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Past CC7D Grand Jury Winners: 2015 - “Anonymous Anonymous”- Sleight Films, Jimmy Willden - Director 2014 - “A Life Lost” - Sleight Films,

as if the CC7D gods were testing us, our team successfully turned in The Rogue.

2013 - "Dude’s A Writer" - C4 Films,

After a month slowly ticked by, the day of the CC7D screening at the Harbor Playhouse, and the Awards Ceremony that was to follow later that night at the House of Rock, had finally arrived.

Christopher James Thompson - Director Reagan Johnson & Matt McClung, Director(s)

2012 - “Abide” - AMFM Studios, Christopher James Thompson - Director 2011 - “The Rogue” - Born Ready Films, Jimmy Willden - Director 2010 - “Sin Ayuda” - Knightstorm, Hector Zertuche - Director 2009 - “Seize The Day” - C4 Digital Films,

Reagan Johnson - Director

2008 - “Blindsighted” - C4 Digital Films, Reagan Johnson - Director 2007 - “Mason’s Midget”

- Omar Becerra, Director

“I think, for us, that day is super hectic, it’s super long and a little exhausting, but it’s so rewarding,” said Garcia of the Screening and Ceremony. “Everything we do works toward that day, and once it’s over - as tiring and as long as it is - it’s really worth it.” The air in the theater full of an electric excitement, I began to perspire - and again, those first-time film-making jitters returned, with a vengeance. I began to squirm in my seat as each new film screened, the program inching ever closer to our own. Then, The Rogue appeared on the screen. The theater fell completely silent. With my heart pounding out of my chest, my sweaty hands grasping my chair so tight, the tips of my fingers were turning white - I closed my eyes, and just waited.

Six-and-a-half minutes later, I heard the final line of our film, delivered by the great Kelly Kimball, “Good men don’t run.” The theater remained quiet, and then erupted into an all-out roar. Slowly, my fingers loosened their grip on my chair. Five years later, at the time of your reading this - I will have just participated in my sixth and final competition. While this is my last year participating in CC7D, I want to stress how important this event is for our community - fostering, educating and offering a platform for us aspiring filmmakers to showcase budding talents. Now, as I settle into that ever-familiar wait for the 10th CC7D Screenings and Awards (to be held on Saturday, August 13) may I offer just a single word of advice for anyone looking to enter into the fray next year Persevere.

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Landscape Plan: 1

Landscape Design by: Donna Mazzola

Date: 3/24/2015

1" = 10'


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