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May 2013



May 2013


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Food & Drink

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What’s Happening: Our picks for the month Stat: The city’s hottest real estate, according to the official Beijing edition of Monopoly Beijing Folk: Chen Xin, board game cafe owner Going Underground: Sanyuanqiao, Line 10 and Airport Express Scene & Heard: The social whirl … plus your chance to win great prizes Dice-throwing, card-slapping, button-bashing, joystickwaggling ... how’s that for good clean fun? After doing extensive research in board game cafes and video arcades, we tell you which games to play and where to play them. What’s New: Cantina Agave, Zap Urban Eatery, Impasto Pizza, Big Bowl Small Plate, Lan Ting, Taolu Grill and Bar, Crossover Club, Thinking in Sports, Felix Bar Café, Fire Wings Alleyway Gourmet: Xiaowei Taiwanese Snacks Back for More: Agua Just Desserts: Beer Mania Cocktail Profiler: Jeff Ji of Mai Bar Dining Feature: Game meats Drinks Feature: Chinese drinking games Grape Press: Wine games Wokipedia: K is for … kugua, kuai, kai kou xiao Last Orders: Laura Fanelli Dining Q&A: Chef Ku Chi Fai of The Ritz-Carlton Beijing Taste Test: Pre-packaged sandwiches … plus what we’ve loved eating this month Inspect a Gadget: Game gadgets What’s New: Renoir Jigsaw, Noble Pets, Hilton Beijing Health Club Backstage Pass: Wye Oak Head of the Queue: Nouvelle Vague Giveaways: S.T.A.Y at Shangri-La Beijing, Fizztastic brunch at Hilton Beijing Wangfujing, Comptoirs de France, Park Square, Features: Great Wall Music Festival, geocaching, pub quizzes, and how to keep your out-of-town guests entertained (without actually spending time with them) … plus where we wish we were this month Playlist: Jonas Gilbert, CCTV Sports Scene anchor Bookshelf: Marianne Daquet, Atelier photography teacher Mastermind: Nick Cyr, Beijing board game club A Drink With: Ian Lahiffe & Mat Gallagher of INC Uniformity: Gabriel Trane Clermont, filmmaker Screentime: Monty Fendt, cinematographer Feature: Cricket Liu Features: The rise of wind power and the demolishing of mountaintops






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EVENTS: Day-by-day listings for May THE DIRECTORY: Venues, venues, venues



Peking Man: The solution to the cab crisis? This month’s cover, which features board game lovers Nick Cyr (see p52), Mark Scheifelbien, Matt Rideout and Leru, was photographed by Sui.

May 2013


The most important dates this month



If you went to the trouble of graduating from university, then you have our congratulations – well done, old bean – and you have an invite to the Alumni Ball. Global graduates come together at the Kerry Hotel in aid of the nonprofit Americans Promoting Study Abroad.

Combine Belgium’s most famous export and a technologybased scavenger hunt and you get the Belgian QR Pub Crawl. The five specialty beers and five bars will remain secret until you get out your smartphones.


Mas celebrate a whole 365 days of existence with a beachthemed bash. They’ll be frying up the fritas, pouring tiki drinks and dancing to DJs all night long. Doors open at 2pm. We wish them well for the following day’s Cinco de Mayo celebrations with their sore heads.

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“Warriors, come out to play” will be the refrain in Gulou this month for SnapAdventures’ The Beijing LGBT Center holds The Warriors Party. a masquerade soiree at the Opposite House’s Sunken Garden The fun (you can take control of a to highlight International Day bar!) starts in the Against Homophobia & Transphobia’s square at the Bell theme of fighting anonymous and Tower tonight. Internet homophobia. Clever.


Did someone say “all you can drink”? They certainly did at True Run Towers when we were planning the Beijinger’s Reader Bar & Club Awards party. If our events are the bee’s knees, then these awards are the patella. Advance tickets are RMB 150 or it’s RMB 200 at the door. Get yourself to Galaxy Soho for an afternoon that you’ll never forget. By the way, the theme is Party Animals.


May 2013

9 21

25 12

Bring your instruments, bring your ears, bring your love of counterpoint and harmony to Basically Beethoven, Beijing’s only classical music openmic night. It takes place monthly at The Bookworm. All are welcome.

Unsavory Elements is a collection of China stories penned by well-known expats. Tom Carter will be discussing his project at The Bookworm this evening. Spend RMB 50 and get some new stories to pass off as your own.

Is The Man getting you down? Get on down to some epic ’70s grooves at Modernista’s Blaxploitation Party starting from 9.30pm.

Everyone at the Beijinger loves they momma. You should too. Why not raise a toast to her at one of the city’s fine Mother’s Day champagne brunches? For more events, see p62.

PHOTO: Benson Kua

“Woke up this morning – duh-DER-duhDUH – feeling like things aren’t so bad as it’s the start of the Beijing CD Blues Festival.” OK, that’s not a blues song, but for the next three days there’s no reason to be blue.

May 2013


CITY SCENE Start as you mean to go on


stat Yanyuan


rent $20

rent $20

Qinghuayuan rent $20

rent $20

Zhongguancun rent $20



What are the priciest neighborhoods in Beijing?

Chaoyang Park

This map depicts various properties as they’re ranked in the official Beijing edition of Monopoly.

rent $20

rent $20

Who knew that Chaoyang Park was one of the most prestigious addresses in Beijing? And how embarrassing for Chongwenmen to be priced so low even with such a central location!


rent $20



rent $20

Hangtianqiao rent $20


rent $20

rent $20

rent $20

Financial Street rent $20 rent $20

rent $20



Wangfujing rent $20


rent $20



Do you agree with these real estate valuations? Tell us what you think at rent $20

Yongdingmen rent $20


most expensive rent $20


Fangzhuang rent $20





May 2013

to the unrelenting barrage of fists, knees and kicks of a human tunnel from which only the fleet of foot would avoid a lunchtime pasting by tiny cruel hands (and feet). This brand of adolescent democracy – while somewhat progressive – was riven with cliques and prone to systematic rigging, which left it exposed to the worst excesses of juvenile malice. Another game involved harvesting, from around the school field, the fruits of the horse chestnut tree (small palm-sized nuts we called “conkers”). They were lanced and threaded with a shoelace, and the resultant pendulum became a tool of combat against your enemy’s conkers. Great pride was taken in a durable conker, and extra care was given to ensuring your conker had the best chance in battle. Freeze-drying, baking, soaking in vinegar and coating in mum’s nail varnish were all known tricks of the trade in ensuring their longevity. This pride would be crushed under foot, very literally, if your conker fell foul of the “stampies” rule which allowed

everyone in attendance to trample your conker into the asphalt should it be wrenched from your grip during game play. I recalled the pleasure I’d take from beating my schoolmates at these most puerile of contests – I was the playground conker champion two autumns in a row, before a bigger kid “stampied” the key component of my horse chestnut arsenal. This month, however, I was able to rekindle that old competitive spirit in board game cafes and video arcades, learning that Beijing affords adults the timeless thrill of a minor victory.

Paul Ryding Deputy Managing Editor

Map: Xixi

funny thing happened this month. As my fellow editors and I discussed the upcoming Games issue, we got to reminiscing about playground games we used to play. I soon realized that my schoolyard experience was actually more akin to that of a fresh borstal inmate making his first foray into the prison rec yard. I wasn’t so surprised that my American colleagues had never experienced the same level of malevolent and pervasive violence – I grew up watching Saved by the Bell, so I know the school experience in America is a wonderful one. I was staggered, however, to find my fellow British contingent had never heard of the “Tunnel of Death” or “stampies,” everyday punishments meted out by the mighty to keep the playground puny firmly in check. “ Tunnel of Death?!” my colleagues asked. I explained that one playground game that involved keeping a football off the ground was always followed by a straw poll as to who was the least skilled; that player was then subjected

Beijing folk

Chen Xin

Owner, Owl Board Game Club by Crystal Li


f you think nightclubs and KTV are the only way to have fun in this city, you clearly haven’t spent time yelling and laughing with your friends in a board game cafe. Chen Xin, who owns three of these venues, defines board games as “any game in which people can build more profound connections with each other by playing it.” We asked him what it’s like to make a living from the act of playing. What’s your favorite board game? These days, I prefer to play simple and fun party games like Tong Ji Ling (通缉令). Though the first time I saw it, I was like, “Who would bother to play this junk?!” What’s the most popular game in your shops? The trend changes from day to day, but recently, Dixit has been on fire.

PHOTO: mitchell pe masilun

Which game is the least played? One of my worst decisions ever was to acquire a game called Rotating Sushi. It simulates fishing or eating in a conveyer-belt sushi bar, and cost me a fortune to buy. I thought it would be huge. Unfortunately, nobody was a fan. And it takes so long to set up and pack up. Oh, it was painful! Which game seems to be the most difficult to learn? A Game of Thrones. Not only are the rules hard to understand, it also extremely challenging to play. Structurally, it’s a mega-game, combining different types of gameplay.

How do game types match up with personality types? When a group of trendy young hipsters walks in, they always choose par t y games lik e San Guo Sha ( 三国杀 ) or Happy Stupid or Bang! Whereas geeks enjoy brain-teaser games like A Game of Thrones or other strategy games. What’s the latest addition to your game inventory? The Mummy, another party game. We set up a vertical board so that the opposing teams can’t see each other’s “location.” Then the mummies start to catch the archeologists against the board using a magnet tool. When playing board games, which is more important: luck or strategy? My theory is that it takes 90% strategy plus 10% of luck to build a fun game. If gameplay is entirely based on strategy, people will lose interest. But if it’s all about luck, people will lose interest even faster. Have you ever seen people come to blows over a game? There’s a popular party game called Dikang Zu (抵抗组), which is similar to Sha Ren Youxi (杀人游戏), I’ve seen lots of people turn their backs on each other after playing this game. It is really weirdly fun. How’s business? I’m planning to open 20 more stores in the next three years. For the addresses of Chen Xin’s Owl board game cafes, see p14-15.

May 2013


NEWSBITES WATERCOOLER CHAT Have you seen our new magazine, the Wuhaner? Chances are that all of China’s expats will be heading to a second-tier city. The Daily Telegraph reports that Chinese returning from overseas are making Beijing and Shanghai too competitive for most expats. We’ll see you all at the station. Jay Leno won over Chinese Weibo users with quips about the recent discover y of 13,000 dead pigs in Shanghai’s drinking water supply. He used the situation to make jokes about “the world’s game of Angry Birds” and “bacon-flavored water.” Clips from his show were quickly subtitled and saw 40,000 reposts over the period of one weekend. Joss Stone launched a broadside at organizers of the  China Music Valley Festival last month. In a TV interview, she claimed that Chinese organizers “didn’t really know what they were doing yet.” Stone, the headliner for the 2012 edition, eemed distinctly less than impressed when her audience headed for the exit halfway through her set.

district was struck by a pillar pillager in late March. Officials say robbers looted the Yisang’e Tomb, a cultural-relic site, stealing and damaging portions of a huabiao (a type of marble pillar used in ancient Chinese architecture). Apparently the huabiao has been a frequent victim of tomb raiders in recent years, but the tomb has remained unguarded, despite the repeated attempts and the site’s importance. A recent CNN Go report claimed China was the world’s “second-best drinking nation.” We’re not too sure how they define “best,” but they did cite “fiery grain-based liquors” as the poison of choice, while suggesting it can also be used for cleaning vomit from a taxi. We can vouch for it cleaning the grout in the bathroom.

pillows one-handed? Competing at The Masters? Guan Tianlian was doing the latter two at the same time as he became the youngest-ever competitor at Augusta. He didn’t get the green jacket but he finished an incredible 12 over par. We’re sure he will be a hit with the ladies in due course. Atelier has not only started offering adult photography classes but they have also opened up a proper, old fashioned dark room. You can now live out all those teenage fantasies you had about dark rooms, minus the creepy teachers and French exchange kids.

Beijing’s bus commutes can be crowded, halting, and just plain uncomfortable.

are you too chicken to eat chicken?


May 2013

THIS MONTH We don’t know where to start with the news that Beijing is outlawing jaywalking. We might begin with the fact that jaywalking is a stupid word or maybe that it’s no reason to be legally mugged of RMB 10-50 by Officer Dibble but we’re not sure we can. Watch yourself when crossing the roads from the start of May.

We reported that taxis were going to be going up in price and we were right. The sense of smug satisfaction at being correct is overshadowed by the sadness we feel at no longer being able to afford a cab. The good news is that the extra cash is meant to go straight into the cabbie’s pocket. We just wish they could make sure that the drivers who used to refuse us don’t get the cash. Expect to be paying more by the time you read this.

Bird flu. Yes, it’s back. What are you gonna do? Stop eating KFC, judging by the immediate downturn in Yum Brand’s profits. What else? According to several provincial governments, you should be scarfing down ban lan gen (aka isatis root extract). There’s been a rush on the TCM remedy, much like the vinegar sales of SARS and the salt stockup in the aftermath of the Fukushima incident. What’s next? Some more deaths and a little bit of hysteria, probably.

Still, smartphone and tablet addicts will soon have an incentive to take the bus instead of cabs or the subway, as over 10,000 city buses are slated to offer WiFi by the end of this year. So far, only about 1,800 buses offer Internet access, but service through China Mobile will eventually be available on all bus routes within the Fourth Ring Road. The mobile carrier will offer 20 free hours of Wi-Fi per month through the end of June on available routes.

What causes pollution? Throw everything you thought you knew out the window. It’s not traffic jams and not factory emissions. The hottest new scapegoats for the poor air we breathe are those greasy lamb skewers sold on the street and mystic Daoist rituals. That’s right, state media is reporting that the reason you cannot breathe is delicious chuanr and paying respect to the dead.

Stephon Marbury will be an assistant coach for Team Beijing in this summer’s China National Games. Marbury has said that he wants to retire in China, the land that gave him a second chance. With this patriotic support of China’s basketball, could he be angling for a nice state-sponsored retirement villa?

What were you doing when you were 14? Stealing from your parents’ liquor cabinet? Learning to unhook bras from

The fun over in the DPRK means that the tourist hotspot has been undergoing changes with regard to visa availability. Dandong Tour Agency reported that they had to stop operations as they could no longer get the visas. Both

The postponed This Will Destroy You show will be held at MAO Livehouse on May 24. That was one we didn’t think we’d hear of again. The Beijing Dongpai Folk Festival has had to be moved after the organizers encountered difficulties obtaining the requisite permits to hold a bigger edition at Chaoyang Park. The music fest will now go ahead at the slightly more modest venue of 2 Kolegas on May 11 & 12. Slash is coming to town. And by town, we mean China generally and Shanghai to be specific. But still. Slash – of G’n’R and hat-wearing fame – will be just be a bullet train ride away when that May show is confirmed. The Warriors is coming to Gulou as SnapAdventures combine with some of the neighborhood bars for a month-long showdown. We’re not exactly sure what this means, but you’ll want to be in the square between the Drum and Bell Towers on May 4 to find out. If it’s happening in Gulou, it’s bound to be cool, right?

PHOTO: Thegreenj

A Qing dynasty tomb in Fangshang

We’re excited to know that China’s favorite ex-wife of Andrew LloydWebber, Sarah Brightman, returns to Beijing on June 28. We’ll take a high C over a high five any day.

Tony Stark touches his iron-clad soles down on Beijing’s cinema screens on May 3, bringing some exclusive Chinaonly scenes starring Fan Bingbing. In more good news for film fans, following Django Unchained being quickly rechained by the authorities last month, there is talk that after a few more cuts, the film will be released after all.

What are the odds of scoring a car permit in Beijing? One in 80, according to China Daily. Close to 1.5 million license plate hopefuls competed for just over 18,400 permits in the March 26 lottery, with an increase of 40,000 applications over the previous month’s lottery. The odds of winning a plate in the latest lottery are the lowest since the program was launched in 2011.

Some of you may be accustomed to finding pornography on the internet. You can use that skill for the public good by applying for Anquan’s Chief Pornography Detective. You find the smut and they will then snub it out. Whoever gets the job, we recommend they start the search for scantily clad sirens on pretty much any Chinese website. More details on

The Hanggai Music Festival is set to return in June. The Hanggai crew always supply enough top acts to keep Mako Live House rocking, and it seems that Yemen Blues, who gave a rousing show last year, will be back for another round.


Traveling to Qatar, Turkey, Egypt, or South Africa from PEK? Now you can change your cash at the Capital airport before you even take off. Starting last month, currency exchange outlets throughout Beijing’s three terminals started swapping the South Africa Nantes, Egyptian Pound, Turkish Lira, and Qatar Rial as part of their services.

We all want to put our best face forward, especially if it’s the last image that our loved ones will see of us. Luckily, Babaoshan Funeral Home star ted offering special makeup artistry from three award-winning mortuary cosmeticians last month. The female cosmeticians are trained to doll up your corpse with fake lashes, wigs, and other accessories. Sorry, fellas, it’s only offered for ladies at this point, and the funeral home is hoping the new services will help ease the worries of relatives who are uncomfortable with male cosmeticians working on female relatives.

Koryo and Young Pioneer Tours were saying that it was business as usual but watch this space for an end to “Arirang” for outsiders.


Sanyuanqiao, Line 10 and Airport Express SELLING POINT Escape. Capital International Airport’s runway could be said to start here, this massive bridge on the northeast corner of the Third Ring Road that launches you onto the Airport Expressway. When traffic is smooth, you’re only 15 minutes from catching your flight. PEDAL If you’re arriving in Beijing, on the other hand, transferring directly from the Airport Express onto a bike is a smart way to dodge the congestion of the city – luggage permitting, of course. A short stroll north of Exit D, along the ring road, will take you to the Asahi bike store. Two floors of cruisers, mountain bikes and tandems will have you geared up and rolling freely along the fulu for less than RMB 3,000.

GORGE Home Plate Bar-B-Que first brought the restaurant strip just behind Gateway Plaza (Exit C2) into the expat consciousness. It’s also home to healthy Mexican wraps from the Avocado Tree, excellent hummus at tiny Middle Eastern restaurant Al Safir and novel sliders at 3sums. A greasy fill-up at Kro’s Nest is just around the corner. SHOP Following Xiaoyun Lu west and crossing under the Third Ring Road will bring you to Sanyuanli market, where fresh produce and imported cheese and coffee can be had at bargain prices. The Phoenix City just north of Exit D is a mallrat’s dream, with a giant Uniqlo – the area’s best-kept secret – offering the largest variety of selection and sizes of any outlet in the city.

generation gap MARCO!


That’s not how you play the game, old-timer.

Tell Us a Joke Isabella Zhang

PHOTO: courtesy of isabella zhang

Owner, Sweetmap Cafe Q: What is an interior designer’s favorite game? A: A Game of Throws. Isabella won’t make you pay the iron price at Sweetmap Cafe.

May 2013


SCENE & HEARD Cantina Agave offered free-flow margaritas, sangria and beer at their grand opening party on Mar 30. Photos by Phoebe Storm

Pet Conspiracy and RE-TROS rocked Yugong Yishan on Feb 24. Photos courtesy of Nicola Longobardi

Mesa & Manifesto celebrated their grand opening on Mar 3. Photos courtesy of Nels Frye

Partygoers showed off their raunchy side at Fifty Shades of Haze on Mar 30.

Guests prepared creative cupcakes and cocktail recipes from Chef Bruno of the JW Marriott Hotel Beijing at the Customer Lifestyle Experience event on Mar 30. Photos courtesy of JW Marriott Hotel Beijing


may 2013


Maison de Voyages, which focuses on a personalized customization service for Chinese tourists in Europe, held their launch ceremony on Apr 11 at Temple Hotel. Photos courtesy of Liquid Element On Feb 27, the Verbier Festival Chamber Orchestra, conducted by Kirill Troussov, performed an intimate private concert for UCCA friends and supporters. Photos by Mitchell Pe Masilun

On Mar 22 , the world’s #1 snooker player, Judd Trump, made an appearance at the Ferrari showroom on Jinbao Jie to challenge 10 VIP members of the Ferrari owners club to a snooker game. Photos by Lu-Hai Liang

FCGroup hosted “Anything Goes” at Suzie Wong’s on Apr 2. Photos courtesy of FCGroup

Local artist Yang Dongxue hosted a cocktail party at Grace Hotel on Mar 22. Photo courtesy of Grace Hotel

Beijing Salsa Club hosted “Creative Meets Fashion” on Mar 19 with a performance and dance class at Zeta Bar, Hilton Beijing. Photos courtesy of Hilton Beijing Shangri-La’s China World Summit Wing welcomed footballer David Beckham on Mar 20. He visited China in his new role as the global ambassador for the Youth Football Program and the Chinese Super League. Photo courtesy of China World Summit Wing

The Schoolhouse at Mutianyu kicked off their Slow Food Day Trip series with “Tofu Anyone?” on Mar 24. Photos courtesy of The Schoolhouse at Mutianyu

Hilton Beijing celebrated Earth Hour on Mar 23 with a candlelit dinner at One East and by turning off its outdoor signage and dimming the light in the lobby. Photos courtesy of Hilton Beijing

may 2013


Beijing Subway: The Board Game


hen we were growing up, the most exciting day of the year was the last day of school because we were allowed to bring in our own games to play. Nowadays, this might mean the latest console, but for us, Games Day only meant board games. These cardboard Pandora’s boxes were our trusty allies whenever rain ruined our holidays or family friends came around. When was the last time you played a board game? Hasn’t it been too long? After all, what’s not to love about them? They develop realworld skills, they’re really cheap and, most important of all, they’re jolly good fun.  In fact, we love board games so much that we have made one just for you. Welcome to Beijing Subway: The Board Game. Next stop: enjoyment. The Basic Rules The current map of Bejing subway is the game board. All the metro stations of Beijing are printed on cards. Each player is dealt two cards to start. Designate one station as Origin and place your marker on the board. The other card is your Destination station. (There are advantages to keeping your Destination secret as long as possible.) Your goal is to not be the last one to reach your Destination station. Players take turns rolling a single die to move their markers along the board. You must roll the exact number to land on your Destination station.  Any time you land on an interchange station, your marker must stop there, regardless of which number you rolled. Players can “rebound” off the end of a subway line. As soon as any player reaches their Destination, they must designate another player to draw a new Destination card, discarding their previous Destination station.

You can tweak the gameplay to make it either more competitive or collaborative. (Heck, half the fun is finding your own personal sweet spot between luck, strategy and malice). Here are just a few possible variations: A one-turn penalty for landing on the same station as another player All players are assigned the outermost terminus of a subway line (determined by drawing a random card) as their Origin If any player rolls the same number in two successive turns, he or she can demand to trade Destination cards with the player of their choosing Set a timer. Every time the buzzer sounds, all players have the option to change their Destination station. If you choose to draw a new card, you must discard your previous Destination card before your new Destination is revealed to you. Set a timer. A “wildcard” station is drawn and revealed to the entire group simultaneously. Any player who wants to bid for the wildcard must roll for it; the highest roller takes it as their new Destination, discarding their previous Destination station. The last player to reach their Destination gets the Tunnel of Death (see p6)


May 2013

To download the board game (A2 format) and card template, go to

May 2013


Board Game Cafes


ow popular are board games in Beijing? Well, there are over 150 dedicated board game cafes across the city, stocking everything from the classics to the hottest new diversions. Here are some of the best. The price of admission usually gets you unlimited tea and soft drinks. Most of these cafes are willing to open early or stay open all night for a large enough group; call ahead to make arrangements.


May 2013


EMPIRE PENGUIN GAMES 帝企鹅专业桌游店 Mon, Wed-Fri 1-11pm. Sat-Sun 1pmmidnight. Unit 2476, 4/F, North Tower, Soho Shangdu, 8 Dongdaqiao Lu, Chaoyang District (5900 4789) 朝阳区东大桥路8号Soho尚都北塔4 层2476号 Prices: RMB 10/hour/person (maximum RMB 40) Notes: Only a few tables for gameplay, because their main business is selling games. They’ve got the real games from Swan Panasia (i.e. the official distributors for the Chinese market) and are willing to do special orders. Lots of professional players hang out here.

OWL BOARD GAME CLUB 猫头鹰桌游 Daily 24hrs. Unit 2311, 3/F, North Tower, Soho Shangdu, 8 Dongdaqiao Lu, Chaoyang District (5869 7948) 朝阳区东大桥路8号Soho尚都北塔3 层2311号 Prices: RMB 30/person (Mon-Thu), RMB 40/person (Fri-Sun) Notes: A lot of food options nearby. Not a bad place to watch football because it’s open 24/7. BIG DEVIL KING BOARD GAME CAFE 大魔王桌游吧 Daily 2pm-midnight. 0811, Bldg A, Soho New Town, Chaoyang District (8589 3297) 朝阳区建国路88号Soho现代城A座 0811室

Prices: RMB 35/person (Mon-Thu), RMB 50/person (Fri-Sun) Notes: Great view of the CBD. Recently renovated with lots of tables and sofas with dividers for privacy. For a limited time, all snacks (nachos and pizza) are free.


OWL MUSEUM 猫头鹰桌游 Daily 24hrs. 19 Beibingmasi Hutong, Nanluogu Xiang, Dongcheng District (6403 4350) 东城区南锣鼓巷北兵马司胡同19号 Prices: RMB 30/person (Mon-Thu), RMB 40/person (Fri-Sun) Notes: Cozy and filled with owl paraphernalia. Mostly Chinese-language games. A small food menu features

Ganlu Hutong, Gulou Xidajie, Xicheng District (6402 9931, 156 0118 0517) 西城区鼓楼西大街甘露胡同2号 Prices: RMB 30/person (Mon-Thu), RMB 40/person (Fri-Sun) Notes: Nice plush seats and booths. When it fills up, there’s not a lot of space between tables. Mahjong available. BACKYARD BOARD GAME ROOM 后院桌游室 Daily noon-11pm (last entry 9pm). 16 Dajiangfang Hutong (north of Lingjing Hutong station Exit B), Xidan Beidajie, Xicheng District (6605 5246) 西城区西单北大街大酱坊胡同16号(地 铁四号线灵境胡同站B口北) Prices: RMB 30 for 6 hrs (Mon-Thu), RMB 45 for 6hrs (Fri-Sun) Notes: Adorable hutong space complete with knickknacks and loft. Wii, PS2 and PSP available.


HUNTER BOARD GAME CLUB 猎人桌游俱乐部 Daily 1pm-midnight. Unit S110, 12 Suzhou Jie, east of Xiwu Guoji Dasha (200 north of Suzhoujie station or 500m west of Zhongguancun station), Haidian District (5893 6089) ���淀区苏州街12号西屋国际大厦东侧 底商S110室 Prices: RMB 30/person (Mon-Thu), RMB 40/person (Fri-Sun) Notes: The setting resembles a comfortable restaurant, with plush booths. Chinese TV celebrities have been spotted here. EKO BOARD GAMES 一刻馆桌游吧 Daily 24hrs. 1/F, Unit 126, Gate B, Bldg 2, Tangning One (near Wudaokou subway station), 16 Zhongguancun Donglu, (8286 5118, 131 4642 6449) 海淀区中关村东路16号院 唐宁ONE 小区2号楼B座底商126号(近五道口 城铁站) Prices: RMB 40/person Notes: A popular student haunt, opened by two girls from Tsinghua. Includes a private room. Somebody’s gone to some trouble with the handpainted murals on the wall. They also sell games.


light snacks: fries, salad, pizza, wings. YI LAI ER QU 一来二去桌游主题休闲吧 Daily 9am-1am. 2/F, 30 Dongsi Beidajie (south of Beixinqiao subway station), Dongcheng District (6401 1298) 东城区东四北大街30号2层 Prices: RMB 8/hr/person, maximum RMB 32 (Mon-Thu), RMB 40/person (Fri-Sun) Notes: Expansive open-plan layout – it can get a little raucous when it fills up. Food menu includes café standards (sandwiches, pizza, salad, rice plates) and drinks menu includes alcohol. Main selling point: The waitresses are dressed as French maids.


RED ZEBRA BOARD GAMES 红斑马桌游吧 Mon-Thu noon-midnight, Fri-Sun 10am-midnight. 4 Fenzi Hutong, Xidan Beidajie, Xicheng District (189 0138 3332) 西城区西单北大街粉子胡同4号 Prices: RMB 25/person (Mon-Thu); RMB 39/person (Fri-Sun) Notes: Imagine a (covered) siheyuan done up like a rec room – add lots of kitties. HUNTER BOARD GAME CLUB 猎人桌游俱乐部 Mon-Thu 1.30pm-midnight, Fri 1.30pm-2am, Sat-Sun 11am-2am. 2

TXT BOARD GAMES 天X天桌游体验馆 Tue-Fri 2-11pm, Sat-Sun noonmidnight. Unit 17-18, 2A Shaoyaoju (southeast of UIBE), Chaoyang District (8436 2070) 朝阳区芍药居甲2号院17-18号楼 (育 慧南路口) Prices: RMB 20/person (Mon-Thu), RMB 40/person (Fri-Sun) Notes: Predominantly a board game shop, with a few tables upstairs for gameplay. The best selection in town, with lots of imported games (and jars full of multi-sided dice) at reasonable prices. ZHAI JI DI 宅基地 Daily 24hrs. 2/F, Unit 17-5, 2A Shaoyaoju (southeast of UIBE), Chaoyang District (5623 1652, 133 4119 3330) 朝阳区北土城东路芍药居甲2号院 17-5号楼2层 Prices: RMB 32/person (Mon-Thu), RMB 40/person (Fri-Sun) Notes: Popular with students from the uni nearby. Good sunlight during the day, but can get smoky.

The world of board games has exploded over the last decade – you may not recognize a lot of the newer games in these cafes. Never fear, we asked Nick Cyr (see p52) to give us some recommendations for new games based on the classic games that you grew up with. You like Monopoly/Life/Settlers of Catan. “If you like earning bread and buying with it, try Stone Age, where you gotta eat the bread you make.” You like Clue(do). “If you like deceiving your fellow players, try Bang! where the question is not so much who shot as who you should shoot.” You like Pictionary/Balderdash/ Taboo. “If you like trying to guess what on earth your fellow players are thinking, I suggest Cranium, which also includes playing with Play-Doh, drawing, and answering trivia.” You like Scrabble/Boggle. “If you like a good anagram, give Bananagrams a gram of your ... attention? Then guess who doesn’t like a good anagram.” You like Risk. “The more recent versions of this have expanded on the classic quite a bit. For something a bit more expansive, try Eclipse, where you can spread your Napoleonic urges across a galaxy.” You like Apples to Apples. “Definitely try Dixit. The ingenuity and attractiveness of the cards alone makes Dixit worth a try for nearly anyone.” You like Pokemon/Top Trumps. “Try Set [The Family Game of Visual Perception]. Quick and easy, fun for all ages, and Mensa-approved.” You like Solitaire/Patience. “If you wanna play games with other folks but normally don’t, I’d aim for Carcasonne. Otherwise, I’d look into sudoku or cryptic crosswords.” You like Sorry/Ludo. “If you like this, you really should do what Emperor Akbar did and make people run around a life-sized board acting as your pieces. Barring that, I’d say backgammon. It’s one of the few games that’s actually older.” You like Battleship/Connect 4. “Try Hive, where you can play a swarm of different insect species for entomologically incorrect fun!” You like checkers. “See Ludo. Wait! No, don’t do that. Rather, try Dvonn. I takes the whole ‘kinging’ thing to an extreme.” To learn more about any of these games, go to Then head to the weekly board game club, held every Sunday (2-11pm) at Brussels.

May 2013



he humble coin-operated arcade cabinet. A wooden box housing a screen, filled with circuit boards and then covered in stickers (and cigarette burns). It sounds so simple, primitive perhaps, but these were the genesis for every game you have enjoyed on a screen since. Video arcades are not as globally popular as the days when every pizzeria, laundromat and beach boardwalk clamored for your loose change, but we live in Beijing and every mall seems to want to keep you amused. It’s not all frenzied button-bashing and joystick-waggling, though. The titans of coin-op gaming have kept going, developing ever more ways to impress the hungry Asian market. Practically every arcade in Beijing features:

first-person shooter games (Time Crisis 4, House of the Dead 4, Ghost Squad) side-scrollers (King of Fighters, Tekken 6 and Street Fighter 4), percussion games (Dance Dance Revolution clones, taiko drums) basketball hoops racing simulators claw cranes coin pushers fishing table games pogo-stick and mallet-bopping games


May 2013

Here’s a list of the best arcades in town.


Super Player 3/F, Wanda Cinema (next to Sofitel), Wanda Plaza, 93 Jianguo Lu, Chaoyang District (5820 4916) 朝阳区建国路93号万达广场电影城3层 Notes: If you’re the type who likes collecting tickets and redeeming them for prizes, you’ll like their welllit selection of plush toys and collectibles. There are four WCCF (World Club Champion Football) consoles for those who love Sega and Panini’s version of the beautiful game. Treasure Island B07, B/1F, Bldg 2, U-Town Lifestyle Center, Sanfeng Beili, Chaoyang District (5975 1943) 金银岛电玩游戏中心, 朝阳区三丰北里2号楼悠唐生 活广场地下1层B07铺 Notes: With three Dance Dance Revolution-style platforms, you’ll never have to wait in line to bust a move. There’s ten percussion-based games (taiko, xylophone, etc.), two horse-riding games, and Mario Kart with a steering wheel. The bizarre Raging Ape machine features a voltage meter, two metal bars for grasping, and simple instructions: “Game stop when you let go.”

Super Player 502-3A, 5/F, Viva Mall, 65 Dongsanhuan Zhonglu, Chaoyang District (5903 7008) 大玩家超乐场, 朝阳区东三环中路65号富力广场5层 502-3A商铺 Notes: Good for families. Four WCCF consoles, plenty of KOF options and racing simulators (car + motorcycle), and even a couple of carnival games. Jiasimao Game Club B1/F, Bainaohui, 99 Chaoyangmenwai Dajie, Chaoyang District 嘉斯猫电玩城, 朝阳区朝阳门外大街99号百脑汇旗 舰店地下1层 Notes: Since Bainaohui is Gadget Central for Beijing’s eastside, you’d expect their arcade to be packed – but the tech geeks are apparently getting their gaming fill with the sleekest new handheld game consoles. Still, this arcade offers plenty of 16-bit side-scrolling beat ‘em-ups. And if you’re not a nostalgia buff, what are you doing in an arcade anyway?


Da Yin Jia B/1F, Bldg 3, Sanlitun Soho, 8 Gongti Beilu, Chaoyang District 大赢嘉华电玩城, 朝阳区工体北路8号三里屯Soho 3 号楼地下1层 Notes: A relatively small arcade, but with decent representation of all the major arcade genres. They also have Terminator Salvation and feature the classic Crazy Climber.


Jiasimao Game Club B / 1 F, G l o r y M a l l, 1 8 C h ongwenmenwai Dajie, Dongcheng District 嘉斯猫电玩城, 东城区崇文门外大街18号国瑞购物 中心地下1层 Notes: If King of Fighters ’97 is your thing, this is your place – with more than a dozen machines, you should always be able to find someone good to play against. This venue also serves the opposite end of the gaming spectrum (i.e. the very, very patient) with more coinpusher machines (25) than any other arcade. There’s even a Guitar Hero-style machine for music lovers who are longing to play something more substantial than air.


Jiasimao Game Club 8/F, Xidan Joy City, 131A Xidan Beidajie, Xicheng District 嘉斯猫电玩城, 西城区西单北大街甲131号西单大 悦城8层 Notes: Has a real drum kit (not just electronic trigger pads), which always seems to be monopolized by a really talented show-off. Though this arcade still draws crowds, it’s starting to show its age. And the machine you may be the most grateful to see is the heavy-duty floor fan – ventilation seems to be a problem. Still, nobody else has Giant Tetris. (GIANT TETRIS!)


Treasure Island 8/F, Chaoyang Joy City, 101 Chaoyang Beilu, Chaoyang District 金银岛英雄联盟, 朝阳区朝阳北路101号朝阳大悦 城8层 Notes: New and clean, with a festive atmosphere courtesy of five carnival booths: ring toss, balloon dart throw, etc. Nearly 30 claw crane machines, including one where the prize is not a soft toy but rather a small tub of Baxi ice cream! There are six WCCF consoles for fantasy-football fans.

extra credits

Like any proper pizzeria, the Kro’s Nest offers a slice of arcade action. There are only two Neo-Geo cabinets, but games rotate daily. That’s 14 classic games. Best of all, it’s free! Mon: Puzzle Bobble, Ring of Destruction – Slam Masters Tue: Street Hoop, Metal Slug 2: Super Vehicle Wed: Super Gem Fighter Mini Mix, Samurai Shodown II Thu: 1941 – Counter Attack (World), Double Dragon Fri: Cadillacs and Dinosaurs, King of Fighters 97 Sat: Saturday Night Slam Masters (World), Marvel Super Heroes vs. Street Fighter Sun: The Punisher, Street Fighter Alpha 3 Kro’s Nest (Xiaoyun Lu location) Daily 11am-1am. 35 Xiaoyun Lu (opposite Renaissance Beijing Chaoyang Hotel, next to Kou Fu Ju restaurant), Chaoyang District (8391 3131) 乌巢, 朝阳区霄云路35号(国航大厦万丽酒店对面, 口福居旁)

May 2013



“Olympic Morning Reflection” by @nathanklblair. Submit your Peking Pic on Instagram using #igersbeijing

trivia travails Each month we run a series of questions based on the content of the issue. Answer them correctly and win free stuff! This month’s prize is a dinner voucher for two to Seasoning at Holiday Inn Focus Square. Answers to

Answers to April’s Trivia Travails: 1. c) geese 2. b) red wine 3. d) Japanese soap opera 4. b) wing drumettes 5. d) house cleaner 6. a) Huamao Shopping Center 7. c) European 8. d) 9 Last month’s winner was Loris Matha.


May 2013

1. “Teashades” originated in which decade? a) 1980s b) 1950s c) 1920s d) 1960s

5. Madame Flavour is a brand of _____. a) jelly beans b) condoms c) tea d) perfume

2. How many meters above sea level is the G219 highway? a) 3,500 b) 5,000 c) 1,000 d) 4,800

6. According to TCM, which ingredient cures digestive woes? a) tree ear b) cucumber c) lotus root d) bitter melon

3. What is the best time to fight a cricket? a) the autumnal equinox b) the summer solstice c) early spring d) Dragon Boat Festival

7. The Lanzhou New Area plans to destroy what for development? a) mountains b) a forest c) hutongs d) farmland

4. What kind of spirit is used in a Cantina Horchata? a) whiskey b) rum c) vodka d) tequila

8. A “pair of eyes” is a term used in what kind of game? a) dice b) mahjong c) Chinese poker d) Snakes and Ladders

Win a dinner voucher for two to Seasoning at Holiday Inn Focus Square by correctly answering all the questions in Trivia Travails. Be the first to spot this month’s Bogus Ad and win a pair of vouchers for massages at Origin Spa. Answer the question at the end of Mastermind to win a Chimay gift pack. Up for grabs in the GO and MEET sections: a voucher for Comptoirs de France (value RMB 1,000) a dining voucher for S.T.A.Y at the Shangri-La Hotel Beijing (value RMB 1,000) a dining voucher for Park Square (value RMB 1,000) vouchers for Fizztastic brunch at the Hilton Beijing Wangfujing (value RMB 1,000) 4 VIP passes to our Reader Bar & Club Awards (value: priceless)

Win Stuff


Sip, nibble, gulp, chew, guzzle, savor, feast

READY-MADE SANDWICHES // POPCORN CHICKEN // WILD GAME // CHINESE DRINKING GAMES OPENINGS Rosewood Bar and Grill has opened in Shunyi with favorites like fish and chips, pasta, and hamburgers. Hit the grill for Australian steaks and New Zealand lamb chops or belly up to the bar for beers on tap. A new Lei Garden branch will bloom this spring in The Regent on Jinbao Jie. The Cantonese powerhouse’s new extension will be joined to its original Jinbao Tower location by a walkway for double your dim sum pleasure.

NEW TASTES Reader Restaurant Award favorite Annie’s is rolling out a new menu featuring salads, new risottos, and an antipasto platter. Seafood lovers will want to try the new mussels and red curry grilled shrimp salad. The Hutong started offering a Sunday brunch, and they promise not to bore you. They’ll be changing their menu weekly, featuring the chef’s signature dishes and everything from contemporary Chinese to Pakistani fare.

register to compete in the shuangjing chili cook-off (may 18) by emailing

Capital bites


Cat Nelson takes aim

photo: courtesy of


was a grubby child. I had wild, tangled hair I barely brushed. I slid through the mud on rainy days. I played football with the boys at recess. But somehow I never found myself in a food fight. It might have something to do with growing up in a Californian town full of aging hippies. Flax seeds and quinoa don’t provide the same satisfaction as ammunition that Cool Whip or Sloppy Joes might. As for a food fight here in this city we’ve come to call home? With its madoufu and shuijiao, Beijing’s cuisine provides per fect ammo for a culinary brawl. No opponent really wants oily, fermented bean paste coating their hair or a small boiled dumpling – soft as they are, as delicious as they are – straight to the eye. And I can only imagine the satisfaction of lobbing a Peking duck

into the masses during rush hour at the Guomao subway station. Tomatoes are a staple in epic food fights. The Spanish town of Buñol has ensured this with their annual lycopene-hurling fest and the satellite fights across the globe it has inspired. In Beijing, there’s certainly the standby of tomatoes stir-fried with scrambled eggs in any neighborhood dive, but with all these new pizza joints, sourcing tomato sauce of the right thickness wouldn’t be too difficult. Pies seem another prime candidate for projectiles. Two Guys and a Pie have us covered for smaller munitions and any number of Beijing’s bakeries could provide dessert pies of cannonball dimensions. I certainly wouldn’t oppose a banana cream pie from Pantry’s Best to the face. Even a tart wouldn’t be so disagree-

Need some sustenance before getting yourself some culture at 798? Head to Trader Zhou’s Kaifeng Nonkosher Delicatessen (in the former Spoonful of Sugar location) for Max Levy’s new brunch featuring house-cured organic meats and cocktails with housemade pickles, bitters and syrups.

able, say, if it were Divina Cake’s pear and chocolate one. The gentleman’s choice of weapon might have to be Jell-O – gentle, yet tidy. Put your order in for jelly shells at Plan B in Shuangjing. Meanwhile, the metaphorical food fight in Beijing continues. When it comes to underrepresented cuisines like Mexican, new restaurants are contending for the hearts and mouths of Beijingers. Cantina Agave (see p20) offers friendly competition to Luga’s Villa and Q Mex. Even with well-established cuisines like Italian, newcomers are attempting a challenge to the city’s current darlings. Impasto Pizza (see p23) joins the fray with Mercante and Eatalia. But competition aside, increasing food options means only good things – and we, the eaters, can rejoice.

The rumors of a new Home Plate BarB-Que are getting louder. It’s clear that the city is clamoring for more pulled pork and fried pickles from the team. Here’s hoping that Home Plate picks a location near you. The eastside gets yet another outlet for cakes and croissants with Comptoirs de France’s new branch in the former Cheese & Wine space at Chaoyang Park west gate. Patio drinking is back – the stunning rooftops at Migas and Fez have reopened for the spring and summer. Enjoy the views and warm evenings with a drink, and a new look and cocktail menu for the roof at Migas.

CLOSINGS Say sayonara to Oban whiskey bar. The Chaoyang scotch spot on Maizidian Lu was leveled last month. Fisheye Cafe shut its doors in April and the Sanlitun Village South space has been gutted. Word has it that Fisheye is seeking a new location.

May 2013


nachos, ours WHAT’S NEW restaurants

M e x i can

Cantina Agave Sun-Thu 11am-midnight, Fri-Sat 11am-2am. S4-32, 3/F, Bldg 4, Sanlitun Village South, 19 Sanlitun Lu, Chaoyang District (6416 5212) 朝阳区三里屯路19号三里屯Village南区4号楼3层S4-32 900m west of Tuanjiehu station (Line 10)


he vividly colored walls stretched up to the second-floor balcony. Bright window shutters looked down on a bar crowded with customers. Rows of empty tables awaited the patrons who had called ahead. The restaurant was fully booked and we had arrived without a reservation. Luckily, another group’s early departure left a table open and we seized the opportunity. A Cantina Horchata (RMB 60) came out first, in a Gilligan’s Island-style bamboo cup. The rum-spiked cinnamon rice milk lived up to its exotic presentation. A Jose & Ginger (RMB 60) was syrupy – dominated by sugar, salt and tequila, with the spiciness of ginger only appearing in the last few sips. The highlight of the meal was the enchiladas (RMB 78), with a lovely red mole sauce and pinto beans that had been simmered in pork fat and bay leaves. Based on a friend’s enthusiastic recommendation, we had high hopes for the blackened fish tacos (RMB 85), but we found them a bit dry, more burnt than blackened. Meanwhile, the chicken

quesadillas (RMB 55), pale and thin, were not as substantial as we’d been expecting. The nachos (RMB 45 for a half order) came with generous dollops of sour cream and refried beans but scant salsa and cheese – a fact easily remedied by a trip to the salsa bar. Cantina Agave sources their chipotle peppers and other spices abroad, and the extra effort shows. The mango, pineapple and black bean salsa was particularly tasty. By 8.30pm, the restaurant was full and the atmosphere lively. As we contemplated ordering another round of drinks, however, we were told that we had to relinquish the table to customers with reservations. Clearly, Beijing is hungry for Mexican food. If Cantina Agave can work out a few kinks, there’s no reason why they can’t achieve the success that they enjoy in Shanghai. Nick Richards Also try: Q Mex, Sand Pebbles Lounge


May 2013

photos: mitchell pephoto: masilun sui

fajitas de los gringos

WHAT’S NEW restaurants

squid pro quo T ha i

Lan Ting 兰 Wed-Sun noon-10pm. 78 Wudaoying Hutong, Dongcheng District (6403 3472) 东城区五道营胡同78号 250m southeast of Andingmen station (Line 2)


or many, the thought of Thai food evokes images of tropical night markets: clanking pots, palpable smells and a cacophony of slurps and sniffles. It’s a primitive dining setting, but then again, sweating as you gulp down a bowl of hot curry is a primal act as well. Lan Ting couldn’t be more different, with its stately wooden tables, evenly spaced paintings and polished pebbles upon which to rest your chopsticks. It’s like visiting the house of a polite, refined relative. An appetizer of shrimp spring rolls (RMB 35) was a tasty and tidy way to start. The red curry beef (RMB 68) came quickly out of the kitchen but the cubes of meat were chewy and bland. In contrast, the Chicken Satay (RMB 25) was tender and flavorful, embellished with a classic spicy peanut sauce.  And yet, the most enjoyable

items were the bolder seafood creations. A squid and glass noodle salad (RMB 25) was not only mouthwateringly tender, but had a tangy dressing that offered the civilized exoticism of a first-class tropical cruise. The stuffed calamari soup (RMB 30) was delightful. The little calamari-skinned pork wontons packed a lot of textures and flavor, leaving us wishing for more. The avocado milkshake (RMB 40) erred on the side of slightly too sweet, and an overdose of banana washed away the subtle flavors of the green fruit. However, the Vietnamese coffee (RMB 25) was just the right way to recharge. Lan Ting offers Wudaoying shoppers a tranquil and welcoming place to conclude a day of busy hutong errands. Nick Richards Also try: Purple Haze, Lime Cafe

shrimp spring rolls

Bowled Over N o o d le s

Big Bowl Small Plate 大碗小蝶 Daily 11am-11pm. NLG-45 (opposite Let’s Burger Plus), B1/F, Sanlitun Village North, 11 Sanlitun Lu, Chaoyang District (6416 0880) 朝阳区三里屯路11号三里屯Village北区地下1层NLG-45号 (Let’s Burger Plus对面) 1km northwest of Tuanjiehu station (Line 10)

photos: sui and mitchell pe masilun


mushrooms and red rice

he prospect of sitting inside a jumbo rice bowl slurping noodles is like dining with the Mad Hatter at a tea party. After a few minutes at Big Bowl Small Plate, however, you quickly forget about your ludicrous seating arrangements. In this highly designed restaurant, all of the sensory details work in concert to impress. Mauve tones and woven place mats prime the senses for the earthy and aromatic flavor of the bamboo shoots with chili oil (RMB 22). With the mushrooms and red rice from Yunnan (RMB 48), white rice laced with its crunchy red sidekick comes cradled in a massive bowl as if to brandish its prestige. The thin “Beijing-style” noodles in soup (RMB 42) are more of a showcase for fresh ingredients than taste or texture, but diners can flavor it to taste with garlic and a mildly spicy black bean paste.

Every bowl-booth is enveloped in a single spotlight, an element that works to enhance even the shredded tofu skin (RMB 18) – each slice twinkled in a last attempt to impress me before reaching my mouth. The tofu would’ve still been stars had the restaurant been dim – they fought back just enough with each bite and weren’t greasy at all. Fat took precedence in the braised pig trotter (RMB 58), however, and had me turning to the beef brisket noodles (RMB 53) for a meat fix. The dessert arrived just as Enya’s “Sail Away” began to whisper soothingly over the restaurant, bringing out the subtle notes of jasmine in the pomelo cake (RMB 18). Happily stuffed, and relaxing back in the giant rice bowl, we started to dream of a soft bed of rice. Jessica Rapp Also try:  Noodle Loft, Noodle Bar

May 2013


WHAT’S NEW restaurants

meat your match Ja pan e s e

Taolu Grill and Bar 陶炉烤肉 Daily 11.45am-1.45pm, 3.45pm-midnight. Unit 2332, 3/F, Bldg 2, Soho Shangdu, 8 Dongdaqiao Lu, Chaoyang District (5900 9739) 朝阳区东大桥路8号Soho尚都北塔3层2-2332号 250m southwest of Dongdaqiao station (Line 6)


here must be thousands of places in Beijing where you can pay to cook your own meat, but few of them come with the style and service you’ll find at Taolu Grill and Bar, the first restaurant to open in Beijing from the Tokyo yakiniku chain Shotai-en. From the cheerful greetings to the staff’s eager recommendations, the service at Taolu Grill shines in a city known for surly wait staff. Upon seeing that we had grown distracted by our edamame (RMB 10) and charred our first strips of short sliced beef (RMB 78) on the coal grill, a server stepped in gently to cook the remainder to a sizzling, tender perfection. Usually, I’d balk at such interventions, but I surrendered to her mastery of the grill. She clearly knew what she was doing as she doled out juicy strips of beef to us

in turns, like a fair-minded mother to two carnivorous kids. To green up the meal, we ordered lettuce for wrapping the meat (RMB 10) and vegetables for grilling alongside (RMB 25). We opted for chunky abalone mushrooms and green bell pepper from a wide range of vegetable options. Hungry parties can order Taolu’s set meals for two (RMB 260) or four (RMB 520), which feature an assortment of meat, vegetables, kimchi, and other sides. Heartier meat cravings can be satisfied with plates of steak starting at RMB 99. At lunchtime, half-priced meals are available. While Taolu probably can’t beat your local kaorou dive on price, the quality of meat will triumph and the attentive staff will ensure that you’re well taken care of. Jessica Folker Also try: Kagen, Tairyo Teppanyaki

urban legends Ca f e s

Zap Urban Eatery Mon-Fri 8am-10pm, Sat-Sun 10am-10pm. 5-1-103 Xingfu Sancun Sixiang (near the Jenny Lou’s at East Avenue), Chaoyang District (6409 4748) 朝阳区幸福三村四巷5-1-103 (婕妮璐逸盛阁店旁边)  900m northwest of Tuanjiehu station (Line 10)



May 2013

Comptoirs de France provides the bread for SALT’s signature Crispy Bacon and Waldorf Panini (RMB 40). SALT steak and vegetable pies (RMB 25) and cheese bread (RMB 5) are also available. The menu is rounded out with IF Juice (RMB 30), bottles of wine at retail price, and desserts (brownies, Snickers cookies, carrot cake) from Sweet Tooth. Just as Eden was explaining to me her community-minded vision for Zap, an older Chinese man with a cane wandered in. I expected him to leave after satisfying his curiosity, but instead he sat himself down, ordered two brownies, pounded a Tsingtao and promptly ordered another. Later that day, we saw two friends lingering there over a bottle of wine. Clearly, Sanlitun has a new neighborhood hangout. Cat Nelson Also try: Deli De Luxe, Gang Gang Delicatessen

photos: mitchell pe masilun and lova

ap Urban Eatery, by SALT ’s Jennifer Eden, has the kind of location which might be hard to find on purpose, but which you always seem to accidentally stumble upon. This fits perfectly with Eden’s concept of a neighborhood spot with chairs out front where you can kick back with friends over coffee or a bottle of wine. A handcrafted, personalized energy is ubiquitous. Eden painted the space herself. The long front room is dotted with tiny cacti and a communal bench runs its length. In the back, there’s a lounge/children’s play area as well as a workspace for freelancers. The long table in the workspace is fashioned out of a repurposed door. It’s the intimacy of the venture and the community relationships that pull the space together. A local Chinese baker delivers by sanlunche the bread used for toast (RMB 20 for two pieces) and toasties (RMB 35);

WHAT’S NEW restaurants


Agua Fresca S pa n i s h

Agua Daily noon-2.30pm, 6-11pm. 4/F, Nali Patio, 81 Sanlitun Lu, Chaoyang District (5208 6188/98) 朝阳区三里屯路81号那里花园4层 900m northwest of Tuanjiehu station (Line 10)


Daubs in Dough

ith spring unfurling from the branches and blossoms of trees across town, Agua’s kitchen is unveiling its own new season at Nali Patio. It’s a season that breathes of damp forests and ocean breezes. With options from the plains and the farm, mushrooms and seafood take the spotlight in the new menu. There are unusual twists, such as the bellies of creatures I never imagined had a soft underside: tuna and swordfish. Carpaccio, that hors d’oeuvre of thinly sliced beef, is re-imagined with porcini mushrooms (RMB 68). Drizzled with porcini-infused olive oil, translucent sheets of mushroom catch the light like panes of stained glass. Eggplant puree tops the plate. However, the earth flavors and soft textures mingle almost too well. A strong pine praline adds variation. Cannelloni also takes a new form with sheets of cucumber replacing pasta and a raw tuna rather than ricotta (RMB 78).

In an environment of dark paneled wood and burgundy leather couches, pork belly (RMB 78) can’t be anything but slow-cooked. The rich flavors of the meat are accompanied by chunks of artichokes and rounded out by a chicken jus. There is a nuttiness to this dish which is continued by a crispy peanut parfait (RMB 68) sprinkled with crunchy chocolate pearls and toffee – your childhood repackaged for candlelight and white tablecloths. It’s apparent that the kitchen is enjoying itself. Each dish is an intellectual exercise of sorts, deconstructing the idea of carpaccio and cannelloni or taking one ingredient and pushing it in different directions, as with five textural variations of Valrhona chocolate (RMB 88) on one plate. Agua may be a familiar name, but they’re up to unfamiliar things. Cat Nelson Also try: Migas, Mosto


Impasto Pizza 泥庐餐厅 Daily 10am-10pm. 40 Guozijian Jie (inside the Dongfang Theater courtyard), Dongcheng District (6401 8779) 东城区国子监街40号(东方戏院院内) 500m southeast of Andingmen station (Line 2)

photos: sui and courtesy of impasto pizza


entrification giveth even as it taketh away. Impasto Pizza is definitely a gift, though you’ll find it squarely in the midst of a new grey-brick monstrosity modeled to look like an ancient hutong home. Inside, the atmosphere is modern yet cozy with polished pine. A subtle scent of cedar hints at the quality to come. It’s in the small touches.  In the Impasto Salad (RMB 58), black balsamic coats butter lettuce and radicchio, thick shavings of parmesan, Parma ham, and egg. Hints of honey add body to the thick and tart balsamic. If someone were to tell you that impasto refers to a technique of layering paint so thickly upon the canvas that the two-dimensional medium edges into sculptural territory, this is where you’d nod knowingly. Pastas, burgers, sandwiches and trattoria mains are available, but with the brick oven featuring so prominently in the open kitchen, pizza is hard to decline. The options were

so enticing that our table asked for special treatment: Could we have a half-and-half pizza? They obliged. The Chef’s Special pizza (RMB 88) makes one wonder if the man in the kitchen is Xinjiang. Delicate morsels of lamb lie among scattered cumin seeds, satisfying in a way that chuanr can only aspire to. The Blue Cheese (RMB 88) pairs crumbly pungency with sprinklings of yarrow leaves and honey undertones. Toppings are sparse; the success of the pizza relies on the quality of the dough. Fortunately, it’s made from organic wheat from Heilongjiang. We were warned by the earnest servers that the molten chocolate cake (RMB 58) would take 13 minutes to make. It took 17. But anticipation makes things sweeter, and the cake was no exception, managing a delicate crumb. We decided to forgive the extra four minutes. Cat Nelson Also try: Mercante, Eatalia

pork belly

May 2013


Hot Stuff Fire Wings 火翅墨西哥烧烤 Daily 8.30am-10pm. Unit 309-04, 5 Baiziwan Dongli, Yanhai Sailuocheng, Chaoyang District (400 600 5942, 8795 6931) 朝阳区百子湾东里5号沿海赛洛城309-4号 1.5km southeast of Sihui station (Line 1)



May 2013

of young men sat engrossed by Face Off, a talent show for Hollywood’s prosthetic makeup artists. The fridges are well stocked with a variety of beers from Guinness (RMB 20) to Corona (RMB 17) via a small selection of imported German brews (RMB 23-35) – not to mention Yanjing and Yanjing Dark on tap at a pocket-pleasing RMB 12 per pint. The eponymous wings (RMB 45 for 12) were surprisingly good: crispy coated, tasty and filling. The Mexican food menu also includes burritos, tacos and rice bowls (RMB 15-20).

