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Friday, October 28, 2011

Mateo’s API Scores Go Up, Up, Up

photos by matt erlick

Mark Woo, Class of 2015

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Significant Sub Groups

What are your plans for Halloween and what will you be?

“A powderpuff girl and I’m going to go trick or treating.” M ,Class of 2014



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“A ghost and I’m going to go trick or treating.”

student groups must increase their scores by a certain required amount every year. This year, every single group did increase more than their required amount, except for the English Learners, who decreased their score by seven points. Overall, because there are many groups that haven’t achieved the 800 goal yet, San Mateo’s average API score is 785, but because of all of the improvement by all the student groups, it is 40 points higher than last year. Because our score is less than 800 and because not all of our groups reached their target for improvement, San Mateo High School has become eligible for Program Improvement once

API Scores


Students at San Mateo High School are always trying to improve themselves to increase their scores. Last year, the students took the STAR test and the CAHSEE, like any other year, but they improved their scores a lot from the year before. The STAR and the CAHSEE scores are used to rank San Mateo High School in what is called an API score, and last year the students increased the school’s API score by 40 points. The maximum API score possible is 1000 points and the desired score is 800 overall. However, scores aren’t only judged overall, they are also

calculated based on significant sub groups. While San Mateo students haven’t achieved the highest overall score in the district, our Asian and White students achieved higher than

many other schools that have higher overall scores. In these categories, our scores are higher than Aragon High School, Burlingame High School, Hillsdale High School, and Mills High School. Even though our scores are higher than others in the White and Asian categories, we are still unable to get out of our eligibility for Program Improvement. In order to get out of Program Improvement, all of our

again. The district managed to avoid the school falling into it by switching the funding from Title 1, which would cause us to be in Program Improvement, to various other sources. These sources can keep the school out of Program Improvement without costing the school any amount of funding. The reason the district allowed San Mateo to switch funding was because people who originally wanted to go to other schools than San Mateo were using the Program Improvement as an excuse to get an assured transfer, even though they didn’t actually want the transfer for any academic reason. Because of this, the district decided to take the school out of Program Improvement to stop the unnecessary transfers. San Mateo High School students made a huge improvement last year and we are hopeful for another. “We want to thank students for their hard efforts because when we work together, we can accomplish great things,” said Ms. Shiu.

API Score


Vikash Morar Editor-In-Chief

“Glen Coco, so I can get four candy canes ” Elyse Gil, Class of 2013

“It’s a surprise and I’m going to “Clark Kent and going to the Emerson Haunted House.” do what I always do.” Peter Wailes, Class of 2012

Mr. Fernandez, Staff

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Friday, October 28, 2011

When Smart Phones Attack!


Photo courtesy of Diana Brewer


An angry smartphone will screw up your data plan.

Joey Wong News Editor

Michelle Bachmann makes herself cozy in a teapot

The First Lady Can Eat a Cheeseburger If She Wants To Joey Wong News Editor

Michelle Obama, one of the most followed and active First Ladies, is the icon of the American First Family. She is a health and education advocate and has many plans to improve the country, but she is still being constantly criticized. Michelle Obama envisioned a goal of reducing the obesity levels in youth and launched a movement called “Let’s Move” in 2009. The campaign and program that she has created is dedicated to informing families on how to live healthier. The program’s goal is to ensure that families have access to healthy foods at affordable prices. In addition, it encourages daily exercise and activities that families can do together.

Earlier in the year, Michelle Obama was caught eating a burger-and-fries lunch with over 1,000 calories. She was criticized for eating a meal that was unhealthy while she launched a campaign that constantly advocated healthier food choices throughout the country. However, people who live healthily can choose to have a calorie-packed gut-buster every once in a while. Things in life are taken in moderation. That wasn’t the only criticism Michelle Obama has been called out for rewearing a dress for another event. Why does that even matter? Recycling clothes means she’s spending less time shopping and more time on improving the nation with her husband, President Obama. She’s spending less money on things that aren’t necessary. Recycling is eco-

SANMATEOHI The Voice Of San Mateo High Founded in 1922

Copy Editors Tommy Imperial Cristina Dressel Jonathan Slowey Vicki Xiao Shan Zaidi Vikash Morar Editors-in-Chief Vicki Xiao P.C. Fergusson


Joey Wong

News Editor

Talia Gurevich Opinion Editor Jean Fan

Features Editor

Fabiola Prieto Esquina Latina Editor Jonathon Mou Sports Editor Karen Chee Arts and Entertainment Editor

friendly; stop hating. For all the critics out there, Michelle Obama was one of the 10 World’s Best-Dressed People, according to Vanity Fair. Fashion doesn’t mean that you have to wear something new every single day of your life. If that’s fashion, our entire country really needs to reevaluate its morals and values. Michelle Obama is America’s fashion icon, and I believe that her courage to recycle her clothes for another event is just amazing. She is a great role model because dresses are so expensive, and most celebrities just wear them once. It’s such a waste: you can wear the dress again and pair it with different accessories or just donate it if you don’t want to wear it again. Just like prom and homecoming dances in high school, girls buy pricey dresses and after the night’s done, it stays in the back of their closet as dust is layering over it. Please don’t criticize someone without taking the time to see them in a nice perspective. Michelle Obama is human, and she can enjoy a burger once in a while and still promote a healthy lifestyle. She should be able to wear her dress again when she wants to; fashion isn’t just about wearing a different outfit every day. Please stop all the criticism, because being a leader isn’t easy. There’s a lot more pressure and stress involved Staff Writers

Tiffany Fujii Anuja Argade Jeremy Gofman Ava Gerami Rachael Wan Connie Hsieh Ian Thompson

Kayla Rose Zach Lorenzini Andrea Caceres

Business Manager Hannah Poplack Photo Editor Diana Brewer

Web Editor Jonathan Slowey

Smartphones are unavoidable, they are literally everywhere. Earlier this year, many phone companies made the switch to smartphones with data plans. As always, Sprint led the way with a new smartphone policy in Januarary, Verizon and Tmobile followed like a group of lemmings in July and August. AT&T transitioned too, in September. “We want our customers to have the best possible experience with their Smartphones,” AT&T commented about the change according to BGR. com, “Data plans let customers fully utilize their device, without the worry of bill shock.” Best possible experience? Customers have to pay an extra charge just for purchasing a phone that looks a bit more, well, modern. This new policy puts the customer far from best possible experience because standing at the short row of phones that don’t require the data plan is disappointing. I am so sorry if your parents aren’t letting you get the “smartphone,” so now you are carrying around the barbaric flip phone or the oddly shaped slide up phones. Blame the data plan. The layout of most phone company stores have two rows of phone displays, one on each side. However, one row is noticeably shorter. The shorter row has no more than five “crappy” phones that have the basic features: a screen, a keypad, and a very plain design. Starting earlier this year, all phone

companies have required a data plan base ranging from $15 to $30 when purchasing a “smartphone.” Basically any phone that has the touch screen feature is a “smartphone.” Let’s say you don’t want and really don’t need the “internet” feature, you have the choice of purchasing a crappy phone, one of those flip phones or really ugly slide up bulky phones. If you want a more decent phone, it’s most likely a “smartphone” now. My phone contract expired earlier this month and it was about time to upgrade the phone I had after my original phone died on me. I didn’t want the data plan and I refused to buy a “smartphone” because I didn’t want to pay for the data plan I wouldn’t be using. In the end, I gave in. The basic phones were just too… basic. It lacked features. Now I am not asking for the fancy features that the Google and Apple phones offer, I just want a phone with a camera better than two megapixels, an average design, and a little more modern - a little less dinosaur please. The phone companies have trapped you by making their phones without the required data plan truly uncaptaivating and unbearable. Unless of course you use your phone for strictly calling and don’t mind carrying around a phone that looked like the ones your parents once had when you were in elementary school. You really are forced to buy the data plan. There’s no way around it, they have

The Show Must Not Go On Ava Gerami Staff Writer Living in America, we are used to the infinite amounts of television shows that run every second of every day. Some shows have run their course, or just have never been good to begin with. The top show that just needs to get off the air is Glenn Beck. It seems that every show he turns red with anger and screams. His rants are imbecilic, and he is a disgrace to the respectable Republicans. MTV is known for its awful shows, but Teen Mom is definitely the worst. The premise is horrific, the girls are idiotic and the entire show makes me want to regurgitate. This show must be cancelled. “It’s a bad influence”, said senior

Melissa Alvarez. “American Idol has been on way too long. It’s lost its shine,” said junior Luna Chang. When two thirds of the original judges leave, you need to just give up on the show already. “It’s outrageous,” said junior Michelle Ragsac about the show Toddlers and Tiaras. With all the pressure on adolescents to fulfill the media’s idea of perfection, we should not be instilling this sense of insecurity in children too. Law and Order has been around for a really long time. The first one was great, the second one was okay, the third one was bearable, but now that there is a Law and Order for every city in the United States, it’s time to end. “The original ones should be kept, all the spin-offs should get cancelled,” said junior Hannah Middlekauff.


Friday, October 28, 2011

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Don’t Talk A-Pop To Me

Occupy Wall Street Hits San Francisco

Photo By Diana Brewer

Shan Zaidi and Tiffany Fujii Staff Writers

Occupy San Francisco protesters camp out in front of the Ferry Building

Talia Gurevich Opinion Editor

U.S. occupation in the Philipines, and others were simply spreading their beliefs: communism, libertarianism, socialism, and marxism. This array of different ideologies, political associations, and moral codes created a haphazard, motley group. Their opinions remain divided on everything except one important point: The government needs tougher regulation and has given too much leeway to banks. Everything that went wrong during Bush’s administration has caused this outburst, this anger over the state of our economy. They’re angry with the government, angry with Wall Street, and angry with anyone above middle class. Even though their fury is understandable, their efforts will disintegrate into chaos unless they find a leader, or even just one issue to support. The global influence they’re gaining will only be temporary unless some kind of hierarchy can be developed. Leadership and hierarchy of any kind have been stigmatized by this group. However, according to Crane Brinton, author of Anatomy of Revolution, a leader is essential in any endeavor.

