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November 2012

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The Artist I love going to the cinema. I love everything about the movies and the big screen, and it’s a great way to relax after a tough day at work because my mind is completely taken over by the film. It’s escapism on tap and I have no problem suspending my disbelief for a couple of hours – as long as there’s a Diet Coke and some popcorn! But last weekend I stayed home and watched a DVD. Somehow I missed the Oscar winning film The Artist when it came out earlier this year and I was keen to see what I’d been missing. You’ll remember The Artist, it’s the silent black and white movie that won five Oscars, including Best Picture, Best Actor and Best Director – which is why I wanted to see it. It was a stunning film, made even more so because it was so completely different to anything that I think I’ve ever seen at a mainstream cinema. I’m not giving too much away when I tell you the plot is about the demise of a great silent movie actor whose career is effectively ended with the arrival of “Talkies” in the late 1920s. It’s set in Hollywood and as his career wanes, one of his dancers sees her career rapidly take off with the new talking media. There’s a wonderful twist at the end and the most delightful Jack Russell dog who, frankly, steals the show. However, this is not a film review, so let me get back on track. George Valentin is the name of the character around whom the movie is based.

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He’s the silent movie star and at the beginning of the film he is enjoying huge success. He has fame and fortune in large amounts – all acquired through his success at silent movies. However, as I’ve already said, times are changing and the “Talkies” have begun to emerge. Rather than embracing this new media, however, Valentin resists it with great vigour. He sticks with what he knows and understands. After all that’s what he’s comfortable with and it’s brought him great success. Even when he gets dumped by his studio he pursues silent movie projects on his own and there’s a very poignant scene in the film when you see the previously packed cinema with only half a dozen people watching his latest film whilst, next door, the new “Talkies” have it packed to the rafters.


But in the last 10 years all of that has changed. Yellow Pages is dying, there’s another local newspaper closing every week in this country (and those that are left are read by the wrong demographic for most businesses) and word-of-mouth in the 21st Century is, of course, social media. The arrival of things like the internet, Google Ad Words, Facebook ads, Banner retargeting, use of SMS text, voice broadcasts, email marketing – these are the “Talkies” of our time.

It struck me that this is such a wonderful simile for so many businesses in the UK today. There are lots of business owners who are hugely skilled and talented at what they do (just like Valentin was) but their stubborn refusal to move with the times – especially with regard to their marketing – means that their success is hugely compromised and their lifestyles diminished as a result. Look at it this way, for 70 years after the war, if you were a local business in the UK, all you had to worry about in order to achieve success was three things: you took the largest ad you could afford in Yellow Pages, you relied a lot on word-of-mouth and if you were really ambitious, or a bit flashy, you took out an ad in the local paper. That was all you needed to do.

In short, pretty much everything about being in business is changing – just like in Hollywood in the late 20s, when everything about making movies changed as well. Those who adapted and changed with the times were the ones that flourished, those that didn’t saw their careers die. And so it will be the case for our generation in business. The good news is, even if you haven’t done much with any of this “new fangled stuff” yet – it’s not too late to start. The ending of The Artist is genuinely uplifting and so it could be for you too … and here at thebestof we’re here to help you in any way we can. We’re as progressive as progressive can be, we’re plugged in to what’s working and we’re only a phone call away.

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Offer of the Month Passage to India FREE BEER! When you spend over £25 on our takeaway menu. Having a night in? Not sure what to do for dinner? Passage to India are giving away a FREE 4-pack of Indian beer when you spend over £25 on their takeaway menu. Choose from a mouth-watering selection of Indian culinary delights that will certainly tickle your tastebuds! Washed down with refreshing, ice-cold beer – the perfect complement to a great night in!

Monthly Update November 2012

The People Behind The Business Ladies Workout Express: Doing it for the Girls! Situated in Swinton, Ladies Workout Express offer a friendly environment and a varied workout to suit the needs of all women regardless of their fitness level, age or busy schedule. Here’s a little bit more about these incredible ladies who are helping women to improve their health and confidence: Karen Pheasant - Club Owner (3rd from the left) Karen spent 22 years in banking before leaving to follow her dream and start her own fitness business in 2003. She is now a qualified Gym Instructor and has a Nutrition Diploma. She is passionate about helping women to improve their lives through fitness and healthy eating. She’s also a keen football fan and a season ticket holder at Manchester City (someone has to be)! Joan Dixon - Instructor - Full Time (3rd from the right) Joan joined the staff in September 2009. She has spent many years in retail management and customer service. Joan loves music of all genres, and strums a mean guitar! She loves going to live music concerts. Alison Harold - Gym Instructor - Part Time (2nd from the right) Alison joined the staff in 2008, having been a member of the club previously. She is a fitness enthusiast and keen runner. She also loves baking healthy cakes and gardening.


