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Friday, January 27, 2012

Lady Bearcats Dominating

Winter Formal Finally

Jonathan Mou Sports Editor

Winter formal has come to San Mateo! On February 11, from 7-10 pm, San Mateo’s Senior Class Council will host San Mateo’s first Winter Formal dance. The dance will be held in the San Mateo Small Gym and the attire is formal. Winter formal is a brand new event for San Mateo. The school allows only two off campus dances per year, so in the past San Mateo has not hosted a winter formal in order to accommodate GRID and Prom. For this reason, the event will be held in the

There should be only one word that comes to your mind when you hear about Mateo’s lady bearcat basketball team. That word should be victory. Our ladies are off to a stellar 12-5 start this season, with a league record of 3-1, just behind Terra Nova. Grayce Ujihara led the team last year to a 6-4 regame cord and established herself one of the best players in the Peninsula. This year, players Alana Simon and Jane Hafoka have proved that Mateo is still a strong team, even without Grayce. The girls have not been able to earn more than six league wins since the 2007-2008 season, but it will be different this year. After winning the Del Mar Holiday Tournament at Del Mar High School, the girl’s confidence is high and mighty. The girls were on a 7-game winning streak until a loss against Terra Nova, but quickly regained energy as they beat Half Moon Bay 54-49 at home. On top of winning the tournament, the girls have also reached great milestones in the pre-season. The team was able to beat Pinewood, Menlo, and Sacred Heart Prep, all teams that the ladies lost to last year. Jane Hafoka, senior center, is pleased with the accomplishments the team has achieved. Jane is a crucial player, averaging a doubledouble of 12.3 points and 12.1 rebounds per game. “We’re doing really good so far,” said Jane. The girls have been holding seven teams to under forty-points so far, achieving their goals of focusing on defense this year. “I want us to be consistent during the whole game. Usually, we only play well during the second half. I want to change that,” explained Jane. Communication, however, is something that the girls are continuing to improve. “We need to talk on the court more if we want to be more successful,” said Jane. The athleticism the girls have this year is the main advantage that they utilize. Being a “run and gun team”, the girls are able to quickly outrun opponents and score within a matter of seconds. On top of that, size is also an obvious advantage that the ladies use to their potential. Basically, the team is big, fast, and deadly. Alana Simon, junior point guard/shooting guard, is also happy with the progress the team has made over the pre season. “I wanted us to go out and win our games, and we have been able to do that,” said Alana. Alana is averaging around 24 points per game and is the team’s leading scorer. Read more about Alana Simon in her profile on page 12. Coach Dinges says the team has a lot of confidence. “Every team I have coached I’ve had a lot of confidence in,” she told the San Francisco Examiner in a story by Zack Farmer that was published Jan. 11. Last year the team finished third, behind Mills and Terra Nova. But this year, San Mateo is the team to beat. “I think at this point, people are looking at us,” Coach Dinges said. The girls will need love from the crowd if they want to keep winning. Come see them play at Burlingame tonight at 6 p.m., or at Mills at 6 on Tuesday.

Alana Simon Point Guard

Averaging 24 pts per

Photo by Travis magro


photos by matt erlick

“It’s a Wonderful World – Louis Armstrong.” Avi Kumar , Class of 2015

“A Thousand Miles - Vanessa Carlton.” David Feng, Class of 2014

Hannah Poplack Business Manager

small gym. “Come see a completely different gym! Our theme is “Come Fly With Us,” its going to be a really great night!” said senior class council member Juan Afanador. Tickets go on sale January 30 for $20 and will sell until February 10, or until they are gone. “Tickets are on first come, first serve basis. If you want a ticket, buy it early. Don’t wait until the last minute. We can’t guarantee that everyone will get a ticket, so if you’re worried about getting a ticket, buy it early,” said

See FORMAL, page 10

Dancing with T-ara Stars Tiffany Fujii Staff Writer

Bearcats Jisoo Choi and Ben Lim will perform with one of the top Korean girl groups, T-ara, as back-up dancers. The concert will be on April 22, at the Bill Graham Civil Auditorium in San Francisco. T-ara is a seven-member girl group in South Korea, best known for their hit single ‘Bo Beep Bo Beep.’ They made their Japanese debut in 2011, and have been successful since the Japanese audience really loved that the songs were translated into Japanese for them. Jisoo started small, but his dancing career soared in a rush to the spotlight.

If I Ruled the World...

“I was a guest dancer at SF K-Pop Contest 2011, which was in Palo Alto,” Jisoo said. “After the performance I was offered three different gigs, one of them being the leader of the backup dancers for the T-ara concert, meaning having to learn, teach and perfect the songs,” said Jisoo. As a K-pop fan in America, K-pop happenings always catch his eye. It is one of his most favored activites. “I was interested because T-ara is one of the top girl groups in Korea, and their popularity is growing rapidly right now,” Jisoo said. “I didn’t want to miss an opportunity

See CONCERT, page 10

Zach Lorenzini Staff Writer

If I ruled the world, I would reform today’s education system. Children are tired of hearing the same thing every day and being ridiculed for losing interest-- and how can you blame them? They’re being brought up in a system that teaches everything in black and white, and kids are getting the wrong interpretation of the world. Today’s education system is deteriorating the youth grade by grade. Not only are students expected to interpret, retain and understand extensive


Girls Varsity Basketball Ahead in League with 12-5

See WORLD, page 10

What is the theme song of your life?

“My Love Will Go On – Celine Dion” Justin Petrola , Class of 2013

“Take Care – Drake & Rihanna.” Jessica Hernandez , Class of 2012

“Hope Now – Addison Road.” Ms. Woolfolk , Staff


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Friday, January 27, 2012

Teens Shoot Each Other Vikash Morar


Editor in Chief

cartoon by karen chee

Call of Duty, Battlefield, Gears of War, Halo, Left for Dead, Medal of Honor, Homefront: all of these are first person shooter video games that have found extreme success since their release. These are full of violence, gore, and murder, so the question is, why are they so popular? Some people like first person shooters because they allow you to enter the world of the soldier and see what it’s like to make split-second decisions that could be the difference between life and death. “I like being able to judge situations and deciding when to shoot people,” says junior Justin Finley. Many others along with Justin like being able to play as a soldier and determine what option is ultimately going to be the best. People tend to enjoy feeling like a part of the action. “I enjoy the thrill of feeling like a soldier on the battlefield,” says senior Chinmay Damle. Seeing what a true soldier sees in the middle of a warzone is intense and causes people to have to think like a soldier without being in any real danger. Others like the game because it gives them a challenge with a certain level of unpredictability in terms of the opposition. “You’ll play with people who are better than you and who you are better than, and it’s a challenge,” says senior Jason Pallas. Many students play first person

shooters to let out pent up aggression that built up during school. “I like how I can let out aggression by killing people without hurting anyone in real life,” says junior Michelle Ragsac. Many people who are stressed out in their daily lives tend to turn to first person shooters to vent out their rage by harmlessly killing people in the game. In addition, some students use first person shooters as a way of enjoying the free time that they have. “It’s a fun way to spend my spare time,” junior Jonathan Mou says. Some people make first person shooters a hobby and they play it so they can make the most out of their free time and have fun. Some students play first person shooters to have fun and compete with their friends online. “I like being able to play with my friends whenever I want to,” says sophomore Alex Chen. Many people like first person shooters because it gives them an opportunity to play with their friends all the time. In addition, being able to work together with a friend to accomplish an objective in a first person shooter, or just to compete for a better score, is a very enjoyable task. Many people like the competition when they play against their friends online. “I like to play against my friends and shoot them without hurting them in real life,” says junior Ian Isaacs. If any of these reasons sound appealing to you, you can go and try out a first person shooter yourself.

SOPA and PIPA: Violating or Protecting The 1st Amendment? Pro:

Cristina Dressel Staff Writer

If you’ve been on the internet lately, chances are you’ve become at least somewhat aware of SOPA, a piece of legislation introduced by Texas Representative Lamar S. Smith aimed at stopping piracy on the internet. Proponents of the bill say it protects intellectual property while opponents claim it is an infringement on freedom of speech. The idea of censoring the internet in any way drives people crazy, especially when Wikipedia and Tumblr threaten to shut down in protest. Every teenager knows that getting free information on the internet is extremely easy. Pirated movies are literally a click away. Entire iPods are filled with stolen music. Recognizing the lack of enforcement, Representative Smith saw a problem, and proposed a solution. The bill would bar advertising networks from conducting business with websites with such copyrighted intellectual property and have internet providers block sites promoting or hosting pirated goods.

