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Best Series TV Series 1980-1990


Written by Jose Hernández

CONTEST Written by

Tatiana Bernal

Have you been in a contest show before? Would you rather see it or participate in these TV shows? So many people love the competition; demonstrate they are better than others. In the last years, in the 80’s and 90’s we have seen a lot of programs where the most important is winning awards. Would you like to win using your intelligence? Voice? Maybe your ability to guess? Colombian people use their skills and strengths and take part in these TV Shows. In Colombia in the last years we have seen contests programs with so much success, do you remember these TV shows?, remember is to live, therefore I am talking you about a big experience, about the contest TV shows in the last decade, this is like a flashback. If you remember all these TV programs don’t think that you’re old, just think that you’re part of the select group that enjoyed the good TV, a group full of experience and that probably took part in one of these programs. I always wanted to be in these programs, how would not I want to be there if always pretty models are presenting the awards, sometimes money, appliances, vacation or other products provided by the sponsors of the program.

Most of these TV shows were created in other countries, but later thanks to their success, these countries sold copyrights. In Colombia the contest programs have been so famous, we like these programs, it is an entertainment form, the people enjoy with their families every day the contests programs although probably so many people think that the contests programs in the 90’s were better than the contest programs in this century. Now enjoy across the time the different contest programs, surely you will have a big smile after reading it. Who doesn’t like to win some extra money, would you like to win taking challenges? Who doesn’t remember the famous program “All for the money” presented by Hernan Orjuela in the 90´s and showed every Monday in channel one. I think that the most remembered section was “Machoman”, a guy who challenged the men with his strength, how to forget this section? While people involved played in the background we listened “we will rock you. Maybe currently we don’t have programs like these, where the people didn’t mind losing their hair, eating something weird, getting into a box full of snakes or rats. Incredibly Colombian people took challenges just to win some money, why are these programs successful? In a country with unemployment like this where the best option for the unemployed is to take part of this. Of course some people like to participate because find in it a way to make something different, out of the routine and enjoy a couple of hours. I’m just bit not really into this contest, I’d rather contest programs where the intelligence is the main role, although everyone has different likes, certainly “machoman” section will be unforgettable despite years. What would you like to know about the contest program where you use intelligence? Since the 80’s our parents enjoyed “concentration” where participants remembered the pairs of elements that appeared on a board. But talking more recently who doesn’t see “who wants to be a millionaire? This famous program broadcasted in many countries around the world. Where was it made? It was originated in the United Kingdom, created in 1998 by David Briggs and directed in Colombia by Paulo Laserna Phillips in Caracol TV in 2000 and now in RCN TV, don´t you love this program? It’s fantastic! Intelligence plays an important role to win each stage of the game besides watching the program you could learn too. Don’t you know the correct answer? You’d better call a friend, he may help you, but perhaps you know the answer but if you have a doubt, with the option fifty fifty you can discard the other options. Some people find this kind of program boring. However if you like to learn everyday something new I am sure that you will enjoy with this program. Believe it or not this program has been one of the most famous in the last decade in our country.

Would you like to win just guessing? In the last decade these programs have been extremely pleased by the Colombian people. “Quiere Cacao” was a Colombian game show in the 90’s it was showed in the Channel A and directed by Fernando Gonzalez Pacheco, who had one parrot over his shoulder, do you remembered that the parrot told jokes all the time. How to forget sections like who is, who is? Discover it, discover it, It sounds like, it sounds like. In the 90’s other programs like this was Family feud also known as “100 colombian say” directed by Carlos Calero, and “the price is right” program initially directed by Gloria Valencia de Castaño in the 80’s. A few prefer to take the risk with these contests where one must guess and luck will be held by them. Contests programs where you use your intelligence are as good as the programs where you just need to guess. All people have their preferences, would you like to leave all at your luck? This kind of program is for you, now it is very easy take part of this just filling out a form is enough, and you can be famous for one day, just be sure to win some and not to go home with the empty handed.