Students Protest the Standards For Standardized Testing Rachael Wan Staff Writer Is it fair for one test to determine a student’s future? Absolutely not. All across America students take tests that decide when they should begin schooling, what possible handicaps they might have, where they should attend school, what classes to take, what college they’ll attend, and whether or not they are going to graduate. Some standardized tests are created to determine the level at which a student is performing in school. These exams are then sent to the government, which determines if the school is doing well enough to reach the required standard. Other standardized tests judge a student individually and determine where a student belongs in the schooling system based on the scores of certain tests. Not only is it nearly impossible to create one test that determines the “standard” at which a student at a certain age should be performing, but also it is highly unlikely that these tests can accurately assess the students as the individuals they are. Although these exams are created to be able to determine the level at which a student is performing, there are many situations that aren’t taken into account when these tests are being handed out to every student in a certain age range or school. Here at San Mateo High School, and even in

California, the student population is very diverse. The vast majority of the students speak a common language, English, the same language many were taught from a very young age. However for many students, English is not their first language. For these students it may be inferred that standardized tests such as the SAT, which includes two English portions, may be much more difficult than the test is for students who know the

“Standardized tests are not useful to schools, nor are they helpful to the students who have to take them.” language well. Is it fair to say that those students, who weren’t taught English at an early age or born in America, should have an unfair disadvantage to the rest of their peers because of something they can’t help? Because of this situation, a student may not get into the college or university he/she desired because of the test’s inability to judge their academic progress. A particular student can do well in

school, but a problem such as a language barrier can prove detrimental to a student’s future education. Not only is this system unfair to anyone who isn’t fluent in the language in which they’re testing. But this is also unfair to any students who may do well in school, but test badly. Testing in school is very stressful as well. The time constraints and pressures of other students testing in the same room could affect a student’s ability to focus. Another contributing factor to the loss of focus during a test is the length of the test. Standardized testing is also unfair because there are students who do badly in school but well on tests. The testing is an inaccurate judgment of the student’s progress in school. Bigger schools have diverse populations, with a large array of scores, which can lead to a misrepresentation of the school’s progress and ability to teach their students. The students that do very well on the tests and the students that don’t do as well, all get grouped up into the average. Standardized tests are not useful to schools, nor are they helpful to students who have to take them. The tests are not specific enough to judge each student on his or her progress through school because they don’t take into account the individual situations of the students. Some may argue that standardized testing is helpful to determine the average for

like being bashed. Yes, we’re calling out the Justin Bieber fans! We don’t mind people getting in Asian pop culture, in fact, we love it! However, we just wish people would take the time to educate themselves on the background. It’s not boring, it’ll actually make you love the culture even more! It’s the least you can do if you’re going to like something so much.

Photo courtesy of

At this point, everyone’s heard of the irritating and obnoxious political group called The Tea Party. This conservative political group closely related to the Republican Party was formed back in 2008 as a response to President Obama’s healthcare bill. Now, three years later in response to the United States’s failing economy, a new group has been created. In these dark and troubled economic times, the average American citizen has the power and significance of an ant. Now these ants have banded together to give birth to a new protest group: Occupy Wall Street. As the name suggests, its initial purpose was to protest the corruption and soulless money laundering on Wall Street, New York. As this country’s in an obvious depression, it has affected almost every household, especially the middle and lower class. However, it has yet to cripple the amassed wealth of the top one percent. This recurring issue has caused Occupy Wall Street to band together and make themselves heard. While their efforts are admirable,

they lack a unified message. In New York, it’s true they did protest the corruption of Wall Street. But as their influence spread to other states, other parts of the country, their ideals became diluted and distorted. I attended a demonstration a while ago in San Francisco to see this movement first-hand. I observed a steady mass of people flowing down Market Street, each passionately protesting. “This is a revolution to change the system. It’s important because too many people are led to believe that we can’t change what we’re born into. That’s what the Occupy movement is all about.” Said one Occupy San Francisco protester, a recent graduate from UC Davis who, when hearing about OccupySF, quit his desk job and came out to show his support. However, they were each protesting entirely different issues. I spotted two unique individuals parading around in Grim Reaper costumes, carrying scythes that displayed the words: Capitalism and Consumerism. Right behind them, was a family protesting the war in Iraq. There were those protesting the war in Iraq, Afghanistan,

“Oh my gosh, have you heard of this band?” You stare at this person blankly. This is the same band you’ve been listening to for over a year now. The same band that they had disregarded and even scoffed at you when you brought it up. “I love them so much, especially that one member with the hair!” This is the case for many people that listen to Asian pop bands. Not only do us fans have to deal with continuous bashing of such bands and been told that all the men look like women, we have to face those people who listen to one song and feel like they know our whole fandom. Were all our hours of devotion to be ousted by some noob? We don’t think so. The danger when people start liking a culture without fully understanding it is when they try to copy the language. Oh, how our ears have bled at the butchering of kawaii, the Japanese word for cute. Not to mention how suddenly everyone is part of your one, large, happy Japanese family. All your female friends are now called Onee-chan, or older sister. Every older boy is your brother, Oniichan. We’d like to say that if you’re not

Japanese and you’re not referring to a Japanese person, then it’s NOT your terminology to use. If they’ve gone into Korean pop, then the only words they know (and will use at every given opportunity) are Saranghae, which means “I love you.” All older boys must be called Oppa. The same rules apply here – not your language, not for you to use here. We all know that male Korean stars often have trouble keeping their shirts on because of their abs, but if people only like them for their bodies, it’ll hurt us true fans who love them for their music. We just don’t understand how some people can be so bipolar with their interests at times. Frankly, it’s frustrating. Everyone has had that one hobby, pop idol, or clothes brand that not quite everyone understands. We’d like to invite everyone to remember the feeling of having something you

Skit from SNL reflecting the obsession of asian pop culture

Don’t Be Afraid Of The Tea Party Cristina Dressel Staff Wrtier

Those of you that read the latest edition of the San Mateo Hi possibly got a chance to look at Ava Gerami’s article “Mad Michelle Invites you to her Tea Party”. It was a perfect example of the overblown, over-exaggerated, and misled reaction to the Tea Party Movement. When you watch the news, it’s most likely that the information you receive about the Tea Party is the latest discovery that a member is a racist, sexist, or homophobe. Granted, some members of the movement have extremely radical and seemingly insane views on the social world. Yet no one is so quick as to judge the Occupy Wall Street “movement” for its violent socialist groups and hundreds of arrests in the five-week period it’s been alive. Just so everything’s clear: the Tea Party has not had a single arrest in two years. On the Tea Party website, their main goal is clearly presented on the home page: fiscal responsibility in government. Nowhere do they mention the radical things MSNBC would like you to believe the Tea Party is all about. In comparison, those in Occupy Wall Street demand a complete destruction of the capitalist system (as they simultaneously try to gain steam through the Twitter hashtag) that

created America for the great country she was and always will be. Yet they’re not considered radical? How can Ava say the country is better off being “run by three-year-old children,” when the Tea Party is aiming for “more Constitutional restraint on government so that the people have more freedom to achieve the good things the country offers?” It’s important to look at political movements with an open mind. “The Leftist media cheers for a group of lawbreaking troublemakers who … were arrested by the hundreds and treated law enforcement with disrespect and disdain all while trying to tear down the foundations of the greatest nation on earth,” san they say, This quote accurately demonstrates the ridiculous way in which the media reports on different political movements. The left seems glorious, while the right is always radical. I’m not saying the Tea Party is flawless, because it’s not. The comparison I drew between the Tea Party and Occupy Wall Street goes to show the unfair way people judge the right. The Tea Party has an actual, rational approach to government and preserving your freedom, yet you know them for hating homosexuals and worshipping the rich. Read up for yourself; and don’t just assume that


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Friday, October 28, 2011



Is it Game Over for Nintendo? “I don’t think the Wii will ever compare to the PlayStation or the After being the top runner in video Xbox 360,� said junior Marisa Negames for three years, Nintendo is be- her. Other gamers, like senior Alex ginning to show signs of cracking. Glasson, believe that “Nintendo has Their now-six month old 3DS plat- no chance.� form was cut in price to gain more But is Nintendo really doomed? gamers. Despite high sales, gamers Nintendo’s presentation at the across America have doomed the electronic entertainment Expo this 3DS to fall before the domineering summer answered a firm “no� with the iPhone/iTouch market and the upcom- introduction of their new home plating PlayStation Vita. form, the Nintendo Wii U. Nintendo In addition, gamers have started to Executive Satoru Iwata explained to move away from the Nintendo Wii and the audience in the Nokia Theatre in become members of the Playstation Los Angeles that the Wii U would and Xbox community. “provide deeper game experience� These thoughts have streamlined as well as a “much wider appeal to their way down to the thoughts of the all gamers.� Bearcat Nation. With the Wii’s U’s release on the horizon, gamers have started thinking, “What does Nintendo need to do in order to regain their audience?� To many spirited Bearcat Gamers, there are a few main things that have been bugging Nintendo customers. Nintendo’s achilles heel is definitely its online capabilities. When we think of online videogaming, we think PlayStation Network, Xbox Live, Mario runs from Nintendo. PHOTO BY NINTENDO.COM

Guest Writer

World of Warcraft, Steam, Call of Duty, and Starcraft. Nintendo, unfortunatey, overcomplicates things. They don’t understand that people turn to online games because they want something simpler. As junior Clement Sero put it, “at the end of the day, people want to be able to go online easily,� which both the Playstation Network and Xbox Live do “extremely well.� Graphic quality is also essential. Beating someone up in a videogame is only fun if you look awesome while doing it. Of course, the Wii lags behind Is this the end for Mario and in graphic quality as well. Princess Peach? “The PS3 was designed with a processor that is so powerful using the it to be. And with games on the horizon for Cell Broadband Engine that it lets the gamers enjoy an awesome game,� said the Wii U (and with The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword coming to the junior Mounish Savier. “On the other hand, the Wii highlights Wii in a little under a month), Nina processor that is potent for making tendo surely has some hope. But will the Wii U bring them back your game experience ultimate.� Of course, graphics can only get to the top? Only time will tell. consoles so far. But don’t give up hope. There might There are countless other problems be a chance of a comeback. that Nintendo has yet to fix. Nintendo isn’t done for just yet. Nintendo owes it to their fanbase



Alex Rosenberg

to be the console their gamers want

When you make a joke and no one laughs-- At such time that I deliver a joke, the most emotionally traumatizing response you could possibly provide me is your self-esteem-shattering silence. For the sake of my wellbeing, give me a chuckle. When waiters are rude-- The great :LNLSHGLDGHÀQHVDZDLWHUDVRQHDWtends to customers – supplying them with food and drink. No, I did not order a hamburger with a side of sass. I’m the customer; I’m always right; and I’m waiting. When you forget your lunch at home -- I spent about an hour preparing my peanut butter sandwich this morning, RQO\WRÀQGP\OXQFKFRQVLVWVRIZDWHU and cheez-its. After two periods of DFDGHPLFWRUWXUH,OLYHIRUWKRVHÀYH seconds of sandwich bliss. Without them, I fall into a deep depression, rendering me unable to focus on school or essentially anything requiring an attention span of over 2 seconds.