One of the main problems with this piece of legislation is that entire web domains could be blocked for a single copyrighted material posted on a minor webpage or blog post. Entire sites like Tumblr could be shut down because of one link to a pirated movie on someone’s personal account. Opponents have come up with Online Protection and Enforcement of Digital Trade Act (OPEN). Reacting to the largest internet protest in history(with over 7,000 websites shutting down), Smith announced that the House Judiciary Committee would postpone plans to draft the bill until they find a less controversial solution. The fact still remains that watching/hosting/sharing pirated content is illegal. Though the government is incredibly ineffective in enforcing this, they have realized that it’s a prominent issue and have shut down Megaupload, a notorious site for pirated goods. Even though SOPA went “too far” in the public’s eye,


The Voice Of San Mateo High Founded in 1922

Vikash Morar Editors-in-Chief Victoria Xiao Copy Editors Tommy Imperial Cristina Dressel Shan Zaidi P.C. Fergusson Advisor

Joey Wong News Editor Talia Gurevich Opinion Editor Jean Fan Features Editor

Fabiola Prieto Esquina Latina Editor Jonathon Mou Sports Editor Karen Chee Arts and Entertainment Editor Jonathan Slowey Web Editor


Talia Gurevich Opinion Editor

Facebook, Twitter, and Tumblr are all being restricted. Photo By tiffany fujii

the government’s goals were not evil or tyrannical in nature. But not to fear. Wikipedia is here (to stay). Staff Writers Tiffany Fujii Anuja Argade Jeremy Gofman Ava Gerami Rachael Wan Connie Hsieh Ian Thompson

Kayla Rose Zach Lorenzini Andrea Caceres

Business Manager Hannah Poplack Photo Editor Diana Brewer

SOPA and PIPA. Don’t they sound like the names of two female characters from a ditzy, educational, kid’s TV show? If only they were, then this nation wouldn’t have been up in arms about these two bills: Stop Online Piracy Act (SOPA) and Protect IP Act (PIPA) which were up for vote in Congress on January 24. These two bills became infamous as the general public decided to support them or protest against them. SOPA and PIPA were controversial because they threatened to censor our beloved Internet, an outlet that many exercise the first amendment with. They would censor huge websites that we all use: Google, Tumblr, Wikipedia and many more. But not only would these two bills affect the web, they would also affect us and our ability to express ourselves. People use the web for many purposes, to catch up on missed news, to watch favorite TV shows, to stay

in touch with old friends. But it has become much more than that. Society depends on it today to give them freedom that they don’t receive otherwise. This would have been a step in the wrong direction for our government. In our current economic climate, restricting the web would endanger already existing and thriving jobs in this market, thousands of people’s incomes. This decision could have the impact to negatively effect our economy. So what’s the true purpose behind SOPA and PIPA? Well, since the majority of the Internet is unrestricted, people take advantage. There have been issues with piracy in recent years, and in order to combat this important issue, what Congress should do instead is target the piracy websites themselves, not restrict everything else. These acts didn’t pass, but there could be more like them in the future. The Internet is truly the last vestige of unrestricted communication, and only governments with something to hide would be afraid of it.


Friday, January 27, 2012

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Cowardly Captain Capsizes Cruiseline Eat Vegetables, Not Fat Joey Wong News Editor

Much like the iconic image of the Titanic capsizing in the Atlantic Ocean, the Costa Concordia cruise liner ran off the coast of Tuscany, Italy, on January 13, leaving 11 dead and 24 missing. The ongoing drama of this tragedy lies with the captain of this luxury cruise line, Francesco Schettino, who is currently under house arrest for sailing too close to a rocky shore and abandoning the ship before everyone had evacuated the cruise safely, according to Yahoo News. And he violated one of the most well known rules of being a captain: a captain always goes down with his ship. This violation of abandoning the cruise ship has him facing a minimum of 12 years. Global criticism has erupted over the captain’s lack of duty and leadership. Schettino violated the captain’s code of remaining on the cruise ship until every passenger has evacuated the scene. Schettino told a different story; he said he tripped and fell into

the lifeboat and therefore left the cruise ship, according to the Washington Post. The investigation is still under way, but for now, evidence of a coast guard’s conversation with the captain on shore as the cruise ship was sinking has implicted the captain’s guilt. I didn’t buy the captain’s story of ‘I fell and tripped into a lifeboat.’ That would have been a miracle, and if it really did happen, where were his scratches or bruises from the fall? It makes no sense. However, regardless of his cowardly abandonment of the cruise ship, I do not believe that he deserves such scathing criticism. Most critics are hypocrites because if they were placed in the captain’s shoes during the cruise ship’s sinking, most of them would have done the same. It is a natural human instinct to run away from danger and survive; very few would remain as the waters begin to swallow up the cruise ship. If I were in the captain’s shoes at

that Titanic moment, I would assure you I would experience at least a mini heart attack. As I picture myself in that situation, I really cannot choose to leave or stay, torn between life and death. All these thoughts would be exploding in my mind: so much I haven’t experienced, so many days to live, so many lives at risk, so much I could do and sacrifice. Would I decide to stay in the end? I have never criticized the captain because I don’t know if I would have stayed if I were in his shoes. He is human, not a superhero; you can’t expect all humans to risk and sacrifice their lives for the greater good. To all the hypocrites out there, don’t condemn him of his actions because most of you would have done the same. Condemn him for his lies instead. And if you are one of those who would commit to staying and be the ultimate hero, I applaud you, because that is one brave, bold, and dedicated decision, the mark of a true captain.

Single-Sex Schools Breed Stereotypes Andrea Caceres Staff Writer

this attitude towards their employer or colleague. Obviously, a female boss would find it offensive if their employee acted superior over her as much as a male boss would for his female employee. So, parents should be

Photo courtesy of

reotypical monsters; the school is basically breeding these students to Certain schools today use a child’s feel superior to the other gender, who gender as a tool for segregation. By feel the same way about them. This determining one’s eligibility to attend process can very well create competithe school, they are also determining tion between both genders. Women the child’s future. Founders of an have had a hard time trying organization, American to establish themselves Council for CoEducainto the political world tional Shooling, have and have had a hard time argued that by segregatbeing accepted. But how ing a child from the oppodoes teaching them to site gender, they are not feel superior to men help in fact improving their their situation? Women education but destroying are not better than men their social skills. but equal to them. So, Also, segregation does why not equalize the influence the student to school system and banish become more stereotypisingle-sex schools? cal. Because parents have The school adminisplaced their child in an tration is the root of this environment where the problem. Because school student only sees their staff are encouraging this own gender while learnsystem and are authority ing and working together, figures, what the school adstudents are predisposed ministration does and says Male and female genders are seperated. to think their gender is determines the way students feel, superior to the opposite gender. cautious about what they are teaching think, and view others. What matters If a parent is concerned for their their children and the environment most about a school is the way the child’s education, then they shouldn’t they are putting them in. students interact with one another, be worried whether or not their child Past researchers have claimed that and single-sex schools prove that is attending a single or multi-gender putting a male student in a singlethey are not worthy of teaching them school but should be worried about gender school can make them more to work together in a genuine way. how the child is developing their aggressive. If you think about it, The school administration’s motive social skills, which affects their life, many male students find it hard to for creating single-sex schools may their future, and their education. By compete with tougher bullies; being have been to separate students from growing up with this distorted view, surrounded by many of them creharming situations and dangerous a child may encounter difficulties ates a tendency to act tougher and environments that can have negative finding a good job, thus find it difficult aggressively to protect themselves, results in the student’s education. to make their way into the world. If especially if the school faculty has But students are instead placed in a children grow up with an attitude the same view about single-sex different dangerous situation, where where they find themselves superior education as the school in general. their social skills become stunted to the opposite sex, they will have a This education system creates stethroughout their lives. hard time finding a job if they show

Jean Fan Features Editor

Why is it so difficult to get some decent food sold at San Mateo High?

say that it is ‘difficult’ to break out of our contract with the lunch providers, which should matter more? Yes, the logistics of switching to healthier lunch providers might be hard.

F o r years, w e ’ v e been stuck No, in a conthat tract with does not our current justify us lunch providers. feeding tomorLast year, after years row’s leaders with of selling dry sandlard, meat, and beans. wiches and meat-heavy By selling bread and salads, our school finally meat lunch items (with introduced some “ethnic” an occasional dry piece foods to the menu—Chiof lettuce), we are preparnese dumplings and Italian ing this generation for spaghetti. Never mind that a lifetime of unhealthy these dishes are also dry choices— we are encourand meat heavy: where are aging them to lead a “taste the vegetables? trumps all” lifestyle, one If “what you eat is what that will set us up for no you are,” then the people less than a country with who buy lunch at school an ever-rising diabetes must be full of junk. rate and horrific childWith the wealth of knowlhood obesity. edge Americans now have And this is the Ameriabout a healthy diet—in Photo By Tiffany fUJII can dream? Why exactly do particular that fruits and vegetables people admire us? Even if we are the should be the main part of a meal, not wealthiest nation in the world, none meat or carbohydrates— you would of that matters if half our population think that we would be proponents suffers from obesity and at risk of sudof a healthier diet. Though the school denly keeling over and dying. board has imposed stringent measures But this isn’t just a problem that on sugar, they haven’t eliminated the affects our schools. To encourage real problem. students to eat more vegetables, we Carbohydrate heavy food is nuneed to start at the source: parents. trient poor. And you only need so This isn’t just a lunch menu problem. many servings of meat to fulfill your This isn’t just a school problem. This protein requirement, less so if you eat is everyone’s problem. tofu. We shouldn’t focus on what we It’s not enough to encourage healthy can’t eat; we should focus on what eating at school, given that sudents we should be eating. Fresh fruits and are only at school for eight hours a vegetables would not only look and day, at most. taste more appealing; they would Everyone in this whole nation should also be more in line with modern-day start thinking about the food their nutritional values. children are eating, how good or bad Besides, kids learn so much more it is. They need to start worrying about than just the insides of textbooks at the deteriorating condition of their school. We learn common courtesy. children’s health. We learn how to socialize. We learn the “right” way to feed ourselves. some