Written by

Tatiana Bernal

Fear, ghosts, vampires, real cases, deaths and kills, characterize the best Scary TV series that have been published so far. Do you know why the Scary TV series were shocking? Because in the 80’s and 90’s the TV needed to attract more viewers with innovation, representing the most reliable entertainment use, showing real and unreal cases that marked not only their countries of origin, but all households in the world that saw the development of Scary TV series. In this magazine you will find the most important series and you will remember the fantastic and thrilling stories published on TV. Most scary TV series were created in United States and almost all, were based on real cases from the same country. An example was the famous THE X FILES, it was focused on FBI cases, classified as paranormal. It was published in 1993 and aired for 10 years until 2003. Friday the 13th was another Scary TV series with more views on TV, it told the story of a person who made a deal with the devil to sell cursed antiques, but when the pact is broken, all the antiques would be hell for the family’s story.

Other popular series on Television were: Alfred Hitchcock (1987-1989), Millennium (1996-1999), Poltergeist (1996-1999), Tales from the dark side (1983), Freddy’s Nightmares (1988-1990), Twin Peaks (1990-1991) and Stories to Stay Awake (1982). Twin Peaks was based on research of FBI special Agent Dale Cooper, on the murder of a beautiful and popular young girl in the city. Twin peaks got more than 132 million viewers and was published in 1990 and renewed in 1991. Vampires were important part in Scary TV series that were published in the 80’s and 90’s, so Buffy the vampire slayer was representative because it got 4 to 6 million viewers in the first week of publication. Freddy’s Nightmares was an American Horror series, which used the same format as that employed by Alfred Hitchcock Presents, Tales from the Crypt, or The Twilight Zone. The only actor from the film series retained for the TV series was Robert Englund, as Freddy Krueger. Fascinating and unforgettable are the descriptions of the Scary TV series, because thanks to them, we understand a little investigative work, performed by the different countries to solve cases of real life. Also imagine and believe that anything is possible and most importantly, the confidence that you can find TV series worthwhile, because they teach and remain in our thoughts forever.

The Cartoons first originated from artists who had designed characters with their imagination who created drawings. The Cartoons have advanced from their origins as drawings in newspapers and periodicals, as an exaggerated demonstration of human life as shown by modern examples such as The Simpsons, we find humorous cartoons, special for girls, boys and for all the family. These characters have improved through time with new technology that allows us TO enjoy different kinds of cartoons in 3D. Cartoons for girls: They Show us a wonderful world and romantic life where the princess finds the love of her life and the woman always has a hero: She-Ra: As twin sister to He-Man, Adora should have left a memorable impression on young girls who wanted to be a super hero.

a r C Written by Carolina ArĂŠvalo

Strawberry Shortcake: Oh, the sweetness! The pink! The yummy desserts! The Strawberry Shortcake tv series took place in a berry special place called Strawberryland, which is made up primarily of berries. Strawberry Shortcake lived in a large strawberry cottage with her cute little kitty-cat Custard. Her friends all had names like Lemon Meringue and Blueberry Muffin.

