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Volume LXXXVVII, No. 7


Friday, March 23, 2012

Future Leaders of Mateo Elected

Photos by Jeremy Gofman, Zach Lorenzini and vikash morar Photos courtesy of miguel de røjas

Joey Wong News Editor

ASB President: Anali Alegria “I hope that we can make next year just as spirited as we’ve been before, if not more, so we can have another fantastic school year.” Associated Student Body Cabinet: Vice President: Dylan Babbs Secretary: Patricia Weng Treasurer: Amin Nilchian Publicity: Diane Liu UASB: Felipe Afanador & Jane Sun

Senior Class President: Joey Wong “My goal is to have the senior class look back and have their final year of high school be the most memorable.

Junior Class President: Megha Bindal “I want to get more people involved in spirit hall and fundraisers.”

Sophomore Class President: Danny Millstein “My goals are to raise more money for our class to have for years to come.”

Spirit Commissioners: Ben Lim & Michael Torbati “Pump up the Spirit and pump EVERYONE up!”

Senior Class Council: Vice President: Laura Ikeda Secretary: Angela Lu Treasurer: Srinu Bhamidipati Activites: Jeremy Gofman Publicity: Masa Kawakatsu Site Council: Eric Chuang & Miranda Liu

Junior Class Council: Vice President: Kevin Huang Secretary: Lucy Dai-He Treasurer: Allison Dong Activites: Vivian Chuang Publicity: Hana Alverina Site Council: McKenna Koledo & Michayla Stoveland

Sophomore Class Council: Vice President: Kristie Wong Secretary: James Wang Treasurer: Risako Kawakatsu Activites: Paolo Castillo Publicity: Sophia Moinpour Site Council: Natalie Sklovskaya & Mieke Voges

Dance Commissioner Genny Duran

during the morning broadcasts, mini mock STAR tests in tutorial, and at the end, a showdown of the four top tutorials in front of the whole school. The top tutorials are determined by a bracket system, in which the winner of a two-tutorial match-up goes on to compete against a different winner. This year, the top tutorials were Mr. Ikeda’s seniors, Mr. Rainaldi’s juniors, Ms. Rosenthal’s sophomores, and Mr. Appleman’s freshmen. According to Mr. Ikeda, despite not truly having to take the STAR test this year, the seniors in his tutorial saw the big picture and came together to do their best and inspire their under-

classmen. “My tutorial was amazing. They worked their hardest every time. I feel pretty amazing [about winning]. I’m a pretty competitive person and they rose to the challenge,” said Ms. Rosenthal. “I think [my tutorial] did awesomely. They worked hard and improved each week,” said Mr. Appleman. “I thought my tutorial did phenomonally. They’re rockstars. I knew I was going to win. I can’t wait for the finals, because during my first year of Mateo Madness, Mr. Kryeger [who used to teach calculus] won. Now it’s my turn,” said Mr. Rainaldi.

Applied/Appointed Positions As of press time, appointed leadership positions have not been chosen. Good luck, candidates!

Mateo Goes Mad for Semifinals If I Ruled San Mateo High School students improved their standardized test stores last year so much that the school’s Academic Performance Index (API) score rose by 40 points. In order to ensure continued success this year, Mateo Madness has returned to San Mateo High School. Mateo Madness, the brainchild of Mr. Appleman and Mr. Teague, is a Standardized Testing and Reporting (STAR) test preparation program at San Mateo High School. It consists of inspirational messages from a Mr. KC STAR (the alter-ego of Mr. Teague)

photos by Ian Thompson


“I would go with Jessica Alba.” Tyler Lozano , Class of 2015

If I ruled the world, I would put an end to child abuse. According to, more than five children die every day from child abuse, many under the age of four, and 50-60% of deaths as a result of abuse are not recorded. Childhelp also states that neglect is the type of child abuse which children experience the most. In addition to neglect, many innocent children suffer sexual abuse.

See WORLD, page 10

If you could bring anyone to Prom, who would it be?

“I would go to Prom with Chamberlin.” Sydney Sykes, Class of 2014

the World...

Kayla Rose Staff Writer


Victoria Xiao Editor-In-Chief

“Marie Antionette. I’d steal her hair and walk away.” Masa Kawakatsu , Class of 2013

“I’d bring Kelli Martinez to Prom.” Brian Fox, Class of 2012

“I’d bring Richard Gere to Prom.” Ms. Fenech, Staff


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Friday, March 23, 2012

Target Uses Spy Tactics To Target Its Consumers

Shan Zaidi Staff Writer

Let’s put an end to those conspiracy theories about Target. They don’t manipulate the consumer to get them to purchase more items. They merely study customer shopping habits to find if their customers are going through life changes. For example, did you hear about the dad who found out his daughter was pregnant, after Target did. The teen hid the fact she was pregnant from her father, but Target used her shopping record to find out she might want coupons for baby products. Pregnant women tend to buy unscented lotion and vitamins such as magnesium, zinc and calcium. Frequent purchases in pastel colors are also a telltale sign of a baby on the way. The father had complained to Target, but when Target management made a follow-up call for another apology, the man said that he’d only been upset because “there had been some details of the house he hadn’t been aware of” and he promptly apologized to Target. Is this all too Big Brother for us? I don’t think so--people always want to know more. Knowledge is power, and who is to say that corporations aren’t allowed to use it? Sure, the main point may be to sell you more products for profit, but it’s also very helpful to those who may not be sure what to do, or in this case, buy. Target isn’t being over-controlling or prying into every single detail of our lives – now that would be illegal. People shouldn’t freak out because one family had some communication problems that happened to coincide with Target’s advertising plans. No one is using secret cameras to watch your every move and exploit your weaknesses. It’s understandable that people may feel like they’re being spied on, but

Target has become more discrete with these advertisements. They’ll also mix in things that have nothing related to pregnancy, for example there’ll be an ad for a lawn mower next to a diaper coupon. If this is what Target needs to do to make customers feel better, then so be it. However, I’m not complaining about its smart marketing. I’ve been one to go through catalogs and complain that the coupons were all for things that I would never want. Getting coupons personalized for me feels like good customer service. The customer is always right, but what if the customer doesn’t know what he or she wants? You can’t blame Target for trying to be helpful. I don’t think it’s a bad idea for other companies to adopt these methods as well. If people buy more things, won’t our economy improve? People don’t have to worry about the “New World Order,” for those conspiracists out there. No one is trying to make totalitarian government where everyone obeys the same thing. There’s not going to be some higher order putting subliminal messages on television. There won’t be any crazy propaganda either, like when Hitler had a picture of himself smiling while holding hands with a happy little German girl. I thought we left the conspiracy theories back in the ’90s. It is true that the government works with corporations, but do you really think their master plan is to make pregnant women buy things for their baby? Ooh, I’m scared – they’re absolutely diabolical. Please, our government has more important things to worry about, like getting us out of debt from China, than sending out a few personalized coupons in the mail. I am not ashamed of my purchases, and this method can help to pinpoint No one is trying to take over our lives —we still live in a country born from freedom. I, for one, believe that Target has every right to utilize customer information.


Rachael Wan Staff Writer

It all started with Andrew Pole, a statistician for Target, who understood that new parents make up a majority of the consumers that shop at retail stores. Select stores serve one specific purpose: grocery stores sell groceries, clothing stores sell clothes, toy stores sell toys, etc. However, Target is a unique store in the aspect that could provide nearly all the necessary things anyone would need at any given time. Ranging from electronics to clothes to peanut butter, Target provides a wide variety of necessities for every day needs and uses. Realizing this special quality about Target, the store’s executives assigned Pole to make consumers realize that Target provided them with everything they would ever need; according to Charles

Duhigg of the New York Times. The specific routines of a person’s daily life are so engrained into his or her minds that it is very difficult to change. At certain times of great stress even those engrained routines crumble and are replaced by easier, more convenient routines. The certain time of great stress specifically targeted by the Target retail stores is the birth of a child. Suddenly, the young adults that were so nitpicky about brand names and quality products are now new parents with a crying infant in their arms, ready to grab anything and everything so long as it serves the correct purpose. Therefore Pole was assigned to find out if there was a way to know if a couple was pregnant before the pregnancy is publicized through the baby registry, when every other company would receive this same information and attack the new parents with a barrage of advertisements for baby products. When pregnant, a woman buys certain products that are specific to pregnant women, such as maternity clothes and certain vitamins. At Target, every regular shopper receives an ID number that allows the store to keep tabs on their purchases, according to the New York Times.

Graphic by tifanny fujii


Shoping at Target may come with side effects.