Take Me To The 70’s Ava Gerami Staff Writer

My whole life I’ve wanted to live in the ‘70’s. Listening to my dad’s stories about the political protests, the music, the rebellion of it all, I can’t remember a time when that wasn’t all I thought about. And then I realized, I’m not the only one. Most people I know want to be part of another generation. Whether it’s your fascination with knights in shining armor or the roaring 20’s, everyone can imagine a better life for himself or herself in another lifetime. It’s so tempting to get away from your painful reality to another age that seems gilded and beautiful. It verges on romanticism at times, the quiet beauty of a letter instead of a phone call, the human factor of talking in person instead of texting all your thoughts. Technology has altered our society, and some people are left craving the personal connection we once had. It has now become okay for a relationship, the most personal form of con-

nection we have, to be ended via text. And that is the root of our desire to be in a different age, this time moves too fast. We’re always in a rush to do something else. So when I saw Midnight In Paris, I felt like the movie voiced my apprehension. The whole concept of the movie completely shifted my paradigm about wanting to be in a different generation. I came to the realization that no generation is as great as it looks on the surface. All of them have problems, just in different ways. When I think of the 70’s, I don’t think of all the downsides: the racism, the war, the general narrow-mindedness. “For me it’d be the 60’s because I feel like the music and culture as well as everyday style in clothing and cars was at it’s best then” said Tommy Imperial, Junior. There is no perfect age, there is no one time when everything was great and there were no problems. But don’t you wish you were a princess in the medieval age and not running to your next class?


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Friday, January 27, 2012

Jean Fan Features Editor You know it’s Chinese New Year’s when the the house starts smelling of dumplings and parents start putting up red decorations all over the house. For most Chinese people, the lunar new year is one of their most cultural times of the year. Since most people get caught up in the rush of daily activities and chores and lose a sense of cultural identity, this holiday serves as a yearly reminder of who we are. It reminds us of our roots, where we came from, what we stand for. But most of all, it reminds us that “Oh! It’s time for red pockets.” Money, by far, is the most highly anticipated part of the holiday season. For Chinese people, Christmas comes when the lunar new year arrives. Though the cuisine and dress are very different during the lunar new year when compared with the Gregorian new year, the preparations are similar: “Clean your room,” your mother will say. “Everything needs to be spick and span to usher in the new year.” Then she’ll throw your brightest, ugliest piece of red clothing at you. Red


Welcome to the Year of the Dragon!

2012, or 4710 in the lunar year calendar, is the long-awaited year of the dragon for Chinese people who celebrate the beginning of a lunar new year January 23.

is believed to be a color representing luck, fortune, happiness. By wearing it, you guarentee (not really) that you will have the best year possible in the coming year.

Then there’s the food. Parents toil away making homemade dumplings, plates and plates of fish, and a variety of other dishes that a family of four wouldn’t be able to finish in a week.

You sit down at the dinner table and reach for the chopsticks, and the food is halfway to your mouth when your mother snaps the food away. “What do you think you’re doing!” she’ll say.

“Don’t you know it’s rude to begin dinner before everyone else sits down at the table?” You’ll look at her in a state of mild disbelief. In no other time of the year are Chinese mothers as fiercely traditional as they are in the season of Chinese New Years. In the generation before us, Chinese New Year’s was similar to Halloween: families would visit houses of neighbors and family friends, going from house to house and wishing them a happy new year, then asking, not for candy, but for money with the traditional phrase of “Gong Hay Fat Choi.” After dinner, the family will sit down to watch the annual broadcasting of Chinese New Year’s television: the one time in many Chinese families that children are encouraged to watch TV. Overall, Chinese New Years is a holiday that both reminds us how out of touch we are with our heritage and how much we need to re-embrace old traditions and creat our new ones. It’s a time of year for family, for friends, for yourself. But most of all, it’s a time of year for students to get red pockets of money.

Megaupload: Did the U.S. act illegally?

By the Numbers


Jean Fan Features Editor

Is the battle against online piracy finally over? Many hoped so, with last week’s defeat of the SOPA and PIPA bills bringing hope to the online community. But the government (and common sense), tells us that this war isn’t over yet. Even though the bills are being sent to be rewritten and edited, the government isn’t going to stop cracking down on websites that violate copy right laws. In fact, because of the bills and the ensuing protests, illegal file sharing has become a hot topic to every person who uses the internet. Already the effects of the crackdown on illegal file sharing has begun with the shutdown of Megaupload, a site that allows for the uploading and downloading of

websites that participated in the blackout number of wordpress sites completely blacked out in protest of the bill

people who saw the Wikipedia blackout

Numerous websites blacked out their homepages in protest to the SOPA and PIPA bills, effectively killing congressional support for them.

Ava Gerami Staff Writer

75,000 25,000 162 million 4.5million 35,000 2.4 million

music, movies, and all sorts of other files. Not only was the site shut down, the founders have all been arrested for their involvement in the websites. Kim Dotcom, the founder, as had all his accounts frozen and is currently awaiting his sentence. Unfortunately, with the shutdown of all of MegaUpload’s servers, people have lost many of their legitimate files. This has angered many people who used Megaupload as an online storage site. Megaupload isn’t only in the USA; in fact, it’s not even based in the USA: it’s based in Hong Kong. The only reason the FBI had the right to shut it down was because it had a few servers in the United Sates. The worst part? We weren’t even the ones that were using it the most; France was.

Spain coud not be less thrilled about this shutdown, as it violates their privacy laws. If the FBI starts to access the information uploaded on MegaUpload, it is quite possible that the Spanish could begin to sue, causing an international incident. Most angry of all is the hacker organization, Anonymous. Taking this takedown to heart, they have attacked multiple government websites. They are starting a full-fledged attack, using all the forces they can get. Anonymous has got companies holding themselves for dear life as the ever-impending threat of a hack looms. How will the government and the online community strike a deal about the rules outlined in the PIPA and SOPA bills? There’s a fine line between violating a person’s first amendment rights and really eliminating online piracy.

people who saw signed Google’s anti-SOPA petition people who sent letters to their senators

number of tweets by people about SOPA

10 million 25 1

people who signed petitions protesting SOPA & PIPA

number of senators opposed to the acts post-blackout

new alternative bill, introduced by a SOPA critic


SOPA and PIPA are done with.

But this isn’t the last we’ve seen of anti-piracy bills. What will come next? fACTS COURTESy of and DAMNLOL.COM


Friday, January 27, 2012

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Are you good at making things up? Ms. Mitchell Returns Vikash Morar Editor-in-chief


Ms. Mitchell, previously Ms. Stanley, San Mateo’s beloved Spanish teacher, has returned from her semester-long hiatus, and she has brought good news with her. Ms. Mitchell had a baby boy, whom she named Thomas Cooper Mitchell, on June 24, 2011. The baby was actually two weeks late, but he was born completely healthy and Ms. Mitchell was overjoyed to be a mom. Since the baby was named Thomas Cooper Mitchell, Ms. Mitchell decided to change her last name to match the baby’s name, so she is no longer Ms. Stanley. However, while she was gone, Ms. Mitchell didn’t simply forget about

Members of the improv team make funny faces for a team photo in a typically improvised style.

Kayla Rose Staff Writer Do you love to challenge your brain by fabricating routines and songs on the spot? If so, you can join the improv club, which was started by junior Karen Chee. She not only created the improv club, but the improv team as well, which focuses on performances and requires an audition. “Improv is fun because it’s not like any other form of performing; there is no rehearsal or script involved, you just say the first thing that comes to

mind, and scenes usually turn out completely ridiculously, but that’s the fun of it,” said junior Jenn McDonough. “You get to watch how ideas just flow into the minds of the actors,” said sophomore Meena Shayesteh. “It’s not scary to perform because you can’t make a mistake in improv. If you stumble on a word or think that something isn’t right, it doesn’t matter because no one knows but you.” “Improv can be nerve-racking,” said junior Amin Nilchan. “You learn that your audience wants you to do well.” This is key when you have a massive case of stage fright.

Karen started the team after realizing her “crazy passionate love” for improv. “It’s a place where mistakes are totally welcome, and it’s completely okay to fail,” she said. “We play a lot of games that are focused on different aspects of improv, like scene work and characters and quirks/accents/etc. For more information about the improv club team, come to club meetings every other Wednesday in the PAW to join the improv club or audition for the improv team at the beginning of next year.

