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Mouni Feddag – Illustrator

“You say my name like ‘Moony’ (it’s Algerian) and I draw things. I suppose I’m an illustrator. Apparently I drew a cat when I was three. Later I spent an awful amount of time trying to draw manga, and eventually I studied graphic design. Beeston’s got a great feeling about it. I love busy high streets with no cars and plenty of funny-looking humans to look at, which Beeston delivers, and it’s so nice that it’s still such a thriving little place.”

Sara Gaynor – Photographer

“I have always had strong visual memories from a very young age, playing in nature and running away into my own imagination. As a child I obsessively looked through my grandparents’ photo albums. Photographs give me a real sense of mystery about the lives of the people I am looking at. They are much more than a photo to me. An inner dialogue is often being caught.”

Mathew Plowright – Painter, Designer, Book Designer, Surrealist

“I don’t think painting reality has ever been my strong point. It doesn’t excite me and it is beyond my ability to slave over a really accurate depiction of something exactly as it really is. I think my natural reaction to that is to delve into surrealism. Until I discovered Surrealism and identified with it, I was just someone that loved to draw and paint but felt I didn’t make sense. Since I’ve related to surrealism I’ve been able to apply myself how I would like and seeing my painting ability develop has been very pleasing.”

Bunny Moonstone – Vlogger

“Vloggers are Video Bloggers: people who instead of typing out a blog use film to keep a journal. It’s really taken off recently, and seems to be well established right now. I’ve been doing it since last August, and have already got 125 subscribers, which is pretty good for such a short time. I talk about lots of things; from make up to rabbits, from thoughts on Beeston to requests from viewers. I’m a born and bred Beestonian, and love living here. It’s cosy, friendly, chatty. All life is here.” Twitter. Facebook YouTube :

The Beestonian Issue 36  

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