear example of a positive move by social media. Rather than simply being offered ‘male’ or ‘female’ options on your profile, you can now choose from a list of more than 50 custom genders, and be referred to using a gender-neutral pronoun. For those who do not identify as strictly male/female, this will make Facebook a more comfortable site to use; and regardless of your own gender, this is a brilliant step towards acceptance and recognition of all genders.


Across the Manchester Borough the Youth Council is giving young people their political voices.

However: in spite of all of their work, more young voices are needed.

Started in 2012, the Manchester Youth Council was set up with one main goal: to let teenagers in the Manchester Borough have their say – and to do something about it. With local panels all across the district, serving areas from Wythenshawe to Middleton, and a central board in the Town Hall – the group works tirelessly to campaign on issues related to the young population. This work includes many hot topics: such as discussions on lowering the voting age, the problems facing young people with mental health problems – and how homelessness affects teens in the Manchester area.

‘The group works tirelessly to campaign on issues related to the young population’ William Frederick At the moment, the Council are working on an exciting new scheme called “Curriculum For Life” – an initiative to encourage local schools to teach valuable life lessons, such as: money skills, CV writing, and basic British politics. These might all sound simple enough, but figures show that many of us really struggle with these skills as we get older - because they were too often neglected in our education. Youth council member Leon Gledhill explains that, at present, “The Government doesn’t require schools to teach subjects like PSHE but it’s these ‘little’ things that count”. 21

The Youth Council is open to all, from ages 13 up to 18, and has no entry requirements except that you must either live or go to school in the borough of Manchester. It’s a great chance to be a part of something, to develop your own confidence and teamwork - and to gain experience that will impress any future employer. But it’s not all hard work; in fact it’s a whole lot of fun! Sessions are generally quite relaxed; anyone is free to speak openly and everyone has a good laugh. So, if you’re looking to make some new friends, it’s a great place for that too.

“The Government doesn’t require schools to teach subjects like PSHE but it’s these ‘little’ things that count” Leon Gledhill

Whether you have a strong interest in politics, you want to make a change to your local area, or you’re just looking for a new hobby – the Manchester Youth Council is for you. Please email Joanne. uk for more information.

Title: Vote Author: Theresa Thompson Source: Licence: CC

The #winning and #yolo of 2012/13 are over. The new hashtags are ones that matter. The #effyourbeautystandards hashtag was created by Tess Munter to ‘help women show society that being fabulous isn’t limited to the size you wear!’.

Title: At sign Author: Steve Snodgrass Source: Licence: CC

Article: William Frederick Illustration: Hebe Phillips

neck of the woods

Illustration Cat Urmston

fracking.....Unconventional, unnecessary and unwanted

neck of the woods Grow your own

The Government gave the green light to fracking for shale gas in the UK in late 2012 despite mounting community opposition. Friends of the Earth is calling for a stop to fracking- it’s not the right solution and will not only have a dangerous effect on climate change but it has been linked to drinking water contamination in USA and Australia.

What is fracking?

Title: No Shale gas Author: dominiquechappard Licence: CC

Shale gas is a natural gas held within shale rocks thousands of feet underground. A well is drilled but, unlike conventional gas which flows freely, the shale rocks have to be hydraulically fractured (or fracked) to get the gas. This is done by pumping down at extremely high pressure millions of gallons of water mixed with a small amount of often toxic chemicals which help the gas to flow more freely. About half of the water comes back to the surface and has to be treated. The other half stays underground where its movement cannot be controlled Proposals for fracking are meeting strong opposition in the UK, as they have throughout the world. Shale gas is unconventional, unnecessary and unwanted Join hundreds of others in telling the Government that fracking is not the way forward.

Article: LGBT Youth North West

Following months of funding applications, hours of planning and weeks of refurbishment the Sidney St. Cafe opened its doors in May 2013. The café is based on Sidney St just off Oxford Road in the LGBT Centre which provides space for lots of different groups including 3 youth groups (for more information on this see The café serves delicious food and cakes made by a dedicated team of staff and volunteers. Our volunteers are all wonderful and all contribute their skills and ideas to the café. Together they help plan the menus and cook all the food from scratch. Some of the herbs, salads and vegetables are grown on our community allotment in Fallowfield which is a great place to volunteer, socialise and learn new gardening skills. Using vegetables that we have grown ourselves means that we know they haven’t been sprayed with chemicals.