Ms. Rapaido Honored as Top Filipina in U.S. Jean Fan


Features Editor San Mateo High School Assistant Principal Ms. Cynthia Rapaido was named one of the one hundred most influential Filipino women in America just this month. Nominated by a principal in San Jose--Thelma Boac, her now-mentor-who just retired last year, Ms. Rapaido graciously accepted her award at the award’s ceremony, a black-tie reception in San Francisco. Because of the convenient location, Ms. Rapaido was able to invite many members of her family to the awards ceremony, which really made the event special. Ms. Rapaido won in the builders and emerging leaders catagory-- of which she is both. Although she does not teach facts, Ms. Rapaido teaches values. “It’s important to provide guidance to the kids,� she said. She strives to open the eyes of students who seem lost, or

“Provide guidance... there are lot of options in life� -Cynthia Rapaido are constantly getting in trouble. Rather than yelling at them or resorting to harsh discipline, she tries to talk them through it. “They need to understand that there are lots of options in life...[And] everyone makes mistakes,� she said. Ms. Rapaido makes a difference in the daily lives of San Mateo Bearcats.

Ms. Rapaido poses with her mentor Thelma Boac during the awards ceremony. Although her schedule is filled to the brim with meetings, Ms. Rapaido always makes time in her schedule to help those in need, or to attend to things that come up in the moment, which they often do. She explains that to Filipino families, giving back to your family and your community is extremely important. To be clear, she does not want to force kids to conform and struggle to meet

“The more people learn... the more they are able to contribute to society� -Cynthia Rapaido

the requirements needed to go to the most “prestigious� universities. She instead just wants kids to learn, to get an education. “The more people learn, the more marketable they are, and the more they are able to contribute to society,� she said. Ms. Rapaido tries to help students who are struggling academically, even though her door is always open for everyone.

One question that always presses her is,“How can I help students who are struggling academically, who are failing all of their classes?� In these cases, Ms. Rapaido tries to determine the root of the problem, which often

“Be visible. Be a leader.� -Cynthia Rapaido is not the student. Usually, the students just have been placed in classes unsuited for their ability. Unfortunately, students often aren’t able to speak up. At the ceremony, Ms. Rapaido was asked to answer the question, “How do you make your voice heard?� The only catch? It must be answered in eleven words or less. “Have courage,� she said. “Be visible. Be responsible. Be a leader.� For her students, she wants to be a good role model. For herself, Ms. Rapaido would like to someday work at a university rather than take the traditional principal route. But for now, she just wants to be there for the students who have had emotional issues or issues that go on outside of school. Students are always at her door to talk to her and seek her guidance. She does her best to help them “navigate through� and emerge at the other side strong, not broken in a sea of tears. She wants to help and be sought out for help. That, she says, is what makes it all worth it.


Friday, October 28, 2011

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Brains study Parkinson’s

Calling Epilson Aurigae Mommy

Jean Fan

Jeremy Gofman

Brains sit in the jar.

Staff Writer

My very educated mother just served us nine pizzas. Look familiar? Well if not, you might not have been paying attention that one day in seventh grade when we learned this catchy phrase to remember the order of the planets in relation to the sun (Pluto was still a planet then). We know for a fact that Jupiter is the largest of the planets of our solar system, and that Uranus is a bright, blue gas planet. All of these things have been held as fact for some time now, but isn’t it time to get some fresh, new planets? The Astronomy Club certainly thinks so. The team of eight is currently working on a possibly groundbreaking project, studying the composition and surroundings of a particular star out in the Auriga constellation. “We are looking at the companion B star of the main Epsilon Aurigae star because it (the B star) has a massive dust cloud around it,� said junior Ryan Chew, President of the Astronomy Club. He continued, “What we’re trying to do is prove it is actually a ring. Right now, the B star is eclipsing Epsilon Aurigae and sending us wavelengths of light through the dust cloud.� Ms. Sebodee, advisor to the club,


Many students engaged in a Parkinson’s disease conference earlier this month, learning the intricacies of the illness while discussing the molecular science behind it. The Parkinson’s Institute of Sunnyvale, California, invited students across the Bay to participate in their seminar, an educational program that gave science-minded students the opportunity to explore career options and meet industry members passionate about their jobs. Although attended by MXVWÀYH%HDUFDWVWKHHYHQWZDVDKXJH success: crowds of students gathered DURXQGGLVSOD\WDEOHVPRVWà DQNHGE\ parents or teachers who seemed just as eager to learn about Parkinson’s as their students. Some students were deeply interested in the science behind the disease, staying behind their groups to pause and ask the speakers to delve into some of the more complicated aspects of Parkinson’s. Others asked the leaders what they could do to further their experience with the disease. All were excited by the tour of the laboratories at the end of the seminar. Students saw the huge, whirring instruments. Students were instructed to stay behind a taped line, as the wary scientists wanted to make sure that none of the instruments were acciden-

tally tampered with. As if teenagers would do such a thing. By far the best part of the day was when students were treated to jars-- jars of brains. These brains were being experimented on by scientists that were studying Parkinson’s disease. They looked exactly as brains should. Malini Vangipuram, a speaker at the conference, commented on the importance of learning about the disease, saying, “When I was in high school, I didn’t know about Parkinson’s disease‌ but I should’ve known it.â€? So many high school students today talk of wanting to make a difference, but, says Vangipuram, â€?How will you know what difference you want to make if you don’t know the issues?â€?


Features Editor

Epsilon Aurigae is seen surrounded by dust. uses the research facilities at CSM to acquire data such as wavelengths, entering the information pieces into tables via a program called XGterm. After data collection, the club members are tasked to analyze the data, interpret graphs, and use any resources they have to understand the composition of the dust cloud. “We may be able to prove that the dust cloud is actually a ring, potentially forming a planetary solar system�, added Chew in excitement. This may indeed be the beginnings of new life in the universe, and our very own Astronomy club may have

a hand in proving it. “We get to measure all this data and look at all sorts of fun graphs, and if we meet our deadline for collecting and organizing the data, we can publish our research in a really popular science magazine!� exclaimed junior Mounish Savier, head of research, with an ear-to-ear smile. Passionate about what they do, all of the enthusiastic minds of the Astronomy Club are striving for greatness and having some fun along the way. Let’s wish this group of great minds the best of luck in their research. Go star team!

Artists get chance to write under pen names Jonathan Slowey Web Editor

Hundreds of artists walk around San Mateo High School every day, harnessing so much artistic potential but keeping away from the world. Talented students, particularly those with excellent writing skills, get the chance to show the world their efforts in the newly-formed Artists Anonymous. Before now, students who did not specialize in journalistic writing had no where at school to publish their writing.

“We’re folk dancing today!â€? The teacher called out and students began to groan. “No half-assed dancing! Alright boys, choose a partner! Girls CANNOT say no!â€? He paused for a moment, “To make things fun, because you all know I love fun,â€? he grinned as the students glared at their P.E. teacher, fully aware of the fact that he called making them run three miles as a warm up “fun.â€? “Boys, when you ask your partner, you have to say ‘Shall we dance?’â€? There were calls of protest from the boys as some girls rolled their eyes. “Quiet! Hurry up!â€? There were some squeals from girls as the boys walked around, picking their partners. He licked his lips and smiled as he stopped in front of her.   $IWHU FKDULVPDWLFDOO\ Ă LSSLQJ KLV bangs out of his face, he extended his hand to her with a smile, “Shall we dance?â€?

This is no longer the case. Now, students have the chance to SXEOLVK WKHLU ZRUNĂ€FWLRQ RU RWKHUwise-- San Mateo High School has its own literature and arts magazine. This club is a platform for anyone and everyone to submit their works to an online website where it can be exhibited anonymously, under a real name or under a penname. The club was founded by Talia Gurevich, a Junior and artist at San Mateo High School. “I love writing and I think that everyone should have the opportunity to be published,â€? said Gurevich.

Artists Anonymous gives everyone a way to have their work shown to the world digitally while keeping that element of anonymity. Artists Anonymous is a growing project here at San Mateo and the website is currently being put together, but that doesn’t mean that we can’t submit. “I love the concept and I can’t wait for the finished online blog,� said Junior Michelle Ragsac. The site, smhsartistsanonymous., is ready to show anyone’s artwork. If you would to visit the site and add suggestions, please do so and send

“Where and when was the poet born?â€? The girl looked up at the teacher, surprised. She hadn’t been paying attention, her notebook hiding the cell phone she had been using. She didn’t know the answer. “Um...â€? She shifted uncomfortably in her seat as the teacher looked at her expectantly. The boy who was sitting next to her raised his notebook to hide his face, as if he was yawning. However, in actuality, he was quickly chanting, “England 1875, England 1875, England 1875‌â€? Over and over again in such a low whisper that only she could hear. “Um,â€? she gulped, “England,

She had made her notebook stand up on her desk in order to hide her VOHHSLQJ Ă€JXUH 7KH KLVWRU\ OHFWXUH was droning on and she had been asleep for 15 minutes already, head rested on her arms. Her arms slumped a bit, pushing her eraser off of her desk. It bounced and landed next to the foot of her neighbor. He noticed the alien object in his line of vision and leaned over to pick up the eraser. As he sat up with eraser in hand, he saw her sleeping, hair falling in front of her face. He smiled, but saw that the teacher had started walking through the desk aisles. He tapped her.    +HU H\HV Ă XWWHUHG RSHQ DQG VKH looked at him, slightly surprised. “You dropped this.â€? He whispered, handing her the eraser. He then pointed at the teacher. “Page 164.â€? He gestured toward the textbook. With eyes wide, she nodded and TXLFNO\ Ă LSSHG WKURXJK WR WKH ULJKW page. The teacher passed by, both of them with their noses in their books. She breathed out a sigh of relief and turned to him, whispering the words, “Thank you!â€? to him. “No problem.â€? He whispered back with a smile on his face.

