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May 2013


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Why Buy Local? It’s a hot topic in today’s economic climate and a message that thebestof has been promoting for a number of years with our Buy Local campaign. Many local businesses and people already actively support this campaign by displaying Buy Local stickers in their shops, offices, cars and even on packaging. To add to these initiatives, thebestof Guernsey will be running and promoting a Buy Local Week in June to further support this important message and encourage islanders to choose local business first. So why should we buy local? We are often met with, ‘it’s cheaper online’, ‘local shops charge too much’, ‘it’s quicker and more convenient to buy stuff over the internet.’ In some cases this may be true, however, the danger is that Internet shopping becomes habitual and shoppers go online before considering the local options. In a small Island like Guernsey there are serious long term implications if we don’t ‘keep it local’. Buying local goods and produce from independent retailers strengthens the island’s economy and in doing so helps our community preserve its wealth, culture and identity.

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At the most basic level, when you buy local, the money you spend stays in Guernsey. When money is spent elsewhere; at big supermarkets, non-locally owned utilities and online retailers, that money flows out of the island never to return. By shopping with local providers, we can keep our economy buoyant and prevent our centres from becoming ‘ghost towns’, devoid of local shops and services. Failure to support our businesses will see St Peter Port become a ‘clone town’ looking like every other High Street in Britain with nothing but the same fast-food and retail chains on offer. Purchasing goods from a locally owned business, rather than a nationally owned company, will see a significantly increased proportion of your money being used to make purchases from other local providers; this in turn will help strengthen the economic base of the community. The fact is; locally owned businesses contribute to our economy and encourage island prosperity. So buy local wherever you can – even if it costs a little bit more.


Benefits of Buying Local Creates employment & more jobs = a better economy for all - small local businesses are one of the largest employers in Guernsey.

Service and after sales care - virtually non-existent with online sales and if you’ve ever tried to return goods you’ll know the postage alone is usually more than the differential in the original purchase price. Buy local and get a local service.

Invest in your community - Local businesses are owned by people who live in your community and have a vested interest in its future. Supporting them is supporting the future of Guernsey.

Charitable support - smaller local businesses have been shown to give an average 250% more support to non-profit organisations and community groups than large businesses. Every community is unique and Guernsey has a particularly special identity that we, as islanders treasure; where we shop, where we eat and where we spend our leisure time all make our community home. Our local businesses are an integral part of the distinctive character of the island. This in turn benefits tourism as people generally look for destinations that offer the sense of being somewhere special and different. What about that higher cost of local goods? After all, big online retailers got to be big because their prices are low. However, that price difference falls away once you consider the increase in local employment as well as the relationships that grow when people buy from people they know.

Buying local enhances the speed money is circulated. Local providers don’t generally make huge profits as more goes into costs such as high rents (generally higher in Guernsey than the UK), property upkeep, printing, advertising and paying employees, all of which puts that money right back into our community. As the world recession bites our beautiful island oasis it’s sad to see the amount of local shops and services closing down each month. ‘Buy Local’ is a hopeful message because it’s not about how much money you’ve got, but how much you can keep circulating without letting it go out with the tide. So, before you click on the ‘buy it now’ button – please reconsider the purchase; buy it at home and do your little bit for Guernsey. Together, we can breathe the life back into our shops and businesses.

‘Buy Local Week’ running from 3rd – 9th June is a campaign to encourage people to actively support the ‘buy local’ message. Please get in touch with thebestof Guernsey if you’d like to be involved.

Offer of the Month ONLY £30 for a cut & blow dry plus FREE conditioning treatment! Treat yourself and your hair at Shades of Grace hair salon. £10 off Cut and Blow-dry (normally £40) plus FREE in-salon Deep Conditioning Treatment (worth £7). Hairdryers and everyday styling can leave your hair dry and unhealthy. Deep conditioning treatments and regular haircuts can reduce split ends and restore your hair, improving its appearance. So, take advantage of this offer and treat your hair at Shades of Grace. Quote ‘BEST OF GSY’. Book before 31st May.