In the end, I didn’t manage to catch the football match I’d come to watch – Fire Wings closed 30 minutes before it kicked off – but I did gain a new favorite reality show to catch up on. And, should I find myself so far from home again, I now have a likable little place to watch it with cheap beer and wings. Paul Ryding Also try: Grinders, Plan B photo: sui

hould you ever venture to the outer reaches of Baiziwan, with its broken dusty roads, empty construction sites and halfbuilt flyovers, you’ll be rewarded with a grill bar every bit as charming as it is hard to find. Fire Wings appears to have wanted to be a sports bar when it was younger – American sports memorabilia adorn the walls and shelves – but it seems to have grown out of that phase. The night I stopped by, a selection of nonsporting spectacles filled the screens. A group


Chairs! Crossover Club Daily 1pm-late. 1/F, Nali Patio, 81 Sanlitun Beilu, Chaoyang District (5208 6123) 朝阳区三里屯北路81号1层 900m northwest of Tuanjiehu station (Line 10)


statue of a prostitute pig guards the entrance of Crossover Club. Like most of the things that adorn this tiny bar in Nali Patio, she can be yours if you’re willing to fork out thousands of RMB.   Though ostensibly set up to serve cocktails and cigars, Crossover Club – the annex of a highend furniture store – seems much more interested in selling things than serving drinks. The staff admit as much, explaining that consumers with deep pockets like their homes to look like posh bars – and that this space is intended to show them how it’s done.  And so the bar is filled with various high-end knickknacks from stone candlesticks and wicker candle holders, to antler chandeliers and a probably preposterously expensive silver armchair that looks like an enormous flaccid football

from the future. This isn’t to say there’s anything amiss when it comes to the “butler service” or drinks themselves. The Crossover Storm (vodka and cranberry) is subtle and tasty, and might be worth the RMB 70 price tag if you’re the kind of person who appreciates a nice berry garnish. There’s also an impressively long luxury wine selection with lavish annotations. A bottle of Château Latour (RMB 2,999) is likened to an epic poem. Mismatched pillows and startlingly garish statues may be de rigueur in the furniture world these days, but we can’t help but feel that Crossover Club crosses the line into the realm of flashy and crass. Sarah Karacs Also try: Glen Classic

Felix Bar Cafe Daily 10am-late. 45 Dongdaqiao Lu (near Guanghualu Soho), Chaoyang District (8579 4723) 朝阳区东大桥路45号 600m north of Yonganli station (Line 1)


THINKING IN SPORTS Daily 11am-1am. Unit 0162A, 1/F, Bldg C, Chaowai Soho, 6 Chaoyangmenwai Dajie, Chaoyang District (5979 1040) 朝阳区朝阳门外大街乙6号朝外Soho C座1层0162A号 350m southwest of Dongdaqiao station (Line 6)

photos: sui


n the 2000 Mel Gibson movie What Women Want, an ad pitch for a Nike campaign rests on its tagline: “No games. Just sports.” It implies that the games we play are stressful, while sport is paradoxically unwinding. I was pondering the distinction between a game and a sport when confronted with Thinking in Sports, a bar that makes no effort to weigh in on the argument. Call ahead if you want to watch a movie with the wall projector or to play “Murder in the Dark”. There’s KTV, table football and even an occasional video game competition. With multiple TVs showing live sport, you can celebrate/commiser-

ate with bottled beers (RMB 26-40), Beijing beer on tap (RMB 28) and cocktails (RMB 38-98). Food includes a pizza the size of a coffee table (RMB 288), a “World Champion Burger” (RMB 98), and a “4x100” sandwich, which is a two-footer with four different fillings. While eating a bowl of excellent potato wedges, I decided that a sport is just a game that requires exertion and a degree of superior physicality. Watching sports, playing games – this is where this bar excels. No distractions. Just enjoyment. Lu-Hai Liang

comfortable bar with Belgian beers on tap is probably exactly what a congenial civil servant needs after a day of diplomacy. Felix Bar Cafe, a newcomer on Guanghua Lu, sits across from the British Embassy and in proximity to other extraterritorial outposts. It’s small and narrow inside, a bar you tuck into. Felix stocks 24 bottled beers, with Leffe and Hoegaarden on tap, and ales and cider between RMB 35-45. Whiskies are well represented on the menu, as are liqueurs and shots. Perhaps cultural attachés like to chill out with strawberry and

lychee shooters – who knows? It was empty when we visited, but it doesn’t seem like a place that ever gets too busy. There’s a small TV showing sports; the owner promises that Western fare (sandwiches, salads and hamburgers) will be available soon. Felix is a coz y hangout that ser ves to unwind hard-working ambassadors and emissaries. For all others, it’s a good place to savor a draft Belgian beer at a reasonable price. Lu-Hai Liang Also try: El Nido, Beer All

Also try: Cu Ju, Soccer Bar

May 2013


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Tasting Games Prizes from the world of wine by Edward Ragg


Lan ting impasto pizza

zap urban eatery

big bowl small plate crossover club

Third Ring Road

Second Ring Road

cantina agave

taolu grill and bar thinking in sports felix bar cafe fire wings

If you want to find out about even more new restaurants and bars, head to for the latest reviews.


K IS FOR … … kugua 苦瓜 Better known to English speakers as bitter melon or balsam pear, this bumpy green fruit looks like a cucumber with a skin condition. To many, the bitter flesh beneath the squash’s unsightly complexion is equally uninviting, and even admirers admit that the taste takes some getting used to. When balanced with salty and spicy ingredients, and parboiled or stir-fried to take the edge off, the vegetable delivers a more palatable taste and possibly some health benefits. Kugua has been used in TCM to treat poor appetite and digestive woes. Recent research suggests it may help fight diabetes and pancreatic cancer. In Chinese cuisine, you’ll most often find bitter melon paired with pork (kugua chaorousi 苦瓜炒肉丝), served in savory soups (doufu kuguatang 豆 腐苦瓜汤) or tossed with sesame oil and vinegar as an appetizer (liangban kugua 凉拌苦瓜).


May 2013

lumpy morsels – a piece of cake, for example, or a chunk of beef. If you’re worried about water quality (or just a watered-down buzz), you may also want to request your drinks without bingkuai (冰块), or ice cubes. The character also pops up frequently in food names, like the chewy Yunnan specialty erkuai (饵块), a type of rice cake noodle named for the ear-like shape it often takes. … kai kou xiao 开口笑 The name of these fried cake balls can be translated as “open-mouthed laughter” or “laughing mouth,” a reference to the smile-shaped cleft left in the dough after frying. You’ll find these sweet, sesame-speckled golden orbs in lao Beijing bakeries and street stalls around the city. You’ll also find the expression in kai kou xiao li (开口笑栗), a variety of chestnut sporting a similarly cheerful indentation.

SELECT SIPS 2008 Domaine Schlumberger “Les Princes Abbes” Gewurztraminer, Alsace, France (CWS, RMB 309) Available at Brasserie Flo, Mosto Medium gold with a classic rose petal and lychee nose followed up with a low-acidity, rich palate with good length. 2010 Wairau River Pinot Noir, Marlborough, New Zealand (EMW, RMB 433) Available at Capital M, The Opposite House Light-to-medium ruby with Pinot Noir’s trademark red cherry fruit and floral notes, matched by a lightbodied palate of silky low tannins, bracing high acidity and very good length. NV Champagne Pol Roger Brut Reserve, France (Pudao, RMB 740) Available at China World Hotel, Temple Restaurant Beijing Winston Churchill called Pol Roger “the most drinkable address in Europe.” This Brut Reserve features a third each of Chardonnay, Pinot Noir and Pinot Meunier. Medium gold with a persistent mousse and a delicate lemon citrus, yeast, biscuit and sourdough nose. Refreshing high acidity and excellent length.

Edward Ragg is co-founder, with Fongyee Walker, of Dragon Phoenix Wine Consulting, China’s leading independent wine consultancy and education service ( They write for the world’s wine magazines and several publications in China.

photo: courtesy of the suppliers

… kuai 块 No matter your Chinese level, you already use this measure word when you talk about money. But the word’s versatility stretches far beyond your billfold. Kuai, which means “chunk” or “lump,” can be used with any food that comes in chunky,


rinking games can have their place, but there’s more to win than a sore head in the world of “blind” wine tasting. Since 1953, Oxford and Cambridge have competed in a varsity wine tasting match. Six whites and six reds are tasted “blind” with contestants writing notes on grape variety, country of origin, region and even subregion and vintage. Sponsored by Pol Roger Champagne, the winning side then enjoys three days out in Champagne conducting “research” around many a dinner table. Chinese universities, from Tsinghua to Shanghai Jiaotong, now also compete in the Left Bank Bordeaux Cup, a competition devoted exclusively to wines of Bordeaux’s Left Bank regions. The heats lead to the Bordeaux final, with bottles of Grand Cru Classé wines gracing the winners’ hands. Less grueling is the “options” game: You gather a few friends to taste some wines blind. Then, you’re “in” or “out” depending on whether you guess the correct country, region and grape. It’s not a question of medals, but of enjoying what’s in the glass. This month’s selections are fairly easy to spot “blind” and would make great prizes.



rom his small cocktail retreat along Beiluogu Xiang, Jeff Ji delights his regulars with an improvisational approach to lounge standards. Incorporating a broad range of flavors into his concoctions, from

Guinness syrup to green and red Tabasco, Jeff did a splendid job with some pretty bizarre subject facts this month.



Interesting fact: Nancy says that on her 12th birthday her parents showed her a video of her own birth. She resisted the temptation to ask Jeff to make her cocktail a take on the Bloody Mary.

Interesting fact: Lulu was recently injured while pursuing her love of tango dancing. The resulting drink: The Berry Tango Ingredients: 10ml homemade raspberry syrup 10ml homemade blackberry syrup 10ml lemon juice fresh strawberries 20ml Ketel One vodka

The resulting drink: Springing Out Ingredients: 10 leaves of fresh basil ginger 20ml lemon juice 15ml homemade jujube syrup 15ml Tanqueray gin a dash of green Tabasco a dash of red Tabasco Served: In a coupe glass, garnished with fresh chilli and a basil leaf. “Really fresh. It feels very … young. I could certainly sip this on a night out.”

Gabrielle Interesting fact: Gabrielle says she can say the alphabet backwards while standing on her head. (A claim we hoped she’d attempt to prove after a few drinks.) While chatting with Jeff, she also revealed a love of cats. The resulting drink: The Topsy Turvy

Served: Muddled and strained into a champagne flute with a fresh strawberry garnish. “It has a strong strawberry flavor and smell. You can taste the vodka, and then the strawberry. It has good balance.”

Ingredients: 1 egg white 10ml homemade Guinness syrup 20ml lemon juice 10ml Laphroaig whisky 45ml Famous Grouse whisky Served: Strained into a coupe glass with a cat face-shaped bitters garnish.

photo: Sui

“It’s almost sharp and definitely not too sweet, but the egg white smooths it out.”

Every month, we ask one of the city’s expert mixologists to profile a selection of Beijingers based on a single snapshot and a brief factoid.

If you’d like one of Beijing’s best bartenders to create a drink especially for you, email us at with a photo and an interesting fact about yourself.

May 2013



Wild Thing Where to get game in Beijing by Cat Nelson


he word “game” usually suggests an amusing activity with rules, but when it comes to gastronomy, the game is always wild and there’s always only one winner: the hunter. In Chinese, yewei (野味) or literally, “wild flavor,” designates the dishes that center on creatures of

the forests and fields that can be hunted. In dynastic China, imperial feasts often featured wild game meat and fowl. Nowadays, hunters and some nutritionists champion the healthy qualities of lean game meat. That’s a claim that TCM practitioners would happily second. Exotic parts of game animals are prescribed

OSTRICH Dubbed the “camel bird” for its desert habitat, ostrich yields a meat that is lean with almost no fat. Though not traditionally a game bird in China, Beijing has taken to it; we even have our own “Golden Ostrich Dumpling City.” The typical ostrich egg is equivalent to the volume of two dozen chicken eggs. Want that soft-boiled? Come back in an hour. ostrich egg 鸵鸟蛋 tuoniao dan Find it at: Baiyuxuan

ostrich kidney 鸵鸟肾 tuoniao shen Find it at: Xinling Bi’an


May 2013

RABBIT Sichuan cuisine makes ample use of this meat (e.g. stewing, frying). Rabbit heads are a popular snack. fried rabbit with chillis 麻辣兔丁 mala tuding Find it at: Chuan Ban spicy rabbit heads 麻辣兔头 mala tutou five-spice rabbit heads 五香兔头 wuxiang tutou Find it at: Shuangliu Laoma Tutou

PHOTO: Marc St. Gil

ostrich meat dumplings 鸵鸟肉饺子 tuoniaorou jiaozi Find it at: Jin Tuo Jiaozi Cheng

to cure various maladies and to enhance health and virility. Here in Beijing, game is still a booming business. Even if most of these game meats now come from farms, they still carry that whiff of the wilderness. Let’s go wild.

Game Glossary 鹌鹑 大雁 鸽子 鹿肉 鸵鸟 兔子 鸭子

ānchún dàyàn gēzi lùròu tuóniǎo tùzi yāzi

quail wild goose pigeon venison ostrich rabbit duck

DIRECTORY Here’s where to go if you want to sample wild game in Beijing: Baiyuxuan 百羽轩特禽餐厅 Daily 9.30am-1-pm. Daliushu Village, Xiaotangshan Township, Changping District (6178 0691) 昌平区小汤山镇大柳树村(大柳树环岛西北) Chuan Ban 川办餐厅 Daily 10.30am-1.30pm, 4.30-8.30pm. 5 Gongyuan Toutiao, Dongcheng District (6512 2277) 东城区贡院头条5号 Guoyao Xiaoju 国肴小居 Tue-Sun 10.30am-9.30pm. 58 Jiaodaokou Santiao, Dongcheng District (6403 1940) 东城区东城区交道口北三条58号

PIGEON AND QUAIL Though kept as pets in hutong coops, pigeons are well-known as small game fowl. Typically, the birds are cooked whole, roasted or smoked. Quail are treated in a similar fashion. roasted pigeon 烤鸽子 kao gezi Find it at: Shijia Geyuan

fried quail 炸鹌鹑 zha anchun quail hearts 京葱鹌鹑心 jingcong anchun xin Find it at: Liheng Yewei GOOSE The Cantonese have a tradition of roast goose, but farther north, the bird has been adapted to local favorites – the jianbing and hot pot.

marinated duck liver, feet, heart and gizzards 糟香鸭四宝 zaoxiang yasibao Find it at: Najia Xiaoguan VENISON Deer is highly regarded in TCM – particularly the antler velvet. The meat is cooked much like pork and beef. stewed venison 罐焖鹿肉 guanmen lurou Find it at: Guoxiao Xiaoju deer antler bone soup 鹿茸骨 汤 lurong gutang soy-braised deer trotters 红烧 鹿蹄 hongshao luti Find it at: Liheng Yewei

Liheng Yewei 利恒野味餐厅 Daily 9am-9pm. Jiangli Village, Xiaotangshan Township, Changping District (6178 3254) 昌平区小汤山镇讲礼村讲礼大桥西 Najia Xiaoguan 那家小官 Daily 11.30am-9.30pm. 10 Yonganli (south of the LG Twin Towers), Jianguomenwai Dajie, Chaoyang District (6567 3663, 6568 6553) 朝阳区建国门外大街永安里10号(双子座大厦南侧)

smoked pigeon 熏鸽子 xun gezi Find it at: Yanjiao Shaogezi

DUCK Duck is hardly difficult to find in this city. But if you’re tired of the standard kaoya which you eat every time a visitor is in town, maybe it’s time to dig below the crisp skin lean meat to see if the whole bird’s got game.

Jin Tuo Jiaozi Cheng 金鸵饺子城 Daily 11am-9pm. 14 Maolinju Residential Compound (east of Military Museum), Fuxingmenwai Dajie, Haidian District (6857 5021) 海淀区复兴门外大街茂���居小区14号 (军事博物馆东)

sliced goose meat 大雁肉 dayanrou Find it at: Vanilla Hot Pot goose egg crepe 大雁蛋煎饼 dayandan jianbing Find it at: Kou Liu Xiang

Ruiyuan 瑞苑饭庄 Daily 11am-10pm. Tongzhou District (8956 0323) 通州区徐辛庄镇双埠头村(近通州北关) Shijia Geyuan 食家鸽园 Daily 9.30am-9pm. Jiantou Village (1km north of Changping Xiguan Roundabout), Shisanling Township, Changping District (8011 6789/322) 昌平区十三陵镇涧头村(昌平西关环岛北1公里) Shuangliu Laoma Tutou 双流老妈兔头 Daily 10am-11pm. 48 Dongsanhuan Nanlu (south of Shuangjing station Exit C), Chaoyang District (6540 5858) 朝阳区东三环南路48号(地铁双井站C口南) Xiangwei Shizu 湘味食族 Area 2, Longteng Yuan, Huilongguan Xidajie, Changping District (8172 8888) 昌平区回龙观西大街龙腾苑二区底商 Xinling Bi’an 心灵彼岸私聚会 Daily 11am-2pm, 5-10pm. 59 Dongsishitiao, Dongcheng District (6405 6029) 东城区东四十条59号 Vanilla Hot Pot 香草香草云南原生态火锅 Daily 10am-3am. Chaoyang District (8569 4566) 朝阳区神路街39号日坛上街1门   Yanjiao Shaogezi 燕郊烧鸽子 Daily 9.30am-10pm. Inside Hezhong Automobile Group (northwest of Yaowahu Qiao), 16 Dongsihuan Zhonglu, Chaoyang District (6776 8368) 朝阳区东四环中路16号和众汽车运输集团内(窑洼湖桥东北)

GAME HOT POT Why choose one type of game when you can have a bit of everything (goose, ostrich, pigeon, quail, partridge and venison) in a bubbling stew pot? game hotpot 野味一锅鲜 yewei yiguoxian Find it at: Baiyuxuan game hotpot 野味火锅 yewei huoguo Find it at: Xiangwei Shizu game hotpot 野味火锅 yewei huoguo Find it at: Ruiyuan

May 2013



DRINKING GAMES, China-Style by Paul Ryding


ormally, the exclamation “Gan bei!” represents a declaration of warmth, camaraderie or perhaps a new partnership. However, these words can also be flavored by revenge, mischief or embarrassment, their utterance signaling a minor victory and a certain hangover. Yes, I speak of drinking games. While often puerile, drinking games can be a useful social lubricant. Most people don’t need an aid to enjoy a drink, but if you’re in the right mood, or in strange company, they are the quickest way to lighten up an otherwise idle evening of drinking. They come in all guises, making use of the senses, memory, guile, vocabulary or general knowledge, and in their fairest form, pure chance. Props can range from a pen and paper or a deck of cards, to chopsticks or a set of dice. Almost any game can be adapted to involve a drinking element, but we found some that are favored in Bejing. JIULING (FINGER GUESSING) Possibly the simplest group game out there. Each player uses Chinese hand signals to throw a number between one and 20 (kept secret); everybody then guesses the sum of all the players’ fingers. (Simpler variations for more participants use an open hand to signify five, and a closed fist as zero.) The next part has several variants; you can punish the player closest or furthest away from the actual tally, or else he or she can stay dry for that round while the remaining players down a shot of baijiu.


May 2013

What you need: Five dice and a container (per player)

LAOHU BANGZI JI (ANIMAL BETTING) A cousin of “rock, scissors, paper,” the popular playground guessing game. Animal betting introduces one extra element: a chopstick. Played one-on-one, players clash chopsticks thrice before calling out one of four things: “Stick,” which beats “tiger,” “tiger,” which eats “cock,” “cock,” which pecks “insect,” and “insect,” which bores “stick.” Any other outcome is a draw, and both players are required to drink.

DA MAOXIAN (BIG RISK) An adult version of Truth or Dare. Can become pretty racy as the night wears on – choose your drinking companions wisely. Players take turns to be offered the choice of a drunken bout of honesty, or an outrageous dare. Not a drinking game to start the night off.

Difficulty rating: 1/5 Chopstick clashing can become thrashing as the night wears on and opens the door for bruised fingernails. What you need: Chopsticks SHAIZI (LIAR’S POKER) Possibly the most ubiquitous of all drinking games in Beijing, played by groups of all sizes across a broad demographic range. A mainstay of the Gongti nightspots and usually played to the accompaniment of Chivas and green tea. Each player rolls five dice, then everybody take turns to guess what the other players have rolled, e.g. “three 4s.” Guessing continues until someone plucks up the bravery to call out a liar. If the accuser is right, the liar downs his Chivas. If the accuser is wrong, he drinks. Difficulty rating: 4/5 Poor liars could suffer, as could the mythomaniacs among the party. One drawback is that honest players may die of thirst.

Difficulty rating: 3/5 Not the most challenging contest, but the one you’re most likely to regret the morning after. What you need: Low inhibitions and a low tolerance for alcohol XIXING DAFA (STAR ABSORPTION SKILL) A term borrowed from one of the wuxia novels of Jin Yong (Louis Cha), referring to a martial arts master’s ability to drain the qi of his opponents. In the context of drunken parlor games, it’s a simple game where the aim is to use suction to pass a card around the circle. Any two players that let the card fall get an “impromptu” kiss, and a swig of their poison. Another one for mixed company. (Or not.) Difficulty rating: 2/5 Again, not the trickiest of drinking games, but coordination and the ability to inhale at the right time are key. What you need: A playing card and enough lung capacity to hold a card flat against your mouth for a few seconds

Difficulty rating: 1/5 As easy as counting the fingers on your hand. The devil is in guessing how many fingers your fellow players will throw out.

What you need: Fingers

drunk talk: things to yell during drinking games

这种水平还想打牌? 回家打老婆吧? Zhè zhǒng shuǐpíng hái xiǎng dǎpái? Huíjiā dǎ lǎopó ba? You trying to beat us with that? Better go home and beat your wife!

自摸! Zìmō! That’s the card I needed! I won! [literally, “touch oneself”]

你在等什么啊,等警察来抓啊? Nǐ zài děng shénme a, děng jǐngchá lái zhuā a? What are you waiting for, the cops?

手臭能熏一条街! Shǒu chòu néng xūn yītiáo jiē! They can smell your stinky hands down the street.

你他妈会打吗? Nǐ tāmā huì dǎ ma? So you think you can play, you f**ker?

先干为敬 Xiān gàn wèi jìng Bottoms up – show respect.

感情深,一口闷;感情铁,喝吐血 Gǎnqíng shēn, yīkǒu mèn; gǎnqíng tiě, hē tùxiě If we’re pals, chug till it’s finished. If we’re bros, chug till we drop.

你不喝,我不喝,国家造酒往哪搁? Nǐ bù hē, wǒ bù hē, guójiā zàojiǔ wǎng nǎ gē? If you don’t drink and I don’t drink, then what’s the nation’s alcohol for?

男人不喝酒,交不到好朋友 Nánrén bù hējiǔ, jiāo bù dào hǎo péngyǒu No booze, no buddies.

只要感情有,喝啥都是酒 Zhǐyào gǎnqíng yǒu, hē shà dōu shì jiǔ Among good friends, all drinks are wine.

May 2013



beers of joy get drunk on dessert by Jonathan White


e love working out of the office. All we need is a Wi-Fi connection so that we can get on Wikipedia and we’re as close to being proper journalists as being the staff of an expat rag demands. Being the best approximation of hard-bitten hacks that we are – having read about the hard-drinking journos of yore on the Internet – we prefer our wireless connection to be in a bar. That way, we find the couple of hours a week that it takes to knock the magazine together flies by much quicker than in places where it is frowned upon to drink super-strength European lager in the middle of the afternoon. And so it was that the Beijinger team found themselves in Beer Mania one afternoon making this very issue. We were excited to learn that Chef Frederic Muller was using beers in his dessert recipes. In the interests of journalistic integrity, we said we would try the lot – just as long as we didn’t have to pay full price, of

course – and thanks to their standard afternoon discount, not one of us had to resort to our standby “Do you know who I am?” line that we’ve been peddling around town for as long as we’ve been doing this. One dessert platter for the team – apple turnovers, vanilla orange panacotta, profiteroles, Liège chocolate mousse, ice meringues, cheesecake and Kriek Bavarian cream – and some frantic searching on Thesaurus. com later, we were well on our way to a “stellar” recommendation for you, dear reader. Article done – and, once again, we found ourselves crying in a bar in the afternoon. Not our usual tears of sadness at what our lives had become. No, thanks to Beer Mania, these were tears of joy. Joking aside, Beer Mania’s desserts are devilishly moreish and deserve to bring a new wave of customers for this Sanlitun favorite. The dessert plate is RMB 80, but is 20 percent off from 3-6pm. dessert platter

photo: lova


May 2013


snack Island

an ode to Deep-fried finger foods by Cat Nelson

photos: sui


n Taiwan, snacking culture is a big deal. Small bites prevail over the meal. Street stalls and holein-the-wall joints outnumber established restaurants by a great margin. Nearly every passerby clutches an oil-spotted brown paper bag and thin wooden skewer. In other words, to call Xiaowei Yansu Ji a Taiwanese snack shop should by no means prompt you to underestimate the food. Popcorn chicken (RMB 15) comes out piping hot, with a moist interior and crisp breaded exterior, brightened by spindly strands of deepgreen basil and doused liberally with five-spice powder, white pepper, salt and a touch of sweetness. White broccoli with basil (RMB 10) and green beans (RMB 10) come in for this breaded-then-deep-fried treatment as well. That same peppery seasoning gets sprinkled on roasted corn (RMB 10). Proprietor Mark Wang uses a variety called shuiguo yumi (水果玉米), or “fruit corn,” and the deep-yellow kernels certainly hit some high sugar notes. In the night markets of Taiwan, zhuxue gao (pig’s blood mixed with glutinous rice and then fried) is sold in massive bars on skewers. Xiaowei takes a less hedonistic approach, serving up bite-sized cubes (RMB 15). These are true delights, rich and earthy in flavor.

Another Taiwanese specialty is tianbula (甜不辣 “sweet not hot”), which may sound like tempura but is more similar to oden. At Taipei snack stalls, fish paste cakes pressed into different forms are jumbled with daikon and tofu, and a thick brown sauce of chilli paste, miso, sugar and soy sauce pulls it all together. Xiaowei’s version skips the heavy sauce, lightly frying strips of fish cake. With menu items priced strictly between RMB 10-15, Xiaowei Yansu Ji is ready to fulfill all our snacking needs – a quick workday lunch at Guomao, a Sunday afternoon snack to break up a day of retail therapy at Chaoyangmen or a welcome alternative to the jianbing grease of backstreet Sanlitun. Xiaowei Yansu Ji 小尾盐酥鸡 1) Daily noon-11pm. Sanlitun Houjie, Chaoyang District (6415 4861); 2) Mon-Sat noon-8pm. B1/F, Yintai Center (near Guomao subway Exit C), 2 Jianguomenwai Dajie, Chaoyang District (no tel); 3) Daily 10am-10pm. B1/F (near movie theater), U-Town Shopping Center, 2 Sanfeng Beili, Chaoyangmenwai Dajie, Chaoyang District (no tel) 1)朝阳区三里屯后街; 2)朝阳区建国门 外大街2号银泰中心地下1层(近国贸地铁 C口); 3) 朝阳区三丰北里2号楼悠唐生活 广场地下1层(近博纳国际影城)

May 2013



My Name Is Earl the pleasures of Pre-packaged sandwiches by Cat Nelson


or a man of leisure, the Earl of Sandwich was pretty busy. He may not have invented sliced bread, but he certainly gave it something to do, i.e. hold together a filling and feed people who are too engrossed in their game of cribbage to step away for a proper luncheon. But the convenience of a one-handed meal is just as appealing to harried modern office-workers as it was to lazy aristocrat gamblers. When lunch is an afterthought, the plastic-wrapped sandwiches that populate the refrigerated cases of bakeries, groceries and convenience stores seem not to be the worst idea in the world. After all, how hard is it to make a simple sandwich?

talitali sandwich Paris Baguette (RMB 18) “The bread is a sort of croissant that’s been put through an iron.” “It’s very damp.” “What is the white stuff? Please tell me it’s cheese.” “Oh, I was so optimistic about this one …” “Is the lettuce stale or is that some kind of dressing?” “Why is there so much lettuce? Just another example of something that people do because they think it’s socially expected. Like marriage.”

curry chicken sandwich Tous Les Jours (RMB 17) “This pallid bread does not enthuse me at all.” “It looks like coronation chicken.” “In America, we’d call it inauguration chicken.” “The flavor is as robust as Her Majesty’s health.” “Surely it’s a little more Prince Phillip than Her Majesty the Queen.” “It’s like the sandwich-makers were too embarrassed to finish the bread … but it’s decent, actually.” “I’m going to eat one more.” “It’s like I’m on an Emirates flight. You wouldn’t get this on Aeroflot.”

bacon and egg whole-wheat sandwich Pacific Coffee Company (RMB 15) “Horrendous. Just touching it is making me queasy.” “All the bread tastes like it’s been kept in a cargo hold for some time.” “This must be one of the more expensive ones. The bacon’s cooked – that’s how you can tell.” “What is it with the ridiculously thick cheese?” “The bread is better, but the cheese is like butter.” “That’s not cheese. It’s egg.” “Then it’s repugnant.” “The nicest one yet.” “Making mass-produced sandwiches is a dangerous game. Sandwiches seem a very personal affair.” photo: sui


May 2013

ham and cheese sandwich Starbucks (RMB 18) “I’ve never been to prison but I imagine this is as good as bread gets in prison.” “It’s very uniform. Ham. Cheese. Leaf. Ham.” “It’s like a child made it. But he’s autistic so he made sure that he produced all the same patterns.” “I don’t know whether the abundance of filling suggests the birthday party of your richest friend or the birthday party of your friend whose gran has some sort of mental problem.” “The cheese tastes a bit like cartoon cheese … which is in its favor.” “I actually don’t think it’s that bad at all.”

ham and cheese sandwich BHG (RMB 7.90) “No crust, no nutritional value.” “A postage stamp’s worth of cheese. Are they trying to smuggle it somewhere?” “The ham smells acrid.” “This is why we need free school dinners. Because some parent will think this is acceptable to give a child – and that child is going to get rickets.” “This is definitely out of your mate’s lunchbox and his dad is definitely some sort of cretin.” “These are sandwiches they would use for filming one of the village events in Downton Abbey.”

ham sandwich Wédomé (RMB 6.50) “It’s like pork floss.” “It’s actually not as bad as it looks.” “Well, the laws of averages would dictate that had to be the case. Because it looks awful.” “What’s that? Spam? Good old, sweet Spam.” “This is the kind of sandwich served at a press conference and because you’ve not eaten for two days, you eat about three of them and hate yourself. Then you tuck into the free bar.” “This is the kind of food they serve at some fake British villa complex with a name like Shakespeare City. I don’t imagine the houses would be that much more authentic.”

fried chicken sandwich 7-11 (RMB 9.50) “This is probably the best-looking sandwich I’ve seen in Beijing … there’s no way it’s going to live up to that first impression.” “I never understand the point of cold toasted bread.” “This feels a lot like many women I’ve dated: good-looking, tasteless, half a tan, supposedly American charms, but offensive.” “This should have been great, but is terrible.” “It’s like someone thought they were making KFC classy. But sliced bread isn’t all that much classier than a bun.” “That left a bad taste in my whole system.”

tuna fish sandwich Full Time CVS (RMB 8) “It’s got the slice of lettuce in it that qualifies it as a sandwich.” “Can you have sandwiches without lettuce? That’s the biggest question for China.” “I used to eat at least two of these a day.” “It’s like old socks.” “Your socks smell of onion and fish? You need odor-eaters.” “Dank” “Oh my god, oh my god” “I think that’s the taste of a flooded house.” “Probably the best of them, I’d say.”

The Verdict “All of these sandwiches are an embarrassment to the Platonic ideal of sandwiches,” remarked one of our tasters. That assessment met with mild protest from the hungriest participant, but the rest agreed. On merit of filling alone, the winner was Tous Les Jours’ curried chicken. Ungentlemanly bread, however, proved the downfall of each and every contender. These sandwiches are not worth the gamble.

May 2013


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good for yu

Ku Chi Fai, Executive Chinese Chef, Yu at the Ritz-Carlton Beijing by Cat Nelson


hef Ku came to Beijing in 2009 after a stint in Osaka and has been with the Ritz-Carlton Beijing ever since. It’s a long time in the volatile world of hotel restaurants, and he’s certainly a keeper. He took the time to dish on the cities he’s lived in, expensive Cantonese delicacies and what he would cook for Michelle Obama.

Laura Fanelli

Purveyor of local organic produce Every month, we ask noteworthy Beijingers to imagine their final meal before leaving the city for good. The starters Waking up on one of the many farms in Shunyi, probably Derunwu, I would make daoxiao mian for all and drink organic tea brought from Shinako’s shop behind the Canadian International School. I would handpick vegetables and maybe some strawberries to be used later in the day, then ride my bike back into town. Visiting the farmer ’s market, I would stop by to talk to farmer friends and hopefully feed them some treats I had baked the night before. I might pick up some okara balls from Phoenix Commune and goji wine from a Shanxi farmer.

Lunch From there, I would ditch the bike and sk ate though the hutongs, stopping by Saveurs de Corée for lunch. (Hey, a girl on the go has to


May 2013

Dinner and dessert Dinner would be at a pop -up restaurant, where I would serve best-of-the-season local, organic vegan fare. At this moment of early spring (a challenging time for variety in Beijing), I would serve a salad of warmed potatoes over a bed of spinach and romaine lettuce, fried polenta cubes with rosemary, split pea soup topped with pea shoots, a tart made of Swiss chard or palak tofu (palak paneer minus the cheese), some Chinese greens such as xiaoyoucai lightly pan-fried in olive oil and garlic, fresh baked bread and a chocolate-azuki torte with strawberry ice cream. The music and entertainment I would wax poetic about the importance of reusable chopsticks, the miracles of baking soda, and love. Alan Lee would be on piano and Miss Kate on vocals. We would watch old episodes of “Sexy Beijing” and talk art, agriculture, film, sustainable fashion and creativity with the hutongsters. I love this city! I am blessed.

If you were to cook for any celebrity, who would it be and what would you cook? I would stir-fry eggs with tomato for the First Lady of the United States. If you were to hold a Cantonese dinner party for anybody, whom would you invite and what would you cook? I would cook for my father, who passed away. I’d source the world’s best white truffle to cook him a lobster poached in chicken consommé.

would be river shrimp”

Which food would you use to sum up the different cities you’ve lived in? Osaka would be takoyaki (octopus dumpling balls), Hong Kong would be wonton noodles, and of course, Beijing would be roast duck. If I were to use seafood, Osaka would be octopus, Hong Kong would be crab with butter, and Beijing would be river shrimp. If your salary were to be paid by your weight in a single ingredient, which one would it be? Abalone, absolutely. Do you miss using shark’s fin as an ingredient? Not particularly. It is everyone’s responsibility to protect the environ-

Are there any ingredients you don’t cook? Is there anything you don’t eat? Dog meat.

What are your thoughts on molecular gastronomy? It’s really just a temporary trend. Is there anything you can’t do in the kitchen but which you’d like to be able to? I’d like to find all the best ingredients from all over the world and cook every one of them in a Cantonese style. Where do you go to eat in Beijing? Lei Garden is my favorite restaurant here in Beijing. Try Chef Ku’s kitchen at Yu’s unlimited Dim Sum Brunch.

photos: courtesy of the ritz-carlton beijing, lova

Brunch Leaving the market, I would ride to Chaoyang Park for brunch, where I would stop in at Deli de Luxe. They have top-notch food, rotating salads, and daily specials. After exchanging a few words with the Hungarian head chef, I would take the food to go and have a picnic in the park with friends and my dog. Jó étvágyat! (“good appetite” in Hungarian)

eat a lot!) I have to support a place with such a strict no-MSG policy, their own kimchi, organic rice, and so many vegetarian options.

How would you compare the pace of life in the various cities you’ve lived in? In Japan, I found life to be very casual but then in Hong Kong, it was very fast-paced. Beijing’s pace of life is in the middle, and the food is not as good as in Hong Kong or Osaka. “Beijing

ment in a sustainable manner.

p.s. we ate you

Every month, we like to shine a spotlight on some of the most delicious dishes we’ve stumbled upon recently. Dig in! lasagna Bolognese Alba, RMB 38 The mozzarella crust is slightly burnt and bubbly, sticking to the rim of the bowl. This was the only way our mom taught us to melt cheese, be it on lasagna, broccoli or French onion soup. We’re thankful that this steaming bowl of nursery food has found such a caring home in Beijing. classic cheeseburger Union Bar & Grille, RMB 85 Blue Frog’s patties keep causing all the fuss, but this has to be one of the best burgers in Beijing and hats off to all who know it. It wins because it’s simple: a great piece of meat, good bun, no messy dressing. Choose between cheddar, Swiss or blue cheese to top off the melt. dark chocolate cake Beiluo Bread Bar, RMB 25 Chocolate-cake junkies are now beyond rehabilitation. The dense texture of this cake makes it portable like a brownie, but not as rich. The sugary treat is airy enough so that you can eat as much as you want without ever getting full. Perfect for picking up and dipping in coffee. Mediterranean veggie sandwich Timezone 8, RMB 62 This smoky spin on tofu has made its way to the top of our soy favorites list. Along with grilled zucchini, eggplant and sundried tomatoes, the tofu filling is dusted with parmesan and bundled into toasted focaccia bread. Who needs deli meat? Powerhouse Crunch Smoothie Wagas, RMB 36 This blend of crunchy peanut butter, banana and chocolate protein powder is rejuvenating, a perfect remedy

for getting that jolt of energy you need after a hangover or a nagging cold. It’s one of the few smoothies in Beijing that doesn’t taste of a powder base, and each ingredient holds its own. Go for the large glass – this drink goes down fast. Nutella sweet Pizza Plus, RMB 20 A slice of gooey hazelnut-chocolate pizza eaten fresh out of the oven. What more need be said? Pizza Plus’s dough recipe is the genius at work here. The two layers of chewy crust snuggle together, hiding the nutty spread in the middle. Everybody begs for a second order before they even take their first bite. bulgogi burger Maan Coffee, RMB 45 The English muffin and processed cheese are the highlights of this late-night study companion. Tender chunks of pork dribble juice out the sandwich all over the plate, an impromptu gravy that’s great for flavoring the bland coffeeshop salad. And the best part of this burgerwannabe (let’s be honest and just call it a sandwich) is that it comes in servings of two. liangban su sanyang 凉拌素三样 San Yang Cai, RMB 26 Crisp green beans and bitter melon contrast in color and flavor with the stark white of lotus root slices. Sure, there’s heaps of chilli flakes and some spicy oil topping off this bowl, but the barely cooked vegetables make a fresh and ostensibly, healthier start to what’s sure to be a fiery meal ahead. The cooling TCM properties of the bitter melon don’t hurt either.

May 2013



Things to do, places to be, stuff to try

Where does this fit? See p41.



May 2013

photo: courtesy of the organizers

"Through the Looking Glass" at O Gallery (until May 20)

GET THE LOOK “Premium Lizard Cat Eye” ASOS. RMB 250 No frames – just lenses decked out with lizards.

Sunny Spectacles H&M. RMB 70 Fend off the clouds on the grayest of days with this pair. Who says you need sun to look stylish?

Wide-frame Leopard Zara. RMB 229

“Spitfire Round” ASOS. RMB 240

Upgrade your average speckled frames with this cool ombre look.

This one’s for the man who wants a little extra pizzazz.

Shady Business

“Qing” CHairEYES. RMB 1,390 Fab frames with a cut-out nosepiece to add a bit of elegance to any wardrobe.

by Jessica Rapp

“Rave” American Apparel. RMB 373 The teal accents on these never-worn vintage frames are perfect for blue eyes.


hades never go out of style, but this summer, it’s all about drawing attention to your eyes with the biggest and boldest frames you can find. Go wide or go round – “teashades” from the psychedelic ’60s are back in full force, but expect to them to have in-your-face accents. Vintage looks are filling up Gulou’s street stalls, but here’s some refined picks so that next time the sun is shining in Beijing, you can rock a stand-out look.

“Adora” American Apparel. RMB 398 Accent your eyes with the pattern from your mom’s ski jacket.

“Flat Top Pappagallo” Super. RMB 1,525

PHOTOS: courtesy of the brands

The cute parrot tapestry illustration on the inside is your little secret.

“Ndebele Special” Super. RMB 1,574 Play up your eyes with a pattern inspired by the works of a southern African tribe.

May 2013


WHAT’S NEW restaurants

Worth the Weights Hilton Beijing Health Club

Daily 6am-10.30pm 4/F, Hilton Beijing, 1 Dongfang Lu, Dongsanhuan Beilu, Chaoyang District 5865 5165) 朝阳区东三环北路东方路1号北京希尔顿酒店4层 450m north of Liangmaqiao station (Line 10)

I 40

May 2013

100 per hour), which doubles as a yoga studio. The changing area has been fitted out with a sauna, steam room and a small relaxation room replete with deep leather loungers and wireless headsets. The upper level has a swimming pool and a Jacuzzi drenched in natural daylight, and a 1,300sqm ornamental rooftop garden is planned. As might be expected, neither membership

nor one-off use of the facilities comes cheap (RMB 18,000 per year and RMB 200 per visit, respectively – a commitment not to be made lightly), but in an increasingly unhealthy city, it provides a comfortable space to enjoy an invigorating workout in modern surroundings. Paul Ryding Also try: Kerry Sports, Westin Workout

photo: sui

t’s possible that you’d struggle to find as healthy a room in the whole of the city as the Hilton Beijing Health Club. Aside from the shiny new equipment and the chiseled forms of the private trainers, the air you breathe is fresh as a spring meadow, and the water you drink as clean as a Norwegian glacier. Purity and filtration have been a source of heavy investment. So too the facilities; there’s a new squash court (RMB

Barns and Noble

WHAT’S NEW Venues & shops

Noble Pets 诺宝派宠物 Daily 10am-9pm. 1-2/F, 3-103, Sanlitun Soho, Chaoyang District (5785 3265) 朝阳区三里屯Soho 1-2 层3-103 900m west of Tuanjiehu station (Line 10)

“Dogs look up to you, cats look down on you. Give me a pig. He just looks you in the eye and treats you as an equal.” – Winston Churchill


hurchill would be pleased with Noble Pets. This new store sells little porkers eager to peek into your peepers. Thankfully, they won’t reach your eye level as these are the toy pigs that won’t grow bigger than the Chaoyang District regulation height for dogs. Boy, are they not cute enough to eat right up? Noble Pets provides the goods and services that Sanlitun-dwelling animal lovers have been waiting for. Everything from minor medicines (eye drops, flea collars) to puppy training spray (you don’t want to ask) is available, and that’s before all of the outrageous “This is modern China” gaudy ghastliness comes into

the equation. Seriously, who spends several thousand kuai on a leash, even if it is jewel-encrusted and imported from Germany? The pampering theme continues on the second floor, which looks like a high-tech dentist’s office. It’s where the magic happens, as anyone who has ever been featured on MTV Cribs is duty-bound to say, and that magic is pet pruning. If you have never seen someone preen a poodle to the exact dimensions dictated by a drawing straight out of a “Teach Yourself to Draw” book, then you have not lived. And neither has your poodle. Jonathan White Also try: Lee Pets

think jig Renoir Puzzle 雷诺瓦拼图文化坊 Daily 10am-10pm. U-Town Shopping Center, 2 Sanfeng Beili, Chaoyangmenwai Dajie, Chaoyang District (138 1162 0917) 朝阳区三丰北里2号悠唐生活广场4楼019C号(近朝阳门) 600m southeast of Chaoyangmen station (Lines 2 & 6)

photos: lova


hina’s most famous puzzle, the tangram, was all the rage in 19th century parlors from Boston to Paris. A couple hundred years later, despite mobile games and digital distractions, oldfashioned puzzles still have their devotees in modern Beijing. Renoir Puzzle, a Taiwanese chain, offers jigsaws of everything from Anne Geddes babies to Japanese ukiyo-e prints to supernatural Victorian fantasy babes. Most are 8002,000 pieces, but imagine what a hit you’ll be on your next train trip to Hong Kong when you dump the 8,000 pieces of Raphael’s The School of Athens all over your bunk. In addition to the classic 2-D variety, Renoir sells 500+ piece spherical puzzles in tin globe and merry-go-round designs (RMB 550), ball-shaped puzzles that double as Christmas tree ornaments, and jigsaws that interlock to form working clocks. They also stock frames for

those extra tough ones you just can’t bear to take apart once finished. You’ll find the packaging has come a long way from the bulky cardboard boxes you remember from your elementary school days. At Renoir, you can find puzzles packed into whimsical hat boxes and tidy, modern cubes – well-suited for gift-giving. Jessica Folker Also try: Toys R Us, Tianyi Market

May 2013



Treasure Hunt

My first geocaching adventure by Jessica Rapp



May 2013

My friend and I set out for Beihai. The fading sunlight and persistent drizzle were perfect; I wanted to rough it my first time. It would be like Indiana Jones’s first search for the Holy Grail. We made our way up the path of the hill leading to the temple from the northwest gate, not stopping until we felt sure we’d found bj-b’s cave. We climbed over the protective railing and wandered off the path, getting down on our hands and knees to crawl under the squat trees and remove the small boulders from their nesting spots. The rain started to soak through our clothes, but we kept on, not wanting to admit to each other that we looked ridiculous.

i prodded at it. it was heavy. filled with paper and maybe coins, i suspected I don’t know how much time passed before we stood up, stretched our sore backs and headed up the path, still empty-handed. We wanted to scout the area one more time. “Wait, is that it?” I had braved the muddy terrain, snagging my hair in the spindly bushes, grazing my hand across rain pipes and what I later realized looked like a pile of puke hardened in the grass. All of them had seemed – if only for a brief moment – to be the cache. But each one had been a red herring. This game was getting down to the wire. I wondered if other geocachers took their hunt this seriously. My friend reached into the crevice and retrieved … a chewed-up corn cob. “Ugh.” Blame it on my lack of skill or a Beihai muggle – my first attempt at geocaching had failed. But I wasn’t daunted. A few days later, I decided to try an easier cache, called “Window of Opportunity,” hidden in the yard of P. Loft Youth Hostel near the Lama Temple. For first-timers to Beijing, just braving the hutong maze to get to the hostel is a large part of the challenge, but after only one wrong turn, I ended up in the hostel’s tiny yard.

A quick look around told me there were only a handful of places a cache could be hidden. Most of the yard was bare, except for a few bricks from the stone wall and abandoned plant pots. I tentatively turned over a few, wondering if the hostel owners ever found it strange that random people come into their yard to dig around. It turns out that Tony, a P. Loft employee, is used to the intrusions by now. Every few days, he helps foreigners looking for the “Window of Opportunity” cache that a geocaching enthusiast had hidden there two years before. A Wrigley’s gum tin lay in the soil, tauntingly. Could it be? I prodded at it. It was heavy. Filled with paper and maybe coins, I suspected. I grimaced, and opened it up. Splash. Out of the Wrigley’s tin came black sludge. I dropped the tin in surprise and disgust. Just as I was thinking I needed to find a hobby that was less of a contact sport, I remembered that the name of the cache was the clue. I checked the lobby window, but it wasn’t there. I glanced back at the stone wall, which had a small opening. I pushed away the bikes blocking my path and approached the “window,” which, instead of glass, had a thin, rusty bar. One end of a cord was tied to it, and I couldn’t see the other end. I gave it a tug. Sure enough, attached to the other side was a makeshift container constructed out of two water bottle caps. Inside were two pieces of paper, folded to the size of a thumbnail. It wasn’t a log book in the traditional sense, but here, in a mouse’s writing, were names of people from all over the world, who had rooted through P. Loft’s front yard just like me. Thorns, vomit, and sludge forgotten, I added my name to the top of the list. The hunt was far from finished. There’s all of Beijing to search for caches. All of China, in fact. I needed to hurry if I was going to find them before muggles got to them first. Send me, rappjessica, a message on Geocaching. com, and we can search for treasure together.

photo: joey guo

ack in college, my friend once spent a summer day digging around the forest bed near her suburban home, looking for a pink rubber brontosaurus the size of her pinky finger. The “baby dino” was secured in a small tin – hidden in a hole at the base of a tree. Also inside the tin was a notebook filled with signatures. My friend added her name to the page and tucked the dinosaur away in her pocket, where it would remain until its next geocaching adventure. The objective of the treasure-hunting game known as geocaching is simple: to use GPS coordinates to find a hidden “cache,” usually an ammo box or Tupperware filled with tiny toys and a log book. The activity has since evolved to include riddles for finding the coordinates. Since at least 2006, China has had a dedicated community of both laowai and local geocachers. Apparently, the secret to geocaching success in China is stealth. “Muggles” are everywhere. They know nothing about geocaching and have the potential to interfere. They can be anyone from a security official to an overly curious bystander. When I registered at, I discovered that there are caches hidden all over Beijing. Many are located out in the scenic suburbs (e.g. the Great Wall), but I wanted to start out with something nearby. I opted for a challenge by user “bj-b,” who’d concealed a Lock & Lock box under a stone just north of the Dagoba Temple in Beihai Park. I lacked a smartphone, but I didn’t think that would be a problem. After all, the coordinates provided by bj-b registered differently depending on whether I was using Google Maps or the map. Sometimes, in China, you have to be prepared to go back to basics, like cooking without an oven. I jotted down notes based on his description: “Cache is in cave underneath hill of Beihai Park. Stone is on the ground, not in the wall. Stone is located just off the path on the trail that leads out of the cave. Lots of weeds, making the cache difficult to see.”


iCade Mobile Do you miss the feeling of the Atari Lynx and Sega Game Gear? This sleeve turns your iPhone or Touch into a handheld gaming device. We can’t wait to find out if these retro games come with the same d-pad cheats.

Duo Gamer RMB 560

Two controllers and a stand for your iPad means that you can take on all comers on your next train journey. Downside: You are limited to Gameloft’s catalog. Upside: They do make a My Little Pony game.

Sphero Did someone say robo tag? This baseball-sized robot, controlled by your smartphone or tablet, can be used for games on land and sea (and as a game controller on supported titles.) RMB 900 RMB 280



Monopoly zAPPed EDITION The real estate game, as Hasbro truly intended. Say goodbye and good riddance to family rules and the board game’s inevitable bank heist. RMB 200

arcade fun for the agoraphobic by Joey Guo

iCade Arcade Cabinet for iPad Do you find that modern-day mobile gaming is not as robust as bashing the buttons down at the arcade? Save the touchscreen and turn your iPad into an arcade cabinet. Dibs on Dhalsim! RMB 1,500

Nintendo Wii U Remember when the Wii came out and you had to wait for your grandma to finish before you got a shot? This is Shigeru Miyamoto’s newest vision of the future … and it’s like a Wii but for gamers. Cheers, Nintendo. RMB 2,350 and up

All items availableMay on2013 Taobao.com43

tips for tourists

What To Do With Tourists (And What To Do While They’re Doing It)


hen you live in Beijing, you end up playing tour guide for your visitors. Do it enough times, though, and you start to think you’d rather bathe in stinky tofu than walk through the Forbidden City yet again. We’re not suggesting that you let your out-of-towners fend for themselves – Beijing has chewed up more worldly people than Aunt Mabel, after all – but here are suggestions for how to occupy their time (and where you can go while they’re busy doing that). Where to send them: Beijing’s Former Red Light District This limited-edition walking tour from Bespoke Beijing journeys into the life of the notorious prostitute Sai Jinhua. The tour weaves through the back alleys of Dashilar, which housed the brothels frequented by Beijing’s noble class for centuries. Many of these houses served “exotic Western food” to their clientele. A red-light district-inspired meal at Capital M after the walk will make the historical tales of riches and debauchery come to life. What you should do: If it’s exotic Western food you are after, head for the hot dogs outside Maggie’s at Ritan Park,


May 2013

Where to send them: Beijing by Bike Day Tour Though receding, the maze of hutongs surrounding the Forbidden City can still easily fill a day’s worth of cycling. Urban Adventures also tosses in a trip to the veggie market for mid-morning snacks and explanations about local produce. Not only is a lazy courtyard lunch (with cooking demos) included, but the afternoon is spent resting muscles while learning to play mahjong. What you should do: Cycling the city is cool but do it cooler with those cats at Big Dirty. They ride out from Frost Nails every Thursday. Where to send them: Backstreet Beijing: Agricultural God Altar Starting with a look around southern Beijing’s first multistory building, Zhushikou Protestant Church in Qianmen, this tour from China Culture Center examines various architectural and religious practices. The services and staff of the church are introduced before the tour moves on to the surrounding hutongs and an old Japanese brothel. The next stop is the Altar of Agriculture, where Emperors declared the beginning of harvest every year. The tour wraps up with a stop at the Ancient Architecture Museum. What you should do: The Beijing Agriculture Carnival runs until May 12 at the Strawberry Expo Garden in Xingshou Township, Changping District. They have a tomato maze!

Where to send them: The Beijing Ghost Tour Spooky tales of foul play, torture and disappeared heroes are told along the alleys that surround Prince Gong’s palace near Houhai. Videos of jumping vampires and subway ghosts liven up this stroll with Newman Tours. And lessons on how to avoid ghosts, like looking up into trees, and what to throw to scare them way, prove to be useful instructions. What you should do: Talk a walk on the dark side with the Paul French-narrated audio tour of “The Badlands” from his book Midnight in Peking. Where to send them: Erguotou Liquor Factory Tour The Chinese grain spirit Erguotou is named after the double distillation process that gives it its legendary bite. This factory tour with China Culture Center is a step-by-step guide into how the fiery spirit is brewed. A “one-hundred women” production line and giant vats of liquor aren’t the only highlights; the tour also includes a museum of ancient tools used in traditional fermenting and distilling processes. What you should do: You deserve a drink too. Why not one of the baijiu cocktails at China Bar at the summit of the Park Hyatt? You could even let your visitors come and share the view. For more information about the guided tours, see,,, and

illustration: joey guo

Where to send them: Metaphysics Walk This tour from The Hutong takes the road to better health. During an exploration of the Temple of Earth, a TCM expert explains cosmic cycles and their relation to the Chinese body clock, as well as how Taoist principles, the root of well-being, can easily be integrated into daily life.

What you should do: Get to the heart of the city at the Urban Planning Museum at Qianmen.


Hip to be Square Enjoy a Square Meal at Park Square


RMB 1,000

Fully Comp’d Fill Your Baskets


ver yone k nows Comptoirs de France is one of the best French bakeries in town, but what on earth is a comptoir? Well, my soon-to-be-Francophone friends, the word was used during France’s colonial past to denote a “middleman” or “trading post.” Another meaning is that of “counter” – as in the countertop over which you hand money and then receive delicious pastries. Fittingly, Comptoirs de France (or Fa Pai, as the locals have it), does a

used to be a renegade, I used to fool around / But I couldn’t take the punishment, and had to settle down / Now I’m playing it real straight, and yes I cut my hair” sang Huey Lewis and the News. So why is it hip to be square? (We’re guessing it’s because squares have more money.) Whatever the reason, the brains behind Park Side Bar & Grill at the Lido must have listened to Mr. Lewis’s news. They’ve opened their brand-new restaurant, Park Square, just down the same street

from the original. Park Square is an upmarket eatery with understated design and a tasteful modern Mediterranean menu. We’ve got RMB 1,000 for one lucky reader to live it up at the Lido. For your chance to win this voucher, just answer this question: In which city would you find the world-famous Red Square? Send your answer to win@thebeijinger. com before May 31. Don’t forget to include your name and phone number. Good luck!

fine trade in ficelles, fondants and financiers. We’ve got a RMB 1,000 voucher for one lucky reader to undo all of the hard work that they have put into their beach bodies. For your chance to win, just answer this question: The individuals of which profession are sometimes known as “bean counters”? Email your answer to win@thebeijinger. com before May 31. Don’t forget to include your name and phone number. Good luck!

