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Decorations Santa hats for everyone at the table could be quite nice, but don’t bother with tinsel, it makes your front room look like the porridge restaurant around the corner that has had the same flimsy tinsel in the window since Christmas ‘05. To deck the halls properly, visit for a full selection of Christmas decorations, from the traditional to the humorous.

Music and Entertainment “A good playlist and sound system! People underestimate the importance of music to set the right kind of mood. I recommend pre-selecting enough music to play on shuffle for the length of the party so that songs aren’t repeated multiple times. The speakers should be spread throughout the room so the sound is even.” – Kristen Lum “Few things add fun and flare to a party like a supply of fake mustaches. It’s great for the guys who just shaved off their Movember ‘stache, but are still nostalgic for lip fur, and it’s a proverbial party hat for girls. The top floor of Yashow has a great selection, as well as Tianyi Market on the west Second Ring Road near Gulou, and Silk Market.” – Alex Edmunds “Did you forget Twister?” – DJ Chozie


December 2013

the Beijinger December 2013  
the Beijinger December 2013  

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