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Destination Wedding:

From ice to sand 

Meagan Duhamel & Bruno Marcotte’s dream destination wedding

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H E A R T S O N F I R E S T O R E S , A U T H O R I Z E D R E TA I L E R S , H E A R T S O N F I R E . C O M

Orbis House, 25 Front Street, Hamilton HM 11 Bermuda 441.292.5805 |

Features 27 Destination Bermuda: From ice to sand  Canadians Meagan Duhamel and Bruno Marcotte fell in love on the rink and had their dream destination wedding on the beach.

31 Real Weddings

Three beautiful Bermuda weddings to inspire. On the cover: Photograph by Amanda Temple. See more of this wedding on page 46

32 Sherelle Simons & Michiko Campbell 40 Adrian Beasley & Shane Hartnett 44 Natalie Luthi & Eugene Chiaramonte

45 WE love this wedding for...

Four Bermudian weddings whose style we just love.

53 Bridal Beauty Guide

Y  our guide to the best wedding day hair, makeup, beauty treatments and products.

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Photo by Amanda Temple

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It’s all in the


Photograph by Meredith Andrews

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Spring 2016 | 7

Details | Beauty

Wedding Day Beauty, Head to Toe Before Nicole Park embarked on the journey to find her wedding dress, she knew that despite the island location of her nuptials her dress would be formal. “I wanted the formality of the attire to match the formality of the occasion,” said Nicole, who tied the knot with her husband, Kevin Downs, at St. Theresa’s Cathedral, with a reception at the beach pavilion at Mid Ocean Club on September 12, 2015. “I didn’t want to compromise the style of the dress just because our reception was being held outside.” It took little time to find her dream dress: she chose “Kathleen” by Vera Wang at the first boutique visit with her mother in Boston, nine months before the wedding. The gown, a strapless mermaid with a hand-draped bodice and inverted flange skirt is the perfect amalgamation of boldness and sensuality. The frothy skirt at the base of the dress is light, airy and built up with layered tissue organza and honeycomb tulle. Originally, written By Gabrielle Boyer | Photography by Meredith Andrews

8 | THE BERMUDIAN Weddings

the gown featured a brooch-like beaded and embroidered belt at the hips but the bride opted to replace it with a simpler sash instead. “I thought the addition of the sash tied the minimalist bodice with the romantic skirt beautifully.” When it came to the accessories, the bride didn’t hold back. “I guess you could say that I’m into the details!” With the groom in a navy tuxedo with black satin trim, custom-made by Boyds, a specialty clothier from Boston, Nicole focused her attention on finding accessories that would tie in with the boldness of his attire. “Finding both the shoes and earrings proved difficult. I spent months purchasing and then returning blue shoes that weren’t right until finally my mother found a pair of navy Manolo Blahnik Hangisi shoes. She saved the day!” Likewise, the bride tried on hundreds of pairs of earrings until she found the ideal pair of sapphire sparklers two weeks before her big day. Tying the bridal look together were bridal hairstylist Denisa from Sense Spa at Rosewood Tucker’s Point, and Jana, makeup artist from Strands. For her hair, Nicole had her heart set on a simple, sophisticated modern up-do that she and Denisa discussed during the trial. After talking about the bride’s style, the dress and the overall feel of the wedding, as well as scouring through images on Pinterest, they settled on a look of modern elegance which Nicole thought was perfection. After a failed trial with another makeup artist, Nicole sought the help of Jana for a sophisticated look that was natural rather than fussy. “I left the first trial not looking like myself. I was happy Jana understood the look I wanted on my wedding day.” Overall, Nicole says she was thrilled with how the details came together for her wedding day. From her dream dress to her blue shoes and perfect earrings complimenting her husband’s navy tuxedo, and her beautiful hair and natural makeup, she feels she looked every bit the bride of her dreams.

Spring 2016 | 9

Details | Cakes




Sweet Slices 8 creative cakes 5





1. Alexis Jacobs & Peter Desloge, May 16, 2015, cake by Juliette Jackson, photo by Alex Masters. 2. Lindsay Davis & Richard Butterfield, July 11, 2015, cake by Paula Hayward of Sweet P, photo by Alex Masters. 3. Rachel Roblin & Russel Anderson, August 8, 2015, cake by Sabine at Coral Beach, photo by Alex Masters. 4. Nicole Miller & Kevin Downs, September 12, 2015, cake by Cake Boutique Celebration, photo by Alex Masters. 5. Kim Dismont Robinson & Jay Jay Soares, July 4, 2015, cake by Juliette Jackson of Triple J, photo by Two & Quarter. 6. Lindsay Gibbons & James Gator, July 18, 2015, cake by The Reefs, photo by Two & Quarter. 7. Misty Lindo & Jordan Holland, May 23, 2015, cake by Cake Boutique Celebration, photo by Two & Quarter. 8. Tamika Williams & Jose Miranda, July 11, 2015, cake by Kayo Lambert of Cake Boutique Celebrations, photo by Two & Quarter.

10 | THE BERMUDIAN Weddings

Details | Tablescapes




Centre stage 8 tablescapes to inspire and desire 5





1. Rachel Roblin & Russel Anderson, August 8, 2015, flowers by Michelle at Flowers by GiMi, photo by Alex Masters. 2. Heather MacArthur & Brian Tommansini, July 3, 2015, flowers by Tracy Gibson, photo by Two & Quarter. 3. Keira Hill & Evandre Smith, September 1, 2015, flowers by Shirmika Brown of El-Shaddai, photo by Alex Masters. 4. Nicole Miller & Kevin Downs, September 12, 2015, flowers by Flowers by GiMi, photo by Alex Masters. 5. Paige Hallett & Gregory Stienlet, September 25, 2015, flowers by Dawn Yaxley at Demco, photo by Alex Masters. 6. Emily Smith & Shawn Killion, June 27, 2015, flowers by Michelle at Flowers by GiMi, photo by Two & Quarter. 7. Keira Hill & Evandre Smith, September 1, 2015, flowers by Shirmika Brown of El-Shaddai, photo by Alex Masters. 8. Misty Lindo & Jordan Holland, May 23, 2015, flowers by Flowers by GiMi, photo by Two & Quarter

12 | THE BERMUDIAN Weddings

SCULPTURAL HEIRLOOM JEWELLERY engagement | bride & groom | wedding party gifts | honeymoon keepsakes

Details | The Bar

Mixing It Up Twisted Spoon, a mobile mixology bar, is rapidly becoming the cocktail party-piece du jour.


nside the apartment they share in Pembroke, mixologists Stefan

better. We make our own syrups, bitters, all of it.”

Gitschner and Somers Carr carefully eye their racks of liquor, bit-

The idea for the business was borne out of selfishness, they both admit.

ters, syrups and herbs, discussing among themselves what ingre-

“We were sick of parties and getting served vodka sodas and swizzle,

dients they could use to make two cocktails tailored to my own

etc.,” says Carr. “We were talking about it one day and it just made sense.

specific taste in booze.

We’re both bartenders, we both have a lot of experience and are well

What resulted were two drinks worlds away from anything I had ever

tasted before, and yet were somehow familiar, like a long-lost friend you never had.

trained. We wanted to give something locals have never experienced before.” While their speciality might be coming up with bespoke cocktails, they

This is what the men of Twisted Spoon do best. Whereas before, bartenders at an event came stocked with the usual

don’t shy away from the usual suspects. “Of course we do make those classic drinks, but we put our own twist

suspects — a Dark ’N Stormy, black and coke, swizzle, and the other

on them,” says Carr. “For example, with the swizzle, as opposed to putting

Bermudian staples — Twisted Spoon is arriving with a plethora of home-

in pineapple juice, we took a blow torch and charred pineapple wedges,

made, local ingredients, tailored exactly to the client’s wishes.

soaked them in rum, then dropped them in the drink.”

“For us, using fresh ingredients is so important,” says Gitschner. “When you’re making a really nice cocktail with fresh ingredients, it’s so much

For more information visit

written By W.c. Stevenson | Photograph by Ann Spurling

14 | THE BERMUDIAN Weddings

Here are some weddinginspired cocktails from Stefan and Somers that are perfect for your big day: Lily’s Garden Monkey 47 Schwarzwald Dry Gin Cucumber Cilantro Bermuda Wild Sage Syrup Scrappy’s Lavender Bitters Rosemary sprigs A favourite of ours at Twisted Spoon, we combined herbaceous flavours with the light subtle notes of cucumber and a touch of lavender bitters to add a slight floral note. Truly delectable! Serve in a tall collins glass with lots of ice and garnish with local rosemary sprig and cucumber slice.

Pineapple Rum Tea Punch Pretty in Pink

Pineapple-infused white rum

Tito’s Handmade Vodka

Jasmine green tea


Basil agave mix

Twisted Spoon Raspberry Shrub


Fresh lemon juice

Strawberries and basil leaves

Suze liqueur Lemon rind curls

This simple punch is a great party starter! Take fresh pineapple with a good quality white rum and let it sit for about a week,

What wedding would be complete without a

strain out the pulp and you have a tasty treat! Mix all ingredients

champagne cocktail made just for the bride?

in a large punch bowl and you are ready for the dance floor!

This light yet very expressive cocktail sends your palate to new dimensions! The sweet

Serve in large punch bowl, garnish bowl with fresh basil leaves and strawberries.

and tangy flavours of the shrub pair perfectly with the aromas of wild gentian and slight bitterness from the Suze. Pretty in Pink is guaranteed to be a hit with the ladies! Serve in a champagne glass and garnish with a lemon rind curl.

Spring 2016 | 15

Details | The Look

Pretty in Purple We love Kamala and Nakia’s daring colour scheme from their November 10, 2013 purple peackock-themed wedding! The event began with an elegant ceremony at Christ Church in Warwick, followed by dinner and dancing at the Hamilton Princess’ Harbourview Ballroom. The florists at Petals designed the bold centrepieces and bouquets, highlighting plum coloured orchids in accordance with the wedding’s theme, while Sugar Rush Cakes provided 250 cupcakes topped with edible peacock feathers. Family and friends enjoyed a signature “Purple Pea-cocktail” and danced with the H&H Gombey Troupe well into the night. Photography by Donovin Seymour

16 | THE BERMUDIAN Weddings

Details | Gifts

For Her, For Him, For Them 2




3 1. “Textures of Bermuda” wedding bands in rose gold: (L–R) Devonshire Bay Lichen, Southampton Sea Urchin and Flatt’s Old Boat Rope. $1,100-$1,800. Alexandra Mosher Studio Jewellery, Washington Mall West, 7 Reid Street, Hamilton, 441-2369009, 2. Every Day I Love You art print. Say it with art! Art prints with reclaimed wood frames. $375. Escape, 4 Mill Creek Road, Pembroke 441-292-7269,,


18 | THE BERMUDIAN Weddings

3. Moet Chandon Brut Rosé Imperial Champagne. This subtle rosé is notable more for balance and fine texture than the quiet flavour profile of ripe currant,w berry fruit, candied kumquat, biscuit and ginger. A note of smoke-tinged minerality chimes in on the finish. $72. Gosling’s stores at Front and Queen Street or on Dundonald Street.