Tel: 01481 247767

Update May 2013

The People Behind The Business Mathew Rolfe, director & co-owner of Bonsai Group Together with Lee Stillwell, I run Bonsai Group. We emerged as flooring experts but in the past decade have developed to offer stylish and practical items needed for property development, furnishings and outdoor living. We take a pride in sourcing items which are not generally found elsewhere and are delighted that so many customers now turn to us first for help with ongoing care of their homes, refreshing interiors or equipping new properties. Who is the most interesting person you’ve met? Two of the most fascinating and inspirational characters I can think of are Jason Silva and Neil DeGrasse Tyson; one’s a futurist and one’s an eminent astrophysicist with a wicked sense of humour. I’ve not actually met either but through regular exposure via podcasts and other media I almost feel like I know them! Either or both should be on one’s ‘must-listen-to’ list. The most interesting and inspirational person I’ve actually met is my Dad.

What are your vices? Spending too much time at work, over thinking everything, gluttony in all forms and failing miserably to exercise regularly enough.

My first job was... In my teens I worked at Freeman Hardy Willis shoe shop. I was extremely cool and had an eye for quality early in life.

When you are not working where can we find you? Chilling out with my girlfriend, reading, cycling or spending hours trawling the net at un-Godly hours indulging one of my occasional short term obsessions with some random thing. I also really love stand-up comedy and listen to a lot of that.

What makes your business services different? We’re borderline obsessed with putting out the best quality products and workmanship around. We’re also unencumbered by outside influences and are free to develop our business in any way we see fit; letting our own likes, dislikes and gut feeling dictate what we choose to sell. We make mistakes but try hard to put them right and I genuinely believe we’re the best at what we do.

How would you describe Bonsai in three words? Inspirational. Talented. Obsessed.

Your claim to fame? I once flew formation in the back of one of the Breitling display team jets! I’ve been a plane nut all of my life so that was a real thrill for me. Plus I wasn’t sick, which was a bonus.

What’s your next challenge? (personal and / or business related) To launch our ‘Homes’ division this year and to continue developing the Bonsai Group so it becomes a ‘must-visit’ destination for anyone considering a project or wanting to enhance their home with something stylish, original and beautiful. We want to dispel the notion that one must look outside the island for quality, originality and top end workmanship. Personally, I need to get in shape and not just talk about doing it! Everything is ld u better when you’re fit and healthy. To quote Will Smith: ‘stay ready and you never o c It need to get ready’. ! u o


be e c u d o ‘Intr eople the p d your n behi ess. n ow busi o kn t love t your d ’ e W abou hare e r o s m and m a te re!’ it he

What were you hoping we’d ask you, but didn’t? Would you like this suitcase full of cash?

Bonsai Group 01481 200011

Update May 2013

Working Well... Hot Source work in harmony with your business Hidden away in a refurbished German bunker on the outskirts of Town is a team of specialist audio creatives. Hot Source, Guernsey’s premier radio advertising and audio production company was independently established in 2000 by experienced recording specialists, Mark Adnitt and Nick Windsor and subsequently joined by Simon Prince who now leads the engineering and production side of the company. The team at Hot Source offer original and tailored audio solutions for businesses that recognise the ‘way they sound’ is an integral part of their brand identity. Hot Source has produced over a decade’s worth of radio advertising and are justifiably proud of their work. A veritable A – Z of projects from airlines to zoos, both in Guernsey and across the UK, has seen the company go from strength to strength. Hot Source’s bespoke music has been used for many prestigious brands including Emirates Airlines, British Airways, Castrol Oil, Jacob’s and Orient Express to name a few.

your e r a h S ‘ cesses c u s s s busine s know u t e l and orking w s ’ t wha ou.’ y r o f l wel

As a business what can you expect from Hot Source?