Through the information gained from this system of codes, Target is able to send advertisements specific to the consumer based on the things they have recently bought. Receiving multiple advertisements for items specific to maternity, a Minneapolis father stormed into Target, furious that the company was sending his daughter such inappropriate ads. Angry that the company was assuming his daughter was pregnant, the father demanded an apology from the management team only to find out that he was, in fact, unaware of the pregnancy of his daughter. Target, or any other store for that matter, shouldn’t have the right to track their customers’ purchases. Even if just for the purpose of more effective advertising, it is an invasion of privacy. Of course, the purchases at Target aren’t so terrible that people should be embarrassed of them, but in the case of the Minneapolis family, the daughter didn’t tell her father about her pregnancy for a reason. Consumers should feel safe while shopping; they shouldn’t feel like their purchases are exposed to the world to see. The confidentiality of purchase is an ideal that customers assume is held true by all of the stores at which they shop. Is it Target’s right to inform someone’s family that she’s pregnant? Absolutely not. That woman and that woman alone can make the decision when, where, and how to tell her family that she’s pregnant. Target overstepped its position as a third party when it decided to take that right away from the daughter. The Minneapolis family’s daughter didn’t tell her father about her pregnancy for a reason. Maybe she was waiting for the right moment, maybe she didn’t want to tell her father quite yet in fear of his reaction, we don’t know. Whatever the reason was, she had a right to that reason.

iAm Too Dependent on My iPhone And iCan’t Live Without It Hannah Poplack

Business Manager Last week, I got lost in Foster City. Seems ridiculous right? Foster City is not that big, it only has three main streets, and well-lit street signs adorn every corner. Yet on this night, I found my self sitting on a lonely, still street, named after some sort of obscure bird, stranded in my car with nowhere to turn, no idea where to go, and no way to make a call. And it was all because I had forgotten one small part of my daily routine; I forgot to charge my iphone. As I sat in my car with the lifeless corpse of my sleek black iphone

sitting next to me, I couldn’t stop thinking about how I had gotten into this mess. I couldn’t help but think to myself; why hadn’t I printed out a map? Memorized the street names and turns? Brought a phone charger? But none of this mattered now, I was stuck. This got me thinking. What if I didn’t have a phone? I rely on my phone for almost every aspect of my life. From 6:30 when my alarm goes off to wake me, to 11:30 when I send my last text message and check my calendar to begin planning for the next day, I am always on my phone. I check my email, type my homework, talk to my friends, play


The Voice Of San Mateo High Founded in 1922

Vikash Morar Editors-in-Chief Victoria Xiao Copy Editors Tommy Imperial Cristina Dressel Shan Zaidi P.C. Fergusson Advisor

Joey Wong News Editor Talia Gurevich Opinion Editor Jean Fan Features Editor

Fabiola Prieto Esquina Latina Editor Jonathon Mou Sports Editor Karen Chee Arts and Entertainment Editor Jonathan Slowey Web Editor

games, listen to music, check my grades, and watch videos. My phone is always on my parson, whether it be in my back pocket, backpack, or bag. But have I, and all my equally obsessed peers, become too dependent on our phones? Just five years ago, few people had a personal phone. The concept of the “iphone” was not even conceived. Just ten years ago, the idea that people would one day be able to make nearly instantaneous connection with friends all over the world easily would have seemed laughable, and utterly unrealistic. Those were simple times, when people memorized five or more phone numbers at a time, traveled with a Staff Writers

Tiffany Fujii Anuja Argade Jeremy Gofman Ava Gerami Rachael Wan Connie Hsieh Ian Thompson

Kayla Rose Zach Lorenzini Andrea Caceres

Business Manager Hannah Poplack Photo Editor Diana Brewer

stack of paper maps, and wrote letters to communicate with loved ones. Yet today, living in this modern age, I cannot even fathom a day free of my iphone. In 2011, the University of Maryland conducted a study, the College of Psychology conducted a study of peoples feeling in connection to their phones. After conducting two years of tests, they found that people who spent five to seven hours a day on their phones, or with their phones somewhere near them (for instance, in a pockets, a bag, or near them on a desk) felt more secure, safer, and protected. Surely though, we as humans are just as safe without our phones. It seems

ridiculous to think that a five, by two piece of wires, metal, and lead can be such a comfort. Yet it is! For some reason, this simple, small device acts as a security blanket even for the most independent. But have our phones become too big a part of our lives? For $199, $299, or $599, it seems like you buy a lifestyle, not just a phone. As our world changes more as each Apple product is released, I can’t help but wonder if we need to move away from our phones a little, and become more independent, relying less on a device, and more on ourselves. But as for now, I’m just going to keep a phone charger in my car.


Friday, March 23, 2012

Cartoon 1)

Andrea Caceres Staff Writer


1) Major Earthquake

3) Girls wearing the same dress to Prom. eehc nerak yb nootraC

2) Meteor

Don’t Get Yourself Run Over By The Invisible Children Bandwagon Jonathan Slowey Web Editor

The decrease in ticket sales to dances at our high school may be connected to one specific reason: there are too many dances happening one after another. Walking down the hallways, flyers promoting Prom, Ritmo Latino, GRID, and MORP stand out at every corner. While some students start planning the day with new outfits, others decide to skip the upcoming dance for the next one. Or the one right after that. After attending an exciting night at a school dance, like one of the two that were held in March, the next one might not seem as exciting. Students may actually be getting “danced out” by attending so many of these dances, and it doesn’t help to think of all the money they’re spending just to go to the dance. They have to pay for their ticket and possibly buy new clothes. After attending one dance, they decide to attend another and spend just as much on that one as they did before. While not everyone gets to attend certain dances reserved for Juniors and Seniors, there are still many opportunities that offer the younger crowds a chance on the dance floor, meaning students are paying to go every year. While some students don’t mind the cost, others are starting to save their cash to go to a more important dance, such as Prom. Our school seems to be struggling to sell tickets for MORP because of all the students who don’t want to waste their money. With the increase in school dances, like Winter Formal, it may be that students are more interested in attending the newer ones than going to the usual dances they see advertised. In fact, so many dances are promoted

that students expect there to be one when they decide they want to go. This could mean that people’s interests are a lot more scattered than they are when they know a school dance that hasn’t’ happened in a long time will finally be happening soon. It would probably be better to spread out the school dances and not keep them coming one after another, for students will look forward to a school dance rather than ignore it. Not everybody is interested in school dances. When one comes around, there will be a percentage of students who are definitely going, a percentage of students that decide to skip it, and the rest of us just don’t have an interest. Sometimes it’s not so much that a student is not into dances as much as they find it a regular part of high school, and it shouldn’t have to be that way. Dances should be treated more like a privilege than a priority; academic studies at a great school such as ours should be kept in mind more than dances, and after a stretch of nothing but studies, students should be rewarded with a nice, relaxing school dance. Then, students know they have earned the dance after a non-stop study, homework, and testtaking session. The school should at least decrease the amount of dances if they’re going to bring in new ones, for not every student is going to want to attend so many dances that are now squished into a tight schedule. It starts to feel like dances are happening every week when it should feel like they’re happening every few months. We need to prioritize the schedules for upcoming school dances so that students have more time to get their work done. As soon as the academic studies end, students are going to be glad that they’re finally celebrating.

Share Your Opinions

Invisible Children’s uses Social Media in its campagign

they were absorbing. Why did 30 minutes of a guy talking suddenly make what he was saying credible? The video utilized emotional appeals and intense music doesn’t make the invisible children any more visible than they were two, three or five years ago. Kony was just as bad of a man as he was when he was listed as a UN global criminal in 2005, so what makes him so much worse in 2012? All this shows is that people were easily pushed into this movement by a strategically made video, and not nearly as many people who pushed the “share” button on Facebook remained dedicated to the cause the following week. One of the main problems surrounding the Invisible Children organization is that they are not the godsend that their video portrayed them to be. They made a whopping $15,000,000 from the care packages on their web store. Also, they spend more money on awareness than they do for causes in Africa with 37% going towards Africa and 43% going towards campaigning (Joseph Russell on the Today show). Money is still going