'Fracking is the equivalent of using a hand grenade to find loose change in the couch, you will find the change but you will destroy the place in the process’ Jonjo Nally LGBT Youth NW



Where are these towers that the rainbow is shining out of, and who are they named after? Send your answers to:

The café sources lovely free range eggs from Olive Mount Farm in Irlam because we know that their chickens have plenty of room to wander about having a nice time. Sidney St. Cafe is open Monday to Friday from 11am - 4pm and is at The Joyce Layland LGBT Centre, 49-51 Sidney St, Manchester, M1 7HB Please contact with any enquiries.

Deadline for entries: 5th June Winners will be picked at random: PRIZE £30

pick of the bunch

Love2shop voucher

funny animal stuff

Fracking Information from Freinds of the Earth: Friends of the Earth Trust/Friends of the Earth Limited make no representations or warranties, either express or implied, as to the accuracy of the information held on this server or its fitness for any purpose whatsoever. In no event will Friends of the Earth Trust/Friends of the Earth Limited be liable for any direct, indirect, special incidental or consequential damages arising out of the use of the information held on this server.

15 proofs that Cats are liquid: cats-are-liquids

Foxes jumping on a trampoline: Christian The Lion: The JtH6UcQY watch?v=btuxO-C2IzE 22



recipe..vegan brownies by Sidney Street cafe

We love this because it is easy, reasonably cheap to make, everyone can eat it and it’s surprisingly choclately!

Illustration: Zeyd Ayoob

Ingredients Serves: 16 • 250g plain flour • 350g golden caster sugar • 65g plain cocoa powder • 1 tsp baking powder • 1 tsp salt • 250ml water • 250ml vegetable oil • 1 tsp vanilla extract

which craft? Magazine Art: In each issue of ‘The Big I Am’ we are going to show you how to create

a funky piece of Art, using an old magazine. We are not suggesting you cut up and use ‘The Big I Am’, just some other rubbish magazine. 1. You will need a photo frame, scissors, PVA glue & brush, a magzine and a pen

2. Cut a selection of pages from the magazine in half

3. Start to roll the magazine pieces from the corner

4. Glue the last bit at the end

5. Hold in place for a second

6. Now make lots

7. Line them up and mark off with a pen where to cut them

8. Glue them on 4 at a time

Preheat to 180 C / Gas mark 4.

1. Measure out and stir together, the flour, sugar, cocoa powder, baking powder and salt. 2. Then pour in the water, vegetable oil and vanilla. Mix really well until everything is blended (no white lumps of flour) Spread the mixture evenly in a 23x33cm (9x13 in) baking tin.

3. Bake the brownies for 25 to 30 minutes in the preheated oven, until the top is no longer shiny. Let cool for at least 10 minutes before cutting into squares.

competition ‘My favourite place’

send in your ideas....

Photography Competition. Take a photograph of your ‘Favourite Place’ Here are two very different representations of this title. Please send your images to: Deadline: 5th June Prize: £30 Love2shop voucher

Do you have a favourite recipe you want to send in to us? can you photograph the process? Or do you have a great idea for what to do with a left over magazine ? can you photograph the process?

Deadline 5th June: with a chance to be printed in the next issue and win a £10 Love2shop Voucher

Photo Left: Simon Williams Photo Right: Jo Lane 24

9. Until all sides are complete



whats on april z arts

whats on

Parade Sunday 22nd June ‘Going

may - july


April 4th 5-11pm £12/5 Fresh Skillz International breakdance Contest. Come down and watch some of the most talented breakdancers in Europe, and show your support.

Fresh Skillz @ Z-arts

April 12th 11-5pm FREE Hear Me Now. A workshop to help you explore and experiment with drama, digital arts, spoken word, MCing, beat boxing & dance to develop ideas.

April 4th & 5th 7:30pm, £9/5 (Over 14s) Turn 2014: A two night micro-festival The Larks of emerging @ Contact Theatre danceworks. Explosive, intimate, graceful and challenging.

April 15th 7pm, FREE (Over 14s) The Larks - Escape An evening of games and playfulness, where April 11th the audience is a part of the action. Players 8–9.30pm will be chasing and racing, searching and FREE Hear Me Now collecting, and code-breaking and puzzle@ Z-arts FEW solving in a series of games through the Collective’s UK Tour features Contact building and beyond a unique April 16th 7.30pm, £6/3 (Over Few Collective fusion 14s) Hit The Ode: Ben Mellor @ Z-arts of global hosts poetry from across the sounds, Hip Hop, and dance. Originally world feat. Shane Koyczan (USA), hailing from Sudan, Pakistan, Morocco, Rosie Garland, Jasmine Cooray, Hit The Ode Belgium and the Congo and an Open Mic. @ Contact Theatre April 12th 12-4.30pm £2 + £1 skate hire Rising Stars Roller Disco, 20 minute skate lesson, competitions and prizes The Lapwing Centre, Stockport Blue disco roller skates Author: manekiNeko Source: Licence: CC