Support Bearcat Guitarist Soundcloud musician Thomas McCall is one of our very own talented bearcats. “My dad played the guitar, and he’s the one who got me interested in learning how.” Thomas picked up the guitar in the fourth grade; today, he has now been playing for over six years. Thomas trained his fingers playing both the electric, and acoustic guitar for years before deciding that playing the acoustic was more to his tastes. As he kept playing, Thomas started giving more of his time to playing the guitar. “Playing the guitar isn’t just something that I do when I’m bored of everything else.” It had changed from something to do on the side, to something that Thomas seeks out all the time. Thomas prefers to play a style referred to as singer/songwriter, in which a person playing an instrument

“Guitar isn’t just something that I do when I’m bored of everything else” ­ —Thomas on their own accompanies themselves with their own voice. “Don Ross and Tommy Emmanuel are both worth listening to,” Thomas said, when asked about his tastes in music. Some musicians aren’t comfortable playing for other people, and there isn’t anything inherently wrong with

Thomas McCall, sophomore, is a talented guitarist while he’s not a student at San Mateo High.

wanting to keep your music, an expression of yourself, to yourself. But Thomas isn’t one of those musicians. “I post some of what I play on soundcloud, so other people can find what I play if they want.” Thomas was happy to share the web address. “It’s” His reason for placing his music in a place where anyone can find is it. Having a digital copy of something you play is a good way for a musician to examine how they might sound to

San Mateo High School. “The thing I missed the most about San Mateo was the energy of all the students here,” she said. Luckily, when Ms. Mitchell came back, she resumed her old post as a loved Spanish teacher. Her students rejoiced when they heard she was

“She was one of my best teachers ever.” —Anuja Argade said junior Anuja Argade. Anuja isn’t the only student glad Ms. Mitchell is back. “Her class was really fun and interesting,” said sophomore Leslie Chan. Ms. Mitchell is happier than ever to be back and she says she loves being able to teach all of her dramatic, fun students. As a teacher, one of her favorite parts of teaching is getting to know all of the different students, and making breakthroughs with students who might have previously struggled in the class. “She was really enthusiastic and passionate about Spanish culture and her enthusiasm spread into all of her students last year,” said junior Rebecca Tien. And everyone knows that a teacher’s enthusiasm can make or break a class. “Teaching isn’t something where I have to just stare at the clock and wait,” said Ms. Mitchell. “My students are so fun, they make the time pass by so fast. I love my job!” said Ms. Mitchell.

English Language Learners Struggle to Participate PHOTO BY DIANA BREWER

Ian Thompson Staff Writer

“Thing thing I missed the most was the energy of all the students here.” ­ —Ms. Mitchell

coming back. She’s known to be a hard but fair teacher. “I’m happy Ms. Mitchell is back, she was one of my best teachers last year,”

themselves, and as nice as it would be, he said, “I can’t always play something for anyone at any time.” Thomas wants to keep playing the guitar after this year, the next year, and as far into the foreseeable future as he can see. Although he doesn’t have any plans as of yet to form or join a musical group, but his reason to play is simple. “I love to play the guitar.” Thomas said. “It’s all the reason I need.” Find Tom’s music at

Joey Wong News Editor

There are at least five percent of San Mateo High’s student population has more than the typical struggles of sleep deprivation, class preparation, GPA maintenance, and school sports. Whether you realize it or not, we probably walk by one student in this percentage who struggles to get through every school day. I present to you the students in English Language Development, five percent of our school population, according to Ms. Shiu. Given a new environment with an unfamiliar language and culture, many ELD students have trouble adjusting to this new life. Many ELD students feel like an outsider as they pass by students who laugh and speak a language they find hard to comprehend and speak. They yearn for a sense of familiarity and they begin to search for other ELD students who they can relate to. Far from home, much learning is needed of this new community at school and at their new home. From a new perspective, they see the social hierarchy of the school campus. Overwhelmed and frustrated, a connection to the school seems impossible. “On my second day of school in Los Angeles, I had forgotten my schedule. I went to the office and tried explaining to the lady in the office but she kept saying she didn’t understand. I kept explaining to her but it was useless, I was about to cry,” Fabiola Prieto, a senior previously in ELD classes, said. Adapting to a new lifestyle is perhaps their hardest challenge but on top of that, they have to compete with a millions other students for a spot in college. Unaware of the school system and its requirements, they cannot compete with the student next to them that has their high school career set.

“I felt like everyone spoke really fast. I was overwhelmed,” Alice Tse, a junior previously in ELD classes, said. “I took my lunch to a place where no one would go to and sat there and cried. I never want to experience that loneliness again,” Alice said, describing her first day at school in America. ELD students simply cannot compete, they cannot show their full potential to colleges when they took half of high school adapting to a new society. The language barrier restricts them from joining and getting involved in school clubs, sports, activities, and leadership that they once loved in their own country or would like to experience because they fear that they cannot communicate. ELD students should not have these opportunities taken away from them. There are bilingual people on campus that could help translate and transition the ELD students to the new community. If each student in the remaining ninety-five percent of the remaining population could help one ELD student whether it is introducing the perks and works of the school system or escorting them to a club they would like to join, this would help. This gesture takes a little stress away from the language barrier that it is already plaguing them. Strong and brave, ELD students face each day knowing of the obstacles that lay ahead. They do not complain about their struggles, yet the fortunate remaining percentage is always complaining about their lack of sleep or grades. Life as an ELD student would be twice as hard as the lives of those who where born and raised to speak the common language shared on this campus. Would you be able to keep up at school?


Friday, January 27, 2012


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2012 Academy Awards: Coming Your Way The Artist Dances Predicting the Winners to the Academy

Tommy Imperial Staff Writer

BEST PICTURE Nominees: “The Artist” “The Descendants” “Extremely Loud & Incredibly Close” “The Help” “Hugo” “Midnight In Paris” “Moneyball” “The Tree of Life” “War Horse” Who Will Win: “The Artist”

A movie poster for Extremely Loud & IncredGiven that multiple critics and award shows have ibly Close, nominated for Best Picture already deemed it the year’s best, “The Artist” seems BEST ACTOR IN A LEADING ROLE like a clear frontrunner in the eyes of AMPAS (Academy of Motion Pictures Arts & Sciences), viewers, Nominees: and the industry alike. If that wasn’t enough, all Demian Bichir in “A Better Life” online ratings give it a near perfect score on all George Clooney in “The Descendants” Jean Dujardin in “The Artist” platforms.

Who Should Win: “The Artist”

Despite criticism that “The Artist” has only gotten by on the foundation of the fact that it pays homage to silent films, it truly does go past it. Rarely do feel-good movies win Best Picture these days, and with “The Artist” being the frontrunner, it just might be the case this year.

Gary Oldman in Tinker Tailor Soldier Spy” Brad Pitt in “Moneyball” Who Will Win: Jean Dujardin

Snowballing off of “The Artist’s” multiple wins and nominations, it’s very likely that lead actor Jean Dujardin will take the cake in his bright portrayal of George Valentin.

Who Should Win: George Clooney

Photo courtesy of

Despite loads of esteem throughout his illustrious career, Clooney truly hits all the right marks in “The Descendants,” besting his performances in notable features like “Up In The Air,” “Syriana” and “Michael Clayton.” This past year, in addition to his work in “The Ides of March,” could very well be his defining moment in his career.

Talia Gurevich Opinion Editor

The lights dim, and the screen comes to life. The only sound in the theater is a crackle before the credit’s overture begins. The Artist is an homage to the long gone silent movie era of the 1920’s, a time when films weren’t peppered with explosions and special effects, or played in 3D. Stories were merely that--stories, told through facial expressions, over-dramatic actions, and the occasional written sentence. The Artist is a particularly interesting story, outlining the fall of one star from fame George Valentin, played by Jean Dujardin, and the rise of another star, Pippi Miller, played by Berenice Bejo. It’s set in the late 1920’s, when “the talkies,” or motion pictures with sound and voices, were first being made. The story starts out comically, but as George Valentin’s career falls and the Great Depression hits, it becomes more serious. The audience is drawn in by his sadness, occasionally re-

Victoria Xiao Editor-in-Chief


Karen Chee


The most prestigious award given in all of cinema, the Academy Award – commonly referred to as the “Oscar” – is presented yearly to 24 different categories, ranging from Best Acting in Leading Role to Best Makeup to Best Original Song. Hosted by well-known entertainers, the awards ceremony is watched by millions of Americans every year. The Academy Awards seem to hold something of interest to everyone: there’s fashion on the red carpet, musical performances by the orchestra, comedy sketches by the host and various presenters, and, of course, an inspiring four hours for those with an interest in film. This year the Oscars will be telecast on Sunday, February 26 on ABC. Presented by veteran Oscar-host Billy Crystal (comedian and actor from

Glenn Close in “Albert Nobbs” Viola Davis in “The Help” Rooney Mara in “The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo” Meryl Streep in “The Iron Lady” Michelle Williams in “My Week With Marilyn” Who Will Win: Meryl Streep

Photo courtesy of The HIT SQUAD

If her numerous Oscars and international acclaim didn’t already help, her portrayal as Margaret Thatcher in “The Iron Lady” could solidify her chances at nabbing yet another win to add to her never-ending streak of success.

Who Should Win: Glenn Close

lieved by his loyal and amusing terrier Uggy. Uggy the dog is one of the reasons this movie is so heartwarming, for he is fabulously trained and helps our hero whenever he needs it. The cast is very well picked out, with two French actors playing the stars, and an experienced background cast of Hollywood veterans, like Missi Pyle and John Goodman. While one might think that since the film is silent, it’s hard to focus on the story as it unfolds. But surprisingly the silence makes the viewer pay more attention, to the subtle details in a character’s face or hand gesture. The music and costumes are also incredibly well chosen and relate to the time period accurately. This film is all around a comedy, suitable for any audience, and is a wonderful salute to the silver screen. It brings Hollywood back to what many remember as its glory days, and is a great example of a high quality film. Hopefully, it will take home a handful of worthy Oscars in February.

Oscars are here!

Glenn Close as Albert Nobbs in the film “Albert Nobbs”

Jean DuJardin and co-star Missi Pyle in “The Artist”

A shot of a tap dancing scene from “The Artist,” nominated for Best Picture.

