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in their own space, with their own food, own music, and most important, close friends. It may be party time, but this is the time of year to bring the party home. How do you plan a party at your place where everyone has a good time, including you? We spoke with some of the city’s top event organizers to bring you the best tips for making your year-end house bash a night to remember. “ To maximize attendance (and fun), send out invitations eight to ten days before your party or event. For example, if your party’s going to be on a weekend, send

December 2013

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y now, the decision is made. With airfares increasing and the number of available seats going down, if you don’t have a holiday plane ticket in hand, then you’re preparing for a festive period spent right here in Beijing. The good news is the colored lights and other decorations can stay up until after Spring Festival (January 31 next year) and absolutely no one will notice. Although just about every international hotel and most Western restaurants will be serving holiday meals and holding themed parties (see the Beijinger’s website for a full list of holiday events), many people prefer to be

the Beijinger December 2013  
the Beijinger December 2013  

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