Popples: Existing to have merriment and fun, the Popples lived among two human children, and avoided being discovered by adults My Little Pony: My Little Ponies lived in a wonderful place called Dream Valley in Ponyland. There were quite a lot of ponies, including Lickety Split, Wind Whistler, Gusty, and North Star. They each had their own particular pastel shade, with colored manes and tails. They each also had unique markings on their flank, such as a grouping of flowers, that somehow related to their personality. The show revolved around everyday life in Dream Valley in addition to battling evil forces trying to take over Ponyland. Care Bears: Living in a magical world on clouds, Care Bears are special bears that have different mission of caring about others. Many of these cartoons left us happy memories, it is important to give a good message and to allow imagination fly for the girls. Cartoons for Boys Some Cartoons are violent for boys and others leave a message: Ducktales: It is fondly remembered as a classic thanks to its action-packed plots the gang hunted for treasure, solved puzzles and protected Scrooge's fortune from scheming villains. The Transformers it's about a team of extraterrestrial robots who can turn into cars, trucks and pretty much anything else, and they fight against each other. That is the definition of awesome. ThunDer Cats; As their home world is destroyed, a group of cat-like aliens escape to Third Earth, where they are followed by evil mutants who are determined to acquire the Thundercats' powers. He- Man; An all time classic. Whenever nerdy Prince Adam held aloft his magic word, and said "By the power of Grayskull!", he became He-Man, the most powerful man in the universe! He-Man fought the evil forces of Skeletor to control the planet Eternia. The cartoon was designed especially for boys, we find that movies have a lot of fight and violence, some drawings leave bad messages for boys and confusion into their growth. Cartoons for Family To enjoy in family it is very fascinating to see cartoons of entertainment as: Justice League : Seven of the most formidable heroes form arguably the most powerful team ever. Wonder woman: is a warrior princess of the Amazons (based on the Amazons of Greek mythology) and is known in her homeland as Princess Diana of Themyscira. When outside her homeland incognito, she is known as Diana Prince, a secret identity with credentials and identity bought from an Army nurse named Diana White who went to South America and married her fiance. She is gifted with a wide range of superhuman powers and superior combat and battle skills.

Batman: Batman is the secret identity of Bruce Wayne, an American billionaire playboy, industrialist, and philanthropist. Having witnessed the mhurder of his parents as a child, he swore revenge on criminals, an oath tempered with the greater ideal of justice. As we can see the cartoons were designed for all the people, you can see these cartoons with your family, so you have to be careful with the programs that leave bad message because some animated films encourage agresive behavior in young children. Therefore it´s important to discuss with them about these cartoons, we find hilarious, romantic and unforgettable animated films that you can share and enjoy on weekend with your family, I would recommend you to see Batman, Spiderman, the smurfs, Ninja Turtles and others. Surely every generation will have a different view, since each decade faces various topics that could be identified, Every age has its features, and these also reached to the cartoon. But gradually the stories passed from the simple to the complex, they show over the years things even more realistic, saturated with violence and loaded with a sense and messages that the children don’t understand, we view with nostalgia the old cartoons and surprised as current caricatures are lost in conflicts, fights, fights of power, not suitable language, and the most dangerous perhaps: representation of wrong roles of childhood and adolescence.



Written by Sandra Ospina


Who has not seen a soap opera in their life? Through history, the soap operas have been a household entertainment, a reason to gather in family, a way to de-stress or to feel identified with the stories and characters, reason why all countries produce and watch soap operas. But is Colombia known for its soap operas? Colombia is the third country in producing soap operas and these are adopted by other countries, one example is “Yo Soy Betty la Fea” that won eleven nominations and was the world's most famous soap opera in the late nineties and in 2010 entered into the Guinness world records. There are other countries like Venezuela and Mexico who have also produced soap operas that have been presented in Colombia. However Colombian soap opera was more entertaining, in the age of eighties and nineties because there were more drama and love stories, but in the last years the Colombian soap operas for their high content of violence and drug trafficking have generated much controversy, but in spite of this, the statistics, the reception in other countries, the rating and “Los premios TV y Novelas”, demonstrate that Colombia has great potential for soap operas and is recognized worldwide for it.

According “Los Premios TV y Novelas” there are many soap operas that have left their mark in the history of Colombian television that have made Colombia become known worldwide for its soap operas, actors, scenes, drama and other factors so they have a high rating and awaken the interest of other countries. Some of the most recognizable soap operas were: “Café con Aroma de Mujer” (1995-RCN), “Perro Amor” (1999-Cemprotu), “Los Victorinos” (1992-RTI), “La Potra Zaina” (1999-RCN), and the best “Yo Soy Betty la Fea” (1999-RCN). In the nineties Colombia was recognized for its telenovelas which were characterized by their stories of love, impossible love, infidelity and happy endings for the characters that made people feel identified with their stories and had a high rating, winning awards for best soap operas recognized in the world. Mexican and Venezuelan soap operas In the nineties, Mexico and Venezuela like Colombia, have been recognized throughout the history for their soap operas, many of these have been adopted and presented by Colombian channels like: “Maria la del Barrio” (Mexico-1996), “La Usurpadora” (Mexico-1998), “ Marimar” (Mexico-1994), “Cristal” (Venezuela-1986), “Topasio” (Venezuela-1986). These ones were characterized by poor people who become rich, revenge, love between different social classes, impossible loves and happy endings. Although Mexican and Venezuelan soap operas have a drama like Colombian soap operas, these latter have more action and humor making them better and more entertaining than the soap operas from other countries.