RMB 1,000

The Wild Brunch Fizztastic Fun for All

E Stay A while

RMB 1,000

Utopian Dining at the Shangri-La


hangri-La was the bright idea of a Hilton. Pick up your jaws, hoteliers and hotel historians. What we mean is that the term for paradise on earth was invented by the author James Hilton. Interestingly, though the idea of a languorous Himalayan utopia is his lasting legacy, Hilton was far more acclaimed during his lifetime for his second novel Goodbye, Mr. Chips. Well, you can say au revoir to pommes frites at S.T.A.Y, the flagship restaurant at the Shangri-La Hotel Beijing. The four letters may stand for Simple Table Yannick Alleno, but

ver y Sunday, in the cit y ’s original downtown, the Hilton Beijing Wangfujing offers their award-winning Fizztastic brunch. The brunch takes place at Vasco’s, the city ’s finest Portuguese-viaMacanese restaurant. We’ve got RMB 1,000 worth of vouchers for a lucky reader to treat friends and family (or themselves several times) to the Hilton Beijing Wangfujing’s seventh-day specialty. The question now is: What are your brunch tactics? Do you go straight into the champagne or stop for

Eggs Benedict first? Are you one of those people who think that bread is a waste of good brunching? Do you try to get a full plate from each station? There are tough decisions ahead. Choose wisely. For your chance to win, just answer this question: In which country will you find the football team Club de Regatas Vasco da Gama? Send your answer to win@thebeijinger. com before May 31. Don’t forget to include your name and phone number. Good luck!

expect nothing less than reinvented French cuisine and a delectable Pastry Library from a man who clocked his third Michelin star before his 40th birthday party. You should all be salivating to get your hands on this RMB 1,000 voucher that we have for one lucky winner. For your chance to win, just answer this question: In which 1933 James Hilton novel is Shangri-La first mentioned? Send your answer to before May 31. Don’t forget to include your name and phone number. Good luck!

RMB 1,000

May 2013


don’t miss


HIT THE WALL Great Wall Music Festival


he Great Wall Music Festival is back for its yearly night of dancing until the sun comes up at Juyongguan. Below are profiles of the first three acts to confirm. Just before we went to print, Kaz James, TJR and a host of local DJs joined the bill as well. DAVID GUETTA The word on the street: Where do you start with the man who now dominates more floors worldwide than Ikea? His is the sound that you hear in the clubs, cars and coffeeshops, with special mention going to his outrageously successful highprofile collaborations. David Guetta might be the biggest name you see this year. ANDY C The word on the street: Andy C is the Grandmaster Flash of the drum & bass world – without the crack

and money troubles. His nickname is “The Executioner” (warranted by his dance floor-destroying sets) and he’s been racking up industry awards since before the Beijinger started big school. Andy C is a giant in the game and not to be missed. UFO DJs The word on the street: We could play along with the clever Adidas Originals marketing campaign but we’re a bit old for that. The two faceless extraterrestrial DJs of Ultra Funky Origins were put together to sell limited-edition Adidas kicks – that’s just where the world is in 2013. With that kind of budget behind them, the music should be damn good. Buy tickets online for the May 11 event at Check out for updates on new additions to the lineup.

david guetta

Nouvelle Vague They’ve Got It Covered Having been around for a decade now, they can hardly be considered nouvelle any longer, but the French band’s formula of sultry chanteuses and classic New Wave songs still delights. They’re back in Beijing this month. We’ll shrug to that. Reasons to go The best thing about Nouvelle Vague is that they are constantly familiar but always different (both in the rotation of frontwomen or their reimagining of classic material) so you get something new to you that

still feels cozy. Like a secondhand leather jacket (that you find cash in the pockets of ). Reasons to avoid You don’t own a leather jacket, have no desire to breathe secondhand smoke and do not want to live your life as a black-and-white movie. After the show you’ll wish … You spoke French. When and where? See them at Yugong Yishan on May 14.

backstage pass

andy c

WYE OAK bark with bite

ufo djs


he Baltimore duo burst to v e r y s u d d e n m a i n s t re a m prominence when their spinetingling track “Civilian” underscored an episode of The Walking Dead last year.

Key tracks The album starts strongly with “Two Small Deaths” and “Holy Holy,” while “Civilian” carries the back end of a blissfully bleak record.


May 2013

We say: Wye Oak are no one-hit wonders. The album is a delight and is dotted with gems. It deserves a listen, whether it’s against the backdrop of a zombie apocalypse or not. See them at: 2 Kolegas on May 18

photos: courtesy of the organizers

The buzz The A.V. Club named Wye Oak’s most recent album, Civilian, the best album of 2011.

They say: “I get confused when people call us an ‘acoustic folk duo.’ I haven’t played an acoustic guitar in front of an audience since I was 15 years old.”

WISH WE WERE THERE Getting punched by celebs at the Cannes Film Festival, Cannes, France, May 15-26

Smelling of roses at the Chelsea Flower Show, May 21-25, London, England

Freaking out at The Procession of the Snake-Catchers, May 1, Cocullo, Italy

Getting wet at Songkran, Apr 13-17, Thailand

photos:, John Nicholls, Paolo Quadrini,, Katrin, XPB

watching the Nagol land-diving ritual through our fingers, Vanuatu, all month

Thawing our intellect at the ReykjavĂ­k Arts Festival, Iceland, May 1-Jun 2

Remembering not to jaywalk at the Monaco Grand Prix, May 23-26, Monte Carlo, Monaco

May 2013



Trivial Pursuits A guide to the city’s quiz nights by Pete Reilly


he humble pub quiz (or trivia night, as it is better known by our American cousins) has long been a staple of Western drinking culture. Why do such contests exist? Some have

opined that it has something to do with the kids at school who didn’t play sports wanting to impress upon people just how darned clever they have become. Is that true? Does it really matter?

Q: What is Beijing’s oldest pub quiz? A: Tim’s Texas Bar-B-Q The city’s longest-surviving pub quiz – albeit with a very different host and several venues down the road from its John Bull origins – is helmed by the gentleman team of Julian Fisher and Adrian Sandiford. The quiz is as straight as the hosts, with none of the funny business of a music round or other Yankee gimmickry. Team size limit: Ten. Half a point off per round per person over the limit. Takes place: Every Tuesday, starting at 8pm Winner takes: Five liters of Hoegaarden Other prizes: Beers for second and third place, a wooden spoon playoff for B-52s plus RMB 1,000 up for grabs in the draw-a-card round. Drinks specials: Happy hour until 8pm Rounds: 6. Picture round, then five rounds of trivia.


Q: Which trivia night is closest to a subway station? A: Lush Beijing’s longest-serving quizmaster, Josh “Vegas” Lally, has been doing this for long enough to have earned parole. But he keeps going at his own pace, with the aid of regular guest rounds, and a fearsomely competitive student crowd. There may be questions on The Simpsons. Team size limit: 8 Takes place: Every Wednesday, starting at 8pm Winner takes: A bottle of Jameson Other prizes: Epic cocktail pitcher for second, Tsingtao for third place Drinks specials: It’s always happy hour at the Lush quiz. Rounds: 5. There’s always a music category but the rest could be anything – nothing is off-limits.

Q: Which trivia night is the most AV-savvy? A: Kro’s Nest Anthony Tao now flies solo at Kro’s, with his former frontman Jim Kirchhoff having flown the nest. This quiz night offers the added excitement of multimedia, topics picked by audience members at random and the concept of wagering your points for the final round. Team size limit: 6. Lose a point per person over the limit. Takes place: Every Thursday, starting at 8.30pm sharp Winner takes: Bragging rights Other prizes: Drinks prizes for the first four rounds Drinks specials: TBD Rounds: 5 (plus a play-off between the top two). Picture round, music round, current affairs and three rounds drawn at random from a bag of ten categories.

Q: What’s the city’s only late-night sports quiz? A: The Black Sun Quizmaster Tom Cattanach puts on this sports-only set after the five-a-side footballers roll out of the park next door. The questions go up on the screen and you answer them on your sheets, so he has redefined the traditions of quiz and quizmaster. Team size limit: None Takes place: Every Tuesday, starting at 11pm Winner takes: Pride Other prizes: None Drinks specials: Nope Rounds: 4. It starts with a round of sporting pictures, then more sports.


May 2013

Pub quizzes are good clean fun, and Beijing has many. So where should budding barroom intellectuals go to showcase their knowledge of all things? Check out the list below.

Which is the only pub quiz where you get points for drinking The Brick



Dave Gaspar has taken over where Alex “The Terminator” Taylor left off in keeping the points for how much you drink feature but not in the quizmaster therefore being the highest scorer. The quiz is multiple choice but many of the choices are so preposterous that you will need to wear your drinking trousers to get near the top of the leaderboard. Team size limit: 2 (but they can stretch it) Takes place: Monthly (every second Tuesday), starting at 9pm. Drinking points gathered from 8.30pm. Winner takes: Shots and a pitcher Other prizes: Shots for winners of each round Drinks specials: Happy hour until 8pm Rounds: 4. The picture round first, the music round last, and everything else in between

Q: Which is Beijing’s only monthly charity quiz night? A: Migrant Children’s Foundation Quiz at Brussels Quizmaster Andrew fronts this while his anonymous question-setting compadre mans the computer. It’s all for the kids, but your generous donation of RMB 50 per entrant does get you a free pint of Tiger. Team size limit: 6 Takes place: Monthly (every third Thursday), starting at 8.30pm Winner takes: A large bottle of beer Other prizes: Winner of the solo round (RMB 10 per entry) wins any drink they fancy Drinks specials: Happy hour until 9pm Rounds: 5. Picture round, general knowledge, current events, one more and then the music round.

Q: Which weekly quiz has the most multiple-choice questions?

A) The Stumble Inn, B) The Stumble Inn or C) The Stumble Inn All of the above


If you have seen the film Slumdog Millionaire, you’ll be familiar with this format. It stays true to the quiz show’s format throughout, but Charlie Stumbles happier for you to win points than the TV executives are to let contestants rush through questions. Team size limit: 6(ish) Takes place: Every Tuesday, starting at 9pm Winner takes: Three liters of Tiger Beer Other prizes: Prizes for every round Drinks specials: Burger and beer (RMB 70) Rounds: 6. Starts with pictures and ends with music, with traditional topics in between.

Q: What’s the first quiz of the week? A: The Bookworm Tom Champagne celebrates his fourth anniversary on the stool at the end of this month. The quiz is fairly straightforward but has been known to be themed to the point of over-elaboration. Currently, it’s going through the alphabet – with all of the answers beginning with a particular letter. The heavily weighted music round means that it’s anyone’s game right up until the end. Team size limit: A very loose six Takes place: Every Monday, starting at 8.30pm. Picture round starts at 8pm. Winner takes: A bottle of fine wine Other prizes: Food or drink each round. Second, third and last place win drinks. Drinks specials: Cheap beer and discount snacks Rounds: 6. Picture round first, music last and anything in between.

ticket giveaway Q:

Where will you find the quizmaster who uses a headmic a la Britney Spears Paddy O’Shea’s



Karl Long’s quizzes are only half as hard as he is, but that can still be pretty tough. Generally the quiz will include Long’s patented and much-mimicked wipeout rounds, where one wrong answer will get you zero points for the entire round. Sometimes the final music round will be replaced by a list of currency abbreviations or the world’s top 20 websites. It’s better when there is music. Team size limit: Nah Takes place: Every Wednesday, starting at 8.30pm Winner takes: Drinks Other prizes: Second and last place also get to drink Drinks specials: Happy hour until 8pm Rounds: 6. Pictures to start and music to end, with the middle a mixed bag

Quiz Me Quick

Win Tickets to our 10th reader Bar & Club Awards party

NOTE: Look for the new quiz at Paddy’s Pub in Tongli Studios. It is set to take place every Thursday starting from late April.

1. Where is the Grand Ole Opry located? 2. Which hat is named after a Moroccan city?

Q: Which is the only quiz that turns German once a month The Green Cap



Q: Which quiz has

the city’s only live music round? Plan B


Glenn Phelan has recently taken over from Big Pat Walsh at The Green Cap, which means he’s had to take over the very popular quiz to boot. This is the only quiz that you can do in front of a roaring fire.

The only quizmaster who has been part of the local music scene for years, Richard plays to his strengths and ends with Beijing’s most creative music round. Inimitable is the only word for it.

Team size limit: 6. Points will be deducted if you go over the limit. Takes place: Every Thursday, starting at 8pm Winner takes: Shots Other prizes: Shots for the winners of each round Drinks specials: None Rounds: 6. Picture round to begin and music to end, typical subjects and a wipeout round in between.

Team size limit: 4 (but they are not religious about it) Takes place: Monthly (every first Wednesday), starting at 8pm Winner takes: RMB 200 credit at the bar Other prizes: Booze for each round Drinks specials: Yes Rounds: 4. Famous people, general knowledge, sex and live music

3. In which TV bar does everyone know your name? 4. How is the A-Team’s Lt. Templeton Peck better known? 5. “O mio babbino caro” is an example of what? 6. What was Millwall FC’s home until 1993? 7. Which Beach Boys song is about an imaginary Caribbean island? 8. Who wrote Ulysses? 9. Which series of books did Stephanie Meyer create? 10. What connects the previous nine answers? Email your answers to before May 14 for a chance to win four tickets to our 10th annual Reader Bar & Club Awards. And, unlike in a pub quiz, you can use Google.

NOTE: The final Thursday of each month is a German-language quiz. Wunderbar.


What is the only quiz in Beijing that’s hosted by a comedian Beer Mania



A recent addition to Beijing’s quizzing scene, Beer Mania’s is hosted by a heretofore nameless member of the Peking Comedy Club. Team size limit: 6 Takes place: Monthly (every third Tuesday), starting at 8pm Winner takes: Beer, usually Other prizes: Second, third and last place win something that may contain beer Drinks specials: None Rounds: 5. General knowledge and music, plus lots on beer and a whole round on Beer Mania

Q: What’s the only bar named after the city’s first quizmaster? A: Frank’s Place The Frank in question is Frank Siegel (he who ran the John Bull quiz of yore) and this was indeed his place once upon a time. Now it’s owned by John Harkness of Goose & Duck fame, while the quiz is run by the lovely Mark Griffiths. Team size limit: None Takes place: Every Wednesday, starting at 8pm Winner takes: A trip to the Goose & Duck ranch Other prizes: Drinks for every round Drinks specials: Happy hour until 8pm Rounds: 6. Includes picture and music rounds among the usual suspects

Q: Is that all? A: No, silly. There’s the Beijinger’s Annual Charity Super Quiz in December, of course, but that’s not all. Nola holds an annual Louisiana-themed quiz every Mardi Gras, Magic Hospital have been known to have an annual quiz-based fundraiser with Plastered TShirt’s Dominic Johnson-Hill at the helm, and there have been French-language specials on occasion. Apologies if we’ve left anyone out.

The 2013 Reader Bar & Club Awards takes place on May 18 at Galaxy Soho. Tickets are RMB 200, RMB 150 (advance). Contact to get yours.

May 2013


page turners

Book Review Unsavory Elements: Stories of foreigners on the loose in China


Pyles of Fun

inside the Middle Kingdom Ride by Nick Skidmore


yan Pyle and his brother Colin set forth from Shanghai on a 65-day adventure atop motorbikes. At the end of their journey, the Canadians had circumnavigated China, set a world record and had a topic for a new book. How did you get the idea for this journey? My brother had suddenly decided to quit his job. He sold his house and car, and was ready to take a gap year of sorts. We tossed around a couple of ideas of what we could do together. But we kept coming back to our love of bikes, and that was when we thought it would be quite an ambitious target to set ourselves – biking around China.

What would you say was the most remarkable part of your trip? Definitely the G219 highway. At 5,000m above sea level, it’s “the highest and most remote highway in the world,” but really it’s a dirt path connecting western Xinjiang to western Tibet. It was the hardest and most grueling part of the journey, taking us about four days of riding, but it was also the most rewarding and visually exciting.


May 2013

No ambitions to break any other world records, then? No, I don’t think so. The idea of doing this trip was more about the country – and the riders. Riding a motorcycle is a much more of a holistic experience than being in a car; you’re subject to the elements, to every bump in the road and smell in the street. Just being on a bike, and getting to explore the country, is already rewarding enough. Finally, any advice for anyone hoping to follow in your bike tracks? Yeah – be prepared. Mother Nature is unpredictable at best. In parts of Gansu, Xinjiang and Tibet, the weather changes every 50km, sometimes by as much as 10 degrees Celsius. As beautiful and as spectacular as the country can be, you can’t be prepared enough. The Middle Kingdom Ride is available for purchase at The Bookworm.

Tom Carter, the editor of Unsavory Elements, discusses the anthology at The Bookworm on May 21.

photos: chad ingraham/g219 productions & courtesy of earnshaw books

So your brother was new to China? Well, he’d been to Shanghai before, because I’d been living there so long, but he’d only seen “China for Beginners.” I’m the old hand, taking him around, while he’s experiencing the various culture shocks that come with seeing such a vast country for the first time.

How does it feel to break a world record? It wasn’t until afterwards that someone approached us and said, “Hey, do you have all your GPS coordinates, because you might have set a record.” When we presented all those things to the people at Guinness World Records, they told us no one had actually done a trip like this in a single country for so long before – so they created a new category for it, and gave us this record.

he expat is a curious species, especially the China variety – so often found shunning the local language for a dialect more given to bragging rights – coming and going, never quite committing to the land they hope to flourish in. If the very word “expat” has become unappetizing, Earnshaw Books’s new nonfiction anthology, Unsavory Elements, is something of a corrective, with a vast cast of writers introducing polyphonic flavor and depth into the expat stereotype. From Matthew Polly trying to make financial gain out of his time training with the Shaolin monks, to Kaitlin Solimine’s elegy for the “Chinese mother” she gained during an exchange program to Beijing, and Rudy Kong teaching ice hockey to his students in Dalian, the tapestry that is laid out here is hardly monochrome. One might be tempted to classify it as a travel book of sorts; what is being traversed and recollected throughout is not the lay of the land, but rather, the contours of confusion, excitement and isolation that every China expat has, at one point, had to clamber across and conquer. Certainly, many of the stories take as their starting point the bewilderment and absurdity of day-to-day living in China; more often than not, they manage to break beyond that, rallying around our commonalities and underlying aspirations: the possibility of assimilation and exchange, of being open to and intrigued by some greater realization and fulfillment. At the collection’s end, then, the China expat is still no less of a curious specimen – it’s just that the curiosity endemic to the species now seems to be its saving grace. Nick Skidmore

MEET Introducing the people that matter

“After being caught in the act, we thought we faced suspension.” See p52 “It made me want to move to New York.” See p53 “If I could marry a voice, it would be Neko Case’s.” See p53 “The more sober the cover, the more interesting the book.” See p54 “This ragtag group of misfits comes back and beats us.” See p54 “Useless! Eliminated! Out to the birds!” See p55

illustration: lantomo


"Mask & Lanterns" by Lantomo, an Italian illustrator living in Beijing. See more at May 2013



Mat Gallagher & Ian Lahiffe


Committee members, Irish Network China


romoting the land of saints and scholars is tough work. And these boys aren’t shy about stopping for a pint or two. to get the job done. Who would you most like to go out drinking with? Mat Gallagher: The photographer David Bailey. We could spend an evening talking about photography and the swinging ’60s. lan Lahiffe: I have been watching Californication, and a night out with Hank Moody would be something else. If you could only imbibe one drink for the rest of your life, what would it be? IL: It would have to be Guinness. MG: Whiskey is pretty versatile, presuming I’d be allowed different mixers.

Tell us about the first time you were drunk. MG: Like most kids in England (I’m half-Irish) in the late ’80s/early ’90s, I had a bad run-in with a large bottle of cider. IL: Our school choir went to London for a competition. After the performance, we went to the off-license and planned a night of drinking in one of our rooms. After being caught in the act, we thought we faced suspension. Instead, our choir director brought us to the bar and taught us to drink like men!

What’s the dumbest thing you’ve done while drunk? IL: Probably bringing some friends into the chapel at my former university to play the organ. MG: A friend bought me a yard glass one birthday, so I filled it with Guinness and attempted to down it. The cans I used were a year out of date and I had to lie down for an hour after. You’re hosting a cocktail party – what are you making? IL: Caipirinha. MG: It’s all about tiki drinks! My favorite is one called the Suffering Bastard – it’s rum, gin, lime juice, Angostura bitters and ginger ale.

Nick Cyr

What kind of drink are you? IL: A whiskey. MG: A mojito – a respectable drink with a fun side.



What is the correct way to address a Duke? Ah … Your Highness?

What’s your golden rule of drinking? IL: No baijiu, please. MG: I always avoid cocktails with orange juice in them. I like to have OJ as part of my hangover cure and if you’ve drunk it the night before, it just reminds you of the alcoholic version.

In which city would you find the Happy Valley race course? I have no idea. I think it’s in Asia. I’ll say Oman.

In Candyland, who are players trying to find? That board game is for, like, 5-yearolds! They’re trying to find ... I have no idea. We’ll say The Gumdrop King.

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Head of the Beijing Board Game Club SPECIALIST SUBJECT: Board Games



Which US president was in office during the Apollo 11 space mission? Is that the one when they narrowly avoided death? I have no idea. I’m going to go with Eisen– Nah, I’ll say Nixon. Yeah, Nixon.

What is the most sacred color of Hinduism? I’m guessing blue, just because of Krishna or whatever his name is, but I have no clue.


What animal is on the cover of the Beach Boys’ Pet Sounds album? I’m going for … a snake?




In which country was Trivial Pursuit invented? Oh, that’s an interesting one. I’m gonna say America.


How many Triple-Word Score squares are there on a standard Scrabble board? Oh, I know there’s not many. We’ll go for eight.

What is the name of the Monopoly man? No clue. Ah … Montgomery?


In which year was Magic: The Gathering introduced? Let ’s see, I remember seeing it around ’92. I’d guess … I’m going to say ’91.



VERDICT: A couple of lucky guesses spared Nick the ignominy of the zero score he predicted. Perhaps he’s a demon at Settlers of Catan during weekly meetings of his board game club.


How many pub quizzes does Brussels hold each month? Answers to Answers 1) “Your Grace” 2) Hong Kong 3) Richard Nixon 4) orange 5) goat 6) The Lost King 7) Canada 8) eight 9) Rich Uncle Pennybags 10) 1993


May 2013

photos: sui and mitchell pe masilun


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Monty Fendt


Freelance Cinematographer Have you ever walked out of the movie theater? I think no matter how horrible or inappropriate the movie might be, I always find something I can learn from, be it story, lighting, camera, edit, locations – anything, really. I think it’s fun sometimes to study the process behind the film, to see other people’s motivations in making it. Also, I know how it feels when people walk out of your film’s screening. It’s the worst thing.  In the biopic of your life, which scene should be filmed in slow motion? All the sex scenes, with a Barry White soundtrack.  In the biopic of your life, which scene should be filmed as a silent movie? My party years. That would look awesome. I loved the part in Babel with the mute Japanese girl in the nightclubs. Amazing. What’s the TV series or movie that you haven’t been able to find on DVD? Killing Zoe by Roger Avary. A silly film, really, but awesome on many levels: dialogue, characters and colors. I don’t think it ever made it into China.

you once love but now think is rubbish? Baywatch for TV shows and Bad Taste by Peter Jackson for feature films. I still have nostalgic feelings for both, though. What TV show or movie did you have to be coerced into watching but now readily admit that you love? Californication. Favorite film musical? Little Shop of Horrors. What a cool little film – very cute but noir. It made me want to move to New York as a kid. What is the slowest paced movie you still enjoyed? Actually, I have many favorite movies in the slow-paced category: Elephant by Gus Van Sant, Stalker by Tarkovsky and Ghost Dog by Jim Jarmusch.  What film do you wish you could change the ending of? Heat by Michael Mann. In my version, De Niro would get away with the girl and the money. In your opinion, which screen adaptation of a book completely destroyed the book? 1984, and I plan on fixing that one day!

Which character from TV/film would you most like to be? Bruce Wayne. Or maybe Hank Moody! Or in another life, Anakin Skywalker in his later years. 

What was the first movie that you saw with a date? Street Fighter, I think ... Oh my god, that sounds so horrible now.

What TV show or movie did

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Jonas Gilbert

anchor OF CCTV’S Sports scene What is the most played song in your iTunes library? “Exhibit C” by Jay Electronica. Anytime I’m riding the subway or trying to get around this crazy city, hip-hop seems to be what I fall back to. This may just be my favorite hip-hop track of all time. What would your rap name be? Full credit to my buddy JP for this, as he already bestowed one upon me. It’s “Jo Tates – The Hutong Weasel.” A lot of intoxicants went into that night. What is your favorite song to wake up to? Lately it’s been “Ziggy Stardust” by Bowie. I can never wake up angry if I hear that opening guitar riff. If you could sing like one person, who would you choose? I’ve always said that if I could marry a voice, it would be Neko Case’s. For a dude, I think if one could be blessed with Jeff Buckleyesque pipes, that

would be something special. What was the first record you ever bought? I’m going to go with my first CD – Please Hammer, Don’t Hurt ‘Em by MC Hammer. I still remember my mom not allowing us to listen to certain tracks at the time, such as “She’s Soft and Wet.” Now I know why. What artist would you like to take a long journey with? Neil Young, hands down. There isn’t a musician I respect more for his body of work, mindset and ability to stay true to himself. A brilliant renaissance man and one of my idols. Which singer would you bring back from the dead? Jimi Hendrix, no doubt. Can you imagine seeing Jimi at a smoky old blues hall just absolutely killing it? See Jonas presenting Sports Scene on CCTV News every day at 3.30pm and 8.40pm.

JONAS’ FIVE-SONG PLAYLIST photos: mitchell pe masilun and Courtesy of Monty Fendt

“Young Liars” by TV on the Radio

My favorite song of all time from my favorite band of all time. “Oh Comely” by Neutral Milk Hotel

Almost eight and a half minutes of chilling brilliance. “Re: Stacks” by Bon Iver

This guy is church for me. This is my hymn. “Helpless” (The Last Waltz version) by Neil Young

Takes me back to when I lived in

Medicine Hat. At the end of a night of partying, we would crash out to this. A coked-out Neil stumbles onto the stage and proceeds to kill it. “Club Anthems for the Slightly Disenfranchised” by The Auditor General

Fronted by my boy Jamie Smith, who’s a better person than he is a songwriter (which is saying a lot), these small-town Thunder Bay guys really throw it down.

May 2013



Marianne daquet


Co-founder, Atelier

The book on my shelf with the most sentimental value is In Search of Lost Time by Marcel Proust. I delayed reading this book as long as I could. I remember one my au pairs was reading it and I thought I ought to someday. One of the reasons I waited so long may have been that I was expecting to find something decisive hidden behind the beautiful title, and it was true! In the bathroom, I read French magazines stolen from the plane. I love magazines, especially cooking magazines and Elle Decor. Before you came around, I hid my French-English dictionary. I’ve never judged a book by its cover. With French books, the more sober the cover, the more interesting the book. I’m joking but there’s some truth there. The book with the best beginning is the Bible. The book I wish I hadn’t read is a manuscript of a novel written by my mother when I was a child. It was never published and ended up in a box on my parent’s dresser. I found it by chance when I was a teenager and read some extracts. I looked for

all sorts of clues about our family life. I had not understood yet the freedom and distance that is allowed by creativity. During turbulence it’s good to read the same sentence over and over. I get so panicked that any kind of book can do the job. My favorite quote from a book is “It is truly useful since it is beautiful.” That’s from The Little Prince by Antoine de Saint Exupéry. When I was a child, we had a vinyl record of this book read by a famous French actor. I would listen to it in loops. When I read the book many years later, and even now, I can hear his voice telling me the story. My favorite book for learning photography is the camera’s manual. That’s the first step. Then you take your camera to Atelier to learn everything you always wanted to know about photography (wink). What I prefer in art books are the images. I open an exhibition catalogue or an artist’s monograph and I literally dive in. I can get lost for hours in a museum library. Sign up for Marianne’s life drawing class, held every Monday at Atelier.

Gabriel Trane Clermont Filmmaker Of all the uniforms you’ve ever worn, which was the most flattering? Absolutely none. High school, where it was like, wear a shirt, tie and dress pants – how could you go wrong? But it was all ill-fitting suit jackets and huge baggy pants. Then we’d work as hard as we could to not actually be wearing the uniform. Everyone was trying to wear black Air Force Ones because from a distance they looked like dress shoes. Sartorially tough years. Which uniform was the worst fit? I played in a kickball tournament last year in Beijing where each team had a theme. Ours was Boy Scouts. The uniforms were just ... small. They were tailored by a dude at Yashow and while the fit might have been right for say, playing dice games in a smoky club, they were not at all designed with running around in mind. Did you ever feel transformed by wearing any of these uniforms? High school, when I was in a musical. You know, you have like these intense costumes, and then the stage makeup and everything. It did feel ... pretty damn fabulous.


May 2013

Did you ruin any uniforms? I tried to tie-dye the golf jumper. Did not work. Tell us a story about wearing a uniform somewhere where you felt out of place. During my senior year, I was in this televised quiz bowl tournament with some classmates. We’re up there in our suits and jackets, against this other school from Kearny. Anyways, we’re rolling on them, jump out to a big lead, and just get cocky. And of course, this ragtag group of misfits comes back and beats us on the last question. So yeah, we’re standing there playing the role of the totally “douchey” private-school kids who got their comeuppance, and our teacher just got us the hell out of there. Which uniform would be considered the least fashionable? I got bamboozled into being in the school musical in senior year, and umm, yeah. It was Aida. I was part of the “slave chorus.” Check out Gabe’s Beijing video work at

photos: lova

Which uniform did you resent wearing the most? I caddied at the most expensive golf course in the world (true story)

and it just sucked to be hanging out with millionaires and shooting the shit outside, in this perfectly manicured natural space, dressed like some manservant and fetching people drinks.


The Cricket Fighter Meet an old Beijing champion

photos: mitchell pe masilun

by Nick Richards

May 2013




e peer into the ceramic bowl as the two crickets are shaken out of the chambers that house them in winter. They land softly and began circling the bottom of the fighting ring. After one final pass, the antennas touch and the two bugs rise up onto their hind legs. They begin nipping at each other’s faces. “Oops, that’s an unhappy couple.” Cricket Liu looks up from the bowl and grins, baring his half-set of yellow teeth. “It’s like cricket domestic violence. Ha ha.” Traditionally in Chinese cricket fighting, males are only given access to females (or “three tails” – as Liu calls them, referring to their third tail) the day before a fight. Mating makes the males aggressive and will improve their chances against other males. There are even ornate “wedding beds” – open-ended ceramic boxes – used for the procedure. That ritual is months away for Liu Yunjiang and his army of chirpers. Spring is a dull time in Beijing’s bug fighting underworld. Future champions rest with their mates in insulated gourds. The bottoms are filled with a dried mud-paper foundation – more comfortable for the sensitive bugs to lie down. Here in these containers, tucked under their master’s clothing, soothed by his body’s constant temperature, they await the brutal fall selection rounds. The less-preferred crickets are kept insulated in Styrofoam coolers. Liu keeps hundreds of the critters at a time, hoping to identify the perfect fighter by the autumnal equinox – when cricket warriors are in their prime. Fighting crickets was a hobby of the Chinese nobility starting in the Tang dynasty. Millions


May 2013

still do it countrywide, sometimes betting gargantuan amounts of money. Famous actors and TV broadcasters are known to spend tens of thousands of renminbi on crickets. There are illegal gambling societies. In extreme cases, people get shot and stabbed over their cricket debt. According to Liu, cricket markets in Shandong province offer the best quality insects. Players from around the country convene at these fairs; the wealthiest hole up in hotels, putting signs in their windows stating the price ranges and quality of cricket they will consider, so that vendors know whether or not it’s even worth approaching them.

Here in these containers, tucked under their master’s clothing, they await the brutal selection rounds Liu calls himself a simple cricket trainer – he won’t spend more than a few hundred kuai on any single fighter. He is, however, the official champion of his local cricket fighting society. Liu shows off a certificate his friends made for him at the copy store – perhaps the cultural equivalent of darts champion at a local pub. “One of my guys fought for over ten minutes straight! Now that was a battle.” Liu jumps out of his chair. He likes to be dramatic for the streams of tourists who stop by to meet him while shopping in Nanluogu Xiang. He also likes to get distracted and veer off subject, showing people the strange knickknacks that clutter his house – a photo of him

with a Norwegian prince or a plate signed by a Japanese ping-pong player. His picture of the ex-Japanese premier’s wife’s visit is hidden behind the one of him with a European banker. “Politics,” he hisses. Finding out about his training methods – even getting him to talk about crickets at first – takes persistence. Liu bustles around his courtyard, explaining the price of pigeon eggs. His courtyard is an orchestra of bird chirps, cricket buzzes, wing flaps and poultry clucks. The Pekinese dog, Mao Mao, is the only silent pet. She prances in and out of the house with a purple hair band propping up her bangs. “How do you know about the crickets?” Liu asks me, as if he hadn’t previously agreed to talk about it. He stops and looks me over, appraising me, as a boxing manager would. “OK, I’ll show you. First, I must feed my pigeons.” He climbs up into a bird pen built on the roof of his hutong. Cricket trainers are secretive. Each has his own methodology, and a champion, even a modest one like Liu, is wary of letting his tactics fall into a competitor’s hands. Unfortunately, too much pride can be a shortcoming of even the best coach. “My crickets only drink ginseng-infused water.” Liu leans forward in his chair, locking eyes with me. “I feed them lamb intestines!” He leans closer and whispers, “When they’re sick, I make them a secret potion out of lotus leaf.” The old man then places a set of miniature tools on the coffee table. “Can you guess what these are for?” He shows me what looks like a ball of cotton on the end of a paintbrush and a dustpan that looked like it was built for the miniature family from The Borrowers. “You would

never pick up a cricket with your hand – their legs are too easy to snap. You use this down ball to tap them into this container and scoop them up.” Liu picks up the next utensil. “This is for cleaning.” Again, about the length of a pencil, this fingernail-sized shovel is a dollhouse poop ‘n’ scoop that the character Arietti could have owned. Finally, he reaches down to pick up his most important fighting tool. It was the one I was most interested in hearing about, for its role in the actual fight. But first, a word of explanation. A cricket fight is not the gladiatorial melee you’re imagining. The winner is the insect that flaps its wings first or forces its opponent to turn away. A more violent battle can result in an amputated tooth or leg. Tooth length and thickness of the neck are the most important features for winning a fight. The crickets need to be strong biters. Weight is also an important factor. Like wrestlers, the crickets fight in different classes determined by a miniature scale that uses measurements only understood within the cricket-fighting community. “I don’t have a clue about what crickets weigh in grams,” Liu says as he shows me his scale. A small tin bucket about the size of a pepper shaker hangs off a stick marked at different weight intervals. Once in the ring, the cricket coaches maneuver their fighters with blades of grass or wiry animal hairs, tickling their legs, stimulating them, and getting them angry. “If two crickets of the same sex touch antennas in the wild, they will fight. If they are of the opposite sex, they will chirp,” Liu says, demonstrating the throaty noise.

Getting the crickets to touch antennas or trick them into thinking an antenna is brushing up against them is how the fight is instigated inside the ceramic ring. That’s why the blades of grass are employed. A cricket coach’s tickling technique is key to the outcome of a fight. Winning is a combined effort of the cricket and its master. Which brings us back to Liu’s secret tool for tickling his fighters. Instead of using grass, he uses three rat whiskers inserted into the end of a pencil-sized wooden shaft. The rat whiskers, similar in texture to a cricket’s antennas, very closely simulate the stimulation a cricket would receive in the wild.

“A good cricket trainer knows a badass cricket when he looks into its eyes” Liu’s finest champion once fought more than ten fights in a row. This is astounding, considering that crickets don’t live more than a year and are usually useless after one fight. “I feed them to my chickens,” says Liu of the losers. “Useless! Eliminated! Out to the birds!” He stands up, getting excited again, panting. In a few months, his birds will be feasting on the hundreds of crickets vanquished in the elimination rounds. The eyes also determine a good cricket. “It’s like when you look at Mike Tyson,” Liu tells me as he relaxes back in his chair. “A good cricket trainer knows a badass cricket when he looks into its eyes.”

“I’ve been doing this since I was a boy. And let me tell you a secret I discovered,” Liu leans in again to whisper. “I would find my best crickets in graveyards. This was before there was anything outside the Second Ring Road. My friends and I would brave our fears of the dead and go at night. Thorns would scratch deep into our arms as we listened for the crickets. If you heard der der der, then it was a group of crickets. But if you heard bzz bzz bzz, it was a solitary cricket. And that was your fighter! The one who scares the others away, ha ha hargh!” Liu’s laughter turns into hacking. He sighs, leans back and clears his throat. “I’m tired. I get up at five every morning to feed these animals. Tourists spend all day in my house.” He coughs again. “Ni hao,” a parakeet chirps from the other room. Liu is determined to continue raising his animals and train his crickets. Growing up in Beijing after the end of the Qing dynasty, Liu told me, there were no toys. Kids played with birds and animals. They made up games with the dung beetles found on horse droppings that littered the streets. They also fought crickets. The losing kid would forfeit his cricket’s house to the winner. It’s clear that Liu’s pets are childhood pleasures he has held onto tightly as they help him find purpose. As for the tourists that tire him, Liu has one comment: “They feed my pets. The damn birds have to eat too!” Bespoke Beijing runs a hutong tour that swings by Cricket Liu’s house. For details, see

May 2013



“economic advance is not the same thing as human progress” –john clapham


May 2013

PHOTO: TheBookofX

are wind farms the future of energy or an eyesore?

Moving Mountains the impact of the Lanzhou New Area by Kyle Mullin


greenpeace PHOTO: zhao zhong

eveling mountains may sound like the stuff of legends, but in Lanzhou it’s just part of the business plan. Earlier this year, China Pacific Construction Group, one of the country’s leading private construction companies, announced its most ambitious project yet: to develop massive urban sprawl on the arid outskirts of Gansu’s provincial capital. The area’s craggy terrain is apparently no obstacle. The firm plans to blast those peaks to smithereens – until they’re flat enough to build skyscrapers on. The high-concept project with the RMB 2.2 billion price tag – dubbed the Lanzhou New Area – aims to flatten 700 mountains, a move that the developers call historic in its scope. China’s environmentalists are far more skeptical, saying that any development, no matter the size, is doomed to not only to fail in that region, but also to wreak ecological havoc. The China Pacific Construction Group declined the Beijinger’s requests for comment, but we found several experts who were more than happy to discuss the Lanzhou New Area: Kuo-Ray Mao, a sociologist specializing in Gansu’s development, and the currently visiting research scholar at the Chinese Academy of Sciences’ Center for Chinese Agricultural Policy; Zhao Zhong, the China program coordinator of Pacific Environment; and Tao Ran, an economics professor at Renmin University. What environmental risks does the Lanzhou New Area pose? Zhao Zhong: This project should be researched and verified in an official environmental impact assessment report that’s open to the public. We lack information, so I don’t know what environmental risk the project poses. But I can share my concerns, which include the possible destruction of natural vegetation and wildlife, and the contamination of underground water, thanks to

the blasting of these mountaintops. If this metropolis is to be built, the water supply would also be a big challenge. Overuse of underground water and long-distance diverting from the Yellow River are two potential water resources. Both may bring more environmental crises. What sort of crises? Why would this region be so much more susceptible to such issues than others? Kuo-Ray Mao: We all know there’s no water there. Lanzhou and the area around it have been arid for years. It’s only about 70km from the desert. You cannot find enough water to support growth. The problem with drawing from the Yellow River is that each province has a limit. So if Gansu overdraws for the Lanzhou

“You cannot find enough water to support growth” New Area, other provinces along the river won’t have enough water for daily life. The alternative would be to pump water from below the ground. But Lanzhou’s groundwater has been really polluted because of chemical fertilizers and heavy metals – keep in mind that Lanzhou is one of China’s petrochemical hubs. The villagers living there already don’t have enough water, so I doubt China Pacific Construction Group will be able to find enough for urban development. In an interview with the Guardian earlier this year, a spokesperson for China Pacific Construction Group said: “Lanzhou’s environment is … extremely short of water … Our development will divert water to the area, achieve reforestation and make things better than before.”

KM: From where are they diverting all this water? And for how long will it last? When they say they’re bringing water to the people, who are these people? They mean people that will be buying apartments. The total amount of water available in such an arid region is not going to increase, so you’re just moving water away from agricultural areas. It stems back to the issue of environmental justice – who has the right to access such limited resources? From the state’s view, agriculture isn’t making any money. You can build a 12-story-high complex on the amount of land that one peasant family takes to live. So what the developers and the government are really saying is: “F**k those peasants, f**k agriculture, because they’re not adding to our balance sheet.” How big could this real estate reward be, considering the developers are gambling RMB 2.2 billion on the project? Tao Ran: They must think a future real estate boom will help them sell land, so as to make money and pay for the initial costs of moving such a huge mountain. Otherwise, I see no way for them to pay back those debts. Tao Ran, in an interview with the Guardian about the Lanzhou New Area, you stated that such a potential real estate boom “might work, but it seems to me that it’s very, very risky.” What are those risks? TR: There are housing bubbles in most Chinese cities that I think will burst in a few years. So there is no better alternative than just stopping such crazy investments. KM: It’s just not sustainable. Not ecologically, not economically, and not sociologically. It won’t work, and I think the developers will end up abandoning it part-way through. It’ll die slowly, and not in a very dignified way.

May 2013


Green Leap Forward?

China and the race for wind power by Kyle Mullin



May 2013

PHOTO: Alexander Denmarsh Photography,


ind power is propelling China to a whole new eco-friendly frontier. In fact, its progress has been so fast that some experts worry those turbines may be spinning out of control – or at least in a vicious cycle. Earlier this year, the Earth Policy Institute (EPI), a think tank based in Washington D.C., reported China’s wind power had soared ahead of its nuclear generators for the first time, with 19,000 capacity megawatts of the former added in 2012, compared to the latter’s paltry 2,600. Matt Roney, the EPI researcher who wrote the report, says the 2012 feat was preceded by an annual doubling of China’s wind power capacity from 2004 to 2009. According to Li Shuo, a campaigner at Greenpeace, the milestones don’t stop there. By the end of last year, he says, China had installed more turbines than any other country in the world, besting even the US. However, both experts agree that that impressively swift rate could bring about wind power’s downfall. “Twelve percent of China’s total wind energy is being lost. The energy is being curtailed because the grid can’t hold the amount of power that the wind farms are generating,” Li says of the brittle, rushed distribution systems connected to the turbines, which are mostly clustered in China’s remote northeastern and western regions. That 12 percent loss is by no means negligible, he says. “It amounts to ten billion kilowatt hours being wasted. That’s 3.3 million pounds of coal being used instead, or ten billion pounds of carbon dioxide that we could avoid putting into the atmosphere.” Below, Li, Roney, and Fuqiang Yang (a senior advisor on climate change and energy at the Beijing’s office of the Natural Resources Defense Council) weigh in on the flaws and the potential

of China’s wind power. What’s causing all the waste in these turbines? Fuqiang Yang: The state grid is hesitant about renewable energy. Wind power is not as stable as coal. Every kilogram of coal you purchase can be measured in kilowatt hours. Turbines can’t guarantee that, because without wind there’s no power. Matthew Roney: Meanwhile, the central government was doubling their turbine installation rate every year for four years. And officials realized that was unsustainable – you had turbines spinning and not generating electricity because they’d been so rushed. It defeated the purpose. But even properly installed turbines can’t generate power when it’s not windy. Does that mean the central government should heed the state grid’s warning, and stop pursuing wind power so vigorously? Li Shuo: I wouldn’t worry about it being a reliability problem. Right now we have a surplus of energy, too much for the grid, hence the 12 percent curtailment. But how can turbines be reliable once the wind stops blowing? LS: Better storage systems could solve that – advanced batteries that can keep this surplus from going to waste, and put it to use when it’s needed. We don’t have that technology yet, but in the meantime, wind power is still very beneficial, especially when coupled with other green energy sources. But how truly eco-friendly are wind turbines? Critics say that what wind power

lacks in smog, it makes up in noise pollution as the turbines grind and turn. And animal rights activists say those rotating blades can be deadly for migrating birds. FY: It’s true that there haven’t been enough studies on how turbines impact animal life. That needs to happen, because we can’t just assume that wind power is harmless. Regarding noise pollution, I’ve visited many wind farms and they weren’t too loud, especially considering they were in very remote areas where no one would be bothered. But that leaves us with the issue of properly distributing the power to faraway urban centers. What should be done to bring the grid up to par? LS: It’s already improving. China has a renewable energy law in place that says the grid must accept 100 percent of any renewable energy generated. But how can you ensure the implementation of this law? This is still a problem there. If these issues can be fixed, what sort of potential would wind power have? MR: China’s government is now aiming to increase their annual wind power installation capacity by 18,000 megawatts. That’s huge – more than any other country. The US only just reached 13,000 megawatts per year. LS: Wind is China’s second-largest clean energy source, after hydropower. Even if it has flaws, it can, from the very beginning, generate energy without much environmental impact. That’s what China needs now, considering it’s the world’s top CO2 emitter. So it’s important to develop wind farms in a more responsible manner, because they have a bigger role to play.

May 2013


DAY BY DAY What are you planning to do?

Your monthly calendar of Beijing’s best events

toto appear appear inin the the february june issue, issue, submit submit all all events events byby may Jan1314 send upload events yourto events to venue info can be found in the directory starting p70. p72.

MAY 1 BARS & CLUBS May Day Party Celebrate Labor Day with a special appearance from Chinese showgirl Li An. RMB 50 (free for women). 9pm. GT Banana (6528 3636)

MUSIC 2013 Metal Monster A night of German and Finnish thrash metal featuring Destruction and Before the Dawn. RMB 280, RMB 200 (advance). 7pm. Yugong Yishan (6404 2711) MIDI Music Festival 2013 Catch the final day of the annual festival which will feature a headline performance by metalcore rockers The Ghost Inside. RMB 120. 12.30pm. China Music Valley Strawberry Festival 2013 Catch the final day of the annual festival which will feature a headline performance by Deerhoof. RMB 150. 12.30pm. Tongzhou Canal Park (40 0810 1887)

ARTS & CULTURE Film: 1428 Never-before televised scenes from the aftermath of the Wenchuan earthquake that struck Sichuan May 12, 2008 at 14:28. RMB 20. 8.30-11pm. Zajia (156 0112 2252)

MAY 3 BARS & CLUBS S.P.Y. One of the most exciting producers and DJs in drum & bass. Having worked with all manner of legends from Marcus Intalex and Marky to Andy C and TotalScience, the Sao Paolo native drops in Beijing. RMB 100, RMB 60 (advance). 10pm. Lantern (135 0134 8785) Margarita Madness Cinco de Mayo Party A live Mexican band, margaritas, prize giveaways, and a live DJ aim to keep the fun going all night long. Free. 9pm. Q Mex (6585 3828) Moonglow Burlesque Presents: Special Workers’ Day Cabaret Show Celebrate Labor Day with a sexy cabaret show. And finish it at the after-party featuring DJ Cecil. Free. 9.30pm. Modernista (136 9142 5744)

MUSIC Alpine Decline Following a successful French tour, spacepsych duo Alpine Decline play their last


May 2013

all event details correct at time of going to press. please call venues ahead of time to confirm.

show for a while as they head off to work on new projects. With support from Plastic Heads and Xin Ma You Jiang. RMB 50. 9.30pm. School (6402 8881)

and Roots Dubsteppa along with a live band. RMB 50. 8pm. 2 Kolegas (6436 8998)

Redundant Seconds One of Beijing’s youngest rock bands kicks off the May music schedule at 2 Kolegas. RMB 40. 10pm. 2 Kolegas (6436 8998)

Concert: The Ring Without Words The NCPA Concert Hall Orchestra performs Wagner´s classic with renowned conductor Lorin Maazel. RMB 180-600. 7-9pm. NCPA (6655 0000)

The Hot Club of Beijing Following the tradition of Django Reinhardt’s Hot Club of France in the 1930s, The Hot Club of Beijing is 50% Chinese, 50% French and aims at giving a 100% swing to its audience through gipsy jazz standards. Free. 8pm. Temple (131 6107 0713)

MAY 4 DINING Live Jazz Barbecue Live jazz as the sun sets at the Great Wall with a buffet and chicken, steak and fresh trout on the grill. Exclusively for lodging guests. 6-9pm. RMB 220, RMB 110 (kids 4-12), free (kids under 4). The Brickyard at Mutianyu (6162 6506)

BARS & CLUBS Belgian QR Pub Crawl You know that scan function your smart phone can do? Using that for a bar crawl might be the best use of it we’ve seen yet. Contact for details. Price, time and location TBD. Mas One-Year Anniversary Party A beach-themed birthday party with tiki drinks, outdoor fritas on the barbecue, live DJ and happy hour cocktails all night. Free. 2pm-12am. Mas (6405 4337) Margarita Madness Cinco de Mayo Party See May 3. The Warriors Party An all-out gang war descends upon Gulou, with four gangs fighting for control of three territories: 4corners, Modernista and Temple Bar. Compete for drinks, street cred, and control of your home turf. Pledge allegiance to your gang’s bar. Sign up at 4corners, Lush, Modernista, Temple, or Price TBD. 9pm. Gulou

MUSIC Not There A combination of rock and dance music, weaving together guitar, bass, drums, keyboards and samples. Head to Gulou to check it out. Free. 8pm. Temple (131 6107 0713) Reggae Party Jam out to reggae with Meiwenti Sound


EXPLORE Hike: Simatai’s Tallest Tower A steep hike rewards you with views of the capital’s skyline. RMB 400. 8.30am-6pm. China Travellers (188 0133 5578) Hike: The “V” Great Wall This unique section of the Wall is still largely off the tourist radar. RMB 180. 8am7pm. 90 Percent Travel (5962-6850)

LIVING Cooking with Chef Daniel of Mosto & Modo Urban Deli Emulate the flair of Chef Daniel as he teaches cooking and presentation techniques. RMB 350, RMB 300 (members). 11.30am-2pm. The Hutong (6404 3355)

MAY 5 BARS & CLUBS Cinco De Mayo Celebrate Cinco De Mayo with RMB 30 margaritas all night, as well as RMB 30 nachos and RMB 100 buckets of Corona. Free. 6pm-midnight. Mas (6405 4337)

ARTS & CULTURE Concert: The Ring Without Words See May 4.

EXPLORE Hike: Shentangyu Great Wall Wade through streams and brooks to reach ruins of the Wall before having a meal with a local family. RMB 400. 8.30am6pm. China Travellers (188 0133 5578)

MAY 6 ARTS & CULTURE Film: Pee Wee’s Big Adventure Pee-Wee Herman sets out on the adventure of his life to retrieve his stolen bike. Free. 8-11pm. Dada (183 1108 0818)


Drink and Draw An evening of drawing with music, drinks and models. Free. 9.30pm. Modernista (1369142 5744)

LIVING Networking: FCGroup (Interdisciplinary) Meet people outside of your industry to help generate more creative ideas in your work. RMB 150, RMB 80 (advance). 7.30pm. Suzie Wong’s (6500 3377)

MAY 8 DINING Chef’s Dinner with Alan-san New recipes from the brains behind the Hatsune sushi rolls and Kagen’s yakitori and robatayaki BBQ. RSVP required as seating is limited. RMB 480. 7pm. Kagen (6583 6830)

ARTS & CULTURE Film: Red White A Taoist survives the 2008 Wenchuan earthquake which destroyed his temple and left the surrounding town in ruins. RMB 20. 8.30-11pm. Zajia (156 0112 2252)

LIVING Workshop: Film Photography Remember when you had to actually have film developed? Relearn the basics of working with film in four sessions. Call ahead for price and reservation. 7-10.30pm. Atelier (6416 1614) Workshop: Intro to DSLR Photography From aperture to speed modes, learn to do everything your shiny new DSLR was designed for in just four sessions. Call ahead for price and reservation. 10am-12.30pm. Atelier (6416 1614)

MAY 9 MUSIC Coprocephalic Get your education in Brutal Death Metal/ Slam with Coprocephalic. RMB 50. 10pm. 2 Kolegas (6436 8998) LMT A US classic rock & blues group plays with guests for an evening. Free. 8pm. Temple (131 6107 0713)

LIVING Basically Beethoven Beijing’s only classical music open-mic. Free. 7.30pm. The Bookworm (6586 9507)

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events MAY 10

Seasonal Tastes, Westin Beijing Chaoyang (5922 8888)


Queen of Hearts Brunch A healthy option on Mother’s Day with a salad bar, fresh seafood and a selection of low-calorie desserts. RMB 298 (free-flow soft drinks), RMB 358 (free-flow wine and 30min foot massage voucher). 11.30am3pm. Kerry’s Kitchen, Kerry Hotel (8565 2088)

Howie B London superclub Fabric resident Howie B hits the rooftop to spin down on Sanlitun. RMB 50. 10pm. Migas (5208 6061) Paul Oakenfold The UK-based dance pioneer returns to drop in Gongti. Price and time TBD. Elements Club (6552 6223)

Sparkling Mother’s Day Enjoy brunch replete with spring tastes and decadent desserts. Book the balcony early or enjoy the sunlit interior. RMB 278 (two courses), RMB 308 (three courses), RMB 508 (two courses, free-flow sparking) RMB 588 (three courses, free-flow sparkling). Noon-4pm. SALT (6437 8457)

MUSIC Flunk Check out the Norwegian electronic band who shot to prominence on the back of their debut single, a 2002 cover of New Order’s “Blue Monday.” RMB 120, RMB 80 (advance). 8.30pm. Yugong Yishan (6404 2711) Skip Skip Ben Ben The grungy, alternative band with Taiwanese frontwoman Ben Ben returns to Gulou supported by Mr. Graceless and Bedstars. Price and time TBD. MAO Livehouse (6402 5080) The Agency / We Are Not Invited Get a fix of electro rock and electronica from The Agency (France) and We Are Not There. RMB 50 (includes one free beer). 8pm. Temple (131 6107 0713)

EXPLORE Pingyao Town – Raise the Red Lantern Until May 12. Travel to the past in this wellpreserved ancient city with awesome carvings and towering city walls. RMB 2,500. China Culture Center (6432 9341)

LIVING Workshop: Film Photography See May 8. Workshop: Intro to DSLR Photography See May 8.

MAY 11-12 MUSIC Beijing Dongpai Folk Festival 2013 The festival formerly known as the Ditan Folk Festival scales down and relocates for this year’s edition as it moves over to the Drive-In. Price and time TBD. 2 Kolegas (6436 8998)

MAY 11 BARS & CLUBS The Great Wall Music Festival A scenic night of dance featuring David Guetta, Andy C and UFO. Party at the Wall with transport leaving from downtown. Price TBD. 9pm. The Great Wall at Juyongguan DJ Shortkut San Francisco’s DJ Shortkut takes the Gulou crowd on a journey through classic funk, reggae, hip-hop, rock and other rare gems. RMB 50. 10pm. Dada (183 1108 0818)

MUSIC The Beijing Beatles Beijing’s favorite Beatles cover band performs their renditions of the UK group’s songs. Free. 8pm. Temple (131 6107 0713) The Old Beijing Dixieland Band

may 23: translation slam @ the bookworm Read their lips as kung fu flims get live subtitling. Thwack. Count on a good drum-double bass base, a guitarist and a wind section to transform Modernista into a Dixie wonderland. With a midnight RMB 10 shot happy hour. Free. 9.30pm. Modernista (136 9142 5744)

ARTS & CULTURE Beijing Improv: Bilingual Performance Live improvised comedy in Chinese and English. Donations for charity will be accepted. Free. 8pm. Tianzizhong Dancing Studio

LIVING Departing from China with Pets An info session discussing all the details of how to bring your furry friends overseas. Free. 11am-noon. ICVS (8456 1939) Global Kitchen: Pakistani Cuisine A Pakistani chef shows how to create authentic curries, breads and snacks at home. RMB 249, RMB 200 (members). 2-4.30pm. The Hutong (6404 3355) Masquerade to End Homophobia & Transphobia A masquerade-themed cocktail soirée to support ending discrimination and misinformation in the mental healthcare industry in China. RMB 200, RMB 150 (advance). 5-8pm. The Opposite House (6417 6688)

EXPLORE Boat Tour: Summer Palace Cruise the imperial canal in a motorized canopy boat, taking in such landmarks as Beijing Zoo, the Beijing Aquarium and Purple Bamboo Garden before reaching the Summer Palace. RMB 490. 9am-4.30pm. China Culture Center (6432 9341) Hike: Jinshanling Great Wall and Lunch Hike one of the best preserve sections of the wall before having lunch with a local family. RMB 450. 8.30am-6pm. China Travellers (188 0133 5578)

MAY 12 DINING A Warm Gathering for Mother’s Day Indulge in a lunch buffet with your mother and take it an extra step by booking her a cake (half-off; order one day in advance).

