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Drinks “I find people always run out of ice and mixers so best to stock up on everything as your party guests can get demanding. If you’re a bring-your-own (BYO) type and not the host with the most then make sure you tell your guest to bring things and better to tell them what you want. And a party is not a party without tequila and plenty of it. ” – DJ Chozie “Have enough glassware for everyone. It’s awkward to drink wine or a cocktail out of a coffee mug or plastic cup.” –Kristen Lum Local favorites Jenny Lou’s and April Gourmet will deliver groceries and ice, with some outlets open as late as midnight (see their listings on the Beijinger’swebsite for phone numbers and hours of operation).




Secret Santa It’s that time of the party. Time to sit around and loudly dole out a series of “joke” gifts (up to but not exceeding RMB 100 in cash value). Avoid the sex shops – you won’t be the only bright spark to have considered it, and spare them the Yashow T-shirt. Just get them a bottle of booze if you’re that stuck for inspiration.


December 2013

“Playlist, people. Get your party journey right. That includes having get-the-f*ck-out songs ready for the end of the night. Have extra slippers for the girls. You don’t want unhappy, dirty feet as you might get lucky and have to rub them later.” – DJ Chozie

the Beijinger December 2013  
the Beijinger December 2013  

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