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n the far northern edge of Sanlitun lies a gem of a market unparalleled for those who take pleasure in planning a holiday feast – the bird or the roast, the potatoes and parsnips, the pies and the tartlets. Need a turkey? A butcher familiar with Western cuts? Fresh sage and salmon? Jenny Lou and April may have their small empires, but Sanyuanli Market prevails in the union of accessibility, variety and most of all, price. Don’t be afraid to work that charm – vendors are used to restaurants and may offer cheaper bulk prices and, sometimes, home-delivery. ce Jie entran Shunyuan



Noteworthy: figs (RMB 25), avocados (RMB 8 each), blueberries (RMB 18/4.4oz) , kiwis (RMB 12 each) Stalls to try: 07, 17

SANYUANLI MARKET 三源里市场 Shunyuan Jie (near Sanyuan Dongqiao), Chaoyang District 朝阳区顺源街(三元东桥旁边)




Noteworthy: hazelnuts (RMB 50), dates (RMB 8), pine nuts (RMB 60-100), figs (RMB 30), cranberries (RMB 35) Stall to try: 23

DAIRY AND DRIED GOODS Noteworthy: Libby’s canned pumpkin (RMB 20/15oz), Camp maple syrup (RMB 99/250ml), fillo dough (RMB 45/375g), President butter (RMB 22/200g), Philadelphia cream cheese (RMB 25/250g), Ocean Spray cranberry sauce (RMB 15/14oz), miso (RMB 45/300g) Stalls to try: 35/37, 38/40, 85, 82/84

PORK, BEEF, AND LAMB Noteworthy: bacon (RMB 28.5), ribeye steak (RMB 65), New Zealand lamb leg (RMB 30) Stall to try: 31/32

POULTRY Noteworthy: Norbest American turkey (RMB 20), goose (RMB 18) Stalls to try: 48, 45

SEAFOOD Noteworthy: salmon (RMB 42), seabass (RMB 13), scallops (RMB 30) Stalls to try: 71, 74

VEGETABLES Noteworthy: okra (RMB 14), fresh herbs (RMB 5/packet), arugula (RMB 3), Brussels sprouts (RMB 15) Stalls to try: 89, 95

All prices per jin unless otherwise noted. (1 jin = 500g = 1.102lb) Prices and availability vary daily and seasonally.


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