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Factsheet What Is Autotask?

The Selection

Autotask is “The World’s #1 Business Management Software Platform”.

Nearly 50 systems were analysed and “scored” on 34 different factors ranging from ease of use through to quality of support.

It is a web-based software system aimed at organising, automating and optimising business functions. When they were established in 2001, Autotask was one of the pioneering Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) solutions. Their system is widely used with a current active user count of around 40,000. Autotask is based in the USA but have recently opened a UK office in Richmond.

Why Do We Need I t? The BGM Group is growing from strength to strength. This growth increases pressure on all areas that support the business with greater demands on processes and information requirements. We have geographical challenges too. In addition to the BGM staff located in Colwyn Bay, Edinburgh and London, we have staff based in Bristol, Manchester and Derby. Additionally we have clients in Wootton Bassett, Glasgow, Coventry, Norway, Belgium and Poland that we need to support. All these factors require a management system to ensure that we operate effectively, efficiently and profitably.

Autotask was top of the league by a long way, making it a clear favourite. A due diligence exercise was completed along with a risk assessment which resulted in the Board giving Autotask the green light.

The Benefits The introduction of Autotask and the associated procedures that will be written to support it will improve the efficiency of the workflow in a number of areas. Procedural improvements are required to maintain our ISO 9000 accreditation. It will help to ensure that we capture and bill all chargeable time. A central repository of information will be available to those who will benefit from it. Operation and Account Managers will be able to view a calendar of their team’s holidays, projects and meetings. Autotask will also help reduce the duplication of information we currently have. A single copy of a document will be attached to an opportunity or project rather than multiple copies residing on individual’s laptops.

What Will Autotask Cover? Business Development opportunities will be easily tracked and managed. When won, the system will seamlessly update the opportunity into an operational project. Those working on the project will log their hours in a timesheet which in turn will be available for finance to invoice. A unique ID will be allocated to every project to ensure that a project can be tracked and identified throughout its life cycle. Additional areas available within Autotask include resource management, holiday requests, expenses, knowledge base and possibly even a service desk module to help BGMIT manage the ever increasing IT support requests.

Who Will Use Autotask? Not necessarily everybody. We will need to consider the impact of change particularly on established accounts where our working practices are based on the client’s own procedures. Autotask will initially be rolled out to the Business Development team with subsequent successful projects being managed within the system. We will also look to retrospectively document some of the existing projects to assist with the ongoing management of these.

Autotask Factsheet v2

Who Will Run Autotask? Everybody who uses it will contribute to the management of the system. Jonathan Low will head up the implementation and management of the system. Jonathan’s Information Management background and qualifications will serve the company well throughout the transitional stages and ensure the maximum return of investment is achieved. Each section of the system will be overseen by an appropriate member of staff. For example, Evelyn Webber will be responsible for all Business Development elements.

T raining There is a wealth of online training material available from Autotask. These online resources will be supported by BGM Process Maps to help us all work within the system keeping it accurate and providing a valuable asset to The BGM Group.

Mo re I nformation More information will become throughout the implementation Each client account will be separately to understand the requirements.

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Autotask Factsheet v2  

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