Photo courtesy of

Invisible Children, a not-for-profit organization, spurred an online frenzy following the release of their 30minute video addressing the issues surrounding Joseph Kony, the leader of the Lord’s Resistance Army. The video utilized emotional images, powerful music, and even an adorable child activist to entice its viewers. As evident on several social media outlets such as Facebook, Twitter, and Tumblr, the video sparked the hidden flame of social activism in everyone who watched. Activism is always a good way to reach specialized goals, however, the sudden explosion of it begs the question: why now? In 2010, while most of the current juniors were taking contemporary world studies, Invisible Children was a very relevant organization. Many studied the events in Uganda that Invisible Children was fighting against. There were even presentations given and at lunch there was merchandise available for students to make donations. Why were the dedication and socialactivist fervor not present then, when the information was presented to the faces of everyone at school through several different means? It should have been expected that the fire kindled by the video wasn’t going to burn for long. One may say that the awareness by sharing helped the cause no matter how it was done, but that’s not the point. The point is that hundreds of thousands of people suddenly took interest in this cause and abandoned it in a few days. Is the reason that we aren’t changing our profile pictures on Facebook for the violence in Syria or the victims of AIDS because we don’t have a good enough 30-minute video? And now, because of the bandwagon activism that occurred all over the internet, the children of Uganda have been reduced to a trending topic on Twitter and a collection of Facebook statuses. The problem with the movement was that nobody was taking the time to think about the 30-minute video


Decrease Dances and Increase Revenue



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to Africa, but that is not the point. The point lies in the fact that, the day following the video’s explosion, most of the same people who shared the video were also sharing these articles claiming how false and bad the organization was. People were so quick in diving into the Kony 2012 cause that they didn’t even stop to question anything – some even started donating seconds after the video was over. The issue in Uganda is real, and Kony is still a world-infamous criminal, but people everywhere should research and learn about things like this before blindly following internet trends. Where is your money going? Is there a better way to help? We should be asking questions all the way through the movement, not 5 minutes after we donate $100 to an organization we know so little about. The children in Uganda, as well as victims of Japan’s disasters and cancer patients deserve to be so much more than just a 3-second thought or a blog post. Activism and awareness are good, just as long as people are actually dedicated whole-heartedly to the causes.

Kayla Rose Staff Writer

It’s no secret that people don’t always see eye to eye on many situations, whether big or small. People tend to feel strongly one way or the other, and have trouble with someone else’s reasoning. There’s nothing wrong with that, except that bashing someone is not the way to go about changing his or her mind or proving that you are correct. Why do people have to always be right? Aren’t you entitled to your own opinions? Why must we shoot down someone else’s thoughts, when they may be just as valid as yours? Even this article, full of my opinions, can be wrong, but this is what one person believes. Can’t we agree to disagree? There is no need for insulting one person’s thoughts because you have this incessant need to be right. Not everything needs to be a screaming match over who is more rational, or whose opinion is more valid. Some etiquette should be involved, when people disagree. All you have to

do is respect the fact that not everyone shares the same views, morals, etc. A debate doesn’t have to get ugly; there is no need for yelling or put-downs. Insulting someone during an argument just shows your true character, and doesn’t prove anything about the other person. It certainly doesn’t get your point across. Some people tend to blow things way out of proportion, because sharing your opinion, which may differ from the next person, is not life shattering, even though you think it’s the end of the world. Stop being a drama queen and respect the people who are thoughtful about the world and want to contribute with their own thoughts and opinions. It’s about time people showed their respect for their classmates, friends, coworkers, etc. There is no reason why there can’t be differing ideas. Besides, isn’t it better to have ideas than to be a zombie who has no opinion? Shouldn’t there be some diversity in society, instead of the opinion from one person? I think there should be, but hey, it’s only my opinion.


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Friday, March 23, 2012

Junior Class Tutorials Engage in Guerilla Warfare PHOTO COURTESY OF Alex rosenberg graphic courtesy of michael beery




The tutorials of Mr. Rainaldi and Ms. Kalinski fought out Mateo Madness through clever propaganda as well as STAR Testing practice itself. Jonathan Slowey Web Editor

A civil war has broken out in the halls of San Mateo High School, involving the tutorials of Ms. Kalinski and Mr. Rainaldi. Both tutorials have been fighting for the title of Top Junior Tutorial in Mateo Madness, creating a fierce tension that sparked the rivalry. By bubbling answers intensely, students from each tutorial have taken the initiative to work harder, concentrate more, raise spirit, and create propaganda supporting their tutorial. Mateo

Madness is STAR test preparation that consists of a weekly test that students of all grade levels take in their tutorial classes with each test usually consisting of 15 questions. The questions on the test are mock STAR test questions, preparing San Mateo students for the actual STAR. Mateo Madness caters to no specific subject or tutorial, and includes questions about physics, math, biology, chemistry, European and American history, English, and more. Not only does Mateo Madness help prepare students for the STAR test by getting them comfortable with ques-

tions, but it also invokes a sense of competition for motivation. This competition is what drove Mr. Rainaldi and Ms. Kalinski’s tutorials head-to-head early on. Both were among the top junior tutorials, alongside Nadeau and Mitchell, and the sense of competition was brewing from the first weeks of the test. The rivalry started with Rainaldi’s tutorial whose ransom note claimed that the limit of Mateo Madness as Rainaldi approaches the /final competition equaled first place, while the limit of Mateo Madness as Kalinski approaches the final does’t exist, a

joke incorporating calculus fit for Rainaldi’s tutorial. That ransom note is what sparked the war. Soon enough, Kalinaki’s Speech Asking for A Declaration of War Against Rainaldi was sent back. Modeled after President Polk’s declaration of war in 1846, Kalinski claimed that “war exists, and, notwithstanding all our efforts to avoid it, exists by the act of Rainaldi’s tutorial.” Following the declaration of war came the Rainaldi Tutorial War Theorem, stating that the sum force of 34 Rainaldi students was greater than that

of infinite Kalinski kids. Kalinski’s tutorial promptly responded with some war propaganda, depicting Mr. Rainaldi as Mussolini, or “Mussonaldi”, with a little phrase at the bottom stating “History Repeats Itself.” To end the war, Rainaldi’s tutorial created a flag representing their tutorial, replicating the flag raised on Iwo Jima in 1945, even copying the pose of the men placing the flag. In the end, both tutorials put up a great fight. However, the scores from Rainaldi were higher than Kalinski and the war ended with a Rainaldi’s victory.

Report: SAT Scores Have Sunk to a New Low Every few months, on early Saturday mornings, teenagers across the country wake up at an ungodly hour to take the SAT.

Always, the week before the date of the dreaded national standardized test, there is a hubbub. Students freak out with other students about the horrible scores they are going to get, always hearing in retort, “No! I’m sure you will do great!”

As more students take the SAT, the scores are falling to a new low.

This year, after several decades, those supportive friends with all of their encouragement and deceptiveness, have been proven wrong. SAT scores this past year are the lowest recorded in many years, as reported by Michael Alison Chandler on the Washington Post in September 2011. Reading scores average 494 out of 800, a significant decrease from 508 just six years ago. For math, scores average 506, and writing lags behind at 483. No one is quite sure why the scores are falling. College Board, the test administrator, says that more diverse groups have been factored into the test census, proving problematic for the averages. Communities of “non-college goers” have been counted in these statistics, unlike last year, potentially lowering the scores. “The SAT is a lot of pressure,” said junior Andrew Qare. “It’s way too much stress. There isn’t enough time to do all the problems correctly. It re-

ally takes a lot of practice even though many people don’t take it seriously and don’t study for it.” Andrew continued, “When I took it I kept asking myself why I hadn’t reviewed that topic.” “For the reading sections, the passages are so boring and make you want to rush through it. I would rather, and usually do, guess on the questions instead of read the entire thing,” he continued. Perhaps the content and meaning of the test itself is the cause of the problems we are experiencing. As

society is changing, so are the people who make it up. The next step should be to pinpoint the core problems in this test. Maybe then, the test takers, test scores and overall success rates would increase.

Is the SAT really helping us to achieve?


photo courtesy of

Jeremy Gofman Staff Writer


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Friday, March 23, 2012


Check Out These 5 Blogs Hannah Poplack Business Manager


Check out the SFoodie blog on the SF Weekly site. SF Weekly writers, food critics, and your average food writer alike post scrumptious pictures from their favorite eateries and restaurant reviews daily. My favorite from this week? A review of “Mama’s Munchies,” a local bakery that produces “special” pies for cancer patients throughout the Bay Area and pictures of out-of-this world sugar cookies sold out of a pastel food truck downtown.

Ghetto Hikes

Written by a 28 year old environmentalist who leads urban kids on a hike in

the woods, Ghetto Hikes is an instant hit. The author updates the site with short blurbs that the kids he leads say. My favorite? “Mr. Cody, I ain’t no snitch or nuffin but Deny back there shoving colored rocks in his pocket. Homie lootin the forest!”