4. Fragrance Library for Her. This unique gift box contains vials of 11 fragrances for ladies: Coral, Pink, Lily, Petals, Oleander, Passion Flower, Alegria, Paradise, Fresh Water, South Water and Calypso. Try them all to see which ones suit you best. $40. The Bermuda Perfumery, Stewart Hall, 5 Queen Street, St. George’s, and Lili Bermuda, 67 Front Street, Hamilton, www.lilibermuda. com 5. Wedding day candle. A sophisticated and soothing scent that will remind the happy couple of their special day for years to come! $32. Escape, 4 Mill Creek Road, Pembroke, 441-292-7269,, 6. Starfish charm bracelet. Sterling Silver set with pink Bermuda sand. $185. Alexandra Mosher Studio Jewellery, Washington Mall West, 7 Reid St.,Hamilton, 441-2369009,

Details | Gifts





1. Rebecca Little Pretty ‘ribbon’ pendants featuring a natural freshwater pearl encased in silver, oxidized silver and 14kt yellow gold. Each makes the perfect thank you gift for your bridesmaids. $150-$400. 441704-0766, 2. Wedding longtail large serving plate. $165. The Island Shop, 3 Queen St., Hamilton, 441-292-5292, 3. Hand-painted wedding longtail champagne glasses. $38 each. The Island Shop, 3 Queen St., Hamilton, 441-292-5292,


20 | THE BERMUDIAN Weddings

4. TABS Bermuda Shorts. A fun, stylish and colourful essential to any Bermuda wedding. Complete the look with a matching pocket square, Bermuda socks and belt. Get in touch for gift sets and wedding party discounts, exclusive to The Bermudian Weddings


magazine readers. TABS–The Authentic Bermuda Shorts. 441-705-TABS,, 5. Ruinart Blanc de Blancs Champagne. Smoky and focused, with an intensity to the racy acidity and tightly knit flavours of white peach, chamomile, crystallised honey, pickled ginger and pink peppercorn. Exhibits lovely texture and offers a long, mineraltinged finish. $85.25. Gosling’s stores at Front and Queen Street or on Dundonald Street. 6. Beaded aluminum photo frame. The perfect shower or wedding present, these beautiful all aluminum photo frames will allow the bride-to-be to always treasure memories of the big day. $45 (5x7), $75 (8x10). Island Trading, 93 Reid Street East, Hamilton. 441-292-0400,,

It’s your day... make it perfect


Located on one of the most beautiful beaches in Bermuda, overlooking the breathtaking South Shore, Lido Complex provides multiple options to suit any wedding style, taste and size. Award winning cuisine, professional service and attention to details, guarantee that your special day will be as you have dreamed of and more. Ceremony, cocktail reception, dinner, rehearsal party, post wedding brunch, formal and elegant or casual and relaxed – it’s all here, in one location, at Lido Complex. 60 South Shore Road Paget PG04 |


236 9884

For more information please email or visit

FOURWAYS INN Travel back in time to Bermuda’s historic and charming Fourways Inn restaurant, built in 1727. Fourways offers the services of having your wedding on our picturesque grounds, with the option of a reception in our newly-renovated Palm Garden. Enjoy an intimate setting, perfect for your honeymoon at our Cottage Colony. Let us take care of all your needs to make your wedding dreams come true – all you have to do is say I do. Middle Road, Paget, Bermuda |


441-236-6517 |


W W W. D I N I N G B E R M U DA . C O M

Details | Gifts







1. America’s Cup traditional Bermuda sugar cookies by Confections. A beautiful way for your guests to celebrate your special day in paradise, the home of the 2017 America’s Cup. $20-$65. www., 2. Island Trading Turkish towels. From bath to body to beach, our gorgeous lightweight Turkish towels are the perfect affordable luxury for your bridesmaids. $49. Island Trading, 93 Reid Street East, Hamilton. 441-292-0400,, weddings@islandtrading. bm. 3. Hand-rolled Bermuda cigars with options for personalised banding. Hand-crafted, mild- to medium-bodied Bermuda-made cigars. $20 per cigar. Contact for box pricing. Churchill’s, St. George’s; Chatham House, Hamilton; and Craft Market, Dockyard. grant@ 4. Veuve Clicquot Brut Yellow Label Champagne. Bermuda’s bestselling Champagne. Well-knit and balanced,

22 | THE BERMUDIAN Weddings

with vibrant acidity framing hints of blackberry, white cherry, biscuit, honey and candied lemon zest. Offers a lightly smoky finish. $62.50. Gosling’s stores at Front and Queen Street or on Dundonald Street. 5. Veuve Clicquot La Grande Dame Champagne 2004. A fine and lacy mousse is draped over a firm frame of well-integrated acidity, belying the complexity of this elegant Champagne. A delicately woven tapestry of black currant, piecrust, chalk, spring blossom and lemon zest flavours ends with a lasting note of smoke-tinged minerality. Drink now through 2029. $162.50. Gosling’s stores at Front and Queen Street or on Dundonald Street. 6. Dom Perignon Champagne 2004. Unmistakable Dom Perignon style with unparalleled silkiness throughout the palate. The mousse is worthy of its own chapter and the elegance is striking. Nice minerality and floral notes with citrus overtones. $195.50. Gosling’s stores at Front and Queen Street or on Dundonald Street.


wh en you’re ready to share...

BUTTERFIELD WEDDING LOANS Planning the perfect wedding involves a lot more than choosing a venue or photographer. It’s about creating memories that will last a lifetime. Ensure that your big day is perfect with a customised wedding loan. Financing for when you’re ready to share…with Butterfield, it’s possible. To discuss your lending needs, visit a Butterfield Banking Centre or contact us on 298 4799.

Venue crush

Over The Mote Alluring and exotic Fort Hamilton


igh up on a hill, overlooking the City

Martin Trott, said “I do” on the spacious lawn

with the bride’s mother dedicating her time

of Hamilton and its harbour, is Fort

at Fort Hamilton on May 23, 2015. “We chose

to constructing homemade centrepieces with

Hamilton, a picturesque site built in

the venue because we appreciated the beautiful

Christmas tree bottoms and paper roses.

the 1870s to protect its constituency and act

garden setting, perfect for both a ceremony and

as a defence for the western Dockyard. With

reception. To us, it was quite unusual,” says the

agreed that Fort Hamilton lends itself excep-

landscaped lawns, unmatched views, a wooden

bride, Haley.

tionally to large numbers, allowing separate

bridge and a dry moat lush with tropical foliage,

With 120 guests in attendance, the couple

The couple enlisted the help of several

spaces for the ceremony, reception, buffet din-

the former military base has found a new pur-

local vendors to transform the space. Demco

ner, dancing and staging for catering. The only

pose, lending itself to betrothed couples looking

constructed pillars to adorn the location

drawback is the small parking lot, a problem

to tie the knot at a unique location.

where Haley and Martin would be wed, while

they rectified by hiring a taxi to shuttle guests

Exclusive Events provided much of the décor

from the venue to the larger parking lot on

One such couple, Haley Benevides and

By Gabrielle Boyer | Photographs by Fiander foto 24 | THE BERMUDIAN Weddings

King Street in Hamilton. Another advantage of the vast property is the infinite opportunities for on-site photography. Favourites of this newly wedded couple include the 30-foot-wide dry moat, with a walkable path that allows an intimate view of the fort; an arched staircase; the exceptional views of Hamilton Harbour, perfect at sunset; and, of course, the artillery placed strategically around the property. All in all, Haley and Martin enjoyed every moment of their special day, which included a performance by four junior violinists and a simple but stunning Italian-style reception—sharing it all with their family and friends who danced into the wee hours of the morning. For more information regarding Fort Hamilton or to book, contact Craig Burt at (441) 236-5902 or e-mail

Add a touch of class to your special day

Experience the excitement of a cigar roller For more information: (441) 535-5267

Spring 2016 | 25

Venue crush Venue crush | Coral Beach & Tennis Club

Inspired Indoors Elegant and charming Coral Beach

ituated in Paget Parish and overlooking


Originally, the happy couple were to marry

Bermuda’s famed and picturesque south

on the croquet lawn and celebrate with a cock-

shore is Coral Beach and Tennis Club, a

tail hour on the putting green and a reception

fect were wedding planner Selange Gitschner

private members-only club that lends its idyllic

on the Longtail Terrace; however, inclement

and floral designer Suzan Sickling. Together

and expansive 26-acres to visiting guests, club

weather changed their plans at the last minute.

they focused on beautiful greenery and an

members and special occasions.