Sat 19th April 19th 10 - 4pm Easter Craft Fair in Wythenshawe Park

Manchester Day

Manchester Craft Mafia


April 11th & Sat 12th 7.30pm £5 ‘Deaf with a Capital D’ written and acted by The Deaf Crew. Fully accessible for deaf and hearing. Crawford House www. manchesterdeafcentre. com The Deaf Crew April 19th 11-3pm Young women’s monthly sessions. Create a music video & learn video editing and sound engineering. Joyce Layland LGBT Centre

Illustration Top: Eleanor Bowen The


May 17th 11-3pm Young women’s monthly sessions. International Day Against Homophobia. Workshop on how homophobia has affected the lives of lesbian and bisexual women across the world. www.young uk Until 1st June The Vanity of small Time Machine: Joana Vasconcelos differences - Joana Vasconcelos at Manchester Art gallery Robotic like creations made from irons ‘Time machine’ and a car filled with cuddly toys and covered in toy guns! Unmissable.

June 27th & 28th various times FREE. RE:CON Fluxus, two days of events for over RE:CON Fluxus 14s, curated by Contact’s young Photo: Joel C Fildes programming team, with live performances and screenings. June 8th & 9th 7.30pm £15/10 The Royal Exchange Theatre, Puffball. A deeply Puffball personal show Photo: Stephen King devised and performed by world class circus artists and a young LGBTQ (lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender and questioning) July 8th to 11th, various times/prices. Over 14s. Contacting the World 2014 international young people’s theatre festival featuring companies from England, India, Iran, Contacting The World CYAC Jamaica, Scotland and @ Contact Theatre more.

June 7th Pride Youth Games at MMU Didsbury Campus sports centre, Pride Youth Games open to all young LGBT people contact June 10th - 7.30PM £6/5 Rocket Theatre presents.... Adults and Rocket Theatre Youth! performance by members of our adult acting classes as well as members of our brand new youth theatre http://www.rockettheatre. July 19th 12-6pm FREE Hulme Is Where The Art is, Hulme Park, Giving Mancunians a platform to display their creative talent in a festival of sights, sounds and surprises! 27

some regular sessions @ The Factory Youth Zone Monday, Wednesday, Friday & Saturday 6.30-9.30pm Senior youth sessions (Members over 16 can access the fitness suite) visit: www. to find out more @ The Hideaway Mondays Mens Project 6-8pm (14-25 yr olds) Focusing on wellbeing, healthy mind, healthy body. to find out about other sessions @ Band on The Wall Wednesdays Sing City with Brighter Sound, vocals & songwriting programme for young people aged 13-18. For further information please contact: projects@ @Z-arts Saturdays 11-1pm FREE (11-19 year olds) Sat’dy Allsorts are an urban music collective based at Z-arts who write, record and perform their own music

Angry Paragraphs & Happy Rants

Angry Paragraphs & Happy Rants

‘I love spontaneous people ‘The thing I love about who are up for anything life is that people do you want to do, people things to raise money for who aren’t scared of what unfortunate people. We people think about them do a lot to help people’ and will do what they Shannon Elizabeth L want no matter cream was the best I have had’ – what opinions they get’ Anon - Jamie M ‘This year I really understood

‘ I don’t understand why people don’t ruler write when they are writing on plain paper. Why would you want to write on plain paper without a ruler? your work is going to look really messy?’ Rhea Jay M

‘The two things I love are Bolton Wanderers and my Nan, one is still here but one isn’t’ - Liam D ‘I got a promotion at work’ Anon ‘This year I have met some amazing people, they have really made my life easier’ – Anon ‘I finished my degree and was able to stay in Manchester at an organisation I love. I learnt more about myself as a professional and personally’ – Anon ‘I won musical chairs’ – Anon’ Met a lot of new people and joined Manchester clubs which were fun and informative’ – Anon ‘I have met amazing and good people :-) ’ – Anon

what I was meant to pursue, when I used to be in doubt. I wouldn’t realise this without the wonderful people who have influenced my life over the year’ - Anon ‘I love my son and I can’t stand liars’ - Lekeisha BB ‘I love fish tanks they are calming and relax you and I hate people who think they own the place’ Elouise W ‘In the past year I learned to stitch, I moved away from my parents :-) And I learned that the trans swimming group exists’ - Anon ‘The first holiday in many a year took place. I got to drive on the wrong side of the road which was fun. The key lime pie ice 28