“He extended his hand to her with a smile, “Shall we dance?��

-Shan Zaidi

1875?� “Very good.� The teacher nodded in approval and turned back to the board, continuing his lecture. Cheeks red from the pressure and embarrassment, she nodded her thanks to him. His eyes were on his notebook, not her, but his lips curved into a small smile.

your suggestions to smhs.artanon@ If you are interested in helping build this project also say so through the email. Are you wondering what you can submit? Anything your heart desires. Prose, poetry, paintings, photographs, and everything else are welcomed by the leaders of Artists Anonymous and will be happily published on our online website. The site aims to help publish everyone’s artwork and to help everyone’s artwork get out in the world.

Students, teachers, parents, cousins, and even members of other schools can submit – art is art and it is wonderful from everyone in any media. If you are interested in submitting, send everything to smhs.artanon@ and you will get a reply telling you that the club has received your artwork. Please also include whether you would like it to be under a penname, your name, or an anonymous title. Join lunch meetings in Ms. Vanuska’s room A222 at lunch on Wednesdays to learn more. Happy submitting.


Laughing Through Life With A Helping Hand

Well, Boo You!

Rachael Wan

Audience members laughing and enjoying some comic relief at a comedy show.

A&E Editor

to fall into place; my initially blank PowerPoint presentation became dotted, filled, and crowded with information about a county-wide comedy marathon where all the money raised would be given Samaritan House. Inspired partly by Red Nose Day, a biennial day in the UK centered on televised comedy, making people laugh, and donating money to various charitable organizations, I created a plausible outline for how this event would turn out. Then after swallowing many doubts and hoping to do some good, I decided to give it a go. These past few months, I dedicated endless hours to calling performers, booking a venue, designing a website, publicizing, hanging posters, and writing emails to various newsletters, all the while getting everything approved by both the Foster City mayor and the county supervisor, and finally, much to my excitement, the event actually became real. A volunteer at the first couple shows, sophomore Charlie Kruse offered some valuable advice and said “If you’re someone who missed out this year, be sure to make it next year – we’re skipping straight from the first annual to the forty-second annual LaughA-Thon.” “It’ll be that good,” added fellow volunteer and sophomore Russell Zych.

The H.I.T. Squad, of Hillsdale High School was one of the two teams that played in WKH¿UVWVKRZ



I was born a laugher; there’s no question about it. While others dance through life or whistle through their miseries, I laugh. Whether it be at a joke, a comedy show, or Charlie Kruse, I’ve been lucky enough to have multiple laughs strike me every day of my life. And for that, I am truly grateful. In hopes of giving what I have back to my community, I decided to try organizing a comedy marathon for charity. On Saturday, October 22, with my fingers crossed, I hosted a county-wide comedy marathon dedicated to raising money for Samaritan House. With Hillsdale and Aragon High School’s respective improv teams playing in a theatresports competition, BATS Improv of San Francisco performing a completely improvised Murder Mystery, and professional stand-up comics Studebaker and Asdourian delivering witty lines, the first

annual Laugh-A-Thon was a success. We raised over $2,000 from tickets, donations, and concessions, and generated laughter that hopefully brightened people’s days. I first came upon the idea of having this event when brainstorming a topic to present for a speech class last year. I’ve always wanted to raise awareness about the fact that many people don’t laugh as much as they grow older. Teenagers and adults get diagnosed with depression, dosed with competition, or drowned in stress – in short: life gets harder. So when the prompt “What issue would you like your local government to address” was given to me in a speech class earlier this year, I decided to give a presentation on something I believe to be truly necessary in everyone’s life: comic relief. It was then, at 3am on a Saturday (but seriously, who has speech classes on Saturday mornings), that my idea of a comedy marathon for charity began

Boo! The month of October brings many things: Autumn, pumpkins, and most importantly, to some students, Halloween. Great America, located in Santa Clara, has offered a spooky alternative to trick-or-treating since 2008. Halloween Haunt was modeled after other Cedar Fair’s events such as Knott’s Scary Farm and Scarowinds. “Halloween Haunt is really scary, but a lot of fun. I had such a good time at Great America last year during Halloween,” said Clement Sero, junior. The Halloween Haunt has seven different mazes to go through, this year. These mazes include Werewolf Canyon, Club Blood, and the Toy Factory. There are also three different scare zones and five shows. These attractions are added to most of the original rides that are usually avail-

able. “The lines for the mazes and rides are pretty long, but they’re definitely worth the wait.” Along with the thrilling attractions, four hundred “monsters” roam around the theme park looking for victims to terrify. Even though there is a strict “No costumes” policy for those who enter, these “monsters” are dressed in such realistic costumes, it’s hard to believe that it’s fake! The park is opened for the regular rides and attractions from 10 am to 5:30 pm. The park closes at that time and is reopened at 7 pm, with all of the scary attractions in it. Great America stays opened until midnight. Hurry though, Great America’s Halloween Haunt is only available until October 30! “Halloween Haunt is a ton of fun. Even if you hate getting scared, I recommend going anyways!” said Sero.

It’s your favorite modern family PHOTO COURTESY OF ABC.COM



Staff Writer

Photo courtesy of


Karen Chee

Friday, October 28, 2011


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A scene from last season’s Modern Family episode

Kayla Rose Staff Writer If you are a teenage girl, an awkward boy, gay, married, or have family members--this is the show for you. Throughout television, people are able to relate to comedy sitcoms-especially when they hit a little too close to home. This factor is so overtly obvious in Modern Family, it’s borderline ridiculous. Modern Family follows three families that are linked together by the epitome of a patriarch, Jay Pritchett. The comparisons to your life are uncanny. Characters face daily challenges, many of which we are all too familiar with. Many of us are not directly aware of the woes of parenthood, but as a son or a daughter, you can see your parents in Claire and Phil Dunphy. The creators and writers Christopher Lloyd and Steven Levitan cleverly intertwine many stereotypes with a life lesson you will learn through family and the support they give you. Some of these examples even come from their own friends and family. Their witty writing makes outrageous scenarios seem sane. You will not be disappointed if you decide to watch this hilarious show, but you will be slightly scared as to why you identify so much with these kooky-yet-lovable characters. All

the actors are wonderful, including all the actors portraying the kids and teens, like Sarah Hyland, Ariel Winter, Nolan Gould, Rico Rodriguez, and Aubrey Anderson-Emmons. Whether it’s trouble at school or fighting with their siblings, you will laugh out loud at their reactions. I dare you to keep a straight face throughout an entire episode. Some of your classmates watch this hilarious show, and encourage you to watch too! “The show is so relatable-it shows ordinary people in situations we all can be in. It’s hilarious and everyone in the family will enjoy it,” said junior Shabri Patel. “It’s relatable to people’s lives because of the daily issues we face, along with Claire’s and Phil’s family and even though we don’t have the awesome gay uncles, or that “hot” Columbian aunt, it’s still enjoyable to watch the family fall apart but get back together through mutual love. Phil Dunphy is my favorite, because he has the best humor on the show because of his straight face. He’s so oblivious sometimes, but I think the relationship he has with his son Luke is so amazing,” said junior Sally Lok. All in all, Modern Family is a show you don’t want to miss. If you wish to see it, tune in on Wednesdays at 9:00 pm on ABC.


Friday, October 28, 2011



Brb... Beautifying Bearcats


Anuja Argade Staff Writer

Compiled by Karen Chee A&E Editor

Wake Me Up Before You Go-Go Wham!

Doctor My Eyes Jackson Browne

Mrs. Robinson

Simon & Garfunkel

Octopus’s Garden The Beatles

You Make My Dreams Hall & Oates

I Feel Good

James Brown

Your Song Elton John

Piano Man Billy Joel

You’ve Got A Friend in Me Randy Newman

What A Wonderful World Louis Armstrong

Okay ladies, pack away your cropped tops and booty-shorts because you can’t get away with wearing those in the fall! I have some fabulous fashion products for you to try out this season, all of which can be easily found at most malls and shopping centers in the San Mateo-Foster City area. And don’t worry, I won’t break the bank for you. It’s finally safe to say that the red lip is back! Coordinate beiges and deep neutrals with warm undertones of red lipstick while grays and purples pair nicely with cooler undertones. Some great drugstore sticks are Revlon’s Really Red (matte finish), Eros by NYX, and Milani’s Merry Go Red (super pigmented, mind you). If you are, as the kids say, “gettin’ paper” and have a little extra to spend, opt for Mac’s Ruby Woo or Dior’s Rouge Dior in Ara Red. Total prices range from around $4-$32. When I think fall, I think large, Inspector Gadget-esque coats. Forever 21 has an amazing selection of coats and parkas. In honor of October being the official month for breast cancer, they display a muted, baby-pink button down coat with simple cloth belt of the same color. The buttons are dark brown, properly accenting the baby doll feel of the entire piece. It falls just short of the knees, a perfect length in which you can very easily go casual or slap on a statement piece or two to dress it up. Forever 21 coats usually cost from about $20-$60. Flawless makeup is just as essential as the outfit slipped on over it. As soon as the leaves lose vibrancy and perkiness, in my book the same applies for makeup. Yes, I’m serious. I love sticking with neutrals, subtle shimmers, and plums. I’m also a huge enforcer of contouring, contouring, contour-



Page 7

Clockwise from left: Model wearing a Forever21 peacoat ($38); a Cathy Jean Army boot ($55); Mac red lipstick ($12) ing. It polishes you up by sculpting a platforms, and whatever else you masterpiece of your gorgeous natural name. What’s so beneficial about this features. Sweep a matte bronzer across store is how there is always a sale the hallows of your cheeks, forehead running. Now that cooler breezes temples, eye crease, or on both sides are coming our way, Cathy Jean has of your nose. Smashbox’s Step by Step stocked up with trendy knee-high Contour Kit (a splurge at $45) and boots. Whether you have a taste for Elf’s Studio Line Bronzer & Blush military, western, or city-chic, they Duo (dupe for NAR’S Orgasm-La- always have something you’ll find guna Blush and Bronzer Duo, $3) both yourself purchasing. Boots range from approximately $25-$105. provide excellent results. Fall is a time to reconnect with fashCrunchy leaves are everywhere, but who says you can’t walk through ion after an extensively long, wishythem in style? Cathy Jean is a higher washy “anything-goes” summer. end shoe boutique supplying superior Indulge yourself in these luxuries! I quality boots, pumps, flats, wedge know I will.