Their ceremony was held in the main clubhouse

abundance of flowers with simple, clean table

Coral Beach has played host to notewor-

the views were so incredible.” Aiding the couple in making their day per-

instead, followed by a seated dinner in the club’s

décor, white linens and hurricane lanterns, all

thy tennis matches and many a famous face

formal dining room. Luckily, the couple’s 100

of which tied in perfectly with the venue’s old

since the club opened its doors in 1948. With

guests were seated comfortably throughout

Bermuda charm.

immaculately landscaped grounds, wedding

and when the rain finally cleared after dinner,

and croquet lawns, a picturesque beach and a

the newlyweds and their guests made their way

move indoors, Jennifer and Nicholas were

marble terrace overlooking the Atlantic Ocean,

triumphantly to the marbled Longtail Terrace

thrilled with Coral Beach and Tennis Club as

Coral Beach has become a favourite among

for dancing under the stars.

the venue for their wedding day. The historic

Despite the rain, wind and last-minute

engaged couples, both those of local origin

Anyone who has ever taken in the view

and those from abroad, looking to wed in

from the Longtail Terrace will attest that it is

their ceremony and reception just as they had


breathtaking and indeed worthy of a couple’s


One couple that can testify to Coral Beach’s

property with all of its accoutrements made

first hours as husband and wife. “Our inspira-

magnificent facilities is Jennifer Pietila and

tion for booking Coral Beach was the stunning

For more information regarding Coral Beach

Nicholas Thuell who wed at the property on

view from Longtail Terrace,” says Jennifer. “We

and Tennis Club or to book, call (441) 236-2233

September 6, 2015.

didn’t have to fuss too much with décor because

or e-mail

By Gabrielle Boyer | Photographs by Gavin Howarth 26 | THE BERMUDIAN Weddings

Destination Bermuda:

From Ice to Sand Canadian pairs figure skating champion Meagan Duhamel and figure skating coach, Bruno Marcotte, fell in love on the rink and had their dream destination wedding Written by Laura Bell Photography by Rowell Photography


orld champion pairs figure skater Meagan Duhamel and renowned figure skating coach Bruno Marcotte tied the knot in an intimate

ceremony at Stonehole Bay this past June. The Canadian couple—she from Lively, Ontario, and he from Montreal, Quebec—had met naturally through the figure skating world and began dating when they both coincidentally relocated to Montreal in 2007. The couple dated for three years before they got engaged and, as far as proposals go, Bruno certainly did not have it easy. “We were on vacation in Chicago and Bruno wanted to propose at the baseball game,” explained Meagan. “But the ring was on order from New York and when we left for Chicago, Bruno didn’t have the ring yet because it was stuck at customs. He called a friend, who then drove to the New York border crossing at Plattsburg and picked up the ring, and then FedExed it to our hotel in Chicago. Bruno got it one day too late for the baseball game, but he proposed to

Spring 2016 | 27

me on top of the Sear’s Tower the following

saw this I knew it was unique and represented

And it’s somewhere that I don’t think my guests


me well.”

would ever have visited if it weren’t for my

The engagement ring was a rose gold band

Meagan, who had vacationed in Bermuda


of leaves with diamonds and an aquamarine

multiple times before, chose the island for her

With the location decided, the couple then

stone. “The wedding band is a band of leaves

intimate destination wedding with her friends

turned to wedding planner Emily Boden of Ber-

as well, and it folds into the engagement ring,”

and family in mind. “I love the energy of the

muda Event Solutions to handle the details. “I

said Meagan, who found the ring online at a

island,” she said. “It is so different from the

sent her a few photos and a special request for a

quaint New York jeweller. “I love it and I’m not

Caribbean. It is easy to get to, the beaches are so

vegan meal and a vegan cake, and she took care

a big fan of diamonds and jewellery, so when I

clean and it’s easy to get around on the scooters!

of the rest,” said Meagan. “I really wasn’t picky;

28 | THE BERMUDIAN Weddings

I just wanted everyone to have a good time.” “Meagan was very sweet and uncomplicated to work with,” said Emily. “I didn’t know she was a famous figure-skater until a few months before the wedding. She had a very clear image of what she wanted and so finding the perfect location and vendors happened fairly quickly. As Meagan is a strict vegan, this added a little bit of a challenge with the wedding cake but Kayo Lambert did an amazing job. The whole day went extremely well and I only hope it was exactly what Meagan had wanted.” The laid-back couple—she in a custommade gown and he in blue Bermuda shorts and white blazer—joined 26 of their family and friends, including her figure skating partner Eric Radford, on Stonehole Bay for the ceremony. Violinist Tiffany Fox played for the couple, along with a surprise performance by the groom and his friends—fellow coaches Richard Gauthier and Mervin Tran— who played the couple’s wedding song “Somewhere Over the Rainbow” on ukuleles which they learned to play just for the occasion. After the ceremony and the requisite family photos on the beach, the wedding party headed to The Reefs for a relaxed al fresco dinner on the patio overlooking the south shore. In true Bermuda style, the couple drove themselves back to the hotel on their rented scooter. The vegan cake decorated with colourful sugar flowers capped off the evening, and guests left with custom-made, organic woodwick candles as favours. With location being of utmost importance to the couple, they trusted the planner to create their dream wedding focusing on a great view and space for everyone to feel comfortable. “The best part of the day was when we saw the wedding set-up on the beach. It looked like something out of a movie!” When asked if there was anything they might have done differently after all was said and done, the couple replied they would have stayed longer. “We were only in Bermuda for five days,” said Meagan, who had to go to Japan for work directly following the wedding. “We still haven’t had a honeymoon. We do plan on coming back to Bermuda one day. Maybe for a special anniversary!”

Spring 2016 | 29

Getting Married in Bermuda:

What you need to know You must complete a Notice of Intended Marriage form downloaded from the Bermuda Government’s website or request one from the Bermuda Government’s Registrar General’s office (441-297-7709 or 441-297-7707). Fill out the form and mail it back to the Registrar General along with a cashier’s cheque or bank draft made payable to the Accountant General, Hamilton, Bermuda, in the amount of US $354, effective April 1, 2014 (includes certificate). Copies of final divorce decrees or death certificates, if applicable, must also be included. Address your application to: Registrar General, Government Administration Building, 30 Parliament Street, Hamilton HM 12, Bermuda. It will take about 15 days for your wedding licence to be issued and it is valid for three months. You or a designated person may pick up this license at the Registrar office. Within one month of your wedding, you receive an official marriage certificate that is recognized and legal worldwide. From beaches to churches there many options of where to get married in Bermuda but legally you have two choices: 1. A civil ceremony which may be performed in the Registry General’s Marriage Room. Call 441-297-7709 or 441-297-7707 or e-mail to find out more. 2. A ceremony held in a church or other location officiated by a member of the clergy. You must have two witnesses over 18 years of age present at the ceremony. The Registrar will happily supply witnesses but from Monday to Friday only.

…so much more that just fine Linens

Home Décor • Fine Gifts • Life’s Luxuries Obviously you have great taste! 31 Front Street, Hamilton HM11, Bermuda Hours: Monday - Saturday 10am -6pm | Tel: 441-295-4089

30 | THE BERMUDIAN Weddings

For more information on planning the Bermuda wedding of your dreams contact: Bermuda: Bermuda Tourism Authority, 22 Church Street, Hamilton HM11, Bermuda. Tel: 441-296-9200, www.gotobermuda. com United Kingdom: Global Travel Marketing Ltd., Link House, 140 The Broadway, Tolworth, Surrey KT6 7HJ. Tel: +44 (0) 208 339 6150 North America: 675 Third Avenue, 20th Floor, New York, New York 10017. Tel: 212818-9800, e-mail:

Real Weddings Three beautiful Bermuda weddings to inspire Written by Laura Bell

Spring 2016 | 31

Real Weddings

sherelle & michiko July 29, 2015

32 | THE BERMUDIAN Weddings


herelle Simons fully admits that she used to spy on her future

stop looking at her. She is so beautiful. Finally I was able to get her phone

husband, Michiko Campbell, and his twin brother, Machai,

number, sent her a text message to thank her for the collage and asked if

when they would walk past Arnold’s Market on St. John’s Road

I could take her to the movies to show my appreciation. We went to see

where, as a 12-year-old, she packed groceries with her twin

Marley & Me and it was the best night of my life.

sister, Sheraé. “My sister and I would get excited, looking out the door, to

“I started having deeper feelings for her because she showed me that

see those cute twin boys each with a head full of beautiful straight hair,”

she was there for me. I felt that she could sort of relate to what I was go-

she recalls.

ing through being a twin herself. From her strength and how she helped

The couple crossed paths again in November 2008 when she was asked to help prepare for a 19th birthday party Michiko and his brother were planning. Sadly, a month later the groom lost his twin in a terrible bike accident. But out of tragedy, love was born.

strengthen me after my loss, I knew that one day I would make her my wife.” Three years later, at a memorial party for Machai, Michiko was giving his usual speech thanking all those who had supported him through the

“Sherelle does graphic design, so she made a beautiful RIP collage of

loss of his brother when he turned to Sherelle and asked her to be his

my brother,” said Michiko, chef at the Royal Bermuda Yacht Club. “I saw

wife. Down on one knee, he proposed in front of all their family and

her again at my brother’s viewing and again at the funeral. I could not

friends with a 14-karat gold three-stone diamond ring. “Michiko says the

Photography by moongate productions

Spring 2016 | 33

three diamonds stand for past, present and future,” said the bride. No one

chef and owner of Chiko’s Smokey Rubs just couldn’t help but get into

heard her say yes through her tears except Michiko.

the kitchen to season the food the day before the wedding. “I wouldn’t

On July 29, 2015, the couple wed at Warwick Holiness Church—a

have had it any other way but to have great food,” he said. Meanwhile,

beach wedding at Warwick Long Bay had been the original plan, but alas,

Sherelle was responsible for all the graphic elements of the day including

the weather dictated a move indoors. The wedding party included six

the invitations, programmes and table numbers. The décor was left to

bridesmaids dressed in shades of apricot and peach and five groomsmen

Exclusive Flowers, professional photographers Moongate Productions

in apricot linen shirts, with a sacred space saved for the groom’s brother

captured all the important moments of the day, and DJ Twin Starr enter-

throughout the entire wedding. “Michiko had a small table with beautiful

tained the guests into the early hours.

flowers and a picture of his twin brother in that space,” explained Sherelle,

“The worst part of the day for me was not having my twin brother

speaking of how they honoured Machai. “My twin sister walked out of

there. I missed him so much that day,” said Michiko. Being surrounded

the church carrying his twin’s picture, and, at the reception, Chiko had a

by 180 friends and family members—many of whom flew in from Ohio

seat for his brother next to him at the head table. Later in the evening we

where Sherelle’s maternal relatives live—made the day memorable for the

let off paper lanterns into the sky while the DJ played the song ‘When I

couple. “It was so beautiful to have everyone together, especially my papa,

See You Again.’”

my uncle and my cousin who haven’t been to Bermuda in many years,”

The reception was held at the Royal Bermuda Yacht Club where the 34 | THE BERMUDIAN Weddings

said Sherelle. “Another highlight was seeing my 100-year-old

er at my reception when I arrived. I knew she hadn’t been feeling well a

The Details

few weeks before my wedding so we weren’t sure if she would be able to

Ceremony Location: Warwick Holiness Church Reception Location: The Royal Bermuda Yacht Club Flowers: Exclusive Flowers Decorations: Exclusive Events Cake: Sugar Rush Cakes Officiant: Pastor Joseph King Caterer: The Royal Bermuda Yacht Club Invitations/Programs/Table Numbers: Rellz Hott Graphics Wedding Gown: Kleinfeld Bridal - NYC Bridesmaids’ Gowns: Groom’s & Groomsmen attire: Flower Girl’s Dress: David’s Bridal - NYC Ring Bearer’s Attire: Shoes Groomsmen: Shoes Bridesmaids: Wedding Bands: Davidrose Jewelry Bridal Hair: Sierra Scraders from Elite Salon Bridal Makeup: O’Faces Transportation: Touch of Class Photography & Videography: Moongate Productions

come. She looked so strong and beautiful.” More surprises came when the groom unexpectedly took the mic and sang “I Do” by 98 Degrees to Sherelle during the reception. “It was a big surprise and no one knew I was going to sing,” he said. “I felt like a celebrity!” “The best part of the day was seeing my beautiful wife smile,” said Michiko. “I will never forget how I felt seeing her walking down the aisle to me alongside her father.” When asked if they would do anything differently if they could do it all over again, the happy newlyweds had the best answers. “Everything turned out how it was supposed to,” said Sherelle, while Michiko added, “I wouldn’t change a thing. It was and will always be the best day of my life.”

