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IN THIS ISSUE: THE SUN IS BACK, WITH A NEW COLOUR PALETTE SHINING THROUGH IN SIX COMPREHENSIVE CAPSULES & THEMES. WE WELCOME THE NEW YEAR RECONNECTING AND EMBRACING THE OUTDOORS WITH RENEWED FREEDOM. The breakout timing of lockdowns being lifted and social distancing being the new norm in restaurants and bars; this Summer will pull forward many new vibrant textures and colours to uplift the mood and bask in the warm sun and temperatures to come.

Vivid colours in shades of Saffron, to a themed colour infusion of crimson, rose and pink will add pop in jacketing and accessories this Summer. After the drama of working from home and restricted movements, friendly and relatable classic blues from faded denim to cobalt aquatic shades will appear in head to toe layers. Summer wouldn’t be in swing without the natural neutrals in cream and white which come back in force. This edition will walk you through the trending colour capsules this season from Waterways to Sand Dunes and the bright flames of Scarlet; with a very strong influence of texture and variations of similar hues – no flat colours in fabrics this season, a textured layered relaxed fit is king in Summer 21! BOOK YOUR PRIVATE PREVIEW NOW

SUMMER 2020-21




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Fabrics from around the world - Merino, Australia

6 - 11


12 - 23

Sand Dune

28 - 37


40 - 47

Faded Denim

56 - 65


78 - 87


66 - 77

Summer In Stripes

92 - 99

ART MEETS SCIENCE Fabric by Dormeuil

26 - 27

THE CITY WE LOVE Florence, Italy

50 - 55


24 - 25

Woollahra Hotel

38 - 39

Tetto Di Carolina

88 - 91







The noblest of wool sheep. The Merino is one of the most

The Saxon, albeit the smallest of the Merino types, is widely

historically relevant and economically influential breeds of sheep,

considered the aristocratic king of all the strains for its stunning

much prized for its sensational wool. The origins of the breed

quality of wool produced. Specifically, this wool is sought after

are the subject of debate, early as the 12th century, between

by the best textile mills from around the world to produce its

Morocco and Southern Spain. The breed development being

most exclusive cloths. The Saxon sheep are exclusively found

a large part of Spain’s holding the monopoly on the wool trade

in the highlands of Tasmania and the cooler wetter regions of

in the 15th century.

Since the end of the 18th century, the

Victoria and the tablelands of New South Wales. The soft,

breed was further refined in New Zealand and Australia, giving

bright fleece of the Saxon produces an ultrafine wool where the

rise to the modern Merino.

micro range is 16.0 or finer.

Today, Merinos are still regarded as having some of the finest and softest wool of any sheep. The southern hemisphere countries of New Zealand and Australia offer exceptional conditions for the modern Merino. The modern Merino is not a single lineage breed but a number of “strains” of sheep all of which are now firmly considered Australian – being Peppin, South Australia, Saxon, Poll and Spanish. The Peppin is important in a sense that most of the classification are referred to as Peppin or non-Peppin. Named

Breeders work actively with mills

such as Dormeuil and Zegna, often exclusively, to guarantee the fleece quality is maintained throughout the DNA of the sheep year on year. Australia remains the world’s leading producer of Merino wool, with the wool produced in Tasmania considered to be one of the country’s very best. Ask in Boutique for more details. Unapologetic, never arrogant, always assertively BESPOKE

from the Peppin brothers (Deniliquin or Riverina area) in1861, the strain was a mix of both Spanish and French origins that can actually be traced back to a single French ram called “Emperor”; which is today heralded as the top sire in the nation’s wool history.




WATERWAYS Nautical themes and colours are still appearing in most collections for Summer 2020-2021, from striped summer knits, to complete layered colour tones. Brilliant Cobalt & Aqua blue hues lead the way this season and are no-fail investments for any man’s wardrobe in summer suiting. Try statement shirts in bright Aqua paired with darker navy suiting this season.

13 Photo by Jonas Verstuyft







CIPRI | PADDINGTON NSW There is no doubt we love Italian food, and always seek out the best in dining experiences. The art of the food, the preparation, the textures are clear winners to our palate. We also love the romance of a story – and Paddington’s own CIPRI answers it all! Aptly named this is certainly a case of “it does what it says on the bottle”. This is a family business delivering wholesome delicious genuine Italian delights. A family business with over 40years history in the Sydney foodie scene; CIPRI ITALIAN embodies the Cipri family’s passion for good food and dedication to hospitality that dates back generations. Owned and operated by three brothers, the Cipri’s grew up in a first-generation Italian/Australian family, where authentic Italian food became a way of life and somewhat of an obsession for all three brothers.

19 Elizabeth St, Paddington, NSW, 2021

The genuine nature of the business is real, we dined at Cipri Italian recently and were met by Giuseppe and Anthony who manage front of house while middle brother (and head chef) Carmelo leads the kitchen celebrating the seasons with the flavours of old and new Italy. CIPRI offers a modern take on Italian traditions of fine food and warm hospitality – guests are introduced to the entire family the moment they sit down, and on the wall decorations with the extended family photos! This is a must try this Summer.