Side By Side Tommy’s Little Movie Corner By San Mateo! Tommy Imperial


“My favorite part of the show is the ‘conversation piece’ in which about It’s that time of year again, when the 27 of Sondheim’s well-known songs wonderful school play rolls around are combined into a medley. I audinear Halloween time. The actors have tioned because I thought it would be been preparing and are eager to pres- a cool new experience and I love the ent to you Side By Side by Sondheim. music,” said Felipe Afanador, who is Brad Friedman directed this, and the a sophomore. vocal and musical direction was by There are also a lot of familiar Matthew Mattei. Stephen Sondheim faces in the show, like theatre-veteran is a composer and lyricist for musi- Nicholas Wetherbee, in addition to cal theater, and according to the PBS some new talents, like freshman Kathwebsite, is mainly known for West ryn Aarons. Side Story, Gypsy, Company, Follies, “My favorite part of the show is Sweeney Todd, and much more. If you the ‘conversation piece’ as well, just are familiar with any of these musi- because it’s fun and it’s like an accals and their songs, you have heard tual conversation. I also like the song Sondheim’s work. ‘We’re Gonna Be Alright.’ It’s a duet “There is no plot, because it is a I sing with James Zongus and it’s fun musical review of Sondheim pieces. because we get to make up our own There are no characters, just perform- things and interact. I tried out because ers, so I guess I would be playing a the stage is like my second home,” said performer. One of my favorite songs Ashley Chiu, sophomore, who recomfrom the show is ‘Losing My Mind.’ mends for everyone to see the show. Everyone should come see the show If you want to hear some great music it’s gonna be great!” said senior Emma and see some wonderful acting, Side Philips, obviously excited to show by Side by Sondheim will be in the everyone all the hard work she has put Performing Arts22ND Center here at San SATURDAY OCTOBER into the show. Mateo on October 28-30, 2011.

Staff Writer

Rarely do I ever deem something my ‘favorite,’ but The Royal Tenenbaums stands as the only exception. Directed by Wes Anderson, the film is already poised for genius; throw in a great ensemble cast, a perfectly fitting soundtrack, an endearing screenplay, and a wonderful filming location, and you’ve got yourself a movie. Co-written with Owen Wilson, The Royal Tenenbaums boasts a Golden Globe for Gene Hackman’s brilliant title role and an Academy Award nomination for best screenplay. A black-comedy dealing with an eccentric and broken family, Wes Anderson delivers a fleshed-out, intricately designed, and off-kilter masterpiece that is easily a modern classic.

101 DALMATIANS [1961] I have no reason for why this is my favorite animated movie other than the fact that it does everything perfectly. The cartoon style is unique, the plot and characters are charming, and the length is short enough for my childlike intention span to fathom everything. Live-action sequels and remakes followed, but none matched the distinct charisma and subtlety of the original. It also stars Mr. Brasel as Roger.

PIERROT LE FOU [1965] Arguably a showcase of Anna Karina and Jean-Paul Belmondo’s best performances, Pierrot Le Fou is another treasure among a long list of Godard’s critical acclaim, translates to “Pete the Madman.” Though based on the novel Obsessions by Lionel White, the film, like much of Godard’s works, was largely improvised, adding to the magnitude of both the leading actors and the narrative structure of the film. A rather unconventional movie in regards to both subject matter and filming style, Pierrot Le Fou combines comedy, crime, and drama and ends it with a bang.


Kayla Rose


Students in the show “Side by Side by Sondheim”



PHOTO OF SMHSDRAMA PhotoCOURTESY Courtesy ofGoogle Images

Staff Writer & Corner Guru

HEATHERS [1989] Each generation has a certain comedy that sticks with them; for example, today’s younger generation has Mean Girls. But in the late 80’s, Heathers, an esteemed cult classic, emerged to box-office failure but in turn, a tremendously lasting appeal. Heathers’ darker tone than most typical comedy films is not for everyone. If you’re willing to set your judgments aside and treat the movie as solely a movie, then I can’t understand why anyone wouldn’t appreciate it’s influence.

GLADIATOR [2000] A five-time Academy Award winning landmark in cinema, Gladiator clearly resonates with viewers in all demographics. Seldom do CGI-dependent films truly churn out great results, Gladiator hits all the right marks. Visually stunning and well cast, the film greatly deserves the box-office success and critical acclaim that it received.


Page 8

Natalia Osipchuk

Friday, October 28, 2010

Deja Brown

In 10 years? A doctor saving lives Bring to a deserted island? Plane with Simon Peter Coolest Person? Marcello Palazzo

Bring to a deserted island? A fine man Prized Possesion? My Smile

First thing on bucket list? Go to Australia and ride a llama

Angelique Archuletta

Bring to a deserted island? Underwear Prized Possesion? Toy Sheep, Sheepy Coolest Person? Jesus Christ

Mary Borden

Bring to deserted island? Candy Corn

Prized Possesion? Teddy Bear, Mr. Huggis Wuggles Coolest Person? Ms. Kalinski

In 10 years? Tapioca Express Prized possession? Badminton racket Bring to a deserted island? Sushi

and your Grid Co

NOMI Prizzed Possession? Microwave

Bring to deserted island? Chicken nuggets

Karen Wu

Prizzed Possession? Jeffrey my stuffed animal Coolest Person? Robyn Fong Favorite Song? Colt 45

Bucket List? Be in a Food Fight

Chelsea Meacham In 10 years? Doing something scientific Bring to a deserted island? My cat Bucket list? See La Sagrada Familia in Barcelona

Shannon Wischer Cynthia Taylor


Friday, October 28, 2011

Ben Middlekauf

Sean Young In 10 years? Tokyo Prized Possession? My camera Coolest Person? Jeremy Gofman

Tim Niupalau

Bring to a deserted island? Boat and a paddle Prized Possession? Family Coolest Person? Karen Chee


INEES In 10 years? In Hawaii raising a family and walking on the beack with my Mary Jane Coolest Person? Alexander Hamilton Bucket list? Backpacking across Africa


Andrew Ho In 10 years? A successful businessman of a large company, fighting the zombie apocolypse Coolest Person? Alexander Hamilton

Bucket list? Backpacking across Africa

Page 9

Prized Possession? My shoes Coolest Person? Steve Carell Favorite song? Rubber Ducky Song

John Blake

In 10 years? Making videogames Coolest Person? Gabe Newell Favorite song? Someone like you - Adele

In 10 years? Mechanic in San Mateo Coolest Person? Muhammad Ali Bucket list? Scuba diving

Michael Latu

Prized Possession? Natalia Osipchuk Coolest Person? The Bearcat Bucket list? Base jumping off the Burj Dubai

Marcello Palazzo Chinmay Damle

La Esquina

jessica Millan la presidenta de la Raza Unida dirijiendo la junta.

Fabiola Prieto LEL Editor

todos los estudiantes de la escuela son bienvenidos a convivir, bailar un rato y divertirse. La Raza Unida es un club para “El club es la oportunidad para ser los estudiantes latinos donde nos unidos con orgullo, algo que las reunimos para hablar de los eventos uniersidades pueden ver y reconocer que están pasando alrededor de la es- que estás dedicado. Esta es una gran cuela. La Raza Unida es un está siendo oportunidad para los latinos que dedirigida por el Señor Morales y la jen su marca en esta escuela,” dijo la Señora Cervantes. Ellos se reunen con Señora Cervantes. nosotros todos los miercoles durante El club ha crecido este ultimo año el almuerzo en el salón A205. pero queremos invitar a más perEn estas reuniones organizamos los sonas para podernos ver en nuestra días festivos que celebramos nosotros ecuela como estudiantes latinos. los latinos en nuestra escuela como “Ojalá que todos los estudiantes hiciel Día de los Muertos para el cual eran el tiempo para venir y renirse estamos planeando hacer un altar con nosotros en la Raza Unida para de muertos en uno de los pasillos tener más ideas y poder hacer que de la escuela y poner las fotografías los días festivos sean vistos no sólo de nuestros seres queridos quienes en nosotros sino en toda la escuela,” fallecieron y seguimos recordando.El dice María Mendoza. altar de muertos no sólo es para los Si necesitas más información acerca integrantes de la Raza Unida sino para de cómo inscribirte en la Raza Unida toda la escuela. Así que si tú tienes puedes preguntar con el Señor Mouna fotografía de alguna persona rales o la Señora Cervantes o ir al que quieras recordar puedes traerla y salón A205 el miércoles durante el entregársela al Señor Morales o a la almuerzo. Una vez entrando a la Señora Cervantes. Raza Unida no querrás salirte otra También organizamos nuestro fa- vez- te lo aseguro. moso baile el Ritmo Latino que se lleva a cabo cada semester y en el que


