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p.s. we ate you Every month, we like to shine a spotlight on the most delicious dishes we’ve stumbled upon recently. Dig in!

miso soup Sake Manzo, RMB 15 The humble miso soup is often the least spectacular thing about a Japanese feast, but on a chilly winter night, it’s a surprise standout at the highly-regarded Chaoyang Park Japanese. Rich and stocky, with a generous scattering of fresh scallions that maintained their crisp until the not unpleasantly bitter end. date cake Zaogao Wang, RMB 7 What hits is the heavenly aroma, a mixture of brown sugar and maple syrup. As you wait in the ridiculous queue complaining about the cold, the scent reminds you of why you’re putting yourself through it for seven-kuaiworth of cake. It comes out in a giant pan with seven or eight square pieces, each about the size of your fist. Go for the outermost slices as the buttery edges of the cake are particularly satisfying and offer a slightly crunchier bite. pesto shrimp spaghetti Union Bar & Grille, RMB 98 A 2013 Burger Cup finalist finally wades into shrimpy waters with this fine dish. The pesto per fectly complements the other ingredients, neither overpowering them nor leaving the diner wanting more. The shrimp are grilled and then placed atop spaghetti, chosen for being lighter than the normal pesto pasta, fettuccine. A bit pricey, but a very tasty new menu item from this Sanlitun stalwart. maple with chopped peanuts donut Daylight Donuts, RMB 8 Peer through the hole of a maple cake Daylight Donut, and you can practically see the US on the other side. It’s Beijing’s single best rendition of this breakfast-time indulgence, so much so that you would think they were from the corner bakery instead of Chaoyangmen’s U-Town mall. All that’s left to do after boxing a dozen is to find an equally delicious coffee to dunk them in. No need to share with colleagues.


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the Beijinger December 2013  

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