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The Shepherd’s Household, Inc. Newsletter 1331 Ranse Staley Rd, Roaring River, NC 28669 Phone: (336) 984-4664 email: August 21, 2010 Dear Friends and Supporters: We have many things to thank the Lord for in this newsletter. He has answered so many prayers and proved Himself so faithful to us! Many changes have occurred in the last few months. We have had four of our boys go home. Thomas graduated from high school and the program and returned home. He started college earlier this month. Marco, who had been with us for 3 ½ years, decided to go live with one of our family. Things didn’t work out for him there and he is now essentially on his own. Please remember him in your prayers. He is still in school and going to one of our supporting churches but we still worry about him. We have given him to the Lord because the Lord is the only one who can help him no matter how much we love him. Anthony, our boy from New York, has also returned home. His mother made the decision to move to South Carolina and the plan was that if she moved down south then Anthony would return home. His family made the move to SC in August and Anthony is now home with them. Aaron has also returned home but not under good circumstances. Unfortunately, Aaron and his family weren’t willing to work with our program and follow our guidelines. Please pray that the Lord will continue to deal with Aaron. We still have Austin and he is doing well. He continues to struggle with peer pressure and being himself in all situations. We are praying that the Lord will help Austin stand strong for what is right. Jesse, Marco’s younger brother, is also still with us. He has really struggled with Marco leaving the way he did. He still has many issues of his own to work through though and we are encouraging him to focus on getting himself where he needs to be with his family and the Lord. Lane is doing well. He is growing up right before our eyes and will be going into 7th grade this fall. It is hard to believe he is that old already. He is excited about being an uncle and he can’t wait until Trey and Katie have their baby in late November. They bought a house in June and celebrated their 1st year anniversary in July. Please pray for them to allow God to lead their home so they can be the parents God wants them to be for their coming baby. The new addition is so close to being completed. We have the heating and a/c working throughout the whole house which will make it so much warmer this winter. We also have the new kitchen and pantry finished. It is amazing how the Lord has sent the funds and the workers to help get it all done. The Lord sent a friend along to tell us about an auction where we might get some countertops for a lot less than we had priced. When we went to the auction we actually got enough wood panels to do the entire schoolroom for $1. Isn’t the Lord good? We have the school work stations installed and are now waiting on the painters to finish up so we can get the carpet installed. We have the tile for the countertops in the bathrooms but we still need to get it put down. We have been so busy trying to finish the kitchen and schoolroom that it has been left till last. Please pray that we can get this building project finished. We are so ready to have it done so that the boys can have a normal home to live in. We also have many applications sent out right now

A Christ-centered home and school for boys.

The Shepherd’s Household, Inc. Newsletter 1331 Ranse Staley Rd, Roaring River, NC 28669 Phone: (336) 984-4664 email: and we are praying about who should get the spots that just opened up. We could help 7 or 8 additional boys if the addition was finished. We want to thank everyone who helped our ministry in the last few months. Some of you helped financially, some helped by donating your time and skills, and some of you prayed for us and our needs. We couldn’t have made it without you. We thank the Lord for working through you to meet our needs and to help these boys. We know that your reward will be great in Heaven. We made some wonderful new friends through this project and we were humbled by how much God loves us. Isn’t it amazing to think the God of the entire universe cares what happens to you and me every day? Aren’t you thankful He loved us enough to send his precious son to die for our sins so we could have that relationship and fellowship with Him? Trusting in Jesus,

The Stricklands and the Boys

NEEDS LIST  Laptop computers for school  Funds to finish the building project!  Supplies to build a storage building for the freezers so we can finish the back porch and siding or either a walk-in cooler/freezer to add on to the back of the house off the pantry.

A Christ-centered home and school for boys.

August 2010  

August 2010 Newsletter

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