Dormeuil’s unique reputation means that it is trusted by its

The technique of thrown yarns gives the fabric a vintage,

customers to respond to the current climate and conditions with

trendy 1960’s feel, creating a modern, balanced look.

considered solutions and style.

There is no more important

Travel Resistant collection joins last year’s release of the ECHO

time than today for the acclaimed Mill’s attitude and forward

Collection boasting the added benefit of a Nano water-repellent

response to the tailoring industry, in light of the worldwide

finish – safe from the wayward showers and unforeseen climate

threats and heightened awareness.

changes from meeting to meeting.

As the world prepares to travel again, the new addition to

The revolutionary aspect of this ground-breaking suiting is its

Dormeuil’s range of exceptional technical cloths – Travel

antimicrobial textile finishing, based on state-of-the-art silver

Resistant is the ideal fabric choice for garment exuding

ion technology.

immaculate style on the go.

Silvershield® is an exclusive, invisible textile finish developed

Its high-performance qualities, natural stretch and a high twist yarn make for a perfectly fitting jacket or trouser.


you’re out for the day or simply travelling to work, you’ll appreciate excellent recovery properties and how it holds its shape, from dawn till dusk.


in the UK. Oeko Tex approved, and fully certified, it provides invisible natural protection against the growth of bacteria and microbes. In addition, Dormeuil list that the protective effect lasts through repeated dry cleaning and ensures that the fabric remains safe, fresh and odour-free.

No matter what the reason for your journey or your destination, Travel Resistant is a great fabric to consider on your next visit to any Boutique.


SAND DUNE An array of Cream, Brown, White and Mushroom symbolising the dry dunes and summer heat roll into this season for the perfect summer look. It wouldn’t be spring or summer without the cream and neutral colours – welcome back ivory and eggshell in your wardrobe for the warm weather moods. Vary the texture from subtle sand to white for a complete look – you’ll never go wrong.

29 Photo by Jeremy Bishop

Photo by Justin Wang




Photo by Samuel Han



WOOLLAHRA HOTEL, BISTRO CELLARS AND BISTRO MONCUR Proud to be part of the greater Paddington area, we often find ourselves at the stone-cladded-hallmark (and some would say the centre piece of the area) The Woollahra Hotel and its sisters Bistro Cellar and Bistro Moncur. The hotel’s rich history stems from serving the community since the 1930s and after a 3-month government-mandated hiatus earlier in the year, the Woollahra Hotel re-emerged with a sophisticated refurbishment of their 2nd floor terrace and a new flavourful Asianinspired menu that’s been garnering positive feedback from old regulars, locals, and new patrons. Walking upstairs from the main entrance leads you to a stunning terrace complete adorned with a vertical garden – their refreshed terrace comes with tropical-themed pastel-coloured upholstery and furniture, wooden pendant lighting, and pink neon signages that give the room a rosy-tinge at night for a more relaxed, almost romantic atmosphere. But that’s not all. Their kitchen now headed by ex-Rockpool, Spice Temple and Chin Chin chef, Jordan Muhamad (is now distinctly Asian-inspired. Jordan has assembled a formidable team featuring Rok Yoo (Longrain, Spice Temple, Pier) bringing their traditional Asian fine dining training to the table in beautifully flavoured and presented food at a modest price point.

116 Queen Street, Woollahra, NSW, 2025

From best-selling steamed Snapper Fillet with soy, ginger, shallot, chilli, and coriander; to Thai Green Chicken Curry with Thai eggplant, snake beans, and baby corn; and even Braised Masterstock Short Ribs with cucumber pickles, Asian slaw, sambal mayo, and bao buns. A welcomed addition is the great new wine list handpicked by its sister establishment, Moncur Cellars’ master sommelier Mark Blake. In addition to a curated list of reds, whites, rosés and bubbles, there is also an intriguing list of organic, vegan, and preservative-free wines designed to complement Asian flavours. General Manager, Simon Barbato, spoke about how this big change came about. “It was time to do something different. We used the downtime to reflect and define what we wanted to be known for” says Barbato. “There are a lot of great pubs around us in what is a highly competitive landscape, we felt that the change in direction gives us a point of difference and a chance to stand out from the pack. And we love it.” From long lunches, to afternoon drinks, to intimate dinners and evening cocktails, this is just the spot!


AVERY Crimson, rose, pink hues are strong highlights for the season. Just as the natural world does in Spring and Summer, bursts and blooms of brilliant and stunning hues offer a masculine confidence with some sparks of bright colour in jacketing, shirting and trousers.


Photo Joshua Sukoff


Photo by Matt Bero



BOMBER JACKET IS BACK Bomber jackets are far from being a new development in the field of menswear fashion and trends, but quite worth a mention this season with so many takes on the classic aviator jacket seen on practically every runway. From the 1970s-style cropped bomber jackets, to the classic high-shine flight jackets, there is a neatness to the look to include in your wardrobe this summer. Try a bomber in deconstructed lightweight wools or silk-wools for a practical addition to the ensemble.