RMB 238. 11.30am-2.30pm. Café Swiss, Swissotel Beijing (6553 2288 ext 2127) Aroma Mother’s Day Brunch Treat your mother to an assortment of international cuisines including Chinese, Indian, Japanese, Southern Asian and Western. A carnation and chocolate given to every mom. RMB 598+15% (free-flow champagne), RMB 298+15% (kids 6-12). 11.30am-3pm. Aroma, Ritz-Carlton Hotel (5908 8161) Barolo Mother’s Day Lunch Dine Italian with your mama this Mother’s Day with a three-course meal and free-flow sparkling wine. RMB 588+15%, RMB 298+15% (kids 6 to 12). 11.30am-2pm. Barolo, Ritz-Carlton Hotel (5908 8151) Fizztastic Mother’s Day Brunch Celebrate Mother’s Day with an eclectic mix of Western and Asian specialties. Dress with an eye towards the Mother-Daughter Look-a-Like competition with prizes for the winners. RMB 458+15% (free-flow champagne), half-off (kids 6-12), free (kids under 6). 11.30am-3pm. Vasco’s Restaurant, Hilton Beijing Wangfujing (5812 8888 ext 8411) Mother’s Day Celebration Enjoy an organic salad buffet with a range of healthy main courses and delectable desserts. Free-flow organic rose and wine. A complimentary 40-minute massage for mothers at Jing Chen SPA and free access for the family at the health club. RMB 368+15%. Noon-3pm. Hilton Beijing (5865 5030) Mother’s Day Champagne Brunch Champagne, roses, live jazz, and a buffet with grilled-to-order fish, steak and chicken. RMB 288 (includes glass of Moët & Chandon), RMB 138 (kids 4-12), free (kids under 4). 11am-3pm. The Schoolhouse at Mutianyu (6162 6506) Mother’s Day Luncheon A culinary theatre with cooking stations, each in a different style. Complete with champagne, a selection of fine wine, premium tea and cocktails. RMB 788. Beijing Bistro, Beijing Marriott Hotel Northeast (5927 8888) Pink Mother’s Day Bubbalicious Treat your mother to a brunch full of pink-themed food and support the fight against breast cancer. RMB 458+15% (free-flow beer), RMB 488+15% (free-flow wine), RMB 528+15% (free-flow Moët & Chandon champagne). 11.30am-3.30pm.

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St. Regis Mother’s Day Champagne Brunch Feast on seafood including Boston lobster, Alaskan crab and Norway salmon to the accompaniment of jazz. RMB 488+15%, RMB 588+15% (free-flow Veuve Clicquot champagne). 11.30am-3pm. Garden Court, St. Regis (6460 6688 ext 2340/1) Sweetest Mother’s Day A seafood buffet including prawns, mussels, scallops and oysters. RMB 398+15%. 11.30am-2.30pm. Scene a Café, China World Hotel (6505 2266 ext 35)

MUSIC Serpenti The electronic duo from Italy, Serpenti, swings by Temple for an evening. Free. 8pm. Temple (131 6107 0713)

EXPLORE Hike: Long Valley Castle Explore old castle gates and defensive walls that housed the garrisons manning the Great Wall. RMB 400. 8.30am-6pm. China Travellers (188 0133 5578) Hike: Wild and Stunning Great Wall This wild, unrepaired section of the Wall is picturesque, built with white stones. RMB 450. 8.30am-6pm. China Travellers (188 0133 5578)

MAY 13 ARTS & CULTURE Film: Battle Royale A class of ninth-grade students is captured and forced to enter a battle to the death in this dystopian Japanese horror film. Yes, this is the film that some say inspired The Hunger Games trilogy. Free. 8-11pm. Dada (183 1108 0818)

LIVING Global Kitchen: Malaysian Cuisine Play in a paradise of spice and diversity as you learn the secrets behind authentic Malaysian meals. RMB 249, RMB 200 (mem­bers). 7-9.30pm. The Hutong (6404 3355)

EXPLORE Camping: The Great Wall Until May 14. A morning hike followed by camping in a watchtower. RMB 1,200. 9am. China Culture Center (6432 9341)

MAY 14 MUSIC Nouvelle Vague The French band, famous for their sultry

May 2013


events bossa-nova covers of punk and post-punk classics, are coming to Beijing. RMB 260, RMB 200 (advance). 8pm. Yugong Yishan (6404 2711)

MAY 21


Azure Ray The American dream-pop duo, consisting of musicians Maria Taylor and Orenda Fink, make their Beijing bow. RMB 100, RMB 80 (advance). 8.30pm. Yugong Yishan (6404 2711)


Comedy Club China Open Mic Think you’re funny? Try out your standup and improvisation skills in this new monthly event. Free. 9.30pm. Modernista (136 9142 5744)



Book Talk: Unsavory Elements Tom Carter discusses his collection of true China stories by acclaimed authors like Peter Hessler. RMB 50. 7.30-9pm. The Bookworm (6586 9507)

Networking: FCGroup (Job Seekers) Connect with people looking for jobs and people looking for staff. RMB 150, RMB 100 (w/ RSVP), RMB 150 (w/ RSVP for 2), RMB 80 (advance). 7.30pm. Flames Bar, Hilton Beijing Wangfujing (5812 8888) Professional Training: FCGroup (Job Hunting) A pre-networking evening training session for anyone looking to improve their job hunting skills in China. RMB 100. 7pm. Flames Bar, Hilton Beijing Wangfujing (5812 8888) Chinese Chit-Chat Make friends and share the learning experience with other students. Free. 1-3pm. Beijing Mandarin School (6508 1026)

MAY 15 LIVING Networking: Neighborhood Coffee Morning – Chaoyang Park Exchange tips on being a newbie to the city. Free. 10am-noon. Chaoyang Park south gate (no tel)

MAY 16 MUSIC Colt Silvers / 1984 / Nova Heart French indie outfit Colt Silvers make their Beijing debut alongside Aussie rockers 1984 and local heroes Nova Heart. RMB 100, RMB 80 (advance). 8.30pm. Yugong Yishan (6404 2711)

MAY 17 BARS & CLUBS Kirk Degiorgio The UK techno legend plays Lantern. RMB 100, RMB 60 (advance). 10pm. Lantern (135 0134 8785)

MUSIC Ember Swift A night of folk rock from Ember Swift and trance goa from the Long Shen Dao bassist. With support from DJ Guojian. Free. 8pm. Temple (131 6107 0713) Sara Lov Kidnapped by her father and taken to Israel at six, repatriated to the US at 16, the singer-songwriter now embarks on a tour of China at the age of 43. RMB 120, RMB 80 (advanced). 8.30pm. Yugong Yishan (6404 2711)

LIVING Out-of-Town Photography Workshop Until May 19. Escape to Chuandixia Village for a weekend to master landscape photography. RMB 1,400. Luma Lu (132 6451 3072)


May 2013

LIVING Networking: INN Coffee Morning – Sanlitun Exchange tips with other newbies to the city. Free. 10am-noon. The Bookworm (6586 9507)

may 31: sasha @ elements

This is how the top DJ sashays off stage.

MAY 18 BARS & CLUBS Hugo Canterra After playing in Cannes, Barcelona, Paris, Casablanca and St Tropez, house spinner Hugo Canterra can now add Beijing to his list. And in an uncanny twist, he’s produced for David Guetta, too. RMB 50. 10pm. GT Banana (6528 3636) the Beijinger Reader Bar & Club Awards Join us for our annual tribute to the great and good of the Beijing nightlife scene. It’s all-you-can-drink … need we say more? Buy ten tickets in advance, get one free. Contact for details. RMB 200, RMB 150 (before May 16). 4-9pm. Galaxy Soho

LIVING Alumni Ball of Beijing Beijing’s vibrant alumni community comes together for a night of entertainment, networking and fundraising. Price TBD. 6-11pm. Kerry Hotel Beijing (6561 8833) Registering Dogs A step-by-step guide explaining the laws for and benefits of registering a pet dog. Free. 11am-noon. ICVS (8456 1939) The Shuangjing Carnival and Chili Cook-off Local businesses and residents come together to celebrate their neighborhood and raise money for the charity Roots and Shoots. Interested participants email to register. Free. 11am5pm. Pingod International Art Street (138 1003 4131)


MUSIC Mademoiselle et Son Orchestre Welcome back Marie and friends after a long tour of Latin American. The energetic Franco gypsy stylings return to the hutong stage. With a midnight RMB 10 shot happy hour. Free. 9.30pm. Modernista (136 9142 5744) The Randy Abel Stable Beijing’s honky tonk outfit bring their Americana magic and Blue Grass country tunes to Temple. Free. 8pm. Temple (131 6107 0713) Wye Oak Baltimore folk-shoegazers Wye Oak are probably sick of people mentioning how they got big when their track “Civilian” was used in an episode of “The Walking Dead,” that’s why we won’t do it again in this issue. RMB 70, RMB 50 (students). 2 Kolegas (6436 8998)

ARTS & CULTURE Comedy Night Irish-American comedian Des Bishop hosts a night of laughter with local and international performers. RMB 100. 8-10pm. The Bookworm (6586 9507) Film: Female Directors Two recent graduates from directing school decide to film their own lives and discover they have more in common than they thought. RMB 50. 7-9pm. Culture Yard (8404 4166)

Hike: Ancient Cuandixia Village Travel back in time to a well-preserved Ming dynasty village. 9am-5pm. SnapAdventures (400 188 7627) Hike: Gubeikou to Jinshanling A steep climb along one of the more harrowing, unrestored sections of the Wall. RMB 420. 8.30am-6pm. China Culture Center (6432 9341) Hike: Wild Great Wall with Lake View Trek to the Wall through peach orchards and gaze on a breathtaking lake view from beacon towers. RMB 180. 8am-7pm. 90 Percent Travel (5962-6850)

MAY 20 BARS & CLUBS Lover’s Delight (Chinese Traffic Light Party) The Chinese interpretation of a Traffic Light Party is interesting in many ways. Find out how exactly tonight. RMB 50 (free for women). 9pm. GT Banana (6528 3636)

ARTS & CULTURE Film: Black Dynamite When The Man kills Black Dynamite’s brother, it’s up to the greatest AfricanAmerican action star of the ’70s to find justice. Free. 8-11pm. Dada (183 1108 0818)

Networking: FCGroup (Creatives) Meet people from creative industries. Dress to impress or be simply creative. RMB 150, RMB 100 (w/RSVP), RMB 150 (w/ RSVP for 2), RMB 80 (advance). 7.30pm. Zeta Bar (5865 5050) Shadow Boxing Experience this ancient form of taiji with guidance from an expert at Ritan Park. RMB 10. 1.30-3.30pm. Beijing Mandarin School (6508 1026)

MAY 22 MUSIC Bottled in England Live drum ‘n’ bass from the UK along with Beijing’s own DJ Oshi of The Drop. Free. 8pm. Temple (131 6107 0713)

ARTS & CULTURE Book Talk: Leanne Hall An Australian YA novelist presents her new edgy book, This is Shyness. RMB 50. 7.30-9pm. The Bookworm (6586 9507) Film: The Next Life A mother who loses her daughter in the Wenchuan earthquake begins the journey to having another baby. She prays for a girl as the reincarnation of her dead child. RMB 20. 8.30-11pm. Zajia (156 0112 2252)

MAY 23 ARTS & CULTURE Translation Slam: Kung Fu Films Two translators face off in this entertaining challenge for linguistic dominance. RMB 50. 7.30-9.30pm. The Bookworm (6586 9507) Film: The Warriors Watch the cult classic in preparation for The Warriors bar crawl in Wudaokou and Gulou. Free. 9.30-11pm. Modernista (136 9142 5744)

LIVING Networking: Neighborhood Coffee Morning (Lido) Exchange tips on being a newbie to the city with the International Newcomers Network. Free. 10am-noon. Maan Coffee (8457-3470)

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events MAY 24

Rich in spices and abundant in fresh ingredients, Indonesian cuisine is a delight to cook and eat. RMB 250, RMB 200 (members). 10.30am-1pm. The Hutong (6404 3355)

BARS & CLUBS Jimmy Edgar Detroit wunderkind Jimmy Edgar tips up for what is being touted as one of the biggest nights of the year with his brand of experimental glitch and electro-funk that’s made massive waves in the global underground scene. RMB 100. 10pm. Dada (183 1108 0818)

Hidden Treasures: Antique Maps of Asia Learn the history of Asia and China through the eyes of ancient European mapmakers. RMB 50. 7.30-9.30pm. The Bookworm (6586 9507) Networking: FCGroup (Professionals) Meet interesting people to promote and grow your business. RMB 150, RMB 100 (w/ RSVP), RMB 150 (w/ RSVP for 2), RMB 80 (advance). 7.30pm. Champagne Bar, Fairmont Beijing (8511 7777)

MUSIC The Hutong Yellow Weasels Bluegrass and gospel courtesy of The Hutong Yellow Weasels, combined with a free square dance lesson and a RMB 10 shot Happy Hour. Free. 9.30pm. Modernista (136 9142 5744) 2 Kolegas’ 8 Year Anniversary Party Join 2 Kolegas on day one of their three-day party in celebrating their eighth anniversary with a host of Drive-In favorites. Two whole lambs will be roasted and available for all ticket holders until finished. Free draft beer from 8-10pm. RMB 80. 8pm. 2 Kolegas (6436 8998) This Will Destroy You The Texan post-punk outfit are set to tear up Mao’s stage following March’s postponed show. RMB 120, RMB 80 (advanced). MAO Livehouse (6402 5080)

ARTS & CULTURE Piano Jacobins Europe’s largest piano festival comes to China with performances by internationally renowned pianists Anne-Marie McDermott, Bertrand Chamayou, and Yaron Herman. RMB 50380. 7.30pm. The Forbidden City Concert Hall

MAY 25 DINING Live Jazz Barbecue Live jazz as the sun sets at the Great Wall with a buffet and chicken, steak and fresh trout on the grill. Exclusively for lodging guests. 6-9pm. RMB 220, RMB 110 (kids 4-12), free (kids under 4). The Brickyard at Mutianyu (6162 6506)

BARS & CLUBS INTRO 2013 Three stages and a 50,000sqm open-air plaza play host to 40 artists and China’s largest outdoor electronic music festival. RMB 300, RMB 200 (advance), RMB 150 (early bird). 2pm. Crab Island (130 1124 8940) UEFA Champions League Final Settle in to watch the climax of Europe’s premier club competition with food and drink specials from midnight until 6am. Free. 11.30pm. Centro, Kerry Hotel (6561 8833)

MUSIC Blaxploitation Party Resident DJ Cad mixes the most authentic Blaxploitation to get you into in the mood for the Gulou Warrior contest. Free. 9.30pm. Modernista (136 9142 5744) 2 Kolegas’ 8 Year Anniversary Party Day two of the three-day celebration features Wu & The Side Effects, SUBS, Bad Mamasan, Perpetual Motion Machine, Residence A and Rolling Bowling among a host of others. RMB 100 (free before 7pm).

Networking: INN Night Out Exchange tips on being a newbie to the city. Free. 7-9pm. Hatsune, Sanlitun (6415 3939)

MAY 29

may 10: howie b @ MIGAS Howie A is pictured in the mirror. 3pm. 2 Kolegas (6436 8998)

ARTS & CULTURE Beijing Improv: English Performance There’s nothing like live improv for a good laugh. Free. 8pm. Penghao Theater (6400 6452) Piano Jacobins See May 24.

ARTS & CULTURE Shanghai Dramatic Arts Center. RMB 160-240. 7-9pm. NCPA (6655 0000) Piano Jacobins See May 24. Women’s Improv Workshop This fun, the monthly bilingual workshop is for all levels. Practice key improv skills and storytelling in a women-only environment. 5pm. Dongfang Shangshu (136 8134 3888)

LIVING Trap-Neuter-Return Workshop Learn about how to humanely and effectively manage the stray cat population in our communities. Registration required. Free. 11am-12.30pm. ICVS (8456 1939)

EXPLORE Ancient City Xi’an Until May 26. Lose yourself in the bustling streets of Xi’an, which boasts the famous Terracotta Warriors. RMB 3,700. China Culture Center (6432 9341) Boat Tour: Summer Palace See May 11. Camping: The Great Wall Until May 26. For description, see May 13.

MAY 26 MUSIC 2 Kolegas’ 8 Year Anniversary The third and final installment of the birthday celebration sees DJs close it down as Mickey Zhang, Naxx Noise and Leo8633 take the decks. Free. 6pm. 2 Kolegas (6436 8998) The Dodos San Francisco duo perform their blend of psychedelic rock and pop in support of their latest record No Color. RMB 60, RMB 40 (advanced). 8.30pm. Yugong Yishan (6404 2711)

ARTS & CULTURE C!Talk Beijing: Oh My Green! The worlds of fashion, innovation and arts come together to share inspirational tips for a greener lifestyle. Free. 4-6pm. BC MOMA (8438 8258) Drama: And Then There Were None Agatha Christie’s drama performed by

LIVING Speed Dating Shake off those winter blues and meet some new people. Put your name in at RMB 170. 7pm. Location TBD.

EXPLORE Hike: Miaofeng Mountains and Ancient Temples Known for its wild flowers in spring, this mountain range is also home to temples dating back over 10,000 years. RMB 450. 8.30am-6pm. China Travellers (188 0133 5578)

MAY 27 ARTS & CULTURE Film: Velvet Goldmine Arthur Stuart is a British reporter investigating the career of 1970s glam rock star Brian Slade. Free. 8-11pm. Dada (183 1108 0818)

LIVING Networking: Looking Great in Beijing Exchange tips on being a newbie to the city with the International Newcomers Network while fashion consultants help you create a fabulous new look for the summer. RMB 50. 10am-noon. Capital Club Athletic Center (8486-2225)

MAY 28 ARTS & CULTURE Comedy Club China Open Mic See May 14.

LIVING Global Kitchen: Indonesian

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Dance: Railway Guerrilla An adaptation of the novel, telling of heroism during the War of Resistance against Japan. RMB 80-480. 7-9pm. NCPA (6655 0000) Film: Wind Flower Snow Moon The men of the Yang family are a proud line of geomancers who preside over funerals in their local village. RMB 20. 8.30-11pm. Zajia (156 0112 2252)

MAY 30 ARTS & CULTURE Dance: Railway Guerrilla See May 29. Drama: And Then There Were None See May 21.

MAY 31 BARS & CLUBS Dance Dangereux XIX DD celebrates its 19th birthday with Metro Tokyo and his fellow Discoteers. Boflex is set to perform, too. A great opportunity to check out the Migas rooftop. Price and time TBD. The Bar at Migas (5208 6061) Electronic Music Week: Sian A night of techno from Sian and Malaysia’a Terence C as Electronic Music Week at Haze spins on. RMB 100. RMB 80 (advanced). 10pm. Haze (5900 6128) GT Blackout feat. DJ Visin GT Blackout’s exciting new monthly party night featuring a Chinese DJ continues tonight. DJ Visin will perform a three-hour set filled with the hottest electro-house and progressive. RMB 50 (free for women). 9pm. GT Banana (6528 3636) Sasha He’s remixed for the likes of Depeche Mode, Madonna, Seal, UNKLE, The Chemical Brothers, and Thom Yorke. Now the electro maven spins in Gongti. Price and time TBD. Elements Club (6552 6223)

MUSIC M.O.T.O “Masters of the Obvious” US garage punk band M.O.T.O. enliven your last evening of the month with some metal-studded jams. Free. 8pm. Temple (131 6107 0713)

May 2013


WEEKLY+ONGOING All events are free to attend unless otherwise stated BUFFETS & BRUNCHES WEDNESDAYS Seafood Buffet Generous seafood options plus free-flow soft drinks, mocktails and a glass of select imported red or white wine. RMB 388+15%. 5.30-10pm. Senses, Westin Beijing Financial Street (6629 7810/11)

FRIDAYS Seafood Buffet See Wednesdays. Seafood Grill Fridays Fresh spread of just-caught lobster, fish, crab and other underwater delights, plus the regular buffet. RMB 268+15%, RMB 398+15% (includes one lobster and access to seafood grill). 5.30-10pm. Kranzler’s, Kempinski Hotel Beijing (6465 3388) Spectacular Seafood Buffet Boston lobster, king prawns, crabs, Japanese bream, all prepared in a variety of Asian and Western styles, with select wines and beer on free-flow every Friday night. RMB 388. Cafe 99, The Regent (8522 1789)

SATURDAYS Honzen’s Sushi Saturdays Brunch for sushi fanatics. RMB 188+15%. 11am-3pm. Honzen, Kempinski Hotel Beijing (6465 3388 ext 4220) Mexican Saturdays Fresh tortilla wraps with meat, seafood and vegetable fillings, quesadillas, guacamole and margaritas. RMB 366+15%. 5.30-10pm. Kranzler’s Restaurant & Bar, Kempinski Hotel Beijing (6465 3388) Seafood Dinner Buffet For those who are more surf than turf. RMB 518+15%. 6-10pm. Aroma, Ritz-Carlton Beijing (5908 8161)

SUNDAYS 360° Champagne Brunch A fine spread, Mumm champagne and the best homemade ice cream in town. RMB 298-368+15%. 11.30am-3pm. 360°, Hilton Beijing Capital Airport (6458 8888) Authentic American Brunch Classics like smoked salmon eggs benedict or steak and eggs, plus other Southern options. Add RMB 98 for a “build your own” Bloody Mary bar. RMB 188+15% (2 courses), RMB 228+15% (3 courses), RMB 268+15% (4 courses). Noon-3pm. One East, Hilton Beijing (5865 5030) Barolo Family Sunday Fresh pasta and risotto, with classic Italian desserts and free-flow Italian wines. RMB 388+15%. 11.30am-2pm, 6-10pm. Barolo, Ritz-Carlton Beijing (5908 8151) Bubbalicious Free-flow champagne and Grand Marnier cocktails, an array of cold and hot dishes and desserts, and juice and smoothie stations. RMB 468+15%. 11.30am-3.30pm.


May 2013

Seasonal Tastes, Westin Beijing Chaoyang (5922 8880) Bubbly Sundays Caviar, live seafood, make-your-own sushi rolls, teppanyaki ice cream and much more. RMB 428+15% (includes free-flow champagne), RMB 398+15% (free-flow soft drinks), RMB 168+15% (kids under 12). 11.30am-3pm. Senses, Westin Financial Street (6629 7810) Brunch @ Sureño All month. Chef Pons brings you a new brunch menu, where you can choose between three or four courses. RMB 328 (3 courses), RMB 358 (4 courses). Noon-3pm. Sureño, The Opposite House (6410 5240) Brunch at The Hutong From American pancakes and bacon to Pakistani breakfast fare, menus for the new Sunday brunch will offer fresh takes on the traditional weekend meal. RMB 200, RMB 180 (members). The Hutong (6404 3355) Champagne Brunch Sundays don’t get better than Veuve Clicquot champagne with oysters, grilled meat, fresh cheese and luscious desserts. RMB 428-528+15%. 11.30am-3pm. Garden Court, St. Regis (6460 6688) Chill and Grill Australian Wagyu beef, king salmon and an array of dessert items including the unique Chocolate Or Noir and a DIY cupcake corner for kids. RMB 428 (free-flow soft drinks), RMB 468 (free-flow wine), RMB 528 (free-flow Louis Roederer champagne), RMB 214 (kids 6-12), free (kids under 6). Noon-4pm. Opus Lounge, Four Seasons Hotel Beijing (5695 8531) Dim Sum Feast Sunday All-you-can-eat dim sum, with Dom Perignon if you like. RMB 288+15% (two people), RMB 1,998+15% (two people, includes free-flow Dom Perignon). Qi, Ritz-Carlton Beijing Financial Street (6601 6666) FIZZtastic Champagne Brunch Mumm Champagne on free-flow and a lip-smacking array of international gastronomy, including lobsters and assorted goodies brought direct to your table. RMB 458+15%. 11.30am-3pm. Vasco’s, Hilton Wangfujing (5812 8888 ext 8411) Fizztastic Seafood May 19-Jul 12. The Fizztastic brunch is restyled to feature specialties from the ocean depths. RMB 458+15% (free-flow champagne). 11.30am-3pm. Vasco’s Restaurant, Hilton Beijing Wangfujing (5812 8888 ext 8411) Grand CRU Brunch One of Beijing’s most indulgent Sunday brunches. Enjoy Beluga caviar, winter black truffle and live lobster. RMB 688+15% (includes free-flow champagne, wine and martinis), kids 6-12 half price. 11.30am3pm. CRU Steakhouse, JW Marriott Beijing (5908 8995 ext 1628) Italian Aperitivo All-you-can-eat authentic Italian bites. RMB 80. 7-9pm. Modernista (136 9142

5744) Latin Brunch Enjoy a seafood platter and choose up to six dishes from a selection with Latin, European and Asian influences. RMB 288 (free-flow prosecco, red & white wine), RMB 228 (free-flow non-alcoholic drinks). Noon-4pm. Alameda (6417 8084) Mosto Brunch Add RMB 158 to the cost of your brunch for free-flow sparkling wine, house wines, Bellinis and mimosas. Noon-3pm. Mosto (5208 6030) pentabrunch Sunday Rehab The place to recover from your Saturday night shenanigans. Hearty comfort food, hangover cocktails and even ice packs at the ready – all at a great price. RMB 128. 11am- 3pm. pentahotel Beijing (6708 8118) S.T.A.Y. Sunday Brunch Order a la carte, and add RMB 200 for free-flow champagne. RMB 468+15%. 11am-4pm. S.T.A.Y., Shangri-La (6841 2211 ext 6727) SALT Bubbly Sundays Two- or three-course brunches. Pick from the wine list, splash out with a slightly indulgent cocktail or add RMB 150 for free-flow drinking. RMB 198 (two courses), RMB 228 (three courses). SALT (6437 8457) soFEASTication Brunch Boston lobster, tomahawk steak, fresh oysters and free-flow Taittinger. RMB 428488+15%. 11.30am-3pm. Feast, Sheraton Beijing Dongcheng (5798 8908) Sunday Brunch A phenomenal value. Enjoy an appetizer buffet, limitless made-to-order entrees and desserts. Add RMB 70 for free-flow bubbly. RMB 388+15%. The Cut, Fairmont Beijing (8507 3630) Sunday Brunch One of the best champagne brunches in town relies on quality rather than quantity. RMB 428+15% per person (includes free-flow champagne). VIC, Sofitel (8599 6666) Sunday Lunch Buffet at Greenfish Appetizers from the buffet plus your choice of main course. RMB 218+15% (includes soft drinks, coffee and tea). 11.30am-2.30pm. Greenfish, Ritz- Carlton Beijing Financial Street (6629 6990) Sweet Escape Lavish food and live jazz. RMB 348+15%, RMB 388+15% (unlimited Paulaner beer, and sparkling, red and white wines). 11.30am-3pm. Kranzler’s, Kempinski Hotel Beijing (6465 3388 ext 4217) Ultimate Sunday Brunch The organic station and superfood bar at this sumptuous buffet mean you can have your cake and eat it too. RMB 268+15% (includes wine), RMB 368+15% (includes free-flow Veuve Clicquot). 11.30am-3pm. BLD Cafe, Renaissance Beijing Capital (5863 8223)


Aroma Gourmet Brunch Boston lobster, Australian oysters, French foie gras, international cheeses and more. RMB 518+15%. 11.30am-3pm. Aroma, RitzCarlton Beijing (5908 8161) Brunch @ Bar Veloce Order their sets (from healthy to bubbly) or go a la carte with ciabatta breakfast sandwiches and French toast. RMB 100-150. 11am-4pm. Bar Veloce (6586 1006) Bubbly Brunch@SALT Relax into spring with SALT’s fresh, seasonal brunch menu. Non-alcoholic and children’s options also available. RMB 198 (2 courses), RMB 228 (3 courses), add RMB 200 for free-flow bubbles. SALT (6437 8457) Dim Sum Brunch More than 40 kinds of dim sum, plus a buffet of cold appetizers, congee and desserts, with free-flow tea. RMB 128+15%. 10.30am-2.30pm. Sui Yuan Restaurant, DoubleTree by Hilton Beijing (6338 1999 ext 1726) Dim Sum Brunch Try out Yu’s new menu by indulging in their unlimited dim sum. RMB 388+15%. 11.30am-2.30pm. Yu, Ritz-Carlton Beijing (5908 8111) Food Revolution Week May 18-19. A delicious brunch featuring local, organic and sustainable dishes. Please mention “Food Revolution Menu” when reserving: RMB 258 (two courses), RMB 288 (three courses). 11.30am-5pm. Capital M (6702 2727) I Love Dim Sum All-you-can-eat dim sum and congee at wallet-friendly prices. RMB 99. Noon-2pm. Sun Palace, Crowne Plaza Sun Palace Beijing (6429 8888 ext 6332) Luxurious Brunch at Maison Boulud Pick and choose from an array of delectable courses. RMB 258 (four courses), RMB 218 (three courses), RMB 168 (two courses). 11am-4pm. Maison Boulud (6559 9200) Pizza and Pasta Mania Unlimited pizza and pasta. RMB 189+15% (includes free-flow beer and soft drinks). Sat 11am-10pm, Sun 6-10pm. Prego, Westin Financial Street (6629 7815) Saturday & Sunday Brunch Potato roasties, ratatouille, mashed apple compote, waffles, croissant, bacon and more. Add RMB 42 for cold cuts and French cheese. RMB 88. 11am-4pm. Beer Mania (6500 0559) Seafood Fascination Fri-Sat. Indulge in seafood to ease yourself into the weekend. Dinner only. RMB 328+15%. Feast, Sheraton Beijing Dongcheng (5798 8888) Seafood Weekend Buffet Fri-Sat. Fresh oysters and an entire Boston lobster per diner. Dinner only. RMB 498+15%, RMB 199+15% (kids 6-12). Greenfish, Ritz-Carlton Financial Street (6601 6666 ext 6255) Weekend Brunch

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events Omelets, poached eggs, scrambled eggs on rye toast, croissanwiches and waffles. Choose any dish and add a coffee for RMB 10. RMB 48. 9am-2pm. Colibri (6417 0808)

Lobby Lounge, Sofitel Wanda Beijing (8599 6666)



Manic Monday Taste Morocco with merguez sandwiches, cheese platters, olives and more at halfprice at the beginning of every week. 6-10.30pm. Cu Ju (6407 9782)

All-You-Can-Eat Happy Hour @ Bar Veloce 1949 Until April 30. Happy hour just got even better with complimentary all-you-caneat, made-to-order paninis and a walk-up DIY Bruschetta Bar if you order a glass of wine. 5-7pm. Bar Veloce 1949 (6500 0559)

TUESDAYS Steak Night Buy-one-get-one-free on Flamme’s house steak. Free. Flamme (6417 8608)

BBQ Buffet Dinner Thu-Sat. Hearty German dishes, with meat, seafood, salads and desserts. RMB 168+15% (includes beer). 6-9pm. Villa Castanea (6272 0130) Dim Sum Lunch Daily. Unlimited dim sum with your choice of Chinese congee and green tea. RMB 128+15%. 11.30am-2pm. Dragon Palace, Kempinski Hotel Beijing (6465 3388 ext 4217) Dumpling Deluge Daily. Both classics and new dim sum dishes available for a la carte or allyou-can-eat. RMB 108+15% (set menu). 11.30am-2pm. Choy’s Seafood, Beijing Marriott Hotel Northeast (5927 8888/8320) Feast Business Lunch Mon-Fri. Choose a main course, then go wild with the fabulous buffet selection. RMB 138+15%. Feast, Sheraton Beijing Dongcheng (5798 8888) Feast Dinner Buffet Mon-Thu. New buffet restaurant Feast showcases one of Beijing’s most lavish dinner spreads for a less-lavish price. RMB 288+15%. Feast, Sheraton Beijing Dongcheng (5798 8888) Ganges Lunch Buffet Mon-Fri. A quality lunch deal featuring BBQ meat and vegetables, curries, soup, fruit, salad, and ice cream. 11.30am1.30pm. RMB 55. Available at Ganges branches: Shimao (6416 0181), Dongzhimenwai (6417 0900) and The Place (6587 2999) Hungry for Hummus? Mon-Fri. Middle Eastern favorite Rumi offers a lunch buffet featuring many of their most popular menu items. RMB 88. 11.30am-2.30pm. Rumi (8454 3838) Mughal’s Buffet Lunch Mon-Fri. Indian and Pakistani curries, vegetable dishes and more. Noon-2.30pm. Mughal’s (6638 2160) Seasonal Salad Bar Daily. Begin with unlimited trips to the salad bar; add a main or a soup as your appetite desires. Noon-3pm. RMB 58, add RMB 88 (entree), add RMB 48 (soup). Scarlett, Hotel G (6552 2880) Seasoning All-Day Dining International Buffet Daily. Enjoy fish, scallops, lamb chops, chicken and beef hot off the grill, along with other international options. RMB 198+15%. 6-9.30pm. Holiday Inn Beijing Focus Square (6473 3333 ext 6310) Simply Dim Sum Daily. Endless samples for dim sum lovers. RMB 158+15% (weekdays), RMB 188+15% (weekends). 11.30am-2pm. Zen5es, Westin Beijing Chaoyang (5922 8880) Station-to-Station Daily. Sixteen fresh gourmet stations, each with its own specialization: foie gras, seafood, rotisserie, Chinese barbecue, dim sum and more. RMB 288+15%, RMB 158+15% (kids under 12). 6-10pm. Jing, The

Taco y Tequila Tuesdays All tacos and selected tequila shots at RMB 20. 5-7pm. Q Mex (5620 3759)

WEDNESDAYS may 28: antique maps of asia @ the Bookworm Get lost in the maps of yesteryear. Peninsula Beijing (8516 2888) Yum Cha Dim Sum Daily. All-you-can-eat dim sum. No service charge. RMB 98. 11.30am-2pm. Yue, Sheraton Beijing Dongcheng (5798 8888) Yummy Yum Cha Daily. Start your day off in proper Cantonese style with unlimited dim sum delicacies. RMB 108+15%. 7-10am. Jewel, Westin Beijing Financial Street (6629 7820)

LUNCH DEALS SATURDAYS Feijoada Saturdays Start off your weekend with the traditional Brazilian stew. RMB 128. 11.30am-3pm. Alameda (6417 8084)

SUNDAYS American Sunday Roast prime beef rib cut tableside with all the trimmings. RMB 198+15%, RMB 98+15% extra for wine buffet. Noon-3pm. One East, Hilton Beijing (5865 5030)

WEEKENDS New Salud Combo Sat-Sun. Any kind of sandwich + RMB 15 = an extra soft drink & French fries. A good sum. Noon-4pm. Salud (6402 5086)

ONGOING Argentinean Lunch Tue-Fri, until Apr 30. Chef María Olivera selects a special three-course lunch menu daily at Beijing’s only Argentinean restaurant. RMB 68. 11.30am-2pm. Che Diego! (13021241597) e-lunch@SALT Mon-Fri. Make a quick stop for quality bites in two or three courses of contemporary international fare plus an espresso. Noon-3pm. RMB 118 (2 courses), RMB 138 (3 courses), add RMB 30 for wine. SALT (6437 8457) Lunch Express Daily. For a great lunch deal, choose from set meals at any of their four restaurants: Cantonese at Yue, Japanese at Miyabi, Italian at Bene and international cuisine at Feast. RMB 98. Sheraton Beijing Dongcheng (5798 8888) RMB 98 Business Lunch Mon-Fri. Set menu of American cuisine

created with fresh ingredients. RMB 98 (two-courses). Noon-2.30pm. One East, Hilton Beijing (5865 5030) Set Lunch Menu Mon-Fri. Choose one to three courses from a weekly changing menu. RMB 85 (each course). Time TBD. Migas (5208 6061) Share Extremely Large Hamburgers @ Seasoning Restaurant Until May 31. An affordable set lunch in Wangjing designed to share with your colleagues. 8 set menus with soup and salad featuring “Enough Hamburger,” “Overlength Hot Dog,” and “Supreme Large Carnivore Pizza.” RMB 68 and up. 11.30am-2pm. Seasoning Restaurant, Holiday Inn Beijing Focus Square (6473 3333 ext 6310) Starfish Express Lunch Daily. A great new lunch option that includes a small soup, salad, fruit and your choice from four main course options, with the menu selection changing regularly. RMB 58. 11.30am-2pm. Starfish (6416 5499)

afternoon tea ONGOING Afternoon Tea Daily. Choose from three different tea set menus for varying levels of indulgence to suit your mood. 2.30-5.30pm. RMB 140-320+15%. The Lounge, China World Summit Wing (6505 2299 ext 643) Classic Afternoon Tea Daily. The traditional English Tea Menu includes loose leaf teas, newly created desserts, sandwiches and scones elegantly layered on a three-tiered silver stand. 2.305.30pm. From RMB 208+15%. The Lounge, Ritz-Carlton, Beijing (5908 8888) High Afternoon Tea Daily. Sip your tea while you pen your next novel in the 1920s literary atmosphere of the Writers Bar. 2.30-5.30pm. Writers Bar, Beijing Raffles Hotel (6526 3388 ext 4181) Park Hyatt’s Afternoon Tea Daily. 2.30-5pm. Take in an impressive view with your cup of tea and two tiers of sweets and sandwiches. RMB 380+15% (for two). The Lounge, Park Hyatt Beijing (8567 1838) Sofitel Beijing Hotel’s Afternoon Tea Daily. Enjoy an afternoon tea at all hours, from sunrise to long after sunset. 7ammidnight. RMB 198+15% (for two). Vous

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Bodega Fever Free-flow tapas. For an additional RMB 128, you can share a jug of sangria with friends. RMB 118. 6-10pm. Scarlett, Hotel G (6552 3600 ext 3307) Dinner at Mas Enjoy 30% off the entire food menu. Mas (6405 4337) Meat Lovers Buffet Night The open cooking kitchens feature different styles of Australian cuts, lamb racks, Shawarma marinated chicken, kebabs, and more. RMB 39, add RMB 100 for wine. 6-9pm. Beijing Marriott Hotel Northeast (59278312) Wednesday Wine ‘n’ Dine A communal ten-course Chinese dinner overlooking their open kitchen and accompanied by New World wines. Reservations required. (Also on Fridays.) RMB 300. 7-10pm. Black Sesame Kitchen (136 9147 4408)

THURSDAYS Prime Rib Night Enjoy 250-day Australian Stockyard prime rib. RMB 260 (includes one beer or glass of wine). The Cut, Fairmont Beijing (8507 3617)

FRIDAYS Fish Fry Choose from breaded or beer-battered for one of the best fish ‘n’ chip deals in town. RMB 58. 5pm-late. Brussels Bar & Restaurant (6591 9525) Friday Wine ‘n’ Dine A communal ten-course Chinese dinner overlooking their open kitchen and accompanied by New World wines. Reservations required. (Also on Wednesdays.) RMB 300. 7-10pm. Black Sesame Kitchen (136 9147 4408)

SATURDAYS Sundown on the Deck BBQ A BBQ cookout on the deck with beer, special drinks and live music. 5-10pm. Xian, EAST (8414 9810)

ONGOING Sunset Dinner Menu Daily. Dine alfresco as the sun sets over Nali Patio. RMB 218 (3 courses). 6-7pm. Mosto (5208 6030) Ven Pronto Daily. A bargain four-course set menu for early diners – as long as you finish by 7.30pm. Reservations essential. RMB 248. Agua (5208 6188)

May 2013


events Wine Ritual Daily. Unwind in sophisticated surroundings with free-flowing wines and cocktails. Canapes and snacks also provided. RMB 198+15%. 5.30-7pm. Press Club Bar, St. Regis Hotel (6460 6688 ext 2360)

Unlimited Dim Sum Daily. Gorge on dumplings, noodles, congee and dessert to your heart’s desire. RMB 118 (with juice and tea), RMB 168 (weekends only; includes one lobster and free-flow beer). 11.30am-2pm. Choy’s Seafood, Beijing Marriott Hotel Northeast (5927 8888)


Ya Yuan Roast Duck Daily. An excellent duck spread, with crisp skin, moist, savory flesh and thin but toothsome pancakes. RMB 268+15% (6 servings), RMB 188+15% (single serving). Horizon, Kerry Hotel (8529 2188)

TUESDAYS Happy Tuesday Buy-one-get-one-free on snacks (11am4pm) and couscous (6-11pm). Le Petit Gourmand (6417 6095)




It’s a Steak Out! Sirloin or rib-eye steak with a bowl of soup and a glass of house wine. RMB 180. Blue Frog (8561 2665)

THURSDAYS Steak Thursday Enjoy tenderloin with a bowl of soup. RMB 148 (includes glass of house wine), RMB 108 (no wine). 5.30-9PM. Village Café, The Opposite House (6410 5210)

FRIDAYS Fish ‘n’ Chips Friday Soup, fish ‘n’ chips and a dessert. RMB 88. Village Cafe, The Opposite House (6410 5210)

SATURDAYS Taste Brazil: Feijoada Braised black beans, crispy pork crackling and ribs, spring greens, farofa and more. RMB 188 per person. SALT (6437 8457)

SUNDAYS Half Price Pasta A perfect opportunity to sample beautiful pasta creations such as spaghetti with sea urchin, pistachio, rosemary and bottarga. 11.30am-9pm. Cepe, Ritz-Carlton Financial Street (6601 6666) Sunday Roast Treat yourself to a Sunday roast with all the trimmings. Each week, a different meat gets the oven treatment. 3-8pm. Back Alley Bistro (6415 3713)

WEEKENDS Weekend Barbecue A selection of sausages, lamb, steaks, ribs and grilled vegetables on the menu and Stella Artois on tap. Village Cafe, The Opposite House (6410 5210)

ONGOING Australian Baby Lobster Until May 31. Chef Kenny Chen and Xing Qing Hou create a special menu of Australian baby lobster. Summer Palace, China World Hotel (6505 2266 ext 34) Australian Beef Daily. Try a 300g Australian short rib steak for RMB 168+15%, or a 200g beef fillet for RMB 198+15%. Salad buffet included. 11.30am-2pm, 5.30-10.30pm. Texan Bar & Grill, Metropark Lido Hotel (6437 6688 ext 1849)

may 17: sara lov @ yugong yishan We totally lov her wallpaper.

this is above and beyond Burger King. RMB 180+15% (+RMB 10 per extra cheese or other topping). Noon-2.30pm, 6-10.30pm. One East, Hilton Beijing (5865 5030) Free Beer and Wine Daily. For anyone ordering off the menu at their newest location. Free. Ganges, Shimao Department Store (6416 0181) Chocolate Or Noir Daily. Executive Pastry Chef Holger Deh recently created his own chocolate flavor at the prestigious Or Noir Lab in France to produce a flavor with 20 different organoleptic notes and 7 fundamental chocolate flavor cursors. Available in featured desserts at Opus, Mio and Cai Yi Xuan. RMB 75-80. Four Seasons Hotel Beijing (5695 8520) Dumplings and Dragons May 6-Jun 11. Celebrate the ancient Dragon Boat Festival with a modern take on Cantonese cuisine. Yao Chi Restaurant, Grand Millennium Beijing (8587 6888 ext 3013) Enjoy White Asparagus Daily. Sample inventive tasting menus with each course showcasing the mild, nutty taste of white asparagus imported directly from Europe. Cepe, Ritz-Carlton Financial Street (6601 6666) Food Revolution Week May 13-19. The best of local, organic and sustainable dishes are highlighted at the evening meal. Please mention “Food Revolution Menu” when reserving: specials. Capital M (6702 2727) Free Bruschetta Sampler Daily. Buy any bottle of wine and receive a sampling plate of their delicious bruschettas. Bar Veloce (6586 1006) Ganges Bollywood Dance Thu-Sat. Enjoy your food in an Indian atmosphere with a Bollywood-style dance performance and authentic Indian music. 7-9pm. Featured at Ganges branches: Shimao (6416 0181), Haidian (6262 7944) and The Place (6587 2999)

Barolo New Menu Mon-Sat. Don’t miss the squid ink tagliolini with Dungeness crab. 11.30am-2.30pm, 6-10pm. Barolo, Ritz-Carlton Beijing (5908 8151)

Joselita Ham Set Daily. The “best ham in the world” is now available at Taverna, where you can enjoy 20g of Joselita’s Gran Reserva boneless ham with a glass of Torres wine. RMB 228. Taverna (6501 8882)

Build Up Your Own Burger Daily. Your way right away, but rest assured

Natural and Organic Promotion Daily. Savor a range of natural and


May 2013

organic food including Australian Spring Grove natural beef and vegetables. RMB 328+15% (three courses), RMB 348+15% (four courses), add RMB 168 for wine pairing. 6-10.30pm. One East, Hilton Beijing (5865 5030) Oyster Craze Daily. Indulge in fresh oysters from USA, Iceland, Canada and France. InterContinental Beijing Financial Street (5852 5715) Queen of Spades Until May 12. Bring in a family photo or a great shot of your mother for a custom cake decoration. RMB 288 per cake. Kerry’s Pantry, Kerry Hotel (8565 2788) Rodizio Brazilian BBQ Mon-Thu. As the weather heats up, enjoy the grill. Selection includes lamb, beef, sausages and chicken wings. 6-10pm. RMB 328+15%. Cépe, Ritz-Carlton Financial Street (6629 6996) SALTastation Daily. Five courses paired with New and Old World wines. RMB 568 (food and wine), RMB 368 (food only). SALT (6437 8457) Shellfish Delights May 20-31 (except Fridays). Enjoy a shellfish feast featuring crab and clams. RMB 298+15%. Scene a Café, China World Hotel (6505 2266 ext 35) Spring Celebration Daily. A premium ensemble of fresh lobster and champagne. RMB 450, add RMB 650 per Louis Roederer NV Champagne bottle and from 5-8pm, half-off on all standard drinks. 11am-late. Opus Terrace, Four Seasons Hotel Beijing (5695 8531) Taste of Springtime Until May 30. Get in step with the season and try the new tea inspired menu with selections such as stewed beef brisket with pu’er tea and green tea stuffed sesame balls. Chynna, Hilton Beijing Wangfujing (5812 8888) Tasting Menu Daily. Taste what their new chef can do. RMB 600+15%, RMB 1,000+15% (with paired wines). All day. Aria, China World Hotel (6505 2266 ext 36) Tomahawk Daily. Get your teeth into an enormous, 30cm-long slab of 70-day old grainfed beef. Grange Grill, Westin Beijing Chaoyang (5922 8880)

Couples Night Guys and girls coming together, buy-two-get-two-free (classics, house wine, frozen special, local beer and mystery cocktail). 9pm-midnight. Hidden Lounge (8772 1613) Happy Hour Monday Enjoy one of the capital’s longest happy hours with special offers on draft and bottled beers, cocktails and more. NoonMidnight. The Stumble Inn (6417 7794) Mai Happy Hour Buy two cocktails and get one free. 5pm-2am. Mai (138 1125 2641) Temptation Monday 30% off on bottles of wine from Mosto’s outstanding wine list all day. Mosto (5208 6030)

TUESDAYS Drink for Charity Second Tuesday of every month. Because everyone likes to feel like they’re giving something back while on a night out. A donation of RMB 5 is made to a different charity each month for every drink sold tonight. Noon. Beer Mania (6500 0559) Mesh Cocktail Tuesday Two-for-one on both passion fruit and lychee martinis. Mesh (6417 6688) Red Burlesque – Ladies’ Night A Ladies’ Night where the club is transformed into an oasis of red, with vintage hot party vibes. With free mixed drinks and champagne until 1am. RMB 50 (free for women). 9pm. GT Banana (6528 3636) Romantic Tuesdays Romantic Tuesdays at Fubar have everything you need for date night. With roses, candles and funky jazz tunes, Fubar creates the right atmosphere for lovers. 7pm. Fubar (6593 8227)

WEDNESDAYS 100 Kuai Pitchers One red bill gets you a pitcher of ale. Why not? 5pm-midnight. Brussels Bar & Restaurant (6591 9525) All You Can Drink Take advantage of Hidden Lounge’s night of excess. Guys pay RMB 100, while gals get in for half-price. 9pm-midnight. Hidden Lounge (8772 1613) Buddhas & Cockshots Beijing’s most famous cocktail and shot glasses are at the center of attention every Wednesday at Fubar when you can take home your “cockshot” and “Buddha” glasses. 8pm. Fubar (6593 8227) Hump Day Happy Hour: Half-Priced Appetizers Half-priced appetizers with a pint of the Beer of the Month. 6-8pm. Slow Boat Brew-

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events ery Taproom (6538 5537)


¡Margaritas Margaritas! Buy-one-get-one refill with unlimited salsa and chips. 5pm. Q Mex (6585 3828)

Open Bar @ Lucky Bar Fri-Sat. All you can drink offers at the Tongli Studios new boy. RMB 100 (Gentlemen), RMB 60 (Ladies). 10pm. Lucky Bar (136 8303 3920)

Martini Night Grey Goose martinis for RMB 70. 6pm-2am. Atmosphere, China World Summit Wing (6505 2299 ext 6433)

Pairing Life’s Luxuries Daily. Relax after a big day with whiskey and a mini cigar, while live jazz sets the tone for an elegant evening. 5pm. Mix (The Westin Beijing Chaoyang) (5922 8000)

Martini Wednesdays 20 kuai martinis from 9pm onwards. 9pmmidnight. The Stumble Inn (6417 7794)

pentalounge Happy Hour Sun-Thu. All draft beers and cocktails at half price. 9-11pm. pentalounge (6708 1188)

RMB 35 Wednesdays Selected cocktails are RMB 35. 7pmmidnight. Mao Mao Chong (6405 5718) Student Night Pints of Stella at RMB 20, mixed drinks at RMB 20 and absinthe at RMB 20. The perfect way to wind back the clock to your student days. 7pm. Beer Mania (6500 0559) Whiskey Wednesdays “Buy a bottle of whiskey and get a second for free” every Wednesday. Free. 9pm. GT Banana (6528 3636)

THURSDAYS Champagne Night @ Xian Two-for-one on Moët by the glass or bottle all night long. Xian, East (8414 9810) Cuba Night at Q Mex Q Mex hosts its regular Cuba Night with Cuban music and Cuban-themed cocktails free for the ladies, as well as buy-one-getone free offers on Mojitos. Limited space, RSVP at 9.30pm. Q Mex (6585 3828) Mesh Cocktail Thursday Passionfruit and lychee martini two-for-one until midnight. Mesh (6410 5220) Pitcher Hour Why go for a pint when you can get a pitcher for RMB 55? 5-8pm. Slow Boat Brewery Taproom (6538 5537) Take Home the Pint Glass Night Third Thursday of each month. Slow Boat turns a blind eye to your thievery, giving away free pints glasses with your second draft beer. While stocks last. Free. 8-10pm. Slow Boat Brewery Taproom (6538 5537) Thrifty Thursdays Regular happy hour from 5-9pm, but from 9pm to midnight mixed drinks and cocktail of the day are just RMB 25. 5pm-midnight. Brussels Bar & Restaurant (6591 9525) Thirsty Thursdays Buy-two-get-one-free on towers of Tiger beer. 3pm-1am. The Stumble Inn (6417 7794)

FRIDAYS Brats and Brews Stop by for a dinner of brats, served with their own homemade mustards, paired with Slow Boat’s craft brews. 5pm. Slow Boat Brewery Taproom (6538 5537) Bubble Night at Mesh Get a bottle of Duvel Leroy Champagne for RMB 500 to celebrate the weekend. 9pm. Mesh (6417 6688) TGIF: Thank God It’s Friday! All standard drinks RMB 30, with a live DJ from 9pm. 7pm. Scarlett (6552 2880) Free Shots Friday Free jello shots served randomly. 9pmmidnight. The Stumble Inn (6417 7794) Friday Flight Night Don’t limit yourself to one when you can go for a flight of beer. Try samplers of three, five or 10 200ml pours. 6-8pm. Slow Boat Brewery Taproom (6538 5537)

Premier League at Black Sun Daily. Watch, cheer, and drink beer throughout the week. Get a free draft beer for wearing your team’s colors. Time TBD. Black Sun (6593 6909)

MAy25: uefa champions’ league final Whose turn will it be to slip up this time?