Written by Camila Rodríguez

Do you know which the best Sitcoms on 90's are? Firstly,a Sitcom is a comedy about people who live in the seam environment, like home or workplace and the dialogues are funny. In the 90’s there were find a lot of sitcoms because in that time the best comedies began; comedies that today we still remember. I choose six sitcoms to talk about; Sabrina the teenage witch, ALF, The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air, Friends, Don Chinche and Dejemonos de Vainas. I think these were the best in that time; Many people grew up watching these sitcoms, for that reason they are unforgettable; today on TV we can see sitcoms like Friends in Warner Channel or ALF and The Fresh Prince Of Bel-Air in Nickelodeon because people still want to watch them. Since 90’s the Sitcoms have become a very important part for the people around the

the word because the family can meet to watch them and enjoy a great time together; Sitcoms are the best for many people because these were hilarious. I divided these sitcoms into three categories, they are: Fiction Sitcoms In this category, I selected two important sitcoms which are ALF and Sabrina the teenage witch. Both are fiction sitcoms because most of the things that happen to the characters are unreal.For example,in ALF we watch a history of an Alien who lives with a normal family and all the sitcom is focused him because he is a different creature; he has other origin and it is very controversial in the family;This sitcom was stared by Michu Meszaros Paul Fusco and other important actors.

On the other hand, Sabrina the teenage witch is a story about a teen who is a witch.She is learning to be a good witch,she lives with her two aunts and with a cat, it is very special because it can speak with her, they come from the magical world that is a fiction place. This is a good category because there a mixture between real life and fiction. It is very interesting, hilarious and unusual. Sabrina was stared by Melissa Joan Hart. Real Sitcoms In this topic I choose other two sitcoms which are Friends and The Fresh Prince of Bel - Air, these sitcoms have in common that in both things happen in a real life environment or happen to a normal person. In Friends, we find different characters like a singer an actor a chef and different professions,but everybody has the same environment in common, for that reason they have a relationship. These important and unforgettable sitcoms were stared by Jennifer Aniston, Courteney Cox, Lisa Kudrow, Matt LeBlanc, Matthew Perry, David Schwimmer. The fresh Prince of Bel - Air tells us about the life of a boy who moves to live with his rich uncle and this situation carries a lot of new experiences for him because he is a normal person when he moves he changes his life a lot because his uncle were rich and they have different manners ,This sitcom was stared by Will Smith. Colombian sitcoms Finally, These two sitcoms, are from our country. They are Don Chinche and Dejemonos De Vainas. The first one is a story based on poor immigrants who arrive to the city. The central idea of this TV show is that it show us the reality of these people who have to survive in the city all days. Actors like Hector Ulloa, Hernando Casanova, Paula Peña, Gloria Gomez, were some of the main actors. The other one, Dejemonos de Vainas tells us about the for of a Colombian family, but the important thing is that the father is a journalist who works in Bogotá, a newspaper called "climate" He tells us about different things that happen, it was stared by Victor Hugo Morant, Carlos de la Fuente, Paula Peña, Marisol Correa. Both sitcoms were very Colombian because there were vey colloquial dialogues that the reality of other people lives. Sitcoms like Sabrina the Teenage Witch, ALF and the other ones that I mentioned above are very important for us because we grew up watching these comedies.This genre was a good entertainment medium because it had several episodes that contained no rude and funny material from real life. You may remember the sitcoms for very important characteristics, sitcoms were recorded in front of a studio audience and when we watched the sitcom we heard the laughs of the spectators. I think the sitcoms are the best TV genre because they are different kinds of TV. We can find different topics like, work place, roommates or other environment with often humorous dialogue; this is the most important for me. Watch these hhcomedies and you can enjoy them. Have fun!