Spring 2016 | 35

Real Weddings

adrian & shane September 6, 2015

36 | THE BERMUDIAN Weddings


roving that love transcends all obstacles, Adrian Beasley, the

too many family and friends wanted to be there to support us,” said

Bermudian lawyer, and Shane Hartnett, the Irish accountant,

Shane. So the couple planned a blessing for their wedding on September

rose above the challenges and held a beautiful and meaningful

6th at Wesley Methodist Church, where Adrian’s brother, sister and

blessing ceremony for their same-sex marriage this past sum-

parents had all been married.

mer. “We would have loved to have been officially married in Bermuda,

“We are both Christian and it was important for us to make this com-

but as the island does not recognise same-sex marriage, we decided on

mitment to each other before God and in front of our family and friends,

NYC, where we had spent time together early in our relationship,” said

and what better place to do that than somewhere that has been a part

Adrian. They wed at the East Chapel of the New York City Marriage

of Adrian’s family for six generations,” said Shane. “Our Wesley family

Bureau on Friday, August 21, 2015, with the couple in Bermuda shorts,

has really stepped up to the plate and we are thrilled that, even though

of course—and with their photographer as their only witness.

Bermuda will not yet allow us to be married officially, our Wesley family

“There was no way we could have gotten away with just an elopement,

supported the blessing of our overseas marriage in the beautiful sanctu-

Photography by Becky Spencer

Spring 2016 | 37

ary. Nearly 70 years ago, Adrian’s grandmother and grandfather were not

for a stunning reception on the water-side patio. Starla and Chris Wil-

allowed to be married at Wesley because he was a divorced Catholic. How

liams from Select Sites Group aided the couple in the planning, lighting

things have changed—but they haven’t really changed!”

and décor and recommended all of the other vendors. Suzan Sickling was

The couple—Shane in bright green TABS shorts and Adrian in an orange pair—entered the sanctuary, walking with their respective

trusted with the flowers. “We met with Suzan a couple of times early on, let her know generally

mothers, and joined their groomsparty, minister Rev. Gary Clark and

what we loved and what we didn’t and let her at it,” said Adrian. “We

minister-in-training David Atwood (a cousin of Adrian’s) at the front.

both love cut flowers so we knew they would play an important part in

On Adrian’s side stood his brother Benjamin Beasley, his sister Rachael

the blessing and the reception. We were both pretty much on the same

Rance and Jennifer Haworth; Shane was supported by his brother Paul

page to begin with and so working with Suzan was easy; we trusted her to

Hartnett, Aideen Bowling and Dominik Nosalik. Adrian’s childhood

deliver and she really did.”

friend Roderick Ferguson sang “Something Wonderful” from the

The couple had a logo created by Wined & Designed of two male

Broadway show The King and I, and close friends Christopher Edwards

figures holding hands in the bright green and orange wedding colours

and his husband, Shelby Williams, read “Blessing For A Marriage” by

which they used throughout the décor—from the invitations and website

James Freeman.

to a full-sized cutout for the reception entrance, and finally a bespoke

The couple and their 140 guests then headed to Tom Moore’s Tavern 38 | THE BERMUDIAN Weddings

cake topper. And no reception would be complete without great music.

The Details Event Planning: Select Sites Group Blessing Location: Wesley Methodist Church Reception Location: Tom Moore’s Tavern Officiant: Rev Gary Clark & David Atwood Flowers: Suzan Sickling Cakes: Sweet P Caterer: Tom Moore’s Tavern Invitations: Wined & Designed Entertainment: Playlist Management Grooms’ attire: TABS shorts Groomsmen attire: TABS shorts Rentals: Undercover Tents for tents, Select Sites for lighting, overlays, decorations Photography: Becky Spencer Photography (Bermuda) & Mike Allebach (NYC)

Adrian—who at first tried to save money by creating his own playlist and

away earlier in the year, he was supportive of us and would have loved to

simply renting the equipment, eventually booked Playlist Management to

have been with us.”

handle the music, and the couple danced their first dance to Madonna’s “Ghosttown.” “We wanted a fun song and having been to other weddings which had

When asked what they wished they had known beforehand, Shane admitted the overall planning and lead up to the big day was far greater than he had expected. “There was so much more than perhaps I realised,”

used songs we initially wanted to use, we thought why not be stereotypi-

he said. And his best advice? “Send out Save the Dates and invites early.

cal and choose Madonna,” said Adrian. “This song in particular speaks to

We had a number of guests from overseas that could not make the jour-

me; the lyrics were especially poignant for us that weekend: ‘I know we’re

ney across the pond, but might have if we had given more notice.”

alright ’cause we’ll never be alone in this…mad, mad world.’” The most important part of the day for both men was family participa-

But overall, the day turned out perfectly for the family-oriented couple. “We are firm believers that events roll out the way they are sup-

tion. “It was never a question that our parents and our son would be with

posed to,” said Shane, who was quick to praise his organised partner. “We

us during the day and that our siblings would be standing with us,” said

had done the appropriate planning and preparation and put our trust in

Shane. “I stood with my brother when he got married and Adrian stood

all the right people, so the day was beautiful! Adrian was fantastic. He

with both his brother and sister on each of their wedding days. It was

project-planned and in large part his planning and diligence resulted in

only natural that our families were together. Even though my dad passed

the right people doing as they did.”

Spring 2016 | 39

Real Weddings

natalie & gene July 25, 2015

40 | THE BERMUDIAN Weddings


t was a match made in heaven thanks to a mutual friend, wedding

As fate would have it, the couple bumped into their matchmaker and her

photographer Sacha Adamson, who introduced Natalie Luthi to

husband on the beach that same night.

her husband Eugene Chiaramonte. “Gene had worked with Sacha

“[The ring] is absolutely stunning,” said Natalie. “It was Gene’s grand-

years ago and when they reconnected at a school drop-off, Sacha

mother’s and made by an Italian jeweller. Gene and his grandmother were

asked if he was seeing anyone,” said Natalie. “When he said no, she immediately said, ‘You have to meet my friend Natalie….’ Sacha then arranged a dinner party to introduce us in late July 2013. We are both extremely grateful!”

very close, and she wanted him to have it. I feel honoured to wear it.” “And I love seeing it every day!” added Gene. The couple hired Jane West to help coordinate their wedding day. (“Money well spent!” said Gene.) The wedding ceremony was held at St.

After 15 months of dating, on October 9, 2014, Gene proposed with

Anne’s Church in Southampton with 200 friends and family as guests.

his grandmother’s antique ring. “Gene suggested we go out to dinner

Gene’s two sons Ted and Max were among his groomsmen—and Ted was

and it was the day after a blood moon,” recalled Natalie. “We ate dinner

in charge of carrying the rings. Natalie’s party included her sister, Celia

at Sea Breeze and then took a walk on the beach. It was a beautiful, clear

Powell, her nieces, Chloe and Abigail Powell and Maya and Saskia Luthi,

night and we watched the full moon rise above the sea during dinner.”

and her goddaughters Mary Page, Annabelle Trowbridge and Alejandra

Photography by Amanda Temple

Spring 2016 | 41

Tafur. Her brother Christian gave her away. To honour Natalie’s father, Rolf Luthi, who passed away seven years

nothing felt right,” said the bride. “After one visit with Daniel and lots of chatter, he had sketched something that I loved that was then fine-

ago, the couple chose to start the ceremony with a Swiss wedding yodel

tuned in the first fitting.” Created to be as light as possible considering

(he was originally from Switzerland) as Natalie’s mother walked down

the heat for a July wedding, the dress was a floor-length silk crepe gown

the aisle. To honour her mother, Natalie displayed her mother’s painting

with English net, Alencon lace and imported Venice lace over a fitted

of a pink rose from her garden and asked Joy Barnum to sing “The Rose”

sheath dress in very pale pink. The multi-layered skirts extended to a

during the ceremony. “She was amazing,” the bride said.

chapel train and the bodice had hand-clipped and appliqued lace detail.

The couple also chose John Lennon’s “Grow Old with Me” as one of

The veil was a chapel-length illusion veil with Alencon and Venice ap-

their hymns—a song full of meaning for Natalie. “The song was written

pliques throughout. “Daniel also made my mother’s dress and the time

here in Bermuda in 1980 when he rented my childhood home for the

we spent together for our dress fittings was very memorable,” added

summer,” she said. “I have always loved the lyrics and the story of how he


wrote the song. And the first summer Gene and I knew each other, we

The groom and groomsmen—who are all avid fishermen—wore bou-

went to the Peace Day Concert which was called Grow Old with Me.”

tonnieres made from sprigs of Bermuda cedar and fishing flies chosen by

The bride wore a custom pale pink gown by Boston designer Daniel Faucher. “I had tried on a number of dresses by other designers but 42 | THE BERMUDIAN Weddings

the groom’s mother and sister. Despite the rain—3.6 inches of it!—that threatened to dampen their

The Details Wedding Planning: Jane West Ceremony Location: St. Anne’s Church Reception Location: Coral Beach and Tennis Club Flowers: Suzan Sickling Catering & Cakes: Coral Beach and Tennis Club Officiant: Rev. David Matthews & Rev. Alice M. Trowbridge Sunday Lunch & Boat Cruise: Uber Vida Invitations: Pulp & Circumstance Entertainment: Working Title (band); Joy T. Barnum (vocalist) & Oliver Grant (organist) Wedding Gown: Daniel Faucher Couture Bridesmaids’ Gowns: Sister – Amsale; Girls – Watters Groom’s & Groomsmen attire: English Sports Shop & AS Cooper & Sons Bridal Shoes: Jimmy Choo Bridal Hair: Renee at Tangles Bridal Makeup: Liz Mitchell from AS Cooper & Sons Transportation: Marquis Ranch for the carriage & Mini Mega Bus Photography: Amanda Temple Videography: Keith Steede

day the couple left the church in a traditional Bermuda horse and car-

After a memorable performance by Heather Nova and her brother,

riage. “I really wanted the children in the wedding party to experience

Mishka—including a song written especially for the newlyweds—the

a Bermuda wedding carriage ride,” said Natalie. “So Gene and I shared

couple and their guests danced the night away to Working Title. “They

the one carriage we could secure for the ride to the reception with the

were outstanding,” said Natalie. “Even people who had heard them

children, the best man and the matron of honour. It took a lot longer

before (including us!) thought they were on fire that night.” At the end

than anticipated due to wet roads, but the sky cleared long enough for us

of the night, the couple gifted their guests with facecloths stitched with

to enjoy it!”