Even if I am an avid Meryl Streep supporter and I feel like she was my mother in a past life, that woman has had enough Oscars, and that is a fairly gargantuan understatement. Even if Streep went through a transformation as someone else, Glenn Close did it as well, but kicked it up a few hundred Meryl Streep as Magaret Thatcher in notches: she played a man, and a tremendously convincing one at that. “The Iron Lady”

A&E Editor

When Harry Met Sally), this year’s ceremony looks like it will be entertaining and worthwhile. Crystal’s last time hosting was in 2004 to make eight - soon to be nine - times as the Master of Ceremonies, second only to fellow comedian Bob Hope’s impressive eighteen times. With nine worthy nominations for Best Picture this year, the 84th Annual Academy Awards are not to be missed. Some nominated pictures include The Artist, Extremely Loud and Incredibly Close, The Help, and Midnight in Paris. Other worthy nominations include Woody Allen for Best Writing—Original Screenplay, for his Midnight in Paris, and Kristen Wiig and Annie Mumolo in the same category for their Bridesmaids. Overall, Hugo received the most nominations, with 11 to its name. Other movies include The Artist with 10 nominations and The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo with 5 nominations.


Friday, January 27, 2012

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Staff Writer


Terry Jacks

Lean On Me Bill Withers

Desperado The Eagles


Don McLean

The Sound of Silence Simon & Garfunkel

Winter Time

Steve Miller Band

Can’t Help Falling in Love Elvis Presley

Morning Has Broken Cat Stevens

I Don’t Like Mondays Boomtown Rats

This month’s by Karen Chee Photo Courtesy ofGoogle Images

Seasons in the Sun

The San Mateo Drama Department presents the classic musical, Guys and Dolls. Through the dancing, singing, and acting, this will be a performance that will keep you tapping your feet throughout the night. This Tony Award winning musical is very entertaining, from the gangsters to the showgirls. Nathan Detroit, played by Russell Zych, is desperate to find a place to shoot craps and tries to avoid his girl and the looming question of marriage to Adelaide, played by Chelsea Meacham. At the same time, gangster Sky Masterson, played by Nicholas Wetherbee, attempts to entice Sergeant Sarah Brown, played by leading lady Emma Philips. “I auditioned because I love participating in the shows and this is a fun musical. People should come see it because it’s a good old fashioned comedy,” said Emma Phillips. Known for incredible singing voice, Emma’s talents will once again be showcased in the musical. “I auditioned because being in the school musical is my favorite part of the school year. It’s always so much fun to see how the show comes together and you really bond with the cast. Overall, it’s an incredible experience. My favorite song in this show is “Luck Be a Lady.” I’m a member of the ensemble and am currently having a blast,” said sophomore Jessica Aurell.

The Hotbox Girls (clockwise starting at bottom left: E. Zamloot, M. Koledo, A. Chiu, B. Storch, S. Cross, P. Collazo, S. Margallo, A. Livingston, N. Osipchuk and K. Rose) with Ms. Adelaide (center, Chelsea Meacham). “The story of the show is these gam- cally. blers change their bad ways through a “This is my first SMHS show ever, series of lost bets, and twists and turns and I have to say it has been great in the romance department,” she con- getting to know so many new people. tinued. I’m looking forward to seeing You get really close to the entire cast how this storyline plays out! and become one big family. The show “I auditioned because so many is a lot of work, especially during tech people told me how fun the shows week, but it is totally worth it!” were, and I wanted to see for myself,” If you want to see “Guys and Dolls,” said junior Alena Cave, a newcomer to go to to order the shows at San Mateo. tickets for your family and friends. “My favorite song from the show The shows are Jan 27-29 and Feb 3-5, has to be “A Bushel and a Peck” be- Fridays and Saturdays at 7:30 pm and cause it is just s o much fun! People Sundays and Feb 4 at 2:00 pm. Tickets should come to see the show because are $10 for students, $12 for adults; it is funny, the music is upbeat and don’t miss this extraordinary show at easy to listen to, and the characters the Bayside Performing Arts Center! are unique,” Alena added enthusiasti-

Tommy’s Little Album Corner Tommy Imperial

Staff Writer & Corner Guru

Making Mirrors - Gotye

PLAYLIST The Decemberists

Photo courtesy of Charlie Royve

Kayla Rose

A popular dessert sold at Pamplemousse “I didn’t really like the Roasted Tommy Imperial Vegetable sandwich,” said Angie Staff Writer Baltor, junior, “it didn’t taste as great The Culinary Criticism Club’s most as I thought it would, considering the recent visit to the restaurant Pample- other seemingly delicious options on mousse in Redwood City was received the menu.” with mostly positive reviews. Specializing in ‘one-of-a-kind “The Turkey Brie sandwich I got wedding cakes,’ Pamplemousse is was amazing,” said Derin High, not your everyday cafe sitting on a junior, speaking highly of one of main street of a hustle and bustle city. Pamplemousse’s most popular sand- Instead, it is truly dedicated to offerwich menu options. Derin is a devoted ing a Parisian setting with food made member of the CCC, and loves going perfectly to match. because he finds many high schoolers In terms of likability - for myself don’t spend enough time actually get- in particular - Pamplemousse hits all ting to enjoy what they eat. the right notes. They serve excellent With a truly charming and tradi- breakfast, brunch, lunch, and dessert tionally french menu, this cafe acts food, and, to top it all off, their locadually as a casual check-out stop and tion is on Broadway Street --which a romantic restaurant, with seating is very close in proximity to the Redavailable both indoors and outdoors. wood City movie theater downtown. However, some were not so quick You can enjoy a meal with friends to rave about this generally new and then round out a fabulous evening patisserie. with a movie!

January Hymn


Guys and Dolls and Bearcats!

Pampered with Pamplemousse


Page 7

Amidst a slew of current male pop artists with a knack for a beat or two and radio play, Gotye fends off all modern day stereotypes of his kind and instead, joins the likes of Hall & Oates, Peter Gabriel, and George Michael from previous generations. Though sometimes sounding a bit dated, Making Mirrors, a mix of psych-rock, balladeering, and electronic 80’s pop, delivers something fresh in this sophomore effort: his haunting and earnest vocals. In avoiding comparisons to said artists of music’s past who paved the way for his career, Gotye remains incontrovertibly himself in his tremendously catchy first single, “Somebody That I Used to Know” and the albums second track, “Eyes Wide Open.” At times self-indulgent and on the precipice of monotony, Gotye doesn’t live up to his far reaching first album but keeps a foothold on what most buyers are familiar with.

The Lion’s Roar - First Aid Kit

Under the band name First Aid Kit, Klara and Johana Soderberg release their second album, The Lion’s Roar on January 24, and if their first album is any indication, their second is loaded with the same anthemic passion and drive, if not more. Known for their somber yet folk-rock mystery, First Aid Kit delivers haunting melodies, evident in the title track and first single, bold and loud enough to get their point across more so than we’ve heard from them in the past. In a beautiful balance between spirituality and Zeppelin-like percussion, The Lion’s Roar promises a fulfilling record that could hopefully catapult the Swedish sisters to as much success as most popular folk artists.

So Beautiful or So What - Paul Simon

Two years of dedicated production and recording have been put into the making of the legendary Paul Simon’s most recent endeavor, So Beautiful or So What, and with much warrant – it seems like it should’ve taken longer to create such a complete and fine-tuned collection. With American folk and Afropop influences, Simon’s career has never been more consistent and bright, as the album kicks off with one of his most notable and dry humored lines: “after I died and the make-up had dried, I went back to my place.” Dually philosophical and a showcase of extravagant instrumentation, it is reminiscent of Graceland, his 1986 iconic pop statement.

Self Titled EP - Lana Del Rey

Controversial Indie-pop newcomer Lana Del Rey released her self-titled EP to both critical acclaim and public scrutiny. Her internet torment stemming from her Saturday Night Live debut performance labeling her the program’s worst act of all time, Del Rey’s talent on her EP seems to dispute all of it. With a haunting and dramatic voice atop simplistic yet twisted storytelling, Del Rey’s music boasts both mystery and beauty, a collection of bells and harmonies that seem to set her apart from her pop/indie competition, if she has any. Although her performance on SNL wasn’t exactly glowing, and neither was her stage presence, Del Rey is still as fresh, talented, and vulnerable as she was before her nervous wreck of a debut. Songs like “Blue Jeans” and “Video Games” can be solidified, with the proper success, as modern classics in a genre both confused and identified as her own.


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Friday, January 27, 2012


Three different views of the new PlayStation Vita Alex Rosenberg Guest Writer It’s all eyes on Sony. On February 22, Sony will launch the new PlayStation Vita. Their first handheld since the PlayStation Portable, the Vita will arrive in a market dominated by iPhones and Androids. Since November 2011, Sony has been working to let gamers try the Vita at a pop-up store in San Francisco, where people can see what the Vita can do. I decided to take a visit there and get a look at the new platform.


The PlayStation Vita looks fantastic. The device is a sleek black ellipse,

which looks way more interesting than the Nintendo 3DS’ plastic handheld. The Vita boasts a 5-inch multi-touch OLED screen, larger than the touch screen on most smart phones in the market at this point, and utilizes the system’s 16 million color pixels to give a near-HD quality. The Vita is “Built like a smart phone, designed for gaming.” The Vita’s operating system was co-designed with Google, the designers of the Android’s operating system. Aside from the standard PlayStation necessities, the Vita has pretty much everything most bearcats would expect in a next-gen smart phone—front and rear cameras, built-in stereo speakers and micro-

phone, web browsing, and Bluetooth connectivity. Sadly the camera packs 0.3 megapixels, when most smart phone/cell phone cameras pack more megapixels. In addition, the web browser doesn’t support Adobe Flash. Too bad the pathetic quality doesn’t strike me more than the fact that the Vita looks cool.