SATURDAYS Champagne Cocktails Special cocktails made from fruit purees, and 15% discounts on bottles of bubbly. 6pm-2am. Atmosphere, China World Summit Wing (6505 2299 ext 6433) Martini Saturdays 20 kuai martinis. 9pm-2am. The Stumble Inn (6417 7794) Mojito Hour Hot on the heels of the house happy hour is the 10 kuai mojito deal with “no skimping” on quality. 9-10pm. Brussels Bar & Restaurant (6591 9525)

SUNDAYS Daiquiri Sundays Buy-one-get-one-free on all eight of Mas’ signature rum daiquiri cocktails all night. Free. Time TBD. Mas (6405 4337) Industry Night at Xiu Hospitality or airline industry workers enjoy discounts on drink all night long. Xiu, Park Hyatt Beijing (8567 1108) TED Weekly Watch weekly TED videos during the afternoon, while enjoying Belgian draft beers and desserts. 2-7pm. Beer Mania (6500 0559)

ONGOING 15 Kuai Cocktails @ Lucky Bar Sun-Thu. Enjoy cocktails at Lucky Bar for only RMB 15. 10pm. Lucky Bar (136 8303 3920) Absinthe Green Hour Daily. Up to 25% discount on their absinthe selection. 6-8pm. Modernista (136 9142 5744) Aria Happy Hour Daily. Two-for-one deals on selected drinks. 5-8pm. Aria (6505 2266 ext 6644) Beer Mania Happy Hour Daily. Buy-one-get-one-free on all draft Belgian beers. 3-8pm. Beer Mania (6500 0559) The Big Smoke Happy Hour Daily. Twenty percent off all cocktails, house wines and beers. 4-7pm. The Big Smoke Bistro (6416 5195) Blue Frog Happy Hour Daily. Buy-one-get-one-free on all drinks. 4-8pm. Blue Frog (6417 4030)

Centro Happy Hour Daily. Special happy hour prices on drinks, including two-for-one deals. 5-8pm. Centro (6561 8833) Champagne Night Sat-Sun. Buy-one-get-one on Champagne by the bottle or the glass. 5.30pm-2am. Loong Bar (5908 8906) Chill Happy Hour Daily. Enjoy RMB 10 off on any beer. 4-8pm. Chill Cafe Bar (6405 9575) Crazy Hour Mon-Fri. Tsingtao RMB 10 and mojitos. RMB 25. 6-8pm. The Black Sun (6593 6909)

Q Bar Happy Hour Mon-Thu. Q Bar’s Happy Hour is your chance to try their selected cocktails for only RMB 35. 6-9pm. Q Bar (6595 9239) Q Mex Happy Hour Mon-Thu. Half-priced drinks from their selection of innovative mixes. 5-8pm. Q Mex (6585 3828) Salud Happy Hour Mon-Fri. Buy-one-get-one-free on house beer and infused rum, or buy-two-getone-free on draft Vedett. 3-7pm. Salud (6402 5086) Scarlett Happy Hour Daily. Buy-one-get-one-free on all drinks. 6am-7pm. Scarlett. (6552 3660) Transit Happy Hour Daily. Buy-one-get-one-free on all drinks. 6.30-7.30pm. Transit ( 6417 9090)

Cu Ju Happy Hour Daily. Buy-one-get-one free on draft beer, mixed drinks and soft drinks. 6-9pm. Cu Ju (6407 9782)

Twilight Happy Hour Daily. It’s RMB 20 off on all cocktails Monday until Saturday before the clock hits 8pm or RMB 20 off cocktails all day Sunday. 4-8pm. Twilight (5900 5376)

Enoterra Happy Hour Mon-Fri. Enoterra hosts happy hours with a buy-one-get-one-free offer on wine. 4-8pm. Enoterra (5208 6076)

Union Bar and Grille Happy Hour Daily. Union Bar and Grille offers discounts on beer and cocktails. 4-8pm. Union Bar and Grille (6415 9117)

Eudora Station Happy Hour Daily. Enjoy a buy-one-get-one-free on all alcoholic drinks. 4.30-7.30pm. Eudora Station Bar and Restaurant (6437 8331)

Weekday 241 @ Xian Mon-Fri. Exactly what it says on the tin: Buy one selected drink, get one selected drink free. 6-8pm. Xian (8414 9810)

Flamme Happy Hour Daily. Half off on selected cocktails and beers. 3-7.30pm. Flamme International Grill (6417 8608)

Xiu Happy Hour Mon-Thurs. Buy-one-get-one-free on selected drinks. 6-9pm. Xiu (8567 1108)

Late Night Happy Hour Daily. From midnight until closing, all draught beer and house wine are discounted. midnight. The Tree (6415 1954)

Zeta Bar Happy Hour Mon-Sat. All drinks are 50% off from 6-9pm when DJs spin tunes and set the mood every Friday and Saturday. 6-9pm. Zeta Bar (5865 5050)

Loong Happy Hour Daily. Beer, wine and cocktails half price. 5.30-9-30pm. Loong Bar (5908 8995)


Martinis Night Mon-Tue. Enjoy buy-one-get-one-free on Martinis. 5.30pm. Loong Bar (5908 8906) Modernista’s Shots Happy Hour Daily. Try out a range of shots for the price just RMB 10 during the regular happy hour. Midnight-2am. Modernista (136 9142 5744) Mosto Happy Hour Daily. Mosto offers discounts on cocktails, wine and beer. 6-7pm. Mosto (5208 6030) Nola Happy Hour Sun-Thur. Enjoy two-for-one deals on selected drinks. 3-8pm. Nola (8563 6215) One Night Wed-Fri. Two-for-one deals on red and white wine. 5.30pm-2am. Loong Bar (5908

Looking for more? Tons more to do at

WEDNESDAYS Ladies’ Night Ladies drink free from a select list of drinks – sip your cocktail and enjoy a modeling show on the club’s runway. Time TBD. Suzie Wong (6500 3377) Margaritas for Senoritas All ladies in the house who buy one margarita will get a second margarita free. Groups of four or more ladies get a plate of tostadas or a guacamole on the house. 8-10pm. Q Mex (6585 3828) Spark Ladies’ Night Ladies get in free and get two-for-one drinks all night while the DJ spins house, R&B and hip-hop. RMB 100 (for men), Ladies get in free. Spark (186 1841 5929)

May 2013



Bollywood Dance Thu-Sun. Belly-baring performances to enjoy during dinner. Ganges, Shimao Department Store (6416 0181) and The Place (6587 2999)

Girls’ Night Out Two free drinks for every lady. Time TBD. Xiu, Park Hyatt Beijing (8567 1108)

2013 Beijing CD Blues Festival May 3, 4, 5 and subsequent weekends in May. CD Blues Club hosts its third annual Blues Festival with over 20 performers from across the globe, including LMT connection (Canada), Shun Kikuta (Japan), and of course, Big John’s Blues Band. Free. 6-11pm. Cafe CD Blues (8561 0560)

Ladies Drink Free Exactly what the name of the event implies. 9pm-midnight. Hidden Lounge (8772 1613) Ladies’ Night Half-price on all drinks between 5pm and midnight. 5pm. Brussels (6591 9525) Ladies’ Night Ladies get a 20% discount on all fruit beers. Beer Mania (6500 0559)

Gone With the Live Music Thu-Fri. Smooth tunes will play as you relax with signature cocktails and specially made canapés (RMB 168). 5.3010.30pm. Rendez-Vous Bar & Lounge (6465 3388 ext 4225)

Ladies’ Night Expect free award winning VnC cocktails for ladies, great music, dance performances and Zeta’s dedicated 2nd floor “Girlzone.” 9pm. Zeta Bar (5865 5050) Thursday Ladies Night All ladies get a free Kahlua cocktail from 9-10pm. From 10pm onwards, anyone buying the Kahlua cocktail will be offered a delicious dessert. 9-10pm. Salud (6402 5086)

FRIDAYS Free Sangria for the Ladies Drop by the Shuangjing joint to enjoy free drink if you’re a lady – or a cross-dressing man. 6pm. Plan B (5821 1353) Ladies’ Night All cocktails and mixed drinks, house specials and martinis are half price for ladies. While on the hour, every hour (after 9pm) all the ladies in the house get a shot drunker. 9pm-midnight. Brussels Bar & Restaurant (6591 9525)

Horses (and related goods) for courses at Beijing International Polo Club. Pub Quiz Tuesdays Win free beer every round. 8.30pm-midnight. The Stumble Inn (6417 7794) Tim’s Texas Quiz Night How many, when and where? 8pm. Tim’s Texas Bar-B-Q (6591 9161)

WEDNESDAYS Lush Pub Quiz How many students does it take to change a light bulb? Come early for a seat. Winners take home a bottle of Jack Daniels. 8pm. Lush (8286 3566)




Beer Pong Win glory, the respect of the opposite sex, and a bottle of booze – all in one night. 8pm. Pyro Pizza (8286 6240)

Rock Music Night DJs playing rock music, and surprise guests from the local rock music community. 9pm. Dada (183 1108 0818) Thursday Night Fever Playing music from the ’80s and ’90s and bringing back some memories. Price and time TBD. Suzie Wong (6500 3377) Second Hand Sounds Your favorite Beijing-based DJs play music that they love, but don’t normally play out. 10pm. The Bar at Migas (5208 6061)

FRIDAYS Weekly Party Live performance from DJ Cecil Dion. 7pm. Beer Mania (6500 0559)

QUIZ & GAME NIGHTS MONDAYS The Bookworm Pub Quiz Intellectually dominate all of your peers through six rounds of trivia. Drink prizes up for grabs all night. Free. 8pm. The Bookworm (6503 2050)

TUESDAYS Black Sun Sports Quiz Testing times at Chaoyang Park West Gate. 10.30pm. Black Sun (6593 6909) Game Night Play poker and mahjong tournaments for free drink prizes. Whiskeys also half-price from 8pm-midnight. 8pm-late. Modernista (136 9142 5744)


May 1: Equestrian culture festival

May 2013

Green Cap Quiz Night Where did she go? 7.30pm. The Green Cap (186 1174 7939) Kro’s Quiz Night Anthony rocks the regular trivia night. 8pm. Kro’s Nest, Xiaoyun Lu (8391 3131) Monthly Quiz Second Thursday of every month. Monthly quiz at the Sanlitun hotspot, with boozy prizes for the top three teams. 8.30pm. Brussels Bar and Restaurant (6591 9525)

saturday Foosball Tournament First Saturday of every month. Limited to a maximum of 16 teams, with double elimination, the competition is for prizes of Chimay & Hoegaarden. RMB 20. Time TBD. Beer Mania (6500 0559) Quiz Night Second Saturday of every month. Get quizzed about beers, Belgium and ... Belgian beers! With prizes and lucky draws. Time TBD. Beer Mania (6500 0559) Pool Tournament Third Saturday of every month. Limited to a maximum 16 players, with double elimination. A different brand of beer is up for grabs each month. RMB 40. Time TBD. Beer Mania (6500 0559)


The Wudaoying Hutong venue welcomes jazz musicians and fans to jam. 9.30pm-2am. V.A. Café & Bar (5844 3638)

TUESDAYS Gypsy Jazz Jam Session The Hot Club of Beijing hosts the weekly jam. Free beers for musicians playing. 9pm. Salud (6402 5086)

WEDNESDAYS Open Mic Night All types of music welcome: original, covers, jazz, pop, folk ... anything goes! 9.30pm-2am. V.A. Café & Bar (5844 3638) PekingComedy Open Mic at Hot Cat Club Ryan Ha hosts PekingComedy open mic at Hot Cat Club every Wednesday. Sign up for your five minutes and try to be as funny as you can, or just head over to enjoy the show. Free. 9.30pm. Hot Cat Club (6400 7868)

THURSDAYS Music Open Mic All comers welcome to take to the mic. 9.30pm. Hot Cat Club (6400 7868)

LIVE MUSIC MONDAYS Alameda Specials Night Live bossa nova and jazz. Buy a bottle of wine and get a free plate of finger foods. Alameda (6417 8084) Monday Jazz Session First part features a performance by Philippe Mège and friends, before the second section opens up the stage to allcomers. 8pm. Zajia (156 0112 2252)

WEDNESDAYS Live Music Session An ever-changing selection of talented musicians, playing everything from jazz to rock, as well as Latin and reggae. 9.30pm. Salud, NLGX (6402 5086) Bianca Gallice Together with jazz guitarist David Chen, Bianca Gallice will be performing every Wednesday night at Ritan. 8pm. Café CD Blues (8561 0560)


Live Music at The Bar Tue-Wed. Migas invites an ever-changing cross-section of talented local groups, playing everything from jazz to R&B, blues to reggae, as well as funk and soul. 10pm. The Bar at Migas (5208 6061) Timeless Jazz Thu-Fri. Smooth and silky jazz. Cap it off with tropical cocktails. 8.30-11.30pm. Press Club Bar, St. Regis (6460 6688 ext 2360)

EXHIBITIONS ONGOING Absent Cause Until May 11. Oil paintings break the everyday life into fragments and show us that tranquility is unattainable. White Space Beijing (8456 2054) The Edge of Vision, or the Edge of the Earth Until May 11. A showcase of photographs and video installations pursuing language without cultural context. White Space Beijing (8456 2054) BB Forever Until May 15. An exclusive photo exhibition depicting the French icon Brigitte Bardot. Sofitel Wanda Beijing (8599 6666) Through the Looking Glass Until May 20. Six talented young Chinese show a multifaceted world through translucent paintings, installations and sculptures. O Gallery (8520 6000) Three Shadows Photography Award Apr 13-Jun 9. A gorgeous display of work from the finalists of Three Shadows’ annual awards. Three Shadows Photography Art Centre (6432 2663) La Boite-en-Valise Apr 27-Jun 16. Works by Marcel Duchamp, the champion of the Dadaist and Surrealist movements, goes on display for the first time in China. RMB 10. UCCA (8459 9269) The Multitude Prize Apr 28-Jun 16. An exhibition celebrating artists who represent the most creative and critical minds in Asia’s rising contemporary art scene. RMB 10. UCCA (8459 9269) Suspended Time Until Jun 16. Leave behind the stark cityscape and enjoy the mountains, reeds and clouds born from the imaginations of six talented artists. Catherine de France (8442 5120) and Montpelier (8567 9100)

Film and Stage Wednesdays Film Nights: Chinese Documentaries A selection of independent Chinese documentaries screened with English subtitles.

Looking for more? Tons more to do at

events RMB 20. Zajia (156 0112 2252)

Huanghuacheng Great Wall Make your way through six forts, six passes, 12 beacon towers, and 32 guard towers. RMB 400. 8.30am. China Travellers (188 0133 5578)


Pedicab Hutong Family Visit, Tiananmen Square & Forbidden City Tour Beijing’s alleyways plus visit a traditional courtyard house, an herbal pharmacy and a porcelain museum. RMB 350, RMB 250 (children 5-11). 9.30am-4.30pm. China Culture Center (6432 9341)

Beijing GAA Beijing’s Gaelic football society is raring back into action after the winter break. Training begins again at Si’de Park. Contact for more details. Price TBD. 8pm.



Aardvarks Rugby Training Get in shape for the rugger season in the CBD. 8pm. Location TBD. (134 3670 1915)

Olympic Venues, Summer Palace & Lama Temple Tour Have a look at the sight of the 2008 Olympics and then the beauty of the Summer Palace and Lama Temple. RMB 450, RMB 300 (children under 12). 9am-6.30pm. China Culture Center (6432 9341)

Beijing Devils Rugby training. Meet from 7pm at The Den (6592 6290)


WEDNESDAYS Mashup Pickup Basketball Need your basketball fix midweek? Whether you’re coming out for exercise or you live for the sport, Mashup guarantees one thing: fun. Visit www.mashupsports. com for full details. Price TBD. 7.30pm. BCIS (8771 7171)

THURSDAYS Aardvarks Rugby Training See Tuesdays. Angels Basketball Wings not essential. Venue is located near the Temple of Heaven. RMB 80. 7pm. Contact to play. Beijing Devils See Tuesdays. Expat Squash League Squash with expats in a league format. Court rental costs shared. Email to sign up. 6.30pm. Asia Pacific Building (near Ritan Park)

SATURDAYS International Friendship Football Club Get involved in an 11-a-side amateur football league consisting of expat and local teams and players, with matches taking place in central Beijing. To find a team, contact the league through their website. Price and time TBD. IFFC (IFFC1994@gmail. com) NIKE feat. HeyRunning Saturdays! Running with some of Beijing’s most experienced coaches. Details at Heyrobics. com. Free. 10am-10.30am. Olympic Forest Park (no tel) The Peloton Beijing Road Bike Cycling Club Road cycling for the serious and enthusiastic alike. Bikes are available for hire. To register, email Price TBD. 7am. Ride begins and ends at the TREK store near Chaoyang Park South Gate.


may 20: bLack dynamite @ DADA

Mr. Dynamite should watch himself in all that polyester. Expat Squash League Squash with expats in a league format. Court rental costs shared. Email to sign up. 7pm. Dongzhimen area International Friendship Football Club See Saturdays. Mashup 2013 Spring Basketball League The Mashup basketball league is back and primed for another exciting season of ankle-breaking crossovers, tear-drop jumpers and glass-clanking post-game happy hour antics. Sign up at www. Price TBD. 3.30pm. BCIS (8771 7171)

ONGOING ClubFootball Men’s 5-a-side Leagues All month. Players and teams welcome for all 12 divisions on weeknights. Register by calling 5130 6893/4/5/6, or email More info at Heyrobics All month. Run around with the pinkshorted gang. Details at

CLASSES MONDAYS Life Drawing Class Use live models to learn free drawing in a variety of mediums and formats. RMB 250. 7.30-9.30 pm. Atelier (6416 1614) Life Drawing Club Meet fellow artists and draw some models. Beginners welcome but all attendees must register for the class. RMB 60, RMB 50 (members). 7.30-9.30pm. The Hutong (6404 3355)


The Beijing Bunch Rides Beijing Triathlon and Serk join forces; the ride is open to anyone with a bike and a helmet. It also sounds like a cool gang. 6am. Serk (134 2647 4634)

Figure Drawing Class This class discusses basic anatomy and demonstrates block-in techniques for anyone who wants to learn to draw. RMB 250. 9.30-11.30am. Atelier (6416 1614)

Beijing Hockey Club Mixed-level field hockey for all. Pitch costs split. 11am-1pm. Sessions take place at Taiyuan Diplomatic Compound or Olympic Training Centre. Info at bjhockeyclub@

Workshop: Live Zen Learn about Zen Buddhism through music, stories, art, rituals and martial arts. RMB 160. 7.30-9.30pm. China Culture Center (6432 9341)

WEDNESDAYS Beijing Improve: Bilingual Workshop These popular workshops have been running for more than five years. Now with two levels to accommodate more students. 8-9.30pm. Hot Cat Club (6400 7868)

THURSDAYS Figure Drawing Class See Tuesdays.

ONGOING Black Sesame Cooking Class Scheduled classes every Tue, Thu and Sat or private classes at your convenience. RMB 300. 10am-1pm for scheduled classes. Black Sesame Kitchen (136 9147 4408) The Chinese Kitchen Daily. The Hutong’s workshops cover the basics (the essentials, knife skills), regional specialties (Beijing, Sichuan, Canton-
ese, Hunan, dim sum, ethnic minority cuisine), doughbased treats (dumplings, handpulled noodles, pancakes, baozi) and other categories (vegetarian, street food, TCM cooking, contemporary Chinese cuisine). For the full schedule, see www. RMB 249, RMB 200 (members). The Hutong (6404 3355)

WALKS, HIKES AND TOURS TUESDAYS Great Wall & Ming Tombs Tour Visit two of China’ s most famous World Heritage Sites. RMB 480, RMB 300 (children under 12). 9am-6.30pm. China Culture Center (6432 9341; see Living directory)

WEDNESDAYS Culinary Walking Tour Walk the streets and source the ingredients to make classic dishes. RMB 100, RMB 80 (members). 9-10.30am. The Hutong (6404 3355) Beijing Hikers Midweek treks every week at different locations around Beijing. Prices vary by hike. See for specific trips. Beijing Hikers (6432 2786; see Sports directory) Gubeikou Great Wall Hiking Take a midweek break to the Wall. RMB 420. Chihaner (5713 3232)

Looking for more? Tons more to do at

Temple of Heaven, Flea Market and Art District Trek across the city, from the Tiantan to Panjiayuan to 798. RMB 350, RMB 250 (children under 12). 9am-6pm. China Culture Center (6432 9341)

ONGOING Beijing Hikers Sat-Sun. Choose from two Saturday and two Sunday treks to suit all levels. Prices vary by hike. See for specific trips. Beijing Hikers (6432 2786; see Sports directory) Beijing Art & Architecture Daily. Get a visual lesson on the city from the contemporary art scene at 798 to the designs at the Olympic Park. RMB 590. Beijing Urban Adventures (139 1176 4908) Beijing by Bike Day Tour Daily. Pedal your way through the backstreets of Beijing before enjoying a Chinese meal and learning mahjong. RMB 480. Beijing Urban Adventures (139 1176 4908) The Beijing Ghost Tour Every Wed, Sat and Sun. Explore the haunted hutongs around Prince Gong’s Palace and learn facts like why Chinese vampires bounce. RMB 260. 7-9pm. Newmantours (138 1777 0229) Beijing Insight Daily. Discover the city starting with tai chi at the Temple of Heaven to a climb to the top of Jingshan Park. RMB 490. Beijing Urban Adventures (139 1176 4908) The Concubine & Eunuch Forbidden City Tour Every Wed, Sat and Sun. Tour the Forbidden City and learn about the nightmares that forced Emperor Yongle to move his capital to Beijing, why men were willing to become eunuchs and why being an Imperial concubine was such a dangerous job. RMB 260. 2-4pm. Newmantours (138 1777 0229) Hutong Exploration by Bicycle Daily. Investigate Beijing on two wheels. Offered daily. Reservations required. RMB 150. 1pm. Cycle China (6402 5653) Sidecar Tours Zip through back alleys in a motorcycle for a thrilling tour of the city’s rarer sights. RMB 300. Beijing Urban Adventures (134 3964 7146) Weekend Hikes Sat-Sun. Discover a new hiking trail every day. RMB 400. 8.30am. China Travellers (188 0133 5578)

May 2013


DIRECTORY Do you know where you're going?


DINING Dining Directory Index 99 Dingzhanfang – Xinjiang / Muslim 360 Casual Dining – Buffets 1001 Nights – Middle Eastern 3sums – American 4corners – Southeast Asian Ahava Bistro + Café – American Agua – Spanish Aimo Town – Yunnan Alameda – Contemporary International Alba – Cafes and Teahouses Alio Olio – Italian Angus Grill – Steakhouse Annie’s – Italian Annvia Tea House – Cafes & Teahouses Aria – European Aroma – Buffets Asia Bistro – Buffets The Astor Grill – Steakhouses Back Alley Bistro – American Baifuyuan – Dongbei Banana Leaf – Thai Banzhuo – Taiwan Baoyuan Jiaozi Wu – Dumplings Bar Veloce – see Nightlife directory Barolo – Italian Bayi Laoye – Xinjiang / Muslim Beijing Bistro – Contemporary International Beijing Honor Resorts – Cantonese Bene – Italian The Big Smoke Bistro – American Biteapitta– Middle Eastern Black Sesame Kitchen – see Living directory BLCU Xinjiang Restaurant – Xinjiang / Muslim BLD Cafe – Buffet Blue Frog – American Bocata – Cafes & Teahouses Brasserie Flo – French Brussels – see Nightlife directory Café 99 – Buffets Cafe Cha – Buffets Cafe de la Poste – French Cafe de Sofa – Taiwan Cafe on the 6 – Buffets Cafe Sambal – Southeast Asian Cai Yi Xuan – Cantonese The Canteen – Cantonese Capital M – European Carmen – Spanish CBD International Cuisine – Buffets Celestial Court – Cantonese Cepe – Italian Chaoxiang Zhou Chef Too – American Chengdu Representative Office Restaurant – Sichuan Chopsticks – Beijing Chuan Ban– Sichuan China Bar, Park Hyatt – see Nightlife directory China Grill – Steakhouses Choy’s Seafood – Cantonese Chynna – Contemporary Chinese Citrus Restaurant – Buffets City Wall Bistro – Buffets Compass Grill - Contemporary International Comptoirs de France – Bakeries, Delis & Candy Courtyard No. 28 – Guizhou/Guangxi The Crane – Anhui Crepanini – European Crescent Moon Muslim Restaurant – Xinjiang and Muslim CRU Steakhouse – Steakhouses Cuihua Lou – Shandong The CUT Steak & Seafood Grill – Steakhouses Da Dong – Beijing Duck Da Gui – Guizhou/Guangxi Daccapo, The Regent Beijing – Italian Dali Courtyard – Yunnan Deli de Luxe – Bakeries, Delis & Candy Din Tai Fung – Dumplings Dongsi Minfang – Beijing Dragon Palace – Cantonese Du Hsiao Yueh – Taiwan Duck de Chine – Beijing Duck


May 2013

East 33 – Buffets Eatalia – Italian Element Fresh – American Elements – Buffets Enoterra – European Essence – Buffets Exchange – Cafes & Teahouses Face – Nightlife Fatburger – American Feast – Buffets Feast (Food by EAST) – Contemporary International Feng Ze Yuan – Shandong Flamme International Grill – Steakhouses Fook Lam Moon – Cantonese Fratelli Fresh – Italian Fuel – Contemporary International Ganges Indian Restaurant – Indian/Pakistani Gang Gang Delicatessen – Bakeries, Delis & Candy Garden Court – Buffets Grand Cafe – Buffets Grandma’s Kitchen – American Grange Grill – Steakhouses Greenfish – Buffets Greyhound Café – Thai The Grill – Steakhouses Grill 79 – Contemporary International Guizhou Luoluo Suantang Yu – Guizhou/ Guangxi Gung Ho! Gourmet Pizza Factory – Pizza Haidilao Hot Pot – Hot Pot Haishen Wang – Shandong Hatsune – Japanese Hawka – Southeast Asian Heaven Supermarket – See Nightlife directory Hercules – Cafes & Teahouses Héritage – French Heyizhai – Beijing HK O’Man Restaurant – Cantonese Home Plate Bar-B-Que – American Honghuo Bainian Seafood – Cantonese Honzen – Japanese Hong Bin Lou – Halal Huatian Emei Jiujia – Sichuan Huai Yang Fu – Huaiyang Huang Ting – Cantonese Hudiequan Guest House Restaurant – Yunnan Hui Lau Shan – Cantonese In & Out – Yunnan Indian Kitchen – Indian/Pakistani Invincible Ramen - Japanese iPot Modern Hot Pot – Hot Pot Jaan – French Jade Garden – Shanghai Jamaica Me Crazy – Caribbean Jewel – Cantonese Jirenyuan Restaurant – Dongbei Jinde Xiaoguan – Shanxi / Shaanxi Jing – Buffets Jin Ding Xuan – Cantonese Jin Yuan Restaurant – Sichuan Jubang – Korean Kaorou Ji – Xinjiang / Muslim Kagen – Japanese Kempi Deli – Bakeries, Delis & Candy Kerry’s Kitchen – Buffets Kerry’s Pantry – Bakeries, Delis & Candy Kranzler’s – Buffets The Kro’s Nest – Pizza Kylin Private Kitchen – Homestyle & Private Cuisine La Pizza – Pizza Laojietu Yanbangcai – Sichuan Lau Pa Sak – Southeast Asian Le Fromager de Pekin – Bakeries, Delis & Candy Le Petit Gourmand – French Lei Garden – Cantonese Li Jia Cai – Imperial The Library, Hilton Wangfujing – Cafes and Teahouses Lime Cafe – Thai Links Lobby Lounge – see Nightlife directory

The Lounge (China World Summit Wing) – Cafes and Teahouses Lobby Lounge (China World Hotel) – Cafes and Teahouses Lobby Lounge (Grand Millennium Beijing) – Cafes & Teahouses Lobby Lounge (InterContinental Beijing Beichen) – Cafes & Teahouses Lobby Lounge (Ritz-Carlton Beijing Financial Street) – Cafes and Teahouses Long Xingsheng Snack Shop– Beijing Long Yuan Tang – Guizhou/Guangxi Lost Heaven – Yunnan Lu Bo Lang – Shanghai Lucky Lopez Mexican Grill – Mexican Luga’s Villa – Central & South American Lunar 8 – Fusion Maan Cafe – Cafes & Teahouses Mao Jia Restaurant – Hunan / Hubei Made in China – Beijing Duck Maison Boulud – French Malacca Legend – Southeast Asian Matsuko - Japanese Mei Mansion – Shanghai Mei Wei Zhai – Shanghai Meizhou Dongpo – Sichuan Mercante – Italian Migas Restaurant & Lounge – Spanish Miao Xiang Lou – Guizhou/Guangxi Middle 8th Restaurant – Yunnan Migas Restaurant & Lounge - Mediterranean Ming Court – Cantonese Mio – Italian Miyabi - Japanese Miyazaki-ya Ramen – Japanese Modernista – see Nightlife directory Moment Cafe – Cafes & Teahouses Monsoon – Buffets Morton’s the Steakhouse – Steakhouses Mosto – Contemporary International Moyu’er Dasong Shigong – Imperial Mr. Eight Hot Pot – Beijing Mr. Shi’s Dumplings – Dumplings Muse Parisian Vietnamese Brasserie – Vietnamese My China – Beijing My China – Contemporary Chinese My Soup – Cantonese Nadaman, China World Summit Wing – Japanese Nanjing Great Hotel Restaurant – Jiangsu Nanjing Impressions – Jiangsu Niajo – Spanish Nishimura – Japanese Noble Court – Cantonese Nobu – Japanese Nola – American Noodle Bar (1949–The Hidden City) – Beijing Noodle Bar (pentahotel) – Beijing Noodle Loft – Shanxi / Shaanxi Nyonya Kitchen – Southeast Asian Olé Spanish Restaurant – Spanish Opera Bombana – Italian The Orchard – European Orchard 7 – Southeast Asian The Oriental – Cantonese Park Side Bar & Grill – European Pekotan – Bakeries, Delis & Candy Pizza by LMPlus – Pizza Pizza Plus – Pizza Prego – Italian Press Club Bar – see Nightlife directory Purple Haze Restaurant & Bar – Thai Q Mex – Central and South American Qi – Cantonese Qomolangma Hotel Restaurant – Tibetan Quanjude – Beijing Duck Re Dashu Regan Mian – Hunan / Hubei Real Love Cuisine – Shanxi / Shaanxi Red Orange – Buffets Remote City – Yunnan Renaissance Cafe – Buffet Rendez-vous Bar & Lounge, Kempinski Beijing – Cafes and Teahouses Ricci Café – Cafes & Teahouses The Roadhouse at Mutianyu – Beijing Rumi – Middle Eastern Sake Manzo – Japanese

SALT – Contemporary International San Yang Cai – Sichuan Sand Pebbles Lounge – Mexican Sanlitun Noodle Bar – Sichuan Saveurs de Corée – Korean Scarlett – Contemporary International Scene a Café – European Shang Palace – Cantonese Shanghai Min (Xiao Nan Guo) – Shanghai Seasonal Tastes – Buffets Seasoning - Buffets Senses (Westin Beijing) – Buffets Shaguo Ju – Shandong Shanghai Min (Xiao Nan Guo) – Shanghai Sherpa’s – Deliveries Shin Yeh – Taiwan Shizi Shanxia – Cantonese Shuangliu Laoma Tutou – Sichuan Shunxing Chuancai– Sichuan Sichuan Restaurant – Sichuan Sizzler – American Smiling Dumplings – Dumplings Songhelou – Jiangsu South Beauty – Sichuan South German Bakery, Cafe Konstanz and Bodenseestube – Bakeries, Delis & Candy Southern Barbarian – Yunnan Spice Factory – Thai S.T.A.Y (Simple Table Alleno Yannick) – French Steak Exchange + Bar – Steakhouses Ssam – Contemporary International Summer Palace – Cantonese Sureño – Mediterranean Susu – Vietnamese The Swiss Deli – European T- Bazaar – Southeast Asian Tadka – Indian/Pakistani Tai Feng Lou – Shandong Taipei Gu Zao Wei – Taiwan Tairyo Teppanyaki – Japanese The Taj Pavilion – Indian/Pakistani Tantan Dalu – Korean Taverna – European Tavola Italian Dining – Italian Tavalin Bagels – Bakeries, Delis & Candy Tianfu Gouhun Mian – Sichuan Two Guys and a Pie – Bakeries, Delis & Candy Temple Restaurant Beijing – European Thai Express – Thai Tianchu Miaoxiang – Vegetarian Tianshui Yaju – Huaiyang Transit– Sichuan Trattoria La Gondola – Italian T Republic – Cafes & Teahouses Turkish Mum – Middle Eastern Union Bar & Grille – American Utopia Chinese Restaurant – Beijing Duck Vasco’s – Buffets Va Va Voom – Vietnamese The Veggie Table – Vegetarian VIC – Buffets The Vineleaf – European Vineyard Cafe – European Wagas – canos & Teahouses Wang Jia Sha – Shanghai Writers Bar – European Wudi Renjia – Huaiyang Wu Li Xiang – Cantonese Xiao Wang Fu – Homestyle & Private Cuisine Xiaowei Yansu Ji – Taiwan Xihe Yayuan – Beijing Duck Xilaishun – Beijing Xinjiang Islam Restaurant – Xinjiang and Muslim Xinjiang Red Rose – Xinjiang and Muslim Xinsui Ganglong – Cantonese Xinyudu Tantanmian – Sichuan Ya Yuan Peking Duck at The Horizon – Beijing Duck Yang Family Private Kitchen – Shanghai Yao Chi – Cantonese Yichan Huaiyang – Huaiyang Yingchun Noodle Shop – Jiangsu Yotsuba – Japanese Yu – Cantonese Yue – Cantonese ZEN – Cantonese Zen5es – Cantonese

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DIRECTORY American 3sums 35 Xiaoyun Lu courtyard (from Dongsanhuan Beilu, head 20m north of Xiaoyun Lu intersection and take the first right. Same street as Home Plate Bar-B-Que), Chaoyang District.




Nola Daily 10.30am-11pm. 11A Xiushui Nanjie, Chaoyang District. (8563 6215) 朝阳区秀水

Kempi Deli Daily 7am-10pm. 1/F, Kempinski Hotel, Chaoyang District. (6465 3388 ext 5741)


凯宾美食廊, 朝阳区凯宾斯基饭店1层

Asia Bistro Daily 6am-midnight. Lobby, JW Marriott Hotel, 83 Jianguo Lu, China Central Place, Chaoyang District. (5908 8511) 朝阳区建

Kerry’s Pantry 1/F, Kerry Hotel, 1 Guanghua Lu, Chaoyang District. (6561 8833) 朝阳区光

朝阳区霄云路35号院(东三环北路,过霄云路路 口,往北走20米,到第一个路口右转)


Ahava Bistro + Café Daily 10am-11pm. 17 Huixin Dongjie (near UIBE West Gate; south of Yinghua Hotel), Chaoyang District. 爱哈瓦西式

South German Bakery, Cafe Konstanz and Bodenseestube Daily 9am-10pm (restaurant), 7am-10pm (bakery). 27 Lucky Street, 1 Chaoyang Gongyuan Lu, Chaoyang District. (5867 0201) 德南面包房, 朝阳区朝阳公园路1号

小厨, 朝阳区惠新东街17号(对外经济贸易大学 西门对面樱花宾馆南侧)

Back Alley Bistro Xingfucun Zhonglu (next to Frost Nails), Chaoyang District. 朝阳区幸福村中 路(Frost旁边)

The Big Smoke Bistro Lee World Building (down the alley from Frost Nails), 57 Xingfucun Zhonglu, Chaoyang District. (6416 5195) 朝阳区 幸福村中路57号楼利世楼

Blue Frog 1) Daily 10am-late. 167, 1/F, Indigo, 18 Jiuxianqiao Lu, Chaoyang District. (8426 0017); 2) Daily 10am-late. 1/F, Bldg 1, U-Town, Sanfeng Beili, Chaoyang District. (8561 2665); 3) Daily 10am-late. S4-30, 3/F, Bldg 4, Sanlitun Village South, 19 Sanlitun Lu, Chaoyang District. (6417 4030) 蓝蛙, 1) 朝阳区颐堤港店 酒仙桥路18号1层167号; 2) 朝阳区三丰北里悠唐 生活广场1号楼1层; 3) 朝阳区三里屯北路19号三 里屯Village南区4号楼3层S4-30

Chef Too Tue-Fri 11am-2pm, 5-10pm; Sat-Sun 9.30am-3pm, 5-10pm. Chaoyang Gongyuan Xilu (north of Block 8), Chaoyang District. (6591 8676) 美西西餐厅, 朝阳 区朝阳公园西路枣营南里小区东门南侧

Sizzler Enjoy unlimited trips to the salad bar along with steaks, seafood, ribs and other grilled treats at this American chain. 1) Daily 11am-9pm. 2/F, CapitaMall Wangjing, 33 Guangshun Beidajie, Chaoyang District. (6471 3876); 2) Daily 11am-9pm. B1/F, B1-B10, U-Town, Chaowai Shichang Jie, Chaoyang District. (5975 4478); 3) Daily 11am-9pm. 5/F, BHG WanLiu Mall, 2 Ba Gou Lu, Haidian District. (8258 9406); 4) Daily 10am-10pm. B1-30 Glory Mall, 18 Chongwenmenwai Dajie, Chongwen District. (6714 0399); 5) Daily 11am-9.30pm. FF16, Food Forum, B1/F, The Malls at Oriental Plaza, Dongcheng District. (8518 6315); 6) Daily 11am-10.30pm. International Club, 21 Jianguomenwai Dajie (next to St. Regis Hotel), Chaoyang District. (6532 0475) 时时乐, 1) 朝 阳区望京广顺北大街33号凯德Mall望京二层; 2) 朝阳区朝外市场街悠唐生活广场B1-B10; 3) 海 淀区巴沟路2号 华联万柳购物中心5层; 4) 崇文 区崇文门外大街18号 国瑞城购物中心 B1-30; 5) 东城区东方新天地1区地铁层食通天大街FF16 商铺; 6) 朝阳区建国门外大街21号(国际俱乐 部旁边)

Union Bar & Grille Mon-Fri 11am-11pm,SatSun 11am-12pm. S6-31, 3/F, Bldg 6, Sanlitun Village, 19 Sanlitun Lu, Chaoyang District. (6415 9117) 优年美式餐厅, 朝阳区三里屯路19号 三里屯Village6号楼3层S6-31

Anhui Element Fresh American salads, smoothies, sandwiches and more. Popular weekend brunch menu. Voted “Best Green Restaurant,” “Best Sandwich,” “Best Salad,” “Best Western Breakfast,“ and “Outstanding Outdoor Dining (Casual)“ in our 2013 Reader Restaurant Awards. 1) Sun-Thu 8am-11pm, Fri-Sat 8ammidnight. 6 Jiangtai Lu, Chaoyang District. (6433 5058); 2) Mon-Fri 10am-11pm, Sat-Sun 8am-11pm. S8-33, Bldg 8, Sanlitun Village South, 19 Sanlitun Lu, Chaoyang District. (6417 1318); 3) Mon-Thu 11am-10pm, Fri 11am-11pm, Sat-Sun 9am-11pm. Solana Lakeside Dining Street, 6 Chaoyang Gongyuan Lu, Chaoyang District. (5905 1908) 新元素, 1) 朝阳区将台路 6号; 2) 朝阳区三里屯路19号三里屯Village南区 8号楼S8-33; 3) 朝阳区朝阳区朝阳公园6号蓝色 港湾湖畔美食街

Fatburger 1) Daily 11am-10pm. B1/F, 1-LB01, The Grand Summit, Liangmaqiao Diplomatic Compound (in the same building as Tavola and Starbucks, across the street and 300 m north of the Kempinski Hotel’s main entrance), 19 Dongfang Donglu, Chaoyang District. (8532 1878,,; 2) Daily 8am-9pm. B1/F, EB103, China World Mall, 1 Jianguomenwai Dajie, Chaoyang District. (6505 7789, leelee@,; 3) Daily 11am-9pm. B1/F, B105A, Gemdale Plaza Tower C, 91 Jianguo Lu, Chaoyang District. (8571 2797,, jwu@ 1) 朝阳区 朝阳区东方东路19号亮马桥外交公寓1号楼会所1 层1号铺; 2) 朝阳区朝阳区建国门外大街1号国贸 商城地下一层EB103; 3) 朝阳区朝阳区建国路91 号金地中心C座B105A

Grandma’s Kitchen Daily 7.30am-11pm. 1-2/F, Bldg B, Jianwai Soho, 39 Dongsanhuan Zhonglu, Chaoyang District. (5869 3055/3056) 祖母厨房, 朝阳区东三环中路39号建外SohoB 座1-2层

Home Plate Bar-B-Que Daily 11am-10pm. 35 Xiaoyun Lu courtyard (from Dongsanhuan Beilu, head 20m north of Xiaoyun Lu intersection and take the first right), Chaoyang District. (5128 5584, 本 垒美国餐, 朝阳区霄云路35号院(东三环北路,过

The Crane Daily 10am-12pm. 19 Dongmianhua Hutong, Jiaodaokounan Dajie, Dongcheng District. (64001653) 徽松鹤, 东城区交道口南大 街东棉花胡同19号

Bakeries, Delis & candy Comptoirs de France 1) Daily 8.30am-9pm. Stalls 1 & 2, 1/F, Silk Market (east side), 8 Xiushui Dongjie, Chaoyang District. (5169 9298); 2) Daily 7am-8.30pm. Daily 7am-8.30pm. Beijing United Family Hospital and Clinics Shop Number 1, Chaoyang District. (5927 7597); 3) Daily 7am-8.30pm. (opening soon) Beijing United Family Hospital and Clinics Shop Number 2, 2 Jiangtai Lu, Chaoyang District.; 4) Daily 7am-8.30pm. 1/F, Bldg 5, Hairun International Apartment, 2B Jiangtai Lu, Chaoyang District. (5135 7645); 5) Daily 7am-8.30pm. 55-1, Xingfucun Zhonglu, Chaoyang District. (6416 2853); 6) Daily 7am-8.30pm. 2/F Riviera Plaza, 5 Laiguangying Donglu, Chaoyang District. (8470 2347); 7) Daily 7am-8.30pm. 1/F, East Lake Club, 35 Dongzhimenwai Dajie, Dongcheng District. (6461 1525); 8) Daily 7am8.30pm. 4 Ritan Beilu, Chaoyang District. (8562 3355); 9) Daily 7am-8.30pm. L-111, Europlaza, 99 Yuxiang Lu, Tianzhu Zhen, Shunyi District. (8046 6309); 10) Daily 7am-8.30pm. Rm 102, 1/F, Bldg 15, China Central Place, 89 Jianguo Lu, Chaoyang District. (6530 5480) 法派, 1) 朝阳区秀水东街8号 秀水大厦东区一层1,2号; 2) 朝阳区将台路2号北 京和睦家医院店; 3) 朝阳区将台路2号北京和睦 家医院2店; 4) 朝阳区将台路乙2号海润国际公寓 商业5号楼1层; 5) 朝阳区幸福村中路55-1号; 6) 朝阳区来广营东路5号2楼东侧; 7) 东城区东直门 外大街35号东湖俱乐部1层; 8) 朝阳区日坛北路 4号; 9) 顺义区裕翔路99号天竺镇欧陆广场L111 室; 10) 朝阳区建国路89号华贸中心15号楼102

Deli de Luxe Mon-Fri 8am-7pm, Sat-Sun 8am-3pm. Parkview Tower, 1 Jingyuan Xiaojie, Chaoyang Gongyuan Xilu, Chaoyang District. (6538 6278, 朝阳 区朝阳公园西路景园小街1号景园大厦

Gang Gang Delicatessen Bldg 7, 5 Vanke Park, Park No. 5 Apartments, Tianshuiyuan Jie, Chaoyang District. 朝阳区甜水园街万科公


Beijing Bistro 2/F, Beijing Marriott Hotel Northeast, 26A Xiaoyun Lu, Chaoyang District. (5927 8888) 朝阳区霄云路甲26号海航大厦万豪 酒店2层


BLD Cafe Renaissance Beijing Capital Hotel, 61 Dongsanhuan Zhonglu, Chaoyang District. (5863 8223) www.renaissancebeijingcapital. com 朝阳区东三环中路61号北京富力万丽酒店

Tavalin Bagels 11am-9.30pm. West side of Yashow Market (just south of Cedar’s Lebanese cafe), Chaoyang District. 朝阳区雅秀市场西边

Cafe 99, The Regent Daily 6.30am10.30pm. 2/F, The Regent Beijing, 99 Jinbao Jie, Dongcheng District. (8522 1888 ext 3823)

Two Guys and a Pie Tue-Thu and Sun 11am-11pm, Fri-Sat 11am-4am. 32 Sanlitun Nan (behind Yashow Market, across from Friend Bar), Chaoyang District. (138 0106 9721) 哥们

Cafe Cha Daily 6-10am, 11.30am-2.30pm, 5.30-9.30pm. Shangri-La Hotel, 29 Zizhuyuan Lu, Haidian District. (6841 2211 ext 2715) 咖啡

儿饼, 朝阳区三里屯南32号(雅秀后边朋友酒 吧对面)

BEIJING Chopsticks Chinese Restaurant Daily 11.30am-2.30pm, 5.30-10.30pm. 5F, Holiday Inn Beijing Focus Square, A Fangheng Guoji, Bldg 3, 6 Futong Dong Dajie, Wangjing, Chaoyang District. (6473 3333-6312) 朝阳区望 京阜通东大街6号院3号楼方恒国际A座北京方恒 假日酒店5层

Dongsi Minfang Daily 10am-10.30pm. 79 Chaoyangmennei Dajie, Dongcheng District. (64068858) 东四民芳餐厅, 东城区朝阳门内大 街79号

Heyizhai Daily 6.30am-9pm. 67-69 Hugousi Dajie, Xicheng District. (8322 3298) 合义斋, 西 城区护国寺大街67-69号

Long Xingsheng Snack Shop Daily 5.30am-9pm. 19 Ya’er Hutong (near Yinding Qiao), Houhai, Xicheng District. (8403 1024) 隆 兴盛名优小吃, 西城区西城区后海鸦儿胡同19号 (近银锭桥)

Mr. Eight Hot Pot Daily 10am-9pm. 14 Sanlihe Sanqujia (across from the Capital Museum), Xicheng District. (68520816) 八先生涮肉坊, 西 城区三里河三区甲14号楼(首都博物馆对面)

Noodle Bar (pentahotel) 7am-11.30pm. 3-18 Chongwenmenwai Dajie, Dongcheng District. (6708 1188) 东城区崇文门外大街3-18号 Xilaishun Daily 10am-9pm. 116 Xinhuajie, North of Hepingmen, Xicheng District. (6601 5996) 西来顺饭庄, 西城区和平门北新华街116 号(西交民巷口)

Beijing Duck Da Dong Roast Duck Daily 11am-10pm. 1) 5/F, Jinbao Dasha, Jinbao Jie, Dongcheng District. (8522 1234); 2) 1-2/F, Nanxincang International Plaza, 22A Dongsishitiao, Dongcheng District. (5169 0329); 3) 3 Tuanjiehu Beikou, Dongsanhuan Lu (southeast corner of Changhong Qiao), Chaoyang District. (6582 2892/4003) 北京大董烤鸭店, 1) 东城区金宝街 金宝大厦5层; 2) 东城区东四十条甲22号南新仓 国际大厦1~2楼(立交桥西南角); 3) 朝阳区团结 湖北口3号楼东三环路(长虹桥东南角)

Duck De Chine Daily 11am-2.30pm, 5.30-10 .30pm. 1949, Courtyard 4, Gongti Beilu (opposite the south gate of Pacific Century Place Mall), Chaoyang District (6501 8881) 朝阳区工 体北路4号院 (太平洋百货南门对面)

Made in China Daily 11.30am-2.30pm, 5.30-10.30pm. 1/F, Grand Hyatt Hotel, 1 Dongchang’an Jie, Dongcheng District. (6510 9608) 长安一号, 东城区东长安街1号东方广场北

99咖啡厅, 东城区金宝街99号北京丽晶酒店2层

Cha, 海淀区紫竹院路29号香格里拉饭店

Café on the 6 Crowne Plaza Chaoyang UTown, 3 Sanfeng Beilu (opposite Cashbox KTV), Chaoyang District. (5909 6688) 慕尼黑啤酒屋, 北京朝阳悠唐皇冠假日朝阳区三丰北里3号(钱 柜KTV对面)

CBD International Cuisine Daily 6.30am-11pm. Grand Millennium Beijing, Fortune Plaza, 7 Dongsanhuan Zhonglu, Chaoyang District. (6530 9383) 朝阳区东三环中路7号财富中心北京 千禧大酒店

Citrus Restaurant Daily 24hrs (buffet 11.30am-2pm, 5.30-10pm). Novotel Beijing Xinqiao (lobby west side), 1 Chongwenmen Xidajie, Chongwen District. (6513 3366 ext 2001) 春晓西餐厅, 崇文区崇文门西大街1号北京 新侨诺富特饭店大堂西侧

City Wall Bistro Daily 6am-11am,noonmidnight. Beijing Marriott Hotel City Wall, 7 Jianguomen Nandajie, Dongcheng District. (5811 8255) 城墙小馆, 东城区建国门南大街7号 北京万豪酒店

East 33 Daily 6.30am-10.30pm. Raffles Beijing Hotel, 33 Dongchangan Jie, Dongcheng District. (6526 3388 ext 5171) 东三十三, 东城区 东长安街33号北京饭店莱佛士

Elements Daily 6-10am, noon-2.30pm, 6-10pm. 2/F, Hilton Beijing, 1 Dongfang Lu, Chaoyang District. (5865 5000 ext 5020) 元素 阁, 朝阳区东方路1号希尔顿酒店2层

Feast Great lunch and dinner buffet options with sushi, roast chicken, steak, dim sum and more. Sunday brunch offers lobster and freeflow champagne. Sheraton Beijing Dongcheng, 36 North Third Ring Road East, Dongcheng District. (5798 8888) 东城区东城区北三环路36号 Garden Court Daily 6-10am,11.30am-2pm,611pm. St. Regis Hotel, 21 Jianguomenwai Dajie, Chaoyang District. (6460 6688 ext 2340) 景苑咖 啡厅, 朝阳区建国门外大街21号国际俱乐部饭店

Grand Cafe Daily 24hrs (buffet 6.30-10.30am, 11.30am-2.30pm, 5.30-10pm). Grand Hyatt, Oriental Plaza, 1 Dongchang’an Jie, Dongcheng District. (8518 1234 ext 3628) 凯菲厅, 东城区东 长安街1号东方广场东方君悦大酒店

Greenfish Daily 6.30am-11pm. The RitzCarlton Financial Street, 1 Jinchengfang Dongjie, Jinrong Jie, Xicheng District. (6601 6666 ext 6255) 四季汇, 西城区金城坊东街1号北 京金融街丽思卡顿酒店

Jing Daily 5.30am-11.30pm. Basement of The Peninsula Beijing, 8 Jinyu Hutong, Wangfujing, Dongcheng District. (6559 2888 ext 6714) 京, 东城区王府井金鱼胡同8号王府半岛酒店地下1层

Kerry’s Kitchen 1/F, Kerry Hotel, 1 Guanghua Lu, Chaoyang District. (6561 8833) 朝阳区光



Quanjude Daily 11am-2pm, 4.30-9pm. 9 Shuaifuyuan Hutong, Wangfujing Dajie, Dongcheng District. (6525 3310) 全聚德, 东城

Kranzler’s Daily 6am-midnight. 1/F, Kempinski Hotel, 50 Liangmaqiao Lu, Chaoyang District (6465 3388 ext 4222) 朝阳区亮马桥路50号凯宾



Ya Yuan Peking Duck at Horizon Daily 11am-2.30pm, 5.30-10pm. Kerry Hotel, 1 Guanghua Lu, Chaoyang District. (6561 8833 ext 41)

Monsoon Daily 6-10.30am, 11.30am-2pm, 5.30-10pm. InterContinental Beijing Financial Street, 11 Jinrong Jie, Xicheng District. (5852 5916) 季候风, 西城区金融街11号洲际酒店

海天阁, 朝阳区光华路1号嘉里中心饭店1层

Buffets 360 Casual Dining Daily 24hrs. Hilton Beijing Capital Airport, Terminal 3, Capital International Airport, Chaoyang District. (6458 8888)

Red Orange Daily 24hrs. 1/F, Crowne Plaza Sun Palace Beijing, Yunnan Dasha, Northeast corner of Taiyanggong Qiao and Xibahe, Dongsanhuan Beilu, Chaoyang District. (6429 8888 ext 6328) 红橙, 新云南皇冠假日酒店1层,



Aroma Daily 11.30am-2.30pm, 6-10.30pm. The Ritz-Carlton Hotel, 83A Jianguo Lu, Chaoyang District. (5908 8161) 香溢, 朝阳区华贸中心建国

Renaissance Cafe 6am-midnight. Renaissance Beijing Hotel, 36 Xiaoyun Lu, Chaoyang District. (6468 9999 ext.3121) 朝阳区朝阳区霄云

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May 2013


DIRECTORY 朝阳区东三环北路7号金茂北京威斯汀大饭店

路36号 北京国航万丽酒店

Seasonal Tastes Daily 6.30-10.30am, 11.30am-3pm, 5.30-11pm. 2/F, Westin Beijing Chaoyang, 7 Dongsanhuan Beilu, Chaoyang District. (5922 8888 ext 8102) 朝阳区东三环北路

CARIBBEAN Jamaica Me Crazy Cheniandian Hutong (west of Guozijian, near Andingmennei), Dongcheng District. 东城区安定门内大街车


Seasoning All-day international buffet. Holiday Inn Beijing Focus Square, Bldg 3, 6 Futong Dongdajie, Chaoyang District. (6473 3333 ext 6310) 朝阳区通东大街6号院3号


Central & South American Luga’s Villa Daily 11am-3am. 7 Sanlitun Beijie (behind 3.3 Shopping Center), Chaoyang District. (6416 2575) 朝阳区三里屯北街7号3.3

Senses (Westin Beijing) Daily 6.3010.30am, 11.30am-2.30pm, 5.30-10pm. 1/F, The Westin Beijing, 9B Jinrong Jie, Xicheng District. (6629 7810) 味, 西城区金融大街乙9号北京金融



Vasco’s Daily 6.30-10am, 11.30am-2.30pm, 6-11pm. 5/F, Hilton Beijing Wangfujing, 8 Wangfujing Dongjie, Dongcheng District. (5812 8888) 东城区王府井东街8号希尔顿北京王 府井酒店5层

VIC Mon-Fri noon-2.30pm, 6-10.30pm, Sat-Sun 6-10.30pm. 6/F, Sofitel Hotel, Tower C, Wanda Plaza, 93 Jianguo Lu, Chaoyang District. (8599 6666) VIC国际美食, 朝阳区建国路93号万达广 场C座6层

Cafes & teahouses Alba Daily 8am-2am. 70 Gulou Dongdajie (east of Nanluogu Xiang), Dongcheng District. (6407 3730) 东城区鼓楼东大街70号 Annvita Tea House Sanlitun Village South, 19 Sanlitun Lu, Chaoyang District. 朝阳区三里屯路

all month: australian baby lobster

Summer Palace at China World won’t be throwing them on the barbie. (8426 0426) 茶国, 朝阳区酒仙桥路18号颐堤港商 业中心1层157底商


Wagas Daily 8am-10.30pm. S833, Bldg 8, 3/F, Sanlitun Village South, 19 Sanlitun Lu, Chaoyang District. (6416 5829) 沃歌斯, 朝阳区

Lei Garden Daily 11.30am-2.30pm, 5.309.30pm. 3/F, Jinbao Tower, 89 Jinbao Jie, Dongcheng District. (8522 1212) 利苑, 东城区

Q Mex 5620 3759. Courtyard 4, Gongti Beilu (under Kro’s Nest), Chaoyang District. 朝阳区工



体北路4号院 (下乌巢)


Bocata Daily 10am-midnight. 3 Sanlitun Lu (opposite 3.3 Shopping Center), Chaoyang District. (6417 5291) 朝阳区三里屯路3号3.3大 厦对面

Caffe O’Henry’s Tue-Fri 4pm-midnight, Sat-Sun 10am-midnight. Rm 201, Bldg 2, China View, 1 Gongti East Road, Chaoyang District. (138 1169 1305, 朝

Cantonese Beijing Honor Resorts Baifu Guoji Dasha, 20 Gongren Tiyuchang Donglu, Chaowai Dajie, Chaoyang District. (6501 6821) 荣誉酒楼, 朝阳 区朝外大街工人体育场东路20号百富国际大厦

Cai Yi Xuan Daily 11.30am-2.30pm, 5.30-10 .30pm. 2/F, Four Seasons Hotel, 48 Liangmaqiao Lu, Chaoyang District. (5695 8888) 采逸轩,



Exchange Daily 8am-midnight. 1/F, The Westin Beijing Chaoyang, 7 Dongsanhuan Beilu, Chaoyang District. (5922 8888 ext 8191) 朝阳区

The Canteen Daily 11am-11pm. 1/F Yaxing Dasha, 46 Liangmaqiao, Chaoyang District. (64624036) 一家一饭堂, 朝阳区亮马桥路甲46



Hercules Daily 10am-10pm. Shop 156, 1/F, Indigo Mall, 18 Jiuxianqiao Lu, Chaoyang District. (8426 0411) 荷加斯, 朝阳区酒仙桥路18号颐堤港

Celestial Court Mon-Fri 11.30am-2.30pm, 6-10pm. 2/F, St Regis Hotel, 21 Jianguomenwai Dajie, Chaoyang District. (6460 6688 ext 2460 or 2462) 天宝阁, 朝阳区建国门外大街21号北京


The Library Hilton Beijing Wangfujing, 8 Wangfujing Dongjie, Dongcheng District. (5812 8888) 书 阁, 东城区王 府井东街8号希尔顿北京王府井酒店

Lobby Lounge (China World Hotel) 1/F, China World Hotel, 1 Jianguomenwai Dajie, Chaoyang District. (6505 2266) 朝阳区建国门外 大街1号中国大饭店1层

Lobby Lounge (Grand Millennium) 7 Dongsanhuan Zhonglu, Chaoyang District. (8587 6888 ext 3011) 朝阳区东三环中路7号 Lobby Lounge (InterContinental Beijing Beichen) 9am-1am. InterContinental Beijing Beichen, 8 Beichen Xilu, Chaoyang District. (8437 1381) 朝阳区北辰西路8号院4号楼,北京 北辰洲际酒店

Lobby Lounge (Ritz-Carlton Financial Street) 1 Jinchengfang Dongjie, Financial Street, Xicheng District. (6601 6666) 西城区金城坊东街1号.

The Lounge (China World Summit Wing) Daily 10.30am-1am, 2-6pm (tea), 6-8pm (predinner), 8pm-1am (after 8). 80/F, China World Summit Wing Hotel, 1 Jianguomenwai Dajie, Chaoyang District. (6505 2299 ext 6431) 酒廊, 朝阳区建国门外大街1号国贸大酒店80层

Maan Coffee Korean-run cafe specializing in waffles, desserts and other snacks. Gongti Beilu (west of the north gate of Workers' Stadium), Sanlitun, Chaoyang District. (6551-7161). 7 Jiangtai Xilu (opposite Rosedale Hotel), Lido, Chaoyang District. (8457 3470) 漫咖啡, 朝阳区 三里屯工体北路工体北门西, 朝阳区将台西路7号

Moment Cafe Daily noon-10pm. B1-525, Sanlitun Soho, Gongti Beilu, Chaoyang District. (8590 0724) 朝阳区工体北路三里屯Soho B1-525 Ricci Cafe Daily 8am-9.30pm. 1/F, Keji Dasha Tower D, Bldg 8, Tsinghua Science Park, 1 Zhongguancun Donglu, Chaoyang District. (8215 8826) 睿奇咖啡, 朝阳区中关村东路1号清 华科技园8号楼科技大厦D座1层

T Republic Daily 10am-10pm. Shop 157, 1/F, Indigo Mall, 18 Jiuxianqiao Lu, Chaoyang District.