Written by Jean C Espíndola

If you lived in the 80's and 90's you can remember how different it was to have fun and enjoy your free time. I was pretty lucky to live these two wonderful decades and I can say that television and hobbies at that time were much better than any from today. For example, while the children from today would rather stay at home playing video games or joining in a social network, in the 80´s and 90´s the life was quite different; all children loved to go out and play street games like "ring ring run run", "liberator soldier" or “yermiz”, etc.

ACTION Besides, a 90 percent of people didn´t have TV cable, but fortunately, it was not a problem because all the TV was awesome. We had the best action TV series, the best cartoons and the best national TV. In conclusion, maybe the children from twenty-first century are less lucky because we, unlike them, had to use our imagination to get fun and they, instead, have everything and nothing surprises them. Top 3 80’ and 90’ Action TV series: Manimal, Knight Rider and Automan. When I was a child the most famous Action TV series were by far these three: The first one: “Knight Rider” A lone crime fighter fights the forces of evil with the help of his indestructible and artificially intelligent car. The second one: “Manimal”



Jonathan Chase was a British college professor at New York University who had the unusual ability to transform into any kind of animal. He used his powers to battle crime. And the last one: “Automan” (the "Automatic Man") follows the adventures of a police officer and computer programmer named Walter Nebicher, who had created an artificially intelligent crime fighting program that generated a hologram able to get out of the computer world and fight crime. The Most action TV series of the 80’ and 90’ in the U.S., were about people with special powers who have fought from the beginning against evil and crime. These three in my opinion, are the best examples of the way that the American people think: We are the heroes and we are the chosen to save the world. Other great series: MacGyver, The fall Guy, Magnum P.I, A-team. MacGyver is able to make use of any mundane materials around him to create unorthodox solutions to any problem he faces. Colt Seaver is a combination of bounty hunter and stunt man. He drives a big GMC truck with an eagle painted on its hood. Magnum is a private detective whose cases frequently have a humorous overtone and always just enough danger. Additionally we can find a group of Iraq War veterans; they try to clear their name with the U.S. military, who suspect the four men of committing a crime for which they were framed. Other great group of 80’ and 90’ action series are the violent series, like these aforementioned, in this case starring the U.S. army, private detectives and all kind of guns. The superheroes in these series don´t have a particular super power or a lot of money; they have other abilities that turn them on into something more realistic to our eyes. The special effects evolution, legacy from movies and action TV series from 80’ and 90’. Have you ever wondered why the American action TV series were the most popular around the world? The answer is quite simple: The special effects!!, and this is the reason because the Colombian series from 80' and 90' were not nearly as good as American series. Special effects are traditionally divided into the categories of optical effects and mechanical effects. With the emergence of digital film-making tools a greater distinction between special effects and visual effects has been recognized, with "visual effects" referring to digital post-production and "special effects" referring to on-set mechanical effects and in-camera optical effects. The most of the gadgets that we already have were just an idea from 80’ and 90’. Without any of these two wonderful decades, without any all these series and movies, today it would be quite different. One more time I have to say that the people who lived in these two decades have to be grateful for a lot of hours of excellent entertainment.