Pagina 10


Le Damos la Bienvenida a Nuestra Invitada de Intercambio. Andrea Caceres Reportera Tenemos una nueva estudiante en el colegio de San Mateo—Gaby Topete. Viniendo de mazatlán, sinaloa, México, Gaby participó en un intercambio para aprender la cultura de los Estados Unidos. “Quería conocer una cultura muy diferente,” dice Gaby del intercambio. “Los estados unidos es un país muy importante. California en particular tiene mucha diversidad y oportunidades para conocer la cultura.” Para Gaby, la educación es muy diferente que en su país. “Me gusta que la gente se precupan por la educación,” dice Gaby. “El colegió de San Mateo es muy diferente de mi escuela en México. Aquí puedes elegir las clases que quieres tomar.” Gaby dice que lo que más falta en el colegió de San Mateo es diciplina pero que aquí se desarolla el pensamiento crítico. “En México es al reves: hay mucha diciplina y no mucho crítica.” Gaby también dice que está aprendiendo muchas cosas interesantes en la escuela, particulamente en su clase favorita—historia. Para ella, las clases de san mateo tienen un balánce—no son muy fáciles y no muy difíciles. “Tienes una oportunidad para adaptarte,” dice Gaby. “Me parece que los estudiantes son abiertos a la diversidad pero me parece que inconscientemente algunos alumnos discriminan a otros grupos.” Preguntandole más de los alumnos, ella dice que también son “dedicados y respetuosos pero que falta tener pasión para hacer las cosas.” Para Gaby, los Estados Unidos es un país muy rápido: la forma que se hace la comida, la forma que actuan las familias, y la forma que todo se hace en general es diferente. “La comida en Mexico,”— como las comidas favoritas de Gaby, tacos y tamales—“todo se hace, nada viene hecho. Aquí se usa la comida más rápida. No es que es mejor ni peor, solo que es diferente.” Comparando su país con los estados unidos, Gaby mira la diferencia de la comida, cultura, tradiciones, estudi-

Foto por Diana Brewer.

Ven y Únete a la Raza Unida, el club de todos los Latinos

foto tomada por fabiola prieto


Viernes, 28 de octubre 2011

Gabriela Topete se ríe para la cámera.

antes, y educación de los dos países, y para tener solo dos meses para adaptar Gaby hay notado todo muy rápido y como son.

“Quería conocer una cultura muy diferente.” -Gabriela Topete

“En México, la gente tiene una vida más lenta. Nos tomamos el tiempo para hacer las cosas y aquí se hace todo más rápido. Se tiene que tener un punto mediano, no tener una vida rápida ni una vida muy lenta.” Para su futuro, Gaby dice que quiere estudiar aquí en los Estados Unidos y regresar a su país con una maestría. Mientras, Gaby usa su tiempo que

tiene libre para leer, caminar y conocer las cuidad de Foster City y la cultura de los estados unidos. “Lo que me gustaría traer de México es que la gente miran las personas al rededor y que lo conocieran,”dice Gaby. Gaby también dice que antes de regresar a su país, quisiera aprender más de la cultura de los Estados Unidos para que pudiera llevar a Mexico las cosas que aprendió. “[El intercambio] me ayuda darme cuenta de lo que yo puedo ser para mi país y que es muy importante ser una buen representante mientras que estoy en otro país,” dice Gaby. “Es para aprender lo bueno y lo malo de un país y lo bueno y lo malo de tu propio país.” Hablando de el otro estudiante viviendo con su familia: “Yo lo recomondaría que aprovechara todas las oportunidades de viajar y que disfrute las oportunidades. El rituál de México es mas lento pero es para disfrutar los momentos.”dice Gaby.


Viernes, 28 de octubre 2011

Pagina 11


El “Dream act” Vuelve Realidad el Sueño Americano.

Las top 8 Krissia Ramos

Bésame Camila Te Amo, Te Amo Banda San Jose de Mesillas gpj.rennab_wontcamaerd

No Me Dejes Con Las Ganas Horoscopos de Durango Un Día De Suerte Alejandra Guzman

Gabriela Topete invitada a LEL Un nuevo camino se ha abierto para los estudiantes indocumentados que residen en California. El sábado 8 de octubre, 2011 el Gobernador de California Jerry Brown terminó de firmar el California Dream Act. Bajo esta nueva ley, estudiantes indocumentados de California podrán aplicar para obtener apoyo monetario por parte del estado para ir a la universidad. A partir del 1 de enero del año 2013, estudiantes que se hayan graduado de una High School de

El Ardido Larry Hernandez Di Que Regresaras La Arrolladora Sigo Siendo El Primero Mariano Barba

California, y que estén en proceso de legalizar su estado migratorio, serán elegibles para aplicar para obtener apoyo monetario estatal, ya sean Cal Grants u otro tipo de ayuda. “El Dream Act nos beneficia a todos al brindarle a estudiantes sobresalientes la oportunidad de mejorar sus vidas y las vidas de todos nosotros,” dijo el gobernador Brown. Se estima que con esta nueva ley alrededor de 2,500 estudiantes calificarán para Cal Grants, y un 1% del casi billón y medio que se invierte en el programa ayudará directamente a estudiantes indocumentados. Con esta nueva oportunidad, ya no hay excusas para no ir a la univer-

/esgami/sdaolpu/lesif_uspmac/gro.essrgorpuspmac.www ed aiestroc

Yo Aventura

sidad. Solamente necesitas ser un estudiante que en realidad quiere hacer las cosas y este tipo de oportunidades se adaptarán a tu situación. Los jóvenes no somos el futuro, somos el presente, y este tipo de oportunidades valen la pena solo si se aprovechan. Nunca es muy tarde para buscar nuevas opciones y estudiar para tener una mejor vida. Así que estudiantes indocumentados, y estudiantes en general, no se desanimen y visiten el Career Center o hablen con su consejero o maestro en que más confíen para saber más acerca de las oportunidades a su alcance.

Fabiola Prieto LEL Editor El distrito San Mateo ha creado un sello de bilingüismo reconocido por el condado empezando en este año escolar 2011-2012. Este sello se le da a los estudiantes quienes se van a graduar y han demostrado un nivel de fluidez en dos o más lenguajes. Este sello de bilingüsimo es con el proposito de animar a los estudiantes a estudiar lenguajes, para animar a las familias y la comunidad a practicar y desarollar un lenguaje en casa; también para que las universidades trabajen con metodos bilingües,y por supuesto para mayores oportunidades de empleo, Este premio reconoce que los estudiantes han trabaja durante el nivel secundario para lograr el nivel de fluidez en dos lenguajes, cuyos utilizará en su educacion continua como tambien que lo harán en su vida profecional . Los requisitos son muy fáciles. Para la parte de ingles los estudintes tienen que tener por lo memos 2.0

de promedio de calificaciónes(GPA), ser proficiente en el exámen STAR o proficiente en el CAHSEE. Para cumplir con los requisitos de tu idioma

“Me encanta la idea del sello de bilingüismo por que necesitamos una oportunidad para reconocer lo que los estudiantes verdaderamnete saben.” -Sra. Woolfolk extranjero tienes que tomar el exámen de AP de tu idioma extranjero y sacar un resultado por lo menos de 3.0 u otra opción sería completar 4 años de el lenguaje extranjero con el promedio de calificaciónes(GPA) de 3.0. El sello de bilingüismo va a ser parte del diploma como también de el transcipto. Tambien estan planeando dar-


Si eres Bilingüe, este sello es muy importante para ti.

¿Qué opinas del sello del bilingue? 11


les a los estudiantes un reconocimiento ya sea una medalla o algo que se lleve en el traje de graduación. .” Me encanta la idea del sello de bilingüismo por que necesitamos una oportunidad para reconocer lo que los estudiantes verdaderamnete saben. Hay estudiantes en este colegio que tienen abilidades valiosas; queremos una énfasis en hablar, escribir, y leer dos o más idiomas. Es muy importante que todos los estudintes sepan la información por lo cual hicimos una asemblea para los estudiantes que aprendieron el inglés como segundo lenguaje y que creemos que puedan calificar. Estamos planenado otra asemblea para los estudintes que estan aprendiendo otra lengua como segundo lenguaje.” Dijo La Señora Woolfolk. Si crees que calificas elejible o estás interesado en la posibilidad de ganar el sello llena tu aplicación lo mas pronto posible y entregala a la senora Woolfolk la. si tienes mas preguntas, puedes visitar la página el la red,www. californians

cortesia de http://

El Condado Reconoce a Estudiantes Biligües por Primera Vez




Krissia Ramos

Javier Munos

Brandon Santiago

Andres Botero

Señora Freyre

“Es muy buena decicion del distrito porque nos hacen aprender y trabajar doble.En mi opinion nos lo tenemos más que merecido.”

“Que está muy bien porque con esto puedes tener más oportunidades de empleo.”

“Está muy bien porque es una buena oportunidad para todos los Latinos .”

“Es muy bueno porque hay más oportunidades para estudiar y tener un mejor futuro.”

“En mi opinion es una excelenteoportunidad para los estudiantes porque les va abrir muchas puertas en el futuro.”


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Choir Brings Disney Back Rachael Wan Staff Writer

Disney songs echoed in the San Mateo Performing Arts Center as the San Mateo, Burlingame, and Aragon High School students as the combined choir performed. The choir sang numbers from Aladdin, Little Mermaid, Lion King, Up. San Mateo and Burlingame High Schools sang a few songs from Disney movies at the Pops Concert. Family and friends gathered in the Performing Arts Center to listen to the students sing songs dear to their hearts. Mr. Reifschneider, the choral teacher at both San Mateo and Burlingame, brought the rival schools together through a common love of music. “I’m so glad we were able to sing Disney songs this year,” said Caroline Arima, a junior in the San Mateo

Choir. “All of the choirs did really well and I loved listening to the soloists. During practices, some of their songs would get stuck in everyone’s head and we’d be singing and humming them the whole day.” In this concert, there were people who sang solos and duets of childhood favorites, a few of them being, “Everybody Wants To Be a Cat”, sung by Angela Baltor and Jenny Morris and, “You’ve Got a Friend In Me/If I Didn’t Have You,” sung by Megan Lagapa and Lauren Hirata. There were also classics such as, “When You Wish Upon a Star,” sung by Guillherme Marino and, “A Dream Is A Wish Your Heart Makes,” sung by one of the Burlingame students. San Mateo’s Choral Ensemble sang, “We’re All in This Together, “from the

High School Musical and, “You’ll Be In My Heart,” from Tarzan. San Mateo’s Concert Choir sang, a “Lion King Medley” and “Put On Your Sunday Clothes,” not originally a Disney song until it was in the movie Wall-E. This year, the choral program is unique because there is a new Chamber Singers group that meets for two hours, two days after school, whereas, over the past few years, the Chamber Singers has actually been a class during school hours. This new class is a combination of some of the more passionate, dedicated choir students from San Mateo, Burlingame, and Aragon High Schools. All the choir students sang their hearts out and gave a wonderful performance. The audience gave postive feedback by the loud appaluse that sounded across the PAC.

