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Love is in the air once again. This year we have to share Valentine’s Day with the Chinese New Year as they both


fall two days apart, which doesn’t help the general game

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plan, in tourism anyway. But we are sure to see town

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busy over that long week and weekend, which is always a great thing. Especially after this terribly wet rainy season. Thankfully the weather seems to have calmed down after many people saying it was the worst on

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record, but since we still have another couple of months


of wet season to come I imagine anything could happen

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and probably will. Check inside for all the details of what’s on around town over the next two weeks and especially around Valentine’s Day as most venues are pumping up the jam for that week. The Chinese New Year is all about Chinese dinners and not much partying, but there will surely be a few more punters around town from all over the region

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during that week. Enjoy. And keep informed of all the action online at

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