CHILDREN As a magical and mysterious portal that transported us to an incredible world where animals spoke and fruits sang, it is like we felt when we were children and we could enjoy our favorite children programs. Programs that for their thematic and messages were made to attract a target audience, the children. It is impossible to forget the fantastic characters of those series of the 80’s and 90’s that have been recorded in our mind during all the life, which contrast with the restricted space that in those decades, Colombian TV assigned to children’s entertainment. It is important to remember that in those decades, Colombia only had three TV channels, although it was not really a problem to enjoy some hours with Coco, Vainilla, Panfleto Poca Paja or Vespertina. They were really honorable moments in our children’s lives and that to remember, maybe we can feel for an instant that we travel to a known dimension, where animals speak and fruits sing. But exactly, ¿What type of children programs are we referring to? In general, children programs have always had as main objective, to entertain and to amuse the children. The programs which we are referring, are those that in addition to entertain and to amuse, educated and contributed with the children’s intellectual development too. Children programs of the 80’s and 90’s decades had a bit of everything: animated objects, human roles in animals, music, the fiction situations were mixed with real situations and also, they used a common language very similar to the children’s language but always highlighting some aspects with which the children could feel identified or always creating an easy to remember stereotype. It is important to note that when these programs were transmitted, the Colombian programmers were foraying in the children’s TV segment and they betted to these types of programs without knowing if these would manage a commercial success. A situation that differs a lot from the reality that we live today in Colombia. Currently, if a program is not profitable, it is simply not transmitted. With the privatization of the TV channels, the children programs are limited to acclimate a recording studio with a lot of colors, to contract children like assistant into studio and the rebroadcast of series and foreign cartoons. For this reason, it would be impossible not to remember the children programs of the 80’s and 90’s decade. Well, and it is that even though Colombia in 80’s and 90’s TV programmers began to foray in the children’s TV segment, it is not in our country where these programs are born, because the interest to exploit this kind of programs was born in Europe and North America in the 50’s. Initially, the British Broadcasting Corporation, in England, began transmitting programs similar to a classroom. In 1969, in United States “Children’s Television Workshop”, (CTW), was created institution that gets a great influence in the development of educational television for children through the series “Plaza Sésamo”. This series was addressed to preschool children and it was a mixt of entertainment and instruction. Later, based on the success of “Plaza Sésamo”, the CTW, produced other television series with this orientation addressed to different age groups. It is for this reason that from the start of the Colombian TV, in 1954, and until the end of de 70’s, the children could only watch foreign children’s series. But, in 1979 in Colombia it was decreed that the 65% of the television had to be national and then the children could enjoy the other Colombian children’s programs, more personalized and with a great influence of our culture. In this way, our television came to screens with different series for children that managed to touch our sensibilities and it had to stay in our memory along with many cartoon series and some lovely dramas of those decades.

But, we remember some of those unforgettable series that definitely marked our childhood and that will always be in our mind. In those decades the first program for children, created and transmitted in Colombia was “Los Dumis”, a program that had as objective, teaching the children the citizen conscience, very similar to “Plaza Sésamo”. Surely, we can remember three puppets in the form of garbage cans, a public telephone, a traffic light and a culvert who graciously taught us about the function of the things. Other great program that marked us was “Imagínate”, directed and displayed by Maria Angélica Mallarino. A program where the children were artists and they could sing and learn to make crafts too. Other really funny amazing and very entertaining program was “El Tesoro del Saber” which had a song very sticky and hard to forget. This program used puppets too, and live actors that represented the life in a conventional farm. This program was very particular because the objective was teaching children basic topics of social and natural sciences, mathematics and language but with simple dialogues. The protagonist was a grumpy scarecrow called “Panfleto Poca Paja” that was always sitted in a window and endured beatings with sacks when he said something wrong and that always argued gracefully with a hen called “Vespertina”. And a really unforgettable Colombian program was “Oki Doki” a program of eight children who lived in a house that functioned like an ice cream saloon and where they practiced dances and choreographies. They were amazing series and will always be in our mind.

We could continue with a long list and nostalgically describing all the characters of each children program of the 80s and 90s but this really cannot be compared with what we really feel when we remember those moments and that cannot be compared with the children programs of today. Actually, the tendency of the programs that stimulate the creativity in the children and develope their intellect has disappeared for lack of creativity, lack of economic support and absence of time slots for transmission. It is really more important and profitable for a private channel a soap opera than a children program that educates and instructs children. Our TV is now invaded of reality shows, “narco series” and celebrity gossip programs. Definitely, the children programs of the 80’s and 90’s cannot be compared with the Colombian children programs of the current times. For now, just enjoy, again, the foreign children programs that are transmitted for the Cable TV.

Written by Constanza Fuentes