Bermudian sayings. Kept cold and wet with mint essence added, the

The reception was held at Coral Beach and Tennis Club where florist Suzan Sickling created simple, stunning centrepieces of coral and pink roses with gloriosa lilies and local greens. Suzan’s sister Judiann Smith created

cool cloths were a huge hit as favours since everyone was so hot from dancing. “It was just such a great day seeing everyone come together and sup-

an arrangement for the bridal table in a family epergne. “The flowers were

port us,” said Gene. As for advice for other couples, the groom had the

somewhat chosen for the time of the year and the heat,” said the bride. “I

following words of wisdom: “It’s best to support the bride and let her

have always loved the gloriosa lily and Suzan Sickling actually managed

make it her day. Oh, and be packed and ready for the honeymoon before

to find some for the tables! She also used some local greens which I was

the wedding. Getting ready Sunday night for a Monday morning flight

thrilled to see. We wanted the tables to be simple and natural looking.”

was nuts!”

Spring 2016 | 43

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We Love This Wedding For... Every bride has a style and vision that makes her wedding day uniquely special. Here are four Bermuda weddings whose style we just love.

photograph by Amanda Temple

Written by Laura Bell

Spring 2016 | 45

We love this wedding for

The Flowers

Kristina & Chris When New Yorkers Kristina Marantz, a kindergarten teacher, and Chris

the stars at Coral Beach and Tennis Club. “Our wedding was designed around magical,

With Nikki Begg—who also owns the floral business Petals—as the planner, there

Oka who does property acquisitions, started

romantic and playful themes,” said Kristina.

was no question that the flowers were going to

planning their Bermuda wedding they turned

“Both the Unfinished Church and Coral Beach

be stunning. “I wanted beautiful soft romantic

to Nikki Begg of Bermuda Bride to bring their

and Tennis Club provided the perfect back-

pinks and ivories,” said Kristina. “The natural

dream nuptials to life.

drop—old, historic structures with character,

elements in Bermuda are so stunning, and I

The couple wed at the Unfinished Church on

history and a magical fairytale ambiance. Chris

wanted a décor that would enhance, not detract

June 13, 2015, in front of 105 close friends and

and I love details, and Nikki did an incredible

from the setting.”

family members who flew in from all over the

job of making even the smallest elements of the

United States. Their reception was held under

wedding feel important.”

“We used ivory garden roses and a selection of pale pink flowers which included peonies,

Photography by Alex masters and Amanda Temple 46 | THE BERMUDIAN Weddings

ranunculus, astilbe, sweet peas, snowflake spray

bouquet that perfectly complemented her

at the reception. “The crown complimented

roses, lisianthus, and rice flower accented with

fairytale dress.”

the flowers in the dress,” said Kristina. “I loved

silver dusty miller which I grew in my garden,”

Kristina’s dress was handmade by designer

the whimsical feel of the flowers, and the flower

explained Nikki. “Kristina’s bouquet and all

Mira Zwillinger and featured a floral design on

crown and floral cluster diamond earrings

the bridesmaids’ bouquets were wrapped with

the bustier and scattered around the hem. The

completed the look.”

a small band of laced ivory satin ribbon and

bride completed the look with a veil for the

bound with seed pearl pins. It was a magical

ceremony and then switched to a floral crown

Nikki summed it up best: “It was perhaps the most beautiful wedding we have ever done!” Spring 2016 | 47

We love this wedding for

The details

Lindsay & Richard Bermudians Lindsay Davis and Richard Butterfield dated for nine years before

her idea and I loved everything!” To set the tone for the day, a beautiful

effortless, but they were all perfectly planned,” said Lindsay.

tying the knot on July 11, 2015—giving the

watercolour monogram was created by Kearsley

bride plenty of time to fill up her “One day…”

Lloyd Design and used on everything from

of ESC Limited, the lighting was of utmost

Pinterest board for their future wedding. When

the save-the-dates to the invitations, website,

importance. “I wanted the lighting to look like

Richard proposed on Christmas Day, 2014,

programme, gift bags for guests and even the

a fairytale with lots of twinkly lights,” she said.

Lindsay was well-prepared with all the details

dance floor. The tables were adorned with

“We brought in 600 feet of string lights for the

she wanted incorporated on their big day, and

watercolour numbers on cedar slabs and casual

evening. Selange and her team got my vision

turned to good friend and wedding planner

arrangements of garden roses and local greens.

and executed it perfectly.”

Selange Gitschner to put it all together in six

Selange sourced macramé art and flowerpot

months. “I wanted the wedding to feel effort-

hangers, oversized balloons, and a swing which

“Rich and I said from the very beginning that

less, natural and just romantically beautiful,”

she decorated with ferns and white roses along

all we really wanted was a fun party with great

said Lindsay. “Selange took my vision and

with florist Suzan Sickling. “Suzan and Selange

family and friends, good food and music. The

executed it perfectly. All the little details were

worked together to make the arrangements feel

day was perfect from beginning to end.”

With Lindsay being the general manager

And a perfect day it was, said the bride.

Photography by Alex masters 48 | THE BERMUDIAN Weddings

Spring 2016 | 49

Most couples choose a reception site close to the location of the ceremony in order to make the day easier for their guests. But Emily Susen and Tommy Southworth didn’t let a little thing like logistics get in the way of their end-toend wedding day celebrations. Bermuda-born, Tommy grew up near Emily in the suburbs of Boston where the two met in high school before starting to date in their junior year of college. Tommy’s grandfather founded Pompano Beach Club in 1956, and the hotel is now run by his uncles Tom and Larry Lamb. Visiting the island twice a year, the couple—who got engaged on Long Bay Beach in the Cooper’s Island Nature

We love this wedding for

The venues

Reserve in March 2014—knew Bermuda was the place to tie the knot and that Pompano had to be part of the plan. “We started exploring different venues that weekend, and someone recommended we check out the Unfinished Church,” said Emily. “We thought it was one of the coolest, most unique places we had ever seen and knew we wanted to have our ceremony there.” “That same weekend, we took the scooter out to Dockyard to visit the Pastry Shop and spotted gorgeous Cambridge Beaches on the drive back,” she continued. “It was really perfect.” With a ceremony in St. George’s and a reception in Somerset, transporting all 165 guests ended up being one of the more memorable parts of the day. The couple rented pink buses for their guests, while the bridal party rode in style in cars from Bermudaful Moments. Buses then transported the guests down to the harbour where they boarded the Lady Tamara. “The boat ride to Cambridge was beautiful—we had plenty of Dark ’N Stormies and rum swizzle flowing, with delicious appetizers from the Pastry Shop. We hit one rain squall as we approached Cambridge Beaches but it only lasted about five minutes—leaving us a beautiful rainbow!” The night ended with guests bussed back to Pompano before heading down to the beach to keep the party going. “The only thing we would do differently would be to freeze time so we could have made the weekend last longer,” said Emily. “It was our dream wedding and we were so happy to be able to share Bermuda with our friends and family.”

Emily & Tommy 50 | THE BERMUDIAN Weddings

Photography by Gavin Howarth

A truly international couple, Gordon Mangum—from Maine—and Roma Kessaram, who grew up in Bermuda, met while working in South Sudan in 2008. The couple were married in a civil ceremony in Cambridge, Massachusetts, in September 2014, and celebrated with a ceremony and party on July 11, 2015, at Elbow Beach’s Café Lido. About 130 guests—mostly Bermudian, with many from the US, Canada, the UK, Jamaica and Kosovo—joined the couple on the lawn overlooking Elbow Beach in a meaningful ceremony blending Hindu, Christian and Buddhist elements. “Gordon was raised in the Christian tradition but majored in philosophy and religious studies (with a concentration in Buddhism) at college,” said Roma. “I was raised in a Hindu home but celebrated many of the Christian holidays, and in the last 15 years or so have taken a keen interest in ‘practical Buddhism.’ We wanted our ceremony to reflect our shared spiri-

We love this wedding for

The traditions

tual and philosophical beliefs without being overly complicated!” The couple created a mandala as a central artistic piece for the ceremony. “Our mandala included a few points of symbolism,” explained Roma. “One hundred and eight outer painted beads represent the 108 energy lines thought to emanate from the heart and a symbol of the heart chakra. It also contained a pendant with the Tibetan symbol of peace etched into it.” Another important aspect of the ceremony included walking around a sacred fire. “The fire in the Hindu tradition is lit to invoke the presence of the fire god, Agni, and more generally to honour and invoke the fourth of the primary elements of life,” said Roma. They also incorporated a sacred Vedic mantra, the Gayatri Mantra, which roughly translates as: “The Divine Illumination which pervades the physical, astral and celestial planes. On that Divine Radiance we meditate. May that Divine Radiance awaken our intellect and awaken our spiritual wisdom.” The officiant, Sylvia Hayward-Harris, read a portion of Corinthians from the Bible, as well as the poem “To Love Is Not to Possess” by James Kavanaugh. And as is traditional in India, Roma wore a red lengha (a heavy skirt, fitted top and long draping shawl), as white is the colour of mourning in Hindu society. “A good and memorable time was had by everyone,” she concludes.