Californiality is the perfect site for anyone living in California. Find information here on local bed and breakfasts, weather reports in local state parks, local and state politics, UC and CSU news, job openings, and celebrity gossip. Basically if you live in California, this site contains all you ever need to know.

replied, holding it up. “Wanna see?” He sat next to her. “Perfect timing! You can help me with something!” “Sure, what is it?” He took the yearbook from her and opened up the page that started their year. “You can help me find a girlfriend!”

The Insider

Like Gossip Girl? Check out San Mateo County’s own gossip site, The Insider. Called the “juicier side of San Mateo,” citizens post anonymous tips about San Mateo politicians, political news, and social gossip. But don’t get too excited-- most recent posts are about our city council members and Jackie Speier.

Adore Vintage

One of my favorite clothing and design sites, Adore Vintage is a mix of a blog on the latest trends in vintage clothing and fuyrnishings. Find beautiful vintage skirts, shirts, and dresses, as well as design ideas, furniture, and trinkets to purchase.

Teen Shoots Hoops in Coma

She was sitting outside a cafe, enjoying her chocolate macchiato and a chocolate bar as she leafed through her class yearbook, mulling over all her great sophomore memories. She shook her head, getting some of her bangs out of her big brown eyes. “Hey!” came the familiar voice of her best friend since they were 12. She looked up and saw the big goof practically skipping towards her, completely

By the time they finished, she was on the brink of tears. ruining the cool image he could have had, since he was wearing dark skinny jeans, a black t-shirt and a leather jacket. “You got the yearbook!” She grinned back at him. “Yep,” she

PHOTO COURTESY OF ABCNEWS.COM Maggie Meier, shown here during her coma, was able to make perfect free throws through her illness.

Cristina Dressel Staff Writer One Kansas teen recently hospitalized for meningitis who went into a coma was so good at playing basketball that she was even able to shoot hoops while in coma, as reported by ABC News. Fourteen-year old Maggie Meier started showing symptoms of meningitis in the beginning of her freshman year, which elevated to violent seizures and shocking consequences. “Her eyes rolled back,” Maggie’s mom reported to ABC, “It was terrifying.” The night of her first seizure was an awful one for the entire Meier family, it was followed by twenty more. For one hundred days she fell into a coma, with her mother losing hope as time wore on. The situation had seemed truly hopeless. Even though Maggie could not re-

spond to stimuli in her coma, she was able to shoot hoops. “She would wake up for two to five minutes and shoot the ball, then be completely out of it again,” said Mrs. Meier to ABC, “That’s when we

way.” Maggie’s doctor, Dr. William Graf was equally amazed by Maggie’s interesting step towards progress. “She couldn’t walk or eat, had no basic functions, but still had this perfect shooting motion. It was engrained,” he shared. When Maggie finally did wake up, she had to learn everything over again—everything except the ability to play basketball. It’s remarkable that Maggie was able to develop a skill so well that she could have it remain a part of her unconscious, meanwhile menial tasks like eating and jumping were lost in the coma. Maggie, now a senior, plans on attending Benedictine College in Atchison, Kansas. PHOTO COURTESY OF JUMPUSA.COM

knew we were going to get her back, and get her back all the

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He leaned in and planted a light kiss on her lips... She felt crushed. All her feelings, all the memories of them together meant nothing to him. Did these past years mean nothing to him? She smiled a shaky smile. “O-kay...” She pointed out all the girls she knew were nice, but knew deep inside that they couldn’t know him like she did. By the time they finished, she was on the brink of tears. “Idiot,” he said plainly. “W-what?” she stuttered, looking up at him. He opened the yearbook and pointed to her picture. “She’s the one I want,” he said as he leaned in and placed a light kiss on her lips... “I want you.”


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Economics Class Visits Old Mint photo courtesy of

When teachers make really bad jokes you have to laugh: Grade or Integrity? That is the question.

When the person next to you just keeps talking and talking... and talking. They distract you from doing any work: Just because you want to fail doesn’t mean I do, and I am kindly asking you to refrain from acting like an imbecile before I place my writing utensil in your jugular vein.

When people become “activists” without doing anything The Old Mint in San Francisco sports Greek-style columns and, as a museum, is still in excellent condition since being shut down.

Shan Zaidi Staff Writer The Old Mint in San Francisco is an amazing place of rich history filled with inside jobs, dead rat thefts and the gold rush. Ms. Pappas’ AP Economics class had the honor of visiting it on March 13. The Old Mint has doubly reinforced walls because the architects knew that living in San Francisco would mean earthquakes. This came in handy because in the great 1906 earthquake that left San Francisco in ruins, the Old Mint merely shifted two inches to the left. It stood strong amongst the debris

and became a bank that helped many people recover their lives. There have been many attempts to rob the Old Mint, which was once the holder of one-fourth of the nation’s gold reserve, but most were unsuccessful. People tried to tunnel underground with dynamite, but then the building was reinforced. However, one man was successful – the janitor. His job was to go down into the vaults, kill the rats, and clean up their carcasses. He would open the rats’ bellies, put gold coins in them before sewing them back up and throwing them away. He would come back at night and retrieve the gold coins from the

dead rats in the dumpster. He got away with $20,000. The Old Mint is currently empty and open to tours. “We’ve been trying to raise enough money to turn it into a proper museum,” said our tour guide, part of the San Francisco museum organization. The organization bought the land of the Mint for $1 because the nation had no use for it once they opened up another one. There have also been some conspiracy theories surrounding the Old Mint rumouring of a secret room where a number of outrageous things have occurred, including alien autop-

sies and the CIA spying on the Russian Embassy, which is conveniently located across the street. Most of the nation’s gold reserve is currently in Fort Knox, Kentucky. The Old Mint in San Francisco is open anytime, so we encourage you to go up those stairs and visit a San Franciscan treasure. Stand in the vaults where they kept so many silver coins and walk through the halls and admire the maze of gas pipes that once used to power the entire building. This historic landmark is worth a visit for anyone interested in local history.

Watching a 30-minute video and posting a demanding status doesn’t make you a social activist.

When there is no time in your schedule to chill and do nothing Every second of our lives shouldn’t be consumed by another deadline. We shouldn’t have to be productive all the time. Sometimes I just need leisure time to do absolutely nothing and relieve my brain of the never-ending stress that school and life so kindly provide.


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Las top 7

Victoria Xiao

Tal Vez Ricky Martin

Página 7

¿Confíamos Otra Vez en Obama? Fabiola Prieto Editora de LEL Los latinos dudan mucho en volver a confiar en Obama después de haber roto su promesa. Obama, nuestro presidente, hizo una promesa el 28 de mayo del 2008, diciéndonos a nosotros los latinos que en su primer año de presidencia iba a conseguir una reforma migratoria. Ahora en el 2012 los latinos le preguntan a Obama, ¿Dónde está lo que nos prometiste? El día miércoles 22 de febrero Obama fue entrevistado por Eddie “Piolin”. En su entrevista Piolin representó a todos los latinos preguntándole al presidente lo que muchos latinos nos hemos preguntado, ¿Dónde está tu promesa? de acuerdo con el articulo “Obama insiste en que no quedrantó su promesa

Te Extraño, Te Olvido, Te Amo Ricky Martin Jueves La Oreja de Van Gogh Bailamos Enrique Iglesias Latinoamerica Calle 13 ft. Totó La Momposina,Susana Baca Me Voy Camila

de reforma migratoria” en univicion. com. Obama respondió, “Hubiera quebrantado mi promesa de promover una reforma migratoria si no lo hubiera intentado. Pero al final, solo soy una persona. “Vivimos en una democracia,

no en una monarquía. No soy un rey, soy presidente, así que solo puedo poner en practica leyes aprobadas por congreso”, Dijo Barack Obama. Los latinos tienen unas opiniones muy diferentes acerca de nuestro presidente. “Los presidentes ahora prometen cosas para ganar el voto latino, pero ya cuando están en la presidencia no cumple nada, aunque Barack Obama está haciendo un muy buen trabajo en la presencia; yo sé que no todo depende de él”. dice Miguel Carmona un estudiante latino. El presidente Barack Obama está tratando de volver a ganar el voto latino pero no va a ser muy fácil. Esperemos que nuestros presidentes hagan lo mejor para nosotros los latinos en este país.

recursos existen, y si se encuentran en situaciones donde la economía es escaza o apoyo en el hogar el ejercito te ayudará, si estás seguro de lo que quieres ser,” dice Cortéz.

“recomiendo a todos los latinos que sigan adelante con los estudios que no se desanimen, que sean my positivos, por que todo lo que quieren se puede completar,” dice Cortéz.

