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Have you ever walked out of the movie theater? If so, which scene made you say “I can’t watch any more of this”? Rarely do I ever walk out, even with the worst movie, I usually give it a chance till the end. I know I’ve done it once or twice before, I just seriously can’t remember which movie. It was that bad that I wiped it from my memory. In the biopic of your life, which scene should be filmed in slow motion? Me being born, getting married, and my kid being born. I’m cheesy like that. In the biopic of your life, which scene should be filmed as a silent movie? Me making my movies. People should just see the final film, not the process.

What’s the TV series or movie that you haven’t been able to find on DVD? You mean on pirated DVD? Because pretty much everything is available on DVD somewhere. What TV show or movie did you once love but now think is rubbish? I wouldn’t call it “rubbish,” but I recently saw Mr. & Mrs. Smith again and, man, that movie doesn’t hold up! Not sure why I liked it so much when it came out. What TV show or movie did you have to be coerced into watching but now readily admit that you love? I remember my mom forced me to go watch Little Women with her when I was in high school. That turned out to be a really good film. Plus I was really into Winona Ryder (pre-burglary days). What’s your favorite film musical? Evita. What movie are you sick of people saying to you: “What?! You haven’t seen it?” I’m usually the dude saying that. What is a slow-paced movie you still enjoy? The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly. What movie first made you say: “Wow, how did they do that?” E.T.

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December 2013

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What movie do you refuse to watch on principle? 120 Days of Sodom was the worst piece of crap (pun intended) I’ve seen and refuse to watch ever again. Also, [Taiwan director] Tsai Ming-Liang’s The Wayward Cloud is another one I refuse to watch. The two films I mentioned are disgusting. I don’t care how “artistic” the artsy-fart festival community calls them – call me old fashioned, but to me, people pooing and screwing watermelons on camera, that’s not art.

the Beijinger December 2013  
the Beijinger December 2013  

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