The Vita will be the first mainstream handheld that has a 3G/Wi-fi System. Unfortunately, they sided with AT&T as the provider. The 3G Service plan is not contract based, and charges $14.99 for 250 MB of data, and $25 for 2GB of data. This isn’t convenient because I personally don’t want to worry about how much data I can use on 3G. It’s also unnecessary for a handheld.

Game Library

Regardless of how the Vita looks, it comes down to the game library. I managed to play a few titles, and though there were two good titles, the rest of the titles were weak. Uncharted: Golden Abyss keeps Sony’s promise of a quality console. The graphics are beautiful and crisp, and the game takes advantage of the Vita’s features. You aim the gun by moving the Vita, swiping on the touch screen to climb a ladder. It’s one of the best-looking games on the Vita at this point. The only other game that was really any good was Little Big Planet. The franchise made the jump from the PS3 to the Vita using tools to build platform adventures. The graphics look great, but the controls are ambiguous, a potential problem for beginners. The other games, Little Deviants and Reality Fighters, were not as impressive. Little Deviants was chocked full of games that were incredibly annoy-

ing, and Reality Fighters, while mildly entertaining thank to the augmented reality feature, suffered from clunky controls and an awkward camera.

Sales and Prices

The Vita does face two large issues: Price and Sales. The Vita will launch in here at $249 for the Wi-fi and $299 for the 3G/Wi-fi version. Nintendo slashed the 3DS price tag to $169.99 for this reason, but Sony refuses to cut the price. Sony’s Product Services President K. Hirai claimed Sony “has a very good product at a very affordable price. There’s no need to lower the price just because someone else that happens to be in the video game industry decided they were going to.” This statement could explain why sales have been disastrous for the Vita in Japan. When it was released

on December 17th, 2011, the console sold 324,859 units in the first two days. By January 1, the number plummeted a staggering 87% to a mere 42, 648 units. Overall, the Vita dropped a staggering 95% in sales from December 17th, 2011 to January 15th, 2012. This bad rep is starting to get on the minds of the gamer nation as well. One user on gaming website GameSpot called the Vita “a thorough disaster” as well as “dead in the water.” G4TV’s facebook page asked its followers their prediction on the Vita…and over half of them said the Vita would fail. I’m not saying that the Vita is doomed to fail, but if the sales in Japan are any indicator, Sony needs to do something, fast. Only time will tell if the PlayStation Vita will be an epic win….or a massive flop.

Photo Courtesy of www/

Photo Courtesy of

Bearcat Gamer Discusses PlayStation Vita

The New Badman, a popular game for the PSV

Beautify Bearcats! Young Adults with Old Loves

Items found at Forever21, clockwise from top left: floppy hat, palette, fringed scarf, gold bracelet Anuja Argade Staff Writer Natural beauty always manages to take the spotlight at the turn of the year, but there are bountiful products in store to help you achieve whatever looks you desire, be it a continuation of New Year’s glamour or the start of fresh fashion. Early color trends include eggplantburgundy, nude, and of course, gold. Some great accessories that implement these colors can be found at the new, fabulous Forever 21 down at the Hillsdale Mall. A Wool Floppy Hat ($20), Cutout Hinge Bracelet ($8), and Fringed Scarf ($11) pair well together to make a truly chic statement. On the note of accessories, nothing adds a touch of elegance better than dainty leather gloves and a show-stopping golden watch. Try on a Geneva Gold Bracelet Watch ($20)

and Merona Basic Gloves ($14) from Target for that added oomph. Neutral eyes look great with muted colors, so what better way to accentuate your features than with L’Oreal’s Autumn Leaves Quad ($7) or LORAC’s Little Black Palette ($33). Slick on a nude gloss or a plum lip stain and you’re ready to go. Both quads can be found at Ulta. Who doesn’t enjoy smelling delicious enough to take a bite out of? Especially if said smell is succulent granny smith apples. Test out DKNY’s Be Delicious perfume ($75), which hits crisp notes of apple, cucumber, white lily, orchid, and finishes on a soft trail of amber. Available at Macy’s, Sears, and Ulta. It’s in the apple shaped bottle; you won’t miss it. January is indeed a time for self-reinvention and exploration. So go out, shop till you drop, and enjoy all that fashion has to offer in 2012.

Mavis Gary, played by Charlize Theron, is the bad-girl main character in Young Adult, a comedic twist on a typical romantic movie. At her home in Minneapolis, the recently divorced author of young adult books finds herself being asked to write the very last book in her series - after many long years of hard work and writing, her beloved series proves to be just that unpopular. Unable to cope with the failure of her career and her life, Mavis wastes her days complaining depressedly and achieving absolutely nothing. One day she receives an invitation to attend the baby shower of her high school boyfriend and former sweetheart, Buddy (played by Patrick Wilson). Remembering the past and hoping to return to a time when everything was great and everyone envied her, Mavis decides to accept the invitation with the intention of winning back the heart of her former beau. And so the story truly begins. Mavis, the girl who was once the much-envied popular, perfect, beautiful, high school homecoming queen, travels back to her hometown, Mercury, Minnesota as a drunk, sloppy, 30-year old mess. Soon enough, Mavis realizes that nothing has changed in the old town--except, unfortunately, Buddy’s romantic feelings towards her. Helping her along the way is a geeky and seeminly unattractive nerd from her high school, Matt, played by Patton Oswalt. He never hesitates to lend a had, and drives her around whenever she needs transportation, in addition to giving her alcohol when she craves it, and always telling her the thing she needs to hear, like in

every typical romance movie. But instead of coming across as cheesy and corny, this was sweet. This is instead of changing her personality and make her actually pleasant. Romance movies give the audience the expectation of the heroine going through the struggle of choosing between her love between the bad-boy who is all wrong and the good guy who is always nice and cares deeply for the woman, even though she doesn’t notice. In a way, Young Adult lives up to this expectation, but leaves the

audience waiting for something that doesn’t come. In most movies, the main character goes through some life-altering experience that changes his/her personality entirely and that character becomes the wonderful protagonist everyone loves. Not in this movie. The mean, lazy, always-feelingsorry-for-herself woman that left Minneapolis to rekindle the love she had for Buddy is exactly the same person she was when she left.

Photo Courtesy of

Photo Courtesy of

Rachael Wan Staff Writer

Promotional Movie Poster for Young Adult, starring Charlize Theron


Viernes, 27 de Enero 2012

Pagina 9

Fabiola Prieto Editora de LEL Todavía me acuerdo en mi segundo día de el noveno grado de la escuela en Los Ángeles, me tomó 15 minutos para explicar a la secretaria de la escuela que había olvidado mi horario y que estaba perdida. “ Nesecesito mi horario” le dije. “Excúseme” me contestó, “Necesito mi horario porque lo olvide en casa” le dije.“I cannot understand what your saying” ella me dijó. Después de explicárle por 10 minutos y quedarme en la oficina apunto de llorar, una señorita llegó y me tradujo y le dijo a la secretaria que necesitaba mi horario. Para mi era muy difícil el adaptarme en la escuela porque la mayoría de las personas eran Afroamericanos y había una diferencia muy grande entre los latinos y el resto de la población. Los latinos eramos muy pocos. Para mí fue tan difícil mi primer año que nunca supe como inscribirme en deportes, aunque amaba el soccer.

¿ Sabías que el 40 % de la población el la escuela somos latinos, y que el 5% son estudiantes son aprendices de inglés(ELD)? El colegio de San Mateo es una de la escuelas con más población Latina en el distrito. El colegio de San Mateo ofrece muchos programas disponibles como arte, baile, deportes, drama etc. pero el problema que tenemos, es que los latinos no nos involucramos en los programas. Una de las causas por que los latinos no estamos tan involucrados en las actividades puede ser el idioma, a lo mejor por que venimos de un país desconocido ó porque tenemos que adaptarnos a una nueva vida, a lo mejor por que tenemos que conocer a personas y culturas diferentes pero los Latinos somos los menos involucrados. Los latinos en el colegio de San Mateo tiene muchas formas de darse cuenta que está pasa en nuestra escuela. El club Oso Gatos es un club especializado para que los latinos nos

Las top 7

Fabiola Prieto

fotografia tomada por fabiola

¿Por qué los Latinos no nos Involucramos en las Activdades?