The team at Hot Source can advise on all aspects of audio production assessing how a radio campaign can either complement or lead existing marketing strategies. Once an outline brief is agreed Hot Source will provide draft scripts explaining the direction for voice, music and sound design. If required, a demonstration can be produced. Hot Source can also advise how to split a budget between production costs and airtime. Music and voice-overs can be re-used for presentations, corporate events, telephone on hold and websites for complete audio branding. How do I know it will work well for my business? With their extensive experience Hot Source know what makes a campaign work and how to communicate to you target audience. Successful radio commercials subconsciously entertain the listener, resulting in a voice or piece of music with which the public quickly and readily identify the brand. Hot Source recently produced some radio advertisements for Bonsai Group after meeting at ‘An Evening with thebestof Guernsey’. After careful consultation with the Bonsai team, Hot Source produced a well conceived campaign which targeted Bonsai’s market and achieved overwhelming results. “During a bustling bestof Guernsey networking event last year I found myself chatting with Nick Windsor from Hot Source. I’d come across Hot Source previously but didn’t know a great deal about what they offered. Without any hard sell it became apparent how a business might benefit from having Hot At thebestof Guernsey we are Source help plan and execute a radio ad campaign so we invited Nick to come on the lookout for other great and discuss the range of messages we wanted to get out to the public. Within a few weeks we’d designed a campaign comprising eight different ads members. This month we are which went to air in the last quarter of 2012. The immediate success took us looking for.... all by surprise and the positive public feedback hasn’t stopped. It’s been so successful that we have had to temporarily cease the ads as we’ve been • Taxi Firms unable to keep up with demand! Knowing just how effective this media can be in the right hands, we are now • Beauty Salons carefully planning our next campaign and making sure we are ready to handle the inevitable demand that will follow. Nick and all the guys at Hot Source are • IT Support a slick team with a product so effective that you should be careful how you use it! Highly recommended.” • Driving Schools Mat Rolfe, Bonsai Group

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01481 246822

Update May 2013

If you would like advice on the audio identity of your business, contact the team at Hot Source today.

Hot Source 01481 726622

‘We’re delighted to have welcomed more new members over the last few weeks. Here’s an introduction to the following local businesses that have joined us:’

Give them a call & make them feel welcome Cranfords

Estate Agents


…is a family run business specialising in the sale, letting and management of residential property. Our friendly, professional team provides honest, informative and detailed property advice and property finder solutions.

t: 243878 e: w:

Fitzlab … is a custom digital imaging centre. We help you to produce printed images from your photographs and artwork as well as providing a print service for posters, flyers and invitations amongst a wide variety of products. We want everyone to realise the importance of having real photographs produced from their digital files before they are lost forever. t: 231555 e: w:


… is one of Guernsey’s most trusted plumbing firms. Our award winning business offers a wide range of services from heating installations to central heating repairs. Plus we provide a FREE call out service and FREE no obligation quotations with no hidden costs! t: 243503 m: 07781 122085 e:

Shades of Grace


t: 256305 e: w:

The Berries Bakery …is ‘the’ place for cakes with a personal touch that taste as delicious as they look. Freshly made to order, decorated and delivered by hand, offering a multitude of flavours and designs for any occasion. t: 07781 156160 e: w:

t: 724124 e: w:


… is a friendly, welcoming unisex hair salon providing hair cutting, styling, colouring and perming. We also offer children’s hairdressing and wedding or bridal party hair styling. Our salon stocks quality hair products including Sebastian Professional, Moroccan Oil and Wella.

… provides professional, cost effective web and graphic design solutions for small to medium sized businesses. We can work from concept to finished projects with start-ups or businesses reviewing their current web design, print, branding and advertising campaigns.

Barnes Tee

… provides a personalised advocate service to local and international clients including conveyancing and property services, local and commercial litigation, employment law, taxation, trust and private clients.

t: 247767 m: 07781 139126 e:

Liz Kerr Photography … offers a wide range of photography services including pet, family, event, wedding, product and commercial, plus photography courses and photographic digital retouching of your prints to make them look their best. t: 07781 120912 e: w:

Business Spotlight...

Oracle is Guernsey’s locally based finance company, mortgage broker and loan provider who offer financial solutions tailored to your needs. Their emphasis is on personal service and developing long-standing relationships. Established in 2010 by Directors Martyn Loveridge, Conor Burke and Scott Carre, Oracle has developed and grown dramatically to its current offering now supported by a total of 11 employees. Oracle will be celebrating its third birthday in June this year and is proud to have continually maintained their high customer service levels, as both lenders and intermediaries.