May 2013


Chaoxiang Zhou Daily 11.30am-3pm, 5.3011pm. Bldg 3, 39 Shenlu Jie, Chaoyang District. (85622614) 潮香洲, 朝阳区神路街39号3楼 Choy’s Seafood The Marriott Northeast’s “trend-setting restaurant specializes in Cantonese and Sichuan flavors with six individually designed private dining rooms.” Daily 11.30am2.30pm, 5.30-10.30pm. 2/F, Marriott Beijing Northeast, 26A Xiaoyun Lu, Chaoyang District. (5927 8888) 采海轩,朝阳区霄云路甲26号海航大 厦万豪酒店2层

Dragon Palace Daily 11.30am-2pm, 6-10pm. 1/F, Kempinski Hotel, 50 Liangmaqiao Lu, Chaoyang District. (6465 3388 ext 4217) 龙苑中 餐厅, 朝阳区亮马桥路50号凯宾斯基饭店1层

Fook Lam Moon Mon-Fri 11.30am-3pm, 5.30-10.30pm. 4/F, China World Summit Wing, 1 Jianguomen Waidajie, Chaoyang District. (6505 2299 ext 6411) 福临门,朝阳区建国门外大街1号 国贸大酒店4楼

HK O’Man Restaurant Daily 11am-11pm. 66 Gonti Beilu, Chaoyang District.(65521878) 老坑 记, 朝阳区工体北路66号

Honghuo Bainian Seafood Daily 10.30am10pm. Bldg 3, Yard 3, Wanghua Lu Dongli (near Guangshun Nandajie), Chaoyang District (6470 8658), Chaoyang District. (6470 8658) 红火百年 湖汕渔家大排档, 朝阳区朝阳区望花路东里3号院 3号楼(广顺南大街口)

Nanlu, Chaoyang District. 金鼎轩酒楼, 朝阳区

Ming Court Daily 11.30am-2.30pm, 5.3010.30pm. 1 Er Jing Road, Langham Place, Beijing Capital Airport. Chaoyang District. (6457 5555) 明阁, 朝阳区首都机场二经路1号朗豪酒店 My Soup Bldg 3, Central Park, 6 Chaoyangmenwai Dajie, Chaoyang District. 卖汤, 朝阳区 朝阳门外大街6号新城国际公寓3号楼底商

Noble Court Mon-Fri 11.30am-2.30pm, SatSun 10.30am-2.30pm; daily 5.30-10pm. B1/F, Grand Hyatt Beijing Hotel, Oriental Plaza, 1 Dongchang’an Jie, Dongcheng District. (8518 1234 ext 3822) 悦庭, 东城区东长安街1号东方广 场北京东方君悦大酒店地下1层

The Oriental 1 Jianguomenwai Dajie, Chaoyang District. (6505 2277 ext.34) 东方餐厅, 朝阳区国贸饭店 朝阳区建国门外大街1号

Qi Daily 11.30am-2pm, 5.30-10pm. 2/F, The Ritz-Carlton, Financial Street, 1 Jinchengfang Dongjie, Jinrong Jie, Xicheng District. (6601 6666) 金阁, 西城区金城坊东街1号金融街丽思 卡顿酒店2层

Shang Palace Daily 11.30am-2.30pm, 5.30-10pm. Shangri-La Hotel, 29 Zizhuyuan Lu, Haidian District. (6841 2211) 香宫, 海淀区紫竹院路29号 香格里拉饭店

Shizi Shanxia Daily 10am-10pm. 1) Unit 15, Bldg 22A, Gucang Qun, Nanxingcang, Dongsishitiao, Dongcheng District. (6409 6560); 2) In the alleyway south of The Bookworm, Courtyard 4, Gongti Beilu, Chaoyang District. (6586 3749, 6586 3948) 狮子山下, 1) 东城区东 四十条南新仓谷仓群甲22A15号; 2) 朝阳区工 体北路4号院

Summer Palace Daily 11.30am-2pm, 6-10pm. Lobby, China World Hotel, 1 Jianguomenwai Dajie, Chaoyang District. (6505 2266 ext 34) 夏宫中餐厅, 朝阳区建国门外大街1号中国大饭 店大堂

Wu Li Xiang Daily 11am-2pm, 5-10pm. 1/F, Traders Upper East Hotel, 2 Dongsihuan Beilu (southeast of Xiaoyun Qiao), Chaoyang District. (5907 8406) 屋里香, 朝阳区东四环北路2号 (霄 云桥东南角)上东盛贸酒店

Xinsui Ganglong 8 Caoqiao Xilu, Fengtai District. (67526224) 新穗港龙, 丰台区草桥西路8号

瑶池中餐厅, 朝阳区东三环中路7号


Yue Sheraton Beijing Dongcheng, 36 North Third Ring Road East, Dongcheng District. (5798 8888) 东城区东城区北三环路36号


Jewel Daily 11.30am-2.30pm, 5.30-10.30pm. 1/F, The Westin Beijing, 9B Jinrong Jie, Xicheng District. (6606 8866 ext 7820) 金城阁, 西城区金 融大街乙9号北京金融街威斯汀大酒店1层

Jin Ding Xuan Daily 24hrs. 15 Tuanjiehu


My China Daily 11.30am-2.30pm, 5.30-10pm. 2/F, Hilton Beiing Capital Airport. (6458 8888 ext 8901) 北京首都机场希尔顿酒店2层

Contemporary International Alameda Contemporary fine dining with a Brazilian twist. Voted “Outstanding Business Lunch” in our 2011 Reader Restaurant Awards. Daily 11.30am-3pm, 6-10.30pm. Sanlitun Beijie, Chaoyang District. (6417 8084) 朝阳区 三里屯北街

Beijing Bistro 2/F, 26A Xiaoyun Lu, Chaoyang District. (5927 8888) 朝阳区霄云路甲26号海航 大厦万豪酒店

Compass Grill Daily 5.30-11pm. Hilton Beiing Capital Airport. (6458 8888 ext 8901) 北京首都 机场希尔顿酒店

Feast (Food by EAST) Daily 6am-3pm, 5.30pm-10.30pm. 2/F, EAST Beijing, 22 Jiuxianqiao Lu, Chaoyang District. (6417 6688, www. 朝阳区酒仙桥路22号东隅北 京酒店2层

Fuel Daily 11am-late. 1/F, Langham Place, 1 Erjing Lu, Beijing Capital International Airport, Chaoyang District. (6457 5555) 朝阳区首都机场 二经路1号朗豪酒店

Grill 79 Mon-Thu & Sun noon-2am; Fri-Sat noon-4am. 79/F, China World Summit Wing, China World Trade Center Phase 3, 1 Jianguomenwai Dajie, Chaoyang District. (6505 2299 ext 6424) 朝阳区朝阳区建国门外大街1号国 贸大酒店79楼

Mosto Daily noon-2.30pm, 6-10.30pm. 3/F, Nali Patio, 81 Sanlitun Beilu, Chaoyang District. (5208 6030) 摸石头, 朝阳区三里屯北路81号那 里花园3层

Yao Chi Daily 11am-2.30pm, 5.30-10pm. Grand Millennium Beijing, Fortune Plaza, 7 Dongsanhuan Zhonglu, Chaoyang District. (8587 6888)

Huang Ting Daily 11.30am-2.30pm, 6-10pm. B2/F, The Peninsula Beijing, 8 Jinyu Hutong, Wangfujing Jie, Dongcheng District. (8516 2888 ext 6707) 凰庭, 东城区王府井大街金鱼胡同8号 Hui Lau Shan Daily 10am-10pm. B1/F, U-Town Shopping Center, 2 Sanfeng Beili, Chaoyang District. (131 4654 8259) 许留山, 朝阳区朝阳区

Contemporary Chinese Chynna Daily 10.30am-2pm, 5.30-11pm. 5/F Hilton Hotel Wangfujing, 8 Wangfujing Dongjie, Dongcheng District. (5812 8888) 东城

Yu Daily 11.30am-2pm, 6-10pm. 83A Jianguo Lu (inside the Ritz-Carlton Hotel), Chaoyang District. (5908 8111) 玉, 朝阳区建国路甲83号

ZEN Daily 11.30am-2pm, 5.30-10pm. InterContinental Beijing Financial Street, 11 Financial Street, Xicheng District. (5852 5918) 西城区金融 街11号洲际酒店

Zen5es Daily 11.30am-2.30pm, 5.30-10.30pm. 4/F, Westin Beijing Chaoyang, 7 Dongsanhuan Beilu, Chaoyang District. (5922 8888 ext 8121)

SALT Innovative restaurant in a fresh modern minimalist setting has weekly two-course or three-course set meals. Voted “Outstanding

Can’t find what you’re looking for? Check out

DIRECTORY Business Lunch” and “Outstanding Steak” in our 2011 Reader Restaurant Awards. Mon-Sat noon-3pm, 6-10.30pm, Sunday Brunch noon4pm. 2/F, 9 Jiangtai Xilu (west of Rosedale Hotel), Chaoyang District. (6437 8457) 盐, 朝 阳区将台西路9号2层(珀丽酒店西边)

Aria Mon-Fri 11.30am-2.30pm, 5.30-10pm; Sat-Sun 5.30-10pm. 2/F, China World Hotel, 1 Jianguomenwai Dajie, Chaoyang District. (6505 2266 ext 38, 6505 3318) 阿郦雅, 朝阳区 建国门外大街1号中国大饭店二层


Capital M Mon-Fri 11am-2.30pm, 6-10.30pm, Sat-Sun 11.30am-5pm, 6-10.30pm. 3/F, 2 Qianmen Pedestrian Street, Chongwen District. (6702 2727) 崇文区前门步行街2号3层

Ssam Mon-Sat 11am-2pm, 5-10.30pm. B1-238 Tower 1, Sanlitun Soho, Chaoyang District. (5935 9475) 朝阳区三里屯Soho1号楼B1-238室

Crepanini Sun-Thu 9am-midnight, Fri-Sat 9am-2am. Unit A110, 1/F, Nali Patio, 81 Sanlitun Lu, Chaoyang District. (5208 6092/93) 可百尼

Scarlett Daily 6pm-3am. Hotel G, 7A Gongti Xilu, Chaoyang District. (6552 2880) 朝阳区工

尼, 朝阳区三里屯路81号那里花园1层酒吧街对面


Enoterra Daily 10am-2am. D405, Nali Patio, 81 Sanlitun Lu, Chaoyang District. (5208 6076)


Jaan Daily noon-2pm, 6.30-10pm. Raffles Beijing Hotel, 33 Dongchang’an Jie, Dongcheng District. (8500 4186, 6526 3388 ext 4186) 家安, 东城区东长安街33号北京饭店莱佛士

Le Petit Gourmand Sun-Thu 9.30am-midnight, Fri-Sat 9.30am-1am. 3/F, Tongli Studios, Sanlitun Houjie, Chaoyang District. (6417 6095, fax 6413 0765) www.lepetitigourmand. 小美食家, 朝阳区三里屯后街同里3层 Maison Boulud Mon-Fri 11.30am-2pm, 6-10.30pm, Sat-Sun 11am-4pm, 6-10.30pm. Ch’ien Men 23, 23 Qianmen Dongdajie, Dongcheng District. (6559 9200) 布鲁宫法餐 厅, 东城区前门东大街23号

面, 朝阳区广渠路66号院百环家园西门 




Courtyard No. 28 Daily 11am-11pm. 1 Xilou Hutong (southside), Dongcheng District. (8401 6788) 28号院私家菜, 东城区戏楼胡同一号南侧 Da Gui Daily 10am-2pm, 5-10pm. 69 Daxing Hutong, Jiaodaokou, Dongcheng District. (6407 1800) 大贵, 东城区交道口大兴胡同69号

Sherpa’s Your Favourite Restaurants Delivered To You. Operated in Shanghai since 1999 and Beijing since 2011, expect prompt delivery and great service. Service areas include Sanlitun and Gulou. Order online or by phone daily from 10.30am to 10.30pm. www. (400 600 6209)

Guizhou Luoluo Suantang Yu Daily 11am-10pm. 13 Bldg 5, Dongzhimennei Dajie, Dongcheng District. (84062004) 贵州箩箩酸汤 鱼, 东城区东城区东直门内大街5号楼13号;

Long Yuan Tang Daily 10am-11pm. 6 Xiang’er Hutong, Dongsi Beidajie, Dongcheng District. (8404 9502) 元堂, 东城区东四北大街香饵胡


吉人缘餐厅, 海淀区马甸桥南路2号七省大院吉 林驻京办内

Dumplings Baoyuan Jiaozi Wu Daily 11am-10pm. North of 6 Maizidian Jie, Chaoyang District. (6586 4967) 宝源饺子屋, 朝阳区麦子店街6号楼北侧


Park Side Bar & Grill Daily 10am-late. 9-6 Jiangtai Xilu (opposite Rosedale Hotel), Chaoyang District. (6444 6555) 园景, 朝阳区将 台西路9-6号(珀丽酒店对面)

Taverna Daily noon-2.30pm, 6-10.30pm. 1949 – The Hidden City, Courtyard 4, Gongti Beilu (behind Pacific Century Place), Chaoyang District. (6501 8882, 朝阳区工体北路4号院

Hong Bin Lou Daily 11am-2pm, 5-9pm. 11 Zhanlanguan Lu (at the intersection of Baiwanzhuang), Xicheng District. (6899 2569/4560) 鸿


宾楼, 西城区展览馆11号(百万庄路口)

Temple Restaurant Beijing Mon-Sat 11.30am-2.30pm, 6-10pm, Sun 11.30am-2 .30pm. 23 Songzhusi Temple, Shatan Beijie, Dongcheng District (8400 2232)东城区沙滩北 街嵩祝寺23号


Vineyard Cafe Tue-Sun 11.30am-10.30pm, closed Mon. 31 Wudaoying Hutong, Dongcheng District. (6402 7961) 葡萄院儿, 东 城区五道营胡同31号

Writers Bar Daily noon-midnight. Raffles Beijing Hotel, Main Lobby, 33 Dongchang’an Jie, Dongcheng District. (6526 3388 ext 4181) 作家酒吧, 东城区东长安街33号, 北京饭店莱 佛士一层



HOMESTYLE AND PRIVATE CUISINE Kylin Private Kitchen Daily 10am-2pm, 5.30-9 .30pm. 6 Qilinbei Hutong Kuanjie, Dongcheng District. (6407 3516) 麒麟阁私房菜, 东城区宽街 麒麟碑胡同6号

Xiao Wang Fu Daily 11.30am-2pm, 5.30-10pm. Inside the North Gate of Ritan Park, Ritan Lu, Chaoyang District. (8561 5985) 朝阳区日坛路 日坛公园北门内

HOT POT Haidilao Hot Pot Daily 24hrs. 2A Baijiazhuang Lu (next to No. 80 Middle School), Chaoyang District. (6595 2982); 16) Daily 10.30am-3am. 3/F, Beiyue Dasha, 2A Huixin Dongjie, Chaoyang District. (8463 9300) 海底捞火锅, 朝 阳区白家庄路甲2号 (八十中学西侧)

iPot Modern Hot Pot Daily 10am-10pm. 3/F, Indigo Mall, 18 Jiuxianqiao Lu, Chaoyang District. (8426 0426) 朝阳区酒仙桥路18号颐堤 港商业中心3层

IMPERIAL Li Jia Cai Daily 11am-1.30pm, 5-8.30pm. 11 Yangfang Hutong, Deshengmennei Dajie, Xicheng District. (6613 7509) 厉家菜, 西城区德 Moyu’er Dasong Shigong Daily 10am-11pm. 8 Zhongjianzijuan (near the Zhang Zizhong stop of Line 5), Dongcheng District. (6403 3309) 摸鱼儿大宋食供, 东城区东城区中剪子巷8号(近5 号线张自忠路站)

Indian/Pakistani Ganges Indian Restaurant Daily 11am-11pm. 1) Stall 202, 2/F, Bldg 1, Shimao Department Store, 13 Gongti Beilu Chaoyang District (6416 0181); 2) 6/F, Wudaokou U-Center, Chengfu Lu Haidian District (6262 7944); 3) 2/F, Paddy O’Shea’s, 28 Dongzhimenwai Dajie Chaoyang District (6417 0900); 4) 138A, B1/F, The Place, 9 Guanghua Lu Chaoyang District (6587 2999); 5) 5/B, Hairun International Apartment, 2 Jiangtai Lu Chaoyang District. (5135 8353) 恒河印度餐厅, 1)工体北路13号世 贸百货1号楼2层202 朝阳区; 2)成府路五道口 U-Center6层 海淀区五道口; 3) 东直门外大街 28号爱尔兰酒吧2层 朝阳区东直门外; 4) 光华 路9号世贸天阶地下1层138A 朝阳区世贸天街新 城国际; 5) 朝阳区将台路2号海润国际公寓底商 5号 朝阳区丽都

Indian Kitchen Daily 11.30am-2.30pm, 5.30-11pm. 2/F, 2 Sanlitun Beixiaojie (opposite Korean embassy), Chaoyang District. (6462 7255) 印度小厨, 朝阳区三里屯北小街2号2楼 Tadka With its sleek décor, rich variety of south Asian food and four brass tandoor ovens, this spot offers one of the richest Indian dining experiences in the city. Daily 11.30am-2.30pm, 5.30-10.30pm. 2/F, Beijing Marriott Hotel Northeast, 26A Xiaoyun Lu, Chaoyang District. (5927 8888) 朝阳区霄云路甲26号海航大厦万 豪酒店2层

The Taj Pavilion Daily 11.30am-2.30pm, 6-10.30pm. 1) L222, Europlaza, 99 Yuxiang Lu, Tianzhu Zhen, Shunyi District. (8046 3238); 2) China Overseas Plaza, Chaoyang District. (136 9302 8663); 3) 3/F, Holiday Inn Lido, Jiangtai Lu, Shoudu Jichang Lu, Chaoyang District. (6436 7678, 6437 6688 ext 3811) 泰姬楼印度 餐厅, 1) 顺义区天竺镇裕翔路99号欧陆时尚购 物中心L222室; 2) 朝阳区国贸往西北中海广 场; 3) 朝阳区首都机场路将台路丽都假日酒店 广场缤纷廊3层

Italian Alio Olio Daily 11am-10.30pm. West gate of Chaoyang Park, Chaoyang District. (6594 0938) 朝阳区朝阳公园西门

HUAIYANG Huai Yang Fu Daily 1) 11am-2pm, 5pm-9pm. 198 Andingmenwai Dajie (Ditan Ximen Beice), Dongcheng District. (6426 5858, 6426 5959); 2) 1/F China Jingju Yuan Da Lou, 22 Pinganli Dajie, Xicheng District. (5851 9988, 5851 9866) 淮扬 府, 1) 东城区东城区安定门外大街198号(地坛西 门北侧); 2) 西城区西城区平安里西大街22号中 国京剧院大楼1楼

城7层; 2) 朝阳区新源 西里中街24号; 3) 朝阳 区建国路87号华贸中心新 光天地6层; 4) 西城区 西单北大街133号君太百 货地下1层及1层 5) 朝 阳区东大桥路9号侨福芳草地大厦LG2-20

Tianshui Yaju 2-3/F 18 Fengrong Guoji Dasha (South Wing), 18 Taipingqiao Dajie, Xicheng District. (66177177 66133778) 天水雅居, 西城区

Mr. Shi’s Dumplings 74 Baochao Hutong, Gulou Dong Dajie, Dongcheng District. (8405 0399) 东城区鼓楼东大街, 宝钞胡同74号

Brasserie Flo 18 Xiaoyun Lu, Chaoyang District. (6595 5135) 北京福楼餐厅,朝阳区霄

Smiling Dumplings Daily 10.30am-10pm. 32 Xiaoyun Lu (near Pengrun Dasha), Chaoyang District. (6463 3354) 微笑饺子, 朝阳区霄云路32

Cafe de la Poste Daily noon-3pm, 6pm-late. 58 Yonghegong Dajie, Dongcheng District. (6402 7047) 东城区雍和宫大街58号


Héritage Daily 11.30am-2.30pm, 6.30-11 .30pm. 6/F, Sofitel Hotel, Bldg C, Wanda Plaza, 93 Jianguo Lu, Chaoyang District. (8599 6666)


Miao Xiang Lou Daily 10am-8pm. Stall 07, 7/F Chaoyang Joy City, 101 Chaoyang Beilu, Chaoyang District. (85517301) 苗乡楼, 朝阳区 朝阳北路101号朝阳大悦城7楼07号铺

The Vineleaf Daily (closed Tuesdays) 11.30am-2.45pm, 6-10.15pm. 9 Jianchang Hutong (east of Yonghe Villas), Dongcheng District (6407 6308) 东城区箭厂胡同9号(近五

Din Tai Fung Taste just one dumpling to know why they’re famous around the world. Voted “Best Dim Sum” in our 2011 Reader Restaurant Awards. 1) Mon-Fri 11.30am-9 .30pm, Sat-Sun 11am-10pm. 7/F, Dangdai Shangcheng, 40 Zhongguancun Dajie, Haidian District. (6269 6726); 2) Daily 11.30am-2.30pm, 5-10pm. 24 Xinyuan Xili Zhongjie, Chaoyang District. (6462 4502); 3) Daily 11.30am-9.30pm. 6/F, Shin Kong Place, China Central Place, 87 Jianguo Lu, Chaoyang District. (6533 1536); 4) B1-1/F, Grand Pacific Mall, 133 Xidan Beidajie, Xicheng District. (6615 9028) 5)LG2-20, Parkview Green Branch, 9 Dongdaqiao Lu, Chaiyang District (8562 6583) 鼎泰丰, 1) 海淀 区中关村大街40号当代商

Re Dashu Regan Mian Daily 11am-10pm. 66 Guangqu Lu (west gate of Baihuan Jiayuan), Chaoyang District. (136 6111 5376) 热大叔热干

S.T.A.Y (Simple Table Alleno Yannick) Simple, communal-style French food by a Michelin Chef. Tue-Sat 11.30am-2.30pm, 5.30-10pm, Sun 11am-4pm. Valley Wing 1/F, Shangri-La Hotel, 29 Zizhuyuan Lu, Haidian District. (8882 6727) 海淀区紫竹院路29号北京香


Jirenyuan Restaurant, Xuesong Hotel Daily 11am-2pm. 2 Madianqiao Nanlu (inside the Jilin Provincial Office compound) 雪松宾馆

朝阳区广顺北大街16号华彩国际中心4楼D409号( 近家乐福); 2) 朝阳区慧中北里216号(北辰东路 口); 3) 朝阳区西大望路3号蓝堡国际中心2楼

The Orchard Daily noon-3pm, 6-9pm. From Jingshun Lu, turn left (west) at Shunbai Lu Intersection, (turn at the driveway just west of the Hegezhuang Village Sign), Chaoyang District. (6433 6270) 果园, 朝阳区崔各庄乡何各


Baifuyuan 46 Maizidian Jie, Chaoyang District. (64602075) 百富源, 朝阳区麦子店街46号

HUNAN AND HUBEI Mao Jia Restaurant 1) Daily 10am-10pm. D409, 4/F, Wangjing Cadenza Mall, 16 Guangshun Beidajie (above Carrefour), Chaoyang District. (5981 4118); 2) Daily 11am-10.30pm. 216 Huizhong Beili (Beichen Donglukou), Chaoyang District. (6485 9678); 3) Daily 9.30am-2pm, 5-10pm. 2/F, Blue Castle, 3 Xidawang Lu, Chaoyang District. (8599 9728/18) 毛家饭店, 1)



Wudi Renjia Daily 10.30am-2.30pm, 4.30pm10.30. 3/F The Place, 9 Guanghua Lu, Chaoyang District. (65895118) 吴地人家, 朝阳区光华路9号 世贸天阶北楼3楼   Yichan Huaiyang Daily 11am-2pm, 5.30-10pm. Sofitel Hotel, 93 Wanda Plaza (8599 6666) 一品淮扬, 朝阳区建国路93号万达索菲特大饭 店内

Find full venue descriptions at

Annie’s Voted “Restaurant of the year (non-Chinese casual)” in our 2013 Reader Restaurant Awards. 1) 1/F Ruisai Business Building (opposite Ascott Beijing), Chaoyang District. (6568 5890); 2) Daily 11am-11pm. 2/F Daimler Tower, 8 Wangjing Jie, Chaoyang

May 2013


DIRECTORY District. (8476 0398); 3) Daily 11am-11pm. 1/F, Tower AB, The Office Park (Yuanyang Guanghua International), 10 Jintong Xilu (near Central Park/The Place), Chaoyang District.; 4) 105, Bldg 3, China View, 2C Gongti Donglu, Chaoyang District. (8587 1469); 5) Daily 11am-11pm. West Gate of Soho New Town, 88 Jianguo Lu, Chaoyang District. (8589 8366); 6) Daily 11am-11pm. Chaoyang Gongyuan Xilu (next to Chaoyang Park West Gate), Chaoyang District. (6591 1931); 7) Daily 11am-11pm. Across from Western Academy Beijing, 5 Laiguangying Donglu, Chaoyang District. (8470 4768); 8) 11am-11pm. Unit 2-3-93, Ritan Highlife, (opposite north gate of Ritan Park), 39 Shenlu Jie, Chaoyang District. (8569 3031); 9) Daily 11am-11pm. Jiuxianqiao, Jiangtai Lu, Shangye Jie, Chaoyang District. (6436 3735) 安妮意大利餐厅, 1) 朝阳区瑞赛大厦商务楼一层(北京雅诗阁服务公 寓对面); 2) 朝阳区望京街8号利星行广场奔驰展 厅2层; 3) 朝阳区金桐西路10号远洋光华国际AB 座1楼(近新城国际/世贸天阶); 4) 朝阳区工体 东路丙2号中国红街大厦3号楼105室; 5) 朝阳区 建国路88号Soho现代城西门; 6) 朝阳区朝阳公 园西路(朝阳公园西门); 7) 朝阳区来广营东路 5号京西学校对面; 8) 朝阳区神路街39号日坛公 园北门对面日坛上街2-3-93号; 9) 朝阳区酒仙 桥将台路商业街

Barolo Daily 11.30am-2pm, 6-10pm. 2/F, The Ritz-Carlton Hotel, China Central Place, 83A Jianguo Lu, Chaoyang District. (5908 8151, 巴 罗洛, 朝阳区建国路甲83

Bene Sheraton Beijing Dongcheng, 36 North Third Ring Road East, Dongcheng District. (5798 8888) 东城区东城区北三环路36号

Turkish Mum Daily 11.30am-11.30pm. 3 Gongti Beilu, Chaoyang District. (8532 3979) 土 耳其妈妈, 朝阳区工体北路3号

Pizza Gung Ho! Gourmet Pizza Factory 1) Daily 11am-11pm. Bldg. 3, China View, Gongti Donglu, Chaoyang District. (8587 1404/1370); 2) Daily 11am-11pm.Shop 2, Hairun International Apartments, corner Jiangtai Lu and Fangyuan Xilu, Chaoyang District (5135 8557) 叫板!比萨 1) 朝阳区工体东路中国红街3号楼; 2) 朝阳区将台路2号海润国际公寓(将台路和方园 西路的十字路口)

The Kro’s Nest 1) Daily 10-2am (kitchen closes 11pm). Courtyard 4, Gongti Beilu (across from Salsa Caribe), Chaoyang District. (8523 6655); 2) Mon-Thu 10am-midnight, Fri-Sun 101am. 35 Xiaoyun Lu, Chaoyang District. (8391 3131) 乌巢, 1) 朝阳区工体北路4号院 (卡利宾拉 丁舞俱乐部对面); 2) 朝阳区霄云路35号

may 24: this will destroy you @ mao LIvehouse The chap on the far right looks most likely to destroy you. 区8号楼S8-30


Honzen Mon-Sat 11.30am-2pm, 5.30-10pm. Kempinski Hotel, 50 Liangmaqiao Lu, Chaoyang District. (6465 3388 ext 4200) 朝阳

Songhelou Daily 11am-2pm, 5-8pm. 10 Taijichang Dajie (at the intersection with Taijichang Santiao), Dongcheng District. (6527 9255) 松鹤楼, 东城区台基厂大街10号(台基厂

Pizza by LMPlus Daily 11am-11pm. Unit 111, Tower 11, Central Park, Chaoyangmenwai Dajie, Chaoyang District. (6597 0108) 朝阳区朝

Invincible Ramen 1) 10am-10pm. S9, Sanlitun Village, 19 Sanlitun Lu, Chaoyang District. (6416 6891) 无敌家橫浜骨汤创作面坊, 1) 朝阳区三里



Yingchun Noodle Shop 27 Dahongmen Lu, Fengtai District. (87295994) 迎春面馆, 丰台区



Pizza Plus World Championship-winning handmade pizza from Italy. The traditional Italian “Pizza Al Taglio” (pizza sold by the slice) in Beijing. Daily 11am-10pm. 112/115 Bojinghaoting, 8 Shizipo Jie, Dongcheng District. (6413 0991) 东城区十字坡街8号铂晶豪


Cepe Daily 11am-2.30pm, 6-10.30pm. The Ritz-Carlton Financial Street, 1 Jinchengfang Dongjie, Jinrong Jie, Xicheng District. (6629 6996) 意味轩, 西城区金城坊东街1号北京金融街

Kagen Daily 11am-2pm, 5.30-9.30pm. B1/F, Bldg C, Heqiao Dasha, 8 Guanghua Donglu, Chaoyang District. (6583 6830; 6583 2332) 火


Matsuko Mon-Fri 11.30am-2pm, 5-10.30pm, Sat-Sun 11am-2.30pm, 5-10.30pm. 39 Liangmaqiao Lu (opposite 21st Century hotel), Chaoyang District. 松子, 朝阳区亮马桥39号

Daccapo A contemporary Italian restaurant with plenty of flair and a great wine selection. The menu, designed by Michelin Star Chef Mario Cittadini, stays true to Italian regional cooking, and features a range of seafood, pastas, gourmet pizzas (prepared in a brick oven) and more. Daily 11.30am-2.30pm, 6-10.30pm. (no lunch Sat-Sun). 2/F, The Regent Beijing, 99 Jinbao Jie, Dongcheng District. (8522 1789) 迪卡博意大利餐厅, 东城区金宝街99号北京丽 晶酒店2层

Eatalia Daily 11.30am-midnight. 1) 18 Xilou Gang (next door to XP at southwest corner of Di’anmen Xidajie and Di’anmenwai Dajie), Xicheng District. (6401 3263); 2) 10-12 Huaqing Jiayuan, Haidian District. (151 1026 2017) 1) 西 城区西楼巷18号(近秋栗香); 2) 海淀区华清嘉 园10-12号

Fratelli Fresh Daily 10.30am-2.30pm, 5-10.30pm. 1/F, Renaissance Beijing Capital Hotel, 61 Dongsanhuan Zhonglu, Chaoyang District. (5863 8203) 朝阳区朝阳区东三环中路61 号北京富力万丽酒店1层

Mercante Tue-Sun 6-10.30pm. No.4 Fangzhuanchang Hutong, Dongcheng District. (010 8402 5098) 东城区方砖厂胡同4号 Mio 11.30am-2.30pm, 5.30-10.30pm. 3/F, Four Seasons Hotel, 48 Liangmaqiao Lu, Chaoyang District. 朝阳区亮马桥路48号北京四季酒店3层 Opera Bombana Parkview Green, 9 Dongdaqiao Lu, Chaoyang District. 朝阳区东大桥路9 号芳草地

Prego Daily 11am-11.30pm. 1/F, The Westin Beijing, 9B Jinrong Jie, Xicheng District. (6606 8866 ext 7815) 意大利餐厅, 西城区金融大街乙9 号北京金融街威斯汀大酒店1层

Tavola Excellent Neapolitan-style Italian cuisine in a setting that works equally well for intimate dinners or group events. Voted “Outstanding Italian (High-End)“ in our 2011 Reader Restaurant Awards. Daily 11.30am-2 .30pm, 6pm-10.30pm. 2/F, The Grand Summit, Section B, Liangmaqiao Diplomatic Mansion, 19 Dongfang Donglu, Chaoyang District. (8532 5068) 塔沃拉意大利餐厅, 朝阳区东方东路19号 亮马桥外交公寓会所2层

Japanese Hatsune Daily 11.30am-2pm, 5.30-10pm. 1) 2/F, Heqiao Bldg C, 8A Guanghua Lu, Chaoyang District. (6581 3939); 2) S8-30 (Opposite Element Fresh), Bldg 8, Sanlitun Village, 19 Sanlitun Lu, Chaoyang District. (6415 3939) 隐泉日本料理, 1) 朝阳区光华路甲8号和乔大厦 C座2层; 2) 朝阳区三里屯路19号The Village南


May 2013

La Pizza Daily 10.30am-3pm, 6-11pm. 1) SA48, Bldg 3, Solana Mall, 6 Chaoyang Gongyuan Lu, Chaoyang District. (5905 6106); 2) 1/F, 3.3 Mall, 33 Sanlitun Lu, Chaoyang District. (5136 5582) 1) 朝阳区朝阳公园路6号蓝色港湾国际商区

源, 朝阳区光华东路8号和乔大厦C座地下1层

korean Han Na Shan Daily 10.30am-11pm. B118A Huamao Shopping Center, 79 Jianguo Lu, Chaoyang District. (5969 5086) 汉拿山, 朝阳区 建国路79号华贸购物中心B1楼B118A号


Iki Daily 6-11pm. 111, Bldg. 3, China View, Gongti Donglu, Chaoyang District. (152 1006 4588) 朝阳区中国红街大厦三号楼111号

Miyabi Sheraton Beijing Dongcheng, 36 North Third Ring Road East, Dongcheng District. (5798 8888) 东城区东城区北三环路36号

Saveurs de Corée 128-1 Xiang’er Hutong, Dongcheng District. (5741 5753) www. 韩香馆, 东城区香饵

Miyazaki-ya Ramen Daily 11am-10pm. 20 Jintai Li, Chaoyang District. (8599 4866) 宫崎家


日式拉面, 朝阳区农展馆南路12号院通广大厦3号 楼2层(长虹桥东北角)

Nadaman Daily 11.30am-2pm, 5.30-10pm. 4/F, China World Summit Wing, 1 Jianguomenwai Dajie, Chaoyang District. (6505 2299 ext 6407) 滩万日餐厅, 朝阳区建国门外大街1号国 贸大酒店4楼

Nishimura Daily 11.30am-2.30pm, 6-10pm. Shangri-La Hotel, 29 Zizhuyuan Lu, Haidian District. (6841 2211 ext 2719) 西村餐厅, 海淀区 紫竹院路29号香格里拉饭店2层

Nobu 1/F, JW Marriott Hotel, China Central Place, 83 Jianguo Lu, Chaoyang District. (5969 6988) 朝阳区建国路83号华贸中心华茂万豪酒 店1层

Sake Manzo Daily 6pm-midnight. 7A Tuanjiehu Beisantiao, Chaoyang District. (6436 1608) 慢走日 本烧灼餐厅, 朝阳区团结湖北三条甲7号

Tairyo Teppanyaki 1) Daily 11am-11pm. 15 Wanliu Zhonglu, Haidian District. (8256 6044); 2) Daily 11.30am-3pm, 5.30-11pm. S2-32, 3/F The Village at Sanlitun, 19 Sanlitun Lu, Chaoyang District. (6416 8075, 6416 0075); 3) Daily 10am-1pm, 5-11pm. 305 China View, Gongti Donglu, Chaoyang District. (8587 1180/1); 4) Daily 11am-2pm, 5-11pm. 2/F, Yaxing Mansion, Maizidian Jie, Chaoyang District. (6461 2336); 5) Mon-Fri 10am-1pm, 5-11pm. Building E, Shenggu Jiayuan, Anzhen Qiao, Chaoyang District. (6444 8855/66) 大渔铁板

Mediterranean Migas Restaurant & Lounge Daily 10am-3pm, 5-11pm. 6/F, Nali Patio, 81 Sanlitun Lu, Chaoyang District. (5208 6061) 米家思, 朝阳区 三里屯路81号那里花园6层

Sureño Daily noon-3.30pm, 6-10.30pm. B1/F, The Opposite House, Sanlitun Village, 11 Sanlitun Lu, Chaoyang District. (6410 5240) 朝阳区 三里屯路11号三里屯Village瑜舍地下1层

MEXICAN Lucky Lopez Mexican Grill Daily 11am-8pm. Rm 0827, 1/F, Bldg 8, Jianwai Soho, Henghui Donglu, Chaoyang District. (5900 0820) 朝阳区 朝阳区恒惠东路建外Soho8号楼1层0827号

Sand Pebbles Lounge Daily noon-11pm. 74 Wudaoying Hutong, Dongcheng District. (8404 0767) 沙卵石, 东城区五道营胡同74号

Middle Eastern 1001 Nights Daily 11am-2am. Gongti Beilu (opposite Zhaolong Hotel), Chaoyang District. (6532 4050) 夜, 朝阳区工体北路兆龙饭店对面 Biteapitta Daily 11am-11pm. 2/F, Tongli Studio, Sanlitun Houjie, Chaoyang District. (6467 2961) 吧嗒饼, 朝阳区三里屯后街同里2层


SHANDONG Cuihua Lou Daily 11am-2pm, 5-9pm. 19 Dong’anmen Dajie (north entrance of Wangfujing pedestrian street), Dongcheng District. (65254581) 萃华楼, 东城区东安门大街19号(王 府井步行街北口)

Haishen Wang Daily 11am-2pm, 5-9pm. Bldg 5, 14 Zaojunmiao Donglu Xinyayuan, Haidian District. (62122840) 海参王, 海淀区皂君庙东路 鑫雅苑14号院5号楼

Feng Ze Yuan Daily 10am-11pm. 83 Zhushikou Dajie, Xicheng District. (63032828) 丰泽园, 西城区西城区珠市口西大街83号 

Shaguo Ju Daily 6.30am-10pm. 40 Shuangyushu Dongli, Haidian, Haidian District. (8213 6710) 砂锅据, 海淀区海淀区双榆树东里40号 Tai Feng Lou Daily 10am-10pm. 2 Qianmen Dajie, Xuanwu District. (6301 0153, 6302 3174) 泰丰楼, 宣武区宣武区前门西大街2号

Shanghai Lu Bo Lang Daily 11am-2.30pm, 5-9.30pm. 1) 2/F Jinrui Dasha, 17 Dongsanhuan Nanlu, Chaoyang District. (6766 8866 ext 3175, 6765 4845); 2) 2/F Landmark Hotel, 8 Dongsanhuan Beilu, Chaoyang District. (6590 0510) 绿波廊, 1) 朝阳区朝阳区东三环南路17号京瑞大厦2楼; 2) 朝阳区东三环北路8号亮马河大厦2层

Shanghai Min (Xiao Nan Guo) 3/F, Bldg 1, Sanlitun SOHO, 8 Gongti Beilu, Chaoyang District. (400 820 9777) 小南国, 朝阳区工体北 路8号三里屯SOHO一栋3楼

Wang Jia Sha S1, 3/F, 19 Sanlitun Lu, Sanlitun Village North, Chaoyang District. 王家沙, 朝阳 区三里屯路19号三里屯Village3层S1号

Yang Family Private Kitchen 68 Gongti Xilu Xinzhonglu, Chaoyang District. (65527801) 杨 家私房菜, 朝阳区工体西路新中街68号

shanxi and shaanxi

烧, 1) 海淀区万柳中路15号; 2) 朝阳区三里 屯路19号The Village at Sanlitun 南区,三层 S2-32; 3) 朝阳区工体东路中国红街305号; 4) 朝阳区麦子店街亚星大厦2层; 5) 朝阳区安贞桥 胜古家园E座

Jinde Xiaoguan 1/F Liangmahe Dasha, 8 Dongsanhuanbei Lu, Chaoyang District. (65906658) 晋德小馆, 朝阳区东三环北路8号亮 马河大厦1楼   Noodle Loft Daily 10am-10pm. 2/F Fuma Dasha, 33 Guangshun Beidajie, Chaoyang District. (8472 4700) 面酷, 朝阳区广顺北大街33号福码大

JIANGSU Nanjing Impressions Mon-Fri 11am-2pm, 5-9.30pm, Sat-Sun 11am-10pm. 4/F, Shimao Department Store, 13 Gongti Beilu, Chaoyang District. (8405 9777) 南京大排挡, 朝阳区工体北



Nanjing Great Hotel Restaurant 2-3/F 5 Wangfujing Xijie, Dongcheng District. (65262188) 南京大饭店中餐厅, 东城区王府井西

3号楼SA-48; 2) 朝阳区朝阳区三里屯路33号3.3 服装大厦西北角底商

Rumi Daily 11.30am-midnight. 1A Gongti Beilu, Chaoyang District. (8454 3838) 入迷, 朝 阳区工体北路甲1号

Real Love Cuisine Daily 10am-10pm. 5/F North Building, Zhonghai Plaza, Guanghua Dongli, Chaoyang District. (67121234) 真爱中 国, 朝阳区光华东里8号院中海广场北楼5楼  


Can’t find what you’re looking for? Check out

DIRECTORY Chengdu Representative Office Restaurant Shudu Hotel, 30 Shatan Houjie, Dongcheng District. (6403 4440 ext 2241) 成都 驻京办餐厅, 东城区沙滩后街30号蜀都宾馆

Chuan Ban Mon-Fri 7-9am, 10.50am-2pm, 4.50-9.30pm; Sat-Sun 7am-10pm. 5 Gongyuan Toutiao, Jianguomennei Dajie, Dongcheng District. (6512 2277 ext 6101) 川办餐厅, 东城区 建国门内贡院头条5号

Huatian Emei Jiujia Daily 11am-9pm. 155 Di’anmenwai Dajie, Xicheng District. (64043097) 华天峨嵋酒家,西城区地安门外大 街155号

Jin Yuan Restaurant, Kunlun Hotel 2 Xinyuannan Lu, Chaoyang District. (65903388) 昆仑饭店锦园餐厅, 朝阳区新源南路2号   Laojietu Yanbangcai Daily 11am-5am. 1-A Dongzhimenwai Xinzhongjie, Dongcheng District. (64172399) 老街兔盐帮菜, 东城区东直 门外新中街甲1号   Meizhou Dongpo Daily 11am-midnight. 7 Chunxiu Lu, Chaoyang District. (6417 1566) 眉 州东坡, 朝阳区春秀路7号

Sanlitun Noodle Bar 1) Bldg 2 (across from Tongli Studios), Sanlitun Bar Street, Chaoyang District. (6415 8098); 2) Unit 5007, 5/F (next to Lily Nails), 3.3 Shopping Mall, Sanlitun Beilu, Chaoyang District. (5136 5108) 三里屯面馆, 1) 朝阳区三里屯3.3后门临街居民楼2楼(同里对面); 2) 朝阳区三里屯北路3.3商场5楼5007室

Sichuan Restaurant Daily 11am-2pm, 5pm-9pm. 14A Liuyin Jie, Xicheng District. (8322 6925) 四川饭店, 西城区柳荫街甲14号

Spice Spirit S2-30, The Village at Sanlitun, Chaoyang District. (6413 2908) 麻辣诱惑, 朝阳 区朝阳区三里屯路太谷广昌南区2号楼3层

South Beauty 1) Daily 11am-10pm. 2/F, West Wing, China World Shopping Mall, 1 Jianguomenwai Dajie, Chaoyang District. (6505 0809) (8286 1698) 俏江南, 1) 朝阳区建国门外 大街1号国贸西楼2层

Tianfu Gouhun Mian Daily 11am-10pm. Entryway of the National Theater, 45-A Mao’er Hutong, Di’anmenwai Dajie, Xicheng District. (84036968) 天府勾魂面, 西城区地安门外大街帽 儿胡同甲45号国家话剧院门口

Transit Daily 6-10pm. N4-36, Sanlintun Village North, 11 Sanlitun Lu, Chaoyang District. (6417 9090) 渡金湖, 朝阳区三里屯路11号三里屯 Village北区N4-36号

Xinyudu Tantanmian Daily 10am-10pm. B1/F Shin Kong Place, 87 Jianguo Lu, Chaoyang District. 鑫渝都摊摊面, 朝阳区建国路87号新 光天地B1楼  

Southeast Asian

Steakhouses Angus Grill Daily 11.30am-2pm, 6pm-10pm. 1/F, Crowne Plaza Beijing, 48 Wangfujing Dajie, Dongcheng District. (5911 9965) 东城区 王府井大街48号,国际艺苑皇冠假日酒店1层

The Astor Grill Mon-Fri 11.30am-2pm; daily 6-10pm. 3/F, St. Regis Hotel Apartments, 21 Jianguomenwai Dajie, Chaoyang District. (6460 6688 ext 2637) 艾斯特扒房, 朝阳区建国 门外大街21号国际俱乐部饭店公寓3层

China Grill Daily 6.30-10.30am, noon-2pm, 6-10pm. 66/F, Park Hyatt Hotel, 2 Jianguomenwai Dajie, Chaoyang District. (8567 1234) 北京 亮, 朝阳区建国门外大街2号柏悦酒店66层

CRU Steakhouse Daily 11.30am-2pm, 6-10pm. 2/F, JW Marriott Hotel, China Central Place, 83 Jianguo Lu, Chaoyang District. (5908 8530) 朝阳区建国路83号华贸中心JW万 豪酒店2层

The CUT Steak & Seafood Grill The main menu features a wide selection of prime imported beef, market-fresh seafood and poultry roasted to perfection. Tue-Sat 6-11pm. Fairmont Beijing Hotel, 8 Yong’an Dongli, Jianguomenwai Dajie, Chaoyang District. (8507 3630) 刃, 朝阳区建国门外大街永安东里8 号华彬费尔蒙酒店

Flamme International Grill This stylish two-floor bar and grill features American steaks. Voted “Outstanding New Restaurant (Non-Chinese)“ and “Outstanding Steak“ in our 2011 Reader Restaurant Awards. Daily 11am-midnight. S4-33, Sanlitun Village, 19 Sanlitun Lu, Chaoyang District. (6417 8608) 朝 阳区三里屯路19号三里屯Village3楼S4-33室

Grange Grill Mon-Fri 11.30-3pm (lunch), daily 5.30-11pm (dinner). 2/F, Westin Beijing Chaoyang, 7 Dongsanhuan Beilu, Chaoyang District. (5922 8888) 朝阳区东三环北路7号金茂 北京威斯汀大饭店

The Grill Steaks and seafood grilled on an open flame with a Scandinavian twist, with Chinese dishes also available. Daily 3-11pm. Radisson Blu Hotel Beijing, 6A East Beisanhuan Road, Chaoyang District. (5922 3440) 朝 阳区北三环东路甲6号,北京皇家大饭店

Morton’s Steak House The internationallyrenowned steak experience has arrived in Beijing. Gorge on world-class meats and cocktails to match. Check out their opening specials. 2/F, Regent Hotel, 99 Jinbao Jie, Dongcheng District. (6523 7777) 莫尔顿牛排坊, 东城区金 宝街99号丽晶酒店2楼

Steak Exchange Restaurant + Bar Daily 11.30am-2pm, 5.30-10.30pm. InterContinental Beijing Financial Street, 11 Financial Street, Xicheng District. (5852 5921) 西城区金融街11

4corners Daily 11am-midnight. 27 Dashibei Hutong (near west end of Yandai Xiejie), Xicheng District (6401 7797) 西城区大石碑胡同



Banzhuo Daily 11am-10pm. Unit 2107, North Tower, Soho Shangdu, 8 Dongdaqiao Lu, Chaoyang District. (5869 0587) 办桌台菜料理,

Cafe Sambal Daily 11am-midnight. 43 Doufuchi Hutong (just east of Jiugulou Dajie), Xicheng District. (6400 4875) 西城区豆腐池胡同 43号(旧鼓楼大街往东走)

Nyonya Kitchen B1/F (near the Line 10 Subway entrance), China World Mall, 1 Jianguomenwai Dajie, Chaoyang District. (6505 0376) 娘惹厨房, 朝阳区建国门外大街1号 国贸商城B1楼

Orchard 7 Daily 11am-10pm. E2220, 2/F, North Tower of Shangdu Soho, 8 Dongdaqiao Lu, Chaoyang District. (5869 7173) 乌节时七, 朝阳 区东大桥路8号Soho尚都北塔二层E2220

Spanish Agua 4/F, Nali Patio, 81 Sanlitun Lu, Chaoyang District. (5208 6188) 朝阳区三里屯路81号那里 花园4层

Carmen Daily 11am-2am. Beside Nali Patio, 81 Sanlitun Beijie, Chaoyang District. (6417 8038) 朝阳区三里屯北街81号(哪里花园边)

Ole Spanish Restaurant Sun-Wed 11ammidnight, Thu 11am-2am, Fri- Sat 11am-4am. Courtyard 4, Gongti Beilu (next to Salsa Caribe), Chaoyang District. (6595 9677) 朝阳区 工体北路4号院(卡利宾旁边)

Migas Restaurant & Lounge 6/F, Nali Patio, 81 Sanlitun Lu, Chaoyang District. (5208 6061) 米家思, 朝阳区三里屯路81号那里花园6层

Niajo Daily 11am-3pm, 6-11pm. 3/F, Nali Patio, 81 Sanlitun Lu, Chaoyang District. (5208 6052) 朝阳区三里屯路81号那 里花园3层



Cafe de Sofa Daily 11.00am-midnight. 12 Yindingqiao Hutong (south of Yindingqiao Bridge), Xicheng District, Xicheng District. (62032905) 沙发咖啡馆, 西城区西城区银锭桥胡 同12号(银锭桥南)

Du Hsiao Yueh Daily 11.30am-2pm, 5pm-7 .30pm. B2/F, Parkview Green, 9 Dongdaqiao Lu, Chaoyang District. (8563 1105) 度小月, 朝阳区 东大桥路9号芳草地地下2层

Shin Yeh Daily 11am-10pm. 4/F, Xinzhongguan Shopping Center (The Gate City Mall), 19 Zhongguancun Dajie, Haidian District. (8248 6288) 欣叶, 海淀区中关村大街19号新中关购 物中心4层

Taipei Gu Zao Wei Daily 10.30am-10.30pm. B2-N202 China World Shopping Center, 1 Jianguomenwai Dajie, Chaoyang District. (6505 1551) 台北古早味, 朝阳区建国门外大街1号国贸 商城B2楼NB202铺(近溜冰场)

Xiaowei Yansu Ji Daily noon-11pm. Sanlitun Beijie, Chaoyang District. (64154861) 小尾盐酥 鸡, 朝阳区三里屯北街  

Thai Banana Leaf Daily 11am-11pm. Courtyard 4, Gongti Beilu, Chaoyang District. (6506 8855) 蕉 叶, 朝阳区工体北路4号院内凯富酒店后

Lime Cafe Daily 11.30am-9.30pm. Store 103, Bldg 15, Central Park, 6 Chaoyangmenwai Dajie, Chaoyang District. (6597 0887) 青柠泰餐厅, 朝

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May 2013


DIRECTORY 阳区朝阳门外大街6号新城国际15号楼103铺

hua Lu, Chaoyang District. (6561 8833 ext 42)

Purple Haze Restaurant & Bar Daily 11am-11.30pm. Opposite the north gate of the Workers’ Stadium (behind ICBC Bank), Chaoyang District. (6413 0899) 紫苏庭, 朝阳区

炫酷, 朝阳区光华路1号嘉里中心饭店1层

Champagne Bar Daily 6pm-midnight. 2/F, Fairmont Beijing, 8 Yong’an Dongli, Chaoyang District. (8511 7777) 朝阳区建国门外大街永安东



Cheers The cheapest wine store in town. Unit 102, Door 6, 29 Sanlitun Lu, Chaoyang District. (8532 2935) 朝阳区三里

tibetan Qomolangma Hotel Restaurant 149 Gulou Xidajie, Xicheng District. (6401 8822) 珠穆郎玛


餐厅, 西城区鼓楼西大街149号

Chill Café Bar Daily 2pm-2am. 2 Andingmennei Xidajie (50m west from southwest corner of Andingmen Qiao), Dongcheng District. 东城区安定门内西大街2号

Vegetarian Tianchu Miaoxiang Vegetarian Daily 10am10pm. 1/F, Chuangye Bldg, Qinghua Keji Yuan, Haidian District. (6279 7078); 2) 10am-10pm. Ste 260, 2/F, Tower D, Chaowai SOHO, Chaoyang District. (5900 1288) 天厨妙香素食, 1) 海淀区清


China Bar Daily 5pm-1am. 65/F, Park Hyatt, 2 Jianguomenwai Dajie, Chaoyang District. (8567 1234) 朝阳区建国门外大街2号

华科技园创业大厦一层; 2) 朝阳区朝阳区朝外大 街乙6号朝外SOHO大厦D座2楼0260号

Chocolate Daily 7pm-6am. 19 Ritan Beilu, Chaoyang District. (8561 3988) 朝阳区日坛

The Veggie Table Daily 11am-11pm. 19 Wudaoying Hutong, Dongcheng District. (6446 2073) 吃素的, 东城区五道营胡同19号


Cigar Lounge, St. Regis Beijing Daily 4.30pm-1am. 21 Jianguomenwai Dajie, Chaoyang District (6460 6688 ext 2709) 建国门

vietnamese Muse Parisian Vietnamese Brasserie 1) Daily 10am-10pm. 4/F, U-Town Shopping Center, 2 Sanfeng Beili, Chaoyangmenwai Dajie, Chaoyang District. (5977 5861); 2) Daily 10am-10pm. Shop 6, 7/F, Chaoyang Joy City, 101 Chaoyang Road, Chaoyang District. (8551 8985); 3) Daily 11am-11pm. 1/F, Tongli Studios, 43 Sanlitun Lu, Chaoyang District. (6415 6388); 4) Daily 10am-10pm. 3/F, Indigo Mall, 18 Jiuxianqiao Lu, Chaoyang District.; 5) 11am-11pm. Chaoyang Gongyuan West Gate, 1 Nongzhan Nanlu, Chaoyang District. (6586 3188) 妙巴黎 越南小吃, 1) 朝阳区三丰北里2号楼悠唐广场4 层; 2) 朝阳区朝阳路101号朝阳大悦城7层06号店 铺; 3) 朝阳区三里屯路43号同里1层; 4) 朝阳区 酒仙桥路18号颐堤港3层; 5) 朝阳区农展南路一 号,朝阳公园西门

外大街21号, 朝阳区

may 26: the dodos @ yugong yishan

They’re not dead yet but the American rockers are down to a two-piece. Dali Courtyard Daily 10am-9.30pm. 67 Xiaojingchang Hutong, Gulou Dongdajie, Dongcheng District. (8404 1430) 大理, 东城区 鼓楼东大街小经厂胡同67号

Hudiequan Guest House Restaurant Daily 7-9am, 11am-1.30pm, 5-8pm. 55 Xidan Beidajie Xixiejie, Xicheng District. (66156583) 蝴蝶泉宾 馆中餐厅,西城区西单北大街西斜街55号  

In & Out Daily 11am-10pm. 1 Sanlitun Beixiaojie, Chaoyang District. (8454 0086/6467 5235) 一坐一忘, 朝阳区三里屯北小街1号

Susu Tue-Sun 11.30am-11pm. 10 Qianliang Hutong Xixiang, Dongcheng District. (8400 2699) 苏苏会, 东城区钱粮胡同西巷10号


Apothecary Tue-Sat 7pm-late, Sun 6pm-late (kitchen closes 1am). 3/F, Nali Patio, 81 Sanlitun Beilu, Chaoyang District. (5208 6040) 朝阳


Crystal Bar & Lounge Daily 7.30am1am. Ritz-Carlton Beijing Financial Street, 1 Jinchengfang Jie, Jinrong Jie, Xicheng District. (6601 6666 ext 6231) 西城区金城坊东


Ashen Daily 3pm-late. Unit 2-11, Bldg 2, Tianzhi Jiaozi, 31 Guangqu Lu (northeast corner of Shuangjing Qiao), Chaoyang District (136 8155 5650) 朝阳区双井桥东北角广渠路31号

Tue-Sun 2pm-1am. 1/F, InterContinental Beijing Beichen, 8 Beichen Xilu, Chaoyang District. (8437 1386) 朝阳区北辰西路8号北京 北辰洲际酒店1层


The Bar at Migas Sun-Wed 6pm-2am, ThuFri 6pm-late. 6/F, Nali Patio, 81 Sanlitun Lu, Chaoyang District. (5208 6061) 朝阳区三里屯路

Pudao Wines Daily noon-9pm. 1/F, Tower AB, The Office Park (Yuanyang Guanghua International), 10 Jintong Xilu (near Central Park/The Place), Chaoyang District. (8590 3020) 朝阳区金桐西路10号远洋光华国际AB座1楼(近新 城国际/世贸天阶)

Xinjiang AND muslim 99 Dingzhanfang Daily 11am-2.30pm, 5pm-9pm. 9 Yongtaizhuang Beilu, Mafang Cun, Dongsheng Xiang, Haidian District. (6299 1888) 九十九顶毡房, 海淀区东升乡马坊村永泰 庄北路9号   Bayi Laoye Daily 11am-11pm. 1/F Jinwuxing Shichang, 118 Zhongguancun Donglu, Haidian District. (8211 1181) 巴依老爷新疆美食, 海淀区 中关村东路118号金五星市场1楼 

BLCU Xinjiang Restaurant 15 Xueyuan Lu, Haidian District. 北京语言大学新疆饭馆, 海淀 区学院路15号

Crescent Moon Muslim Restaurant Daily 11am-11.30pm. 16 Dongsi Liutiao (alley number six, 100m west of Chaonei Beixiaojie), Dongcheng District. (6400 5281) 弯弯的月亮, 东城区东四六条16号

Kaorou Ji Daily 11am-11pm. 14 Qianhai Dongyan, Xicheng District. (6404 2554) 烤肉季,

Lost Heaven A hip new Yunnan restaurant and bar with crowd-pleasing ethnic minority cuisine and great drinks. Daily, noon-2pm, 5pm-1am (kitchen closes at 10.30pm). Ch’ien Men 23, 23 Qianmen Dongdajie, Dongcheng District. 花马天堂, 东城区前门东大街23号 Middle 8th Restaurant Daily 11am-11.30pm. Zhongba Lou, Sanlitun Zhongjie, Chaoyang District. (6413 0629) 中八楼, 朝阳区三里屯中 街中八楼

Southern Barbarian Daily 11am-11pm. 107 Baochao Hutong, Dongcheng District. (6401 3318) 南蛮子, 东城区鼓楼东大街宝钞胡同107号

NIGHTLIFE bars & clubs 2 Kolegas 21 Liangmaqiao Lu (inside the drive-in movie theater park), Chaoyang District. (6436 8998, 两个好朋友, 朝阳区亮马桥



Xinjiang Islam Restaurant Daily 11am-10 .30pm. Xinjiang Provincial Government Office, 7 Sanlihe Lu, Xicheng District. (6830 1820) 新疆

2F Sun-Thu 6pm-2am, Fri-Sat 6pm-4am. Sanlitun Houjie (south of 3.3 Shopping Center), Chaoyang District. (6416 4549) 贰楼, 朝阳区三

伊斯兰饭庄, 西城区三里河路7号


Xinjiang Red Rose Daily 10.30am-11pm. Inside 7 Xingfu Yicun alley, opposite Workers’ Stadium North Gate, Chaoyang District. (6415 5741) 新疆红玫瑰餐厅, 朝阳区工人体育场北门对

4corners Daily 11am-midnight. 27 Dashibei Hutong (near west end of Yandai Xiejie), Xicheng District (6401 7797) 西城区大石碑胡同


Ala House Daily 6pm-2am. Unit 102, Bldg 21, Central Park, 6 Chaoyangmenwai Dajie, Chaoyang District. (6533 6661) 朝阳区朝阳区朝

Yunnan Aimo Town Daily 11am-10pm. Bldg G, 46 Fangjia Hutong (just south of Guozijian Jie), Dongcheng District. (6400 1725) 埃蒙小镇, 东 城区方家胡同46号艺术园区 (国子监南临) G座


May 2013



Aperitivo Daily 10am-late. 43 Sanlitun Houjie (next to Tongli Studio), Chaoyang District. (6417 7793) 意式餐吧, 朝阳区三里屯后街43号

The Corner Daily 10am-2am. Commercial 1-19, No. 2, Hairun International Condominium, Jiang Tai Lu, Chaoyang District,. (5135 7607) 朝阳区朝阳区将台路海润国际公寓


The Bar (InterContinental Beichen)


雪茄爵士酒吧, 朝阳区世贸天阶 L-137 光华 路9号

Atmosphere Bar Daily noon-2am. 80/F, China World Summit Wing, 1 Jianguomenwai Dajie, Chaoyang District. (6505 2299 ext 6433)


Va Va Voom Daily 10am-10pm. L-RS-03, Bldg 16, Solana Mall, 6 Chaoyang Gongyuan Lu, Chaoyang District. (5905 1963) 越时代, 朝阳区

CJW Daily 11.30am-2am. L-137, The Place, 9 Guanghua Lu, Chaoyang District. (6587 1222)


Cu Ju Beijing 6pm till late. 28 Xiguan Hutong, Dongcheng District. (186 0114 3837) 蹴鞠北京, 东城区细管胡同28号

Cru Wine Bar 1 Gongti Beilu (next to Sanlitun Youth Hostel, off Chunxiu Lu), Chaoyang District (6416 4699) (6416 4699) 东城区工体北 路1号院青年旅店院内

d lounge Daily 8pm-late. Courtyard 4, Gongti Beilu (across from Rock & Roll Club), Chaoyang District. (6593 7710) 朝阳区工体北路4号 D Pub Sanlitun Houjie (near back door of 3.3 Mall), Chaoyang District. 朝阳区三里屯侯街(近



Bar Veloce Courtyard 4 (opposite west entrance of 1949 - The Hidden City), Gongti Beilu, Chaoyang District. (6586 1006) www. 朝阳区工体北路4号院

Dada Sun-Fri 9pm-2am, Sat 9pm-5am Unit 101, Bldg B, 206 Gulou Dongdajie (near Temple Bar), Dongcheng District. (183 1108 0818) 东城区鼓楼东大街206号B栋



Beer Mania Daily 2pm-late. 1/F, Taiyue Fang, Nansanlitun Lu, Chaoyang District. (6500 0559) 欧月啤酒吧, 朝阳区南三里屯路泰乐坊1层

Destination Sun-Thu 8pm-2am; Fri-Sat 8pm-late. 7 Gongti Xilu, Chaoyang District. (6552 8180) index_en.htm 目的地, 朝阳区工体西路7号

Black Sun Bar Daily 5.30pm-3am. West gate of Chaoyang Park, Chaoyang District. (6593 6909) 黑太阳, 朝阳区朝阳公园西门

Drei Kronen 1308 Brauhaus Daily 11am2am. 1/F, Bldg 5, China View, Gongti Donglu, Chaoyang District. (6503 5555) 皇冠自酿啤酒

Blue Frog See Dining Directory under “American.”