Los estudiantes Latinos se ponen listos para dar un paseo con Aleja.

demos cuenta de lo que esta pasando en nuestro alrededor; los Oso Gatos club también nos ayuda a asistir a

Los Immigrates son una Gran Parte Esencial de la Sociedad Victoria-Xiao Editora en Cargo

Sigue Mintiendo Mariano Barba

Los Estados Unidos en su esencia misma una nación de inmigrantes. De acuerdo con el Departamento de Seguridad Nacional del los EEUU, (US Department of Homeland Security), Oficina de Estadísticas de Inmigración, en la actualidad, la mayoría de los inmigrantes provienen de México, China, India, Filipinas y la República Dominicana. La cantidad de nuevos residentes permanentes legales solamente de México y China son más de 200,000 personas por año. De acuerdo con la Oficina del Censo, en el año 2050, alrededor de un cuarto de la población de los Estados Unidos será de origen hispano. Con una gran fluencia anual de inmigrantes, no es sorprendente

Te Quiero a Morir Banda Recodo Versos de Mi Alma Vos de Mando Sabes Reik La LLamada de mi Ex La Arrolladora Banda Limon Intentalo DJ Erick Ricón Ft. El Bebeto y América Sierra Vasta Ya Jenni Rivera


Maria Mendoza

Por otra parte, según la “Fundación Kauffman” el índice empresarial es casi un cuarenta por ciento más alto para los inmigrantes que para los trabajadores nativos e inmigrantes que han participado en la fundación de las potencias de la industria; tales como Google y eBay. De acuerdo al Consejo Nacional de Investigación de los Estados Unidos (National Research Council), en el extremo inferior del espectro económico, los inmigrantes cortezia de fabiola prieto que ganan salarios bajos no reducen Mapa de los países que se permite los salarios de los trabajadores la ciudadania doble(naranja)paises domésticos. donde se prohibe(rojo). de trabajadores inmigrantes hacen al- Cuando se trata de la educación, rededor de un quince por ciento de la los inmigrantes no faltan tampoco. De acuerdo con la Casa Blanca, el fuerza laboral. Sin embargo ellos no cuarenta por ciento de doctores en están destituyendo a los trabajadores los Estados Unidos nacieron en el domésticos, ellos están haciendo extranjero. trabajos que no habrían existido si Por lo tanto, los inmigrantes son los imigrantes no hubieran estado en una parte beneficiosa de nuestra los Estados Unidos. sociedad. que la población total en los inmigrantes en los Estados Unidos sea el cuarenta y cuatro por ciento. Ellos también son una parte importante de la fuerza laboral, 21 millones

¿Cuál canción describe tu vida y porqué? 11

Roman Buñuelos

asisitir a algunos juegos y nos ayuda financieramente con los boletos. La Raza Unida es un club muy di-

vertido que nos ofrece un centro de tareas y también organiza nuestro famoso Baile “Ritmo Latino”. “Nosotros los latinos nos tenemos que unir para hacer la escuela más diversa y para poder enseñarles a todos que nosotros si podemos” .Melissa Alvarez dijó. En el colegio de San Mateo los latinos no tenemos excusa para no pasarla bien y para no disfrutar uno de nuestros mejores años. Si tú eres uno de esos latinos que te dá miendo hablar con las personas por que se van a reír de tu acento,deja eso atrás y empieza a involucrarte en la escuela, conoce a personas, hay muchas personas que les encantaría aprender español como a nosotros nos encantaría aprender inglés. Inscribete a los club que más te interesen, y de vez en cuanto vé a los juegos de fútbol y básquetbol son muy divertidos. Te recomiendo que disfrutes a el colegio San Mateo a lo máximo por que la escuela esta aquí para nosotros.




Nubia Sandoval

“La canción que me identifica es “La canción que yo escribí, se “La canción “La Manda Inla de “Promess” de Romeo porque llama “Que Raro”porque habla cumplida” de el Comando porque me identifico y me trae muchos de mi vida y de mi novia.” habla de la virgencita.” recuerdo pero sobretodo muestra lo falso que son los hombres.”

Edwin Castellanos “La canción que describe mi vida son las de el artista Mark Antoni porque cuando las escucho siento simpatia.”

Señor Morales “La canción que describe mi vida se llama “Gracias a la Vida de Mercedes Sosa.”


Page 10


Friday, January 27, 2012

Digital Device May Replace Textbooks Grammy Predictions Vikash Morar Apple is starting a war against textbooks. Apple has started to sell virtual textbooks on their iBooks application . Instead of students having to carry heavy textbooks, Apple aspires for them to have a light iPad with all of their textbooks virtually inside of it. Apple’s head of marketing, Phil Schiller, said that when the iPad takes over the textbook market, textbooks

would cost $15 or less. Apple released the iBooks application for free. In terms of prices, schools will save money by switching to iPads instead physical textbooks, Schiller said. Textbooks cost approximately $105 each. Textbooks last five years on average, while iPads would only need the occasional software upgrade. “It’s easier on everyone’s backs and you can’t lose any textbooks because they’re all in one place in your iPad,”

said senior Delilah Unga. Others have doubts about using an iPad as a textbook. “It’s better for our backs, but worse for our eyes,” said junior Joey Wong. “It’s hard to study on iPads because you can’t take notes or highlight anything,” said sophomore Rui Zhang. “If the iPad started to malfunction or break at night, you wouldn’t be able to study,” said sophomore Teresa Lee. Apple hopes for the virtual switch.

Mock Trial Takes on Murder Case Rachael Wan Satff Writer

The San Mateo High School Mock Trial team is working to prove that Ryan Buschell murdered his good friend, Becca Abeles, who was stabbed while attending the Woolly Wizard Music Festival—or not. San Mateo mounts both a prosecution and a defense team—the prosecution team is working to prove that Ryan Buschell did kill Becca Abeles, while the defense team is working to prove his innocence. This year’s prosecution team, headed

by junior Diane Liu, is responsible for proving Ryan Buschell killed his former best friend. On the defense team, there is also Nidhi Minoj, a freshman, and Samson Peter, a sophomore. The defense team this year, led by junior Liza Leykina, has the job of showing, beyond a reasonable doubt, that Buschell committed the murder. Junior, Amin Nilchian, and sophomore, Megha Bindal, are lawyers on the defense attorney team as well. The thrilling competitions begin on January 31; the San Mateo defense team will go against the prosecution

team from Mills High School, and the San Mateo prosecution team will argue against Terra Nova’s defense team. Our mock trial team reached semifinals last year and hopefully will again this year. Our mock trial team has been practicing and working hard to make it to finals this year. The first competition is on Tuesday, January 31, at the South San Francisco Courthouse and starts at 5:30 p.m. Come watch the mock trial team at their first competition of the year.

Bearcats Featured in T-ara Concert CONCERT, from page 1

“Dancing is my passion and K-pop is my favorite genre of music, so I combined them to get where I did. I’m just doing what I love to do and people take notice,” said Jisoo. Not only do the dancers get to dance with their favorite K-pop singers, but they also get a huge perk: the day before the concert they are going to be able to have dinner with T-ara, and the following day they get to hang out with them. Come support our very own Bearcats at the T-ara Concert! Buy your tickets now before it’s sold out.

Photo By Diana Brewer

like this,” Jisoo added. After landing the gig as dancers for T-ara, the backup dancers had a chance to show their skills by participating in a flash mob in the food court in Lawrence Plaza in Santa Clara. Not only did they receive attention from the crowd in Santa Clara but they also got 40,000 views on their video of their flash mob on Youtube after it was featured on a well known Korean celebrity news site, “allkpop.” Jisoo has been following his heart all this time.

Jisoo Choi shows off his moves.

If I Ruled the World: Education Reform WORLD, from page 1

amounts of complex information-calculus, rhetoric, government--on a daily basis, but they are expected to stay completely focused in a society full of distractions. According to acclaimed world lecturer, Sir Ken Robinson, kids are under more pressure in school today than ever before, and that’s not what learning should be about. Learning should be enriching and exciting, but instead it’s bland and deadening. The problem is that this system was designed for a different generation. Public education was established during the Industrial Revolution and uses

THE SAN MATEO HI ADVERTISE WITH US! Subscriptions: Due to increased postal costs, The HI, will be delivered digitally to subscribing families. Send your email addresses to hannah.poplack@ Letters to the Editor must include name, e-mail, and tutorial room number. They should be e-mailed to OR victoria.xiao@ ADS: Buy an ad to support our program which nurtures the free exchange of ideas on campus, promotes an intellectual climate, and fosters future journalists. Pay only $7.50 per column inch to reach over 1400 students and over 200 subscribing families. Requests for advertisements can be made by e-mailing hannah.

many of the same elements as a factory: a bell schedule, separate subjects, classes grouped based on age group. Why is it assumed that kids interact best with their own age group? My solution is a more personalized school system: kids take a skills test at a young age to determine in which environment, what time of day, and what age group they work best in and are placed in classes accordingly. This would offer a much more comfortable learning environment and make the kids more enthusiastic about learning. Kids would be free to go to classes at times that work best for them: the system would be made

up of morning/afternoon classes and afternoon/night classes. Students also would be placed in courses that suit their personality and interests. Teaching would be either very interactive and hands-on, or very independent, depending on student’s personal preference. In retrospect, public education is an outdated system and needs reform. The laziness and inconsideration in the government is hurting our youth and the future of our country and the world. Kids need to be taught that there’s more to life than book work and stress.

Check out the Hi

Zach Lorenzini Staff Editor

Photo Courtsey of


Katy Perry released her album in 2011.

