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he snap has well and truly set in. But despite the chill outside, none of us will stop going going to the pub, will we? Not in this lifetime. But we can adapt our palates ever so slightly to help us conquer the cold. Winter provides the excuse for us to mull as much as we can, but many of the city’s bars are a step ahead and have added more creative hot drinks to their menus to keep your cockles warm throughout the winter. We thought we’d look a bit deeper than the usual Hot Toddys, Buttered Rums, and Irish Coffees of Beijing, and see if our city’s mixologists could throw up anything with a bit more sparkle this festive period. Here’s a selection of steamy cocktails to stave off the chill. All are sweet, spicy and spiked, the best kind.

JUNIPER AND ORANGE SPICED APPLE CIDER Available at The Local This one is fine for the kiddies, they tell us. But the jig on a regular wassail can be made grown-up with a nip of rum if that’s your choosing. After going to great pains to obtain juniper berries, they make sure they bring out the piney flavor of the berry and have complemented it with spices including cinnamon and aniseed to nullify the berry’s intense characteristics, warms the bones and clears the sinuses. Ingredients APOTHECARY Juniper infused gin, nutmeg, HOT CHOCOLATE Xinxiang apple cider Available at Apothecary Made with 70% cacao content Belgian dark chocolate, fruit peels, herbs, spices, brown sugar, whole milk and cream this is a serious hot chocolate. None of your powder and hot water nonsense here, no sir. Their cocoa powder comes from real chocolate bars and the hot chocolate base takes 24 hours to prepare. Topped with your choice of fortification from Chartreuse for a herbal twang, Grand Marnier for a zingier finish, or Havana Club rum for a big boy’s backbone, it makes a deliciously decadent and potent warmer.

Ingredients Chocolate base, milk, cream Chartreuse, Grand Marnier, or Havana Club rum hot canadian toddy, availW able at plan b


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the Beijinger December 2013  
the Beijinger December 2013  

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