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Helen Keefe - Class Instructor (far right) Helen is a qualified Exercise to Music Instructor, and runs a variety of classes at the club. She was previously a member of the club for several years. Janet Sumner - Motivator (front) Since 2009, Janet has successfully lost over 2 stone and achieved real health benefits, so is a strong advocate of the gym! She works as a motivator during the morning peak period with her role being to help members to have fun and get the most from their workouts. Hannah Wynn - Motivator (4th from the left) Hannah’s job is to assist and encourage members to get the most from their workouts. In her spare time she loves using her creative abilities to do makeovers for friends.

Working Well... We are delighted to hear of lots of successes across thebestof Salford network where business members have been benefitting from all the products and services that we provide. Here are a couple of great stories... r

‘We’ve been with thebestof Salford now for coming up to 6 months. What we have noticed in the time that we’ve been with Sarah at thebestof is a massive improvement in our Google search rankings. The number of customers finding us through Google now has increased dramatically. I attribute that really to all the work that Sarah’s been putting in for us helping to promote the business, including links back to our site and blogging about what we’re up to at Redline, all of this to help raise the visability of the workshop. It’s been a massive improvement in our sales and marketing effectiveness over this 6 month period.’

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Trevor Jenkins, Redline Automotive, Eccles ‘I’ve been with thebestof Salford now for 12 months. Sarah is tireless in her work, and I believe it’s the perfect way for anyone wanting to promote their business. I’ve tried over the years many forms of advertising, which have proven to be unsuccessful. thebestof Salford, however, has gotten me to the top of Google, which I couldn’t have done myself! I would recommend their services to anyone who owns a small to medium-sized business. I think thebestof Salford is the best way to promote my business and get new customers through the door.’

Barry Burney, AB Plumbing & Construction, Eccles

Mix and Match At thebestof Salford we are on the lookout for other great members. This month we are looking for....

• Boutiques • Dentists • Commercial & Domestic Cleaning Companies If you know a business that fits the bill please contact the team...

0161 839 7019

This often feels like our least tangible service we offer as part of membership with thebestof Salford, however we know it’s one of the most successful in generating business. Regularly during conversations with member or prospect businesses, the need for a particular product or service arises, this is where we step in connecting a business member with those who need it. Recently we have had some really great examples of this working a treat! • Passage to India needed product shots taking of their food. We were able to connect them with Tracey Gibbs Photography. • Ed’s Hair & Beauty in Lower Broughton where under-going salon refurbishments… AB Plumbing & Construction details passed on. • Ivy Mount Guest House needed ‘Thank you’ postcards printing to send to their previous guests… We connected them with printers, Scissorspaperstone based in Eccles. • Education Matters in Swinton needed a banner erecting on the outside of their premises. We were able to recommend KC Roofing who got the job done pronto!

These are just a few very recent examples of how we work for our business members on a daily basis.

Monthly Update November 2012

We’ve uncovered more hidden gems over the last few weeks. A big welcome to the following businesses who have joined us recently:

Give them a call & make them feel welcome iCE WIZARDS

Dynamic Technical Services (DTS)

The computer technicians at iCE WIZARDS Computer Repair Centre in Monton, specialise in computer maintenance and repairs. If you have a problem with your home or business PC or laptop, call the team today. They can help with PC security, computer upgrades, networking and more!

Helping companies to comply with Health and Safety legislation, Dynamic Technical Services offer professional PAT Testing on all types of electrical equipment. Serving businesses throughout the UK, the DTS engineers offer electrical safety testing at a very competitive price.

Call 0161 452 4982

Call 0161 452 4978

Widdows Pilling

Ivy Mount Guest House

Established in 1974, Widdows Pilling provides friendly and practical legal advice to homeowners and businesses throughout Walkden, Salford and Greater Manchester. Widdows Pilling have a wealth of legal expertise, specialising in: Conveyancing, Wills, Probate, Personal Injury, Family Law and Commercial Law. For expert legal advice from a local firm of Solicitors that you can trust, call Widdows Pilling today!

If you’re looking for guest houses close to Manchester City Centre, Salford Quays or MediaCityUK, you should book a room at Ivy Mount Guest House. Boasting contemporary, comfortable rooms and a fabulous breakfast, Ivy Mount Guest House is popular with business guests as well as those passing through the area.

Call 0161 785 7821

Holyrood If you are looking for Nursery Schools in Salford offering exceptional levels of care and education to children aged 0 to 5 years, you should contact Holyrood Nursery MediaCityUK - they are open Monday to Saturday 7am to 7pm and offer a bright and spacious learning environment.