‘I like going to cinemas, but I don’t like Bonfire night cause it disturbs my sleep’ - Sajeel D ‘I like loads but I don’t know what! And I like Man U, I don’t like people who are too loud or too bossy telling me what to do when I don’t want to do it’Chloe B ‘I like training hard and working towards my goals, but I don’t like my sister’s cat meowing’ – Shiraz A ‘I like going to new places, but I don’t like having to repeat myself’ – Chris D ‘I love manga Anime, but I hate Justin Bieber, I’d rather be dead than a Justin Bieber fan’ – Nathan C


‘I don’t like people who follow trends and what other people do instead of being who they really want to be. I also really hate bent playing cards cause when you put them all in a pile they just don’t stand straight’ Jamie M ‘Appreciation. I get up every morning to serve the public and for once it would be nice to be acknowledged for being up when it’s the pitch black to help and always have a smile. It winds me up that people take my position for granted’ - Anon ‘I am annoyed by blinkin’ slow walkers’ - Anon ‘‘I went to get on a bus and the bus driver was very moody and rude for no reason’ - Leyton

‘My view of the government is it’s a waste of time, it’s like kids in the playground, “My dad’s bigger than your dad” ’ - Liam D

Too many deadlines in the same week!’ – Anon ‘I hate hearing that our world is full of gangs and guns and paedophiles and racists’ – Shannon Elizabeth L ‘Christmas started too early and was too expensive putting pressure on people’ - Anon ‘The Tory government has made 2013 a load of ……. And I.D.Ss ‘letter to me was very rude’ - Anon ‘This year sucked. The only good thing was Lesbian and Gay Youth Manchester. I met Ryan at Pride :-)’ - Anon ‘The Gender Identity Clinic 29

referral is taking ages’ - Anon ‘I hate my body ‘- Anon ‘Wanna be gangsters, walking round with their jeans to their ankles, who are they trying to impress? Rapping about weed and making ‘P’ like they aren’t begging their mums for money every weekend, trying to impress the girls that are too busy in their academic life to even breathe the same oxygen as them, OMG what a load of waste’ - Jade T

Relationships UNHEALTHY Vs HEALTHY Non-abusive Behaviours


Healthy Relationships are possible and everyone deserves to be in one Signs of an unhealthy relationship


Abusive Behaviours

Signs of a healthy relationship You are free to say no to things You feel safe and never scared or threatened You are free to see friends and family You can express your opinions and beliefs You are free to change your mind You feel like you can be yourself You feel good about yourself You are supported to make your own decisions You are free to end the relationship if you want to

Domestic or Relationship abuse is when one person hurts, threatens, bullies or controls another person who is their partner, was their partner, or who is in the same family.

Relationship abuse can happen between people of any age, ability, nationality, race or family background. It can happen in same sex relationships as well as heterosexual (straight) relationships. All families and relationships have arguments and/ or disagreements but relationship abuse is when there is a repeated pattern of controlling and abusive behaviour. It is both partner’s responsibility to ensure that This pattern of behaviour often includes different their partner is consenting (actively saying yes and types of abuse it is not always physical. giving your permission) to sexual activity EVERY People use these abusive behaviours to control TIME other people they are in a relationship or family Think about how you feel in your relationship or in with. Any type of relationship abuse your friendships. If you don’t always feel like this, is wrong and could be against the law. Maybe you are not being treated with respect. Sexual abuse: Making you do If these things are not part of your relationship, sexual things you don’t want to do or it may be that you or someone you know are experiencing an unhealthy relationship...Read on to taking photographs of you in a sexual manner against your will, forcing you find out more....... to have sex, controlling contraception or forcing you to watch porn

‘Remember if you are experiencing abuse it is not your fault, you can’t change your partner or family’s behaviour, but you can take steps to make yourself safer’ 30

‘As a young disabled adult it was my family that were controlling over me. There was very little sex education at my school, and what little there was, my parent’s wouldn’t let me go to. I couldn’t even ask my GP because my parents insisted on coming in with me’ Anon



Emotional or psychological abuse: Constant insults and name calling making you feel bad about yourself, controlling what you wear/where you go, checking up on you all the time (checking emails, texts, facebook etc) Making you feel responsible for the abuse Threats: Saying they will hurt or kill you or someone precious to you, threatening to kill temselves if you ever leave them, threatening to tell people personal things about you Isolation: Stopping you from seeing friends or family, not allowing you to have visitors, stopping you from going to school or college, or having a job, not allowing you to go anywhere without them

‘Remember you do have rights, there is help out there for you’

Safety Tips • Go to an organisation for support and • • • •

Some people plan different escape routes or plans of how to get out of different situations so they are prepared for an emergency.