坊, 朝阳区工体东路中国红街5号楼1层

The Brick Daily 4pm-late. Unit 2-11, Bldg 2, Tianzhi Jiaozi, 31 Guangqu Lu (northeast corner of Shuangjing Qiao), Chaoyang District. (134 2616 6677) 朝阳区双井桥东北角广渠路31号

The Drive-Thru Sun-Thu 10am-10pm, Fri-Sat 10am-midnight. 3/F, Bldg 5, Sanlitun Soho, Gongti Beilu, Chaoyang District. (139 1113 6564) 朝阳区工体北路三里屯Soho5号楼3层


Drum and Bell Daily 1pm-2am. 41 Zhonglouwan Hutong, Dongcheng District. (8403 3600) 鼓钟咖啡馆, 东城区钟楼湾胡同

Brussels Bar & Restaurant Daily 6pm-2am. Courtyard 4 (opposite west entrance of 1949 - The Hidden City), Gongti Beilu, Chaoyang District. (6591 9525) 朝阳区工体北路4号院 (1949西门对面)

Bu Zhi Dao Thu-Sat 7pm-midnight. 56 Dongsijiutiao, Dongcheng District. (6405 5510, 不知道, 东城 区东四九条56号

Buzz Mon-Sat 6pm-1.30am. 1/F, The Westin Beijing, 9B Financial Street, Xicheng District. (6606 8866 ext 7825) 西城区金融大街乙9号北京 金融街威斯汀大酒店1层

Cafe CD Blues Daily 4pm-late. Unit 1-28/29, Bldg 2, 39 Shenlu Jie, Chaoyang District. (6506 8288) 熙地布鲁斯餐厅, 朝阳区神路街39号院2


East Shore Live Jazz Cafe Daily 2.30pm-2am. 2/F, 2 Qianhai Nanyanlu (just to the west of the post office on Di’anmenwai Dajie), Xicheng District. (8403 2131) 东岸咖啡, 西城区 地安门外大街前海南沿2号楼2层

El Nido/Bar No. 59 Daily 4pm-late. 59 Fangjia Hutong (enter from Andingmennei Dajie), Dongcheng District. (8402 9495) 东城区 方家胡同59号(丛安定门内大街往东走20米)

Elements, e-Club Wed-Sun 9pm-late. Gongti Xilu (east side, 100m north of Workers' Stadium West Gate, next to Lantern), Chaoyang District. (135 6552 6223) 朝阳区工体



Cafe del Mar Daily 9am-2am. Hairun International Apartment, 2A Jiangtai Lu, Chaoyang District. (5135 7028) 海润天缘, 朝阳

Enoterra Daily 10am-2am. 4/F, Nali Patio, 81 Sanlitun Beilu, Chaoyang District. (5208 6076)


Entero Daily 7pm-3am. 1 Xinyuanli, Chaoyang District. (8451 0554) 朝阳区新源

Centro Daily 24hrs. 1/F, Kerry Hotel, 1 Guang-


Can’t find what you’re looking for? Check out

DIRECTORY Bldg 8, CBD2 Apartments (400m west of Third Ring Road), Shuanghuayuan Nanli Erqu, Shuangjing, Chaoyang District. (8772 1613) 朝



Hopfenstube 3 Sanfeng Beilu (opposite Cashbox KTV), Chaoyang District. (5909 6666/5909 6622) 慕尼黑啤酒屋, 朝阳区三丰北 里3号(钱柜KTV对面)

Hot Cat Club Daily 10am-late. 46 Fangjia Hutong (just south of Guozijian Jie), Dongcheng District. (6400 7868) 东城区方家胡 同46号艺术园区(国子监南临)

Airport, Chaoyang District. (6458 8888) 朝阳区 首都机场3号航站希尔顿酒店

Loong Bar Daily 5.30pm-2am. 2/F, JW Marriott Hotel, 83 Jianguo Lu, China Central Place, Chaoyang District. (5908 8906) 龙吧, 朝阳区华

dents. Low prices. Daily 5pm-5am. Courtyard 4, Gongti Beilu (opposite to Banana Leaf), Chaoyang District. (6413 0963) 南街, 朝阳区工 体北路4号院蕉叶对面


The Lounge (China World Summit Wing) Daily 6.30am-1am. 80/F, China World Summit Wing Hotel, 1 Jianguomenwai Dajie, Chaoyang District. (6505 2299 ext 6431) 酒廊, 朝阳区建国门外大街1号国贸大酒店80层

Luga’s Villa Daily 11am-2am. 2/F, 7 Sanlitun Houjie (10m from northwest corner of 3.3 Shopping Center), Chaoyang District. (6416 2575) 朝阳区三里屯后 街7号2层(离3.3购物中心西北角10米)

Lush Daily 24hrs. 2/F, Bldg 1, Huaqing Jiayuan, Chengfu Lu (across from the Wudaokou light-rail station), Haidian District. (8286 3566) 海淀区成府路华清嘉园1

Eudora Station Bar and Restaurant American food, a great terrace and live music. Greg Carroll Band featuring singer Greg Carroll (who formerly performed with Robert Palmer), plays a mix of Latin-influenced blues, jazz and rock & roll Wed-Sat 9.30pm-1am. Daily 9am2am. 6 Fangyuan Xilu (opposite Lido Plaza), Chaoyang District. (6437 8331/8813) 朝阳区芳


Mai Sun-Thu 6pm-1am, Fri-Sat 6pm-2am. 40 Beiluogu Xiang, Dongcheng District. (138 1125 2641) 麦, 东城区北锣鼓巷40号


Maison Camus Daily 4pm-midnight. 4/F, Reignwood Center, 8 Yong’an Dongli, Jianguomenwai Dajie, Chaoyang District. (8528 9518) 卡慕世家酒廊, 朝阳区建国门外大街永安

Everwines Daily noon-midnight. B1-102,

B1/F, East Avenue Apartments, 10 Xindong Lu, Chaoyang District. (8442 5008) 朝阳区新 东路10号逸盛阁地下1层B1-102

Exchange Daily 8am-midnight. 1/F, The Westin Beijing Chaoyang, 7 Dongsanhuan Beilu, Chaoyang District. (5922 8888 ext 8191) 朝阳区东三环北路7号金茂北京威斯汀大饭店1层

Fez Sun-Thu 5pm-1am, Fri-Sat 5pm-2am. 6/F, Nali Patio, 81 Sanlitun Lu, Chaoyang District. (5208 6188, 5208 6198) 朝阳区三里屯路81号那 里花园6层

First Floor Sun-Thu 11am-2am, Fri-Sat 11am-4am. 1/F, Tongli Studio (southwest of 3.3 Shopping Mall), Sanlitun Houjie, Chaoyang District. (6413 0587) 朝阳区三里屯


Huxley’s Shut Up and Drink: Not much more need be said. Daily 6pm-late. Yandai Xiejie (the street running diagonally between the Drum Tower and Yinding Bridge), Xicheng District. (6402 7825) 德彼酒吧, 西城区烟袋 斜街16号

Ichikura 2/F (entrance via stairs at south wall of Chaoyang Theater), Chaoyang Theater, 36 Dongsanhuan Beilu, Chaoyang District. (6507 1107) 朝阳区东三环北路36号朝阳剧场南侧 The Irish Volunteer Daily 9am-2am. Jiangtai Lu (opposite the east gate of the Lido Hotel), Chaoyang District. 朝阳区高家园小区平房311号



Flames Daily 11am-1am. Hilton Beijing Wangfujing, 8 Wangfujing Dongjie, Dongcheng District. (5812 8888) 东城区王府井东街8号北京

The James Joyce Daily 11am-2am. 14 Xindong Lu, Chaoyang District. (6415 9125) 朝


Just Salad Daily 1pm-2am. 100 meters west into Dashibei Hutong North entrance, Gulou, Xicheng District, Xicheng District. (134 8871 3633) 洒沙拉吧, 西城区西城区鼓楼往西100米大

Flamme International Grill Mon-Sat 11am11pm. S4-33, Sanlitun Village, 19 Sanlitun Lu, Chaoyang District. (6417 8608) 朝阳区三里屯路




Flensburger Brauhaus Unit 105, World Financial Center, 1 Dongsanhuan Zhonglu, Chaoyang District. (85878488) 朝阳区东三环

Kokomo Sun-Thu 6pm-2am, Fri-Sat 6pm4am. 4/F, Tongli Studios, Sanlitun Houjie, Chaoyang District. (6413 1019, 朝


Four Points by Sheraton Sun 11am-4pm. 25 Yuanda Lu, Haidian District. (8889 8888) 海 淀区福朋喜来登永泰酒店, 海淀区远大路25号

Frost Coffee, Nails and Cocktails Mon-Fri 7.30am-2am, Sat-Sun 11am-2am. 55 Xingfucun Zhonglu (in the alleyway 20m west of Argana), Chaoyang District. (6417 5430, 朝阳区幸福村中路55 George’s Daily 3pm-2am. Near Gate 12, east side of Workers’ Stadium, Gongti Donglu, Chaoyang District. (6553 6299) 朝阳区工体东路 工人体育场东门内12号进口

Glen Daily 6pm-2am. 203 Taiyue Suites, 16 Nansanlitun Lu, Chaoyang District. (6591 1191) 格兰高地, 朝阳区南三里屯16号泰悦豪庭2层203

Great Leap Brewing Thu-Fri 7pm-midnight. 6 Doujiao Hutong (from Di’anmenwai Dajie, walk east down Fangzhuanchang Hutong until you hit Doujiao Hutong. Turn right then follow the road round to the left), Dongcheng District. (5717 1399) 大跃, 东城区豆角胡同6号 The Green Cap Bar Tue-Sun noon-late. Beside Western Academy of Beijing, Laiguangying Donglu (off the Airport Expressway), Chaoyang District. 爱尔兰老人酒吧, 朝阳区来 广营东路(北京京西学校旁边)

Havana Bar Daily 5pm-1.30am. Grand Millennium Beijing, Fortune Plaza, 7 Dongsanhuan Zhonglu, Chaoyang District. (6530 9383) 朝阳 区东三环中路7号财富中心

Haze Thu-Sat 9pm-late. B1/F, On the Corner Cafe, Guanghualu Soho, Guanghua Lu, Chaoyang District. 朝阳区光华路光华路Soho 地下1层

Helen’s Cafe Daily 11am-late. 200m south of Wudaokou subway station intersection, Chengfu Lu, Haidian District. (8286 7558) 海 淀区成府路五道口城铁站路口往南走200米

Hidden Lounge Daily 6pm-1am. Rm 101,


Kura Kura Daily 10.30am-1am. Unit 1-101, 29 Sanlitun Beijie, Chaoyang District. (6415 1550) 藏藏, 朝阳区三里屯路29号楼1-101

LAN Club Daily 11am-10.45pm. 4/F, LG Twin Towers, 12B Jianguomenwai Dajie, Chaoyang District. (5109 6012/13) 兰会所, 朝阳区建国门外大街乙12号LG双子座4层

Lantern Daily 9pm-late. 100m north of Workers’ Stadium West Gate, (in the basement behind Xuxian Lou restaurant), Gongti Xilu, Chaoyang District. (135 0134 8785) 灯笼, 朝 阳区工体西路工体西门往北走100米(许仙楼后 面地下1层)

Le Petit Gourmand Sun-Thu 9.30am-midnight, Fri-Sat 9.30am-1am. 3/F, Tongli Studios, Sanlitun Houjie, Chaoyang District. (6417 6095, fax 6413 0765) www.lepetitigourmand. 小美食家, 朝阳区三里屯后街同里3层 Links Lobby Lounge Daily 9am-10pm. 1F, Holiday Inn Beijing Focus Square, A Fangheng Guoji, Bldg 3, 6 Futong Dong Dajie, Wangjing, Chaoyang District. (6473 3333 ext 6315) 朝阳

Mako Live House Daily 5pm-late. Inside Hongdian Art Factory, Courtyard 36, Guangqu Lu, Chaoyang District. (5205 1112/3) 麻雀, 朝 阳区广渠路36号院红点艺术工厂内(幸福贝贝 南边)

The Malt Daily 11am-late. Bldg 15, 6 Langjiayuan, Jianguo Lu (south side, opposite Sofitel), Chaoyang District. (8589 0377, 8589 2655) 朝 阳区建国路南侧(索菲特酒店对面)郎家园6号 院郎园15号楼

Malty Dog Bar & Brewery 51 Beiluogu Xiang, Dongcheng District. 东城区北锣鼓巷 MAO Livehouse Daily 4pm-late. 111 Gulou Dongdajie, Dongcheng District. (6402 5080) 光芒, 东城区鼓楼东大街111号

Mao Mao Chong Wed-Thu 7pm-midnight, Fri-Sat 7.30pm-1am. 12 Banchang Hutong (east off Nanluogu Xiang), Dongcheng District. (159 9264 6024) 毛毛虫, 东城区板厂胡同 12号(南锣鼓巷往东走)

Más Tue-Wed 6pm-midnight, Thu-Sat 6pm-2am, Sun 6pm-midnight. 25 Beixinqiao Toutiao (behind Guijie, near Beixinqiao subway exit B), Dongcheng District. (6405 4337) 东城区北京市东城区北新桥头条25号 Mesh Daily 5pm-2am. 1/F, The Opposite House, Bldg 1, Sanlitun Village, 11 Sanlitun Lu, Chaoyang District. (6417 6688) 朝阳区三里屯路 11号三里屯Village1号楼瑜舍1层

Migas Daily 10am-3pm, 5-11pm. 6/F, Nali Patio, 81 Sanlitun Lu, Chaoyang District. (5208 6061) 米家思, 朝阳区三里屯路81号那里花园6层 Mix (Gongti) Daily 8pm-late. Inside the north gate of Workers’ Stadium, Chaoyang District. (6530 2889) 密克斯, 朝阳区工体北门内 Mix (Westin Chaoyang) Live jazz in the evenings and an extensive selection of champagnes, wines and whiskey. Daily 5pm-1am. 1/F, Westin Beijing Chaoyang, 7 Dongsanhuan Beilu, Chaoyang District. (5922 8000) 朝阳区东 三环北路7号金茂北京威斯汀大饭店

Modernista Tues-Sun 3pm-3am. 44 Baochao Hutong, Gulou Dongdajie, Dongcheng District. (136 7127 4747) 东城区鼓楼东大街宝 钞胡同44号

Mokihi Daily 6pm-3am. 3/F, C12 Haoyun Jie, Chaoyang District. (5867 0244) 朝阳区好运街 C12商铺3层

区望京阜通东大街6号院3号楼方恒国际A座北京 方恒假日酒店6层

Nian Bar Daily 6pm-2am. 21 Cheniandian Hutong, Andingmennei Dajie, Dongcheng District (8408 4300) 东城区安定门内大街车辇 店胡同21号

Nola Mon-Fri 8am-11pm, Sat-Sun 10.30am11pm. 11A Xiushui Nanjie, Chaoyang District. (8563 6215) 朝阳区秀水南街11号 Paddy O’Shea’s Daily 10am-late. 28 Dongzhimenwai Dajie, Chaoyang District. (6415 6389) 朝阳区东 直门外大街28号

Park Side Bar & Grill Daily 10am-late. 9-6 Jiangtai Xilu (opposite Rosedale Hotel), Chaoyang District. (6444 6555, info@ www.parksidebeijing. com 园景, 朝阳区将台西路9-6号(珀丽酒店 对面)

Paulaner Brauhaus Daily 11am-1am. Kempinski Hotel, 50 Liangmaqiao Lu, Chaoyang District. (6465 3388 ext 5732) 普拉那啤酒坊餐 厅, 朝阳区亮马桥路50号凯宾斯基饭店

pentalounge Unique for its open floor plan, pentalounge is as chill as it gets. Share drinks with friends or tuck into the comforting bar food. 6am-midnight (a la carte hours 11.30am11.30pm). pentahotel, 3-18 Chongwenmenwai Dajie, Dongcheng District. (6708 1188) 东城区 崇文门外大街3-18号 pentahotel

Plan B Daily 5pm-late. 2-012, 22 International Art Plaza, Pingod, 32 Baiziwan Lu, (east of the Today Art Museum) (5821 1353) 百子湾路 32号苹果社区22院街艺术区2-012(今日美术 馆东侧)

Plush Daily 7am-1am. 1/F, The Westin Beijing, 9B Financial Street, Xicheng District. (6606 8866 ext 7825) 西城区金融大街乙9号北京金融街 威斯汀大酒店1层

The Pool Bar Daily 6pm-2am. 106 Gulou Dongdajie, Dongcheng District. (8404 7956) 东城区鼓楼东大街106号

Press Club Bar Daily 5pm-1am. 1/F, St. Regis Hotel Beijing, 21 Jianguomenwai Dajie, Dongcheng District. (6460 6688 ext 2360) 记 者吧, 东城区建国门外大街21号北京国际俱乐 部饭店1层

Q Mex Courtyard 4, Gongti Beilu (nearby The Bookworm and d lounge, under Kro’s Nest; see map on their website for more detailed directions), Chaoyang District. (6585 3828) 朝阳区工体北路4号院 (近老书虫与 滚石,下乌巢;如需更详细解释请看Q Mex网站)

R Lounge 4/F, Renaissance Beijing Capital Hotel, 61 Dongsanhuan Zhonglu, Chaoyang District. 朝阳区东三环中路61号北京富力万丽 酒店4层

Redmoon Daily 5pm-1am. 1/F, Grand Hyatt Hotel, Beijing Oriental Plaza, 1 Dongchang’an Jie, Dongcheng District. (6510 9366, 8518 1234 ext 6366) 东方亮, 东城区东长安街1号东 方君悦酒店大厅

Little Britain Fangyuan Xilu and Jiangtai Lu intersection, Chaoyang District. (186 1174 0582) 朝阳区芳园西路和将台路路口东北角

Rendez-vous Bar & Lounge Kempinski Hotel, 50 Liangmaqiao Lu, Chaoyang District. (6465 3388 ext 4200) 朝阳区凯宾斯基饭店亮

Lobby Lounge (Grand Millennium) 1/F, Grand Millennium Beijing, Fortune Plaza, 7 Dongsanhuan Zhonglu, Chaoyang District. (6530 9383) 朝阳区东三环中路7号财富中心


Revolution Daily noon-1am. West side of Yashow Market, Gongti Beilu, Chaoyang District. (6415 8776) 朝阳区工体北路雅秀市场西侧

Lobby Lounge (InterContinental Beijing Beichen) 9am-1am. InterContinental Beijing Beichen, 8 Beichen Xilu, Chaoyang District. (8437 1381) 朝阳区北辰西路8号院4号楼,北京

The Ritz-Carlton Bar Daily 6pm-1am. The Ritz-Carlton Beijing, 83A Jianguo Road, Chaoyang District. (5908 8131) 丽思卡尔顿吧,



Long Bar Daily 4pm-1am. Hilton Beijing Capital Airport, Terminal 3, Capital International

Riverbank Café & Bar 1/F, FX Hotel, 39 Maizidian Xijie, Chaoyang District. (6506

Nanjie Two floors packed with exchange stu-

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May 2013


DIRECTORY 8277) 朝阳区麦子店西街39号富驿时尚酒店1层

techniques and perspective, dedicated attitude and responsibility, personalized and customized services. F/53 Rm 5306, Yujin Tai, Bldg 6, Yard 7, East Third Ring Zhonglu, Chaoyang District. 朝阳区朝阳区东三环中路7号

Salsa Caribe Daily 6pm-2am. Courtyard 4, Gongti Beilu (across from The Loft), Chaoyang District. (6507 7821) 卡利宾拉丁舞俱乐部, 朝阳 区工体北路4号院(藏酷斜对面)


Salud Mon-Fri 3pm-late, Sat-Sun noon-late. 1) Opposite Tongli Studio, Sanlitun Houjie, Chaoyang District.; 2) 66 Nanluogu Xiang, Dongcheng District. (6402 5086) 老伍, 1) 朝

Home Decor Beijing Torana Clean Air Center Air purifiers from Blueair and Alen Air and pollution masks from Totobobo. Free home assessments and delivery. Daily 10am-8.30pm. Unit LB09, 1/F, Europlaza Mall, Shunyi District. (8459 0785); 2) 10.30am-6.30pm. Unit 308, Pinnacle Plaza, Shunyi District. (8046 1091) www. 1) 顺义区天竺

���区三里屯后街同里对面; 2) 东城区南锣鼓 巷66号

Scarlett Daily 6pm-3am. Hotel G, 7A Gongti Xilu (in the alley leading to Julong Garden), Chaoyang District. (6552 2880) www.hotel-g. com 朝阳区工体西路甲7号北京极栈内 Schindler’s Tankstelle Daily 10am-midnight. 15A Guanghua Lu (200m east of Ritan Park South Gate), Chaoyang District. (8562 6439) 申德勒加油站,

镇裕翔路99号欧陆广场LB09; 2) 顺义区天竺镇 花梨坎村南“荣祥广场308室


School Bar Daily 8pm-late. 53 Wudaoying Hutong, Chaoyang District. (6402 8881) 朝阳 区五道营胡同53号

Serk Mon-Wed 11am-1pm, Thu-Sat 11am-

late. 40-2 Beixinqiao Santiao, Dongcheng District. (134 2647 4634) 东城 区北新桥三条 40-2号

Siif Daily 1pm-2am. 67 Beiluogu Xiang, Dongcheng District. (6406 9496) 如果, 东城区 鼓楼东大街北锣鼓巷67号

Soccer Bar Daily 5pm-late. Worker’s Stadium East Gate (Gate 5-6), Chaoyang District. (6552 8389) 朝阳区工人体育馆5-6号看台 Soul n’ Pepper Afternoon-late. 4 Xinyuan Xili Zhongjie, Chaoyang District. (6468 8016, 朝阳区新源西 里中街4号

Spark B108, The Place, 9 Guanghua Lu, Chaoyang District. 朝阳区光华路9号世贸天 阶B108

The Stumble Inn Daily 10am-2am. S3-31, 3/F, Sanlitun Village South, 19 Sanlitun Lu, Chaoyang District. (6417 7794) 朝阳区三里屯路 19号三里屯Village南区3号楼3层S3-31

The Swan With Two Necks Daily 11amlate. Pinnacle Plaza (adjacent to Jenny Lou’s), Tianzhu Real Estate Development Zone, Shunyi District. (8046 7057) 顺义区天竺开发 区荣祥广场

Tango Daily 24hrs. South Gate of Ditan Park (next to Jin Ding Xuan restaurant), Dongcheng District. (6425 5677/6428 2288) 糖果,东城区 地坛公园南门

Temple Daily 7pm-late. B202, 206 Gulou Dongdajie, Dongcheng District. (131 6107 0713) 东城区鼓楼东大街206号B202 Tim’s Texas Bar-B-Q Daily 9am-midnight. 14 Dongdaqiao Lu (on the corner of Guanghua Lu), Chaoyang District. (6591 9161) Tim’s 熏烤房, 朝阳区东大桥路14号贵友大厦正北200米

Tonic Lounge Daily 10am-12.30am. Lobby Level of Hilton Beijing, 1 Dongfang Lu, Chaoyang District. (5865 5000 ext 5060) 汤尼 酒廊, 朝阳区北京希尔顿酒店大堂

The Tree Daily noon-2am. 100m west of Sanlitun Bar Street, Youyi Youth Hostel, behind Poachers Inn), Chaoyang District. (6415 1954) 隐蔽的树, 朝 阳区三里屯酒吧街往西100米友谊旅馆后面三里 屯医院东面

Twilight Mon-Sat 11.30am-2.30pm, 6pm-2am. (Behind Starbucks) 3/F, 0102, Bldg 5, Jianwai Soho, 39 Dongsanhuan Zhonglu, Chaoyang District. (5900 5376) 暮光, 朝阳区东三环中路39 号建外Soho5号0102单元3层

V.A. Cafe & Bar Daily 2pm-late. 13 Wudaoying Hutong, Dongcheng District. (5844 3638)

may 21: azure ray @ yugong yishan

I bet they’re talking about the latest Zooey Deschanel movie. Writers Bar Daily noon-midnight. Raffles Beijing Hotel, Main Lobby, 33 Dongchang’an Jie, Dongcheng District. (6526 3388 ext 4181) 作家酒吧, 东城区东长安街33号, 北京饭店莱 佛士一层

Würzburger Hofbräu 10.30am-1.30am. Unit 38-4, Bldg 38 (next to Bank of China), Xingfu Ercun, Xindong Lu, Chaoyang District. (8444 4506) 朝阳区新东路幸福二村38号楼38-4 (中 国银行隔壁)

Xian Mon-Fri 5pm-late, Sat-Sun 2pm-late. 1/F, EAST Beijing, 22 Jiuxianqiao Lu, Chaoyang District (8414 9810), Chaoyang District. 朝阳区 朝阳区酒仙桥路22号东隅北京酒店1层

Xiu Mon-Fri 11.30am-2.30pm, 6pm-late, Sat-Sun 6pm-late. Park Hyatt (entrance across from the hotel lobby), 2 Jianguomenwai Dajie, Chaoyang District. (5867 1108) 秀, 朝阳 区朝阳区建国门外大街2号

XP Daily 1pm-2am. At the intersection between Di’anmen Wai, Nei, Dong and Xidajie, Xicheng District. (6404 9947) 地安门口秋栗香 后边西城区

Yugong Yishan Daily 7pm-late. 3-2 Zhangzizhong Lu (100m west of Zhangzizhong Lu subway station), Dongcheng District. (6404 2711) 愚公移山, 东城区平安大道张自忠路3-2号 (地铁五号线张自忠路站往西100米)

铂晶豪庭108-109室 东城区东直门外

Westside Mon-Fri 10am-10pm, Sat-Sun 2-10pm. 1/F, Bldg 2, Prosper Center (west wing), 5 Guanghua Lu (west of Kerry Centre), Chaoyang District. (5920 4298) 朝阳区光华路5 号世纪财富中心2号楼西边1层

The World of Suzie Wong Club Daily 8.30pm-late. 1A Nongzhanguan Lu (west gate of Chaoyang Park), Chaoyang District. (6500 3377, www. 苏西黄, 朝阳区农展馆路甲 1号朝阳公园西门


Origin Spa Daily 11am-12.30am. 2/F, Bldg AB, Lan Chou Ming Zuo, Jiqingli, Chaowai Dajie, Chaoyang District. (6552 9599) 本源, 朝阳区朝外大街吉庆里蓝筹 名座AB座2层

TATA Daily 10am-10pm. Workers’ Stadium North Gate, Gongti Beilu, Chaoyang District. (8511 3880) 朝阳区工体北路工人体育场北门 TicTac Daily 10am-9pm. Suite 2-06, Tower AB, The Office Park, 10 Jintong Xilu, Chaoyang District. (8590 6899) 朝阳区金桐西路10号远洋光


Toni & Guy 1) Daily 10am-10pm. 3 Units, 3/F, Tower 8, South Area, Sanlitun Village, Chaoyang District. (6417 4188); 2) Daily 10am9pm. 1/F, Hilton Beijing, 1 Dongfang Lu, Dongsanhuan Beilu, Chaoyang District. (6461 8368); 3) Unit 303, Tower C Office Bldg, Yintai Center, 2 Jianguomenwai Dajie, Chaoyang District. (8517 1292); 4) Daily 10am-9pm. 4/F Seasons Place Shopping Centre, 2 Jinchengfang Jie, Xicheng District. (6622 0316); 5) Daily 10am-9pm. Rm105-106, Block F, Sunshine 100, 2 Guanghua Lu, Chaoyang District. (6585 9288); 6) Daily 10am-9pm. 1/F, Oriental Plaza, 1 Dongchang’an Jie, Dongcheng District. (8518 2646); 7) Daily 10am-10pm. Units F4-04 & 05, ECMall, 1A Danling Jie, Haidian District (8248 3435, fax 8248 3301) 托尼英盖, 1) 朝阳区三里

Ktv A-Class Lounge 5/F, Bldg 3, 8 Gongti Beilu, Chaoyang District. 朝阳区工体北路三里屯 Soho3号楼5层

Coolth KTV Daily 10am-2am. B1/F 3.3 Complex, 33 Sanlitun Road, Chaoyang District. (6533 6888) http://www.coolthktv. com/ 酷姿 KTV, 朝阳区三里屯路33号3.3大 厦B1楼

Ibiza KTV 11am-6am. 6/F, Bldg 3, Sanlitun Soho, Gongti Beilu, Chaoyang District. (8590 0888) 风尚主题KTV, 朝阳区工体北路8号三里屯 SOHO商场3号6楼

STYLE BEAUTY PARLORS & SPAS Bodhi Sense Daily 11am-12.30am. 2/F, Somerset Grand Fortune Garden, 46 Liangmaqiao Lu, Chaoyang District. (8440 1495) 朝阳区亮马


屯Village南区8号楼3层3单元; 2) 朝阳区朝阳区 东三环北路东方路1号希尔顿酒店大堂1层; 3) 朝 阳区建国门外大街2号银泰中心写字楼C座3层303 商铺; 4) 西城区金城纺街2号金融街购物中心四 层L404; 5) 朝阳区光华路2号阳光100国际公寓F 座105-106号; 6) 东城区东长安街1号东方广场 汇贤豪庭1层; 7) 海淀区丹棱街甲1号欧美汇购物 中心4层04-05


Bodhi Therapeutic Retreat Daily 11am12.30am. 17 Gongti Beilu, Chaoyang District. (6417 9595) 菩提会所, 朝 阳区工体北路17号

Hair & Beauty by Hummingbird Daily 10am-midnight. Unit 103, Bldg 3, Central Park, 6 Chaoyangmenwai Dajie, Chaoyang District. (6597 9119) 朝阳区朝阳门外大街6号新城国际 3号楼103

May 2013

大班保健休闲会所, 1) 朝阳区芳园西路甲2号丽 都广场9号公寓2层; 2) 朝阳区新东路1号沈记靓 汤旁; 3) 朝阳区日坛路6号新族大厦院内; 4) 西 城区西城区金融街甲26号顺成饭店地下一层; 5) 朝阳区朝外大街6号新城国际公寓三期25号楼; 6) 朝阳区西大望路1号温特莱中心B座101

Zeta Bar Mon-Thu 6pm-2am, Fri-Sun 6pm-3am, Sun close. 2/F, Hilton Beijing, 1 Dongfang Lu, Dongsanhuan Beilu, Chaoyang District. (5865 5050) 颐达吧, 朝阳区东三环北路东方路1


Vinejoy Wine Bar & Cellar Daily 10am-late. Rm 108-109, Bojing Haoting, 8 Shizipo Jie Dongcheng District. (6416 0523) 十字坡街8号

Oriental Taipan Massage and Spa 1) Daily 11am-12.30am. 2/F, Block 9, Lido Place, 2A Fangyuan Xilu, Chaoyang District. (6437 6299); 2) Daily 11am-12.30am. B1/F, 1 Xindong Lu (next to Shenji Best Soup), Chaoyang District. (8532 2177); 3) Daily 11am-3am. Sunjoy Mansion, 6 Ritan Lu, Chaoyang District. (6502 5722); 4) Daily 10am-12.30am. B/1-3F, Shuncheng Hotel, 26A Financial Street, Xicheng District. (6621 8622); 5) Daily 10am-12 .30am. Bldg 25, Central Park Phase 3, 6 Chaoyangmenwai Dajie, Chaoyang District. (6597 0015); 6) Daily 11am-1am. Rm 101, Bldg B, Winterless Center, 1 Xidawang Lu, Chaoyang District. (6538 8086) 东方

BODY & HEALTH Yan BeautiCare Yan BeautiCare is the first body-mind salon with exclusive theories and popular massage techniques to China. Improve your body and mind through unique skeletal adjustment technology (balance correction of the neck and pelvis) to improve the body’s discomfort and promote mental and physical health balance. Professional

China Self Storage Co., Ltd. Proudly introduces an international industry standard of professionally developed Self Storage, the “Number One Choice”! We provide customized sized storage units with affordable rental prices and flexible storage terms. You are able to access your storage unit free of charge 24 hours a day, seven days a week. We are a member of the American and the United Kingdom self-storage association. Jin’an Building, Tianzhu Huayuan Xijie, Shunyi District 北京 万福金安自助仓储服务有限公司, 顺义区天竺 花园西街金安大厦 (400 600 6378, www.selfstorageinchina. com

Cuccina Founded in 2011, Cuccina is a retailer specializing in quality kitchen furnishings and gourmet cookware. Brands include Le Creuset, Swissmar, Microplane, Joseph Joseph, Typhoon, Eva Solo, Lékué, and more. Cuccina’s product line includes everything a serious cook needs, from pots and pans to knives, cooking tools, silicone and metal bakeware, and more. There are plans to open two more stores in 2013. Daily 10am-9pm. 1) 17 Gongti Beilu (across from north gate of Workers’ Stadium, in the same building as Bodhi), Chaoyang District. (6413 0223); 2) Shop 55, 1/F, Indigo Mall, 18 Jiuxianqiao Lu, Chaoyang District. (8420 0971) 品厨, 1) 朝阳区工体北路 17号(工体北门对面); 2) 朝阳区酒仙桥路18号 颐堤港商场地铁层店铺号LG55

IQ Air Swiss precision and technology have been bringing air-cleaning solutions inside our homes since 1963. 1) Daily 10am10pm. 5/F, Household Appliance Area, Youyi Shopping City, 52 Liangmaqiao Lu, Chaoyang District. (158 0136 1601, info@iqair-china. com); 2) 10am-8pm. 6/F, Parkson Plaza, 101 Fuxingmennei Dajie, Xicheng District. (157 1286 8485,; 3) Daily 10am-10pm. B1/F, Parkson Plaza Taiyanggong, Bldg 1, 12 Qi Sheng Zhongjie, Chaoyang District, Beijing, Chaoyang District. (157 1286 8454,; 4) Daily 10am10pm. 5/F, Shin Kong Place, 87 Jianguo Lu, Chaoyang District. (5738 2401,; 5) Daily 9am-6pm. Rm 1801-03, Air China Plaza, 36 Xiaoyun Lu, Chaoyang

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DIRECTORY Chaoyang District. (5978 9505) 常青画廊, 朝阳区酒仙桥路2号798

District. (8447 5800,; 6) Daily 10am-9pm. 4/F, 417 Seasons Place, 2 Jinchengfang Jie, Xicheng District. (6622 0179,; 7) Mon-Thu 10am-9pm, Fri-Sun 10am-10pm. B1/F, Golden Resources New Yansha Mall, 1 Yuanda Lu, Haidian District. (157 1286 9044,; 8) 10am-10pm. B2/F, Scitech Plaza, 22 Jianguomenwai Dajie, Beijing, Chaoyang District. (188 1020 5987,; 9) 4/F, Europlaza, 99 Yuxiang Lu, Tianzhu, Shunyi District. (6457 1922, info@iqair-china. com) 1) 朝阳区亮马桥路


Hadrien De Montferrand Gallery Dashanzi art district, 4 Jiuxianqiao Lu, Chaoyang District. (139 1165 1353) 朝阳区北京市朝阳区酒仙桥路4号798 艺术区内

Highland Gallery Tue-Sun 11am-6pm. Dashanzi art district (northeastern corner, west of the big pot), 2 Jiuxianqiao Lu, Chaoyang District. (6437 7177) 高地画廊, 朝阳区798大山子艺术 区酒仙桥路2号(东北角大罐西侧)

52号燕莎友谊商城5层; 2) 西城区复兴门内大街 101号6层百盛复兴门店家电部; 3) 朝阳区七圣中 街12号院1号楼B1百盛太阳宫店生活家电区; 4) 朝阳区建国路87号新光天地5层生活家电区; 5) 朝阳区霄云路36号国航大厦1801-03室; 6) 西城 区金城坊街金融街417号四层; 7) 海淀区远大路1 号金源新燕莎商城地下1层; 8) 朝阳区建国门外 大街22号赛特购物中心地下二层; 9) 顺义区天竺 镇裕翔路99号欧陆广场4层

HT Gallery Dashanzi art district, 4 Jiuxianqiao Lu, Chaoyang District. (5978 9830) htgallery. HT 化浪潮阳区酒仙桥路4号798 大山子艺术区

Imagine Gallery Tue-Sun, 10.30am-5.30pm. 8 Feijiacun Yishu Gongzuoshi, Feijiacun, Laiguangying Donglu, Chaoyang District. (6438 5747, 139 1091 7965, laetitia. 想象画廊, 朝阳区来广营东路同达生 态园对面费家村东路8号艺术工作室

may 14: OPEN MIc COMEdy @ MODERNISTA Stand up for your dose of public humilation. com 朝阳区建国门外大街1号国贸商城三期地 下2层

Cinemas Lily’s Antiques Furniture 1) Daily 8.30am6pm. Gaobeidian Showroom, 69 Gaobeidian Furniture Street, Chaoyang District. Contact Lily Quan (138 0139 6309) (8579 2458); 2) Visit by Appointment. Factory and Warehouse Address, Baimiao industry area, Songzhuang town, Tongzhou District. Contact Lily Quan (138 0139 6309) 华伦古 典家具, 1) 朝阳区高碑店家俱一条街69号; 2) 通州区工厂地址,通州区宋庄镇白庙村工业大院

Broadway Cinematheque MOMA (BC MOMA) North area of Dongzhimen MOMA, 1 Xiangheyuan Lu, Dongzhimen, Chaoyang District. (8438 8258) 当 代MOMA百老汇电影中心, 朝阳区东直门香河园 路1号, 万国城北区(二环路东北角)

Galleries 798 Photo Gallery Daily 10am-6pm. Dashanzi art district, 4 Jiuxianqiao Lu, Chaoyang District. (6438 1784, 6437 5284) 百年印象摄影画廊, 朝阳区酒仙桥路4号798大山子艺术区

Alexander Ochs Gallery Tues-Sun 10am-6pm. 255 Caochangdi, Jichang Fulu, Chaoyang District. (8456 2054, Alliance Française de Pekin 1) 103 Deshengmennei Dajie, Xihai, Xicheng District. (6404 2643); 2) Rm 421, Block 2, Beijing Language and Culture University, 15 Xueyuan Lu, Haidian District. (8230 3619); 3) 18 Gongti Xilu, Guangcai International Mansion, Chaoyang District. (6553 2678) 北京法语培训中心, 1) 西 城区德胜门内大街103号; 2) 海淀区学院路15号 北京语言文化大学教学2号楼421室; 3) 朝阳区工 体西路18号光彩国际公寓

Villa Lifestyles Villa Lifestyles has been serving the Beijing community for more than five years. Providing you with quality name brand products backed by great service, they have the widest selection of BBQs and accessories, the Mosquito Magnet, trampolines, IQAir air purifiers, Bissell Vacuums and more. Stop by their Shunyi showroom or visit their website to have a look at what’s new. Daily 10am-9pm. B1/F, 03A Europlaza, 99 Yuxiang Lu, Tianzhu Town, Shunyi District. (6457 1922, 顺义区天竺 镇裕翔路99号欧陆广场地下1层03A

malls & markets Indigo 18 Jiuxianqiao Lu, Chaoyang District. 颐堤港, 朝阳区酒 仙桥路18

Arts & Culture Bookstores The Bookworm 1) Mon-Sat 8am-8pm, Sun 8am-5pm. First courtyard, Hegezhuang Village, Shunyi District. (6431 2108, books@; 2) Daily 9am-2am. Courtyard 4, Gongti Beilu, Chaoyang District. (6586 9507) 书虫书吧, 1) 顺义区崔各庄乡,何 各庄村一号院; 2) 朝阳区工体北路4号院

Page One Daily 10am-9.30pm. B2/F, China World Summit Wing, 1 Jianguomenwai Dajie, Chaoyang District. (8535 1055, page1_cwtc@ www.pageonegroup.

Amelie Gallery and Creative Studio TueSun 10am-7pm. 797 East Street, Dashanzi Art District, 2 Jiuxianqiao Lu, Chaoyang District. (5978 9698, 龙艺榜, 朝阳区酒仙桥路2号798艺术区797东街

Anni Art Dashanzi art district, 2 Jiuxianqiao Lu, Chaoyang District. (8456 7783) 安妮画廊, 朝阳区酒仙桥路798

Arario Beijing Tue-Sun 10am-7pm. Inside Chaoyang Liquor Factory, Beihuqu, Anwaibeiyuan, Chaoyang District. (5202 3800) 朝阳区安外北苑北湖渠 朝阳酒艺术园

Arrow Factory 38 Jianchang Hutong (Off Guozijian Jie), Dongcheng District. 箭厂空间, 东城区箭厂胡同38 号(国子监街内)

Beijing Center for the Arts Daily 10am10pm. 23, Qianmen Dongdajie, Dongcheng District. (6559 8008) 天安时间当代艺术中心, 东 城区前门东大街23号

Beyond Art Space Tue-Sat 11am-6pm. 1) , Chaoyang District. (beyondartspace@gmail. com); 2) 798 art district, 4 Jiuxianqiao Lu, Chaoyang District. (5978 9561, 2) 朝阳区朝阳区酒仙桥路2号798艺术区8502信箱

Boers-Li Gallery Tue-Sun 10am-6.30pm. Compound 8A, Airport Service Road, Caochangdi, Chaoyang District. (6432 2620, info@ 朝阳区机场辅路草场地甲8号院

Chambers Fine Art Tue-Sun 10am-6pm. Red No.1-D, Caochangdi, Chaoyang District.

Inside-out Art Museum Tue-Sun 10am-5pm. 65 Xingshikou Lu, Haidian District. (6272 0300, 海淀区 杏石口路65号

(5127 3298, www. 前波画廊, 朝阳区草场

Instituto Cervantes 1A Gongti Nanlu, Chaoyang District. (5879 9666) www.pekin. 北京塞万提斯学院, 朝阳区工体



China Art Archives and Warehouse WedSun 1-6pm, or by appointment. Opposite the Nangao Police Station,Caochangdi, (take the Airport Service road one exit past Wuhuan Lu, then take the first right past the Chang Jian Driving School), Chaoyang District. (8456 5152/5153, 艺术文化仓库, 朝阳区机

Jiali Gallery Thu-Sat 2-7pm, and by appointment. 4 Beijixiang Hutong, Dongcheng District. (8402 5613), www. 家里画廊, 东城区

场辅路草场地村南皋派出所对面(机场辅路由南往 北五环外第一个路口)

China Blue Gallery Daily 9.30am-5.30pm. 2-3/F, Bldg 7, Ego Center, 16A Baiziwan Lu (just south of Dawanglu subway station), Chaoyang District. (8774 6332/6339, chinabluegallery@ 环碧堂画廊, 朝阳区百子湾路甲16号易构空间7 号楼2-3层

China National Convention Center (CNCC) 7 Tianchen Donglu, Chaoyang District. (8437 0696) 国家 会议中心,朝阳区天辰东路7号

China Visual Arts Center Tue-Sun 10am6pm. Zone D, Artistic Area,1, Hegezhuang Village,Cuigezhuang, Chaoyang District. (137 0107 8774, 威诺里萨艺术中心, 朝阳区崔各庄乡 何各庄村一号地艺术园区D区

C-Space Tue-Sun 11am-6pm. C1 and C2, Red No.1,Caochangdi, Chaoyang District. (5127 3248, C-空间, 朝阳区草场地艺术 区红1号C1,C2座

EGG Gallery 327 Caochangdi, Cuigezhuang, Chaoyang District. (6432 8089, eggartgallery@ 朝阳区朝阳 区草场地327号

F2 Gallery Wed-Sun 10am-6pm. 319 Caochangdi, Chaoyang District. (6432 8831) www. F2画廊, 朝阳区朝阳区草场地 319号

Faurschou Gallery Beijing Tue-Sun 10am6pm. Dashanzi art district, 4, Jiuxianqiao Lu, Chaoyang District. (8459 9316/14) www. 林冠画廊, 朝阳区酒仙桥路4号 大山子艺术区

Fun Art Space Tue -Sun11am-7pm. 2 Jiuxianqiao Lu, Dashanzi art district, Chaoyang District. (8459 9257, 方音空间, 朝阳区酒仙 桥路2号入口300米

G-Dot Art Space Central Gallery Street, Songzhuang Art District, Tongzhou District. (6057 3345, 贵点艺术空间, 通州 区通州区宋庄画家村艺术东区中心画廊街

Galerie Urs Meile Lucerne-Beijing TueSun 11am-6.30pm. 104 Caochangdi Village, Cuigezhuang, Chaoyang District. (6433 3393, fax 6433 0203) 麦勒 画廊, 朝阳区草场地村104号

Galleria Continua Tue-Sun 11am-6pm. Dashanzi art district, 2 Jiuxianqiao Lu,

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Joy Art Tue-Sun 10am-6pm. Dashanzi art district, 2, Jiuxianqiao Lu, Chaoyang District. (5978 9788) 卓越艺术, 朝阳区酒仙桥路2号大 山子艺术区

Keumsan Gallery Tue-Sun 11am-6pm. B-0024 Dashanzi Huantienei art district, Chaoyang District. (6436 6176, www.chinakeumsan. com 琴山画廊, 朝阳区大山子环铁内艺术城 B0024

Mansudae Gallery 10am-5pm. 38 Guanyintang Culture Avenue, 2A Wangsiying Xiang, Chaoyang District. (6736-0289) 万寿台画廊, 朝 阳区王四营乡甲2号观音堂文化大道38号

MOUart Gallery 2/F, Zone B, 798 Art District, 2 Jiuxianqiao Lu, Dazhanzi, Chaoyang District. (5762 6056) 妙有艺术, 朝阳区酒仙桥 路2号798艺术区B区2层

offiCina Tue-Sun noon-7pm. Dashanzi art district, 2 Jiuxianqiao Lu, Chaoyang District. (5978 9462) 意中艺术工作 室, 朝阳区酒仙路2号大山子艺术区

Onemoon Contemporary Art Tue-Sun, 10am-6pm. Inside Ditan Gongyuan (enter from the south gate), Dongcheng District. (6427 7748) 一月当代, 东城区安定门外地坛公园

Pace Beijing Tue-Sun 11am-7pm. Dashanzi art district, 2 Jiuxianqiao Lu, Chaoyang District. (5978 9781) 朝阳区 酒仙桥路2号大山子艺术区

Paris-Beijing Photo Gallery Daily, 10am6pm. Dashanzi art district, 4 Jiuxianqiao Lu, Chaoyang District. (5978 9262 / 3,, 巴黎 北京摄影空间, 朝阳区酒仙桥路4 号798大山子艺术区

Pekin Fine Arts Wed-Sun 10am-6pm. 241,Caochangdi, Cuigezhuang, Chaoyang District. (5127 3220) 艺门画廊, 朝阳区崔各庄乡草场地村241号

PKM Gallery Tue-Sun 10am-6pm. 46-C Caochangdi, Chaoyang District. (8456 7429) 北京朴敬美画廊, 朝阳 区草场地46号C

Platform China Tue-Sun 11am-6pm. 319-1 East End Art (Zone A), Caochangdi Village (Take the Airport Service road one exit past Wuhuan Lu, take the first right and turn north on the road opposite the Chang Jian Driving School), Chaoyang District. (6432 0169/0091, www.platformchina. org 站台 中国当代艺术机构, 朝阳区草场地村 319-1 艺术东区A区内 (机场辅路由南往北五环 外第一个路口路东, 长建驾校对面路口)

Primo Marella Gallery Tue-Sun 10am-6pm. N. C01 Beigao, Cuigezhuang Country,

May 2013


DIRECTORY Chaoyang District. (6433 4055) 朝阳区崔各庄乡北皋甲C01号

ClubFootball 9am-6pm. Unit A212, Door 3, A1 Zone, Huadeng Building, 14 Jiuxianqiao Lu, Chaoyang District. (5130 6893/4/5/6, www.clubfootball. 万国群星足球俱乐部, 朝阳区酒仙桥路14

PYO Gallery Beijing 1) 9.30am-6.30pm. Dashanzi art district, 4 Jiuxianqiao Lu, Chaoyang District. (5978 9014); 2) Daily 9.30am-6.30pm. Liquor Factory, Beihuqu Lu, Anwaibeiyuan, Chaoyang District. (5202 3814) 表画廊, 1) 朝阳区酒仙桥4


Heyrobics International Friendship Football Club (IFFC) (1571 005 0115,

号798大山子艺术区; 2) 朝阳区安外北苑北湖渠 酒厂艺术区

Pyongyang Art Studio Call for appointment. 43 Sanlitun Beijie (100m west of Sanlitun North Bar street, Youyi Youth Hostel, behind Poachers Inn), Chaoyang District. (6416 7544) 朝阳区三里屯

YOGA & PILATES Alona Pilates Studio Daily 7.30am-9.30pm. F/5, Heavenly Spa, 1 Xinyuan Nanlu, Chaoyang District. (139 1029 0260, voselena@hotmail. com) 朝阳区新


Qin Gallery Tue- Sun 9.30am-6pm. Rm 1E, Bldg 1, Enjoy Paradise, Huaweili (north of Beijing Curio City), Chaoyang District. (8779 0461) 秦昊画廊, 朝阳区华威里


Fine Yoga 1) Mon-Fri 7am-8.30pm, SunSat 8am-6pm. 16/F, Tower 2, Blue Castle International Center, 3 Xi Dawang Lu, Chaoyang District. (8599 9566, 139 1120 9563); 2) 2/F, East Tower, Van Palace Apartment, 1 Jinghua Nanjie, Chaoyang District. (139 1120 9563) 梵音瑜珈, 1) 朝阳


Red Gate Gallery Daily 9am-5pm. 1/F & 4/F, Dongbianmen Watchtower, Chongwenmen Dongdajie, Chongwen District. (6525 1005) 红门画廊, 崇文区崇

区西大望路蓝堡国际中心会所2号楼16层; 2) 朝 阳区景华南街1号旺座中心东塔2层


Red Star Gallery Tue-Sun 10am-7pm. Dashanzi art district, 2, Jiuxianqiao Lu, Chaoyang District. (6437 0781, www.chinaredstargallery. com 红星画廊, 朝阳区酒仙桥路2号大山子艺

may 18: des bishop @ The Bookworm Will T&A be among the comedian’s material? 空白空间, 朝阳区机场辅



ShanghART Beijing Tue-Sun 11am-6pm. 261 Caochangdi, Chaoyang District. (6432 3202) 香格纳北京, 朝阳

XYZ Gallery Daily 10.30am-6.30pm. Dashanzi art district, 2 Jiuxianqiao Lu, Chaoyang District. (8459 9299) 朝阳区酒仙桥路2号大山


家博物馆, 东城区天安门广场东侧


Soka Art Centre/Soka Modern Tue-Sun 10am-9pm. Rm 101, Bldg B, Tianhai Shangwu Dasha, 107 Dongsi Beidajie, Dongcheng District. (8401 2377) 索卡(北 京)艺术中心, 东城区东四北大街107号天海商务 大厦B座101房

Star Gallery Tue-Sun 11am-6pm. Dashanzi art district, 2 Jiuxianqiao Lu (inside 3818 Cool Gallery warehouse), Chaoyang District. (5978 9224) 星空间艺术中心, 朝 阳区酒仙桥路2号院内,3818库

SZ Art Center Tue-Sun 10am-6.30pm. Dashanzi art district, 4, Jiuxianqiao Lu, Chaoyang District. (5978 9213) 圣之空间艺术中心, 朝阳区酒仙桥路 4号大山子艺术区

Taikang Top Space Call for hours. 1) 2, Jiuxianqiao Lu, Chaoyang District. (6438 8443); 2) 11/F, Taikang Life Bldg.156, Fuxingmennei Dajie, Chaoyang District. (6642 9988 ext 8302, 138 0132 6510) 泰 康顶层空间, 1) 朝阳区酒仙桥路2号; 2) 朝阳区 复兴门内大街156号,泰康人寿大厦11层