Foto cortesía de

Tu Mirada Reik

Obama: amigo o enemigo?

Fabiola Prieto Editora de LEL

Alguna vez se han preguntado quién es ese hombre latino que camina alrededor de la escuela con su traje de sargento color azul y su camisa llena de estampas?. Pués el es el Sargento Cortéz. El Sargento Cortéz ha estado trabajando para las marines por siete años, ha tenido una vida con mucho éxito, todo gracias a los Marines. A los dos años de edad el Sargento Cortéz llego de Nicaragua, amparado por asilo político que su padre solicitó a los Estados Unidos. Cuando estaba en la escuela media, el sargento era un estudiante de inglés, él solo hablaba español, y a pesar de que se desenvolvía en un ambiente totalmente diferente, nunca le importó que lo mezclaran con niños especiales. “Hacer círculos

en esas clases no era para mi, así que decidí echarle todas las ganas para salir de esas clases” dijo el sargento Cortéz. Logró luego salir de esas clases y su vida y sus estudios le parecieron más fáciles. En la escuela siempre fue un muy buen estudiante con un promedio de calificaciones muy bueno, y siempre quiso salir adelante a pesar de su estado económico, y que no contaba con los recursos para ir al colegio. “Cuando era niño siempre pensaba en el ejercito como un lugar de batalla y de guerra y como el único grupo que trabajaba para el gobierno pero después descubrí que existen muchos grupos más, como los Marines, el Army, la Naval” dice el sargento Cortéz. El sargento Cortéz sintió que las Marines eran para él “A mi siempre me ha gustado la disciplina, y siempre he

sido muy aminado y astuto,” dijo el Sargento Cortéz. Los Marines le ayudaron a pagar el cuarenta por ciento de todos sus estudios que era lo más importante para él y eso le ayudó a decidirse a formar parte de los Marines. El sargento Cortéz ha escalado mucho de puesto y le ha costado mucho estar donde él está “Las Marines ha sido la mejor decisión, me encanta servir en los Marines” dice el sargento Cortéz. El sargento Cortez ahora trabaja como recluta, informando a los estudiantes sobre los beneficios de entrar a las Marines. “Debido a la política algunos maestros, limitan mis presentaciones, pero el ejército no es malo sino que no es para todos” dice el sargento Cortéz. El sargento Cortéz siempre pensó que el dinero no era un obstaculo para que el continuara sus estudios. “los


Casandra Rueda

El Sargento Cortez habla acerca de su vida.

Foto tomada por Zach Lorenzini

El Sargento Cortéz nos Dice de su Vida y de los Marines

¿Qué Personaje Te Gustaría Ser? 11

Anallely Bravo

“Angelina Jolie, por que le gusta “Selena, por que me inspira ayudar a la gente”. mucho y canta bien”.


Eric Rivas



“Wiliam Levi, porque a todas las mujeres les gusta”.

Jesus Mendoza

“Stewie, porque siempre me hace reir ”.

Señora Barba

“Doctor House, porque es muy atrevido e inteligente”.


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Final Fantasy XIII revolutionized the gaming industry with its intuitive paradigm system and its amazing visuals. Fans of the series gawked at the beautiful, massive landscapes and the strategic and creative twist employed in the seemingly simplistic battle system. Two years later, Square-Enix shocks the world again with the long-awaited sequel to FF XIII, managing to make the landscapes even more amazing. The graphics are so stunning that at times, I felt like I was in the scene with the characters. Besides the graphics of the game, the gameplay of FF XIII-2 expanded on the gameplay of its predecessor, with refreshing new additions, but the same general concept. The paradigm system returned to this game, but because there are only two main characters, the third party slot is filled with a monster instead of a main character. Monsters that you fight now have a chance of being captured inside of a crystal. If they are captured in these crystals, you can add them to your party and upgrade their crystarium (the official leveling system of the game). The crystarium system is also in the game just like its predecessor, but it’s slightly different as it expands whenever it is completed, instead of at certain points in the story. While Serah and Noel, the main characters, can

Lightning (also known as Claire) is a character featured in this new Final Fantasy game expand their crystarium in any role, the battle to press the required buttons respond to the monsters by the time monsters that are captured are auto- for the special attack. the clock runs out, the battle will begin matically assigned a role and can only A new Mog Clock system was in- and they will not be able to “retry”. be used and upgraded in that role. troduced into the game, which forces Without the ability to retry, players The active time battle was brought players to deal with randomly spawned that lose the battle will have to quit back in this game, but with an addi- monsters, instead of monsters that are all the way to the title screen of the tion of FL’s, which are monster-spe- clearly running around the terrain at all game and lose valuable progress in cific. These FL’s are special attacks times. In this system, once the mon- the story. This adds motivation to atby monster crystals that either grant sters appear, the player has a certain tack the monsters as soon as possible members of the party status bonuses, amount of time to attack them for a just in case the party dies and a retry inflict harmful statuses or attack on preemptive strike that grants them a is needed. the enemies. bonus in the battle. The new monster spawning system In order to stop the endless X/A If the player touches the monsters makes battling frustrating at times spamming for battles, these Feral before attacking them, the battle will because players can no longer clean Links force players to pay attention to proceed normally, but if they don’t out an area and walk safely through

Photo courtesy of

He Speaks For The Trees

Promotional poster for the new film “The Lorax” name, The Lorax, though interesting Karen Chee and enjoyable, was guilty of the same A&E Editor thing every book-turned-film suffers “I am the Lorax. I speak for the from: twisting the details to intrigue trees.” Permanently scribed into liter- more viewers. The story begins as a young boy ary history, this famous line recently surfaced again in the new 3-D film named Ted (Zac Efron) embarks on a journey to find a tree to impress The Lorax. With adorable animations and a his neighbor Audrey (Taylor Swift). flashy set of voice-over actors, the film Ted meets the Once-ler (Ed Helms), opened a couple weeks ago to a greatly whose greed led him to take advantage receptive box-office count. Adapted of the natural truffula trees and make from a Dr. Seuss book of the same the species practically extinct. The

Once-ler tells his tragic story of how the Lorax (Danny DeVito) tried in vain to prevent the destruction of the truffula trees, leaving nothing but a stone with the word ‘unless.’ While the movie plot does not stray far from the original storyline, the seemingly minor details unfortunately dismayed some ardent Dr. Seuss fans. “It was really cute, but I was upset that Ted was just working to show off to a girl,” said junior Audrey Grimes. “And the girl couldn’t even find the tree herself,” added junior Marie Angle. “Pretty sexist, if you ask me,” she continued. Like every other book by Dr. Seuss, The Lorax carries a deeper meaning and story behind the delightfully whimsical characters. This particular story harbors an underlying tone of needing to be eco-friendly and conserving our resources before they run out. While the message came across clearly, the film was a little too flashy and hectic to be seens as inspirational and truly meaningful. Junior Kiana Woodward, on the other hand, loved the movie from start to finish. “I was happy that it warned children about environmental issues and the need to be eco-friendly,” she said. Woodward is this year’s Green Commissioner and, as expected, a huge proponent of the film. Though there are a few differences that made the story a bit more conventional, The Lorax, with its colorfully detailed 3-D animations, remains a children’s story that is delightful to see unfold.

it as monsters will continue to randomly spawn. In addition, the whole game now has a Pokemon-esque feel because monsters spawn randomly and can be tamed for use in the party. Outside of gameplay differences between FF XIII-2 and its predecessor, the story is massively changed as well. Many of the important characters from the prequel have been sidelined into mere cameo roles while the focus of the story revolves around Serah, Noel, and Lightning. This formula would’ve been incredibly successful if the game wasn’t connected to FF XIII, but instead leaves players wanting something more with the characters from the first game. In addition, the developers of FF XIII-2 listened to the fans’ hatred of the linearity of the prequel, but they seemed to have taken it too far. FF XIII-2 is so open that without the strategy guide or an online aid, players will often find themselves confused about where to go next. Another difficulty the developers added that requires guides is the Temporal Rifts, which are puzzles that are constantly introduced in the game. These puzzles force players to solve series of confusing, frustrating minigames that, more often than not, will involve some online cheating. The cutscenes in this game look even more dazzling than in its predecessor, but they also last quite a bit longer, which may appeal to some gamers and anger others. In many of the cities, the surroundings seem like photographs.