Unicef Club Reduces Hunger Joey Wong Staff Writer

Photo by Victoria Xiao

the “Trick-or-Treat” for Unicef event in October has raised over $164 milLittle Orange Boxes have lion dollars. This fundbeen spotted in every class raising event has been room, the UNICEF Club participated in for over started the trick or treating 60 years. fundraiser on October 14 Coin donations coland it will last until the lected in these boxes will end of this month. fight world hunger and This will be the first annual feed children. Unicef’s UNICEF trick-or-treating campaign started in fundraiser. Unicef, origi1950, when young chilnally the United Nations dren collected coins to International Children’s help children around the Emergency fund, changed world that were affected their name to the United by World War II. This Nation’s Children Fund. campaign is known as UNICEF club members the Original Kids HelpBright orange boxes in class rooms as part of fundraising for UNICEF. have placed these orange ing Kids campaign. boxes around the school This is a great way to and will be ringing doorbells for loween. UNICEF’s Orignal Kids benefit a worldwide cause. donations instead of candyon Hal- Helping Kids Campaign through

ACS Club Walks in the Pink Thousands of pink shirts marched around Golden Gate Park to support the fight against beast cancer in San Francisco on the morning of October 22. The American Cancer Society and other cancer organizations gathered in Speedway Meadows to show their support for loved ones and friends by walking along a 5-mile trail and raising money at various booths. The walk started at Speedway Meadows, continued around Golden Gate Park and then went back to the event center. Various water stations were set up along the path for walkers, while volunteers manned them. “I loved cheering for the walkers, especially when they cheered back. There was a lot of energy and the whole walk was really fun,” said Hana Alverina, a sophomore Breast Cancer Survivor walks fove miles. participant. Besides the walk, there was a large booths to entertain and involve all event center with many booths and breast cancer supporters. a big stage for performances. Teens All the booths advocated breast against cancer, radio stations, local cancer awareness and promoted a cancer shops, local cancer organiza- healthy choices in our daily lives. tions, and food companies set up At the youth booth, they had many

activities that informed the youth about breast cancer and the amount of sugar and saturated fat in our daily food consumption. The event encouraged all women to have an annual mammogram. “My favorite part was the Zumba performances on the big stage, and hula-hooping with my friends was really fun too – I loved al the booths there,” said sophomore Leslie Chan. Many of San Mateo’s volunteers were active during the events, making “great cheerleaders” for the walkers. “The event was very inspirational to us because we got to see a lot of survivors and meet a lot of inspirational people,” said sophomore Natsu Takano. The American Cancer Society club, headed by Nastu Takano, participates in cancer events such as this one. “We hope our club will be able to learn the causes and prevention of cancer,” said Natsu. If you would like promote cancer awareness and more cancer events and information ,join the ACS club in room A218 on Tuesdays during lunch.

Photo by Joey Wong

Jonathan Slowey Web Editor

Friday, October 28, 2011

Peace Spreads Here Ava Gerami Staff Writer

With all the anger and hate in this world, it’s nice to take a day or two to celebrate. Luckily for us at San Mateo, we have a whole week to remember there is something other than the venom that seeps into our everyday

life. An annual event here at San Mateo High, Peace Week featured many peace-oriented events at lunch every day. There was live music Tuesday, a Dance Tem performance Wednesday, yoga on Thursday, and a group hug on Friday. As Thoreau said, “There is no remedy for love but to love more.”

GSA Counts Slurs Kayla Rose Staff Writer

“That’s so gay” and “homo” are among some words that are not acceptable to describe anyone or anything. At our school, the club GSA (Gay Straight Alliance) is adamant about not using slur terms to describe someone who may be homosexual, straight, bisexual, etc. “The importance of the campaign is showing students how prevalent the use of these derogatory words are and how that needs to change. We hope to achieve amongst the students an understanding that language can and will hurt people so they should be careful about the words they use. We also hope that the campaign will encourage teachers to step in when they hear derogatory language. Our overall goal is to see a decrease in the amount of slurs used and look forward to seeing a positive change on our campus,” said senior Emily Tatoian, who has been in the club since her freshman year. The new campaign will include members of GSA notating whenever they hear words considered to be a slur, such as “gay,” or “homo.” They will annotate certain things down on a slip of paper and eventually compile the statistics of what word was being said most often, and which classroom it’s being said in most often. In addition, they will keep track of what time of day, day of the week, and period

the words were being said most often. The campaign started October 6, 2011 and will go until the end of the month. Recent statistics showed that 11 slur words were said in one week. “The campaign’s goal is to identify the depth of the problem of homophobia on this campus. I also think that inappropriate slang dehumanizes the person it is directed at. We are trying to bring awareness to LGBTQQIA (Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender, Queer, Questioning, Intersex, Ally) issues. Overall, just clean up your language folks,” stated the teacher advisor Mr. Ortega. “GSA will take the statistics to the administration, and if they are drastic enough, maybe they will take action. I feel like the message we’re trying to send is that of welcoming and acceptance and that we take bullying and slurs very seriously. People need to respect each other in order to make the world a better place. Everything is basically a two way street, and to get respect, you need to give it first,” said Rebecca Tien, a junior club member. Rebecca hopes you take part and avoid using degrading language. GSA encourages everyone to take initiative and stop using terms that are hurtful and demeaning. Anyone can join the club and can take part in its discussions and activities. If you feel passionate about spreading awareness or just want to take part, GSA meets Thursdays at lunch in room A143.

Gala Brings in Bucks Victoria Xiao Editor-In-Chief

Viva Mateo! The annual Bearcat Benefit on October 15 garnered much support in the form of generous donations to help improve San Mateo High School and keep the spirit of Mateo alive. Since the inception of the SMHS Foundation in 2003 and the beginning of the annual Bearcat Benefit, the Foundation has raised over $1.5 million for various causes around campus, from document cameras and SmartBoards to the all-weather track and field. In the span of five hours, tens of thousands of dollars were raised to benefit various causes such as modernizing the B building Media Lab with computers. The event started with a cocktail party for the adults, to whet appetites—both for the forthcoming dinner and for a generous attitude. After an hour or so of mingling and drinks, a silent auction started up, with donated items for auction, such as a framed painting. Later events included a live action and presentations by both

Mateo Media and the SMHS drama department. “The live auction is always a huge success,” said Ms. Shiu, principal of SMHS and an advisor of the SMHS Foundation. “Some of the most popular items are the grad items.” The graduation package auctioned off included six seats at graduation and parking—always a commodity for parents at the crowded event. Other items auctioned off inc luded a Surf and Turf with the SMHS science department, a Environmentally Sustainable Dinner with the SMHS Green Team, and a Fund-a-Need, which benefited the Media Lab. In the past, teachers have offered their time up as items auctioned off. One example is a walking tour of the murals in San Francisco’s Mission District with Mr. Ortega. “The Bearcat Benefit showcases the partnership between parents and the school,” said Ms. Shiu. As one donor said, “I give not because I can but because what I have today is directly the result of the gifts of so many people as I was trying to make my way.”


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Friday, October 28, 2010

Best Students Are Ver y Well-Rounded Students have complained for years that they have too much homework, but now a neuroscientist is agreeing with them. Harris Cooper, a Duke University professor of neuroscience and psychology, studied the homework planning and distribution at a prestigious New York City private school, and decided that enough was enough. “At five hours a night, they likely won’t do any worse if they only bring home four,” said Dr. Cooper, according to Yahoo. Cooper’s research uncovered that paradoxically, students who study and do homework for more than two hours a night actually test worse than students who study less than two hours a night.

Some experts speculate that the most important factor in a teenager’s development might be sleep. “Because children’s brains are a work-in-progress until the age of 21, and because much of that work is done while a child is asleep, this lost hour appears to have an exponential impact on children that it simply doesn’t have on adults,” wrote Po Bronson in New York Magazine. Other research also shows that students who exercise regularly and vigorously obtain better grades. A report given at the American College of Sports Medicine’s 57th annual meeting demonstrates that college students who exercise a lot get better grades. Earlier studies have proved the same assertion for middle-school and high-school students. vHere are some statistics on how high school students spend their time.

The average student sleeps about hours a night.


Students go to sleep

later and wake up


Data from the American Time Use Survey.

on weekends.

Students do an average of


hours of homework every day.



of students do homework on weekdays. Students tend to

sleep the most on Sunday nights


the least on Friday nights.

Photos by Victoria Xiao.

Victoria Xiao Editor-in-Chief

of students do homework on weekends.

Students watch an average of


hours of TV during weekdays.


of high school students watch TV on an average weekday.

The average student works at a job


hours a day during weekdays.


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Seniors Peter Wailes and Alex Glasson rejoice via piggyback.

water polo season. Sadly, the water polo season only has a couple games left. Nonetheless, the boys would love the support of their fellow bearcats, both in the stands and in the halls. Make sure to congratulate them on their extraordinary success and overall fearlessness this season.