Photography by two & Quarter

Roma & Gordon Spring 2016 | 51

52 | THE BERMUDIAN Weddings

Bridal Beauty Guide Your guide to the best wedding day hair, makeup, beauty treatments and products. Written by Gabrielle Boyer

Spring Fall 2016 2015 | 53

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award-winning full-service Paul Mitchell Concept

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bridal hair. Brides looking to begin their wedding day

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hair preparation before their special day can indulge in a variety of

The price includes the time each stylist spends travelling to and from

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ewstead Spa & Salon, operated by

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Three Graces Day Spa, is revered

and luxury accommodation.

while being pampered and treated to a spa

for its superior service aimed at

The comprehensive spa menu at Newstead

providing relaxation and rejuvenation be-

Spa and Salon allows for brides to choose

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the spa is part of Newstead Belmont Hills,

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Bermuda’s award-winning golf resort. This

to offer, while the salon provides all hair, nail

modern, elegant property plays host to thou-

and make-up services.

sands of visitors each year, many of who are

Brides looking to perfect their wedding

engaged couples tying the knot at the famed

gravitate to Newstead Spa and Salon, where

54 | THE BERMUDIAN Weddings

experience like no other. Newstead Spa & Salon’s Bridal Beauty Spa Menu Hot Stone Massage – 90 minutes, $199 Newstead Signature Facial – 80 minutes, $179 Phyto-Hydration Body Treatment – 60 minutes, $165 Luxury Manicure – 60 minutes, $69 Luxury Pedicure – 60 minutes, $89 Bridal Hair Updo – $120+ Bridal Make-Up Application – $95


bride should decide on a beauty regimen and have it booked several months before her big day, especially if she’s indulging in a head-totoe programme of beauty treatments. Deciding which treatments to

undertake and making the necessary appointments can be a daunting task for any bride, but the team of beauty therapists at Face and Body Retreat, located on the fourth floor of the Bermudiana Arcade in Hamilton, make it simple and enjoyable for all brides-to-be. One Week Until the Wedding: Remove unwanted body hair. Waxing is the ideal method of hair removal for your wedding day as it’s inexpensive and effective. One week prior to your wedding day is the best time to wax as it allows enough time for your skin to relax from the pulling but doesn’t give enough time for the hair to grow back. (Full Leg and Bikini, $63; Underarm, $25; Eyebrow, Lip and Chin, $47) One to Two Days Before: Fake Bake. The safest way to achieve the sunkissed glow you desire without risking unsightly tan lines and skin damage. Face and Body Retreat carry the Quick Tan range of self-tanners containing DHA which reacts with the natural amino acids in the skin, creating a flawless, gorgeous glow.

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illow Stream Spa is the perfect place for brides to indulge in pre-wedding relaxation. In private spa suites overlooking the ocean, brides are wrapped in luxurious robes and treated to

spa experiences synonymous with the world-renowned Willow Stream brand. With 31,000 square feet of spa facilities, brides have a plethora of

Willow Stream Spa Fairmont Southampton, 101 South Road, Southampton (441) 239-6641 | Open 6:00 a.m. to 9:00 p.m. daily

pampering options, including an indoor pool, sun deck, Jacuzzis, beauty salon, steam inhalation room and sauna. In addition to the state-ofthe-art facilities, beauty therapists at Willow Stream Spa are experts at helping brides to realise their “Big Day” beauty ambitions. Willow Stream Spa’s Bridal Beauty Spa Menu Stress Recovery–60/90 minutes: This medium-pressure fullbody massage improves energy levels, promotes restful sleep and melts away

for immediate anti-aging results. This non-invasive therapy uses Kerstin Florian’s patented K-Lift machine and three high-performance energy technologies: red LED therapy, impulse micro currents, and Kerstin Florian active ingredients. The Radiance Facelift improves dermal density while triggering collagen production, resulting in smoother lines and a more youthful, radiant complexion. Willow Stream Signature Manicure

muscle tension. A jade and infrared

and Pedicure–60 minutes: Relax and

heating pad is applied in addition to es-

unwind as the power of peptides and

sential oils infused with a powerful dose

vitamin C is applied carefully to your

of magnesium, all of which leaves you

hands and feet, followed by nourishing

feeling completely rejuvenated.

massage oil and paraffin wax.

Radiance Facelift (Using the K-Lift

Make-up Application: Putting your

System)–90 minutes: This decadent

best face forward on your wedding day

facial, featuring Kerstin Florian’s signa-

is made easier by the make-up artists

ture Caviar collection, infuses essential

at Willow Stream Spa who use Jane

nutrients into the deep layers of the skin

Iredale’s oil-free mineral line.

Spring 2016 | 55

notably from the New York Times, Elle and InStyle magazines, and the talk show The View. Coral was Isabelle’s very first scent under Lili Bermuda and, like all scents produced under the successful perfumer’s direction, it is considered an artistic reflection of Bermuda. The fragrance is one of Lili Bermuda’s most popular and has become synonymous with brides since its release in 2006. Coral is elegant, light and luminous, a fusion of wild freesia, pink rose, ginger and clementine. For brides tying the knot in Bermuda, the springtime scent of Coral makes a noteworthy accoutrement, not just for its beautiful fragrance but because of the thinking behind the inspiration. “Coral is Bermuda in the spring,

Lili Bermuda Stewart Hall, 5 Queen Street, St. George’s (441) 293-0627 |

a rebirth. It represents my own beginning in creation: soft flowers, lingering freshness of the wind, modern but also elegant,” explains Isabelle. Coral is available in perfume, eau de toilette, body lotion, shower gel, soap and solid perfume, as well as a fragrant candle. The Collector’s Gift Set is designed for the unconditional Coral


n the heart of St. George’s in the historic Stewart Hall is The Ber-

lover and contains the whole collection of products: 1.0 oz (30 ml)

muda Perfumery, creator and maker of Lili Bermuda fragrances.

perfume, 3.4 oz (100 ml) eau de toilette, 6.8 oz (200 ml) body lotion,

Since 1928, Lili Bermuda has produced scents worn by Bermuda

shower gel (200 ml), bag of three soaps, solid perfume compact and

brides on their walk down the aisle. In 2004, Isabelle Ramsay-

luxury candle. Missing from the picture are the solid perfume com-

Brackstone became perfumer of the house of Lili Bermuda, and the

pact lotion (6.8 oz) and the fragrant candle, which are new additions

long-established perfumery gained international recognition, most

for 2016. Price $400.

Strands Skin Spa & Hair Salon 31 Reid Street, Hamilton (441) 295-0935 salon | (441) 295-0353 skin spa |

staff and the world’s finest products.

Strands beauty consultant and skin special-


Hair Salon has perfected the wed-

Strands on the day of their wedding or stylists

and is available for skin-care consultations as

ding looks of Bermuda’s brides. For

can travel from the salon to any location on-

well as make-up application on-site.

37 years, brides-to-be have had their tresses

island. Strands hair salon presently comprises

tamed, their skin smoothed and their nails

six stylists, each of whom can create wedding-

Tracy Semple’s Tips for Perfect Bridal Skin

manicured in preparation for their impend-

day hair; however, three in-house stylists

• Brides should complete a course of six facials

ing nuptials, and in the process becoming

trained in wedding-day hair, Gemma Howe,

Strands brides. The hair salon and full-service

Jette Roberts and Shapri Joell, have years of

city day spa, the only Clarins-designated

experience creating flawless bridal hair.

ince 1978, Strands Skin Spa and

spa on-island, has long been a revered and

Brides can either have their hair done at

Strands beauty therapists, like their stylist

ist, Tracy Semple, has 15 years’ experience

prior to their wedding day. • Brides should not consume too much alcohol, sugar, salt or carbohydrate in the days leading up to their wedding.

reputable source for wedding-day beauty, its

counterparts, are available for wedding-day

• Brides should try to get at least seven or

success resulting from the amalgamation of

make-up application for brides and brides-

eight hours sleep each night in the week

exceptional customer service, highly trained

maids, both on-site as well as on location.

prior to their wedding day.

56 | THE BERMUDIAN Weddings

Blueprint Hair Studio 9 Par la Ville Road, Hamilton | (441) 232-2583 |


ocated in the heart of Hamilton, Blueprint Hair Studio is a bustling full-service salon specialising in the latest and trendiest hair colours, cuts and styles. The ultra-sophisticated

and contemporary salon is a favourite among Bermuda’s soon-tobe-married who take in daily hair inspiration via the salon’s popular Instagram feed and Facebook page (@bphairstudio) before being transformed into the bride of their own dreams at the salon’s Par la Ville Road location. Blueprint Hair Studio is the exclusive distributor of PRAVANA Professional in Bermuda. PRAVANA hair care is natural and free of parabens, sulfites, sulfates and other harmful ingredients largely used in hair care products. Brides who book with Blueprint Hair Studio for their wedding day look can choose from a range of Pravana hair treatments to ensure their tresses are in perfect order for their bridal beauty look. Treatments include: Silk Degrees Shine Treatment (not including blow dry), $40.00; KeraGlaze Treatment (not including blow dry), $50.00; and PRAVANA Smoothout Treatment, $300.00.

Spring 2016 | 57

Wedding album

Amanda King & Kitindi Van WestCharles, July 15, 2015

Michelle Redman & Jeffrey Willingham, November 28, 2015 With 34 of their family members and close friends in attendance from as far as Vancouver and Los Angles, the bride and groom were married by the lovely Pastor Dean Smith at Turtle Cove on the Cambridge Beaches property. The celebration continued with a cocktail hour at the Sky Deck Lounge overlooking Mangrove Bay with the sounds of Randy Lambert serenading the guests. The festivities concluded with a reception of dancing and dining at the Aquarian Baths, an indoor pool on the property. Photo by Two & Quarter

With 52 family and friends in attendance, Amanda and Kitindi were married on the Celebrity Summit overlooking Dockyard and the blue waters of Bermuda. Once married, the couple took some time to have their pictures taken while exploring the sites of Dockyard before returning to the ship and their guests for their reception. The couple fell in love with the beautiful island and are looking forward to returning soon. Photo by Two & Quarter

Jessica Sleeter & Barry Gordon, August 8, 2015 With just over 100 family and friends in attendance, Jess and Barry were married by The Reverend John Stow at Holy Trinity Church, the same church where Jess’s parents were married 30 years ago. A stunning candlelit reception overlooking the blue waters of Bermuda followed on the lawn of The Mid Ocean Club Beach Pavilion with the newlyweds and their guests enjoying dinner and dancing until the early hours of the morning. Photo by Becky Spencer 58 | THE BERMUDIAN Weddings

Amy King & Tim Forbes, October 10, 2015 Melinda Chruscial & Phillip Clemons, July 18, 2015 After posing in caves, gardens and under enchanted Moongates, Melinda and Phil joined 70 guests of local family and dearest friends on Clearwater Beach where they were married by Rev. Anthony Clark. A sunset picnic followed, catered by Gombeys with a beach inspired cake from Bermuda Rum Cakes. The celebration concluded with the newlyweds and guests enjoying an ocean swim before nightfall. Photography by Kevan Bowers.

