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KIDI Interesting fact: Kidi once got lost in the red-light district of Amsterdam. She didn’t care to disclose what she was looking for. The resulting drink: Braveheart Ingredients: 45ml white rum 45ml plain yogurt 15ml mango syrup 5ml grenadine ¼ fresh mango

Served: Blended into a cocktail saucer with a fresh mint garnish “I like anything fruity and colorful. This is pretty and my favorite flavor, mango.”

EDWIN Interesting fact: Edwin is a great fan of Japan and visits the country four times a year. He cannot speak Japanese but can sing Japanese KTV songs. The resulting drink: Hot Passion Ingredients: 45ml Campari 45ml fresh pink grapefruit Juice 10ml grapefruit syrup 5ml Frangelico

Served: Shaken into a hurricane glass and garnished with grapefruit peel and fresh mint “Usually I like simple, basic cocktails. This is very interesting, though.”

DWIGHT Interesting fact: Dwight once spent time in a Curaçao prison. He did not elaborate further, and we thought it best not to ask any questions. The resulting drink: Dwight Sunshine Ingredients: 45ml smoky whiskey 15ml Campari 15ml Amaro Averna 15ml sweet vermouth

Served: Stirred and strained into a sugarrimmed champagne saucer “It’s bitter and smoky. It’s like the story behind my fact; sweet up front, bitter at the back!”


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the Beijinger December 2013  
the Beijinger December 2013  

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