Cross Countr y Continues Conquering Jonathan Mou Sports Editor Running is fun, according to the cross-country team that is. The fall season is coming to a close, and our runners are ready to cross the finish line into CCS. After all, our magnificent runners bear through the harshest weather and the deadliest distances. They will definitely make CCS. “We have a great team this year. Our frosh-soph is going strong, and so is our varsity, even though it is a small team this year.” Emily Tatoian, senior captain, said. In terms of improvement, Emily said that, “we need to improve our times and get faster.” Being a senior captain, Emily is an experienced veteran that is seeking to make CCS and represent our school. Our runners go hard. Don’t believe it? As a warm up, they run to Ryder Park. After merely heating up their bodies, they run to even further distances, such as the hills at Coyote Point, or all the way to the San Mateo Bridge and back to school, no matter what the weather may be like (except for rain). How do our runners bear through this vigorous task? Emily’s advice is that “You should drink at least thirty-two ounces of water before practice, and another thirty-two ounces before you go to sleep.” Hydration is

the key to survival. Masa Kawakatsu, junior captain, is unfortunately out for the season due to an injury, but will continue to support his team until the end. “I think we are doing okay. We have great endurance, I think we just need to work on our speed” said Masa. Even though Masa is injured, he is a dedicated captain, going to team practices every day to help out his fellow runners. Masa also has hopes for CCS. “I think we will make CCS. We are working hard and succeeding,” said Masa. Our bearcats travel as far as Golden Gate Park to Half Moon Bay for meets. Adapting to the weather is something runners have to be able to adjust to, coming from the warm climate of San Mateo. With the exception of rain, the runners practice in the most brutal weather (that includes one-hundred degree weather, too). Our Bearcat’s last meet will be at the Crystal Springs course in Belmont, on November 3, right before the first CCS meet. The season is sprinting to an en. Continue to come out and support our runners as they race towards the finish line! Your spirit is their fuel for running. As the season closes, they will need you more than ever. After all, their sport is your sport’s punishment.

Tiffany Fujii Staff Writer

Undefeated: very few teams can boast of such a status for long, let alone for an entire season. However, the girls’ golf team has had a flawless season. As an undefeated team, the girl’s golf team’s score is 10-0. Despite a low handicap, they had the lowest team score. Some outstanding golfers included Lisa Sasaki, Michelle Wong, Kristen Wu and Diana Brewer whose exceptional talents lent a much-valued consistency to the team. The bearcats came short in first place last year, placing second in the season. “Our overall goal is to win the season because last year they got second,” said Mr. Ikeda, coach of the golf team. “Our goal is to play well, to do our best and to beat last year’s record,” added Christine Shieh, senior. “Our weakness is our short shots and also that we need to stay positive during the games,” Christine said. “Our strengths are that everyone

Photo by diana brewer

The SMHS boy’s varsity water polo team won its first game in two years recently against Woodside Priory. Dominating the opposing team with two dramatic overtime goals, the SMHS water polo team really showed how powerful it can be. Coming into the game, the men knew they had a good chance, based on their extraordinary skill and indestructible bravery. By the first quarter however, they were losing to Woodside 0-3. Luckily, the guys got their act together and the awe-inspiring goalie, Peter Wailes, came into play. The third quarter brought SMHS six goals, putting them in the lead. Overconfidence plagued the players, and by the end of the game, they were tied and needed to prove their superiority in overtime. Junior captain Jack Halet scored two goals, winning the game for Mateo. “I’m ecstatic,” exclaimed senior Peter Wailes. When asked about the win, super-talented sophomore players Zachary Wolf and Tom McCall rejoiced in a high-five with a touch of “swag”. No doubt, the players are rightfully proud of their victory over Woodside Priory. I had the immense pleasure of taking Peter Wailes and senior Alex Glasson out on a celebratory photo shoot. The confidence beaming from their saucy smirks and chiseled abs exude hope for the remaining

photo by diana brewer

Cristina Dressel Staff Writer

Girls Golf Goes Gold

Sophomore Kristin Kanaya takes a swing at Mariners Point.

has improved their scores and we are hitting consistently overall.” she mentioned. “The golf team is a well rounded team, which is good because

teams are usually not balanced,” added Mr. Ikeda. The bearcats are lucky to have such a talented and hardworking team, and they continue to maintain an impressive record. Diana Brewer, junior, has been on the team since her freshman year and has witnessed the growth of such a exceptional team. “I think we have all been doing well and improving, and that is the reason for our undefeated record. In order to do well in CCS, we just need to keep our heads in the game.” said Diana. “The great season has not just been the effort of a few people. It has been a team effort which has gotten us here,” said Mr. Ikeda. Mr. Ikeda’s inspiring leadership is one of the many factors that led our bearcats to such an amazing success. The girls’ golf team will be going to CCS on November 1 at the Cañada College in Carmel. Continue to support and encourage the team in the hallways, and let’s support and congratulate the girls on their amazing season.

8 things


Things You Should Know About



Kneepads smell bad—really bad, stayaway-forever bad.


We wear spandex..


Teams make up secret codes and hand signals.


You can’t wear jewelry during a match.

Photo courtesy of Dayna Sakata.

Water Polo Celebrates Spectacular Success

Friday, October 28, 2011

By Victoria Xiao


You can use your foot to save the ball.


Punching and fistbumping the ball is not allowed.


You can serve from anywhere behind the base line.


Setters practice with special, heavier balls.


Friday, October 28, 2011

Page 15

Little Big Game Coming Come See Us Play November 12 at 11 am By Connie Hsieh Staffwriter The Varsity Football team will play against Burlingame in the most important game of the season on November 12th at 11 o’clock. The game will be played at San Mateo High School, giving us the home-team advantage. This game is important because we have had a rivalry against Burlingame since 1927, and we even have a special award that goes to the winning team called the “Paw”. Even though the Paw remains with the Panthers, our Bearcat

football players will do their best to get the Paw back to its rightful home. The rivalry games between Stanford and UC Berkeley is called the Big Game, inspiring SMHS to call our homecoming game with BHS the “Little” Big Game. SMHS has had 83 homecoming games with Burlingame. It has almost been a whole year since the last Little Big Game, and all the players are eager to take on BHS again and win back the paw. At SMHS, our homecoming dance, Grid, pumps the football team up for the game the week after. The team

players would pick their date to Grid, and sometimes in extraordinary ways. Alex Strathearn is looking forward to playing the final game of the season and win. As tight end, he can contribute to his hard-working team, “I can make tackles on the defense, and catch the ball”. One of the defensive backs, D’armon Collins, really believes in his team, “the defense will stop offense because the defense team is strong; I expect my team to try and keep BHS under 14 points”.

Trevor Brill, quarterback, says, “I am really looking forward to the big crowds in the stands, and us playing our rivals”. Even though this year’s score hasn’t been in the best shape, everyone on the team wants to try their hardest, and to win the paw. “I plan for a victory this year because our team has been practicing hard every day since last winter”, Andrew Ho, wide receiver #3, explained, “I expect my team to not give up and play hard in the Little Big Game, even if we have a low score at first.”

The Bearcat football team not only has to practice hard for the games, but they also have to try hard to maintain their grades high, and study hard for tests. As the Paw being the ultimate reward for our Bearcats, the team will continue to work hard every day.


The SMHS football team sprints out of the start to begin an intense game of football.


Andrew Ho runs from the defenders, hoping to reach the end zone.


Michael Latu sprints across the field, avoiding the threatening defending team.


Bearcats work together to take down an opponent trying to score.


Quaterback Trevor Brill looks for a reciever to throw the ball to as he’s pressured by the defense.

L Page 16


Trevor BRILL




Friday, October 28, 2011



running back, TIGHT END, WIDE RECEIVER, linebacker LINEBACKER CORNERBACK HEIGHT: 6’1” HEIGHT: 5’10” HEIGHT: 6’3” height: 6’1” 190 pounds 190 pounds 200 pounds 160 pounds 2.0 average 12.0 average 2.0 average points 10.7 average points per game points per game points per game per game 8.02 average yards 27.08 average 1126 overall pass- 12.67 average yards per carry per carry yards per catch ing yards 187.7 passing yards 85.8 receiving 30.8 RECeiVING 436 total receivyards per game per game YARDS PER GAME ing yards 10 touchdowns 2 touchdowns 11 touchdowns 20 touchdowns this season this season this season this season Andrew Qare • Andrew Ho • Juan Garcia • Garrett Kawakita • Trevor Brill • Jonathan Arguelles • Taylor Sanft • Miguel de Rojas Dierssen • Nate Erlick • Kevin Garcia-Rodela • D’armon Collins • Larr y Campbell • Michael Latu • Steve Diaz • Alejandro Rios • Kevin Gruber • Edgar Bastidas • David Aranda • Justin Lee • Alex Reyes • Matt Nedwick • Julian Neto • Sione Hafoka • Amar Kaddoura • Kaiser Alhakin • Alex Strathearn • Andrew Qare • Andrew Ho • Juan Garcia • Garrett Kawakita • Trevor Brill • Jonathan Arguelles Quaterback

Coach Scheller Aims for Paw Q. How are we doing so far? A. We are definitely getting better. I’ve seen significant improvement in the players.


Q. What is the key to victory? A. Defense. We need to be in the right position at all times and have ball control..

Coach Scheller hopes for his team to win the Paw this year.

Q. What are your expectations of the players? A. There’s one player that steps up and shines every game. I expect somebody to take the spotlight and lead our team. Q. What do you want to come out of this game? A. I want the players to have a great experience and win. This is one of

the most exciting events in the Peninsula. Q. What improvements do we need to work on? A. Offensively, we are doing fine. We are continuing to get better, but our defense can improve.

Q. How does the team practice? A. We start on Saturday mornings with running and lifting weights, and on Mondays, we put them into effect by running our plays. Q. How many games are there until the LBG? A. There are nine games until the Little Big Game, with the LBG being the last one.

Q. Based on last year’s game, what do you think we need to work on? A. We struggled offensively last year, and we had the tendency to give up. We need to score early and get a good start, while getting Burlingame to punt a lot. Q. What is the team’s strength? A. The team’s strength is offense. We have some of the best players in CCS. Q. Who are the leading scorers and contributers? A. Andrew Ho is the #6 receiver in CCS, Trevor Brill is the #4 passer, Michael Latu is tied for #20 in rushing, and Alex Strathearn is #2 playing tight end.

Q. How important is the Little Big Game? A. This game is extremely important.It is an emotional expereince, especially because of the pressure put on by the crowd. I just want the players to enjoy the moment, because they are not going to get it back. Q. Does having a crowd make a difference? A. Absolutely. The crowd gets into the game, since it is a huge tradition between our schools. Q. Is coaching rewarding? even if you lose? A. Yes. The relationship I’ve built with the players since January is extreemly rewarding.

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