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Visual Language Research by Kevin O'Shea

‘Without the visual cliché there would be virtually no communication on the printed page or on television.’ GeORGe LOiS

‘The visual cliché can immediately give life to an idea’ GeORGe LOiS

Graphic objects, devices, clichĂŠs, stereotypes and symbols constitute an international and trans-cultural visual language.

eg. Abacus , Before and After, Clock, Dance, ear, Flag, Graffiti, Heart, Paper Clip, Quotation Marks and Women with Moustaches etc.



ViNTAGe ADVeRTiSiNG OF MODeRN TeCHNOLOGY. Advertising has transformed over the years. Compare how modern technologies would have been advertised decades ago.

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Creative thinking.  

Visual language, cliches and how they are used in creative communication.