With 120 of their family and friends in attendance, the bride and groom were married by Pastor Dean at The Mid Ocean Club, overlooking the blue waters of Bermuda. A stunning candlelit reception at The Mid Ocean Club Beach Pavilion followed, with the newlyweds and their guests enjoying dinner and dancing until the early hours of the morning. Photo by Melanie Fiander, Fiander Foto

Lindsay Gibbons & James Gater, July 18, 2015 With 45 family and friends in attendance, the bride and groom were married by Reverend Anthony Pettit at Caso’s Point, The Reefs, overlooking the blue waters of Bermuda. A stunning candlelit reception at Coconuts followed, with the newlyweds and their guests enjoying dinner and dancing until the early hours of the morning. Photo by Two & Quarter

Karen Montalvo & Michael Cobo, June 29, 2015 With 46 family and friends in attendance, Karen and Michael were married by Reverend David Raths at The Unfinished Church in St. George’s, under blue skies and plentiful sunshine. A stunning outdoor reception at The Victoria Grill in Hamilton followed, with the newlyweds and their guests enjoying dinner, cocktails and dancing until the beautiful sun set over Bermuda. Photo by Two & Quarter Spring 2016 | 59

Wedding album Sawyer Boyle & Piers Kermode, August 15, 2015 With 150 family members and friends from all over, Sawyer and Piers were married by Bishop Nick Dill at The Unfinished Church in St. Georges. It was an absolutely breathtaking spot. A wonderful time was had by all at the reception that followed at the Coral Beach and Tennis Club. Photo by Amanda Temple

Kate Kayaian & Paul Wright, July 4, 2015 With 65 family members and friends in attendance from the US, England, Canada and Bermuda, the bride and groom were married by their dear friend, Leatrice Oatley at Par-la-Ville Park, underneath the beautiful flowering arbor. After cocktails in the park, the guests followed the bridal party over to the Royal Bermuda Yacht Club where they enjoyed dinner and dancing under the stars. As a surprise, some of Paul’s Saltus students brought his sailing yacht, Vixen over to the club and decorated it with signal flags that spelled out “Just Married”. Photo by Amanda Temple

Heather & Brian Tommasini, July 3, 2015 Heather and Brian were married on the 57th wedding anniversary of the bride’s grandparents. An intimate group of 17 close family and friends were in attendance. The bride and groom were married by Reverend Andrew Doughty overlooking the blue waters of Bermuda at Jobson’s Cove. A stunning candlelit reception at Greenbank Guesthouse followed, with the newlyweds and their guests enjoying dinner and dancing until the early hours of the morning. Photo by Two & Quarter

Acacia Trott & Christopher Chiappa, September 5, 2015 After seven years of dating, Acacia and Chris were married by Canon James Francis at Christ Anglican Church Devonshire. Their union was celebrated by over 130 of their closest family and friends. The bride wore a stunning Maggie Sottero gown. They celebrated their night with a beautiful reception that was held at Fairmont Southampton on the Beach Terrace. Their guests enjoyed dancing and drinking until the early hours of the morning. The night was complete once the guests released wishing lanterns into the sky. Photo by Two & Quarter 60 | THE BERMUDIAN Weddings

PhOTOgraPhS By gaVin hOWarTh

Bermuda Event Solutions

Christa Arorash & Yusef Outerbridge, June 14, 2015 Over 350 friends and family were present as Christa and Yusef were married by the Reverend David Matthews at St. Anne’s Church. Exclusive Events transformed Pier 6 into a stunning peacock-themed retreat so the newlyweds and their guests could enjoy a night of dining, drinking and dancing, hosted by DJ Donnie. Photo by The Mall Studio

It’s in the Detail...

Bermuda Event Solutions is a full-service wedding and events coordination company. Whether you are planning a destination wedding or you live locally we will make it our priority to give you the wedding you have always dreamed about.

P. O. Box 495, Devonshire DV BX, Bermuda T. 441. 236.9469 E. www. weddingsolutions. bm

Spring 2016 | 61

Wedding album Victoria Krivda Ferrell & James Baxter, April 24, 2015 With eight family members and friends in attendance, bride and groom were married by Pastor Dean Smith at Jobson’s Cove, overlooking the pink sands and blue waters of Bermuda as the sun was setting. A very intimate and small reception filled with laughter and love was held at Café Lido. Photo by Amanda Temple



BRIDAL & FORMAL WEAR English Sports Shop 49 Front St, Hamilton, 295-2672 Occasions Bridal & Formal 16 Bob’s Valley, Somerset, 336-3527, www. Revelation Boutique 20 Ewing St, Hamilton, 296-4252 TABS Bermuda Shorts, info@authenticshorts. com Coral Coast Clothing Bermudiana Arcade, 3rd Floor, 27 Queen St, Hamilton, 532-8221,

CATERING, CAKES & BAR, North Street Bakery 6 North Shore Rd, Flatts, 292-3988 Portuguese Bakery 11 Addendum Ln, Pembroke, 296-1222 Quality Catering 234-0186, Sweet P 747-2060 Sweet Saak Bakery 16 York Street, St. George’s, 297-0663

Zaki Bakery 40 Court St, Hamilton, 292-8250


Brunswick St Bakery 19 Brunswick St, Hamilton, 296-1442

Fantasea Diving and Cruises 2361300

Burrows Lightbourn Ltd. 2 Addendum Ln, Pembroke, 295-0176

H20 Sports 234-3082,

Buzz Catering Service Washington Mall Upper Level, 20 Church St, Hamilton, 537-6503

Jessie James Cruises 236-4804,

Aristocat Catamaran 236-1300

Lady Boats 236-0127 Lady Tamara Charters 236-0127

Cake Boutique Celebration 304-8181

M.V. Defiance Cruises 238-8346

Crow Lane Bakery 110 North Shore Rd, Hamilton Parish, 293-4758

M.V. Venetian 704-3000, www.,

Dream Wurx Cakes 7 Pleasant Ville Ln, Sandys, 234-0181

Oyster Point Yacht Charters 2387245

Food 4 Thought Catering www.

Spirit of Bermuda 737-5665

MEF Enterprises Ltd. 18 Reid St, Hamilton, 295-8279,

Petals 292-7303,


Exclusive Flowers 238-3331, www.

A.S. Cooper & Sons, Ltd. 59 Front St, Hamilton, 295-3961, www.ascooper. bm

Chelonia 334-9771,

Kenny’s Homestyle Bakery & Catering 295-2340

TABS Bermuda Shorts, info@authenticshorts. com

Wilks Catering 39 Devon Spring Rd, Devonshire, 236-3584

Bouquet Garni 335-7079, www.

Gosling’s Ltd. 9 Dundonald St, Hamilton, 295-1125,

Gardine’s Flowers ‘N’ Things MarketPlace Plaza, Shelly Bay, 110 North Shore Rd, Hamilton Parish, 293-4971


Ana Luna Adventures 504-3780

Fourways Inn & Catering 1 Middle Rd, Paget, 236-6517,,

Shelly Hamill, Artist 970-379-0928,, shelly@

Triple J’s Products (Juliette Jackson) 238-2813

Bermuda Hospitality Group 10 Angle St, Hamilton, 292-6503

Cake Shop 17 Curving Ave, Pembroke, 292-5141

Flowers by GiMi 37 Front St, Hamilton, 297-4464, www.flowersbygimi. com,

UberVida 236-2222, www.ubervida. net,

Bermuda Gifts & Ideas 505-4438, Bermuda Jam Factory Bermuda Perfumery 5 Queen St, St. George’s, 293-0627, Bermuda Stripping & Refinishing 236-2886 Bluck’s 4 Front St, Hamilton, 2955367 Brown & Co. 3 Front St, Hamilton, 295-3838 Dockside Glass & Rum Cakes 2978104 Gibbons Company 21 Reid St, Hamilton, 295-0022 Horton’s–The Original Black Rum Cakes 293-8805, International Imports 44 Par-la-Ville Rd, Hamilton, 292-1661, interim@ Island Trading 93 Reid St East, Hamilton, 292-0400,

Zara 516-5999,

The Irish Linen Shop 31 Front St, Hamilton, 295-4089, irishlinen@


The Island Shop 3 Queen St, Hamilton, 292-5292

Demco 14 South Shore Rd, Devonshire, 234-7777,, El Shaddai 236-2469,

Otto Wurz Vallis Bldg, Hamilton, 295-1247 Pulp & Circumstance 4 Washington Ln, Hamilton, 542-9586

Alexandra Mosher Studio Jewellery Washington Mall West, 7 Reid St, Hamilton, 236-9009, www., studio@ Astwood Dickinson Co. Ltd. 83-85 Front St, Hamilton, 292-5805, www., Atlantic Jewellery Studio Washington Mall, 18 Church St, Hamilton, 296-1554, www.atlanticjewellery. com, BermudaCharm 734-4182, www. Davidrose Jewelry 20 Water St, St. George’s, 293-7673, www.davidrose. bm, ER. Aubrey 101 Front St, Hamilton, 296-3171 Everrich Jewellery 28 Queen St, Hamilton, 295-2110 Gem Cellar Bermuda Old Cellar Ln, 47 Front St, Hamilton, 292-3042 H.S. & J.E. Crisson Ltd. 55 Front St, Hamilton, 295-2351, www.crisson. com, Kirk’s Jewellery Design & Repair Butterfield Place, 67 Front St, Hamilton, 296-9428 Link to Link 20 North Shore Rd, Hamilton Parish, 293-7933 Rebecca Little 704-0766, www. Sunglass & Watch Shop 13 Reid St, Hamilton, 292-7933,, Swiss Timing 95 Front St, Hamilton, 295-1376 Walker Christopher 9 Front St, Hamilton, 295-1466, www.walkerchristopher. com, Spring 2016 | 63


HOTELS & VENUES Astwood Park Warwick, 236-5902 Bermuda Aquarium, Museum & Zoo 40 North Shore Rd, Flatts, 293-2727,

The Reefs 56 South Shore Rd, Southampton, 238-0222, www. Riddell’s Bay Golf & Country Club 26 Riddell’s Bay, Warwick, 238-1060,

Bermuda Botanical Gardens 169 South Rd, Paget, 236-5902

Rosedon Hotel 61 Pitt’s Bay Rd, Pembroke, 295-1640,

Bermuda National Trust 2 Pomander Ln, Paget, 236-6483, www.bnt. bm

Rosemont Guest Apartments 41 Rosemont Ave, Pembroke, 2921055,

Bermuda Society of Arts 17 Church St, City of Hamilton, 292-3824,

Rosewood Tucker’s Point 60 Tucker’s Point Dr, Harrington Sound, 298-4000,

Cambridge Beaches 30 King’s Point Rd, Somerset, 234-0331, www. Coco Reef Resort South Shore Rd, Paget, 236-5416,

Royal Palms Hotel 24 Rosemont Ave, Pembroke, 292-1854, www.

