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cently, I was chatting with a senior officer at Broxtowe Borough Council, and what he said really rang true “Beeston, with all the upheaval, has taken a massive psychological knock.”

He was entirely right. While change is inevitable, and more often than not results in some marked improvements, the process is seldom painless. Beestonians have watched their town gouged open and ripped apart. It’s been a tough time for everyone. Understandably, there has been much pessimistic talk of Beeston’s ‘demise’. Yet things are, rather counter-intuitively, getting a bit better. As the finer, brighter spring days push out the winter gloom, Beeston too seems to be reawakening. Inside this month’s issue, we give some evidence to prove it. Independent retailers are springing up, and while chain stores are on the decline, unique and interesting shops are taking their place. Pubs are smartening up and giving Beeston a buzz in the beer world. New restaurants are opening, about to open or actually flourishing. Our own Tamar has been looking into ways to make the town brighter in a horticultural fashion too; her efforts will hopefully start blooming round town soon: see inside for more details.



We’re also reporting a little more on the public movement/ development steering group ‘Continuum Beeston’. Inside you’ll find the list we’ve compiled of ideas already submitted by Beestonians – in emails, comments on the Beestonia blog / Facebook group and elsewhere on social media and in person. This is what YOU’VE asked to happen in Beeston: we are hoping that those decision-makers, who have long appeared to have paid little notice to Beestonians’ concerns, will now take heed and act accordingly. We’re not total Pollyannas, however; we haven’t woken up one morning and stuck in our rose-tinted contact lenses. There is still loads of upheaval and disruption to contend with, there are a lot more contractors in hi-vis and hard hats scurrying around behind metal fences. Chilwell Road is still ‘in the balance’, especially for retailers along there - who continue to need our support and upbeat encouragement. But there are sign of change, and spring is part of that - though the signs are not just confined to trees budding, bluebells breaking through and the birds chattering. Life is breaking out all over Beeston, and we reckon this is exciting and worthy of report, celebration and encouragement. Lord Beestonia

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