Photo by Taylor Smith

THE CITY WE LOVE IL DOLCE FAR NIENTE | FLORENCE, ITALY National Geographic describes Florence as “A city-size shrine to the Renaissance, Florence offers frescoes, sculptures, churches, palaces, and other monuments from the richest cultural flowering the world has known.” We are lucky enough to visit Florence each year as part of our attendance of the Pitti Uomo menswear shows; and it’s been a love affair from the start. Unashamed, we are bias to all that is Italy – we pride ourselves on having our Ateliers in the Tuscan region and promote it wherever we can as part of our DNA and business existence.

Florence is considered to be the artistic, historical, and cultural capital of not only Tuscany, but of all Italy. We love the cafes, the markets, the food and the physical elegance of the city that makes us want to delve deeper into its every street. An elegance that coexists beautifully with the il dolce far niente (the sweetness of doing nothing) lifestyle of the Florentines that can be found in everything from mealtimes to doing what you love.

Photo by James Beedham


“Among the four old bridges that span the river, the Ponte Vecchio, that bridge which is covered with the shops of jewelers and goldsmiths, is a most enchanting feature in the scene. The space of one house, in the center, being left open, the view beyond, is shown as in a frame; and that precious glimpse of sky, and water, and rich buildings, shining so quietly among the huddled roofs and gables on the bridge, is exquisite”. - Charles Dickens

Photo by Giuseppe Mondi


Photo by Kai Pilger

Photo by Tayla Bundschuh

Photo by James Fitzgerald


Photo by Waldemar Brandt

FADED DENIM Different from Aquatic this season micro-trend of denim hues, sees a continuance of blue theme particularly in oversized garments, worn loose for the easy Sunday brunch or casual drinks. Think wide and long double-breasted jackets, or wide pleated cotton trousers with sartorial waistbands.


Photo by Sharad Bhat





Photo by Hamed Taha

SAFFRON The vivid shade of orange-yellow adds a bold touch to your outfit exuding an optimistic outlook. Certainly not a head to toe colour but a strong contender to colour of the year and definitively the summer season.

Photo (Right) by Jonathan Hanna


Photo by Stephanie Studer


Photo by Avinash Kumar



How we shall laugh at the trouble of parting when we meet again. - Henry Scott Holland



Photo by Lukas Beran

77 Photo by Fernando Jorge

SCARLET Away from neutral, soft and friendly summer seasonal colours; this is where the heat and passion come in! Bright passionate reds as complete outfit, layered to own-the-show. Be bold, red trousers with burgundy shirts, match hues including footwear to make a statement.

Photo by Roksolana Zasiadko









TETTO DI CAROLINA | SOUTH YARRA VIC Our neighbour in South Yarra and where you will find us most evenings after work, sitting in a sumptuous corner booth or out on the terrazzo terrace is Tetto di Carolina. A truly stunning bar design matched by its top rated service. Tetto just released a new bottled cocktail series in Tetto’s Nightcap Collection perfect to take home as a Nightcap or two after a great summer evening.

Caffé Martini: The cocktail connoisseur’s way of combining caffeine and vodka. Only in this instance, we use a hint of salted caramel providing a subtlety of lusciousness. Beluga Noble, Giffards, Little Drippa and Kalua

Negroni Ivecchiato: The Negroni Ivecchiato is deceptively elegant, ruby-coloured cocktail. Aromatic, bright and clean. Resonant of outdoor cafés and reclining dolce-vita evenings. Barrel aged in house, providing body and depth. An appetiser second to none.

Lafayette: The Lafayette is an urbane serve, which pays homage to the iconic Italian lane. Arrestingly simple: Bombay Sapphire, Cocchi Americano and orange bitters. Stirred to your perfection.

Sunset Park: The perfect summer’s day highball to accompany you regardless of occasion. Featuring Grey Goose L’Orange, house made watermelon syrup and almond liqueur. Adding a splash of Soda, this beverage will liven up your afternoon.

Sammy Davis: When you’re in the mood for a bonafide classic that never stops being cool. Tetto’s twice smoked Woodford Reserve bourbon old fashioned, with a hint vanilla bean and demerara sugar.

48 Toorak Rd, South Yarra VIC (Images by Kristoffer Paulsen)


SUMMER IN STRIPES Show your pins this summer! Stripes of all kinds are definitely a go-to fabric choice this summer and in a big way. Pins that mean business, sustainably sourced and woven from a high-twist, crease resistant wool – try Dormeuil’s Tonik® Wool collection, Dormeuil’s ECHO® Wool, Holland & Sherry’s ECO-Traveller® features a number of distinguished striped fabrics that are perfect for those looking to embrace the emboldening and uplifting qualities of their clothing.



For those looking for something more to dominate the boardroom in style and sophistication, look no further than the aptly named ‘Ambassador’ Collection from Dormeuil - luxuriously soft super 180’s cloth these fabrics are something special to behold. See in Boutique for a showcase of this exquisite collection.





The New Range Rover is the ultimate in natural attraction. The floating roofline, continuous waistline and distinctive new grille draw admiration. And new innovative features such as Pixel-laser LED headlights bring even greater presence. So, it’s only natural to be attracted to the New Range Rover.



SYDNEY 223 Glenmore Road Paddington Nsw 1800 875 699


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