Read at Otter Books Vicki Xiao Editor-in-Chief

A swimmingly cool new bookstore, Otter Books, has recently popped up in downtown San Mateo. Located on Third Avenue where M is For Mystery used to reside, it is the kind of bookstore that Barnes and Noble wishes it could be. “I had this image of an otter on its back in the sea, reading a book, and I couldn’t get it out of my head,” said Steve Feldman, the owner and manager of Otter Books, explaining the bookstore’s name. The shelves are stocked with dense art books that cover the likes of Van Gogh, Picasso, and Miró; an extensive fiction section ranging from Les Misérables to the assorted stories of Arthur Conan Doyle; a mythology section that spans the globe; a children’s section filled with illustrated classics; and a collection of books on United States and European history. They are all reasonably priced. “They’re like children. I love them all the same,” laughed Mr. Feldman, when asked which section of his book-

Photo courtesy of

Vikash Morar

Photo courtesy of EAGAMES.COM

Fix the Paradoxes: The Future Lies With You

store was his favorite. He is, nevertheless, especially fond of the art, fiction, and children’s sections. Mr. Feldman tries to keep the children’s section stocked with books aimed for older children, instead of just books for toddlers and tots, and as a result the section contains the Harry Potter and the Inheritance series, as well as a handsome slim copy of Oscar Wilde’s short story The Star-Child. He also tries to keep the fiction section full of beautiful copies of the classics. Nevertheless, Otter Books is probably not the bookstore to get schoolbooks from; the books at Otter Books are too handsome to annotate or subject to the bang and hustle of a student’s everyday life. However, it should not be passed by anyone with a literary mind. The comfy leather armchairs invite passersby to come in and browse, and the books seem to carry a weight far beyond that imbued by physics alone. If you have an afternoon and a few bucks on hand, the cozy atmosphere of Otter Books is a great place to spend both. Otter Books is open from 11 am to 6 pm everyday and is located at 86 E. Third Avenue in San Mateo.


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Bella Mushrooms For a Belle Fille*

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Give ‘Green’ a Chance Kayla Rose

Delicious-looking Baby Bella Mushrooms

Anuja Argade Staff Writer

Springtime is a mecca for fresh, bouncy ingredients craftily executed into an artistic assortment of dishes. Such ingredients include asparagus, mushroom, baby potato, and peach. For a crunchy little treat, add butter and garlic into a pan and cook over medium-low until garlic begins to sweat. Toss in julienne-sliced asparagus chutes and cook until slightly tender. Lay out on a white platter and sprinkle with orange zest. Mushrooms can be an acquired taste, but they are downright irresistible when stuffed. Remove and roughly dice the stems from a pack of Baby Bella Mushrooms. Then in a pan with butter on medium heat, add prosciutto, chives, and the chopped mushroom. After 5 minutes, incorporate cream cheese, mustard, lemon juice, and a


dash of pepper. Stuff mushrooms and bake at 350 degrees for 20 minutes. The words “fried” and “potatoes” go hand-in-hand. Halve some baby potatoes and toss then in flour. Give them a roll in beaten egg, then coat in a mix of Panko crumbs and dried rosemary. Bake it for 450 degrees for 20-30 minutes. As per dip, stir together equal parts spicy mustard and mayonnaise, as well as a few slivers of onion leaves. Peaches are so succulent it’s no question they’re one of the most beloved fruits of the warmer months. Try out a peach salad by slicing peaches into fourths, roasting them on the grill, then cubing them into bitesize pieces. Toss into mixed greens along with pecans and a dressing of raspberry vinaigrette. Enjoy these seasonal recipes; they won’t last forever. *Beautiful girl, in French


Tommy Imperial

Staff Writer & Corner Guru

Feel It Around Washed Out

Midnight City M83

Heart Skipped A Beat The Xx

Rapunzel Drapht

Luv Sic pt. 2

Shin02 and Nujabes

Lick the Rainbow Mord Fustang

Something Good Can Work (Twelves Remix) Two Door Cinema Club

Someone That I Used to Know Goyte

Fathom Datsik

Photo Courtesy ofGoogle Images

This month’s by Jeremy Gofman


The book cover of The Fault in Our Stars is able to develop further than most teenage romances. Obvious things, like their cancer, makes their love limited, only in the sense that time is restricted. Even when things take a turn for the worse, hope is persistent. Green has a strong voice and accomplishes the daunting task of transporting a reader into the story. I was so deeply involved with the characters, reading this almost felt like a transcendental experience. John’s brilliantly clever humor makes the novel that much better. I’ve definitely found a new favorite author, and I encourage—no, demand you give John Green a chance. John Green breaks out of the cancer book stereotype and treats the teens like they still are conflicted adolescents. While his book isn’t a stereotypical cancer story, Green bluntly describes the cancer, instead

of glossing over the hardships cancer brings. Augustus and Hazel are already sharp, funny kids, but they deal with cancer in unique and intelligent ways. Of course this is not the case all the time. John Green doesn’t treat them like saints; they aren’t portrayed as angels who dealt wonderfully with their diseases. They are treated like authentic human beings who do their best to cope with death. This wonderful book has been on the New York Times Bestsellers List for children’s chapter books for seven weeks, which is no small feat. It has certainly changed me forever. I have never teared up—more like sobbed incessantly—from a book. John Green also has the rare ability to make me laugh throughout the book—even through the sobs, at times. He is immensely talented, and has quite the knack for storytelling.

Tommy’s Little Album Corner


Some Chords

“Sometimes, you read a book and it fills you with this weird evangelical zeal, and you become convinced that the shattered world will never be put back together unless and until all living humans read the book. And then there are books which you can’t tell people about, books so special and rare and yours that advertising your affection feels like a betrayal.” John Green, you wordsmith, you. You have just described my emotions towards your wonderfully delightful novel, The Fault in Our Stars. This book has changed my life for the better, as cliché as that sounds. Green effortlessly describes the story of two lovers, even though their circumstances suck. I don’t think you can comprehend how witty, moving, and emotionally draining this novel is until you’ve delved deep into it. The main character, seventeen year old Hazel Grace has thyroid cancer that has traveled and settled in her lungs. In a cancer support group, she meets the inherently charming Augustus Waters, who had osteosarcoma. Through the mutual love of a book, a beautiful relationship blooms. The book should have a label stating: WARNING: You may fall madly in love with a fictional character. John Green acknowledges the main characters are teenagers, but he doesn’t undermine their love by being condescending. In fact, one of their parents recognizes that their love isn’t just ‘puppy love.” Hazel’s and Gus’ love

Photo courtesy of

Photo courtesy of

Staff Writer

Port of Morrow - The Shins

Five years following their 2007 album, Wincing The Night Away, The Shins are poised to return to the indie-rock-pop spotlight as they should be. Distributed under Columbia Records for the first time, The Shins have also made some new changes to their music; though still retaining their sound of rock generated pop, frontman James Mercer assumes new control under self-owned label Aural Apothecary and the album, most notably “Simple Song,” is clearly packaged for a mass market more so than their previous material. The single’s video even resembles something out of Wes Anderson’s brain, which is high praise in my book. The beautiful thing about the The Shins is that even if some songs could resemble those of previous records, their appeal is undeniable in whatever they decide to do. Just as reliable as a friendly dog (in the most revering sense), one can always count on The Shins to deliver.

Break It Yourself - Andrew Bird

Described as the perfect molding of jazz, folk, and world music, Andrew Bird has inarguably had an impressive career of 15 years of constant churning out albums. Now that the whistling has fizzled just a bit, Break It Yourself focuses on a sort of acoustic narration of love and longing, loaded with all the whimsy and adventure as his past work but moving forward to more exciting territory. Bird does his absolute best when he steps outside of himself and experiments with more compelling and stomping music that isn’t something to be played in the background of a walking scene.

The Slideshow Effect - Memoryhouse

Taking a more organic route, Subpop group Memoryhouse released The Slideshow Effect late last month, and in unpredictably rainy days of Bay Area weather, it’s nice to rely on their dream-inducing waves of sonic distortion that makes one look forward to being gloomy. Described as being similar to Beach House, Memoryhouse’s first full record is meant to channel pictures and image stills of photography and cinema, a perfect backdrop to fill a film’s soundtrack. Their hard work is finally becoming more of a coherent composition. What was known as a “bedroom project” is now fully realized: and it’s a delight.

Love at the Bottom of the Sea - Magnetic Fields

Perhaps one of the weirdest releases of the year, synthpop group Magnetic Fields returns with this album, and all the humor, irony, and outlandish nonsense remains a priority in their lyricism and instrumentation. A smart move, each track is less than 3 minutes long, avoiding monotony that could drive listeners far away. However, what keeps them listening has always been their ridiculous approach to metaphoric “love.” In a blurred contrast to their most notable record, 69 Love Songs, their career peak in my opinion, their latest pushes their own boundaries to become that much more strange with “Andrew In Drag” and “Your Girlfriend’s Face.” Known as the terrifying version of Fleetwood Mac, the balance of male and female vocals as well as newer electronic synthesizers updates Magnetic Fields while also keeping the same quirk of yesteryear that just isn’t as present in music anymore.


