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CLICK HERE TO GET THE BEST OF SKRILLEX RINGTONE! With a history in the laughable post hardcore scream world Skrillex has risen and beamed in the new American dubstep scene.Two albums released in 2010 two more released in 2011 and another scheduled for 2012 Skrillex labors hard and it shows in his success.Living up and down the state of California Skrillex sees his influence come from guitars and synthesizers.With the help of nearby friends and the internet Skrillex became recognized very fast.Skrillexs sound does not reflect the deep and spacy sub-bass sounds of its UK founders but aligns itself to the higher ranges of dubstep and electro common with the North American scene and championed by the likes of Datsik Excision and Downlink who have birthed a whole continent of clones.Over 150+ Skrillex Ringtone Available Here! Some say he works too hard but the nominations and awards validated the incorrect in early 2012.Seeing hot young female singers while racking up awards is new domain for Skrillex and

even fellow EDM artists.On the red carpet for the Grammy's fellow EDM artist Deadmau5 donned a t-shirt that revealed Skrillexs phone number thus lighting up his phone bill as well as the internet chatrooms to whether this was intentionally malicious or not.4 Complete Albums of Skrillex Ringtone Available HERE! Despite his success and to the dismay of his many critics Skrillex has stopped giving interviews thus not feeding the fire of hate currently burning.Why do 14 year olds adore him like The Beatles or vehemently hate him for ruining their sacred UK underground scene to which they have no relevance too?.A question that can be surely only left to and resolved by the intelligence of those from where the words crawl out.If the younger folks don't like his music for meaningless reasons than what legit reasons do the so called authority writers have?The underground dubstep fans like their sub-bass and unfortunately the music doesn't provide that.For others it his hybridization between house electro and dubstep while his name has risen with the latter.Hardcore electronica heads are troubled by him being in a screamo hardcore band.His fan base is also a major drawback for people as most of the fans are recent new raver kids crossing over from the hardcore scene.Kids take drugs and go see him live young adults get online and attack and middle aged bloggers write about how unhappy they are despite that Skrillex is still going to make music and be profitable.Over 150+ Skrillex Ringtone Available Here!

Skrillex Ringtone  

Skrillex Ringtone