The new year brings new music, but before we welcome new artists we need to first recognize last year’s. The 54 annual Grammy Awards best be hosted by LL Cool J on Sunday, February 12. 2011 was a big breakthrough year for many artists, with numerous successful album releases. The nominees for album of the year are Adele’s 21, Foo Fighter’s Wasting Light, Lady GaGa’s Born This Way, Bruno Mars’ DooWoops & Hooligans, and Rihanna’s Loud. Most predictably, the award will go to Adele for her crazy successful sophomore album. Although most all the nominees are deserving, Adele dominated the music world last year with four consecutively popular singles. With that said, record of the year will most likely go to Adele as well. Her single “Rolling In The Deep” exploded at the beginning of last year and was played to exhaustion. Adele may appear to have this year’s Grammy’s in

the bag, but she’s going up against some tough competition: Mumford & Sons’ “The Cave”, Katy Perry’s “Firework,” and Best New Artist Nominee Bon Iver’s “Holocene.” On account of indie-rock band Arcade Fire’s miraculous steal last year for Album of the Year, it would be safe to assume that another latent band will take the spotlight this year. And by latent band I’m referring to the Wisconsin-based indie-folk Bon Iver, headed by songwriter Justin Vernon. The band’s sophomore self-titled album, which released in June, expanded their popularity and gave them the recognition they deserve. If Bon Iver doesn’t win Best New Artist, Skrillex should take the cake. Other nominees include The Band Perry, J. Cole, and Nicki Minaj. Remember to tune in on Sunday, February 12 for the 54 Annual Grammy Awards on CBS. Don’t miss this annual and grand event coming next month!

FORMAL, from page 1

ing about Aragon, Burlingame, and Hillsdales formals for years, so I am excited that San Mateo finally has one,” said junior Marie Angle. “I’ve heard a lot of rumors about it. I wasn’t sure if it was for real, ” said junior Kayla Rose.

First Winter Formal SCC member Tayler Titus, in regards to attendance restrictions during GRID in the fall. Guest passes are available on Schoolloop now. They are due in Student Services by Monday, January 30. “I’m excited! I have been hear-


Friday, January 27, 2012


Page 11

photo by diana brewer

Boys Basketball Go Get ‘em Bearcats! Going Strong

Jonathan Mou Sports Editor

After a long and vigorous pre-season, our boys basketball team is now ready to dominate in league and come out in first place. After beating the division’s favored team in a 50-42 victory, the boys now take the favored spot. Even though the team placed below .500 with a 7-9 record in pre-season, we still found success. Mateo beat Jefferson High School, a Bay division team, two times, and also beat Carlmont, an Ocean division team as well. Being in Lake division (the lowest division), the team has made a clear statement in the pre-season: they are an improved squad that is able to compete with better teams. As of January 21, the Bearcats have aggressively shown that they are ready to come out and win. Even though they sport a 1-1 record with a forfeit to Sequoia, the boys beat Oceana in a 64-38 victory at home on January 20. The bearcats took the game with ease, with the score being 14-36 at halftime. Team captain Darren Yamauchi is happy with the team’s progress. “I think our season is going very well. I feel that we are doing better than everybody’s expectations and proved that we are a good team. I was unsure of how we would do at the beginning of the season because of our additions of two new players and how they would fit in with our season,” explained Darren. Darren is averaging

11.8 points per game, most of them coming from beyond the three-point line. “I expect nothing but success this season,” said Darren. Ben Skelton, senior captain and forward, has greatly impacted the team this season. Ben is averaging a double-double as of January 21, making around 17.2 points per game and 11.8 rebounds per game. Standing at 6’4, most players expect Ben to be the center and big man of the floor, but many do not know about his exceptional shooting capabilities. “I’m really happy with our progress. We h a v e beaten a lot of teams that we lost to last year, like Carlmont and Jefferson,” said Ben. D’armon Collins, senior power forward, is also pleased with the improvement the team has shown. “We are doing a lot better than last year,” said D’armon. D’armon has been playing on Mateo basketball for four years straight, and has witnessed the changes the team has defense and scoring. We need to work on getting less turnovers though,” explained D’armon. “My goal is to win league, win PAL, and most of all win CCS,” said D’armon. It is only the beginning of league play. Being the favored team of the division, many of the other teams in the conference nowaim to beat Mateo to earn that favored spot. The next home game is on February 1 against Sequoia at home. Come out and support.

“I expect nothing but success this season.”

photos by diana brewer

Seniors Ben Skelton and Darren Yamauchi hustle after a loose ball.


11/28 [W]42-32 vs. Notre Dame 12/1 [W] 49-23 vs. galileo 12/7 [l] 47-37 vs. davis 12/9 [w] 48-47 vs. pinewood 12/10 [l] 35-32 vs. mills

12/13 [l] 52-37 vs. notre dame 12/16 [w] 32-25 vs. hillsdale 12/27 [w] 50-29 vs. christopher 12/28 [w] 38-18 vs. del mar 12/30 [w] 46-27 vs. gunderson 1/4 [w]49-47 vs. sacred heart

1/6 [w] 48-47 vs. menlo 1/10 [w] 59-52 vs. burlingame 1/13 [w] 49-43 vs. mills 1/17 [l] 58-41 vs. terra nova 1/20 [w] 44-39 vs. half moon bay

Players Candace Stephens, Alana Simon, and Nicole Chenoweth fearlessly battle against opponents.


Page 12

Friday, January 27, 2012

Mateo Softball Is Not Soft

Jonathan Mou Sports Editor

A set of Mateo’s fiercest and most talented Lady Bearcats are coming together to make up the San Mateo High softball team. Known for our all-star lineup and impressive record, San Mateo is feared for its power and agility on the field. This year the teams are organized into junior varsity and varsity, whereas in previous years, junior varsity was instead a frosh-soph team. That means that this year, juniors can play with freshmen and sophomores, strengthening the team with their experience. Several junior players are grateful for the opportunity to play again. “I’m really happy that the league changed frosh-soph to junior varsity. It gives the juniors another opportunity to play together before moving up to a more competitive team.” said junior player Hannah Poplack. “It allows for those of us who aren’t really ready for varsity to continue playing the sport they love at a comfortable level,” agreed junior Allie Munier.


photo by diana brewer

8 things

Alana Simon dribbles down court and prepares to make a move.

Alana Simon is one of the stars of our lady bearcat basketball team. She is the point guard. She is a shooting guard. She is a captain. She is a leading scorer. She’s one of the most important players that the team has. Alana is averaging almost 24 points per game, and has helped lead the ladies to a 12-5 record. The girls are off to their best start since the 2007-2008 season. “I think we are doing very well this year. We have beaten teams that we did not expect to beat,” said Alana. Despite

“I w a n t t o win the state championship”

a 41-58 loss to Terra Nova, the best team in the division, Alana has led the girls to victories against Sacred Heart Prep and Menlo, some of the best private schools in the Peninsula. Alana scored 27 points against Menlo, and 28 points against Sacred Heart Prep. She is one of the most exceptional players in the area. “We always go out and give it our best,” said Alana. Alana, however, doesn’t always have great games. Sometimes, she may be cold and score less than she usually does. “My team-

“We need to go out and win most of our games” mates on the bench really help me on and off the court when I am having a rough night, and I’m really glad that they are there for me,” said Alana. The love from the bench and the love from the crowd is what fuels Alana to perform to her best potential. “I want us to go out and win most of our games, and I also want us to beat Terra Nova. They are the toughest in our division,” explained Alana. “In order for us to win, I think that I need to work harder in practice. I want us to win the state championship,” said Alana. Alana is only a junior, and she looks forward to leading her team next year as well. With the departing seniors going off to college next year, Alana will have to think ahead and plan how she will guide her teammates next season. Next year, the team will lose some of its athleticism and height, and will be left with more guards. Alana is looking forward to playing basketball in a PAC 12 school when she goes off to college.

1 2

A girls’ basketball is 28.5 inches in size.

The varsity team is guaranteed to do well, what with its powerful players and history of dominance over the other teams. This year the varsity will be in the PAL Ocean Division, playing against teams such as South San Francisco, Sequoia, Menlo-Atherton, and

“The team is just awesome. All around, we are just awesome.” - Karyn Jacobs

El Camino. Last year they made it to CCS, only inspiring them to persevere this season. It’s no wonder the varsity team is so successful. Shining senior shortstop Karyn Jacobs and stunning senior center-fielder Candace Stephens are excellent examples of the tremendous talent the team possesses. “The team is just awesome. All-around, we are awe-

some. We have an awesome team spirit along with awesome skills, amounting to awesome results!” said Jacobs. The junior varsity is also expected to do very well, considering frosh-soph has only lost a couple games in the last two years combined. The team owes its success to a fantastic pitcher and equally as impressive set of fielders. Strong on defense, the team has remained a strong contender in the Ocean Division for years. “We also had a good energy as a team; I think that’ll stay the same with the new group this year.” said junior Diana Brewer, the second baseman for the frosh-soph team the past two years. For the next month or so, the Lady Bearcats will be working hard at practice as they rekindle their passion and dedication for the game. Games will begin shortly after, with the ladies’ first home game on March 15 against Aragon. Don’t forget to check out San Mateo’s legendary softball team. The love from the crowdis what fuels the girls to victory.


GIRLS’ BASKETBALL Jonathan Mou Sports Editor

The free throw line is 15 ft. from the basket.


There are two referees per game.


The hoop is 10 feet from the ground.


Each quarter is eight minutes long.


You can have as many captains on a team as you want.


It takes five fouls to foul out of the game.


Five players play on the court for each team.

photo by jonathan mou

Alana Simon Aims For Championship

Cristina Dressel Staff Writer

Senior captains Liane Whipple, Jane Hafoka, and Alana Simon.

January 2012  

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