Are you worried about a friend/relative? • Approach your friend or relative sensitively. • Don’t judge them, believe what they tell you. • Let them know they are not alone; that it is

Physical abuse: hitting, punching, pushing, biting, kicking or using weapons to hurt you

• •

Financial abuse: Taking/controlling your money, forcing you to buy them things, forcing you to work or not allowing you to work

• The

remember, you have a right to speak to people on your own without your partner or family. Think about safe places you can go if you ever need to leave. Keep your mobile charged and on at all times and have some emergency money on you. Save abusive messages on your phone, email or facebook if it is safe to do so. Keep a record of injuries/incidents if safe to do so.


not their fault. Remind them they do have rights and there is help out there. If you are worried about their safety talk to a trusted adult, it is not always healthy to be the only person who knows something like this. Do not approach their family members or partner


Support Services



What is an arranged marriage? An arranged marriage is a tradition that has been happening for many years in many different communities. In an arranged marriage, families take a leading role in choosing and introducing the marriage partners, but both the bride and groom are part of the decision process and BOTH consent freely to marrying each other. It could be said to be a bit like, your family choose a partner for you and you meet to see if you like each other. If you don’t like that partner or you are not ready, that is fine it is your choice. If that choice was ever taken away it would become a ‘forced marriage’

Am I causing them to do this to me? No, it is not your fault. Don’t blame yourself .They don’t have the right to treat you like this. How do I get them to change? You can’t make someone change their attitude or behaviour. What you can do is take steps to make yourself safer and seek help to understand what your options are and what support is available. Should I stay or should I go? Working out whether to stay in an abusive relationship or situation is a hard decision. Maybe you feel trapped or scared of what might happen to you if you try to leave. There are people that can help you understand your options and your rights Statistics say 80% of the victims of relationhsip abuse are women is this true? Yes, women and girls are more at risk of relationship abuse. There are a few reasons as to why they are more at risk, but it is really important to rememeber that relationhsip abuse does happen to men and boys and it is just as much of a human rights abuse if it does. The reason the risk and likelihood of women and girls 32

experiencing abuse is sometimes higher is because historically women were not seen as equal to men, and sadly in some situations this is still the case and some men feel they have a right to have control over their partners and families. Some people also think the statistics could be inaccurate because some men may feel embarassed to come forward if it was happening to them. If you are experiencing Relationship abuse there is nothing to be ashamed of, it can and does happen to many different people. Does it happen in same sex relationships too? Yes it happens in heterosexual (straight) relationships as well as same sex relationships. Although all services for domestic abuse work with people in same sex relationships there is a specific service called Broken Rainbow who work specifically with LGBT (lesbian, gay, bisexual, trans) people. If you want to know more about LGBT services in manchester check out the What’s On section. Is there any support for the abusive person in the relationship or family? The Respect helpline is a service for anyone who feels they are being abusive and can signpost people to services in their area. The

0808 2000 247 Free phone 24 hr Domestic Abuse Helpline Offers confidential support and information for anyone who is being forced into marriage Telephone: 020 7008 0151 Email:

The Respect Phoneline - freephone 0808 802 4040 - Information and support for those using violence/ abuse in their intimate partner relationships. www.


If you need advice or support: 0161 636 7525 helpline@


Why are they doing this to me? People who are abusive often make excuses for how they act but there is NO excuse. People who use abusive behaviours are trying to have control over someone.

0161 660 7999 Open Mon – Fri 9.30am – 4.30pm

Tell us when it’s safe to contact you

info@ survivorsmanchester.

Brook and Fresh Clinics can help make sure you’ve got the contraception you need. You can also get tested for STIs, get emergency contraception and talk to someone in confidence about any relationship issues. http://www.anyplanstonight. to find out where the walk in centres are Free and confidential support for all young people, 13-25, who are under stress. Get involved in a range of projects, groups, arts and one-to-one support.Helpline / referral line: 0161 228 1888 (Mon, Thu & Fri 2.00-5.00pm) Email: You can contact Greater Manchester Police on Telephone no: 101 for non urgent calls In an emergency always call 999 33

The Think outside the mainstream If you are interested in being involved with ‘The Big I Am’ as a Writer, Illustrator, Designer, Photographer or anything else please join The facebook page and get in touch. There is ongoing competitions and prizes to be won as well as opportunities to submit articles and images:


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next issue out: july 2nd deadline for submissions: 5th June






Alternative magazine for 13-21 year olds in Manchester. Ran by a group of young reporters and editors aged 16-25 and coordinated by Voluntar...


Alternative magazine for 13-21 year olds in Manchester. Ran by a group of young reporters and editors aged 16-25 and coordinated by Voluntar...