Coral Beach & Tennis Club 2362233,

St. George’s Club 6 Rose Hill, St. George’s, 297-1200,

Elbow Beach Hotel 60 South Shore Rd, Paget, 236-3535,

St. George’s Foundation Admirals Walk, 16 Water St, St. George’s, 2978043,

Hamilton Princess & Beach Club 76 Pitt’s Bay Rd, Hamilton, 295-3000,, www.

Surf Side 236-7100,

Fairmont Southampton Resort South Shore Rd, Southampton, 2388000, Fort St. Catherine 15 Coot Pond Rd, St. Catherine’s Point, St. George’s, 297-1920

Tom Moore’s Tavern 7 Walsingham Ln, Harrington Sound, Hamilton Parish, 293-8020, www.tommoores. com Waterville The Bermuda National Trust, 2 Pomander Rd, Paget, 2366483,

Tony Bari 236-1314 Working Title 516-0281

PHOTOGRAPHERS & VIDEOGRAPHERS 360° Visual Video Production 2973600, Alexander Masters Photography 705-2868, www.alexandermasters. com Amanda Temple Photography 2362339, Antoine Hunt 505-9108, www. Becky Spencer Photography 2385236, Bruce Leseur Photography 2366461, Double D Videography 292-3347, Fiander Foto, Gavin Howarth Photography 5323234, Jill Rubinchak Photography 7998820 Kenneth Fox Jr. 335-4069, Keith Steede 324-3410, www. LDS Multimedia 534-1707, info@,

Greenbank Guest House and Cottages 17 Salt Kettle Rd, Paget, 2363615,

MUSIC Adrian Ridgeway 297-2192

Meredith Andrews 505-3686, www.

Grotto Bay Beach Resort 11 Blue Hole Hill, Hamilton Parish, 2938333,

Bermuda Islands Pipe Band 2971805

Moongate Productions 300-5005,

Bermuda Musical Limbo Revue 293-0959

Photographic Associates 295-5619,

Craig Darrell “Bubbles” Mobile Disco 238-3455

Sacha Blackburne Photography 293-5088, www.sachablackburne. com

Mid Ocean Club 293-0330, www. National Museum of Bermuda #1, The Keep, Sandys, 234-1418, www. Newstead Belmont Hills 27 Harbour Rd, Paget, 236-6060, Pompano Beach Club 36 Pompano Beach Rd, Southampton, 234-0222,

Danny Garcia 238-1777 Legacy Band 337-2861 N. Christopher Darrell 504-5339, Razzle Dazzle Mobile Music Services 236-6870 Tempo Entertainment Ltd. 335-0205

64 | THE BERMUDIAN Weddings

Swell Productions 252-573-0119,, Two+Quarter Studios 295-1072, Visual Impact Photography 2954755,

Zeudi Hinds Photography 737-5077,

PRINTING & STATIONERY Andrea Lopes 504-3365 Atlantic Printing Services 13 Addendum Ln, Pitt’s Bay Rd, Pembroke, 293-3915 Bermuda Press Ltd. 13 Addendum Ln, Pitt’s Bay Rd, Pembroke, 2926100, Chameleon Print Express 34 Burnaby Hill, Hamilton, 295-3950 Engravers Ltd. 295-7118, www. Pulp & Circumstance Papers 4 Washington Ln, Hamilton, 542-9586 Triangle Press Ltd. 104 St. John’s Rd, Pembroke, 292-1614 Wined & Designed 2 Hermitage Road, Devonshire, 537.6766. www.

RENTALS & TENTS Apex Ice and Party Rentals 2346994, 337-4240 Bermuda Rentals 25 Serpentine Rd, Pembroke, 292-7172 Class Act Designs 45 Middle Rd, Devonshire, 534-7493, D’Crazy Rentals & Party Planning 333-0053 Elements Floral Designs & Gifts 734-3482 Exclusive Events 238-3331, www. Grandview Tent Rentals 17 Cherry Dale, Smith’s, 297-8850 Island Rentals 295-5134 Lambert & Lambert Canopy Rentals 236-1519, Pavilion Tents 705-3061 Undercover Tent Rentals 2 Hermitage Road, Devonshire, 537.6766.

RESTAURANTS 1609 76 Pitts Bay Rd, Pembroke, 295-3000 Ascots Restaurant 24 Rosemont Ave, Pembroke, 295-9644 Barracuda Grill 5 Burnaby Hill, Hamilton, 292-1609 Bacci Fairmont Southampton Resort, 101 South Shore Rd, Southampton, 238-2555

Jasmine Lounge 101 South Shore Rd, Southampton, 238-8000 Lido Restaurant Elbow Beach Sea Terrace, Paget, 236-9884 La Trattoria 23 Washington Ln, Hamilton, 295-1877 Little Venice 32 Bermudiana Rd, Hamilton, 295-3503 L’Oriental Restaurant 32 Bermudiana Rd, Hamilton, 296-7475

Beau Rivage Newstead Belmont Hills Golf Resort, 96 Harbour Rd, Paget, 232-8686

Lobster Pot & Boathouse Bar 6 Bermudiana Road, Hamilton, 2926898

Bella Vista Bar and Grill Port Royal Golf Course, Southampton, 2340974

Mad Hatters 297-6231,

Bistro J Chancery Ln, Hamilton, 296-8546 Blû Bar & Grill 97 Middle Rd, Warwick, 232-2323 Bolero Brasserie 95 Front St, Hamilton, 292-4507 Café Cairo Restaurant 93 Front St, Hamilton, 295-5155 Cambridge Beaches 30 King’s Point Rd, Sandys, 234-0331 Coconuts at The Reefs 56 South Rd, Southampton, 238-0222 Crown and Anchor 295-3000, www. The Dining Room 68 St. Anne’s Rd, Southampton, 238-8679 Fourways Inn & Cottage Colony 1 Middle Rd, Paget, 236-6517 Frog & Onion Pub and Restaurant Royal Naval Dockyard, 234-2900 Harbourfront Restaurant BUEI, 40 Crow Ln, Pembroke, 295-4207 Harry’s at the Waterfront 96 Pitt’s Bay Rd, Hamilton, 292-5533 Henry VIII Pub & Restaurant 69 South Shore Rd, Southampton, 238-1977

Marcus’ 295-3000, Mickey’s Beach Bistro & Bar Elbow Beach Sea Terrace, Paget, 236-9107 Newport Gastropub 101 South Shore Rd, Southampton, 238-8000 Ocean Club 101 South Shore Rd, Southampton, 238-8000 Pickled Onion 53 Front St, Hamilton, 295-2263 Pearl Sushi Restaurant 87 Front St, Hamilton, 295-9343


Lady Bug Services 535-1283

Bang Bang Hair 53 Reid St, Hamilton, 292-2051

Rover Executive Transport 335-9100

Inner Sanctum Spa & Salon 2954808 Gillian’s Beauty Salon 14 South Shore Rd, Devonshire, 232-0496

Bermuda Travel 781-662-1953, www.,

Lush Makeup Lash & Brow Bar 20 Church St, Washington Mall, 2nd Floor, Hamilton, 295-5874

Trip Bermuda 68 Washington Mall, Hamilton, 292-8747,

Newstead Spa Newstead Belmont Hills Golf Resort, 27 Harbour Rd, Paget, 249-7119 Ocean Spa at Cambridge Beaches 30 King’s Point Rd, Sandys, 2340331, Salon 27 27 Reid St, Hamilton, 295-2727 Salon Pink 14 Parliament St, Hamilton, 295-7465 Serenity Spa 33 Pompano Beach Rd, Southampton, 234-0333 The Spa at Elbow Beach 60 South Shore Rd, Paget, 236-3535

Port O Call 87 Front St, Hamilton, 295-5373

Strands Hair Salon & Skin Spa 31 Reid St, Hamilton, 295-0935, www.,

The Point 60 Tucker’s Point Dr, Harrington Sound, 298-4000

Tangles Hair Salon 20 Reid St, Hamilton, 292-8294

Red Steakhouse and Bar 55 Front St., Hamilton, 292-7331

Transformations 6 Walker Arcade, Reid St, Hamilton, 295-4304

Ruby Murrys 2 Chancery Ln, Pembroke, 295-5058

Sense Spa Rosewood Tucker’s Point 298-4000

Rustico 8 North Shore Rd, Flatts, 295-5212

Willow Stream Spa Fairmont Southampton Resort, 238-8000

Tempest Bistro 22 Water St, St. George, 297-0861


Tom Moore’s Tavern Bailey’s Bay, Hamilton Parish, 293-8020

ASX Luxury Transport 505-2814

Victoria Grill 29 Victoria St, Hamilton, 296-5050

Bermuda Executive Limo 292-0282

Beeline Transport 293-0303

Wahoo’s Bistro & Patio Water St, St. George’s, 297-1307

Bermuda Train Company 236-3130

House of India 57 North St, Hamilton, 295-6450

Waterlot Inn 101 South Shore Rd, Southampton, 238-8000

CEO Transport 234-4366


La Serena Spa The Reefs, 56 South Shore Rd, Southampton, 239-0184

Hog Penny Restaurant 5 Burnaby St, Hamilton, 292-2534

Island Restaurant Group 295-3648,

V.I.P. Taxi Service 534-8688, www.

BTA Dispatching Ltd 296-2121

Worldview Travel Ltd. 35 Church St, Hamilton, 292-3033, www.,

WEDDING & EVENT PLANNERS A Wedding in Bermuda 599-0756, All the Trimmings 535-9992, www. Bermuda Bride 295-8697, www. Bermuda Event Solutions 2369469, The Bridal Suite Bermuda 2922025, Destination Wedding Bermuda 2368252, Planning Factory International 5317250, Rose of Sharon Wedding Coordinators 232-2853, Select Sites Group 292-9741, www. Thinking of Bermuda US/Canada Toll Free: (855) 777-2038, International: 786-250-6841 PO Box 1304, Palm City, FL, 34991, info@ thinkingofbermuda.cominfo@ To Have and To Hold Wedding and Event Planning 236-7473, www.

Exclusively Elite Executive Taxi Service 333-4985

Spring 2016 | 65

Parting Shot | Meagan Duhamel & Bruno Marcotte Photograph by Rowell Photography

66 | THE BERMUDIAN Weddings

P R I N C E S S +

L O V E = F







Be casual on the beach or as formal as you like… We h a v e e v e r y t h i n g y o u n e e d to plan your wedding. T E L + 1 4 4 1 2 9 5 3 0 0 0 • 7 6 P I T T S B AY R OA D, H A M I LT O N H M 0 8 B E R M U DA


59 Front Street. Hamilton, HM11, Bermuda • 441.295.3961

Profile for The Bermudian Publishing Company

Bermudian Weddings  

Spring 2016

Bermudian Weddings  

Spring 2016


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