Call 0161 452 4981

Call 0161 452 4983

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What you are up against I get direct mail from Charles Tyrwhitt most months. They send a lot of mail. Not only that, but it’s really good direct mail which, I expect, generates them a lot of sales. Now some of you may be thinking what on earth has a men’s shirt retailer got to do with my business – and the answer, I think, is “Quite a lot actually”. You see, companies like Charles Tyrwhitt and Laithwaites Wine set the standard by which all marketing communication is judged. And that means that if your marketing does not communicate as effectively and engagingly as these guys do, then it will not be as effective. I’ve shown a couple of examples of Tyrwhitt mailings on this page. Take a look first at the envelope that the package arrives in (it’s got the close up of the shirt & cufflinks on it. On the front of the envelope, not only is there a very clear offer (and I love the use of the words “prompt orders”) but there’s also that wonderful statement “Why Proper Shirts Matter”. Think about this for a moment. Think about the positioning that this mailing has when a man (or a woman for that matter) is sifting through the mail and deciding what to open and what to throw away. The implications of those four simple words on that envelope are significant. They are positioning Charles Tyrwhitt very clearly. They are sending a message to the customer that their life will be improved if they wear proper shirts … this is really smart. Really simple. But it needs a lot of thought. Next, look at the back of the envelope. It’s got on it the sort of content you’d normally find on the front of a glossy magazine. Look at the words that have been used, every one of them crafted to entice whoever is holding this envelope to open it and gorge on the contents inside. Each of the six short sentences on the back of this envelope are designed to give six separate reasons why the customer should take a look inside. Very important this – those phrases on both the front and back of that envelope are designed to get the envelope opened – NOT sell the shirts. So many business owners forget this. When they’re putting marketing material together,

they try and sell the product in the leaflet or the flyer when, in truth, the purpose of the leaflet or the flyer say, is simply to get the customer to pick up the phone and have a conversation. I see this time after time, week after week with lots of businesses.

Golden Nugget 1: Make sure you are crystal clear what the objective of your marketing piece is. In this case, someone at Charles Tyrwhitt has spent considerable time and effort designing the words and layout that will go on an envelope – the objective of which is to get it opened. This matters. A lot. When I opened the envelope, what was actually inside it was a 36-page catalogue. A4 size with plenty of nice photography and lots of shirts, cufflinks and ties. Everything mentioned on the envelope is included and, in truth, the catalogue feels a bit more like a magazine than a standard catalogue. What really caught my eye though – and is truly world class marketing – is page 4, which I’ve reproduced in full for you on this page. Its heading is “What Makes a Charles Tyrwhitt Shirt a Proper Shirt?” and then there is a list of the 10 “quality credentials”. What this page does is tell their customers why they should buy a Charles Tyrwhitt shirt as opposed to any of

the other dozens of manufacturers available in the high street. Look closely and carefully at how each of those 10 points are constructed. Did you see how each one begins with a feature and then links that feature to a benefit? This is another basic marketing premise that so many business owners get wrong. It’s easy – and lazy – to just list your features. But people don’t buy features. They buy benefits and if you don’t articulate your benefits in a crystal clear manner then you’ll be missing out on sales. Period. Let’s look at some of the examples here: 7. Crossover stitched buttons (feature) … don’t fall off (benefit); 4. Twin needle stitching (feature) … for a clean, smart look (benefit).

5. Side gussets (feature) … for reinforced strength (benefit) and extra long shirt tails (feature) that stay tucked in (benefit).

You get the picture? The significance of this is that some of your customers will buy Charles Tyrwhitt shirts. They’ll receive marketing material from Charles Tyrwhitt. It doesn’t matter that you don’t sell shirts – it matters that your marketing is not of the same standard as they’re used to and therefore your business will not be perceived in a comparable way. In many respects, it’s like comparing amateur dramatics to a West End show. See two performances in the two different venues on two consecutive nights and you’ll be left in no doubt as to the massive difference between them.

Golden Nugget 2: I’m on a lot of mailing lists. I go out of my way to get on people’s lists so that they send me their marketing material. That way, I’ve got a good feel as to what’s going on out there. When I see good stuff, either in the mail, or in an advertisement say, I keep it in my ‘Swipe File’ so that when I’m building my own marketing, or helping one of our thebestof businesses with their marketing, I’m not starting with a blank piece of paper, but I’ve got different points of inspiration and ideas from which I can draw. If you’re a business owner and you’re serious about taking your business to the next level then you know that the quality of your marketing will play a big part in this and building your own Swipe File can make getting that quality marketing right much, much easier. And it’s fun!

Monthly Update November 2012

thebestof Salford is run by Sarah Clough.

Our aim is to provide the best businesses in Salford with a

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Here at thebestof Salford, word of mouth just got louder! Every business we feature has been checked out by us AND recommended by other local people so you can use them with confidence knowing they truly are one of the best at what they do…

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Coming Soon War Horse

Wed 20 November 2013 - Sat 18 January 2014 The National Theatre has announced a nine-venue, ten month tour for the West End and Broadway smash hit production, War Horse. Tickets are now on sale for this extraordinary show, which arrives at The Lowry in November 2013, an unforgettable theatrical experience for the whole family. War Horse tells the powerful and uplifting story of young Albert, his beloved horse Joey, and the unimaginable obstacles they overcome both individually and together. At the heart of the show are life-sized puppets which bring breathing, galloping, charging horses to thrilling life on stage. Filled with stirring music and some of the most innovative stagecraft of our time, War Horse is a remarkable tale of courage, loyalty and friendship. ‘So exhilarating that it makes you rejoice to be alive.’ * * * * * The Times

Visit to book your tickets!

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