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Steve Aoki is back. Again. But we’re always happy to see him. There’ll be thrills and spills at Elements Club as the Grammynominated spinner brings his indie dance stylings back.

Bake-offs are taking over the world. Or at least reality TV. Why aren’t we seeing more here in the capital? The Hutong takes the first step towards setting that right with its Cookie Monster Bake-off.


US songbird Cat Power lights up the ThinkPad Space as part of this year’s Modern Sky Festival. And she promises she won’t be storming off the stage (see p. 65).

20 31


A Beijing-flavored take on The Wizard of Oz. The interactive musical comedy SantaCon, the sloppiest Christmasrelated pub crawl in the city, returns can’t promise for another run from east to west. The flying monkeys or munchkins, but they route will be announced on the day, but don’t worry, you’ll be drunk by the time do promise a zany twist on a classic story. you reach your destination.


Veritable jack-of-all-trades Goldie of the golden grill fame makes a return trip to Beijing to help The Syndicate crew with a drum and bass warm up for Christmas.

New Year knees ups will be ten a penny come the 31st, but the original and arguably the best, YEN Countdown, returns with another irreverent slink into the New Year. Bound to be as corruptious as ever, make sure you have the 1st off work. And maybe the 2nd.



Tricky Dickie Clayderman makes his yearly trip east to perform at the Great Hall of the People today. The Parisian has been bringing his easy listening repertoire to Beijing every holiday season for more than 20 years now.

Who’d have thought Paddy’s would see its sixth birthday with all the debauchery it’s witnessed down the years? As it is inducted into the annals of the untouchables, the many-time Sports Bar of the Year award winner celebrates its birthday the only way it knows how. Drunk.


It looked so good on the silver screen that every party planner in town thinks they could throw a Gatsby-themed bash as well as The Great himself. Atmosphere at China World Summit Wing has a better chance than most of actually pulling it off.

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