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First Ever Mateo Olympics Held Jeremy Gofman Satff Writer

The gym floors shook as 1,500 students were packed in the gym in anticipation for the last sports rally of the year. Seniors prepared for the last rally of their high school careers, putting on their spirit caps, figuratively. All of the grades separated into four sections of the gym, the band played their hearts out, and Marcello Palazzo sat alongside Nick Weatherbee, the two serving as announcers for the rally, as the theme was “Mateo Olympics”. The rally kicked off with Ben Lim and Michael Torbati, clothed in togas, slow motion galloped in to the gym, bearing the flag and torch of the Spirit

Commissioners. Students and teachers, pinned against each other, took part in radical games, three-legged racing, crabwalking, and land swimming across the floor of the gym. “I prefer the rallies in the PAC because of the films, but I did enjoy the games and involvement of the audience,” said Richard Fong, a senior. Many people tend to agree that the beloved PAC rallies had their perks of well-produced entertainment and leg room. “I liked the PAC more because the people are really crowded and can barely stand up in the gym,” commented Johanna Fajardo, a senior.

Although the PAC is missed, seeing the teachers and students compete is a great part of the rallies in the gym, according to junior Andrew Qare. “The Spirit Commissioners seemed like they really gave it their all – which is what they should be doing. The band was awesome,” Andrew said. Having experienced PAC rallies briefly in the beginning of the year, before transferring quickly to the new type of rallies, Chad Gee, a freshman, felt that the gym rallies are much more interesting, but there isn’t as much room. I loved all the games! The rally concluded with the class screaming contest.

Mateo Artwork Featured in Shows Zach Lorenzini Staff Writer

It’s been a bustling couple months for Ms. Stock and student artists, as they’ve been preparing for art shows and contests coming up. Among the five student art shows, the two closest to home are the SMHS

Spring Art Show at the school library and the District Art School at the district offices. The twentieth annual San Mateo County high school artist hall of fame art competition’s theme is “Our California Landscape,” and any student can enter a piece into the competition

until May 1. The student exhibit in the Crocker Art Museum brings honor to our school. The student artists on display from San Mateo are Michelle Ragsac, Masa Kawakatsu, Vi Bautista, Faranak Keshmiri, Emma Phillips and Jessica Panrian.

Friday, March 23, 2012

Student A-Chee-ves Ava Gerami Staff Editor

San Mateo’s student Karen Chee has been awarded a spot in the Women’s Hall of Fame for her outstanding achievement in community service, according to the San Mateo Commission on the Status of Women, who inducted her into the Young Women of Excellence on March 22 at the South San Francisco Conference Center. “The Young Women of Excellence only gives awards to one or two people in the whole county each year,” explained Chee. This year, the award went to Chee for her generous donation to Samaritan House. “I did the San Mateo County Laugh-A-Thon,” a live comedy marathon with professional improvisers, said Chee. “And all the money I got there I donated to Samaritan House.” The Young Women of Excellence have recognized little over 200 women for their community service and academic achievements since it was founded in 1982. They seek to recognize those young women who strive to reach out to their community

and offer them assistance, which is why Chee was nominated. “I was initially really surprised because the person who nominated me was an advisor at StarVista,” said Karen. The person who nominated her is Seren Pendleton-Knoll, the advisor of the San Mateo County Youth Commission. Chee founded and organized the Laugh-A-Thon that got her this recognition to help raise money to donate to Samaritan House, with Aragon and Hillsdale High Schools’ improv teams performing each in one of the three shows. One of the performers was also from BATS Improv, a company in San Francisco. “I did it because I wanted to give back to my community,” Chee said. “I think laughter is extremely powerful and sadly underused.” They raised a total of $2,000. “I’m really honored and I feel lucky for being recognized,” she finished. “There are certainly a lot of people who deserve an award more than I do.” Congratulations to Karen Chee on her award.

Seniors Take Over San Mateo High If I Ruled the World... Photos By Diana Brewer

WORLD, from page 1

On the top left, seniors Catherine Yi and Michael Lee take over Mr. Tribuzi. On the top right, seniors Kelli Freshour and Annie Livingston takes over Ms. Rosenthal. On the bottom left, seniors Travis Russo and Brendan Pietro take over Mr. Teague. On the bottom right, Nick Wetherbee and Alex Glasson take over Ms. Kalinksi.

THE SAN MATEO HI ADVERTISE WITH US! Subscriptions: Due to increased postal costs, The HI, will be delivered digitally to subscribing families. Send your email addresses to hannah.poplack@ Letters to the Editor must include name, e-mail, and tutorial room number. They should be e-mailed to OR victoria.xiao@ ADS: Buy an ad to support our program which nurtures the free exchange of ideas on campus, promotes an intellectual climate, and fosters future journalists. Pay only $7.50 per column inch to reach over 1400 students and over 200 subscribing families. Requests for advertisements can be made by e-mailing hannah.

Other than the emotional scarring and probable physical damage, there are long term and negative consequences to sexual abuse, like teen pregnancy, or risks of getting an STD. The list of consequences for child abuse in general includes a psychological disorder for 80% of 21 year olds who have been abused. Child abuse isn’t limited to poor families; it exists at every socioeconomic level. Recently, Penn State’s assistant coach, Jerry Sandusky, had child rape files charged against him. To add to this outrageous behavior, coach Joe Paterno minimized a report of Sandusky raping a boy in the showers. He merely reported it to his superior and did not demand that Sandusky be denied access to the campus. According to childhelp, this symbolizes “athletic departments and lawmakers turning the other way.” Childhelp also helps incredible amounts of personal stories by children who have been neglected or abused. These intense and emotionally scarring events that some children have experienced are unacceptable, and should be stopped. One of the main problems is that children lack the voice and the connections to provide themselves with the strength to speak out for themselves. If every school had an advocate per

grade level, someone who the child could directly contact whenever they felt threatened or were abused, then we could stop the hopeless and fearful feeling children get. In every public place children frequent, like schools and libraries, there should be posters and cards listing the childhelp hotline number, in case of emergencies. Truthfully, there is not a simple way to put a stop to child abuse, but people in Kentucky are already trying. According to, the leading child advocacy group is attempting to stop child-abuse deaths. To begin, “the state released redacted documents about over 80 children who were killed from neglect and abuse in 2009 and 2010.” The fact that the summit brought attention to this issue is a wonderful step in the right direction, but much remains to be done. If you or your friends know any child who is being abused or neglected, please encourage them to call the National Child Abuse Hotline: 1800-4-A-Child. Child Abuse needs to stop before it hurts more children, students, and other minors. There are many organizations that raise awareness and funds for child abuse. Join an organization to help those in need and spread the awareness. Make a difference in the community by contributing to an organization that you are interested in.

Check out the Hi


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Track Runners Relentlessly Race to 2012 Victor y

Pictured left to right, sophomores Brian Zamora, Nick Pallas, Cairo Spencer, and Casey Haas fearlessly barrel down the track, dodging hurdles and beating the competition. Joey Wong

News Editor As spring comes around, one of the most popular sports is kicking off the 2012 season: track and field. The team is one of the largest in the past couple years; over 90 participating students are ready to dominate this upcoming season. Conditioning started earlier than usual, November, with extra preparation in the weight room and on the track, and the coaches are feeling

pretty confident this year. The team has increasing number of freshman additions that have great potential and returning athletes will strengthen the team as well. The co-captains for the team for the season will be Hanna Evenson, Kevin Gruber, Michael Beery, Masa Kawakatsu, and Vivian Chuang. All these bearcats have been on track before, and they all hope to pitch in a lot of their athletic abilities this season. The new season is underway, and our senior veterans see some promis-

ing potential in this year’s team. “I definitely think we have some really good people here. I think sprinters will do very well and our distance has some good potential,” Kevin Gruber, a senior co-captain, said as he chuckles, “He’s pretty damn fast.” The track team has been expanding, especially with more freshman joining, “It’s just fun, there’s a lot of people,” Masa Kawakatsu, a junior co-captain, added. More freshmen means more talent. More talent means more success. The influx of young

seasons. “Swimming isn’t a sport, it’s a lifestyle, and it is one of my favorite things to do” she said. Julia is one of the few freshmen that were able to get CCS time, and being a freshman on the Mateo swim team swimming in CCS shows great promise for the future. Many other members of the team, along with Julia, live their lives according to swimming. They eat only what it suitable for swimming, drinking only what will benefit them in the pool, and schedule around swimming. Swimming is not only a sport for them. It is what they do, and all they do for; it is their passion. The JV girls, Varsity girls and Varsity boys all won. Capuchino only defeated the JV boys’ team by a narrow margin. The second meet of the season took place at El Camino, but even in the pouring rain, their spirits were not dimmed. The cold rain did not bother

the bearcats in any way, and our relentless and hard-working bearcats ended the meet with a win for the JV girls and losses for the remaining teams. In order to achieve victory, at least for distance swimmers, working on endurance is really beneficial. As cardio is the key component of successfully winning a race. While short distance swimmers need to work on swimming more quickly with quicker bursts of energy, long distance swimmers need to work on their endurance in order to persevere as well. The next two meets will be at home so come out and support your San Mateo High Swimmers every Thursday at four. The swimmers need love in order to succeed in the pool.