Services provided to Private and Corporate clients include: o o o o o o o

Loans - personal, hire purchase and leasing Mortgages - personal and commercial Bespoke Lending - bridging, property development and business loans Insurance - motor, home and contents, marine, travel and private medical Pensions - RATS Financial Planning - savings, investments and life assurance Commercial - leasing, premium funding, commercial loans and mortgages

What makes Oracle different? Oracle is the only company on the island that offers these services all under one roof including bespoke lending. Their strength is in their independence which enables them to put their client’s interests first to build long-standing relationships based on trust. Oracle prides itself on giving clear, jargon-free advice, tailored to your individual circumstances. They believe that traditional personal contact is key for their clients to ensure the correct insurance cover is in place and put a face to the name of the insurance company they are dealing with.

The Oracle Team Oracle’s team is made up of a group of highly experienced professional advisers providing effective financial solutions with a personal and tailored service to meet their clients’ needs: Martyn Loveridge - Director, General Insurance / IFA Conor Burke - Director, Mortgages Scott Carre - Director, Lending Paul Cotterill - General Insurance Beverley Mella - Mortgages Chloe Gallienne - Lending Linda Rodgers - General Insurance Lucy Prevel - Mortgages Jan Crawshaw - Administration Willie Kennedy - IFA Alun Jenkins - IFA

Log onto or for more information and to take advantage of their online Mortgage Calculator or Online Application Form. Alternatively contact one of the team on (01481) 727347 quoting ‘TBOG’. Oracle Financial Services (Guernsey) Limited is licensed by the Guernsey Financial Services Commission No. 11067 to advise on long term life investment and general insurance business. Registered in Guernsey No, 38145.

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Ellie M said about Avril Earl Dance & Theatre Arts Centre: “I love the fact that I have a second family who are always there for me! I would never consider changing to a different dance school because we definitely have the most fun! It’s a second home that welcomes those who like to dance and act for fun or as a hobby, as well as for people who aspire to make it a career in the future. One of my favourite places to be!”

Nyariv said about Best Friends Door to Door Pet Care “I have used best friends for boarding my dog while we were on holiday. I cannot recommend them enough. My dog had the time of his life, he was well looked after, and has been loved and cared for. I would recommend Best Friends to anyone.”

Annette B said about Boulangerie Victor Hugo: “They always serve fantastic products at Boulangerie Victor Hugo and I love the coffee too! A little taste of France here in Guernsey, harking back to our French roots. It’s great to see Victor Hugo cafes springing up and developing.”

Jeanne D said about Itchyfeet Recruitment Agency: “They treat their employment seekers with respect and take time to understand their requirements in finding employment. You get the one on one contact with a particular agent handling your case and they keep you up to date with what is going on with your search based on availability, knowledge and skill set.”

Dan C said about Q-Sky: “Absolutely fantastic service! All the small details were planned out and everything was perfect on the night. I would definitely recommend them to anyone needing music and / or lighting for an event. Everyone had a fantastic time and Q-Sky really made the night! Thank you!”

John L said about Office Projects: “We’ve used Office Projects for three office moves in the past 12 years and each time they excel. We know we can rely on the team to organise new partitioning, decorate rooms, install new desks and finally move us all into the new premises - and never have we failed to open for business the next day. For value, efficiency and timeliness we will always use Office Projects.”

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Buy Local Week

(3rd-9th June) New for 2013 - a week dedicated to our Buy Local campaign which encourages islanders to support local business where they can. Get your business ready by proudly supporting the campaign with our NEW ‘I To Buy Local’ stickers. Order your FREE stickers today!

An Evening with thebestof Guernsey (12th Jun / 19th Sep / 11th Dec) Wednesday 12th June, 6pm-8pm: Sueco host our next event at the fabulous Hatton Gallery, Castle Cornet. Please confirm attendance asap. Thursday 19th September: Bonsai Showroom, Southside, The Bridge. Wednesday 11th December: Cobo Bay Hotel - thebestof Guernsey Christmas Casino Night Email Tel: 246822

thebestof Guernsey business newsletter - May 2013  
thebestof Guernsey business newsletter - May 2013  

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