Tang Contemporary Gallery Tue-Sun 10.30am-6.30pm. Dashanzi art district, 2 Jiuxianqiao Road, Chaoyang District. (6436 3518/3658, 当代唐人艺术中 心, 朝阳区酒仙桥路2号, 大山子艺术区

Thinking Hands Tue-Sun 10.30am-6.30pm. Dashanzi art district, 4 Jiuxianqiao Lu, Chaoyang District. (5978 9189) 思想手, 朝阳区酒仙桥路4号798 大山子艺术区

Three Shadows Photography Art Centre Tue-Sun 10am-6pm. 155 East End Art, Caochangdi Village (Next to Platform China), Chaoyang District. (6432 2663) www. 三影堂摄影艺术中心, 朝阳区 草场地艺术东区155号(站台中国旁)

Tianzizhong Dancing Studio No.39 Doufuchi Hutong, Jiugulou Dajie, Dongcheng District. 东城区豆腐池胡同39号 Today Art Museum Daily 9am-5pm. Pingod Space, 32 Baiziwan Lu, Chaoyang District. (5862 1100) 今日 美术馆, 朝阳区百子湾路32号

Ullens Center for Contemporary Art (UCCA) Tue-Sun 10am-7pm. Dashanzi Art District, 4 Jiuxianqiao Lu, Chaoyang District. (8459 9269) 尤伦斯当代艺术 中心, 朝阳区酒仙桥路4号大山子艺术区

Wall Art Museum 10am- 7pm. 34 Dongsanhuan Zhonglu, Chaoyang District. (6564 8233 ext 802, 墙美术馆, 朝阳区东三环中路34号 White Space Beijing Tue-Sun noon-6pm. Airport Service Road, No. 255 Caochangdi, Chaoyang District. (8456 2054) www.alexan-


National Museum of China Free to the public. Daily 8.30am-4.30pm. East side of Tian’anmen Square, Dongcheng District. (6512 8910, fax 6525 6774) 中国国

May 2013

Xin Dong Cheng Space For Contemporary Art 1) Daily 10am-5pm. Dashanzi art district, 4 Jiuxianqiao Lu, Chaoyang District. (6433 4579); 2) Chaoyang Liquor Factory, Beihuqu Jie, Anwaibeiyuan, Chaoyang District. (5202 3868) 程昕东 国际当代艺术空间, 1) 朝阳区酒仙桥路4号798 大山子艺术区; 2) 朝阳区安外北苑北湖渠朝阳 区酿酒厂内

Yan Club Arts Center Mon-Sun 10.30am6pm. 4 Jiuxianqiao, Dashanzi Art District, Chaoyang District. (5978 9172, 仁艺术中心, 朝 阳区酒仙桥路4号大山子艺术区

Yuanfen Flow Qixing Donglu (off 4 Jiuxianqiao Lu, near At Cafe), Chaoyang District. 缘分汇, 朝阳区4酒仙 桥路合七星东路(近爱特咖啡)


Theaters Forbidden City Concert Hall Inside Zhongshan Park, Xichang’an Jie, Xicheng District. (6559 8285) 中山公园音乐堂, 西城区西长安街中山公园内

National Centre For The Performing Arts (NCPA) 2 Chang’an Jie, Xicheng District. (6655 0000) 国家大剧院, 西

Koryo Tours and Gallery Mon-Fri 10am-6pm or by appointment. East yard, 27 Beisanlitun Nan, Chaoyang District. (6416 7544,, www. 朝阳区北三里屯南27号东侧院 Montpelier Group A1501, LG Twin Towers, 12 Jianguomenwai Dajie, Chaoyang District. (5879 4899 ext 211) www.montpeliergroup. com 朝阳区朝阳区建国门外大街乙12号LG双子 座大厦西塔1501A

Parkview Green Daily 10am-10pm. 9 Dongdaqiao Lu, Chaoyang District. (6500 5511) 芳草地, 朝阳区东大桥路9号

The Temple Hotel 23 Songzhusi Temple, Shatan Beijie, Dongcheng District. (8400 2232) 东城区沙滩北街嵩祝寺23号

Zajia 1pm- late. Hong En Daoist Temple (behind Bell Tower, beside Dia market and Contempio bar) Doufuchi Hutong, Xicheng District. ((English) 15601122252, zajialab@126. com), http:// Space 杂家, 西城区旧鼓楼大街豆腐池胡同宏恩 观前殿 (钟楼菜市场旁) 地铁鼓楼大街站B口出向 南200米路东胡同内100米

Museums Beijing World Art Museum Daily 9am- 6pm. 9A Fuxing Lu, Haidian District. (5980 2222) 中华世纪坛世界艺术 馆, 海淀区复兴路甲9号

Capital Museum Tue-Sun 9am-5pm. 16 Fuxingmenwai Dajie, Xicheng District. (6337 0491/2) 首都博物 馆, 西城区复兴门外大街 16号


Soma Hot Yoga With Huiping Mo Daily 10am-6.45pm. 5/F, Bldg E, Pacific Century Place, 2A Gongti Beilu, Chaoyang District. (6539 3434, 139 1051 3285) somahotyoga. com PCC盈科会所, 朝阳区工体北路甲2号盈科 中心E座5层

Yoga Yard Mon-Thu 7.15am-9.30pm, Fri-Sun 7.15am-8pm. 6/F, Bldg 17 Gongti Beilu (across from the north gate of Workers’ Stadium), Chaoyang District. (6413 0774, info@yogayard. com) 瑜珈苑, 朝阳区工体 北路17号楼6层工人体育场北门对面


Inside-out Theatre 141 Inside-Out Art Studios, 65 Xingshikou Lu, Haidian District. ( http:// 中间剧场, 海淀区区杏 石路65号中间建筑艺术家工坊141

Penghao Theater 35 Dongmianhua Hutong (south gate of the Central Academy of Drama, between Nanluogu Xiang and Jiaodaokou Nandajie), Dongcheng District. (6400 6452/72) 蓬蒿剧场, 东城区东棉花胡同35号(中央戏剧学院 南门, 南锣鼓巷和交道口南大街之间)

Italian Embassy Cultural Office 2 Sanlitun Dong Er Jie, Chaoyang District. (6532 5015, 意大利大使馆文化处, 朝阳区三里屯东二街2号

Prana Vikasa Yoga Shala Mon-Fri 9am-9pm, Sat-Sun 9am-6.30pm. Rm 2409, North Tower, Soho Shangdu, 8 Dongdaqiao Lu, Chaoyang District. (5869 6438, 朝阳区东大桥

VENUES Beijing Shougang Basketball Center 159 Fushi Lu, Shijingshan District. (8829 6158) 北京 首钢篮球中心, 石景山区阜石路159号

Workers’ Stadium Gongti Beilu, Chaoyang District. (6501 6655 ext 5033) 工人体育场, 朝 阳区工体北路

Wukesong MasterCard Center Hosts sport events and concerts. 69 Fuxing Lu, Haidian District. (6828 6386) 海淀区复兴路69号


SPORTS GYMS & FITNESS CENTERS Health Club Daily 6am-11pm. 6/F, Beijing Marriott Hotel, 26 Xiaoyun Lu, Chaoyang District. (5927 8888) 朝阳区霄云路甲26号海航大厦万豪 酒店6层健身房

Iso Fit Units C-2-86, Upper East Side, Dongsihuan Beilu, Chaoyang District. (info@pilates. cn) 朝阳区阳光上东东四环北路

HIKING & camping Beijing Hikers Suite 1907, Bldg 107, Jiangfu Jiayuan, Tuofangying Lu, Jiuxianqiao, Chaoyang District. (6432 2786, 朝阳区 酒仙桥驼房营路将府家园107号楼1907

Dandelion Hiking (131 2478 8581) www. 蒲公英远足

scuba Diving SinoScuba (135 0116 3629,

TEAM SPORTS Aardvarks Rugby Club (135 2224 8133, 地豚橄榄球俱乐部 Beijing Devils Rugby Football Club ( www. Bejiing Bombers Xiaowuji Football Ground, Xiaowuji Lu, just east of Xiaowuji Qiao on the East Fourth Ring Road, Chaoyang District. ( 小武基足球场, 朝阳 区东四环路小武基桥往东

Community Groups Atelier Rm 202, Building C, Jinxiu Yuan, Xingfucun Zhonglu, Chaoyang District. (atelier@ 啊特黎尔, 朝阳区朝阳区幸福村中路锦绣园C楼202室

The Capital Club 50/F, Capital Mansion, 6 Xinyuan Nanlu, Chaoyang District. (8486 2225 ext 260, www. China Culture Center (CCC) Kent Center, 29 Anjialou, Liangmaqiao Lu, Chaoyang District. (6432 9341/1041, 朝阳区亮马桥路 29号安家楼肯特中心院内

Culture Yard Daily 9am-late. 10 Shique Hutong, Dongcheng District. (8404 4166, 东 城区石雀胡同10号

FC Group (139 1109 8002 [Colin], colin@ Gift of Hope ( International Newcomers’ Network Function Room, 3/F, Athletic Center, Capital Mansion, 6 Xinyuan Nanlu, Chaoyang District. (8486 2225 ext 110, 朝阳区新源南路6号京城大 厦康乐中心3层

COOKING SCHOOLS Black Sesame Kitchen 3 Heizhima Hutong, Dongcheng District. (136 9147 4408, 东城区黑芝麻胡同3号 The Hutong 1 Jiudaowan Zhongxiang

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DIRECTORY Hutong (southeast of Beixinqiao subway station), Dongcheng District. (6404 3355, info@ 东城区

Beijing International SOS Dental, Orthodontics Clinic Mon-Sat 9am-5pm. Suite 105, Wing 1, Kunsha Building, 16 Xinyuanli, Chaoyang District. (6462 0333) 北京国际SOS齿科,畸齿矫正诊所,


Hutong Cuisine Trained chef Zhou Chunyi can adapt her lessons in traditional Guangdong and Sichuan cooking for families or kids. Classes size: 1-6 people. RMB 220/person. Market tour: RMB 70/person. Daily class: TueSun, 10am-2pm; Market tour: 9-10am. Courtyard 3, West Bldg, Shajing Hutong, Nanluogu Xiang, Dongcheng District. (8401 4788, 134 2631 7097, www. 东城区南锣鼓巷沙井胡同


Beijing New Century Harmony Pediatric Clinic Daily 24hrs. K-01, Bldg 19, Harmony Business Center, Liyuan Street, Tianzhu Zhen, Shunyi District. (6456 2599) cn 北京新世纪荣和儿科门诊部, 顺义区天竺镇丽 苑街荣和商业中心19号楼K-01

Beijing Puhua International Clinic Mon-Sun 9am-6pm. 54 Wusheng Beilu, Dongsanhuan, Chaoyang District. (8773 5522, 8911 6665 (24hr hotline)) www.puhuaclinic. com 北京普华门诊, 朝阳区东三环武圣北路54号


Luma Lu Studio 10-14 Yangmeizhu Xiejie, Xicheng district, Xicheng District. (132 6451 3072,

Beijing Puhua International Hospital 12 Tiantan Nanli (800m west of the South Gate of the Temple of Heaven), Chongwen District. (8911 6665 (24hr hotline)) www.puhuachina. com 崇文区天坛南里12号(天坛南门往西800米)

西城区西城区 前门大栅栏地区 杨梅竹斜街 10-14号院

COOKING SCHOOLS Black Sesame Kitchen 3 Heizhima Hutong, Dongcheng District. (136 9147 4408, 东城区黑芝麻胡同3号 The Hutong 1 Jiudaowan Zhongxiang Hutong (southeast of Beixinqiao subway station), Dongcheng District. (6404 3355, info@ 东城区 九道湾中巷胡同1号(北新桥地铁站东南边)

Hutong Cuisine Trained chef Zhou Chunyi can adapt her lessons in traditional Guangdong and Sichuan cooking for families or kids. Classes size: 1-6 people. RMB 220/person. Market tour: RMB 70/person. Daily class: TueSun, 10am-2pm; Market tour: 9-10am. Courtyard 3, West Bldg, Shajing Hutong, Nanluogu Xiang, Dongcheng District. (8401 4788, 134 2631 7097, www. 东城区南锣鼓巷沙井胡同 3号楼西房

Education Beijing Contemporary Music Academy No. 68 Yunjingnan Dajie,, Tongzhou District. (81515526) 北京现代音乐学 院, 通州区云景南大街68号

may 25: INTRO @ crab ISLAND

The city’s electronic music festival needs no intro. Amcare Women’s & Children’s Hospital Daily 8am-4.30pm. 9 Fangyuan Xilu, Chaoyang District. (6434 2388 24hr hotline, 800 610 6200) 北京美中宜和妇儿医院,

Chaoyang District. (6773 2700, customerserv- 英 智眼科医院, 朝阳区潘家园南里12号潘家园大 厦1,4,5层


Bayley & Jackson Medical Center MonSat 9am-6pm. 7 Ritan Donglu, Chaoyang District. (8562 9998, www. 庇利积臣医疗中心, 朝阳区 日坛东路7号

Beijing 21st Century Hospital Mon-Fri 9am-7pm, Sat-Sun 9am-6pm; 24-hr house call service. 1-2/F, 21st Century Plaza, A40 Liangmaqiao Lu, Chaoyang District. (8444 6168 (English/Chinese), 8444 6169 (Japanese/ Korean)) 朝阳区亮

睦家医院, 朝阳区将台路2号

Beijing United Family Hospital Dental Clinic Provides comprehensive dental services for families, including cleaning, crown and bridges, dental implants, fillings, tooth whitening and more. 2 Jiangtai Lu, Chaoyang District. (5927 7058) 北京和


Beijing Foreign Studies University 2 Xisanhuan Beilu, Haidian District. (8881 1114) 北京外国语大学, 海淀区西

睦家医院牙科, 朝阳区将台路2号


Beijing Mandarin School Rm 904, 9/F, ETower, Guanghua Lu, Chaoyang District. (6508 1026) 北京 普通话学校, 朝阳区光华路数码01大厦9层904

Dongfang Shangshu No. 12 Beixia Wazi Hutong (just off of Beiluogu Xiang), Dongcheng District. (13681343888) 东方尚书, 东城区北锣鼓巷北下洼子12号院

Mandarin Plus B1-535, Sanlitun Soho, Gongti Beilu, Chaoyang District. (5785 3361, Contact@ 卓一汇众, 朝阳区工体北路三里屯Soho, B1-535

Rutgers EMBA Program 5/F, China Life Tower, 16 Chaoyangmenwai Dajie, Chaoyang District. (5877 1706/7) 新泽西州立大学EMBA项目, 朝阳区朝阳门外大 街16号中国人寿大厦5层

Medical Services

Beijing United Family Hospital (BJU) Beijing United Family Hospital and Clinics (BJU) offers international-standard care to thousands of Beijing’s expatriate and Chinese families. BJU features an international team of doctors from more than 20 countries and since 2005, it has been consistently reaccredited by Joint Commission International (JCI) and the College of American Pathologists (CAP). Since 1997, BJU’s multilingual staff has provided professional expertise with heartfelt care. The hospital and clinics offer a full range of medical services. In addition to departments of family medicine, surgery, pediatrics, and dentistry, BJU has attracted top medical professionals in cardiology, neurology, internal medicine, dermatology, psychological health, obstetrics and gynecology, emergency medicine, integrative medicine, ophthalmology and ENT. Mon-Sat 8.30am5.30pm. 24-hour emergency care. 2 Jiangtai Lu, Chaoyang District. (5927 7000, 5927 7120 (ER ), fax 5927 7200) 北京和

Beijing Aier-Intech Eye Hospital 15 years of eye care experience, including emergency treatment, telephone consultations, laser vision corrective surgery and preventative care. On-site shop sells frames and lenses. The VIP clinic has English-speaking staff, many trained overseas. Can direct bill to many international insurance companies. Daily 8.30am-4.30pm. 1,4,5/F Panjiayuan Plaza, 12 Panjiayuan Nanli,

Beijing International SOS Clinic One of the world’s leading international healthcare, medical and security assistance company with 66% of the world’s Fortune 500 companies choosing International SOS. Since 1989, International SOS has led international-standard medical care in China, with a 24/7 alarm center hotline, a dedicated air ambulance, four international quality clinics staffed with expat and foreign doctors and 200+ network of medical service partners. Offers 24/7 Emergency Services, GP, Pediatrics, Gynecology, specialists, Pharmacy, Psychology, Physiotherapy, Dentistry and Orthodontics, Optometry. Mon-Fri 9am-6pm, Sat-Sun 9am6pm. Suite 105, Wing 1, Kunsha Building, 16 Xinyuanli, Chaoyang District. (Clinic: 6462 9112, 24hr hotline 6462 9100, china.inquiries@ www.clinicsinchina. com, 北京国际救 援中心, 朝阳区新源里16号琨莎中心一座105室

Find full venue descriptions at

CMS Clinic American cosmetic/aesthetic medical services including botox/fillers, laser skin treatments, hair loss/removal, cosmetic surgery and anti-aging therapies for men and women. Free consultations available. Beijing Tower (Chang’an Club Bldg) 7/F, Suite 701, 10 East Chang’an Ave., Dongcheng District. (010) 6559-6769. 北京西 美 斯医疗美容诊所,东城区东长安街10号, 长安 俱乐部7层

Hong Kong International Medical Clinic, Beijing Daily 9am-9pm (after 9pm minimal staff on duty). 9/F, office tower of the Swissotel, 2 Chaoyangmen Beidajie, Dongcheng District. (6501 4260, 6553 2288 ext 2345/6/7) 北京港澳国际医务诊所, 东 城区朝阳门北大街2号港澳中心瑞士酒店办公 楼9层

International Medical Center (IMC) Foreign doctors on-site offering a wide range of

May 2013


DIRECTORY medical services, including family medicine, psychological services, dental, Ob/Gyn, pediatrics and TCM. Drop-in services for travelers; x-rays and ultrasounds available on-site. English, Chinese, Arabic and Russian spoken. Daily 24hrs. S106, S111 Lufthansa Center, 50 Liangmahe Lu, Chaoyang District. (6465 1561/2/3, 6465 1384/28, 北京国际医疗中心,朝阳 区亮马桥路50

2) Inside Beijing United Family Jianguomen Health & Wellness Center, B1/F, The St. Regis Residence, St. Regis Hotel, 21 Jianguomenwai Dajie, Chaoyang District. (fcreception@; 3) Inside Beijing United Family Hospital, 2 Jiangtai Lu (in the Lido area), Chaoyang District. ( 北京和睦家 医院诊所, 1) 顺义区天竺开发区荣祥广场818单 元北京和睦家医院诊所内; 2) 朝阳区建国门外 大街21号北京国际俱乐部饭店公寓楼地下1层北 京和睦家健康中心内; 3) 朝阳区将台路2号北京 和睦家医院内


International Center for Veterinary Services (ICVS) 10am-5pm daily. 13-16 Rongke Ganlan Chengshang Jie, Futongxi Dajie, Wangjing, Chaoyang District. (8456 1939/40/41, www. 北京新天地国际动物医院, 朝阳

IMC Psychological and Family Counseling Services Daily 24hrs. S106, 1/F, Lufthansa Center, 50 Liangmaqiao Lu, Chaoyang District. (158 0131 9796, 6465 1561/2/3) 朝阳区亮马桥路

区望京阜通西大街, 融科橄榄城商街13-16号


Peking University Sixth Hospital (Institute of Mental Health) Mon-Fri 8-11.30am and 1.30-5pm, Sat 8-11.30am. 51 Huayuanbeilu (100m north of Peking University Third Hospital), Haidian District. (8280 1989 (English), Chinese (8280 1984), 北京大学第六医院(精神卫生

may 10: Paul oakenfold @ elements

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Joinway Dental Clinic Joinway Dental is a leading dental clinic in Beijing. Proficient in cosmetic dentistry and implants; services include preventive dental care, oral and teeth treatments. Striving for perfection from the treatment design to the treatment procedure, and following up patients after all treatments.Also providing more than 20 different international insurance companies direct billing service. Mon-Sat 9am-6pm. 11D, Bldg D, Oriental Kenzo Plaza, 48 Dongzhimenwai Dajie, Dongcheng District. (8447 6092/93, 132 6181 6708/139 0109 6692 English, joinway@ 北京久 汇口腔诊所, 东城区东直门外大街48号银座大 厦D座11D

May Flower Dental 1) Rm 03-06, 3/F, Tower 2, China World Office, Jianguomenwai Dajie, Chaoyang District. (6505 8033,; 2) 3/F, Bldg 2, Yingtai Business Center, 28 Financial Street, Xicheng District. (6657 8833, info@mayflowerdental. 五月 花口腔诊所, 1) 朝阳区建国门外大街国贸写字 楼2座3层03-06; 2) 西城区金融大街28号盈泰 中心2号楼3层

New Century International Children’s Hospital (NCICH) Daily 8am-5pm (full services), daily 24hrs (A+E services). 56 Nanlishi Lu (next to the east gate of the Beijing Children’s Hospital), Xicheng District. (6802 5588) www. 北京新世纪国际儿童医院, 西城区 南礼士路56号 (北京儿童医院东门南侧)

OASIS Dental Clinic For dental emergencies, call our 24-hour hospital line at 400 876 2747. Open Mon-Sat 9am-6pm. For appointments call 5985 0305. 9 Jiuxianqiao Beilu, Chaoyang District. (5985 0305) 朝阳区酒仙 桥北路9号

OASIS Healthcare Daily 24hrs (emergency care), Mon-Fri 9am- 6pm, Sun 8.30-12.30am. 9 Jiuxianqiao Beilu, Chaoyang District, Chaoyang District. (400 UR OASIS (876 2747)) 明德医院, 朝阳区朝阳区 酒仙桥北路9号

United Family CBD Clinic The United Family CBD Clinic is United Family Healthcare’s (UFH’s) sixth satellite clinic in Beijing and will be staffed by bilingual doctors and nurses who are committed to providing the highquality, international-standard care unique to United Family. Mon-Sat 9.30am-6.30pm. Suite 3017, Bldg AB, Vantone Center, 6 Chaowai Dajie, Chaoyang District. (5907 1266) www. 和睦家朝外诊所, 朝阳区朝阳门外大 街6号万通中心AB座2层3017室

United Family Jianguomen Health and Wellness Center United Family Jianguomen Health and Wellness Center is a satellite clinic of BJU located in the St. Regis complex in the heart of Beijing's Central Business District. The clinic makes high-quality healthcare accessible to CBD residents and employees. It offers integrative medicine, family


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counseling services, and provides health checkups for immigration purposes. Mon-Fri 8.30am-12pm,1pm-3.30pm. B1/F, The St. Regis Residence, St. Regis Hotel, 21 Jianguomenwai Dajie, Chaoyang District. (8532 1221; 8532 1678 (immigration clinic)) 和

Zone, Shunyi District. (8046 1102) www.ufh. 和睦家顺义牙科诊所, 顺义区天竺开发 区荣祥广场818

睦家建国门保健中心, 朝阳区建国门外大街21号 北京国际俱乐部饭店公寓楼地下1层

United Family Liangma Clinic United Family Liangma Clinic serves Beijing’s diplomatic area, providing internationally-accredited Family Medicine services. A multinational clinic staff of experienced doctors and bilingual nurses will ensure that you and your family receive the highest quality medical care available. Mon-Fri 8.30am-5pm. 2/F, Grand Summit, 19 Dongfang Donglu, Chaoyang District. (5927 7005) cn 和睦家亮马诊所, 朝阳区东方东路19号1号楼

EXPLORE Airlines Korean Air 901-3, Hyundai Motor Towers, 38 Xiaoyun Lu, Chaoyang District. (8453 8137, 40065 88888) 朝阳区

United Family New Hope Oncology Center The United Family New Hope Oncology Center offers a unique new concept in international-standard cancer treatment. New Hope’s goal is to provide patients with the most up-to-date treatment options from a multidisciplinary team of oncologists, specialist physicians, and healthcare professionals. Mon-Fri 9am-5pm. 9-11 Jiangtai Xilu, Chaoyang District. (5927 7008) www.ufh. 和睦家启望中心, 朝阳区朝阳区将台


Turkish Airlines W103, Lufthansa Center, 50 Liangmaqiao Lu, Chaoyang District. (6465 1867) 土耳其航空, 亮马桥路50 号燕莎中心W103

Travel Agencies Bespoke Beijing B510, 107 Dongsi Bei Dajie, Dongcheng District, Dongcheng District. (6400 0133, www. 东城区东城区东四北大街



United Family Shunyi Dental Clinic United Family Shunyi Dental Clinic is located in Pinnacle Plaza, just around the corner from the United Family Shunyi Clinic. A multinational clinic staff of experienced doctors and bilingual nurses will ensure that you and your family receive the highest quality dental care available. Like other BJU satellite facilities, the Shunyi Dental Clinic strictly adheres to Joint Commission International (JCI) standards, which enables the Shunyi Dental Clinic to be officially recognized as an international-standard dental clinic. Mon-Thu 9am-7.20pm, Fri-Sat 9am-5.30pm. 818 Pinnacle Plaza, Tianzhu Real Estate Development

Vista Medical Center Vista’s mental health care team includes a psychiatrist, two psychologists and a counselor. They offer counseling for interpersonal issues, including marriage, divorce and parenting, emotional disorders including depression, grief, anxiety, as well as stress and anger management. They also specialize in working with children and their families as they navigate expat life in China. They work with individuals, couples, families and groups. Our counseling services are available in English, Japanese, Persian, Hindi and Chinese. Medical prescriptions are available. Daily 24hrs. 3/F, Kerry Centre, 1 Guanghua Lu, Chaoyang District. (8529 6618, fax 8529 6615, www. 维世达诊所, 朝阳区光华路1号 嘉里中心3层


United Family Shunyi Clinic United Family Shunyi Clinic serves Beijing’s suburban area and international school district with internationally-accredited family medicine, pediatrics, rehabilitation (physical therapy), psychological counseling, Traditional Chinese Medicine, laboratory, and pharmacy services. A multinational clinic staff of experienced doctors and bilingual nurses will ensure that you and your family receive the highest quality medical care available. The Shunyi Clinic is a satellite facility of BJU. Like other BJU satellite facilities, the Shunyi Clinic strictly adheres to Joint Commission International (JCI) and international infection control standards. Mon-Thu 9.30am-7.30pm, Fri-Sun 9.30am-4 .30pm. Unit 806, Pinnacle Plaza, Tianzhu Real Estate Development Zone, Shunyi District. (8046 5432, fax 8046 4383) cn 和睦家顺义诊所, 顺义区天竺开发区荣祥广

研究所), 海淀区花园北路51号 (北医三院西 侧100米路北)


Newman Tours (138 1777 0229, info@ Vista Medical Center Medical services including family and internal medicine, OB/ GYN, pediatrics, dentistry, ophthalmology, dermatology, ENT, TCM, physiotherapy, psychiatry, imaging laboratory and pharmacy service. Also offers pre- and postnatal care and infant health check-ups. English-speaking staff onsite 24hrs a day. A consultation with a GP costs RMB 660. Direct billing with more than 40 international insurance providers. Daily 24hrs. 3/F, Kerry Centre, 1 Guanghua Lu, Chaoyang District. (8529 6618, fax 8529 6615, vista@vista-china. net) 维世达诊所, 朝阳区 光华路1号嘉里中心3层

Ninety Percent Travel (151 1791 6648, SnapAdventures (150 1036 4340, info@ www.snapadventures. com Wan Lin Tours (186 0112 6254, wanlin@ TUI China Travel Co. Ltd. Unit 921-926, Bright China Chang An Bldg, Tower 2, 7 Jianguomennei Dajie, Dongcheng District. (8519 8800, cn 途易, 东城区建国门内大街7号光华长安大厦 2座921-926

Mental Health Services Beijing International SOS Clinic Family Counseling Center Suite 105, Bldg 1, Kunsha Building, 16 Xinyuanli, Chaoyang District. (6462 0333, china.inquiries@internationalsos. com), 北京国际救援中心, 朝阳区新源 里16号琨莎中心一座105室

Beijing United Psychological Health Center (5927 7067) 1) Inside Beijing United Family Shunyi Clinic, Unit 818, Pinnacle Plaza, Tianzhu Real Estate Development Zone, Shunyi District. (;

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Commercial and service classifieds cost RMB 300 for the first 20 words, and RMB 15 for each additional word. To submit a classified ad: 1) e-mail:; 2) submit your ad directly on line at www.thebeijinger. com; 3) fax to 5820 7895. Free ads will be placed on a space-available basis and at the discretion of the editor. Deadline: the 15th of each month. For more information on how to place a classified advertisement in The Beijinger call our new number: 5820 7700-822 Jobs Offered - Professional see more at GK Dragonomics seeks a China macroeconomist for its Beijing office. Responsibilities include monitoring of China’s monthly, quarterly and annual macroeconomic data, developing thematic ideas about economic trends, writing brief English-language reports and presentations (2-3 times per month), and presenting research ideas to clients in face-to-face meetings, conference calls and seminars. Minimum requirements include: native Chinese language skills, high proficiency in written and spoken English, an advanced economics degree (MA or above) and at least five years of relevant work experience. GK Dragonomics is a leading independent research boutique that specializes in delivering insightful analysis of China’s economy and related social and political trends to sophisticated corporate and financial clients. It has over 300 institutional clients globally, and is a subsidiary of GaveKal Research, a global macroeconomic research and advisory firm based in Hong Kong. More information available at To apply, please send a CV and brief cover letter explaining your interest to Alanis Qin ( Windsor Bilingual Kindergarten, a sister school of the well-known Dulwich College Beijing is currently looking for qualified and enthusiastic teachers to work within our dynamic, multi-cultural team. Qualifications: 1. Bachelor’s degree or above (early years education would be an advantage); 2. At least two years working experience with young children; 3. Passionate, love to work with children and willing to devote time and effort for the benefit of both children and parents; 4. Good use of the English language (speaking, reading and writing), English native speaker would be preferable; 5. Able to work under pressure with a strong work ethic in a supportive environment; 6. Team player with good interpersonal and leadership skills; Please send your CV and a cover letter to emphasize why you are fit for the position of Early Years at Windsor. Please contact Raymond Zhang at or visit for more details. InBAEX consulting company We are a professional consulting company set up by qualifed PRC lawyer and professional accounting experts.  We aim to provide one stop service to foreign clients who are going to set up their operations in Beijing, Tianjin, Shanghai and Shenzhen, from incorporation to ongoing bookeeping, tax filing and payroll services, as well as exiting chinese market via deregistration or mergers and acquisitions.  Our lawyers and professional accounting experts will always work together to provide best solutions for you!  Any inquires, please feel free to contact us at; More infomration on our company, please log on

Front-End Web Developer International School of Beijing invites qualified applicants to apply for the position of Front-End Web Developer. You are welcome to send your application, resume, at least two reference letters from previous employers, and a cover letter in English to recruitment@ The full job description can be found at Services - Accommodation see more at  Beijing Service Apartment for Rent Daily/Monthly/Yearly @ Sublet.CN FULL SERVICE: 24H Hotline: 008610-6493-8285, 6491-2993 Email: Website: Dongzhimen/Sanlitun Area: Seasons Park - 海晟名苑: Studio, 47m² with open kitchen, ¥399/ night or ¥6,100/month; 1 Br, 65-75m², ¥580/night or ¥8,500-9,000/ month; 2 Br, 100m², ¥12,000 2 Br, 128m², ¥14,000 2+1 Br, 148m², ¥16,000 3 Br, 160m², ¥18,000 3 Br, 205m², ¥25,000 East Avenue – 逸盛阁: 1 Br, 85m², from ¥ 10,000 1 Br, 100m², ¥ 12,000 2 Br, 130m², ¥ 16,000 Shimao Gongsan Plaza – 世茂工三: Studio, 64 – 90 m², from ¥ 9,500 1 Br, 103 – 112 m², from ¥ 14,000 2 Br, 140 m², from ¥18,000 Tunsanli/Yongli International – 屯三里/ 永利国际 Studio, 64 – 70 m², from ¥ 8,500 1 Br LOFT, 110 m², from ¥ 13,500 New MOMA - 万国城: Studio, 100m², ¥8,500 2 Br, 140m², ¥14,000 3 Br, 245m², ¥20,000 Sanlitun SOHO - 三里屯SOHO: 1 Br, 120m², ¥15,000 2 Br, 150m², ¥18,000 2 Br, 170m² ¥20,000 3+1 Br, 245m², ¥33,000 3+1 Br, 260m², ¥35,000 International Wonderland - 首开幸福 广场: 1 Br, 95-120m², ¥8,500 2 Br, 125 - 140m², ¥13,000 Regentland/Worker Stadium/DongsishItiao - 瑞士公寓: 1 Br, 80 - 95m², ¥11,000 2 Br, 125m², ¥16,000 3 Br, 140m², ¥18,000 Guangcai Int’l Apartment - 光彩国际: 3 Br. 217m², ¥23,000 4 Br. 270m², ¥25,000 Lufthansa Area: Beijing SOHO Residences - SOHO北京 公馆: 1 Br. 80m², ¥13,000 3 Br. 245m², ¥ 25,000 Gemini Grove - 星源汇: 1 Br. 80m², ¥11,000 1 Br. 90m², ¥13,000 CBD Area: Central Park - 新城国际: Studio, 75m², ¥11,000 1 Br. 90m², ¥14,000 2 Br. 125m², ¥19,000 2 Br. 130m² duplex, ¥20,000 3 Br. 190m², ¥25,000 3 Br. 220m², ¥ 28,000 4 Br. 265m², ¥33,000

Windsor Avenue - 温莎大道: 1 Br. 90m², ¥10,000 2 Br. 158m², ¥18,000 3 Br. 300m², ¥25,000 Fortune Plaza - 财富中心: Studio. 70m², ¥9,500 1 Br. 90 m², ¥13,000 2 Br. 140m², ¥17,000 3 Br. 205m², ¥19,000 Global Trade Mansion - 世贸国际: Studio. 80m², ¥9,000 2 Br. 170m², ¥18,000 3 Br. 260m², ¥27,000 CBD Private Castle - 圣世一品: 2 Br. 115m², ¥10,000 2 Br. 148m², ¥15,000 3 Br. 170m², ¥18,000 Dawanglu Area: China Central Place - 华贸中心: 1 Br. 90m², ¥9,500 2 Br. 125m², ¥15,000 3 Br. 165m², ¥18,000 Gemdale Int’l Garden - 金地国际: 2 Br. 148m², ¥17,000 3 Br. 199m², ¥22,000 Chaoyang Park Area: Palm Spring - 棕榈泉: 2 Br. 138m², ¥15,000 3 Br. 192m², ¥20,000 3 Br. 218m², ¥25,000 Park Avenue - 公园大道: 2 Br. 174m², ¥16,000 3 Br. 180m², ¥18,000 3 Br. 193m², ¥26,000 Oceanwide Int’l Residential District - 泛 海国际: 3 Br. 185m², ¥16,000 4 Br. 245m², ¥23,000 Greenlake Place - 观湖国际: 3 Br. 173m², ¥14,000 3 Br. 192m², ¥16,000 4 Br. 260m², ¥26,000 Beijing Golf Palace - 高尔夫公寓: 3 Br. 270m², ¥29,000 Star River - 星河湾: 3+1 Br. 260m², ¥26,000 Courtyard for Lease: Dongzhimen 3 Br Courtyard, 150m2, ¥30,000 Forbidden City 5 Br Villa 320m2 Courtyard, ¥80,000 Beijing Professional Property Agency FourStar Realty has wonderful courtyards and apartments, offer all real info real photos on website: Phone: 010-64200262 Email: Services - Relocation Firms see more at Asian Express is an expert in international, domestic, local household goods and office moving, storage and full relocation services. We have been servicing Mainland China since 1979, which makes us one of the most experienced moving companies. Call today and get an obligation FREE quotation from our multilingual expat staff. Tel: (010) 8580-1471 Fax: (010) 8580-1475 Email: Website: Services - General see more at Congregation of the Good Shepherd (COGS) is an active faith community of expatriate Christians. We embrace denominational diversity; affirm a common, Biblical faith as set out in the historic creeds; and offer Christ-centered,

liturgical worship. Weekly worship is complemented by Sunday School for children, along with opportunities for participation through service projects, small groups, choir, and other activities. Services - Business Center see more at  ITTN Business Center, based on E-Top Electronic City in China Silicon Valley Zhongguancun Innovation Zone, occupying 2,000sqm on 20th floor, is scheduled to expand to the whole building(F1-F20) by the end of 2013. * Neighbored with top academic and research institutes, including Peking University, Qinghua University, China Academy of Science, etc… * Highly accessible by subway lines 4 and 10, 30 mins to the airport and walking distances to hotels. * A flexible and cost effective way to have your Full time office, Virtual office, and Hotdesking, sign today, start tomorrow. * Practical, hands-on support service for tenants, including tech showcase, China business guide, B2B online system access, networking and partnering, market research, due diligence, business development, etc… * Government subsidy for rental & funding available for successful tech transfer deal 1. Office standard Package 7 RMB /sqm per day leasing for tenant (including property management fee) 2. Virtual office Package Domiciliation service---a business address that’s just like being there yourself; Bilingual telephone answering support; Fax and Mail handling service 3. Hot-desking Package 1-week lease: 1500 RMB/workstation; 2-weeks up lease: 1500 RMB/workstation for 1st week, followed by 1000 RMB since the 2nd week 4. Conference room service: Well-equipped with audio-visual facilities, projector and IT infrastructure, give your meetings a new dimension in comfort. (50 % discount for the tenants) 5. Technology transfer business development support: Technology showcase: LCD display, panel display, prototype show; Chinese Biz Guide: Newsletter Circulation on tech request and business opportunity in Chinese market; B2B Online System; Networking and partnering support. 6. One-Stop Solution service: Registration, accounting, translation, HR & logistic, legal and IPR expertise, and administrative support SBC Business Service (Beijing) Co., Ltd. Hotline: +86 10 59231166 Http: SBC was founded in 1995 as a leading business service and company register agency in Hong Kong. SBC is your best partner in setting up your representative office and in looking for instant office or virtual office services. In Beijing, SBC provides 52 offices to you, with over 2300sqm space. At SBC, our mission is to facilitate you to open the door to the world of maximum possibilities with minimum cost. Top Product: 1. Instant Office, 2. Virtual Office , 3. Conference Service, 4. Registration Support. Add: 11/F, Tower A, Gateway, No. 18 Xiaguangli, North Road, East Third Ring, Chaoyang District, Beijing. Regus is the world’s largest provider of workplace solutions, with products and services ranging from fully equipped offices to professional meeting rooms, business lounges and the world’s largest network of video communication studios. Tel: +86 400 120 1205, 1. Regus China Life Tower: 5/F China Life Tower, 16 Chaoyangmenwai Street, Chaoyang District. 中国北京朝阳区朝阳门外大街16号中

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CLASSIFIEDS 国人寿大厦5层 2. Regus China World Tower 3:15/F China World Tower 3, 1Jianguomenwai Avenue, Chaoyang District. 中国北京朝阳区建国门外大 街1号国贸中心3座15层 3. Regus IFC [New]: 10/F, IFC East Tower, 8 Jianguomenwai Avenue, Chaoyang District中国北 京朝阳区建国门外大街8号国际金融中心10层 4. Regus Kerry Centre: 11/F Kerry Centre,North Tower, 1 Guanghua Road, Chaoyang District中 国北京朝阳区光华路1号嘉里中心北楼11层 5. Regus Lufthansa Center: C203 Lufthansa Center, 50 Liangmaqiao Road, Chaoyang District中国北京朝阳区亮马桥路50号燕莎 中心C203 6. Regus NCI Tower: 15/F NCI Tower, 12 A Jianguomenwai Avenue, Chaoyang District 中国北京朝阳区建国门外大街甲12号新华保 险大厦15层 7. Regus Pacific Century Place: 14/F IBM Tower, PCP, 2A Workers Stadium Road North, Chaoyang District 中国北京朝阳区工体北路 甲2号IBM大厦14层 8. Regus Prosper Center [New]: 6/F Tower 2, Prosper Center: No.5 Guang Hua Road, Chaoyang District 中国北京朝阳区光华路5号 世界财富中心2号楼6层 9. Regus Financial Street Excel Centre: 12/F Financial Street Excel Centre,6 Wudinghou Street, Xicheng District 中国北京西城区武定 侯街6号卓著国际金融中心12层 10. Regus Zhongguancun Metropolis Tower: 7/F Metropolis Tower,2 Dongsan Street, Zhongguancun Xi Zone, Haidian District 中国北京海淀区中关村西区东三街2号欧美 汇大厦7层 11. Regus China Central Place [Coming soon] 9/F Tower 2 China Central Place, 79 Jianguo Road, Chaoyang District 中国北京市朝阳区建国路79号华贸中心(2号 楼)9层100025 12. Regus Parkview Green [Coming soon] 15/F Office Building A, Parkview Green, 9 Dongdaqiao Road, Chaoyang District Vantone Commercial Center provides tenants a fully serviced office and conference center environment in the heart of both Chaoyang Business District and Financial Street. Our center located on the top floors of Vantone Center Tower D offers you fantastic panoramic views with professionally trained staff to support all your daily business needs. New World Vantone Business Center is ideally situated along the 2nd Ring Rd inside a landmark building. In addition, we have inhouse catering available to offer you the convenience of hosting events without seeking outside vendors. The Center is outfitted with high-end telecommunication, conference audio, video, lighting and office equipment ensuring unsurpassed quality and efficiency. Tel: 010 8804 7200,5905 5905 Services - Translation/Writing see more at  PrimeTrans offers comprehensive translation services that help you overcome your business barriers. Quality, prompt and worry-free! Call George: 010 81732035, 13501089053, Micromice Translation: Free for First 100 Words! Staffs from China Daily offer you most reliable and qualified translation. 100 language,5000 linguistic experts, all types of files and meetings. 13801130910, Services - Air Purifiers

Service - Agents: Real Estate see more at Real Estate Law Service Our experienced real estate attorneys provide quality legal services to help foreign citizens to purchase and sell real properties in China. We also do related litigations. 10th Floor, China World Tower, No.1 Jianguo Menwai Avenue,Beijing 100004. Tel: (8610) 5706 8302. Email: Website: JRE Corporate has rapidly expanded since its foundation into one of the largest real estate companies focusing on residential services. We boast the widest range of properties, the lowest prices and the value-added complete after-sales services throughout the whole lease term. Tel:5108 8028, 5108 8048, 13701080877 Fax: 5108 8039 Email: Joanna@ joannarealestate. Services - Online shopping see more at  SUPER IPTV offers 64 international channels in HDMI quality, delivered to your television through a set top box via a broadband connection, No dish installation, Much like cable services back home, which makes this one of the best ways to get your favorite channels including HBOHD,FOX MOVIES,STAR MOVIES, CNN, BBC, CNBC, STAR WORLD, AXN, FOX, DISCOVERY, NATIONAL GEOGRAPHIC, DISNEY, CARTOON, NICKELODEON, TV5, DW, ASTRALIA NETWORK, ESPN HD, STAR SPORTS, SETANTA RUGBY, EPL, GOLD, NBA, F1 and much more…, Mobile:133 716 00100; 139 11885499 DishHD provides the ultimate television experience. Rediscover television with DishHD! More and more TV users are switching from dream satellite TV or local cable TV to DishHD! Why choose DishHD? 1.It has the most HD channels in Asia, with 6 times the picture quality of cable TV or dream satellite TV; 2. With 50+ English TV channels, it is the best choice for expats in Beijing; 3. Dishnetwork (US) offers the most stable satellite TV system; 4. User-friendly EPG keeps track of your viewing schedule; 5. With DVR, you don’t need to be worried about missing your favorite show; With only a 0.45 metre dish installation, you will have access to HBO HD, FOX Movies HD, Star Movies HD, CNN HD, Fox News HD, Sky News, Channel News Asia, Bloomberg, ASN, Golf HD, NBA HD, NHL, Star World HD, FOX, FX HD, Fashion HD, Discovery HD, Nat Geo HD, Fox Crime, Disney, Playhouse Disney, Nickelodeon, DW TV, Australia Network. More info at ; Mobile: 133 716 00100 or Mobile: 139 1188 5499 Services - Ayi / Housekeeping see more at  Beijing Ex-PATS Service Healthy, reliable, experienced, Englishspeaking housemaid/ nanny. Free agency and 24- hour English service. Medical and Accident insurance covered. EXPATS Life Group also serves with Mandarin, car leasing, Visa, English-speaking driver, driving license, vehicle registration. Tel: 64381634, 13501237292, service@

Easy Life-Maid service Professional & reliable English speaking maid (Ayi) available. Customers’ satisfaction guaranteed. Full time & part time. Housecleaning, Babysitting, Ironing, Chinese-western cooking, Call 13811227395 Email:

The Luxury Massage Center Health provides Chinese massage,Thai massage, Aromatic oil massage. 30% off for first visit. Tel: 136 7110 8225 Address: Room 2121,East tower of Van Palace Center, Guandongdian Nanjie, Chaoyang district.(朝阳区关东店南街旺座中心东塔2121室)

SERVICE - Photography studio

see more at

SERVICE - PET CARE see more at Imagine Photography Studio is a childrenoriented photography studio, and we have gained a lot of popularity among the foreign families in Shunyi Villa areas over the 4 years since our establishment. Beside the family photos, we also have business relations with many international school.10am-6pm, Unit 503, Pinnacle Plaza, Shunyi District. 84727478 info@imaginestudio Services - IT / Computer see more at 

Your preferred IT partner in China: CANDIS Group is a one stop shop for all your IT needs at affordable rates, making us the IT Gateway with China for many international companies. Our services include top tier Hosting environments in China and abroad, Office network design and construction, Proactive Network IT Management, Office network support, Security audits, IT needs assessment, broadband connectivity, and much more. All our staff is bilingual and we provide a 24/7 support hotline to all our clients. Contact us for more details: 400 680 5025 IT is so easy CenturyTang provide IT Outsourcing Service from ¥300/ month for enterprise, IT Outsourcing include: Server maintenance & troubleshooting; PC maintenance & troubleshooting; Software troubleshooting & update; Printer & Network equipment maintenance; Enterprise level Anti-virus; Weekly/Monthly backup/ restore. Contact Eric Wu at 1350 120 8862 or 010-5979 5301. Website: SERVICE - Health see more at


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International Center for Veterinary Services (ICVS) ICVS is a professionally managed and affordable full service international standard animal hospital and pet care facility. All doctors are legally licensed in the PRC. Services include internal medicine, hospitalization, spay/ neuter, soft tissue and orthopedic surgeries, dentistry, dermatology, blood tests, laboratory diagnostics, X-rays, ultrasound, legal vaccinations, prescription pet foods, behavior counseling and obedience training, import/ export advice, pet adoption counseling and more. Boarding kennel, grooming salon, SAFE pet foods and pet shop available. All services in Mandarin and English. Licensed rabies vaccinations for export. Kent Center, 29 Liangmaqiao Lu, Anjialou (shares a courtyard with China Culture Center), Chaoyang District. Mon-Sat 8am-8pm; Sun 10am-7pm (by appointment) 010-8456 1939/1940/1941 Services - car rental

Beijing TOP-A Vehicle Service Co., Ltd Beijing TOP-A Vehicle Service provides: ﹡English-speaking driver ﹡Long-short term leasing ﹡Airport-Pick up/Drop off ﹡Sedan, Van and Bus We, EX-PATS Life Group, also serves with Mandarin, housemaid, Visa, driver, driving license, vehicle registration service. Tel: 64381634, 13501237292, service@

Beijing Ayi Service Company Experienced, reliable, well-trained and English-speaking with references Ayi available, 24-hours translation service, Ayi cooking lessons are also available (60409096, 13641137690) Beijing Sunnyhome Housekeeping Service Company: Professional team provides reliable experienced Ayi service, full time, part time, babysitting. Driver, Car rental, Tourist info, House rental info. Theatre Tickets Booking.etc. Tel: 010-52884727 13611016921;

Lee Pet PetSmart, America’s largest retailer of pet products and services, operates on this side of the globe under the name Lee Pet. Its Chaowai Soho branch is now Beijing’s largest pet store, offering not only a diverse range of imported products, but also in-house grooming,photography and kennel services. Mon-Fri 10am-9pm, Sat-Sun 10am-9.30pm. Unit 3097, Bldg A, Chaowai Soho, 6 Chaoyangmenwai Dajie, Chaoyang District (5900 5499) 朝阳区朝阳门外大街6号朝外SOHO A 座3层3097 Leepet chain stores’ location: 1. Golden Resources Shopping Mall 4th floor; Suite: 4119 乐宠金源新燕莎MALL店: 北 京市海淀区远大路1号金源燕莎购物中心 4层西侧4119 (停车楼4层E28口) 电话: 01088870706 2. Longde Square Shopping Mall  Suite: B118,tangli road, Changpin district 龙德广场 店: 北京市昌平区立汤路186号龙德广场地下 一层B118铺位, 电话: 010-84841916 3. Land gent chateau store #4 building, guangqu road, Chaoyang district.  石韵浩庭 店: 北京市朝阳区广渠路33号石韵浩庭04号楼 04底商, 电话: 010-87769602 4. Leepet animal hospital ( 24 hours)  #9 Lincui Street, Chaoyang District 乐宠丽派特动物医 院: 北京市朝阳区林萃路9号院5-6底商, 电 话: 010-58213503 Hotline:  English: 138 1029 5757

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Doctors Beck and Stone Pet Health Care Center Get full, international standard, pet care with open Western and highly trained Chinese veterinarians, nurses and medical technicians. Hospitals are also emergency crisis centers. Ambulances available for collection and drop off of pets. Daily, 24 hours. Shop 0153, Tower B, Chaowai Soho, 6 Chaoyangmenwai Dajie, Chaoyang District. Daily 9am-7pm 5869 6401, 400 103 8686 (for appointments, pet pick-up and emergencies)

Angel Hands Enjoy vigorous deep-tissue massage, soothing and gentle massage, or a combination of both. Daily 24 hours. Rm 1801, Bldg 2, Jianwai Soho, 39 Dongsanhuan Zhonglu, Chaoyang District. (13811821008) 朝阳区东三环中路39号建外Soho2号楼1801室

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The Millennium Residence@Beijing Fortune Plaza will have direct underground access to subway Line 10 and Line 14 as well as being a 25 minutes drive to Beijing Capital International Airport. Restaurants, shopping, recreational facilities,embassies,corporate offices and international school are all within easy reach. Opened in mid-January 2009, the Millennium Residences @ Beijing Fortune Plaza are 329 luxuriously furnished and equipped apartments on the 3rd to 31st floor of the Fortune Heights building. Spacious one to three bedroom apartments from 75-180 sqm with views to Beijing’s bustling CBD skyline located adjacent to the Grand Millennium Hotel Beijing where Residents enjoy complimentary membership to the Resident’s Gym and special privileges at all restaurants & bars. The Imperial Mansion-Beijing Marriott Executive Apartments Ideally located in the center of Wangfujing district, the prestigious business, commercial, entertainment, and shopping area of Beijing. The Imperial Mansion-Beijing Marriott Executive Apartments reflects an exceptional level of luxury, you can choose among 220 fully furnished suites from elegant Studio, One, Two to Three-beds ranging from 64 to 228 square meters, every suite comes with a fully equipped kitchen, balcony, dedicated office area, safe, large LCD TV, DVD Player, and wire & wireless internet connection. Whether travelling alone or with the family, the hotel provides incredible services for business, relaxation or rejuvenation: 180 square meters multifunctional meeting space, resident lounge, 24-hour access fitness center, rooftop ozone depletion swimming pool and kids’ play area. Stay at the Imperial Mansion Beijing Marriott Executive Apartments and relish luxurious home-style living for short or extended stays. The Imperial Mansion, Beijing Marriott Executive Apartments. Tel: 86 10 65649999 The Sandalwood - Beijing Marriott Executive Apartments Distinctively situated within Beijing’s Central Business District, The Sandalwood - Beijing Marriott Executive Apartments, beckons individuals and families to its affordable luxury apartments with an exceptional level of unmatched services and facilities. Marriott’s newest MEA is neighbored to the world-famous China Red Sandalwood Museum, the first and largest private museum in China. 20 minutes to Beijing Capital International Airport, only moments from China Central Place, the largest office and shopping complex in the Chaoyang area and steps away from the ever-expanding Beijing Subway. Adjacent to one of the largest golf driving ranges in Beijing and within walking distance to the first grade green of Xinglong Park - making it an ideal haven for executives and their families seeking a balanced and rewarding lifestyle in Beijing. 168 spacious one, two and three bedroom apartments offer both wired and wireless internet connections in all apartments and common areas and 70% of all apartments have a balcony.

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Lanson Place Central Park Serviced Residences, Beijing Lanson Place Central Park serviced residences, located in the Central Business District of Chaoyang in Beijing, offers spacious luxury serviced apartments in two, three and four bedroom configurations as well as penthouses overlooking a charming landscaped garden. Loft apartments are outstanding. The interiors are contemporary and restful while

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Taxing Times a modest proposal for Dealing with the Cab Crisis by George Ding


EIJING — Liu Bin stood outside the gate of No. 4 High School, waiting to take the test that would change his life. His mother was with him, anxiously clutching the homemade lunch she’d made for her son. “I’m so nervous for him,” she said. But Liu remained calm. He had crammed for this test for the better part of a year. Just then, an administrator emerged from the school and opened the gates. Liu took the lunch from his mother and flooded in with the hundreds of others who were waiting by the gate. Two weeks later, a thin envelope arrived in the mail. Liu opened it and gave a shout of joy. He ran to the living room and hugged his mother. It was official: Liu Bin was going to be a cab driver. Liu Bin, 41, is just one of the thousands who took the first annual dikao (的 考), the new standardized test that Beijing cabbies must pass before they are allowed behind the wheel. Modeled on the gaokao, it is just one of the ambitious reforms that Beijing officials have instituted to improve the city’s taxi cab service. “Beijing is the capital of China and one of the greatest cities in the world,” said municipal spokesman Zhang Xueran in a press conference last Thursday. “As such, getting a cab at rush hour shouldn’t resemble fighting for the last life preserver in the film Titanic.” Other reforms include raising the flag-fall rate from RMB 10 to RMB 15, changing the Olympic lanes left over from 2008 into taxi-only express lanes, and imposing an RMB 50 “vomit fee” on passengers, which will make picking up fares in Sanlitun and Wudaokou more worthwhile. The city has also outlawed passing a hailing passenger when a driver’s “empty cab” light is on and negotiating off-meter prices. But perhaps the most controversial change is the dikao. During the grueling two-day exam, applicants are tested on their knowledge of Beijing roads, motor vehicle law and Marxist-Leninist ideology.


May 2013

Supporters argue that this exam will weed out reckless drivers who dart across four lanes of traffic without signaling and regard traffic lights as flashing road ornaments.

An RMB 50 “vomit fee” will make picking up fares in Sanlitun and Wudaokou more worthwhile “No more will cabbies drive you around the city for half an hour before telling you they don’t actually know where Gulou is,” Zhang said.

Indeed, Liu has spent the last ten months memorizing the names of all the roads and bridges in central Beijing. “I know the location of every hotel, mall and jianbing stand within the Fifth Ring Road,” he said. “Not to mention the public lavatories.” The dikao is rumored to be even more difficult than The Knowledge, the test that London cab drivers have to take before earning their license. Beijing applicants are asked to recite the shortest route from one place in the city to another, explain why spitting out the window is unhygienic, and refrain from cursing for 60 minutes in rush hour traffic. But not everyone is happy with the new exam. Critics of the dikao say that it will cause cab companies and driving schools to “teach to the test,” and not adequately prepare drivers for real-world conditions on the road. “This test will surely stifle creativity in taxi drivers,” said an analyst at a local traffic think-tank. “Using the shoulder as a makeshift lane making illegal U-turns will become a thing of the past.” Others argue that the test is inherently biased because of its lower score threshold for Beijing residents. “Beijingers who score a 700 on the test can become full-time cab drivers while someone from Hebei has to score higher than 730 for the same privilege,” the analyst explained. Still others complain that rich people can just send their kids to overseas driving schools. But spokesman Zhang assured citizens that “everything would work out.” “Change is always hard at first,” he said. “But we believe that over time these reforms will revolutionize the Beijing taxi experience, for the better.” Of course, this is not the first time Beijing cab drivers have had to pass a test to do their job. Before the 2008 Olympics, drivers were required to attend English classes and memorize English phrases. For his part, Liu Bin was excited to take on his new job. He had gone into debt to rent a vehicle from the taxi company. In 30 days, he’d owe the company another RMB 5,170 installment. “If I’m going to pay all of that back, I’d better hit the road,” he said with a smile, before driving off to begin his long and thankless job.

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