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Dear Beestonian, I am a poet and a teacher, and I have been running a poetry workshop at The Other Space. I had a stall at the Street Party to put together a communal poem celebrating the best of Beeston and the cream of Chilwell. This was a great opportunity for all of us, of all ages, to contribute a line or two which put together will demonstrate quite powerfully how we feel about this marvellous stretch of road. Thank you very much to everyone who stopped and talked, and shared their memories and thoughts. If people are fed up because they are not in it, I can only say that it is simply because Beeston is clearly far more than one poem. – Becky Cullen (see the final poem, right) The Tram by Mick Rose The Tram wam bam they‘re putting it right there and they really don’t care Beeston is losing its clothes We’re almost bare and they really don’t care we’ve lost the trees and the dog walk field wam bam they’re putting it there and they really don’t care it’s a conservationist’s nightmare Backs to the wall as we pass the works The Beestonian shouts out ‘"the shops will close" Have they thought it through? do they really not care do they bollocks

THOUGHT FOR THE MONTH "In ancient times cats were worshipped as gods; they have not forgotten this." – Terry Pratchett

Johnny Pusztai at Est. 1884

Chilwell Road, Beeston by Becky Cullen (and Street Party goers) I stand outside the place that is an Arts Centre, was an ice-cream parlour, was Blacklocks, was the Co-op, and it is cold. People should stay at home; they don’t. They talk about Beeston, Chilwell Road, say the The Hop Pole is a bridge, summon siblings baking bread, Beeston Pipe Band, Victor Oades. They ask What could be better than walking along the Trent?, thaw out speaking of childhood summers - and the river looms large; fishing, sea scouts rowing to Barton Island, family picnics, swimming at the weir. We like to pile our hair up for rock and roll all-nighters at The Shed, cut a dash with Peggy Payne, Bromage Webster, Redhead Scott. Then the shops; Mr. Corker’s, a hair cut at Trigger ’s saloon, Boden’s, Ford’s, Sheila’s, Hogg’s, Sid Standard’s, Appleby’s, Hallam’s, Ashley Peake’s, Charlie Fogg’s. We make Queen Victoria laugh. We’re not daft, look at the plaques. There is something in our air that is good for centenarians. We take children to paint pots, sing at the library, meet friends at the park. They play the guitar. They learn. A boy says he likes trams, and full of stories, I watch the past and present mix. I wonder how we keep so many hairdressers in business, music in our pubs and on our streets. Perhaps it’s time to do what we do best: stay smart, sing, remember that we dance, tell each other stories, make good use of our hands. Dear Beestonian, One of the various delights of the burgeoning Beeston music scene has been the advent of ‘JazzClub’ held every first Friday of the month in The Commercial’s nondescript upper room where the performers play to an audience directly in front of them and at right angles to their left on what is normally (by the looks of the lighting) the disco dance floor for parties and other events. The unimaginatively named ‘JazzClub’ does what it says on the tin, the missing space a minor concession to modernity. Beeston is lucky indeed to have its very own ‘house band’, consisting of the ubiquitous Ian Beestin on drums (he seems to be the local ‘go-to’ guy when ever percussion is required, be it rock, folk-rock, blues or jazz - he’s also one of the brains behind JC and a number of other local music projects such as the late lamented ‘Music Quarter’), Geoff Pearson on double bass and Neil Hunter on keyboards. All are highly competent musicians and the prospect of an evening in their company would alone be sufficient incentive to don one’s jazz attire, stroll down to The Commercial

and fork out five oncers. However, the normal format is to invite a ‘star’ name (perhaps even from, wait for it, London!) to perform with the so-called ‘BoHop Trio’. Get yourself down to the NEXT one (2nd May, since you ask). – Colin Tucker (via email)

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Issue 18 of The Beestonian  

auf wiedersehen pet, uni of beestonia, bestonian - chilwell road, live below the line, little sod, once upon a time in a shed..., horace's h...

Issue 18 of The Beestonian  

auf wiedersehen pet, uni of beestonia, bestonian - chilwell road, live below the line, little sod, once upon a time in a shed..., horace's h...