athletes can only be beneficial to the team this year. “I think we have a lot of room for improvement because the team is larger this year, there’s so much new talent,” said Michael Beery, a junior co-captain. “I think we have new talent. It’s going to be a really fun season,” said Vivian Chuang, a sophomore co-captain.“We have a lot of talent, especially in the freshmen class and the veterans,” commented, Ed Riley, head and sprinting coach, commented “We’re in pretty good

shape right now.” “We have a very strong team and it’ll be a successful season. I have some really young long distance runners,” long distance coach, Roy Michon, said. There are high hopes in the new season for the track and field team. The team is ready to outrun and outgun anybody that comes in their way this season. Come out and support the team and fuel their engines as they aim for CCS.

Jeremy Gofman Ava Gerami Staff Writers

As the swim team arrived at Capuchino, they were greeted with friendly faces and encouraging smiles by the opposing Mustang team for their first meet. After the warm-ups ended and the swimmers began their meet, the skies were clear and the sun was shining. With half of the team tanning, the other swimming, the meet flew by as our agile and versatile bearcats glided and pounded across the pool. Ronald Chen, the star swimmer of the team, blew through his 500 freestyle trumping his opponents by a full 4 laps. Ronald, who is going to swim for Columbia, is one of the top swimmers in the Peninsula. Other notable swimmers include Julia Hansen, a freshman, who achieved her CCS time in the first meet of the

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Bearcat Swimmers Continue Racing with Ease

Sophomore Tom McCall and junior Dylan Babbs swim in the pool.

UPCOMING SWIM TEAM MEETS vs. westmoor At San Mateo

[4/26] vs. hillsdale At San Mateo

[4/12] vs. South san francisco At South San Francisco

[5/5] pal finals AT Westmore

[4/19] vs. jefferson At San Mateo

[5/11-5/12] pal meet At westmore



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Mateo Golfers Tee Off to An Undefeated Start

Ms. Dinges Famous For Basketball Rachael Wan Staff Writer

San Mateo High School’s Ms. Dinges has been recognized for her amazing athletic achievement throughout high school and college. She will be inducted to the Peninsula Sports Hall of Fame sometime during this year’s County Fair, scheduled June 5 through 17. Ms. Dinges was rewarded for having a phenomenal athletic career in her high school and college years. This year’s hall of fame induction will be the 22nd of its kind, since its creation in 1898. In high school Ms. Dinges was a star athlete on Hillsdale High School’s basketball team. She set the record for the most three-pointers scored in one basketball game—ten. “She was a phenomenol, impressive scoring matchine,” said our Athletic Director, Mr. Scheller. Ms. Dinges held that high record for many years until Grace Ujihara, a student on the SMHS basketball team Ms. Dinges coached, beat it last year with

Jonathan Mou Sports Editor

Mateo golf brings one and only one thing – it’s greatness. The bearcats have started off the season with an undefeated 4-0 record as of March 18. The team has more seniors than other players this year, with four seniors, two juniors, one sophomore, and two freshmen. The seniors have stepped up their game this year, as they have all been shooting lower scores and are leading the team with their excellent records. The seniors help everybody on the team both on and off the field, and the departure of them will only toughen up the squad for the coming years. Michael Asuncion, junior, has been a dedicated bearcat golfer ever since his freshman year. Michael is a committed and talented golfer, especially when it comes to dressing up. Expect to see Michael on game days sporting some exquisite khakis and a classy top, or perhaps a shirt and tie with some dress pants as well. “My goal this season is to improve on my short-range game, as well as hitting stronger drives,” said Michael. Besides the more sophisticated style the golfers have this year, Michael also says that the team is still pretty much the same – small and talented. “We have been playing pretty consistently so far. As coach said, we just need to play more logically. We need to play more ‘bogey golf’.” said Michael. Michael continues to contirbute to the team by shooting excellent scores, and he works hard every day. The team is in the Ocean division this year, which is the middle division in the Peninsula Athletic League. Being one of the many sports teams at Mateo that is placed in the Ocean division, our golfers take pride in their achievements, especially the outstanding 4-0 record they have reached so far. Mr. Ikeda, our beloved biotechnology teacher and the golf coach, has ambi-

tious goals for the team this year. “Our goals this year are to win league and qualify for CCS, as a whole,” said Coach Ikeda. For golf, only individual players qualify for CCS, not a team as a whole, unless everybody on the team plays well enough to qualify, which is what Coach Ikeda hopes for. “The whole team enjoys playing the game of golf. They don’t only enjoy playing it competitively, but they enjoy playing it recreationally as well,” explained Coach Ikeda. “This year I have more seniors than other players. I have coached these seniors for three to four years each, and I think they are more experienced compared to the players on other teams,” said Coach Ikeda. Robert Weathers, another junior, has also dedicated three years to Mateo golf, much like Mike. “I think we are playing really well. We haven’t lost a single game yet, and if we keep this up, then I believe that all of us will be able to make CCS,” said Robert. Robert sees the senior veterans “stepping it up this year with higher scores than before,” and also noticed that “they keep the spirits of the team up.” Although Robert is an excellent golfer, he said that he needs to work on some weaknesses as well. “This year, I want to work on bringing down my score,” explained Robert. “I have pretty good short range game, and I’m good at getting to the green as well,” said Robert. Robert has goals similar to Coach Ikeda’s, and that is to “get everyone into the PAL and CCS playoffs.” Hopefully, this goal with be achieved, and it is very possible, given the amount of exceptionally talented golfers we have. The golf team is doing extremely well so far. Even though you can’t support the team by going to their matches since they do not allow spectators, you can still support the players at school by giving them encouraging pats on their backs at school.

Jonathan Mou Sports Editor

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BBCOR certified bats are the only bats that are allowed.

Pitchers ice their arm and shoulder after every game they

eleven three-pointers in one game. Ten three-pointers shot in one game is incredibly difficult. That means that Ms. Dinges scored a minimum of

“She was a phenomenal, impressive scoring machine.” —Mr. Scheller thirty points in one game. Mr. Scheller, estimated. “If I was lucky, I could maybe shoot three, without people in front of me,” he said. Ms. Dinges went to Hillsdale and was a shooting guard on the varsity team for the Knights for all four years she attended the school. She then went on to play college basketball at the

University of the Pacific. Ten people will be inducted into the Hall of Fame this year, one of them being Jim Harbaugh, the head coach of the 49er’s football team, who led the team to a record in his first year as an NFL head coach. At the celebration, the inductees will be presented with a plaque and dinner. Tickets for the event will be sold in the spring to the public at eighty dollars apiece. The ceremony is sponsored by the San Mateo County/Silicon Valley Convention and Visitors Bureau and the San Francisco Examiner. Joining Ms. Dinges and Jim Harbaugh in the Hall of Fame will be Chuck Bradley from Menlo-Atherton High School, Charles Lowery from Ravenswood High School, Katie May from Burlingame High School, Edwin Mulitalo from Jefferson High School, Paul Noce from Sequoia High School, Mark Reischling from Hillsdale High School, Erica Reynolds from Capuchino High School, and Warren Smith from Hoitt School.



Players wear metal spikes because it is easier to run in the dirt and grass in them

Pitchers work out with special arm exercise bands everyday to


Each game has seven innings.


Your uniform better be dirty by the end of the game.


Sunflower seeds and bubble gum are the snacks to have during a game.


Nine of ten players play at one time for each team.

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8 things Senior golfer Harry Su uses perfect form to skillfully swing his club.

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Baseball players Nate Erlick, Robert Murphy, and Manny Jois in action.

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